Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 31, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1974
Page 9
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Unleaded Gasoline Meeting Skepticism/Opposition 'I HOUSTON (AP) - An oil re-i fining and marketing expert believes the days are limited for both the catalytic mufflers on new 1975 automobiles and the unleaded gasoline they require. "It would appear to me a more satisfactory engine to meet environmental requirements can be developed in three to five years," said W.H. Burnap, an executive vice president of Continental Oil Co. "I would think that three to five years from now that no- lead gasoline will practically be · thing of the past." With the approach of 1975 model automobiles and their catalytic mufflers, the Environmental Protection Agency required service stations selling more than 200,000 gallons ol gasoline a year to start selling an unleaded grade by July 1. Burnap said at a Tuesday news conference there has been Statistics Given On legal Abortions LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sta ··'_ tistics indicate that the large ·\, plurality of legal abortions i'r Arkansas last, year involves single white women in their teens who justified it on the basis of their own menta . health. '.',:; Robert T. Bailey, director o '·_,· the state Health Department', f- Bureau of-Vital Statistics, com · : piled the figures. The compilation of statistic · -was based on the reports o " hospitals because the stat · Abortion Act 'of 1969 makes n ' provisions for therapeutic abor lions to be performed outsid hospitals. '. - . Arkansas was well ahead o · the national average in th , number of white women seek · Ing abortion. Of the total, 1,00 " were white and 135 black. i. Single white women under ;V. accounted for more than half o ;; the 1,138 abortions reported b · hospitals in the state. In the 1! ·'.:· 19 category, there were 4! abortions, including 382 whit and 43 black. Ide industry concern about inlcaded gasoline ever since EPA 'began developing the ew regulations.. "We probably lose four, five r six per cent of the crude oil n working it over to meet the o lead Standards," he said. "Also, one trouble with the atalytic muffler is it turns the ilphur in gasoline into sul huric acid. The EPA is con erned about this and ·report dly- wants- a drastic reduc on." '. ' , . Burnap said several govern ment studies also Indicate th o-lead requirement may bi around only long enough to per mil development of more el icient engines. "For one, an EPA study In icates there is no proof o larmful health effects from ead," Burnap said. He added that a study or [ered by William Simon, for mer head of the Federal Ener y Office, called for a reevala ion of the situation. It was estimated Continents las spent $35 million and tt ndustry as'a whole.$1 billion i meeting the no lead requiri ment. That $1- billion : figure about what it would" cost t mild a new 300,000 barrels day refinery but it has bee spent with no increase in d mestic refining capacity, Burnap said.. "And to take th sulphur out of gasoline it woiil ne 50 per cent more expensiv than it has been to take out th lead." '· . ; . ; v Burnap was asked if a trans lion status of-only a few yea for no.lead gasoline and catal tic mufflers would mean an i dustry loss of the $1 billion real expenditures. ··'' "Essentially, that is true," h said... Protect Finger While doing fine . embroide work, avoid the buiness of thimble by protecting the f ing and fingernail with ' a sm bandage or piece of ceUophar tape. Supplies, Prices Up Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Jgly 31, 1974 FAVETTKVILLE, ARKANSAS Dealers Push. Fuel Ins And Outs Jordanian soldiers hoist a young Israeli Into a bus through the window while in the process of expelling several hundred Israeli nation- alists from Sabasliya in Occupied Jordan where they tried to settle this week. (AP AVirephoto) Ford Sees Vacuum Of Leadership DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -Henry Ford II says the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon have created a vacuum of economic leadership in ^Washington, hurting auto industry sales. But the chairman of Ford Motor Co, predicted on Tuesday that despite the impeachment move, the 1975 model year would see a "gradual slowing ofinflation" and a boost in U.S. auto sales by up to one million units; over the current model year. Ford,, who supported the President's re-election effort in 1972,. would not say whether Nixon should resign or be removed. "I have no comment on that," he said. "Generally speaking there's been a lack of confidence on the part" of the consumer. There's no question it's there and it has affected bar sales of By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Gasoline shortage? Don't tell that to dealer Art Paul. He's Out .there pumping into the night. "Sell, sell, sell--that's what the companies are telling us now," said Paul, taking break Tuesday night at his Los Angeles station to comment in his capacity as president of the Gasoline Retailers Association of Southern California. He is among some dealers around the country who report that even though television commercials are still plugging conservation of gasoline, the companies are filling service station storage tanks with gaso line allocations equal to or ex ceeding those of 1972. "Every dealer in Southern California is getting as much o more than '72," Paul claimed He said that to his knowledge in Southern California, Mobil i: supplying 105 per cent an Standard 109 per cent of 197. deliveries. ; Dealers who liked the idea o limiting hours to get home to dinner or even take a Sundaj off for fishing are finding them selves back in the thick of com petitive ^ales. Reports from Southern .Cal: fornia are. echoed at least i Chicago and Miami, accordin to survey by The Associate Press. Some oil companies ad mil'the'accounts of higher sup plies and selling pressure ar accurate. NO FORCE A Union.Oil spokesman put i le reason is that more gaso- ne is available now and we ant to be able to take care of le motoring public." In Maryland, dealers said de- verics were running from a ow of 80 per cent to a high of 20 per cent of 1972 levels. Aransas dealers said they were getting about 90 per cent of 1912 allocations. The American Petroleum In- titule, an industry trade or- anization, said in Washington liat gasoline stocks are slightly nigher than a year ago, while demand is slightly lower. No one immediately had a certain answer for reported variances in allocations, al hough Paul said that the heavy concentration of refineries ii Southern. California might be a local plus and that some re ions might be slighted. The American Automobili Association aid gas price, were running on a nalionwidi average of 56 cents a gallon foi regular and 60 cents a gallon 'or premium. The API denied reports lha gas prices are being supportec at unnecessarily high levels by a reduction in gasoline produc tion. It said increased gas production would have to come f r o m additional imports of oil am would cost more than gas pro uced from domestic crude oil production increases woult ot reduce the price. Also in Washington. Treasury ccrelary William E. Simon aid he believes retail ga: rices could drop as much as ' ents a gallon in the next 1 lonths. this way: "We have not forced i the dealers to stay open longer. [ We have requested them to return to the 'operating hours they had prior to the problems of last winter and .early this year. Ford made his'reniarks at a news conference \diiring the company's preview of its 1975 model cars which go on sale Sept.: 27; He · also said the company would reduce its capital spending, .in the United States next year by more than $220 million OPEN DAILY 9-10: SUNDAY CLOSED because of disappointing profits, risings costs and the prospect for only a modest increase in car sales in 1975. Ford's current 'capital sp'ending in the United States is $650 million. C u r r e n t worldwide capital spending is about $1 billion and next year's will be cut from 5 to 8 per cent, Ford said. Council On Aging Notes Anniversary The 13fh anniversary of th Council on Aging will be obser ved with an open house Sunda at Hillcrcst Towers. The public is invited to th celebration which will be he] from 2 to 5 p.m. The counc operates the Community Adu Center facilities at the high ris apartment and was responsibl for the center's organization. A highlight of the cpen hous will be an exhibit of article made in craft classes sponsore by the council. Do Wild Hickory Nuts Really Cause Ulcers? HARR1SBURG, Pa. (AP) -- Eucll T. Gibbons, author of 'Stalkirrg the Wild Asparagus" and one of Ihc nation's besl- known advocates of natural foods, has an ulcer. It's not that he's been eating too many 'landelion greens or drinking to much sassafras tea. the 63-year-old Gibbons hastened to 'explain after disclosing his ailment on Tuesday. He said he has been taking too many aspirins for an arthritic condition and, according to his doctor, they caused the ulcer. 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Savef 196 STEREO SPEAKER SALE Reg, 6.88-4 Days S" hsng-up or 5" flush M«M BS52P moun( stereo speakers. 4 96 PAIR AIR CONDITIONER RECHARGE KIT Rig. 5.88-4 Days 4.66 , SeMce valve, refrigerant, 1 servicing hos.Chargeltl ! iOOEach j 2.44 (ton Each 23.38 30,88 COMPLETE FOUR-PIECE TEST AND TUNE KIT Rag. 27.97 4 Days Kit contains compression tester, dvvell-toch les- k ter, Kming light v;Tth remote starler switch, vacuum and fuel pump tester. Save at K mart! SERVICE CENTER SPECIALS BUMMTEEDUUM6 US YOU OWN YOUR CAR HEAVY-MITT WJFFLERS fab Price M.tMDayi MurHmm ond «lne- _,^ -- A ewtadierrusfmlc V4W ton**. Sim for meet MM REPLACE OLD SHOCK ABSORBERS NOW! tea.4.Mio.-«Dori Original equipment replacement stxxkt, 4S Slze to lit meet M C Anwrtcod core* SERVICES INaUOE: 4, Bl«td hr*«)fic lytfini Md i ilil 1 6. RtpKk Mr Md own bmin l.l*»ctnwKi»|f°r««r 7.RMdun SAVE HOW OH OUR DISC BRAKE SPECIAL! Keg. 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