Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 8, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1952
Page 7
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NOtTMWBT AMANIAS TIMB, tayrtttvill*. Nhriwry ·, Iflt SOMETIMES IT'S TOUGH TO SMILE LEOAI- NOTICES Inf ton County. Arkanui. ~ · petition to quiet and confirm In Alonza Harvey, btln the *arh«. pcrton nt L. A.: Harvey, and-or Lonu* Harvey, t h e ! title to the following lands in WaihA Initon County, Arkaniai. to wit-. Th« South eail Quarter of the j , SouthcMt Quarter Sectlo i Sixteen : {!«).-Towiuhlp Thfrlfeen (131 Norlh. ! Range Thirty (30J West; and the ; :Norih ',» of the Northwcii Quarter the Sflulhweit Quarter of the Northweit Quarter section fifteen UK). Towninip Thirteen U3J North. Rame Thirty (30] West of tht iSlhJ P. M.; in alt 160 Herri. ] All persons claiming ifcld land*, or , any Intertlt therein, are hereby jioti- j lied and warned to appear in laid I court within llx weeks a f t e r dale ol firit publication had, And show came why the title io siUd land* should not hi; estnbllnhcd, q u i f t e d . a n d c o n - j firmed In this petitioner. * i IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, 1 have hereunto let my hand and affixed I the ier.1 of thli court on this the 14lh | I FOK SALE--AUTOMOTIVE 'JHOICE of two 1I1B OldRinohllp *·! t Kcdnns. One IIHS only L'0.000 milrv Both in perfect condlllon. 1'rlcc $300.00 below market or nuke (in ojfpr. Cflll U9J a f t e r fi p. m. JO DbifCE!"G6od condition, I FOR HCMT-- MlftCKU.AMOOA I FO« SALK--REAL KSTATC room with refrljltralor Phnnr 13M I FOR SALE OR TKAJJtt INCOME properly flprlmcdftlf. South- SLEEPING wnl pnrt. 1003 IliRhlAnri, oMAl.L Krorrry nnd icrvlce ittation.' 3 ROOM u n f u r n f i h e d a p a r t m e n t . Good nuiincM. Phone 2I3U brfore 40.00, hllli [mid. '* block from ram* ' 7 .!*·. m '. _.^_ _ _ » _ (iuv C. non .* i(*3i\V _«fter 5 p m , timpun--3 room hun*»(ow. ll«hl houKktipInc SEW THREE nxonooM HOME with Jivlni room, (lining nHnif-rti kiiciicn w i i n I *pac=, lot* ol i)uilt-ln». ( {mini r » SALE trtATf , hnMeinrnt, laundry huniniow. facilitlri. ; j"l'U BI O.K., MOM," Marino Sgt. King Long, who lost both legs In Korea fighting, tells his mother as they meet In Oakland, Cal., where khe wa« brought from Tully, N. Y., by Disabled American Veterans. Long, 21, is at Oak Knoll Naval hospital. (International ISoundpliotoJ CHANGE OF PACE--This 25-horscpowcr outboard motor attains up to 30 miles-an-hour lor aquaplane stunts and getting there in a hurry: ·The b i g - t w i n still may be revved down to good trolling ·Deeds with the same cxtcllcnt performance. It is on exhibition at the National Motor Boat Show, ending a nine-day run at New York's Grand Central Palace, Jan. 19. (NEA). CHESS IN EIGHT "STORIES"-Dr. Ervand G. Kogbetli.ntz tnoVcs a piece of the $300 wood and glass chess board he designed lor three-dimensional chess. The game is played with 128 chessmen on the "eight-story," 512-square board. Dr. Kogbetliantz will teach his game, played in Europe for many years, at the New School for Social Research in Now York. The doctor claims it's really very timple to learn--all you need is a "three-dincnsional mentality." CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phan* Collect 23SJ , Arklnui Joplin Rendering Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS PbMM Calltct 1111 . fayctttville Ce. Used by thousands In reduclni diets--Junge's Roman Meal bre«d. 11-19-tt % · Capital invested per employe in petroleum is nenrly 10 times the average for n i l m n n u f n d u r i n g . NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rntc: .1 rents per word single In- scrtion. Three consocuiivo Inntriloni. 7 cents per word. Minimum order 42c. Classified ndn cash In advince--nol token over the lelophonc Dcndllnc for clnRHtfled adi; 10:M «. m daily; 9:.tO n. m. Saturday. Correction* nnrl rerun cheerful)]' mndo n f t o r flrit Insertion No corrections or rerun mndo after ,id nai ex* plred. NOTK: Advertising copy for other pnge.i li dur nt 12 noon (he day pre- ccertlnK nuhllr^llnn: 12 nonn Saturday for nobllcftilon on Mnndnv ' LKGAL NOTICES QUilflNC TITLt-N«TICI In Th* WMhlniton Chinitry Cturt ALONXO H A n V R Y EX PARlTC Notice l.i hereby liven thM there hn* Iwpn filed In Ihr office of the clrrk of iho Chfincery Court of W«»h- sell nt nnre Sundry.* or evenings. 507 _W. Centrr. 1950 "TWO "floor Po'nlinc." IfUKlO mile*. «ood condition, clean, extra*. See Cecil ril llnlfioltt s EKO Station. "A"~~ Good Thing To Know! L'DMING 2 year eld rcslMerrd Pole Hrrrfnrri bull will he at Wmhlni- '· ton Cmmty Snle Com puny for **Te tomorrow. : K K U I S T E R K U OIC K i l l . w r t « h l I'OO ! pnunds, $00.00. Phnnn zziftMf, Wityne S A A N K N fresh m i l k Run I Alpine M l l y jjonl. Fresh Jemey cow. H. R. Mcrchnnt. rtnititr t. Cove Crock RonH, ·even miles Mouth, I'mlrie Qrove Ark. A reputable dealer is a good : Gim^i"^ pftrsorvto know when it comes fo buying a Used Car. Our reputation and integrity assure you of a really fine Us'ed Car. We have a wide selection of finer, cleaner cars -- all in good me- The wenum uoiai. ^ang.orn W | c h o n i c a l condition Easy terms? 'arned to appear in this Court within Of COurifi Inspect these values -thirty days and answer the complaint T -. nAV| of the Plaintiff In the above entitled | I U U A T I !UM - ,, |1951 Pontiac 8 Super Deluxe Catalina. 1951 Oldsmobile 98 Fordor. 1950 .Chevrolet Tudor. 1950 Chevrolet five-passenger Coupe. 1949 Pontiac 6, five-passenger i . Coupe. | 1949 Chevrolet 4-dor. Fleetllne. 1949 Chevrolet 4-dor. TM* s _* l - T ~"1 s TM!- 1 '* N 'H?" R | RESTAURANT tlxlurej. Mnnan't Cnm- I pin Grill. 817 West nlckson Richard B. Greer Clerk, Chancery Court Ji-:.'.'i_»fii._i-«;i5_-22._ ' · WARNING OHBfc* In TIH CMMtry cturt Of WHhiHKtM CMnty, Arkansas Arlie W. L.nilord pulntin v«. Goldie Lanfiford Defendant The Defendant Goldie Langford ' Witness my ha Court thi^ ftth day of February, (SEAL) Richard B. Grecr Chancery Clerk 8-15-22-29 c j 3 ROOM lurnUhed ·pArhnenl. onV ! block frntn cuiiipui. Phonr^JMfl. t A'rfr(AtTlVK""ap«rlme'nt. hifnUhrd. i Three roorm, hath l l l l l l t l e i piifd | llr« patd._AdnlU._ Phone .10ft. j NICFTlnrcc "room. 'ri7""t" UfnVVlt* | _PIm» f»0!W. ! 3 ROOM" tinlurnidheri ·partmcnt.""l4fl ' Phone 362. And room I nr u or A . on Irvrl int K i l n paid piivr- l thr pricf. U SlI^ODDO W i t h u-fl ihrr locnlcrt m r n t Ki Crncrnu .VfcW TWO UKUnoOM I I U M K .md fi Mac tied cnrnfic \.Hh invriy l i v i n g room, p r r i i y i-otnltiniitmn ki't-lcn and tilttini ruoni, u t i l i t y rnoni, pirn- ty nt cloict*. vcnetljin bilfidi-. l u l t y i nnu! A ted. lorc«d air %n\ (urnm i f. Thr price l« J9.0^(i (W Hiiii (if l.o rn s'.'alllihlc w i t h rlovin p^\ n i " n t nf · l i p r n x m i a t c t y yM'.)(t'i nu-ludifijf Hot- int fr YOU WANT TO BILL YOU* M«K CALI, OUR 6rriCE-- PUond 841- ·i we Are in need of *lt lypci Q: f^rni Ilitmx* lo supply our Attn»n4 A_ L. -SHAMBLIN and JfM " SUBURBAN? ___ U .N i v7tfhf -i V ~A tx-dr .nrti u n f u r n l t h n r t t3 iihcd $72..1l). hllln p»Id, / '»0 t u r n B e n d 1 x d Amnkcd hams, lifte iiound. Lewis. F a r n u n K t o n . Phone JONQUILS, "collncc chccne '"ftit j lilciid, rolls, i n f e r t i l e CURS llcnv I fryer*, h u t t e r . k r a u l , Inrd tnintlo ! julrc. iv.-iliuits. Farm Wonurm Mar- i kel. Or.ark Theater BulKHnc. 'i kA'liAT diainnncl. sjiiTtfit-e ticca of Illness. Unx K-ir,. VrlmcK. I'TRKV'IEW AI AATMt!NfS~'iii»~|Toa'. "onm unfurnished $.10 00 f u r n u h f c HB.VOO; two bedrcom u n f u r n i s h e d Jfi.'. 00 Rendlv Irundry a v a l l a h l l Photi KfiR In Tht l*r*fe*U C«nrt Of W«ninft«n C*nnty r Arkansas In Hie Matter of the Estate r RUBE No. J O M A . S of decedent; BEMENT. DeccKed La5t knom'n dddr Wheeler, Arkansas. Date of death: October 19. ]Q!U. An instrument dated April 1£)17. was, on the 16th day of November. 1051. admitted to nrdbalo as the last , - . _ ,., , . c \ will of the above named dcccdcnl. I ' 4 0 Chevrolet Aero Sedan A contest of t^e probate of the will I J o r can be effected only by filing a p e - l l n . n _ . . tition within the lime provided by . 1948 P l y m o u t h Coupe. luw - · M947 Pontiac 8, Fordor Sedan. IIIKAVY 1942 Studebaker Fordor. I -li-5?. VALENTINE GIFTS of Distinction at £·:.Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. _ _ O A K f i Phone " vood. 1101 Woolscy. This notice first published ^5th day of January, 1952. MaiHnrAddrMrwhccV^Arkansas. I 9 4 ' Chevrolet Special Deluxe ! c NE lot tudor. ' 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe tudor. 1939 Chevrolet tudoi . . Feb. 1-B-c In Tht MuntiMl C*urt Of Mhinitvn Ounly. Arkvnin A. L. Thurman, Plaintiff . Earnest Workman Oefendnnt . The Defendant Earnest Workman is warned to appear' within t h i r t y days this Courl the 1937 Chevrolet tudor. complaint of lh« Plaintiff In the above ntitl T R . U C K S led eause. , 1950 Chevrolet !4-ton, u'eluxe Witness my hand and seal of this cab, §EAL) ihI " 2Mh d a y ° f J 8 n U a r r ' 1952 ' 1949 Chevrolet Vi-ton. V. James* Pink Municipal Judge 25 Feb. 1-R-151 ink. R feet hy 31)"." Set in. I'honfi fi37 __ NOTICK . ucilciilly iwvf f u r n i t u r e lu mil at ;i uc I Ion S n l u r n a y niornlns. 10 n. rn. Electric rcfriKcriuor?, Wfi3ii- lablo lop «iis raiincs, hcatcn DON BOGEN PIANO TUNER PHONE 873-W-l AROUND 8 AM OR 6 PM WILKINS REALFY CO. KJ h L^; 1 ^R^ A\c Pnrmf 179. H *v o.' N i g h t NICE SUBURBAN New mnilcrn California r»ilch slylc homp and ducsl hou«e,;ld^ c..lcfl on ^0 bcxutllul «crea, $ith Ijroitth-tiTkuij; vic.w. T r u l y a place where you ctn enjoy every-tdwn comr.nicttce flrKt country t'om^ori. Only n 15-mtnute drive from the Square, mosily on pavod hishwiiy. f i v e r i7i)il sr|iiare feet of spacious l i n n s rnmtnrl in main house. Llv-'. urn In wr,' ril r,i.- r.t pram. ! '"'·' ''"""' · 1 ' ! 4 4 'i ir ' California nfvi horn- n'iiiMrrVit. harii- i rethvond n n d f i r finish. Larse fi 10 :,','... '!"L'. t .'"" ,,:."? .""'"?! \ w n w l - h u r n i n g fireplace, ficaullttil' /Ing room and b e r f - 1 INSTItCCTION COMPLETE your liijjh shool «t home in spare lime. Texts furnished Di- 1 nloma. No cinsscs. Bond for 47 PBEC booklet and sample lesson free. American Eureka P NOTICE . Scliuo), TO Box 188, DOES your child need supervised play wilh his own age ^roup? Veteran's Villfigr nursery rnn now itccfpt ntw members of Univrrslty personnel. Phone 1895 or 2015ft. _ _ ' . ,,. FOR complete world wide news, rend phone Bill Kinkadc, 2B71-W. 0 HELP WANTED 1949 GMC 'A-ton. 1949 GMC K-ton, Deluxe cab. 1941 Ford '/2-ton. 1940 Chevrolet '/2-ton. HATFIELD TRADING POST 22 East Meadow. Phone 303 S P E C I A L " WEEK-END SALE : I A At/ I ASM/ LUUK =-'- T .- - - LOOK ( l l n i n R · room ninths--odd vtressors. chpsls, 1 heel .inrinps tint) nintlronr.G':. table find iinnirs, one lot nilsccllnncous If you have rurnlturc to 5rll. consign li lo these snlen, always n Kotiri demand for Rood f u r n i t u r e . Illllon Bros. A u c t i o n llounr. H i g h way 71 fourth. Phono 1770. Sale rvrry Saturday. liAY? best ".(iualliy.~"n.""1,7"" Combs. GOOO used piano. Lcnvin)Tfof"Japan. must Boll. I'lionc 14S7W aflcr 4 p. m. VciUNG singer t-'iiiiarlos, $.1.00 encli. - F .^*? 1 _} V -_!^. n "KnrA, Wlnslow,. Ark. r.HOO DACES "niixc'd"lia\TM'HtfnliiviMc. no»ilc_ S,_nc\vcy_no_llliiRcr. ___ WOOD for anlc, Sl.fltrrk-k. deUvt-rcTl ln_ Kaj'cttcville. .llAriMn. $"ir.fl7()6"S'r6cK 'cndrlle'to' he "nuc.lwT- cd nt H l l l o n Bro«. Sales liarn, Sn(- _jirtlay. February 9. GOOD Ii7ty!"a. W. MorfiVon 70fi Stone" phone_18(;!IM. ROYAL pnrtnbltf typewriter t lor salt, 2 AIR'cooled Wisconsin "poWrr tin Us", ^njnp nnd n ill 1 . PIKHIC 205. INNERST'IllNC ~ nialTrcRit for haby bod. Plume 2223J . for clilidrcn In niy home. . . 1900W. ftonnlil'?, 3()fl:-n. CHILD vnrf. HC'.iKblft" Chrl»tl»n 'worn- ' iin. Phone 2l[)!iri._ SUK-tiLT Venetian"hHmls'juid n l u m l - num window Pcrerns. Fro* tsilniA(c.i. Cube Ciioncr, 441 South Locust, Phone lOtfi. ii'nTTsii^o'nK! phone ~*.io4U FOR YouH"nobrlNO Cnlt U. L Slewnrt H o o f i n g Contrnctor Also. AthMlox Striliif, _ _)!'»"]!; rrpnlm, rhine_jn|)J lNCOl\iK l u x service. Phon« 1575. Ray' _mond_Gcor|[c. J. W. H i l l ELECTRIC CO. Quality Initalltri t PUMPS · POWER Phetw 24. W«t ferli "E"XTAVTTlNG~ B U L L D O Z I N G Grav«l, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N Phone 24» ~ ~ ~ 2 4 HOUR SJE»ViCt ON Hrmilitchlng, Picollng, Covered Buttoni, Button Hold, Tailored Btld and Buckl««. Special Attention given Moll Orders. Satisfaction or Money Back. SINGE* SEWING MACHINE CO. II S.C. St..)Fu«ttevlllt hrrcio-.vny brtwcc inwn Kd ^ MORE ACREAGE TWO nrrrs. I r v r l . » · = .: ,t i. i r i In. n/iod frtitr-rnoiH luuitc, tu'iUCrn, all r l t y u t i l i i i p i , nrar [ u r i n r n : . im* line, miirkn iiiui «-nnn| Imi Thii h A ini-e litilc (uliuri^n nnrl f»sy priced. Wade Finctier R r h l r u n f ami In-m ..i'-r. A r m d n OUlR.-- I'linne WI^ ovun 'MO A C H K RANCH, i.n-nioii 'mi 71 hlihwny PLKNTY OF GHASS A N P W A l K f l . "Mil luriiiilt-d In llin rftnrh, nn up-lo-dulp litninr%i nut h (lolnf n Hue. p r u l t u i i l r l)tinilir*ii. WF. T H I N K AN OUTSTANDING BUY A N D .SHOULD BE1.I. SOON Picnic arc ii» (or f u r t h e r I n f o r m n lion. Ihi* on nic-j | \V(?fltlJl«hoUfie ' |V) ' CASH 'or TERMS . .,, call:or write I Route 7, Fnycilrvtllc, ' Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake C A S H ^ o r K z ·· Cnli-s; Rotile 7. Payollcvlllo. _ , ^f, , U TERMS i----'11 --^ 3 -""-'-^!-"- 113 "- 1 !--" 1 - 1 Ponds - Roads - Clearing i t n / v i o iCKrflO ||\r A I ft J i TTnriP · XA Salesmen and-Executives; Carl's Motor Sale's IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Want high-grade experienced ;, 04o F o r d 6 . cy | indBr . Rrfdio man.from selling f.eld or execu- Hea)er _ Ruyns od F i r j j live group. Position carries very , substantial income if you ..qual- ' ify. Want man underpaid in his · present field. . Lifetime job in ' 195] permanent industry. P, O. Box W* meet or beat any competition « WES mo'rning gets ibis car at a price of $495 Chevrolet Belair. Loaded with extras. 447, Little Rock. Give brief busi-! 1951 F o r d Crestline. Radio, ness history, including age. Information confidential. I Radio, $895 ____ _ customer in S o t u i d a v ' SAINUOW" TROUT noid daily. Phonl 1 · SprinK'lJilc ^201. O7.ark Troul Knrm Nr-.-n Jtihnson. brief caurs. loiici kit*, HAMPTON'S / i. loot iockcru, s, O'nlte cn«e*. complete Mm wall NOW Inklnf «ppllc»tlo cnimc . for -conces- ·Inn»lr*i, cnihiern, «nd ushcrutles. Muni he neat nnd depfndahlc. Prr- Icr-mACrled women. Must bt 18 or over. Apply, In penon «t' Palace 1 Theater »fter one 10 MKN or women for part time unlei work. A]KO full time personjUKbuIld own agency. For' information wrHe to IIOK K-10 .%TIm«. HELP WANTED--KEMALK KXPERIENCID wallren. Gulf C»fc. TWO- younf ladicl. neat appearing, well froomed. AGE 22-28. . ilnf Ic. H.1.00 to ulart. Phone Mr. OCKEN- FEL3 at 1040 for appointment. Heater and whi tires, 1947 Chrysler 4-door. · Heater. Like new 1947;-Chevr«let Fleelline-.tudor. -/ .-^.^cidio^HefciteK Nice "'''one-. . . , · . . . . . ' . . ;: -$995 FOR SALK-- IIOMR NEEDS " PiKCK chroinVVl1nntTcT~1'ixriO" 'li'iblc tlioJc« of colors. S92.M1 nnrl up HH- tpii'ii_nrive^In Knrnlture Storr. I I A L K ijL'd. lilirary table, f o l d i n g TMiirli, frer/cr. Phor.n IlOfi. FofjULLER BRUSHES We "1947 Fo_rcU'4-door. Radio, Hiat- ' -'-^ ' " ' ' " re n u 1 » r dnlry brooms. M l l l n , JJ2n-ylyl)iiliiH r l-linni! IM ' PltCK Like ! Jl^ . rcpu'lri-sui/- Ronl fur 4fl h(*un, 75c. J17 W. RELIABLE women to do homework hy day. Phone M26 iiflcr'8. XPKnifcNcr.b ««iirt«i. li Phone ItZT^^^^^ SALESMEN WANTED . LOOK -- SALESMEN ARE .vou making $150.00 per week? 1 could show you n6w you cnn make $150.00 per week und furnish yoil with plenty of honaflde leads. Old line lerAl reserve company, writing ·hoApltalizatlon inaiiDtnce. See' I,. M. Snider. Manager. 205 Ornrk Build- ln *Lr^t^?j'"r5^ ! ly v ?5 1 ! 1 '!V ary 7 ' WANTED tO BUT ITEED 5fl buaheli Mexican June corn with blue jtrnin. Must be iood quallly. Brown'g Hatchpry. WANTED to buy ot ral*e on itharet, orphan Iambi. W. P. Bpiard, Wlns- low, Ark. * SECOND hand play pen, stroller and WANTEb farm Tvork with Jlvinf quarters. Three In family. Reference. Wll) he itMdy. Write Box K-17. *Timefi. ^^ ^ UNIVERSITY^'tudcnl wiinti worlTTn home for room and board. Write MONEI TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make auto and f u r n i t u r e loons. Let us. finance the purchase of your new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Block St., or our used car lot. Corner Center and Church Streets. LOST AND FOUND ·"erv'A DANDY a t . . . $895 1940 Ford^ Deluxe tudo, * n«w inside. 1948 Chevrolet Vi-ton. G o o d condition $895 1946 Chevrolet '/i-ton. Runs flOOd ' ; ; . . $495 ; /OUft VoomTTjn^iRF-wiih ... 1941 Chevrolet tudor. Radio,! "vinrm K\rMi A ''°' ch ' L " : "' c ' 1 Heater '.$295 .'ouit room ajiifin 1941 Chevrolet club coupe $245 ^ n ^ u \W l Sn\\ om * 1941 Ford club coupe. .. .$295 " These cars are all priced for ; F 9? KMiK °? H KNT i SM'ALTL iiousc~ irniicr, fi? j L '-^""^J :8 --- l ' el ' 0 '' 0 1 "· »'· ' FOR H. H. JONES. Contractor 212 Virginia Avc., ftox UK U, Stu. Phone 1486. F'»yetlcvtllr "LAN DSCAPING Hnterlnl* untl **rvlc« C. n. Wfggim*. 24B2J, DITCH UIUU1NG FOOTINGS-- w m e r . IHI «nrt ditch*!, Hptic lank holm. HnH fining, call 2«* lciinf frret li.~c»?HEi( . _ _ . _ . lEWiS MA'TTRESS C"0/ ncnovflied, rebuilt, day service. Phone 2774 miieii. Ptjimrc. Stumble for vtsry good for office Miiull (nnilly. TIIHEE rnom modern n p H r l M i e n t . u t i l - Illcs paid, fto tnonlhly, u n f u r n i a h - cri. TW(J rooir. modern nptutincnt. t i n f i i r n - ishcd. S27.SO inonlhly. |tiajnni/in(l llctMty CmripHiiy Phone 78:i 3 nOOM furni.ihcd n n n r t m c n t Utili- llcB_p l ild._Clonc in. f'honc WtJ. TWO bedroom home on paved a l r r r t . I wo h locks from Jefferson School __-_ . . . i 1hrt -' c Mock* from Square. Rent 1950 SMALL Pnrknrd 4 door. Excellent j J""-"TM Call 2SI2M. UNFUIlNlR!iRD'"iinartmunl " rent rc- quick sale. Cosh or terms · Carl's Motor Sales 3 Miles South of Springdale Highway 71. Phone 3211 _cojidUlnn. H7.1J2. 1949 2 - T O N Chevrolet tnickTPIiono 7 or 2.172R. Three Extra Clean Cars 'All With '52 Tags 1950 M e r c u r y 6 passenger Coupe. Radio and heater, and loaded with extras. 1947 Buick 4 doot Special. Ra- dio and heater. 1948 Ford Super Deluxe 4 door. Radio and healer. Really a sharp car. TATUM BUICK CO. . . . NICE tmiurnlkiicii n p a r t m c n t foe ;i fed at (104 East Lafayette, larsr l i v i n g loom, dining room combtmition. nit* kitchen, bath nncl bedroom. , . J45.0S per month. Couple only. LMII O. II. Guinblc McCwrtncy Lewi H c n l LMII Co . On O. 1. EQUITvTn nenrly new two bttf- room liomc located clont to Square. Comoictely modprn and b u l l l under Fit A. Pfly $1.4,10 »nr1 anaum( hil- niicc ai 347 per monlh. NftWLY REMODELEn three bffdrnnm home, hardwood floors, floor ' ftir- nncc nnd modern kitchen. You can'l h f n t this at $r,.5W).00. FOR INVESTMENT A nice flvr room home iwo hlocka from C«mpu% Hi rmly S3.7gO.Hn. KcnU for |40. THREE IlKDrtOOM itOMES. We h«vr the cholrf In nice three hrrtroom homes with one or iwo bath*. AH new nnd firlcfd Jrpm $1 l.OOfl to 520.000. RITTER AGENCY Phone ID.1I It E. center Res r.'2BW or 454.1 LARGE"ROCK'HOUSE'" LOCATED on t w e n t y acr,. · few mlle South on U. S. I I K h w i y 71. Thl« home Is modern mul nice. Very snerlnl for retlrlni people. LARGE FAMILY HOME KOIIR fine bed room t w i t h generous 10 and A hAlf hutfii ' centrdl hi A B U S I N E S S O P P O R T U N I T Y PAY -n.ih itt.t.u; v.jt.n j , : i n k will Invdlci: cnrr\ bpliinv 'tn tiisv I f r r n ^ Till- POST OFFICK IS I ' A Y I N O I'RKSENT OWNf.ll SI.M'I » )-f»r The iiierrhfliidl.i? s;ilcs r u n f r n i n .in - mWl to SO.OOn dollars * y p k r tirn. cprtR.'.. liardvvnrc, notlntn. ionic u n r k clolhci. Mr. |in»llillltlrl fnr A IftrKr Inerciic In vnlutni*. A . OOOfJ IIIJY IN A COUNTKY STOItE I 11 U AND POST OFflCE. ' M ACRES A U T O M A T I C APPl.IA.NCi; CO. A Bolt«r Pl«c« lo BUT ffutpoint CS ]IM! j intte Irotn 71 h l a l i . .m irbotl rond. A lirmul new n room hnmr it hns *cpHr l a n k nnd roughed In for h a t h nnd wntcr. M nrrtl f c r l i l u valley land, TUc prirc. Juil n h n u t co*t nt h u l l d l n K hlinf. ihr lunrt *on'l eon I much. Prftr $R.DOO, NEWLIN REALTY WRST illi X'CffE iHocIt fnrm wltli Knot! 5 room limilr find Inrjc burn, w n t r r from »prins ttndrr prrssure. On nil rouic* V'itlilM 2« inllrs of rnyitlii:- villc. Should curry BO head ttock, M good CUTS Koine w i t h form. O f - fered hy widow Indy nt n hfirgain nf $7,00000 See Sfrout Realty Agency, Inc. (0. M. P n r h r r . Aaiuriulf) __ Lincoln A r k « m i n « ' COMPLETELY nioiloni" I'SiililiiH p i n n t In Rood tnntnlo r n l a l n u accllon. fte- ccnlly remodeled lo men n i l (jov; ftrnmcnl requlrrmOriU. fjond prjra frtr quick tfllr. Gcno Thra^hr ~ fr« I nnf rr»r. A r k , reouir tfllr. , Company, Il?a!lor», Ben Crown. ^ . (o lumc Kmnici, WHicrctl tty Bjirin«i h S room hou*c, number of nut liufld- IntR, 9 mile* out. Uj miles off pavement. price 5(1.35(1, . , MOORE REALTY Crim Uftif ^or-i-MM-w^ ONE'OF THE" BEST Phono !Hn~17(55.J HANOI!KB we htivu hct'n tirlvllcKecl lo ofttr. BEST OKCAU8E of loc/i- Mon. modern Improvcmehiit. nlock inrn«, nilo, atnouni of ncrcntf, prnc- llc*lly ho w«itc. level, no rock*, pro* ilitctive, wnter where nml when you need It. Iflnt hut not loi*l (lie price I* right, if ini*re»tnd we'd like |o * n rk 'Viur ?7Mr-rrt* i i'«rwii'""ni«W. *^r. - ^EILVSAWREY, Iftfl^r, RlttftoV'-' STANDARD ~SE"LOCATION'"" LOCATED 424 Norlh W n l u u i . lnne xlx room dwelling plus pltic pflnelfid hrcakfa*t room or den, afao lias i i l l l l l y room f.nd ftn'.ihcrj liascntcnl, rpntr*! tut fire furnactr. fire pl»rc, hnrd*nori floorn, lots of c!o*el iipsce, All In rxcellcnl cnnditlnn. deep lol w i t h nmplc apnce Inr ititr- dcn. Thin In one of fnyrllevllle'i lw«l vnlupji Bt IH.900.00. Utley Company, Inc. HEALTORS f.ENDEnti INRt.'ltORft Call J,. J, Pyemtt.iifl.l, ,n**..Ml. ,. ' --~ ! i-- ( £jy tlff ^__r 2n;i - n ^ 3 ' Ifi 1 r M A'CRFS nr'TiThd in*whiic'~Rock'gAft ft^lcl Icajirri h.v A r k H n n m Western Oni Co. For ( u r l h c r delalln, write LMiilcy M i l l n n p . 144 Stole Avc-, I'onllflr. Mlrhlitnn DCALCR Ph. Ill ,,. u '» 1 -, Kincaid Co. · Automotive ·Fire · Health and Accident · Polio ·Liability · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION · Plate Gloss ·Burglary I N S U R A N C E Automobll* - Liability Fire - Extended Coverage ·oho - Plate Glosi WADI MNCMM Arccfe tW ( . «0t BENDIX M I k A C I I A · i I A I ' · P W A S H E R AUTOMATIC $229.95 LEWIS BROS. CO,, Inc. 30 East Mountain. 1041 Chfrvrolci "truck" 1941 Dodge, ffood .OST-- brnwn IrRthc;- billfold M ffoyil Thcftter Sslnrdny night. mnnCy ) i3if, Knrd~ nlx'tilckup' _ n n d _ r e t i i r n . Phone I15HM. ' 191ft Wlllyi .Icon ^·OUNI), soup, L. A.' Urnwn, "ifi South ; IW9 Nn«h, nvprlinulri Wont. Phone 2 1 3 ' "."l"*~."~"$l«00 ior hill IHnrk rofk- rr ipNnlrl pup. I I month* old. Phone 248 »Her H:.10 p. m. )*NiCC8 Hlkthed on pupplcxi ~ irnwn 1o|. iM« wttk, Trrrlcr, Corker. ··MIc. CollH. Bollon Bulln'oil, on^. We»t Tork. copkrr .pflnitl pup- nlfd. Slrrri Itv Chumplnn Rocky Point R«1co«l. Mrs. Wyilt, phone MDJ2. . CiT.I O'l 49.YOri , 19,-, oo; I.lon Srrvlrft j N r x t to Piirdy'n. South 71 IMR" CIIKVROI.KV--2 'iloor' 'f'lfclllnr i MOKI rxtrfOi. Phoiii. li'jnWZ I NO ionscr nerd l\vo"(ntnily i-nrn K r l l - InK K l u d r h n k c r V.ft f .M 4 door I \v nillMlr. light «rcy. like n(rw I'll . .(11 IIIXI f h f u p e f If I don't need Inc. J*honcJH!6, Eve. Phone IMS. PASTimE for"50*heiiirof~boL'f c-atile Frank IJsllnrri, Houtp i. Fork MODERN 4"roam R»rJrKo~;.p..riMicnl, Kurninhft). redecorated Uiroiicliom bascincnt,' wnshcr*. K l r c t r l c n-lnucr.i- tor, enrdcn n n r l cow piisiurc if w a n t rd, Hinr.lvny I*i west .J'h-mr 171.11 .T noUM'furnrftbcri.'ri room u n f u r n i s h ed HpHrlmcnt. Near ciimpui. 1'honc ^1 1(16. 2 OR ,T roonrnirnliihrd n p n r f n i G n t near Unlversit.v. I'honc 23S7-W. MODERN 2 Ijedrooni hou.ip "WailHria". Ion _ School dlsiricl. I'hono 2(lfi(IJ. NICK S room hiini(,ilnw. Sec owner *t IlnnK B C«/ii!« Shop, corner of yrhonl nnd M o i m t n l n . NICELY ItirnislH-.l ,T room "tlowmiinri aprirlmcnt. J'rlvnte cntranrc, privntc h a t h tnul KarnKe, rlo»c in. A d u l u riminj I6KI-J. , UNFUHNU'.HED .'I room c o t t n g e ' u - i i h I screened pnrrh, Lfshts nnd water I .^."".'.-.""LSirmc. _ j .T flO?)M unfurnliihed n p n r t m c n l ! I'lmnr 201RW. M/KNISHED ;iiifl i i n f i i r n U l i c d * three i room flpur tine nl *. Ifi K. " nrnr \qtinre. furnficr li K i l l l N I S H K D " n p i i r t m c n t . R blnrkt north of Kqii;irc. I'riwilr c n l r f u i t c hnth ntrporl, rolluwjiy Hollywood' hril. i n n r r s p r i n j t in;iiirr!iH. Tile bath. Miower, Lo1» of tioniRr rln^n. A t t i c f n n . Complrtfily rrdrcornird Ideal for two, k\l M, All u u i i t i m . ttnrhnitP itiul nihctmrncnt) pnirl. OUR of ihe 'ir.1t. Phone 2307. . ROOM nicely fttrnUhVd A p i i r f m r n l Privntp entrnnrc. rrivnir h u t h A v n f l f l t i l n K r h r u n r y N t h ?OZ Wrsi i . j i f « y c t l f . Phfirip .WlW. .'I HOOM l u r n h h ^ d A n ; i r i i n r n t . I'fivntf l i a i h . N'tar new K-hrmi nrm U n t v r r K l l y on but line. Hills pnld. 110IX) Phone 7121. MCK r f f l c i p n c y n p u r t r n r n l ff,r t w o $.*»nrm Rock wood Ap;iriment%. J9ft,t h^v othi Quick trt .Settle FjlAle. Central lo. ration, walHInf dl*l*nct fit evpry- thinr · Let lift ihow you. Phone 7Bt. HAMMOND RFAITY CO. Ev« Phon« H. D. Htmmcmd 1371 .1 A J«rvli I6MW York. LOT. Cornrr WIlBon »nu _ _ Inglon School rilnlrlcl ne*r Univpr- iiliy. Hxrd «ur/»rc slrctt, btAUliful trees. Phone .1182M aher 11:39 p. m. NOTICE h At ouclion Saturday, February 9lh r , In.addition lo our rtgulaf: h«n lutKi i»r t 0 '*' we ' lav * °l r!a cly con3ign«d ihe following--100 htad Htr«-- ie«i(nK'*«n5' m"|iy i '"rd h»if«n coming yearling and coming 2-y«ar-oldl. 40 head Angus helfcrj coming yoarling and coming 2-ytar'Old. Jwo registered Hereford bulls, axlro good quality. Those ore good caltle and can be seen at ihe barn any time. Who's Who For Service Consult Yoyr Classified Service Directory HABV HITTING CARK lor children In my homr Mr. IIUKhcy. «2I l,ever«rtt I I 7 U . SHOP Kaul SpnnK he«t. Phone I AI.ICER BEAUTY SHOP Now up town. 7',i E Mountain St ___ A 1 1 er__Mn d M«nh» Phonft H20 _ COLVARDS BEAUTY SHOP 204 W Mc»dow~Phon« 'Ml M«ch M MI-np Cola w«v« i u STAHEh KiA »HOC «?« W Dleklo* BtAUTY SHOP K1I.IAILI WORK Block Phont 7M H A U L I N G Cull lUiiifiTj Uny or nnht (llenn Kly Reed 1371J «ANI AND flUAVKl, ROAD AND DRIVfWAY ORAVEI - A1JO rOP SOIL Phone 15HJ ind 1MJ «n I h r n u j h (lf»Irr. (iknii Will, r,(|i. , ' I O p r r n i H n l . f|iilcl roinoniililt r Wull Siren. Phnnr KM . Itliilli. I Hetlrnnm r u r n l j h r r t ht I h l n r k j N Krr. «» with Uie limn--rt»d III* TIMES Norlh or U n i v e r s i t y . . Phont SI.J-] Cnder Mrotherji N u n e r y . (jreenlnntl. ' " " Hnt VMI|. Pfirklnn np.irf. Tcnnnls pny 1 flKRVICKS rcnrtrri»(l"on i l l l l l t r i S5.VW 121 stocel. month. HMerc ' i pny 1 JlKnvicK.S rcnrtrn»rt on im»ll *ppli. nrri tnre* John Hhnrl^i Apnlltnct Co, I 11 N Itlnck. rtiont Mil. HILTON BROS, SALES BARN Highway 71 North SALE EVERY SATURDAY The new c'lirt I'crlninly «rc -- w i t h d r i v i n g itdv;nH:i^rs tin c.ns ever o f f c i c f l hrforn. Of cunt. 1 ;!' vnu w n n l In n w n ono, to d r i v e p n n u i l y -- f o r biiMness nr pIc.iMiic--01 hnih! Art*! you'cmi order your ear 1m-. mcdiiitely, w i t h f u n r l j prnvidi'd by mir P i n n n c l n g Plan. Up to 11 months to p«y. and you have the t h r i l l of car ownership it the jimt llnif. MOTORS FINANCE CO., Inc. 17 E. Meadow Phon* 3101 CUllihl- w.ntcr heater. liarse tile bsln, Frrccd ,iir fl;is furnace. 2-room luuhc w i t h modern kitchen, hrilriinin nntl b w t h . 30-sallon c'cc- t j i c u-alcr hciitcr. Too] housf; s n u l l h.nul Iractor complete v.'lth f i i i i i n n c ;iUic}imcnts, srirl vnriotjs h;. ml tool. 1 ;. A u t o m a t i c electric Jet v . i i t c i pump. 8 aiTcn of timber. Tii!;il ,ii-rcaiie Is fenced. Won- rlcrl^ul sub-division pnjfibilities... Shown b y appointment o n l y . Pi-ire S30.nnn.0fl.. KINCAfD COMPANY 506-PHONE-1641 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS V

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