Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 7, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 13
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LIFE STORY OF BRITAIN'S KING TOLD IN PICTURES NOHTHWiST AUKANSAS TIMIS, Fiytttovife, ArknMt. Thumfey, Ftbrwry 7, )M1 ·f HAL BOTI.r 1QO7 A l b e r t . Rs he was I f\ft known u n t i l , he became Duke of York, spent boyhood years In Sondringham, playing football with lads from the village anil learning how to ride, shoot and fish. He Is shown at the ' family's Scottish scat at Balmoral. Duke of York when this picture was taken shortly before ascending throne, is shown tensely waiting for the return of his service In a tennis game. A "southpaw" in tennis, the Duke played golf right-handed and was rated competent athlete. TO*?A Abdication of King Edward V1U WHHexpected ». 1 7v»U hourly when this meeting occurred. Edwnrd v w f, I"! l ° ' narry " U ' Q W0man J lon ''" American-born divorcee Mrs. Walhs Simpson, and England and the empire were In a ferment of controversy after the story reached the public. The King Is shown wearing highland military kilts, while the Duke la In a Hussar uniform. Within a matter of days Edward had departed from Englan" MAY 1 Q*?7 Coro ' nation I""*" of King George VI with his Q tf \.* *'**' gray-haired molher, the stately Dowager SEPT 193Q ^ r l t a ' n d c c l a r c s w a r o n C"many. The king Is -P coi^r MK^ an^e^oX: SEPT 1O4.O nuckln S h1 "" Palace'bombed. The King and ??"'. ' · · '*TW. CJuecn are shown watching workmen remove t bombs that hit the historic building during ih« Before the wreckage was removed Nazi nlancj ..._ ,,,,,,.,,, ,; A1J , oalvc g on Ol ,, cr ,,,,,.,, of the grounds Dunne Er£Ex^^u\ tt » u *"* ln an un " cr r ,,, in a l l l o f nr u, attle of Britain." then were gathering in Hitler's Nazi-. f\f"f "IQAA Thc K ng is pleased with the optlmistle report N^V« I . I f'l'l being given him by General Dwlght D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of European theater. The Allied armies ·ere sweeping through France when this picture was taken, as the King toured ttfc battlefields. Within a few months Adolf Hitler, who fcrccd the world Into the most terrible war of history, diet! n suicide In th* bomb-blasted hunker under the massive Berlin chancellery. Changes Required By Queen's Accession To Throne; Britons Mourn King's Death Aflcr tho christening. Center of attraction In this family group naturally is Prince Charles Philip Arthur George of Edinburgh, being held by his proud mother, Princess Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth Is smiling with pleasure In keeping with her new role of grandmother. King George VI, sealed on the arm of the sofa and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the father, arc a bit more serious as they view the Infant who may one day be King. (By The Associated Press) Britons will speak t!ic Queen's English during the reign of Eli/.a- bcth II. The change from king to queen as sovereign means many other twists in familiar phrases and monograms. The 250 King's counsel now aro Queen's counsel. Kor !wo of them t l i i u has n f a m i l i a r rim;. They si'rv- cd under Queen Vlrlnria. Jl will he the Queen's Henrh In law courts. Criminals will turn Queen's evidence. Travi-llcrs will ride on Queen's hi(;lnv.'iys. A military officer will take a Queen's commission. Flew stamps and new coins will bear the queen':: IKCIICS:;. Out- jiiitle poslof flees new monograms ' w i l l (to up With K. I). ( K l i / a h c t h Hcglna) instead of G. i f . ((ieorgc !!«). Britain's n a t l o n n l a n l l i e m automatically became "Rod Save the Qiiecn" when Princess Elizabeth was proclaimed the ne»v sovereign. To Have Single Throne One of the two thrones which l"'ivc: remained side by side In the House of Lords throughout the reign of King ('.cm-Re VI was removed today. A singh: l.'ironc will symbolize the reliin of (jiiecn Elizabeth II. Thc cluUe of Ivlin- burgh, who is expected to lie created prince consort, will occupy a small gilt chair on one of the lower steps lit the opening of a Parliament. Queen Mother ftlizabelh under an nc'l cif I'arliamPiil will revive a life pension pi|iiallni! SIIKI.IKii) yearly She expected to IIKJVC lulu Clarence House when Queen Kli/.- abeth and her husband move out to take up residence at BuckinK- i:;irn Palace. Mourning; Cnmmanils Issued At noon today llrltish warships and A r m y posts throughout Hie world started f i r i n g at m i n u t e Intervals 56 rounds--ono for each year of the life of Kinc Gen . · VI. Mourning commands lo the three B r i t i s h services order h a l f - s t a f f e d ensigns, draped trumpets, drums nnd color::, and blac-i; arm bandr for a l l o f f i c e r s . Prayers w i r e lead at Caiiicr- hm.v r.-itluvlral lu-i-iis'ini! las! ni.'jht lor "our giiirious I':ii/.alrlli, l-'.;izabolh t h e queen mother nna Mary, lhe queen grandmother." Mcn/.lcs I'ralses Kind In Canberra, Australia, rrin-.e Minister Iloberl (inrdnn Mcnzlcs pledged Australia lo help make Queci,'s c_-i»n "as lie-;, and k i n d and KOOC! and memorable as that of her illustrious father." Moving in lhe Home of f(cp. re.senlative:! for a motion of condolence on the kin«'h- death, -Men- zlcs said: "Clod bless lhe memory of n cnotl lilnfi. \Ve arc r.horke.l and i.irt at his death, I n n we shall .'.II i r n i a i n the belter fin (n... n f e . ' · · - · Kcrfi tip with the limtii--rrau Ihc Tlnu.i ilalli. For Reservations And Tickets AIR -- STEAMSHIP -- HAIL HOTELS -- TRAVEL AND LUGGAGE- INSURANCE A M E R I C A N TRAVELERS CHEQUES ' No Service Chirg« hidcpendtnt « Condutltd T.un KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU » Mii'n Phon« S-7I7I LITTH HOCK, AMHANHAt Washlnglon-(Vn-WIlbur . BccW the average American citizen, i masking his own on-the-spot investigation of tho goings-on ir the national capital. Here is his latest report to his wife, Trellis Mae: Pear Honey: Well, your old man Is beg to find his way around the great marble swamp. Today I learned how lo spol one of J. Edgar Hoover's boys. I managed to snap up a left-over Republican box lunch at a bargain, and I was eating it on a park bench when a young man carry- Ing a briefcase walked by with an Innocent air. "Looks pretty suspicious," I said to a fellow on the bench. "Bet he's on the way to pay off a bribe." The fellow just laughed. "You musl be a slranger," he said. "Thai's an FIJI man. You can always tell 'cm. They're the only onc-3 in town who still have lhe self-confidence lo carry a briefcase." After that I moseyed over to rail on our congressman. Did f tell you how to tell a congressman from a senator? The congressman Is the one with the hungry look- he's hungry for the senator's job There Is another difference. A congressman always asks, "Wha can I do for you?" But a senator just listens lo you and says. "Tha certainly is heart-warming. Yes sir, that Is real heart-warming.' And then he wanders away, fecl- Injt he has helped better your world. As I was waiting in the anteroom I heard our congressman say to his secretary: helping me. But rljtM row he'r'J busy explaining hli own 1941 re-j turn." . ';' Well, J showed him · couple of i deductions he didn't know ; about;·; and I never saw such fratilude in ; a man In public life. ·! "I got to do something for you," f he said. ' ; !Io w about letting' me.j tnko you lo i cocktail parly?" :· Advertise In the TIMKS--li paTl. "What, another constitucnl? What's this one want--smallpox? Got me my other jacket out of Ihc closet--the one with the patched elbows. T don't want him to sec me in this sport coat. You know how constituents always get the wrong Idea." Bui when I was ushered In he wrung my hand as eagerly as If I had had an oil well in it, and said: "I just want you to know that It Is only the slghl of a friendly face from home that makes Ihis whole job worth while." "Hullo," I said. He sat and brooded over that. "You said hello," he remarked worriedly. "Now, just what did you mean by that?" Well, Trellis Mac, that's Washington for you. No mailer whal you say lo a fellow here, he always suspects y o u . d l d n ' l mean all you say or else didn'l say all you mcanl. This Is the capital city of the hidden meaning. Our congressman was /retting over a mass of papers on his desk. "Been working on my income lax return," he said. "Taxes"! Taxcsl Taxes! I don't know how much longer f can afford to 'live In this country on the pittance the government pays me." When I asked why he didn'l have an expert from the Bureau of Internal Revenue go over it with him, he said. "I did have one of those fellows It didn't sound like much of a reward lo me, but .1 went. Pretty (lull. Thc buzz of gossip about the lady who arrived in a mink coat died away after it turned out she was the wife of an Iowa soybean magnate. The senators grouped togelbei and talked about how awful it vas lo be a congressman and have o explain your mlslakes to the voters every two years. And the congressman bunched up and be:an telling joko.i on lhe senators. Tho best was this oner A senator visiting the United Nations building In New York met a pretty girl employe. She worked for UNESCO, which Is an ilucatlonal, cultural and so forth ·realization in the U. N. "And where might you be from, my dear?" asked the senator gal- anlly. "UNESCO, sir," she replied. "UNESCO? Isn't that heart- wanning?" marveled the senator. "I just want to say that's a mighty fine little country, young lady, and it certainly did a big job In the last war." Well, so long. Trellis Mac. Tomorrow I'll write you about how nobody is anybody In Washington unless he owns a ghost arid an Indian. Your loving husband, Wilbur. Tax Hike Unlikely OtmOOK for thi tax hlkt uked by,Pre«IJcnt Truman In hli budget meuagt li dim, saya Senator Wai- tcr r. George (D), Georgia, chair} nun of the Senate flnanca com* mlttee. He Is ihown In th« Capl» to! with a bound copy of the thou- uuid-page menage, In which thi President liked »5 billion In ntw toxei. {International You'll Get Top Adventure If llicrc's a d v e n t u r e ahead, BUZ SAWYER is close behind. He's a guy who looks for action nnd always finds it. As troubleshooter for the Frontier Oil Company, BUZ SAWYER's as- Mgimiems lake him to every part of the world. You'll find exciting reading if you follow BUZ SAWYER in ih c cumic page every day. READ BUZ SAWYER EVERY DAY in the Northwest Arkansas Times

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