Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 7, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 8
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!'$ Paper Work Hereafter For Comdr. ray, Heroic "Bald Eagle" Of The Pacific ^(Editor's Note: The following I "Nn man In this tusk force is "·jSry by, of "Tnlcs of ]required lo risk his life more than '.Sc South I'aciflc," and "Return % Paradise" was writlcji lor the four limes In a row," Perry growled. He laid plans forlhwitn fisociated Press.) ' In stop the bravest man in the By .IAMHS A. MICHK.NKR K V S 'rom flying any more low- 4\Vlth U. S. Task Force 77 off I level missions. SO.-ca-W'J-Salty Hear Adm. John " T h i s fellow has beer shot £rry, · coinmandinc tin 1 [;, S. jdown inlo tnc ocean twice," t;aid jjvy's Task Korce 77 off the East i Perry. "Ho has floated In icy |iffst. of Korea, tlncidcii li';.t .re i waters where other men have ,-^ilfl Eagle of the Essex hud done j frn/en to death. Me has brought i.... Ian almost shattered plane Into an j emergency landing field. And hi. ha.i limped back to this carrier on a plnne cpnliilnliiK 59 holes through the \vings and body. from now on he's to do paper work." The man Perry referred. to Is 30-yciir-olrl Cmrlr. Paul N. Gray of St. John, Kan., squadron leader of Fighlcr Squadron 54. Orriy is apparently without fear. I In flics the Navy's heavy AD fifihtci'-bomber and when he takes it off thr carrier deck it is as LOWEST PRICE WE KNOW FOR HEAVYWEIGHT YARD GOODS Resilient Felt Base TOUI CHOICE Of LOVELY FLORAL, CtOMITRK OR TEXTURED DESIGNS REG. 79* SQ. YD. FULL 9-FOOT WIDTH SQUARE YARD *x*-IN., W.IN. THICK KENTILE ASPHALT TILI . SOLID DECORATOR COLORS KtUnr-tlkt Floor Runner FULL WIN. WIDE Thrift-Priced WALLPAPERS IIOINAllY TO 60c MOLL All NON-FADING COLORS Qt.10t.3Qt Twi ITmii wT«m Y o v r C h o i c e 3 S o l e - P r i c e d G R O U P S MANY WATERFAST I, EMIOSSED COOK'S PAINT] EAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 526 heavily badcd as a B-17. Gray's speciality is going In low for -some North Korean bridge or railroad train, flying through ' cf,vy flak .iml gelling whatever ho g o e s after. In the past munLliH lie lias flown nearly 100 missions against some, of Ihe toughest flak concentrations in the world. Falls Intn Ocean The first time he v/cnl lutn the f roe/Ing ocenn, where rxuosvrc kills a man in lens than 20 minutes, was after, a run on l!w,-ich- iviinR, where he eul mil road tracks to prevent the Communists from hrliiumg supplies up lo their front linos. Missing a succulent engine, he doubled brick for a second run and as he laid his heavy bombs inlo Ihe target, flak .smashed his engine and pent Homes back along the cov.'linq, CJray fought lo reach (lit: sea rather ihan bail out into Communist handy, , He made it and was picked up by a Sou til Korean bout which sailed right inlo Wonsan Harbor lo make (lie rescue. Goes Aflcr Cave A week later Gray spotted a cave into which Die Communists liiid run their railroad engines for protection. He faced a difficult decision. His hcnvy bomber could the engines if he went real . hut since Ihcir fuses wore set high-level work he would run Ihe risk of blowing himseU up loo." He took the risk, laid his CKRJ; perfectly, then had his plane into the air by his own bomb The plane was practically lorn apart. This lime he figured that iny thing was belter than hitting .he ocean again, so he fought for iltlludc nnd drifted south to an emergency field, just making il is his engine cut out. The mcclian- stiid, "This plane can't fly ngnln and the pilot oughtn't to." Four days* Inter Gray came back rum Korea shot up oven worse. This time he hnd 5B holes Ihrougli ils crate and elected to bring it jaok In his home carrier, the Essex. They gave him a clear deck await tin: crash. He \vhcclc f .i lis heavy bomber in without a tremor, taxied it inlo paslllcn .nnd Milked auyiy from il i\a if he had 10 nerves Jn his body. Snetny Comes Closer Gray is a medium-sized man vith a square ja-.v which flexes as ; talks. Aflcr this experience he said, "Those boyjs over th«r«, in Korea are xettinx closer · each Mmc." Nevertheless he', went out the next week nnd /lew lower, than ever. This time he had a hi* day and shot, up North Korea for a pretty wide stretch, but as he headed home a 37*mm-shell got MA plane's engine. Ho was about 10 miles from the sea and coaxed his plane in on a long glide. When the destroyer Gregory got lo him his hands were frozen .and he was suffering from exposure,- but as noon ns he got aboard he asked to be transferred immediately to Ihe lisscx, where next morning he conducted his usual briefing for the members of his squadron. As a result of this fourth escape from death, Terry decided that the Bald Eagle of the Essex had enough. Off Again Hut this week before the wore got lo Gray, he was oU again l/i ihe bitter cold morning light with "a 45-mile wind whipping icy spray'across the deck of his carrier, Gray hurried out lo his fifth plane, revved it up,_ and roared out tov/ard the railroad bridges and !rains in No0h Korea. I watched this gallant man go nnd I was in the wardroom when Ihe sickening news was broadcast "Cmclr. Gray has been shot down, I!« landed in the ocean off Won- san but has not yet been recovered." A hush fell over Ihe Essex, Card games slopped. Men wh kncv; that no pilot could cxpcc lo survive those waters thre times running sat staring at Ih loudspeaker. A young kid next t me .starled to pray. Then further details were an nounccd. "Gray was flying low t strafe positions north of Munchon Mis propeller was ripped off bj .10-caUbcr fire. There is no new of his rescue." It was a hellish time in .the wardroom and two members o Squadron 54 left. They trailed af to their own ready room, to bi with their own group of men. Then came the astonishing news "The destroyer Twin? has sur celled in picking Commandci Gray o u t ' o f the ocean off Won- san." *" The card games resumed.- A comedian posted a big sign, "Use caution when ditching damagcf airplanes in Wonsan Harbor. Don 1 hit Commander Gray." There has been no s.gnlfican. change in the average lifetime expectancy of those who reach 65 or 70. The residue from menhaden, a specie:; of fish, is ground .into meal for farm animal and poultry feed | WALT BEACH i Guaranteed Watch R*B*lriitf wit* BrMWe Blumn II I. CtuMt Mr*« . r«rCTTIVIU.t. AIM. PIMM IMt You rtEALLY LIVE U A AFFILIATED N A T I O N A L H O T E L S AlABkMA I l l AtlMHAl M M M t H ................ M P W. lll THOMAS Jtff'ISON .......... liimmgliaw DllHtCI OF COLUMBIA KOHL WASHINGTON ............... W.|h,. f l« INDIANA HOUl ClAJTPOOl lOimlANA JUNG tlOItl ..................... N.. O.l* HOKL DI soio .................... N«» HOIft TAKTON ........................ O**ht NEW r* I XI CO Mom ctovu .......................... cu.i 10U1H CAIOUNA DI HAwrtOH U K A 1 H01M SttrHtN I. AUJIIN HOUL fOSOH HOUl RtOWMWOOO MOW H A K t t B«lt« HQKI cdtid n r«* HOUl EUCCANtEl G*ltti*M HOKl GMVC G.lrtHM, HOIH JEAN U'ltlf 0»l-«tt** COION*DQ coum o«Ui»« MlUutl COlllt U«l*«tfe HOtU CAVMIII C«.«i!«n HOItl MAI* tutA HQHL IUIIOCK l*Mtik HOKl MIL* Mtit. HOTtl CACIUl 1 SinA»Jt# HOItl MINCtl StuAnlir* ANCIUi COUIIl Un Auto** VltaiNU HOIfl MOUNTAIN tAkl M^.i.UMi HOtll MOH1ICIUO H«r(«» MfMMnffMA f D.'C MlM, fM, ClAYKXH MONTICIUO MX TON lk Vii OAIVIZ T, JlfrilMN AOMMAt MMMII , lei. |lmiliiit«m, Al*. Xillli, Urn. Famous Grady The Cow Is Mother Of Three Calves Yukon, Okla.-(/i'i-Urad;y t h e Cow hasn't lost any lime since her historic plunge inlo n silo on Owner Bill Mach's farm three years a«o. She's hat! three calves- one a year--and sccir.s destined to.have quite a large family before the end of her days. And the family is pretty well balanced-two sons and a (laughter. The latest member--a son--was born just a week ago loday. Crady's owner Kays Ihe curious continue to visit the ranch lo see Grady, even though they have to go out of Ihe way. Mach's ranch is .located about a mile and a. half south of Yukon and folks trai cling U. S. Highway 66 who slop in Yuku'n invariably ask about Grady. Many take time to travel a farm lo market road for a peek at the no'.v beaming bovine. Grady's first calf was bom dead on February 12, ]S',B. Her sadness turned into flight. .She bolted the barn and stornpcrl head-long toward the silo. Hnv/ she dived through the 17 by 25', inch opening is still a mystery The ncv/s of her entrapment flashed across the ncv/s wires of the nation on Friday. Soon the whole world was wondering bow Grady was going to get out of her predicament. On February 20, a simple maneuver of firease, sleeping shots and a lot of push and Grady squeezing through pull sent opening and back into the barn the small yard. Good on Chilly Mornings! Mid- Sale of SHORTENING Swift's Jewe 1 The perfect all purpose shortening. It's blended for better results. Note this low price Pie Apples Comilock Brand. Sliced let pics. Hunt's Pears Quirttri for Salad:. Peanut Butter Kroger Brand. Homogenized. Preserves Embtiir Brand. Peach, plum. grap». IK · No. 2 cans Me. 2Vi cans 2 '1a°', 33i Banana Cake Kroger Bak^d. Freih, moist. 33c Cherry Roil Kroger Baked. Fresh, dflkious. 33c Spanish Rice Brown Be?.uiy Br^nd. 69c Heinz Ketchup ea.65* ea.28 300 can Dole or Del Monte Brand. Delicious as a salad. Peach Halves Hunt's Brand ,in heavy syrup. Buy several at this low price. Tender, golden-sweat corn! off ihe cob, Libby Brand. Niblets Corn ",," 181 Fruit Cocktail Del Monle Brand. Whole. Libby Brand. Young, lender. Green Beans " 25c free! Peas Del Mont* Brand. Early Garden variety. Libby Brand. Tender, whita. Lima Beans "·,."' 25C Sauerkraut NO. n can 29 No. 303 can No. 303 can No. 303 can c PICNICS HOLLY BRAND or CAPITAL PRIDE 4 to 6 Ib. avg. lit In Vi$k1ng. '"' Pork Roast lb.45* Tender, juicy Boston Bulls. Sirloin Steak Ib.W Kroger Cut Tenderny Bccl. Ground Beef Ib. 63* Kroqer made, only tins grade . . . Ihe bosl. Skinless Franks Ib. 55 Premium or Sl?r. Pork Liver lb,26* Ttndtr, l»ty, economlciil, Look lo Kroger greater meal values. for Neck Bones 2lbs.25* Lean, lender, economical. Sliced Bacon | lb.39* Wicklow Tr»y pack. Te fall Maa( Lean e « nter * Ib. 29c Jail meal First cuts Ib. 19e Haddock Fillets lb.55 Tasty, EconomicFl. Whiting Fish * lb,19 Clean*), Pan-nady, Tomatoes £»!·':, Tube Winesap Apples 2, D ,25 Oranges 15 «Uf. criipi, Juicy, CabLuge r««h, irwn (irm ht«di. doz.35 Swa«l, juicy Tlorldi't. 17« lit*, Ib. 5 Red Potatoes 10 ·'· 4S Waih*d, "B" Sin. l^lf*-*-*'* ·-*-*»·*·· "'--··"·- vMlinif"-. : .·* · · - Produce find mill prkei good Ihtu ·!., Fib. I. Grocery prlcei id thru Wid. Fikv IX

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