Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 7, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 7
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Valentine Girl Fools Doctors, Still Lives Remembered By Nation When Her Need Became Known AUanla-l/fVA trail little girl with cancer v/hn won hearts around the world last.year when ·he asked for a valentine 1* stronger no 1 . 1 .' and hopas she can help others this February 14. A year ago, Jacquelyn Marre, 13, confined to bed or a wheel chair and given only three months tt live, wistfully hoped she "could be someone's valentine." Through the marvels of modern communication and the unpredictable wonder of h u m a n kindness, the wish was answered in staggering fashion from the far corners of the earth. "ibout a million and a h a l f pieces of mail flooded the modest l\Iarre home, literally causing the floors to sag. The waste paper alone'netted school drives several hundred dollars. More than SOD boxes o' candy and other gilts pourerl in. Opening of letters has Rone on and on, but still an estimated fO.OOO envelopes remain sealed. The candy and boxes were sent to orphans' homes and children's hospitals. Jackie, who cat. walk today, observed, in her senile, halting way "f'm so glad I got the candy a n j valentines because I could Cold Snap Could Result in Serious Damage fo Peach Crop, Extension Expert Believes *»n Kxtension Service expert luilay said that Arkansas Rrowers are worried over possibilitj that a severe cold snap might do serious harm to the peach crop. The wrong kind of weather combination could easily destroy tht crop this year, before it even Eeis started, he said. The problem, is explained by Kxlension Service H o r t i c u l t u r i s t Earl J. Allen, it ihit _pearh trees have passed throush tl.eir w i n ter "rest period" much faster than usual. · Once through this period, trees are ready to start huddinf if a u'cek or 10 days of warm weather comes along. If buds came out too suon, i subsequent cold snap could ipe out the crop. The period of dormancy ended* al.out three weeks earlier t h a n usual this year. According to Allen, this was caused by the unusual amounts of cold weather p\- P'jrienced in the state in October, November and December. By cold weather, A l l e n means temperatures of under 40 to 50 degrees. "It takes about 700 to SCO hours of cold weather to break the dormancy of elbertas, and perhaps as many as 1,000 hours for other peach varieties used in Arkansas. We've hart t h a t mucri and more." Mo damage has been done yet, Allen emphasized. And at the present stage, it would take temperatures of 10 degrees or lower to do any major harm. Later on, however, as buds open, temperatures not nearly so low could cause tremendous damage, he said. Warns Political Interference Can Ruin Reorganization Of State Highway Department; Success Up To Personnel Little Rock-(/Pl-An accountant has warned that any constructive results of a reorganization of the Arkansas Highway Department can he dissolved by political interference. James E. McCarthy of U t t l r Rock yesterday told a reorganisation conference of lilgh,- way officials, University representatives and private accountants' that the success of any new ·v , ··..-.:!; r|i;r.r! on ri:!:--:iv nel "out in the field." An adequate and simple tystem can be designed on paper, he said, but its effectiveness will depend on trained personnel In the field. He pointed to "political factors out there." McCarthy nskert If Ihe lejlsla- ti-rp would f i v e the H i g h w a y Dep a r t m e n t enough money to retain trained employes. £'.".:r- rnmji''.-i!i:r Hoy Bfasley said he believed the gen eral assembly would cooperate, provided the department c o u l d ' jhow t h a t It In trying to do a Rood Job, The proposed reorganisation is an outgrowth of the current Investigation of the department by tht Highway Audit Commission, A central committee to direct reorganization work was appointed yesterday. North Carolina's average field I estimated at 382 pounds. The?"!" of l i n t cotton per a n e /or IDS! It Uvcraie was only 141 pouir';' ° .·'·iquiti; LEAD POISON --ATE PAINT OFF BED Personal To Women With Nagging Backache Nattinf backache, low of. pvpinri energy, nearlar.hei end diizinfts mny be due tn K!DW- fjown of kidney function. Doctors any itood kidnoy function IB very important lo food hfallli. Wh^n some «-v«t7day condition,mch SB atrrss anl itTM in. causes Urn important function to slowdown .many folk* Buffer nnc- Kinp backache-feel miserable. Minor hlnd- rtrr irritstioiiK dulo cold or wrnnR diet may causeffUingnpniehtsor Crequontpas^aKefi. Lon't ncrlert your kidnpyn if th^sp romli- tioni bother you. Try Doan'R !ill!-B. mild diuretic, Uied Micccwfully by miltionn for over 50 years. It's amazing how m a n y tim«9 Uonn'H rivt happy relief from these discnm- forta-hclpthelbmilfsof kidney tulM-sanHfil- tcrs flush out waste. Get Doan'e PiUa todayl share them. I enjoy them more that wjiy," Her fattier, A r t h u r Marre, a pli.vsioth.firapist, remarK^d, "This is the most unselfish person 1 ever knew." The world heaM about Jackie a year ago. Her parents had loticeri when she was nearly 1 1 hat sumething was wrong. Doctors' diagnosis: Cancer. After the second of three major brain operations they termed /t incurable. Two years ago Jackie was unconscious on Valentine Day. That's why last year, when her parents brought her hnme from a hospital, Valentine Day was so important. Jackie has read thai doctnrs last year gave her only 'hree months to live but says with a smile, "I'm feeling fine. I fooled them." Leo Car! Ho Recovering Santa Monica, Calif.-(/P)-Actor Leo Carrillo is recovering today from surgery. He must remain at Santa Monica Hospital until next Monday, his physician reported. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Today's Market-- Do your false teeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dropping or wobbling when you e»t. latifh or talk? Just sprinkJe a little FASTEETH on vour nlales This alliallnt (non-aeid) powder holdi talse teelh more firmly und more comfortably. No ummy. gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Checks 'plnte odor" (denture br«th). Get FASTEETH loday at any drug ilor*. ~l am now operating the D-X Service Station at the corner of College and Spring Streets. See us for courteous and dependable service. WADE A. LUPER. Luper's D-X Service Station Corner Spring College Phone 2885 SI. Louii Linstock National Stockyards, III. -(#)Hogs 9.000; 180-230 Ibs HJ-25 higher; heavier wrights and ROWS barely steady to .weak; 170 Ibs 25 to 50 Msher; 180-220 Ibs 18.25-50; practical top 18.50; few small lots 18.00; 230-240 Ibs 17.75-18.10; 250 270 Ibs 17.00-50; 270-300 Ibs 16.5017.00: some 320 Ibs at 10.00; 150170 Ibs J6.2S-I8.00; mostly 17.75 down; 120-140 Ibs 14.00-16.00; 100110 Ibs 12.50-13.75; sows 400 Ibs down 15.25-16.00; heavier sows 13.25-15.00; stags 12.00-14.00; boars 10.00-12.50. Cattle 1,200; calves 450; opening active ml strong on steers, heifers and cows; early snles on flood vcarling t.vne steers and heifers 32.00-50; few u t i l i t y and commercial cows 21.00-23.00; mostly 21.50 up; canners and cutters 17.00-21.00; utility and commercial h u l l s 23.50. 27.00; n i l t r r b u l l s 20.00-22.00; vcalers steady: some strength on liigh commercial and £onr! k i n d ; sorted prime venters 41.00-4300' jood and choice 33.00-40.00; utility and commercial 21.00-31.00. Sheep 1.000; Irade d u l l ; few sales steady to shippers; deck ot choice and prime lambs 29.25; same as price for shipment from samo owner yesterday; also few smaller lots 29.25, all of which to shlppei-, no sales to packers; undertone weak, run Includes short deck good and choice yearlings No I skins; slaughter ewes steady; few j sales utility and good ewes 12.00 14.00; culls 9.00-11.00; aged buck 11.00. Oil. JOiSPH ZI(GLI»"«howi X-ray to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. iNcsaics In New York, demonstrating that son Billy, H, Is sutlcrhig from lead poisoning, not muscular dystrophy «s parents at first thought. Now they rea«on Billy must hav« eaten the enamel oil his bed. They are In N«w York sponsored by a Dallas, Tex., club. (l.lcrintlmml Soundpfiolol Births Mr. and Mrs. Orvie .1. T). Gosnrll Mr. and Mrs. Orvie J. D. flo.s- nell ot Elkins announce the b i r t h of a daughter, February 7. at the City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ro.y l*f .(ones Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Lee Jones of Fayetteville announce the birth of 3 son, February 7, at the County Hospital. Ree. up with the times--read the TIMES dmilj. BAR COMMITTEE-- CONTINUKD FXQM JAC.K ONF of the p l a i n t i f f nnd I h a v r hern instr'icted by t ( l « eATr 1 ''"" 1 ! " Rive you a clean bill of health and to tell you t h a t you ar* I'XonorHtc i from nny suspicion of u n e t h i c a l conrluH." The letter wns w r i t t e n by cr.m- r n l l t r o Sri-relnry llnwiirrl Orkrlll. n.vrrl was not a v a i l a b l e for comment on the. committee, report. Hnwever, the tranftcripl phowerl t h a t he told the commlttse he i didn't practice law, a n y w a y . HR wan n^otfld fls fnyinj;: "As f u r AX h a n d l i n g law KUits, I don't know much about it. I never practiced law . . . I never ap- penred before » jury in my life. I appeared before the judfie in one istsnce . . . I li;ivc never opened a law office in El Dorado or IHMT in Little Kock. I f r a n k l y comider myself In the relationship of a "ayman." BIGGER THAN EVER VAtUE, SIlll 6NLY... WHITE OR BROWN ELK Sixes 2 to 6 $4.75 Siui 6/i ro 9 $5.25 · SHOE DEPARTMENT -- MAIN FLOOR REAR · COIN' SOMEWHERE. BUDDY?-Ma). c. J. A. U.millon. ot Brandon, Manitoba, looks over a road marker near the headquarters of the 25th Canadian Infantry Bricade In Korea. Mayb* nei wonderinf how he got so far from everywhere. (Canadian Army photo from NBA.) ANNOUNCEMENT Virglt Drake and Bob Burton havt now leased tht 0. F, Baylty Oil Co. Station No. 3 at Fayettcville, oh North 71 at the city limiti. We are now running a one day special on February 9. With the purchase of 8 or more gallons of gasoline, you will rcceiye one quart of high grade motor oil free. Oil to Choose From: Quaker State Oil 35c Conoco Super Oil . . 35c PenZOl'l 35c Also other good oil to choose from. Premium Ethyl Gasoline . . . . at 25k Regular Gasoline at 24'/k Kerosene . . . . at 14c Also we have some very attractive prices on* Armstrong tires, which carry an unconditional written guarantee far 18 months. 600x16 Heal Master... $17.72 670x15 19.40 670x16 Super Heat Misters 19,85 710x15 . 21.43 Hut taUt tax Plui win IH Whotever your needs m«y be, see Virgle and Bob ot our new location. Try our friendly service. Phorra 3223 DON'T FORGET YOUR FREE OIL ON FEBRUARY 9 DOWN ON THE FARM--Colwell Dickon, is, of Millbrook, N. Y., huilt this working scale-model farm with a cash outlay of about $40, plus plenty ot patience and long hours of afler-school work. Dickson's farm, with completely wiied barn and shed, includes model tractors, loaders, wagons, silo filler and many other libor- savins devices. F R E E Kitchen Planning Service.. . The Ntwxchart ahnve shows why most hig clllrs, and quite a few of the ntiall onn, In the U. S. are sufffrlnn from "tr»(!\e-IIU." Since the end ot World War 11, more vehicle* have be*n added to the road t h a n durln| the £1 previous yean, Tlie A2 million vthlelei regislcrfd today are nearly double Ihe number In 10.10--and Ihe luto population fceept growing by \000.000 a ypnr. D»tn are from U. S, Bureau n( Publlf Rotdj. Modern AU,-F.i,F,r:Tnic kitchens, like tlie one shown above, are the result of p l a n n i n g . Yon can get help in planning t h a t AI.I,-KI,I-:C.THIC kitchen ly asking for a visil from · home service r e p r e s e n t a t i v e of S o u t h w e s t e r n Gas .incl K l c u l r i c Company. These home service counselors a r c t r a i n e d a n d e x p e r i e n c e d i n k i t c h e n p U n n i n g , i n c l u d i n g ar- r a n g e m e n t of kitchen., w i r i n g , lighting und the operation of appliances, These ladies have nothing to sell. Their services cost you nothing. Their work is a part of your electric company's effort lo help yon get more comforts and benefits f r o m electric service. Advice in kitchen planning and heller use of electricity throughout the home is a part of yrur electric company's service that's yours for the asking. Call or write your nearest Snulh- western office and ask for a pleasant visit from an experienced home service counselor. urwfseut t. i. UYEM, DIVII10N

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