Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 8, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1952
Page 3
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Arnall Is Appointed II. S. Price Boss Truman Names Ex-Governor To "Tough Job" Confirmation R» Senate Expected; Succeeds ui^ne Washington - (/Pi - Ellis Gibbs Arnall, "Georgia's governor, today was headed for a big new job as the nation's price boss--a job he labeled "tough, unpopular and thankless." But someone has got to do it Arnall said. President Truman sent to the Senate yesterday the nomination of the 44-year-old Southerner to 7 SHOPS / IN ONE 9 Apothecary Shop · Toiltlritt 'Shop · Candy Star* 0 Srationiry Slori · .Tobacco Shop · Soda Fountain · Gift Shop i-W . . . for writing n«*di viiit our stationer Ves, your druggist is a stationer too. Here you will find everything you j need f r o m beautifully boxed stationery lo the finest pens and pencil sets. Remember we have a large selection of greeting cards for every occasion. SHOP BED CROSS DRUG FIRST . RED CROSS DRUG STORE PHONE 490 ,N. Side Square ARNALL s director of the Office of Price Stabilization. Several senators predicted little or no opposition to Arnall's confirmation for the 516,000-a-ycar lost. A r n a l l would s u c c e e d Uichael V. DiSalle who is quit- accept "an unpopular job-' for a short time. Jn Atlantii, Arnall told newsmen: '1 have no extraordinary ability, am no economist and Know of no magic formula which will solve our price problem," Hut, he said nc Is williitg t undertake the difficult job o price chief lo help "preserve ou economic stahility and our na lion's security." Senator Gcor'ge (D-Ga) said h would support AmaH's nomina ion, and predicted he would do n jood job. Senator Russell (D-Ga) who is considered in an opposite political camp from Arnal!, prev- ously had said he would not op| pose the nomination. To Take Leave To accept the post, Arnall wil take lenvc of absence from February 15 to the Democratic nomination for the U. . Senate in Ohio. j Chairman Muybank (O-SC) on he Senate Bankin cntatively scheduled hearings 01 Arnall's nomination next Tues- ay. Maynank said he knew of no opposition at this lime. S2. f i,ono-a-year job as president oi the Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers, from his law practice in 'Atlanta and 'from his presidency of an insurance firm. He is married and has two children. ' "A native of Newman, Ga., Arnall was governor ,of his state from 1943 to 1947. As governor he instituted number of reforms in nking Commillecj . --- -·· -.-·- lufed hcarincs onl C c o l 'E i a . i n c l u d i n g revision of its Friends of Arnall said they took his acceptance of the OPS job to mean that he is convinced, in his own mind at least, that Truman will seek reelection. They represented him as being unwilling t Severe loss of HEARING? N I W ! pardon and parole system and abolishment of its infa'mous chain Rangs. "Super-Royal" HEARING AID ««orfbonrf and Ron* Conduction Devicei Available at Moderate txtra Corf JO-DAY RETURN PRIVILEGI DIXIE RADIO 421 DICKSON PHONE 124J I am now operating the D-X Service Station at the corner of College and Spring Streets. See us for courteous and dependable service. WADE A. LUPER. Luper's D-X Service Station Corner Spring College Phone 2885 Corporal Asks · Divorce From ' Officer Wife Detroit-(A*)-His wife became second lieutenant and "tossed her rank around," complains Cpl. Wil- liam'J. Thompson. He asked for a divorce yesterday in testimony filed for a court hearing later. He expects to be .sent to Korea soon. East Has Snow, Cold; Weather Mild In West Chicago -(/\ )- Some FIIOW and cold hit areas in Ihc Eastern part of the country today as mild weather continued in most of the Western states. No sub-zero cold was reported hut temperatures were- near zero in Northern Maine early today. It was below freezing over most of Ihe North Central region, and it was cool in most of the Atlantic and coastal states. Light snow fell in the Lower ·real Lakes region, parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ihe Dakotas. Falls in parts of the Midwest measured from two to four inches. . East Arkansas Firm Accused Of Selling Slampless Cigarels L i t t l e Hock-W'j-An East Arkansas wholesale cUarcl clislri- buting company today faced possible suspension of its permit for alleged sale of unstamped cigarets. Revenue Commissioner Carl F. Parke- said yesterday officials of the Leader Tobacco Company of Eirle will appear before him at JO a. m. Tuesday for a hearing on the charges. Parker said a Revenue Department investigator bought several cartons of unstamped cisarets and SMV others in retail outlets in Eiirlc. The retailers had invoices showing the cigarcts had been muRlii from the Leader Company, Barker said. The revenue commissioner said he is convinced there is consider- ble "bootlegging" of cigarcts in he state. Many, dealers, he said, take a chance" on selling un- tamped cigarcts because they mow the Revenue Department oes not have the personnel to cep a close check on violations. Roy Harris To Face Charges In Benronville Bentonville -(Special)- Deputy Sheriff Earl Rife is expected to return from Pueblo, Colo., tonight MMTHWHT ARKANSAS TIMIi, feytttivltto, Arkanlot, PiM«y, February ft, I9S1 Critics Hit At Agri Department Press Policy Failure To Report Shortages Said To Magnify Faults W a s h i n u t ' o n - W i - A close mouthed 'press policy is licin blamed by some Agriculture De partmcnt officials today /or much of the criticism the agency Is get tins because ot the rccently-dis closed grain shortages. They said if the department 1 own information staff hatl re xii-led each case as it developed little attention probably wouk have been aroused. But they contend the individual cases were so comparatively small, officials actually did not think them newsworthy, i The result, however, was to have all the stories break at once making the situation appear much worse than agriculture officials say it really is; The admittedly shorl-sinhlod policy has now been changed, but too late to stop the bad publicity and congressional investigations. Preliminary investigations indi- witli Roy Harris, wanted here on charge of disposing of stolen property. Harris was apprehended at Pueblo earlier this wecl: at the request of Eenton County authorities. in the TIMES--It p»j«! cale the government may lose MV. oral , million riollarz ihrqugh shortage* of various types, inclutl- urain to their own use " KrcsJional committees had s t a r t e d ' i n Ihc local courts, the matter be looking i n l o the mailer. Detail* Slid l.arklni ; came public Information. the Washington office j Br,nn. n Con^n, hecrelary Hi-annan hut ex-; Irrrrt rc«inn,il office Thr in- pressed confidence losses t h r o u g h ; qulrers were assured ho-cvcr warehouse convorsinns w i l l i n t n l i l h c lor-sc.;, if any, would be vei-v' less lhan a million dollars. In- I s m a i l , vcntory losses of all kinds, he I ofr'ii-iai. -,M i i says, w i l l compare favorably wllh '.,,?,",' ',, "'" ' , ^ c " ( * ' those of business concerns. ! ",,. '. ''^ ' '?"" "»·«···" «s ,,,,. . , ;ine.' t u i n e d up did not j c f l c r l anv Officials pui much of the r o - j d c M r o lo keep IMCM from the- sponsihiiily for rurrent bad pub- ( p u b l i c . j licily upon the department's own! Accustomed lo doiillne -viih ·, »TM» !»''«*· farm .no, support ,,n«,,, m " h a l ' A l t h o u g h it has a sizable s l a f f ; involved billions of clollais. the o f - , of information men. and issuer, f i n a l s a p p a r e n t l y asMirncd' n ·-·:.-.; more t h a n 2.000 news releases and reports a n n u a l l y , the department said, tbfil i n d i v i d u a l shortajes . ... ...i «u t /iii L I I I L I U , cases i n v o l v i n g Ihou.sand. 1 ; of {Vil- look no steps to .report the s h o r t - M a r s would be of m u c public '(,,. aces u n t i l mid-December. T h a i ' Icrcst. I t i m e it reported it had cone to! On ilie other hand the f a r t i h a l ·otlrl against six f i r m s lo recover! Ihe department itself did not t a k e ! losses. Some of the cases were the I n i t i a t i v e to inform Ihe ' - i filed last July. This i n f o r m a t i o n was supplied a f l e r some newsmen bad souiiht vainly for months Jo run iknvn ·umors the government was sus- t a i n i n g ''heavy" losses t h r o u g h ! misappropriations, by warehouse-, nen. i It cmne also at n time when con- Your Child WILL LIKITNIS NEW COUOH NIL* l : or coiijslu and hronchiti! due lo coldf you tan now get Creomuljion specially prepared for Children in i new pink and blue package and he lure: ( I ) Your child will lite it, 121 It contain.! only M(C, provea mprcilicntt. 1 3 1 It conlains no narcotics lo dit- Ituh nature'* processes. M) It will aid nature in loothc and heal raw. tender, infl.imed throat and htonchial membranes, ihui rclievint Ihc cough and promoting r«t and sleep. A«t (or Crcomuliion for Children in Ihc pink and blue pactaje. CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN Order Ling's Chicks if tun Lint'i Pioneer Hatchery, with 35 year. ipcrt breedinR experience, Rvmrantccs your ulijfuction with their perform- nee, livubility, r«pid growth. If it'j 8B you w«nt, you cnn'l heal our Vhile Leghorn* and Auitrawhitel. Mso While Rocki mid New Hjiiipi for ettcr broilers. Many brond-brcM!ed res infuied ench year. Rigid culling nd blood-tciting program iniurci olthy purent ilock, ilurdy, healthy | licti. Write today for circular, renaon- ble prices on day-old or started chick*. ONEIDA HKTCHERT HONK Jia ONEIDA, I L L I N O I S of Ihc developments docs not mean that they wore noi a v a i l a b l e for -...._,,.., publication. J^IHT suns wt-n; f i l e d ; «He«i Cinh. Clnl til*, inti Painful cramps of "Monthly Periods" stopped or amazingly relieved In 3 out of 4 cam In doctort' own !·«(«! · Women and clrli K|IO tuner from those function- ally-cnu.wd crumps, back, aches nnd hcadnchej or menstruation -- who frrl up*et nnd Irritahle on rrr- t n i n "particular tiny?." --- m a y o f t e n br s u f l e r l n g quite unncccimarlly! Such Is the conclusion from tests by doctor.i In which Lydla E. Plnkhnro.'s VcBcuMe Compound snvo rotaplete or tfrttinr relief from mth distress In 3 out of 1 of the cases tested I thr ihowi V«l Mfidtcm f v i l-ydi* pinkhmn's o r o i i R r n i n t t f i n in · ctlon, H excrtn « r e m n i k u b l y calming f fleet - . wham It a c n n H u t how attotiL y n u ? !1ti tou know w h a t it rn*y do ror t/ou? Taki L y d L f t P l n k h n n i ' i tliniijch th» rnoiiLh. 8*e tf f;nu don't nn tiif name witer from the p*!n* »nd w p u k n f u nl "Lhfis* d a y n " ) SCP If jou don't fed h r t l r r br/nre mid during your period' Hct r l l l i f r Lydla Pinkhum'd (.ompoiinrl. or nnc. trr.jiroved Tnblcta. with uddcd Iron! If ynn'rr troulilrd with "hot flnnhrV* nnd other' function*! d u t r r w or "chunsfi or lift"--- ytiirll n n d Lydi* Pinkh*m'» wonderful for that, toof nf on th* uterint contrae- .iioni Ufe chart} viiictiotteiictMii , meiutrutt yflin/ Cifes Prosperity Of The "New South" Atlanta-(/P;-The old South 50 years ago, "a land of colto sharecroppers 'and morlgagcs," h Jccn replaced by a n e w . Sou with prosperity born of divcrsific "arming and many industries. That's w h a t I'. O. Davis, reliri president of the Southern Agr ci-llural Workers Association, to 'he members in the closing scssio jf their annual convention yestei lay. . Patton s Trcat-of-the Month lastemark Cheny Vanilla IceGream Pretty-as-a-picture trca to perk up meals all through February --Tastcmark Cherry- V»nilla Ice Cfeam.'Rich, red cherries . . . folded _ , _. ,, .,, «"to creamy-smooth vanilla ice-cream . . . bustin' out Ttswmutc Cherry-Vamllt t ,. . Ice9retmh«jb«nra$ted, .* * * *. *" ovcr with bright color and wonderful leited «nd approved by Ifjjtmgi^ * flavor! An international favorite ... get some th« famous Tiitmirk *. .* to d,y... Tastemark Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cre«n! Hornemucen Pinel · t · * * ft ft A ft ft ft ft «· FIRST SHOWING TOMORROW i The Most Dramatically New Fine Cars inal par fat ri ·ntripm**!. *u.»met\*i, cfil fnm illuitfoM ait lubftct to diar.|t . o fit*. While ilcfe-vrail i,r#i, 'd no! tt · *»o CO it. IHE CUBTACT is up. There in the spotlight is · significant new automobile--a funiU- mcntally new concept in luxury motoring. It i» Lincoln for 1952--Ihe' one fine car deliberately designed for modern liiln/f. More than breath-taking hcaiuy, here is beauty with purpose, design with reason. It is an entirely new approach to fine cars-- · with every ride on the American Itond a command performance even for the dainlieat woman driver, thanks to nuperb visibility, the unique cce-ahcad hnnd, and llie trim design fore and aft. Here i« astonishing performance that only Lincoln's completely new · engine could make possible. This is our invitation to visit our showroom and view the dramatically new Lincoln Cosmopolitan and Capri. Then--make the discovery of the one line jjfir that lias rap- tured Ihe air, the feeling, of modern living. THE ONE FINE CAR DELIBERATELY DESIGNED FOR MODERN LIVING THE ENGINEER'S IRIUIANT ACHIIVIMINT ALL-NEW 140-Hr* V-» The complclrljr new IM-flT Lincoln V~H engine, la;ctt and grcaieit from the muter era ft nil en vOio IUYQ Imilt more V-A en- rincs all otlicr car inikrr* forabinfci. New cxclusivfl"Hi-Swirl"combu»tion cham- hcri, new overhead valves, Ji'Rhcr com- prcsiion ritin JIH] greater dorufpowrr-- nrire miwrr th.ui ynii may fTer n«H-- tnnf willi IIvf»RA-.MATic TriniraUiioa sUmlaril cquifiiiicnt. /952 IN TWO INCOMPARABIi SERILS GOFF-MeNAIR MOTOR CO.. Inc. 331 N«rth

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