Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 9, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1952
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. AriMNtMH, SiturtJay, Fttrruary »;~1»M Vil 1 X T 1 Presbyterians Unurch Newsier Inslallafion HTheCair 'Answered By 200 Youths . - Approximately 200 young pen- Council of Church Women 'In a community youth center; building!.' negro playground; rcfoindlng hymnal*; repair and cleaning service* to churches; at Icasl four interriennminallnnal youth services ,, mornl " 11 lhe Cenir ' ] Presbyterian Church will ordain and install four ciders, tlvt dca- a.year. _ - ' | ,, -., -- , _ ,... · Officers of U. C. Y. M. Council, and their adult leaders nil- j which is bucked by the Ministerial 1 "swcred "The Call" last Sunday at a candlelight service, held at the Central Methodist Church. An interracial and interdenominational r hoir, . composed of 40 \ r niccs, was under Ihr direction of Kenneth Osbnrnp. Miss nos»lir Rent, president of lhe United Chrlstlnn Youth Movc- mcrtl, reports t h a t signed cov- , · eiiants arc coming in, in , , which young people fire pledging their time, their live* - a n d ono dollar for the effort. Those wisli- '.. Ing lo answer. "The Call" may .contact Hits Bent. '. , As « result of this, "The Call," young people, will unite in a program of co-operative action ulirtcr the leadership, of the United Christian Youth Movement Council of Fayottevillc. Projects of this group will lie interdenominational and inter-racial sunrife' service on Easter; continuation of the youth choir; young people's prayer service once a wfck before- school; aiding United Alliance nnd lhe United Council nf Church Women fiOMillC Bent, president; Tommy Brnnlgan, vice-president; Bcrnlre Parker, secretary; Danny urcr. C h a i r m a n Sullivan, are Elizabeth . Rrldcnsllne, worship; Hnrbttni Flarrelt, world citizenship; Eleanor Ellis, projects; M u r i e l Curler, community service; Florence Thomas, publicity; P a u l a Ann Moore, telephone; i.ois M i t c h e l l , typist; Bobby Morgan, evangelism; fiarrel Penlrk, mimeographing, Wiggins To Observe Race-Relations Day Wiggins Memorial Church will observe the a n n u a l niicc,-nelatlnn.i Day tomorrow at the church with t h e entire evening service devoted to the occasion. .This service will be a program of songs, presented by the choir of the Kaycllcvllle Lincoln- High School, under the direction of Miss M. B, Dnwklhs. ccns, and five dtacoi-cjises during the regular morning-worship scrv- c. . . The cider lo be ordained is Dr. Stephen, who has previously .server! as a deacon but is ninv In bo made nn elder. Follo'.v- in« hlr. ordination, ho and Col, Guy Klnman, 1'loyd Gregory, and Board for i year before fit ea» be reelecled. "Prelude In F" by Bryan will be pl»y«rl ; by..Kenneth-Oiborno lor the prelude, and -"Largo 'in A Minor" by nussel lor the offertory. The choir will sing "Springs in the neserl" by Jennings fpr the anthem. Rev. Mr. William $°^[^UtionS RANKS WASHINGTON WITH SODOM Over Billion Giluion will preach on the lopic.' , Ncw York-Wi-Coniribulions Ic "Thai They May All Be One." · -, w rrbslestant and Orthodox churd · · ·- - -- .'Krbujj.i'ilurlni! t h e : past yeai New Members To Be Received At Methodist EaHu Hates , be Installed as llni! elders. The l.ul il-.rcc have been o r d a i n e d ' i n previous years in tills . or other Presbyterian Ihurdirs. Om.-u one is ordained, he is always an older,-hut he Is not a r u l i n g cider unless actively 'i-viiii! on Hie hriard. To be ordained and Installed as deacon* arc Dr. Howard Carter, Dr. I'. C, Sandal. Harry Vandcr- K i i f f , Donald Weaver a n d H u g h Sultle, Thn following will be installed as deaconesses, Mrs. Boulah Cruse, Mrs. Walter Harrison, Mrs. Nell Ingcls,. and Miss R u t h Larra- bce. In each caso lhe moaning of lhe n f i l r c is explained, the con- Bliluliomil questions asked, nnd [he people o f f i c i a l l y declared lo hold office. The above were clcct- .·d by Ihc congregation al its meeting on J a n u a r y ?A. Membership on the hoard Is .tor a three year term and one musl be off (he As-a result-of the United Evangelistic Mission recently held throughoul Methodism In this area over 2(10 people w i l l be received into the membership of the Cenlral Melliodlsl Church. A large percentage of this number will be received into the church this Sun;-,_ day. d u r i n g lhe regular morning ~ worship service. The c-nlli-c rcrvlce will he dcdi- caled to the honor of these new members. A special'section nf th church will be reserved for Ihem as they come lo m a k e t h e i r com- mltmenls lo Chrisl and His Church. Seventy-four nf this group will be m a k i n g (heir first c o m m i t m c n r i o .Icsus Chrisl and the remaining numbr-r will be received on transfer of lotlcrs from Ihc various churches. Also in honor of these new members, the O f f i c i a l Board of the Central Mclhodisl Church will give a party-reception for this group icxl Wednesday, evening, February 13. At ihls time |he over-all ;rogram of the church will be presented to these new members. reached a record of-$!,166,t37,357. according to the Nolional Council of lhe Churches of Chrisl in Ihc, U. S. A. . j The council, releasing lhe figure ' yesterday, sairl the a m o u n t was contributed by 36,017,258 churchgoers and topped The billion-! dollar mark fot-lhe second year l n | a row. Last year's total was $ 098,109,855. Select From This List the Church of Your Choice.. .Then Attend KMT BAPTIST WAI.TM I, JOHNBOM, rafin 4 t.30 a. m ftundnj ifehrml .10:31 i m Mornlnr Wonhlp '· fcrmon: "Tb« Victory In chrlit" 1 ·;·-. flM p hi UnptlMI Iralnml Utllua, T'S 1 * p U) Kvcnltlg Wnmhhi Sermon: ·'Lcjiannii Frnm Int Letter* lo lhe Seven Churrhet" CENTRAL PREiiYftBIAH C fDWABD RRUBAKCK. Piltof William' IV OlMan, Mliuntr lo liu- , *·"" 1:41 1. m. Church fchool .- -J0:50 t. m Mornlnt Worihlp Anihtni: '.'ftprinin In the DelRrl"-- ennngn S«rnirin: "Tniii (hey Mn '»««y. W. E. Olbion ' ill h* One" UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP name room Student Union. 11 a. in -t- ·JJjNT'aUL CHRISTIAN «! West Bock Bl'reel »:45 a. m. Sunday School ltl:Wi a. m Bible School 11:*^ a. m Worship Bervlca Cornpillnlon Bermon 1:411 p. m.--Yu.ilh Meellni Jiafl-- Evenliil Evangelistic Service and Communion 7:30 u m. Wednesday-Prayer " (U 1 r.. Tralntni Cli Ii:!Mi |l. Dl. ilia.) school Westminster "W(ly HOI Our Own Back Yard)"-Suffer tnd Reel-Gallon' .-. «:0tl it. m. university Weslmlniler fellowship It W*«lmlnit«r Hoult ·r FIRST PRESBYTERIAN- JAMES W SUTLIR. JrV, Pailm . William t Clhton, Mlnliur w llu- eNnll Ml a m Sunday tchool l«;5S Mornlni Worihlp Anlhcm: "Senrl Out Thy Ll«hl"-- Gounod . Hermoni "The Srcmld Milt" , Race Relation! Runriay .*% *' 4:*0 PI in. Junior fehowihlp .:' 4:30 p. nl. Jr.-HI fellowihln . :M f m. Wfilmlnnut. reilowitilp Blutlenl Center, K] Wcit'Mapli «tr«t : »· ·T. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL aiAHIUS ,1 I-INDLOF" ~ · Ceptuiiiilma . , . . . . . , (..ju .tjl.v Communion ·'' ten a in. family RtrvlM , ll.M a. m. Mornlni Prayer anil Sermon ·' ' '' b:oO p In Vnulti ChUrcHlriei) ." CtNTRAL METHODIST D L DYKE*. JR., Paltnr ' I:M a, K-, cttlleia nutim COIKI Hour t:30 a m. 8und«.\ Scllool 1(1:46 « m Mormni Vvorlhlt · Aolhtml "Llittn to the Lamni"-- · ni. Wedncsrlny. Teacher 7:3J p. m. rrlilar. Ulinir Practice and Youth RtcreMllon CHURCH Or THt NAZARENE I, a, COB HULL, I'allor South Ixicusr Street 11:00 a. m. Murnlni Worship R:M p. m. N. V. P. S. Prayer Meet- »M n m. N. Y. p. S. Pmiiram l!4» p, m. Arliill Prayer Hand 1:30 », m EvanfelUihc Htl-vice wennlinij, IM p. m., Prayer Heel- Thursday. 7:00 |i. in., Vlsllallon ·»lifl Ford CummunUr Church rlrit Sunday 11:00 Parker ·cconri Hunrtay H. LauiKl-uack Third fiunday Charles Anderson Fourth Mundayi 11:00 i 1I:OCI hev Denn m. Rev. 1). i. rrt Hev m Kev, CLK1NB COMMUNITY CHURCH LINCOLN BAPTIST CMUMrw .'Iff.VsSnTv' | r r r , l "" ndfnl|jESS « C col^^FpCHURCH . I0:iw a. m 8jnJay. luntla Solo: ;:;Andanle"-- WUnla* Pain - ~, - -.. ------ · r WEDINGTON METHODIST CHUflCH A. I.. RIOOS, I'ailn'r- 1 0:0(1 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. «ncr7:30 wrvloel nn four unday choo ncr7:30 p. m. Prcathln urth and Tilth Sunday · K Hjrmon: --· S:MI p . ·f- · ·:«» p 111 -Vou)h OrvuH -- -· · - .iao-p. m . I ' " '" n: Rev. - o u rvuH -- -· . Ivfnlnl'Sfr.vlSi" ~ r . - l . o v f . I I I . ·ivrllma . O C I . V 4 I % Sermon: Rev. D. L Dylttl, ff;.Brbiitcalt over KGHH ' /IllRST CHK1S11AH .tCmtrlT MOrrdT, Palloe , l:4» It^naay achool 10 Wi Mornlnl. Worlhl 111 Anlhemi '*Open Our Eyes"-- Mac Unknown Volre ; t Sermon: "The 'Yolmeh" :· tl:3U p. in. chriilKin Yinillt Fellov. ;ahjp and Chi Rhn Kellnwihlp ; rilm Serin: ."Ambiiudor l o · Chrlil" :,ST. JOHN'S LUTHErtAN . ·· Arkanlal and Dioklon Tel. Ml or 37 fREOKRICK GUMZ. Pailor t:30 a. m. Sunday School 10:13 a. m / S u n d a y Worihlp .10:30 a. m. Nuriery li open in £dli ca'lonal Rutldlnl 4- FIRiT CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIE.MTIST · :30 a in Sunday School 11:00 a m. Sunday Service ' «:« p. m. KGRH Sund|y Itadi 1 ifoaram Wedlieida)', 7:45 p. m., merlini fRe-adlni Room In church open eacl :diy eacepl Eunday and holidays. GREENLAND CHUhCH Of CHH1ST. OBIS SALVER. Mlnultl 14.00 a m Church school. ' Jl:00 a m Sermot ' II 41 a m Communion sarvlra. 7:30 p m Sor.l Service and Mlble Study ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER EDWARD U MALOY. Pallor f Ktinday Massel 11:00 and 10:00 - -- _Thuriday. 7:30 - - ··--·--- · ; /tn : a. m p m Novina Mansea Man, Monday Ihroulh . . Devotions Weekday Friday. 7 Saturday Mai*. 7:011 a. m. flnl rrlday Maaa, l:«l a. ·. ' Ilrat Saturday aiaaa, 7.M a. at. t^onfeiiloitk 7:00 lo 8. oo p m and before all Mauei ; .. . ·*· iCHURCH OF CHRIST ·rftED McCLUNC, Mlnliler r Weil Center and Norm Locuat i. · 4b a m Bible iludy. i- l«:3i t m Mornlni Wurimp I T:00 p. m Clalltl I »:30 p m Worihlp Service 'Cleat 7:3« p. m Wedneiday. p r a y e r r "*·* H- ". "cunrnia.t. r r i Meetin» and 8lhle Study lor all JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ~ I Door Rtd Croii Urua »ld|. ·fe^ntaday, 7:30 p m Book Study, -r day. 7:10 p m Rervln mMHnt. miey, a:W r . m., ThMrratia Mln- Ulry fchotl ~ ' '. 3:W p. m., CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BILL BARNES. Pallor ·07 Douilas Street :U a. m. Bitnday School. 7:fti p m. Kvenlni Worship ·f WEST FORK BAPTIST R It RUSH. I'allor ·:4 · m Sunday School, li:"n a. m Mornlni Woiihiii 1:30 p m Baplisl Tralnlni Illiin. 7:30. p m Eveninl Worihlp ' BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W REED. Pnslor . C.1I Mllslon Street ·:4.S · m Silildny School ll.Oit a m Mnrnlni Worship A^IO p m Tralnlni llniiin 7:30 h ni. Eveninl Service Midweek Pr»y»r Service--Wednei day p. m I CENTRAL BAPTISI JACK DEAN Pastor · :4S a m Sunday Sihool. 10:.MI a m Mornlni Worship. 7:IK| p m aapliil, Tralnlni Coins. t:W p m Eveninl Worship a:W p m Wednesday. Prayer ler- Vlce FULL OOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMV GIBBS Pastor 10:00 a m Sunday School. II-.M a In Prenchmi. 7:1 p in Evaniellitlc servlre Wednesday, 7:HO p in Midweek Prayer Service Trllay. 7:10 p nl PVPA Sern-« BLACt OAK BAPTIST HOWARD P R I C H A H U I'allor 10.00 a m Sunday Srhool 11:00 a m Preachinx Service 7:00 p m Tralnlni Union a 00 p m PreachltlK Servli»e Thursday 7:30 p m Prnycr nieetlnl QOSHEN METHODIST M. YANCEY. Pailor 10:00 a in Sunday School 11:00 e m Morning Worihlp 1:N p m Evenlni Wnrihip AYETTEV1LLE BIBuE MISSION ·00 BLOCK MOUTH COL.L.k.i;fc I nter denominational HOMER MOUTTET. Pastor ·:4 a m Sundiy bcnooi 11:00 a m Mornini Worship B:1S n m Vounl Pcoplps Service! 7:00 p m Evanioltsllc Service.. Junior c'holr wlil meet Saturday at m Sunday School ·f SECOND B».PTIST N V DRAKE. |aslir *:4.^ a" m Sunday School. 111:45 a m Morulni Worihlp. 7:00 p m 'Cvenlni Worihip. Wedneiday. I p m fra»*r Service WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD B R A N H A M arid STICKLE. Pulton H:4ri it m Sunday School 11:1111 Mornlni Worihip K:.if)i p. in. Christ Ainbanador Kervlco ri:.10 p. m. Junior C. A Service 7MII p. m. Evuneelislic Service Wcilnciday ill 7:30 p. in.--Prayer Mecllni and Bible Study 4. BHENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHUHCH P«sliir*.-Ucv. Olha Tackcll and Rev. Hex mnrian 10;(»0 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 n. ni Sermon 7:30 n. m. Eveninl Service 8:00 p. in. Friday mint, Ulbla iludy nn pniycr meellni + WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON. Pailor Boiilh Church and Third S tree la ·M a. m. Church School 1|:00 a. m Mornini Worship Jap p m. Youlh Ollowihlp 7:31 p m Evcnlnr Worihlp UirlitmaH Hon|i».Weile4' Choir of Central MethodliT, Jack Wlntfarl. d"- 111:00 a. ni. Sundny School 11:00 a in Morning Worship 6:30 p. m. Tralnlni Union 7:30 p. m. Evenlni Worship T CALVARY TABERNACLE 11:111 Snulh Hill street BERYL E BETH. PaMor Pr ve"-"' ""' Ut " v "'*. nC5 Mcssaie and J:.10. p m Evaniellslic Services strv'ictl""' m Wennc " n *'- T»rryirt| Servh-e " "' Slllrd " '- Tcsllmonlal WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN OOUGLAS HriEWEH. Pasio.- tltn AM Tklr ttiMayi Sunday School »:3U a Evening Worihlp T:.IO ·» ·.11; AIM r.Hrik ly M ? Mr "'"g c Worship 9.30 ,. . Sunday School 10:30 a m Evening Worihlp 7:30 p. m .Baptist Rally fo Be Held At Springdale S o u t h e r n Baptists from t h Washington-Madison County Assi elation will meet at the First Ba] lisl Church in Sprinfidale Thur day, for a special Baptist Denom Inatlonal Association Rally. Me sages arc scheduled for mornin, afternoon and evening.-The mee ing will convene at If/a.m. ! This will be one of the 44 rallie held over the slate during a tw week period. The program is de signed to Inform Arkansas Baplisl of lhe work lhal is beinq done b every department and instilulio of lhe Arkansas Stale Baplisl Con venlion. Dr. Edgar Williamson, Slat Sundny School superintcntlcni will be in charge of the program. Program personnel from Ihis are will include the Rev. Stanley .lor dan, host pastor; the ftcv. Fte Cray, pastor of the First Baptis Church at Rogers; the Rev. Jamc Overtoil, pastor nf the Firsl Bap tisl Church al Bcnlonvillc; anc Dr. Waller L. Johnson, mistnr o Ihn Firsl Baptist Church here. A stewardship sermon v.-ill bi given at 3:45 p.m. by Lloyd A onarkinan of Pine B l u f f , who wil also deliver the evening sermon "Working Together For Christ," a 8:25 p.m. Announcements WEST FORK CHRISTIAN IOIIN AHBELL, Mmlsler 9:Jli a. rn Cliurcli Schoul .11:0.1 a. m Mornln« Worihip and Communion Preaohlni every llni and ihlrd -t- JOHNSON CHUHCH Of CHfllST DII.U £ SMITH. Milliner ""'·· |»:i» « in. Bible Study lll-.VI , m Worihlp Sorvit. !.:.« p m . }|MIII« Pennlc's Classes 7:.1li p n. Worihlp Service I I'raycr Hcctlni Wednesday al l:S P- in. ION'S CHAPEL i MILES EAST ON H I U H W A v IV.10 «. m Sundny School buierlnlnnilenl--Turner Brown. AuKlllary .very jogrin Monday l:i» m. FARMINCTON BAPTIST " M KKKIS. 1'titlor 10:011 A m Siindaj School Mornlni Worihlp "npllsl Tralnlni Union Evmudlstlc Service 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meet B . . i v o r s p »v. John Aibell. Second Sunday GOSHEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE CARL FIEDLER, Pailor ?·« *' '" .?, UI "" y Scho ' 1 I I 00 a. m Worship Service!. 7.M p. m Worship Servlcw. ·f ·ATTIST CHURCH E."M."TETiiS, I'aslor j?:JJ ·· rn. Sunday avhool 10.15 a. m. Mornlni Worship '·M p m IvJntn' 1 y!-"' nl "' Unlon "Pdn*8(ld«y 7:UO n. m Mln u*»k ·tirvtnB · *"«u-w»en ll:llll » n:.lll p. n. Wtdnfid*y. 7;HO p n... Prayer Meet- UOAH MOUNTAIN BAPTIST K - K Monti AN. P«»)oi nut) MOSnxUiR. AisiMam cannr lOiOfl A. m SunOiiy Srhool 1--M n m Kvmi9lii.ti! MC-HAIC Wtrintid»y prayer mreiini At l-.HQ tn IQHLAND COMMOWITT la.M i m Sunday llvlmol 11:11 a. m Mornlni Worship rvTnla*" 1 ** "'""' p m " '"'·'" "AHIHT °"°* E COMMUHITY Waichiower CHURCH Aunday Xrllool ll):M ·ARMINGTON METHODIST A ... II1GG.S. I'allor IO:lMI a m Snnt.'jj School ASfCMBLT SAMUEL £ HRUCE. Pastor 10:110 a. m Sunday School 11.00 a m Sermon ' " U p m. Evanjellsllc Service luelday. \niini People I C. A »er. 'it-fa. 7:30 p m Frldny. 1' Service. !·« p m 'ARKSDALE BAPTIST I K N N K R DAVIS,. P.istor ' ,I'£ N MOS TKl-l-An. Asmsunl I'aslor !»:0(l a nl Sunday School i:30 p m Cvanielisllc Mesiaie ^odnei.lay 7:30 p m Prayer Meet- rrida,T. 7:30 p m Youni Peoole · iL-enni. OHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH M LOUUE. I'nslor Ifl.Ofl a in Sunday School 11:011 n m Worihip.Scrvlcei 7:(l(i p. m Tralnlnj Union * nil p in Cvanieltiuc Service* K:00 p m Kvenloy Service Wednfiday 7:30 p rn. Prayer Meet- Inn SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 37 SOUTH STttKET SATU1IUAV - 10:00 a m tinhhalh School 11:00 a m Church Service Tuesday 7 M p m Pra.ver meetlni SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST w n SHARP, p.itor Six Milrs nnrlhu-eil 10 0(1 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Mornlni Worihlp 7:30 p in Cvenlni Worship ^Wednesday, 7:30 p m.. P r a j e jHuncH or JESUS CHRIST · OF I.ATTER DAY SAINTS JAMICIl K1.KTC1IK1I, Klder Sludenl Union Hliie HtKira 10:50 a m Sunday School. | c H L OAYLESS. Pailor ·:4S a. m Sunday School. '1:55 ,,"· " Morning Worihip «-no p m youn, p, op ,,-. m S tlln , 7.M p m Evaneelljilc Service. mi! m nuna "' Pr «y«r meei. -f- CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH . . »:« a ^t ilunday Srlioo, 11:0(1 it in Mornlnz Worshio Sermon: A. D. Stuckry «:ijll p m 'irnlimul service ...TO p m Evcnliu Wnnhlp Scrnion: A. D. Sluckcy Pr "« r Corner Duncan and Slona in - · "' Sunday School 10:.i.J Mornlni Worship "·111 Bapllll tTalnlni Union 7:30 Ivenlni Worihlp Wedneiday. p. m .. frayer Service FIRST ASSEMBLY-OF OOD DONALD WALKER. P.Hor ·:« a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m. Preachlnl. «:00 p m V. P Clan. WO i.. m Evaniillitlc Service.. J-30 p m rrlday, Bible iludy '-30 p m. Tueiday. C. A. service OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Mllei Northeast) S WHITlXr.Y Paalor l.ll.Oll a. m Sunda.v"school. Uori ·· 1*1:00 a 7:30 n «:30 ship. ·jtffy. w °"h Evenlni Wonhip Wednwday, 7;30 p. m Prayer'meet- n|. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSEH Pi.lor .iHlfhtvipy II Watt) . 10.00 a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Mornlnc Worship ;:30 p 01 TralnlnB Union 7:30 p o, Evaniellslic Service Thursnny. 7.30 p m., prnyer Meet- Hi -t- «"EENLAND COMMUNITY ROBEnT PARKEA pail,,, ''·£ « TM Sunday School 11:00 a m Mdrnlnj Worihlv. Thtirtday 7:30 p m., mldwefli itr. vei lid by lhe Rev Jack Taylor APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NEOI.A MOonr. Pns'or Hlnhway 71 South |0:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornlni Service Central Methodlsl Churrh The W. S. C. S. ol Central Methodist Church w i l l meet Monday al lhe f o l l o w i n g time and places: Cirle one,. Mrs. w. J. Smothers, 514 Adams Sired, 2 p. m. Circle two, Mrs. C. A. Slump corner of Shady and Holly 1:30 p. ni. Circle Ihrcc, Mrs. Walter Cole 2411 Oziil-k, 1:30 p, m. Cirlcc four, Mrs. Onrlnnd Wheeler, 420 Ha Street, 1:3I) p. m. Circle five, Mrs. F. M. Meadc, 237 Buchanan 2 p. m. Circle six. Mrs. L. D. Trnegcr, 3 Ml. Nord, Mrs. W. A. Culnn, co- hostcsss, 2 p. m. Circle seven, Mrs. C. D. Atkinson, 425 Johnson, 1:30 p. m. Circle eight, Mrs. Morris Collier. 320 Wnshlngton Avenue 1:30 p. m. Circle n i n e Mrs. Claude S. Woods, 1:30 p. m. Circle 10, Mrs. M. B. Blade. 2 Rush Drive, 2 p. m. Circle 11, Mrs. Donald Knyder, 615 Oakland, 1:30 p. m. SI I'a'.l'v Knlnrnnal Church Ste, Marys' Chapter will meet v - n: -:'l:i n, in. wilh .Mrs. L. A. P.-issarelll, fit? Ida Avenue. Stc. Hilda's C h a n t e r . w i l l have a dessert mcctliiR Monday nl 1:30 p. in. w i t h Mrs. Banks Ncwbcrn, 410 North WnshiliRton Avenue. Ste. Teresa's chapter will h a v e n dinner meeting al 7 p. m. Monday al the Parish House. Mrs. G. V. Hallhom and Mrs. A. J. Meigs will lie hostesses. The Layman's LcilKUC of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will have ,1 dinner meeting at ft:30 p, m., Tuesday at the Parish House John Williams, head of Ihc schoo of Architecture at the Univcrsitj will he guest speaker. Members of Sle. Mai-R.irets Chapter will be hostesses. Confirmation instruction v begin Thursday, at 7:30 p. m. the rector's study, U'iKlns Mcthoitlst Church Mrs. Earl C o l e ' w i l l conduct , srrond lesson on the Rook of Acts Hillside Adventures By FKED STAKat 33-YEAK-OLD EVANGELIST Billy Graham, holding · revival .ervlce on steps of the natlon'i Capitol building In Washington, tells listeners the city ranki with Sodom and Gomorrah as a «in center. He satci "If 1 would run for President.. .on a platform of calling the people back to God... I'd be elected."^ (Mtrnalmnal tountipholol ASTC Services To Be Conducted By Rev. Moffett Rev. J. Robert Moffell, minis- er of the First Christian Church w i l l conduct ihc Religious Em- ihasls Week for Arkansas Stale 'cachcrs College at Conway, nexl vcck, February 11 through 14 !ach year a d i f f e r e n t denomina- ion is asked to provide the min- ster and Hevercnd Moffetl will cure-sent, lhe Disciples of Chrisl his year. The Ihcme of Ihc week is cen- ercd on "Hcligion for an Age of Crisis," and the sermons for the ive services will be built upon lat subject. Besides the worship crviecs Iherc will be discussion roups each nflcrnoon and dorm- ory discussion each evening. Rc- gious Emphasis Week is gpon- orcd by the administration and y the Student Christian Asso- alion of ASTC. ngles Reports On V.C.P.M. Meeting n Chicago, 111. Nfcil B. Ingle who has just » Lutheran Survey Being Made During February The Rev. F. A. Cum?., pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, has been asked lo lake part in a nalion-wlde survey nn "family life" to be conducted during this month, the first of it's kind lo b« attempted by any church body. The research program will include studies - i n srcH areas as mixed marriages, engagement, divorce nnd remarriage, a'tliludcs toward sex, authority in the home and related problems. By means of a group-adminislercd questionnaire, the survey will attempt lo discover what influence Lutheran beliefs and practices have on the stability and happiness of famly life in America. Warns Red Army Ready to March Al Signal Germaiiy-t/Pj-ChanrcIlor Adenauer warned the Bonn, Konrad West German pettple today t h a t a vasl Russian military machine is pressed aga'nsl lhe Elbe and can march against W e s t Europe w i l h i n . 2 4 hours" it the Kremlin gives Ihc signal. Intcrrupling dc- . , , , . . ....-i OI,ULI\ 111 r t aussian au.lCK en attended Tl. oiTM meeting^ £"" eTiT"' r' 1C ft!"" 1 "' OOPS Ith each state represented- - °2 cvciylhu g for them. T h e s p i r i l u a l meetings? conduct- ' °°"TM",*^ m ' " C , H f d a ' O T l ' I by laymen lenders, centered fu" -°t' , " counlc '" bal '»»* ound the Everyman Crusade' th ° SoV ' ct pmvcr ' hich is Ilic purpose of the N. C. M., assisted the delcgalcs iiRing lo Ihcir local churches e messages delivered. Ingles slales thai "many of Ihc niters are nationally known uslncss men, who believe that it now time to gel more Presby- rian men to work as an organized potent body for the common cause of Christianity." Wednesday al 2 p. m., al Wiggins Memorial Church basemenl. o r n n i ervice 7:30 p m. tvcrjcellitlc Servlte 7:»6 p. m.. Mid wtek . ifw «|nesd«y, ST. JAMES BAPTIST (N««r*l J W WEBal Patior ^ 0:J« a m Sunday School. 11:30 a m Mornlni Worship VOO p m Young People's meeting »:·· P m tvaniellitle Mrvlc* ST. JAMES METHODIST INtfrol A I. BUCIHANAN Panor ·:4S a m Sunday School 1100 a m Mornlni Worihlp 4 15 p m Voulh rallotvlhlp. TM t m Nlghl 8«rieM First Presbyterian Church Circle numhcr opn will meet with Mrs. .1. F.. McClelland, 1207 Norlh Shady, at R p. m. Monday. Circle number two" will meel with Mrs. Clay Cross as hostess at Ihc church Monday at 1:30 p. m. Circle number Ihrcc w i l l meel with Mrs. C. K. McClelland. 120fi North Vandcventer al 1:30 Monday afternoon. A A /- ' '"""" m amat " KnMI - TM't m NHhl"««'f» Unitarian Fellowship Professor M a r v i n Becker of the history department of the University w i l l be Ihc speaker al tomorrow's meeting of the Unitarian Fellowship which meets "I I l . i i . m. in the Game Room of the S t u d e n t Union. Dr. Becker who .Is n medievalist, will talk on "Thomas Aquinas", scholastic philosopher and theologian of the 131h century. The church school will he hold nl the same hour. These services arc open to all Interested In n liberal religion. Central Christian Church The Burkhan sisters, Shirley and .lohnnlc, of Kori Smith will assltl with the music Sundny morninq and night at the Centrn'l Christian Church. The minister Fr«rt Huckelberry, will have a «per!«l children*' program «l. the o:,1l) p. m, nervlce. "The approach used t h r o u g h o u t t h e meeting." he states, "was reverent, simple and f u n d a m e n t a l Every layman was charged to be a "fisherman of men" in his-area." Delegates were lolri that' "the Christian way is.the only healthy, permanent cure of the national andc international evils ad problems of the day. Action was i-rg- crl of all delegates, rather than "lip-service," to be carried out in a most humble, unselfish manner, with the same spirit working through all of his laymen." "Life Of St. Paul" Being Shown At First Christian Tlie..Cathedral Films on the "Life of St. Paul" arc being shown each Sunday evening at 7 o'clock in (he sanctuary of the- Firsl Christian Church under Ihc di- rcclinn of the Education Committee of Ihc church. The films, show- in? the work of Saul as a perse-, utor of Christians, his conversion and his early preaching in lhe church at Damascus and Jcrusa-l Icm have, already been shown. The film this next Sunday evening. "Ambassador for Christ" shows liis cariy missionary aclivily and ul»-cc|ticnt f i l m s w i l l follow him through his missionary journcvs lo his end as a prisoner of Rome. KlChl of the 12 films remain lo o shown and the general public is invited In lake alvantnge of he opportunity lo study lhe life of 'aul through the m e d i u m of motion pictures. The church nursery is open with nn a t t e n d a n t in chnrgc to care for small children. The service begins nl 7 o'clock promptly and is dismissed nl 7H5. Skelclnns of an u n i d e n t i f i e d race of men were unearthed In the Columbian Andes near Bogota bv scientists In 1051. Russia claimed » total sloel output In 1951 of about 3,1 million tons, Just about equal tr. t h n l of the U.S. Steel Corporation; i West Fork Judy McKee underwent a ton- sillcclomy at the City Hospital Friday. She is reported "doing fine." She has missed -several weeks of school because of her illness. The World Day of Prayer m'o- gram will be held February 29 at the Christian Church, with Mrs. Gua Clifton as program learter. A pink and · blue shower was Riven Tuesday ni.sht at the Bap- list Church, honoring Mrs. Woody Folchman. There were 38 RUesls present. Mrs. Curtis Hall arranged the flowers, pink snapdragons, on a display table. Women of lhe churn we.i-c hostesses. Hot spiced tea and lea cookies was served. Mrs. Abe Karnes gave a. birlh- flay dinner Friday nlghl honoring her husband, and J. O. Phillips, on Iheir birthdays, out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Shook of l-'aycllcvillc. Mrs. J. o. Phil- When we gathered the) eggs to- nighl there was .a hen answering the molhering 'inslinet, and lh« lillle woman wants lo give her three weeks job of warming eggs to such a temperature they turn out chickens. All of which ·emlnds us of the home incubator days. Ours we kept in the cellar, They must be away from any chance nf humps and jars. Of course we couldn'l put the artificial hen where thunder wouldn't cause a poor hatching in case there was a lot of 'electrical storms. · The kerosene lamp must burn just so, and woe unto the result if It were allowed to run short of oil, or if a sudden gust of wind . caused it lo flicker oul and cease to warm Ihc eggs. If you heard mother up during the night you knew she was busy turning the eggs, and checking the lempera- lurc of the thing, and it was as temperamental as the average movie actress, When the first one was brought Into our cornmunily we couldn't understand 'how anybody could be so cruel as to attempt to raise chickens to- the frying pan slage without benefit of a mother. It ./as decidedly against nature. You . usually managed to have a. half hens to hatch at the same ime the incubator, did in order o have real mothers for the poor . /iddies. Now it is nothing unusual o see 15,000 baby chickens in one uuse here In the greatest chick- n producing regions, with only a orooder for a mother. Then you lad fried chicken only in the early pring and summer. And the woman who was first to get her ,fry- rs ready for the frying pan was onsidercd a very well-managing ousewife. Wilh Ihis modern way f raising chickens we no longer · n ve In debale long and loud 'hich is the mother of the chick- n; the hen laying the egg or the ne hatching it. · We wouldn't want to get too ivolved in this groundhog day hing. bul here in the hills lhe lit- wcalhcr forcseerer rhusl have Died his shadow even If Mrs. .. Groundhog lei him start out without his glasses. There's some that contend he comes forth at high noon and If it . is cloudy he stays abroad--his nappy time is over--and there will be six weeks of fair to middling weather al which lime winter's back will be broken. What such a four-footed animal uses for an alarm clock and calendar is beyond me, but maybe that's where in- slihcl comes in. Then again, he may fell Mrs. Groundhog, when Ihcy slarl Iheir winter's snooze, to rouse him at noon nn February 2, and she does just t h a t through female intuition. Anyway, don't ask me about what kind of weather we are going to have between now and the spring equinox. Call up the weather bureau. Their .guess will be partly _ right, anyway. A lady said, when I knocked on the door next to the road, "Nobody ever comes to this door but f a rank stranger." Now somebody tell us just what is a rank slrang- cr and how did lhal saying gel sldi-led? Well sir, in next week comes Abe Lincoln's blrlhda." and valentine. .The one to prove how wise a man can be. although he never had much book learning, and the other to remind us how foolish, we- once were when we sent thai first liearl-sapcd missile with the verse, "'As sure as the vine grows around the stump, · You are my darling, sugar lump." lips and the Dexters were also guesls. The Presbylerian Missionary Sociely has a bazaar in the Carter store. It will be there all year. Eugene Jctt of Oklahoma City has been visiting friends in West Fork. The Garden Club met Tuesday. February 5, to organize, wilh 2 members present. The following officers were elected; Mrs. Lon Thomas, president; Mrs. Geow Freeze, secretary; and Mrs. Curtis Hall, program chairman. The club's project for this year Is a rock garden at the school. Kee. up with the time*--read !he TIMES dailr. » · Vigoroui Living Demondi the · Fortificotion of Jthovoh'i All-Abuntlonl Pow«r.... Only In Him U There Adequate Force to Solve Your Doily Probltmi. T H E R E , S T R E N G T H F O R Y O U I N H I S H O U S ! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Or. Wolt.r I. Johnion, Paitor "THE VICTORY OF CHRIST" (R««.lallon, ChapUtg 17-ZOI IB?..!?"" Wo " h iP Hou ' 10! " (Btetdcail orer Station KGHHI Sundar School lilO LE "ONS FROM THE LETTERS TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES" ET«nlng Worihlp H.ur 7ilO Trainlni Union lilt Th« Nurstryis open «» all M rvicn

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