Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 6, 1952 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 20
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10-1- 1 NOtTHWtST ARKANSAS TIMIS, F.ytrto.ill*, Arkamw Wtdmtday, Ffbruary », 1*52 Cooperation In Civil Defense Pledged By Scouts Upon Request Of Government Units * r - Space docs not permit a detailed analysis of .all iho national service projects curried out by Kcoutu -m their home lommunillcs during Ihc past lew vrars. Attention Is *nyltcd to a law hljjh mots In th * DAtiOnal projfism " . . · .- f In hclnlng ollici mjcnclrs to niiikc KUrcMsIul clothing collcclion» for the nt-cds ul the world, Scoutt. jcollccted 4,143,001) pnundfi nf clothing, nnit iilwi for other orKunlMitlonn collected fond for the ' h u n a r v ^.totaling inorn than a . q u n r l r r of n million pounds. j A Good T u r n , stiirllnK during Iho war to meet llK-Wllon's n'onrls, was carried on by Scouts d u r i n g 1'M' .litid.i tola) of 85,(i63,()00 pounds ol w.istc pnpcr cul In-led. . , , . * Twenty-one thousand Scouis evldencr-cl their interest In conservation bv planting 437000 trees- ··mil li '-.·conserving life by' helping In tilrmark 1.17 rornmunitlc.-i u, t h a t pilots could orient themselves nuk-kly ISearly 10,000 "Care" packages wore tent to olhc-i' countries lo be used as food for training rourxei ':ind camping, experiences. ' , . 7, More than 800 pnrk» conli'ihutpd f u n d s to bring to .be United States for t r a i n i n g mid observation tin. ^national director ol Cub Scoullug for the Day Seoul s of the Philippines. J » « . i » d u o n inc. f- · Money waa furnished lo the Boy Scouis of Japan for printing Ihclr literature.' They ,-ilko were fur. .-jnished a. complete set of literature of the Boy Scouts of .America. Tire World Friendship Fund ha? ^furnished, the finances lo help m a i n t a i n the office of Boy Scouts of Italy. - ··" ,-. . Take Pirl In Dtiens* . ·;',-. Tho Boy Scouis of America, at the request of slate and local civil defense' organfrallnns will co ; operate to the extent of its ability, in the following civil defense services: .;.- 1. AsslstlnE in 'organizing, training and participating In emergency 'Civil Defense messenger services - 2. Assisting t h e ' American Ited Cross in ils program nf first aid t r a i n i n g and cooperating with such ' - 1 d° r81 " Mtnttf '» responsible for providing food, clothing and shelter d u r i n g cmcrgenc 3. Assisting rescue, units and ambulance services when requested , i i 1 , 1 ! ;" drdnlon ' Ihc Boy Smuts of America,,.to the extent of Its ability when requested by state and Iocs jcivii-aoicnse agencies, will: . . .;. 4. Train Its members and 'make tlicin available to work w i t h civil defense leaders in sell-protection ^. organized .stltyrolcdioii programs, and a u x i l i a r y programs such as aircraft observer programs ' . . , rver programs . - 8 :\TM allc "vsilablc and operate Hoy Scout owned camps for evacuees and to provide activities in . 6. Train jriri jnakc. available its members for operation of 1 other evacuation camps 7. Wake available Its organized group of men and .boys and resources for participation in civil de- I tense activities HE needed. . mi S 1 R " B j*''" 0 ""-' 1 , 11 vrovidtx the broad f r a m e w o r k within which the Hoy Scouis of America-arc : '!hMMV l n1*c lclp i" lC " · tl " ? , dcvclol " n TM 1 """ "P' 1 "' 11 TM' «' civil defence programs. Specif".- tasks '.which the.Boy Scouis of America can undertake in p l a n n i n g for civil defense or in implementation of J-tho£o plans, may be developed within this frame; work. .iHipic.mem.mon ol Varied Activities In Northwest Arkansas :outs During Year · Boy Scouis engaged In varied I fctivJUu in Northwest Arkohsa. · during the past your. They nerved i.eUiert »hd' beltcrert themselves. ! -'Some of. their activities were · unscheduled; For example, a mim- J her. of Scouts were among the J Wore than 200 persons who scarch- · «1 nearly 24 hours, for a missing ; ;four-year-bld boy ncnr Si; Paul vltl'Aurutt, and a Scout was In the ; jtroup of three *hlch eventually i found the child. ; ·': The uearch, largeit n f i l * kind I . m . t h e Hi-en clncc:il94llr was:/or I. yoUh J6« Robinson of near St. ; P«ul. Police, volunteers, and ciyll- ; Uri »nd Army planes took part. After ipcndlng the night In the .-woods the child went to sleep at the side of n road 1 11-4 milcB ||bm Home. There he was found -Jfcpul noon by Boy. Scout Cecil .'Smith,' 14, and Tommy -Howard, llvbolh ol Elklns, anrt Carl Mather, 10, of Rogers. The boys car- tied Joe' most of the way home, until they met adult searchers ' -During the year Scouts were f"f numcrnUB lytics of service. They set up and operated a first aid station on Ihc grounds fll the- Washington County . Fair, and wore active In helping park cars d u r i n g . rush hours. Thcv sponsored erection nf a reprtca of Iho Statue of Liberty on the grounds of the Washington County Hospital. . : Scouis delivered posters for the Red Cross. U. S. defense bond drive, and oilier organizations. They donned Ihclr uniforms and helped usher the big crowds at University home football games. During the March of Dimes campaign Boy Scouts distributed posters .and passed collection nlnles In the theaters to help raise funds for polio treatment. During Fire Prevention Week they put up posters and Inspected commercial buildings with members of the Fire Department to eliminate fire'ris. Collect 1'itper Scouts helped f -k up paper h the American J..-;;ion A u x i l i n r . paper drive, were on hand as ush- ;;rs In the national Chlcken-nf Tomorrow contest here, and per I am now operating Hit D-X Service Station at tht corner of College and Spring Streets. See us for courteous and dependable service. WADE A. LUPER. Luper's D-X Service Station Corner Spring College Phone 288 0 2 A R K 1:20-3:20-5:25 N.w th.wIn B ""-* 30 U A R K SHOWING 2 SHOWS -- 7:00-9:00 P.M. UK West's Mosi Fabulous Song and Dance Girl! formed he opening ceremonies for the Southwest Building anrt Loan Seminar at the University. Other acllvllles Included those strictly for the. Boy Scouis lhcn- sclvcc. Camporces .were held al Lake Wcdinglon in Ihc sprlnc and in the f a l l , and most Scout li'oops attended. Seoul camp was held al Devil's Don Stale Park in Ihc summer with a large attendance. On Boy Scout Day, some 81 ·Scouts took over Ihc city and county governments and other agencies to "run" Ihtm for a day. Advancement was well above average during the year. Monthly Boards of Review were hold, and several Courts -of Honor were held. Two Explore)- Scnnls from here allcndcd Ihe Philmonl Seoul Ranch In New Mexico in Aligns). Scn-,^» Ijulll and put up main- bird houses. The Cub Scouis hold a bird house contest in connection with .the Garden Club flower show, and rups were awarded to five boys--Bert Alhcrtbn, Tomiv. Slushcr, Thomas Flnchcr, Charlc Centers and .1. C. Atherton, Jr. In Inn TIMICS--II pi.v Discuss NATO PRESIDENT TRUMAN nnd Kclhrr- lands rrlnm Minister \vliicni Drecn litand on sippa of Hlalr houso In Washington following discussion of N o r t h A t l a n t i c trcnty mailers. (International! EVERYTHING IN NUMBING and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVE. Barton Chosen ToHeadWestark Council Again Officers Named At Business Meeting In Fort Smith J. Clib Barlon, Furl Smith at- lc,rney, has been rcelcclcd president of the Wcsiark Area Boy Seoul Council. Vice presidents clcclcd are Herbert A. Lewis of Fayellcvillc, .James I. Mailer or fort Smith, and T. W. Rollers of Harrison. The officers were chosen at the a n n u a l council business meeting' January 22. Other officers include: Gene Rush, Harrison, reeleclcd c o u n c i l commissioner; D. D. leaver, Springdalc, Harry G. 3arr, Forl Smilh, and Fn-d Doiig- as, Bentonville, National Council ·cprcscnlativcs; L. M. R. Rogers, Forl Smilh, sccreli.ry and Scout executive; Dick Burke, Fayclle- ville, and Dr. T. N. Moss, Harrison, district chairmen; an 1 Elzo E. Elklns, Forl Smith, treasurer. ,Mcmbcrs-at-largc of the Executive Board arc H. L. Utlcy, Sam E. G c a r h a r t , . a n d Clint Wal- dcn, Fayetlcville; Jeff Brown and 'oc M. Sleclc, Springdalo; R, L. Vogl, Earl A. Harris and Ernest 1. Godfrey, Rogers; Storm Whaley, Siloam Springs; R. K. Rodgers, Jwifiht Sample, Jr.; John P. iVoods, Raymond F. Orr, Stanley Smitlison, .James S. Bcckman, Sparkman, Marshal] Yaniis, W i l l i a m M. Eads, Sr., Collier .Vcnderoth, Sr., Jim D. Meek, and W. II. Daniels, Fort Smilh; Vcrl Hudspclh and Arliss Milburn'Har- ·ison; Wiley Elioll, Paris; Dr. Ellis Gardner RusscUville; and H a n - sel Lipscomb and Paul X. Williams, 3oonevillo. Council mcmbers-al-la'rge are: L. O. Graham, Emil Sonneman, Dr. R. S. Ellis, W. Garvln shlp- cy,' W. S. Sonneman, Walter.Mc- Whorlcr, Cy Carney, Sen. .1. Willam Fulbrighl, Frank W. Cham- icrs, Jr.. and John Shoemaker, '"aycllcvillc; H. B. Davenport, C. 1 Lambert, Ralph Brooks, C. M. iusscll, Harlcy Moscr, A r t h u r Reason and Joe Mitchell, Rogers; Shelby Ford; E. R. Rltlcr, Louis Lychlylcr and Dr. David L. Harn- cr, Spfingdale; Carl M. Burger, icnlonvillc; Roy Walker, F. L. Morgan, Eureka Springs; Tom Whilcsidc, 'Homer Bynuin, and 3alc Robinson, Siloam Springs; Dclford R c i f f , Prairie Grove; J. K Bunch, Elkins; Will R. Huon- cld, Lincoln; B. A. McConncll, Hartford; Hugh Park and Frank Pape, Van Buren; Dr. J. S. Gladden, Lester Cavendcr, Carl Brown, A. P. Ilammcrschmidt, Jack Reeves, Claude H. Turncy, and Dr. H. V. Klrby, Harrison; Donald Bargcr, Joe Goodwin, R. M. Prldriy, G. R. Turrcnllnc, R. R. Wood, and Dr. W. 0. Young, Russellv-illc; J. T. Stafford, Green Forest; Herbert West nnd Dr. R. P. Spin-lin, Berry- v l l l c ; 0. B. Colcy, Wr.'dron; Tommy Longfellow, Ohm' Wood, and Al Fowler, M e n u ; Leslie Bryant, Clarksvillc; Jolm Edward Chambers, Jr., Danville; II. L. Ovcrby, Ozark; A. B. Cox, Dardanelle; W. A. Strickland, Plninview; Dr. C. K. norland, Dooncville; H. B. Corrcll, Mosc Smilh, Jr., Jerome N. Ncy, Willard Smart, Ed W r i g h t , Preston A. Meek, Sam A. Galloway, J. Fred Patlon, T. Lc- land H u n t , Donald W. Reynolds, McCloud Sicard, Francis W. Dyke, Sam a. Trcssler, Dr. Wallace R. Bncon, Judge R. P. Strozicr, Hcr- wlicl H u n t , Louis Cohen, Tom A. Culling, Carle Robbins, James A. Ward 111, J. W. Ramsey, Floyd larham, P. Gaylon Brown, Dr. Jolm B. Stewart, Jack Berry, Pat 'rice, Charles T. Hnbbard, Willam T. Avlos, J. C. Alexander, r., Chris D. Corbin, Collier Wendcrolh, Jr., Frank Bcckman, S. K. Evans, Bill Bruce, and Harry Shipley, Jr., all of Forl Smith. ' : ormer Scoutmaster Of Troop 104 In Germany j T h c scoutmaster of Troop 1114 in "ayetteville for five years is now 11 Germany. Chief W a r r a n t Officer Lcc Holt is in Baumholder, Germany, and SRI. Richard Lee I loll. Jr., is there also. The entire f a m i l y w i l l go to Germany from Fayetlcville, probably this spring, to live. Dick K i r k p a t r i c k Is nctlng- scoutmaster nf the troop in the absence of Holl. Kern op with tne timra--re»d Ihn TIMES daflj. ItiUttlll ^. 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