Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 7, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 5
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/ f NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS, f«y»tttv!ll«, Arkanm, Thun4»r, Mrvary T, 19SI _ By WALTER UITMA.SN Harold Nlcolson once said t l i u l i lie cannot seem (o undtrsland the art of diplomacy, as that of that (ho more rigidly he hinds water colors, has Buffered much our own government the'more he from the fascination which it exercises upon the Washington today amateur. ]n there is one way of icteniifying easily the m tcr who causes our suffering diplomacy to suffer unnecessarily. He is the man who feels that ho ought to announce publicly and in no uncertain terms what the povcrmenl do and what it will never do on nil issues in all quarters of ihc POWER CHAIN SAWS f. O, I. P O R T L A N D , O R E G O N tttftrs Wanted! WOODBOSS, INC. HOT S. E, ONION AVENUE P O R T L A N D H, O R E G O N reduces its influence, Ihc more lie diminishes its power to negotiate --that the more he sets our owi policy on one unalterable course the more numerous the options among which our antagonists and rivals can choose their course. These are llwiimntours, some ol them wearing uniforms, who think they c;in solve .the Far Eastern problem by a series of public commitments. They would like to announce what Ihe Air.Force will do, what the Navy will do, if an armistice in Korea is signed and i.». then broken, if an armistice is not signed and is not broken, if Indo- Chinu is invaded by the Chinese if Indo-China is infiltrated by the Chinese, if Indo-China is "supplied a little, if it Is supplied more i t h a n a little, from China. They would like to cross all the bridges over all the rivers ahead of them and to burn them all behind them. They believe t h a t the way to impress your enemy is to go Wilson --with his open covenants openly arrived at--one belter, and to plump for open war plans openly arrived at. What they succeed in doing in their clamor for public commitments of this kind is (a) to uui- barrass the serious and well-informed soldiers and civilians-who kiiow what it would mean and what it would cost to make pood on ali ih' threats; (b) to alien- rite great multitudes of the people of Asia and of Europe who fear and distrust a 1 nation which talks so much and on so many, different occasions about the terrible de- filructidn and human agony it can and may cause; (c) to imprison i our diplomacy in the.formula of ' ;ill or nothing--in a self-inflicted jilniitjticket where it can do nothing by negotiation because that is by definition appeasement and it can do nothing by the big threats because that--in their own sober second thoughts--is suicide. * * . * ftl dealing with allies and friends Ihcir idea is that the great victories and the, .splendid triumphs are those obtained by ringing declarations of affectionate loyaJly which have been signed YOUTH FOR CHRIST presents Qleat (70-Minute Motion Picture) Filmed by one-time movie star, Colleen Townsend, who was converted in Billy Graham meetings CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Corner Douglas and Oakland FEBRUARY 9 7:30 P.M. on the dotted line. They want rvery country to stand up, to line up, and to be counted, in Moscow as. well as In Washington. They cannot imagine any- longer how any decent country in Iho world could have the same foreign policy which the UnHccTStales had from 'he lime of Georfic .Washington to Pearl Harbor, They cannot sec how t h a t country might have such a policy for the same reasons that we had it, because it is too weak and too exposed, and- because its interests.are too separate, to entangle itself Jn the alliances of the eat powers. They have not understood how often those who si^n up the most easily, who proclaim themselves the most loudly, are the very ones whic"h it is least prudent to count upon. The. cynical and the. corrupt will shrug their shoulders jfiid sign anything quickly,.if t h a t the quickest way Mo get the money. These clients and hangers- on should not be mistaken for true allies, much less for the independent stales whose confidence and -respect it must always he our object to have and to hold. There is no reason to doubt that all of this, or at least murh of H, 's actuated by the best of intentions. Those who want to leave the Communists in no doubt whatever about our reaction to another aggression are hoping to ·apply one of the (treat lessons of the two world wars; namely, that if Onrmany h:i/j known Amcricu would intervene at once and on a grand scale, she would not have begun those wnrs. They are right in insisting t h a t Moscow and Helping should not think that we would fiave a lonif and interminable . debate about whether we would intervene against military aggression. Where they tfo wrong s in wanting to specify how we would 1 intervene, in wishing to publish what is tantamount' lo a Blueprint of the horrors that would follow our intervention. That is to cross the thin, the subtle, but the fateful line between a guaranty and a threat, and between a diplomatic strategy which is designed to deter and one that is calculated to terrorize, It is in the region of thnt line hat the amateurs need most pnr- .icubrly to be restrained, indeed o hold their tongues and be silent. p 'or a fc-rnat power can be deterred, and believe thai by renouncing big imbitions it can still have peace and security for itself, and that hcrcfore it has nothing to gain by war and everything to lose. But f a great power is terrorized, it nay come to believe that war is nevitable, and that everything depends on not losing it. Paroles Granted To Benton County Men Thirty-nine ronvirls, including two from Benton County, were paro'lcd yesterday by the Arkansas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Paroled from Benton County were Billy Ncaville, sentenced to one year on a charge of grand larceny September 17, 1951; and ! 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