Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 8, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1952
Page 8
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,,. MOM1IWUT ANANIAS TWMI. , Mnwrf I, 1W1 'oGo After All-Out Vote In lew Hampshire Primary · 'Wishlngton-W-Senalor D u / (R-Pi) today challenged Scnalo . Tirt (R-Ohio) to KO a f t e r an, al ·ut -victory in (he Mnrch I I Nc ·Hampshire presidential primnrj x'.-Dutt't challenge came nflcr Ta jold * .radio audience last nifil .that if he gets f o u r or five of th CALL M. P.* Slosh Fuel Bills We're heating experts ot well Oi Mailer Plumbers, Depend on u« here too .for welcome bohyi-Kiviriflt, "·: / Hwwfi? ''"··""";' D Mailer Plumber the man with the aniwer A«k About 'Our Budgtu Buying Pliai U G G A N ' PLUMBING CO. f tett Mounteln I4 New Hampshire delegates to tin. 1 .luly Chicago COP convention, t h e rp.-.ull wl'l rtffiRift .-lalm "inI Con. Dwight D. Elsenhower bal great popular appcji v.'ii.i .ic voters. Callin.T this "poppycock," D u f f , one of Ihe leaders in the Eisenhower presidential drive, said; "When Senator Tall submits himself for a fight, he ought nol to fix himself for a fall." A f u l l slalo of Elsenhower delegates has been entered 1n New Hampshire wllh Adams and other stale GOP leaders plugging vigorously, for t h e '.eneral. Tafl said w l l h Ibis backing the 5lscnhowcr forces' pot "a good :tarl" over (he group of delegates ·iinnlng .for him. Since (he GOP la'rty machinery in Ihe slate is in he hands of the general's admirers he said be will regard II as 'satisfactory" if four n.", five of ils supporters are elected. "I think lhat Elsenhower's pop- i l a r l l y isn't as widespread ns some icople scorn In t h i n k , " he said. 1 i'o Ntansen Delegate* Although Duff would not com ncnt, other Elsenhower backer re nol claiming they w i l l - C | C L the H New Hampshire dele ales.' The race Is between Taf nd Eisenhower since former Gov larold E. Slasscn of lilinnosnta I m i n i n g ' o n l y , in the prcforontla I'lmary, a popularity n ttcst, and as filed no. delegates slate. Tuft told the radio audience he .Inks he would run just as wel the Sdutii as Elsenhower in ovcwbcr. He said '.he general's puled Dixie popularity might bi rained It, he took a stand 01 I5I ; C, the Tafl-Hnrtlcy Inw and her. issues. . Tile Ohio senator sa'd he resent slalemepl by New-York 'State lalrman W i l l i a m Ptoi'ffcr t n a t ifl's nomination would mean the ss of that state |)y the Rcpubli- ilvei · defeatist tone to the whole campaign," T«rt said he understands that the Impossibility of having Gen. Douglas M a c A r l h u r become a delegate may bar MacArthur from consideration ns keynote speaker for the Chicago convention. He said, hoxvcvcr, he believes MacArlhur should be Invited to make one of the principle talks at the convention. MacArthur generally Is regarded as n potenlial Tafl supporter. Asked about Communist in government charges made by Senator McCarthy (R-Wls), Taft replied .that these accusations "have a pretty strong background justifying an Investigation." Rogers Araucanian Indians, Never Conquered By Soldiers, Have Found Their Master , (This is one of a series Ed V a n - , She Indians reformed for the at- deventcr Is writing aboul his ( r i p ; tack and burned every .city the through Soulh America. He will I Spaniards had built. relurn in April.) By Kit VAN-EVENTER Tcmuco du Chile-, Here i n i TM * f" ' 1 L c ' r . dram!1 Southern Chile live the Araucan- hc ' ld 7 lh . e sldc , °' '*m, the only tribe of Indians In °" '" h ' ° u '' The Ben tan County Karm Bureau will open Its 1052 inomber- ship campaign with a goal set for 000 members, Laurence Brush of Sherman Inalnboiv Ranch, Bureau president, r t r . , _ _ _ , announce a t a dinner f o r volunteer workers and leaders Tucs- c'ay night at Lakeside, Lac Atalanta. This will be approximately ISO above the membership for 1051, Communily workers for East Bcnlon County were named at the meeting. Soliciting of members is now in progress. Ii cllhci North or fouth America never conquered by while men. Nalurc endowed them with almost superhuman virility and vigor. The Incas, who had made cap- lives of every tribe in the vicinity of Ihelr Peruvian slrongbold, decided they might as well move down into South Chile and take over the crude Araucanians. Some of the Incas gol I jck home; bul nian; remained as silent proof of fierceness in puked by the sturdy ArauceaeMie, but finally they met their master. They look the bait of that relentless tyrant who Was enslaved and killed more men than Alexander. Caesar and Napoleon with all their legions ever destroyed-King Alcohol. . ' ' . . | They could not pour down his . . They killed all the invaders but I throat the death-dealing mixture saved Valdivia for .the grand cli- j °^ 1-Ot silver agd gold, but down max of their drama. As he was I 'heir own throats they pourei: large pot I 'heir master's brew until most of that gold I them went the way of. /aldivia. and silver had been put into ill .They 'are a vanishing race to be made Into "He has no right to say that--It sp'l Iruc," Tart declared heatedly. 'That Is only an argument that OZARK Two babies born · this week at flocers Memorial Hospital are: A son, Richard Dale, to Mr. and Mrs. Kaymond Akehursl of I'ca liidgc, February 2; and a daughter, February 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Opie Blttlcli of .Rogers. The rtogcrs Garden Club has announced the a n n u a l Blossom Time Show w i l l . b e held May 3 and 4 in the Masonle'Youth Center, fhe decision was mode at the Tuesday afternoon meeting in' the llrrls Hotel lounge with Mrs. Jflrhos L. Irby, president, presiding. Mrs. Irby announced lhat Ihe Flower School which was to have been held here will be held instead in Little Rock March 17, 18 and 10. Mrs. J. It.. Kcaly was ·tppointed assistant program chair- nan a n d ' Mrs. Everett Nail was It-pointed chairman of the Tclc- 'hone Committee for the year. T h e Rogers niding Club w i l l cgin ;ts a n n u a l drive for mcm- icrshlp al the regular meeting Tuesday night al the club house at Apple Spur. Two teams, one leaded by Otis Finn, In? other y Elmer Hatfleld, will conduct he drive. Thci losing team In Joint of members secured before March 4, will fry hamburgers for he entire club. The club last year ad 155 members. The two learns vlll attcmpl to malcli this for 952. The new Finance Commit- ee is headed by Ray Henry. Bill Jusscll and Clyde Ragsdalc arc lenry's assistants. Claude Eastering was elecled trail blazer tor year. the Araucanians' bailie. Never again did the Inca leader show any Interest in South Chile The Spanish inv.-dcrs kne\v w h a t pushovers Ihe Incas were for Pizarro, who enslaved them though he had only 181) me;i ard 80 horses; and they heard about the easy success of Corlez again ·' the.Aztecs.-But they had to learn the hard way thai these Araucan- ians were of tougher clay. Pedro dc Valdivia, founder of Santiago whose statue I visited at b e a u t i f u l Santa Lucia Hill In t h a t city, met a horrible fate when he attempted his first Invasion .of the southland. He found no temples, for the A r a u c a n i a n s had no sciences or arls such as the Incas had developed. R u t they were h u m a n tigers when it came '.o ihedding blood. Killed The Invaders The Spaniards pushed them back at first and founded such cities as Conception and Villa Rica. But il was not long before molten mass. scalding, i these once virile and -vigorous JAraucaniahs. Unless the 'Chilean The Indian chief, holding a , government can succeed in kecp- li.rgt dippcrful of this blazing hi t i ing liquor from the remaining mixture, asked Valdlvh wllh deep few, it will not be long besarcasm: "So il is gold and silver fore some aulhor can duplica'- which you seek, ch?" and added, j James Fenimore Cooper's "w'cll here we give you both," book, "The Last at Ihe y He poured the contents both, 1 of tfii hicans" to ""Araucanians." great.' Ihe Mo- 1 dipper down the Spanish leader's N O redmen ever learned to throat! handle fire water. and all through Mexico and South America white men had tricked and deceived the Indians wher- e\cr they found them, breaking promises and treating Ihcm cruelly. Bui they did nol get away with it here. The history of Mexico and Pen would be different, It Cortez and Pizarro had run Into this hornets' nest instead of meeting the Aztecs and Incas. The Araucanlnns volunlarily made Iheir land a part of the nation of Chile. Met Their Muter . All human invaders were re- Hocky Mountain bighorn sheep come down-, from their lofty crags only when forced by heavy winter snowdrifts. BOWL FOR PLEASURE Bcntop Bowling Lanes -- ^dv. PLAN TO BUILD 8» Our Material Get Our Prices. . Trr Our Service. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 St. CharlM WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP Jasper MuDaniol, for many years n employe of the fiogcrs Hardware Company, was reported In critical condition Thursday. Mc- »niel, who his been ill for scv- ral weeks, was admitted to the cterans Hospital In Faycttevillc, ate lasl week. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Callison and 1r. a n d - M r s . T. S. McNeil re- urned Wednesday front a two- ccks trip to New York, where Ir. McNeil attended the Nalional utomobllc Association meeting. he p a r t y stopped In Washington route home. 3 * ^ Joan LESLIE · Ellen DREW Alexander KNOX KM RieJcr in "SUN VALLEY CYCLONE" ·tarring WNMRUOn * CeJet Cfittm *V t UARK^? Starts Saturday ...end Itw H*arii of all America go with th«m m they ·omb, Wait and ·ayoml rtwir way N Victory on ·HMfRHMk HUH Added Allractloni Newt · Jo. MacDoakM Color Cartoon SPECIAL ARMED FORCES BLOOD BANK PREMIERE Saturday Night, 7:00 P.M. Firat 50 Persons to Pledge e Pint of Hood will bt ·dmited FREE! BUY YOUR TELEVISION al a TELEVISION SERVICE STATION We Have Ihe Latest Equipment Your Television Headquarters SMITH RADIO SHOP SMITH \ Radio Appliance Lets get down to the Soli Chevrolet Trucks Can Save You Money All Along the Line J.HF, facts show you how a Chevrolet truck can mean real .substantial savings on your hauling or delivery job. Chevrolet trucks cost less to buy, less to own and operate. Their dependable valvc-in- hcad engines, famous for power and stamina, keep fuel consumption low. Sturdy hypoid rear axles, channel-type frames and other Advance- Design features keep maintenance costs down. Value is built in to stay in-safeguarding your truck investment. 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Frame, axles, springs, body, brakes, and power are part of a well-balanced team lhat docs Ihe job al lowest cost. lower, Slower Depreciation Records show that Chevrolct.truck»:ir«dition«)ly bring more money at rc-snlc dtlrade-'in than any other make of trucks which cost about the same when new'. ChcVrolcl'i market value sinyi u f because the value Uyi In. 17 E. Meedew Rhone 25S

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