Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 29, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1974
Page 11
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. . HELD OVER Show Starts 9:00 A COMEDY CLASSIC Mel Brooks' SADDLES A VftnwCofflmunkitfon) Company \ -PIUS- PAULNEWMAH THE MACKINTOSH MAN LPGl- ' A Warner Communications Company FiOfn Warner Bros 4M Still Dapper At 78 George Rait Bemoans Reputation As Tough Guy HWY. 62 1 Starts 8:50 RO86RTFKDFORD and miflfflRROIll Bfcr: GflT/SV. PG By BOB THOMAS LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "I've never been locked up, I've never taken a drink, I never Kurt anyone, and I gave nil my money away. So how come I got this bum, reputation?" George Raft was speaking in momentary piruo at the knocks he has t a k e n ' i n the press and from the law during his long and colorful career as a movie lough guy. Still dapper at 78 but slowed down by emphysema, lie wonders why his screen reputation has been transferred to his private life. "I suppose it started because I danced in the New York night spots during the 1920s," he reflected. "The guys who mvriec those places were mobsters like Owney Madden. "But they were the bosses, the hosts, and anybody who worked in those joints had to deal with them." Over the years, Haft's name has been mentioned in investigations of the underworld, but he asserts he has never had any connection. In the new book "George Haft" by Lewis Yablonsky. Uaft admits his friendship with Benny Siegel, the high-living hood shot down in his Beverly Hills mansion. B u t Haft adds Siegel "w a s accepted by everyone because he was Broadway and Hollywood and he was interesting to be BARRED FROM ENGLAND Raft feels the toughest blou of all came in 1907 whtn he was barred from England as an "undesirable." He had been fronting for a . London casino. his last full-time employment. "The worst part is that they never accused me of anything," he said. "If I \yas guilty o something, why didn't they te'. me what it was?" of publicity because of appear ances to publicize the new book rle sceins to enjoy the attention although he complaind mildly that interviewers' questions us ually focus on his alleged gangland connections. In the book, Raft tells abou his rise from New York Hell' Kitchen to vp.udeville as "T h Fastest Dancer-in the World, then to films, scoring first a the half-dollar-flipping killer i "Scavface." Throughout the 1930s an 1940s he was one of Hollywood' highest-paid leading men. I 1946 bis earnings were $450 000 Then' film styles changed,- an Raft began playing cameos 1 Raft has been getting a flurry -PLUS- FOOD FOR THOUGHT BY Suiie Can't find your biscuit cutter? use a glass (flour the rim irsll. Or cut square biscuits and avoid scraps altogether. Always use low heat to melt or to caramelize sugar; it scorches easily. * ~ * To passengers who request them. Pan American airlines w!M serve "organic" meals in flight. New pTastic cooking bags can be used for poaching, baking and marinating, as well as roast* ing. Here's a change for brunch -top French toast with canned fruits heated in their syrup. Add slivered almonris, if you like. * · What's at the bottom of air great dishes? Imagination! Taste what we've dreamed up at Suile Wong's Rice Bowl. Jones Issue Quiet For Time LITTLE ROCK (AP) -Three leaders of the move to oust state Sen. Guy H. "Mutt" Jones of Conway said Sunday that they did not expect another vote on expelling Jones when t h e legislature reconvenes Thursday. The House and Senate are to convene and then adjourn the special session that began June 24. Sen. Bill H. Walmsley of Batesville said it was unlikely tha the Senate will vote on the question again Thursday. No one has contacted me at al about it." he said. Walmsley said it would "extremely difficult, if not im possible, at this date, to bring it up Thursday." Sen. J.A. "Dooley" Womack of Camden said he would be ir Little Rock Thursday to atten the Legislative Council meet ing, but he said he didn't ex pcct the question to come up. Womack, Walmsley and ton other senators introduced a res olution June 24 to begin Jones ouster proceedings. Jones' quail fications were questioned afte he was convicted of federt charges of income tax evasion State Sen. Jim Caldwell c Rogers, another signer of th resolution, said Sunday that an other vote would amount to try ing Jones a second time, whic is prohibited by the Arkansa Constitution. Sen . Ralph Patterson North Little Rock predicted las week that the Senate woiT vote again Thursday on th ouster question- Norlhwest Arkansas TIMES, Mon., July 29, 1974 O FAYETTEVILLt, A R K A N S A S 1T films like "Around the World Days," "Sonic Like Hot" and '"Ocean's Eleven." The money vanished, paillv because of Raft's 45-year support of his estranged wife They had met and married in vaudeville but soon drifted apart. She would never divorce him. He said he paid Graycc Mulrooney Raft m o r e than a million dollars by the time of 'her death in 1970: . Raft's money p r o b l e m s mounted in recent years, especially with the Internal Revenue Service. He now lives alone in an apartment, spending afternoons as a greeter in the Beverly Hills office of the Las Vegas Riviera. "I hope the book is a big ./«·." success, both for the IRS and " ' myself," he said. Oil Tank Explosion S m o k e and flames billow from an oil storage l a n k tlial exploded last week on nn Exxon tank farm near Corpus Christ!, Texas. Four workmen who were sand- blasting the lank were missing. Company officials iilan- netl to let tlic fire in t h e 60,000 gallon tank burn out. (AP Wirephoto) CAN'T UNDERSTAND .. Ms bum reputation Life Saving Course A senior life saving course . i l l he conducted -at the City J ark Pool beginning August 5. The two-week course is scheduled because of numerous requests and Allyn Donaubauer will be the instructor. The course is free and admission :o the pool is 50 cents. Interested applicants must be 15 years of age or older a n d possess strong swimming abil- ty. Registration is now being accepted at the Bed C r o s s Office, 442-4201. Man Who Discovered Watergate Needs Work OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -Frank Wills, the former security guard who blew the whistle on Watergate, says he hopes to get a steady job soon, although most employers are reluctant to hire him. "Employers have the idea I'm too hot to hire because of all the limelight I got into," said Wills, who spent the weekend here campaigning for Victor V. aJmes Jr., a candidate for Alamecla County sheriff. "But I'm getting along with a few TV interviews and talks to students who write to through Wills, Pickup Stolen my 26. attorney," "Anyhow, thinking about gtting a steady job pretty soon." Wills was on duty at the Watergate complex in Washington D.C. in June 1972 when he discovered the break-in at Democratic party headquarters and notified police. n a r k e d progress midway through his 19-day ordeal in the Wounded Man Dies LITTLE ROCK (AP) intensive caic unit of the Uni- the Holiday Terrace Hotel, died Saturday after he July 8 by a young tion then worsened. charged with murder Saturday sawed-off shotgun- Davis had showed and jailed without bond. C O U P O N Ken's Pizza Parlor 409 WEST DICKSON SPR1NGDALE --A blue 1955 Ford pickup truck was stolen from the Fun City parking lot on Hwy. 71 north Friday night, police said today. Owner Jack Daughterly of Route 1 said his son left the pickup truck parked there and rode home with a friend- When he returned to get the vehicle, it was missing. The truck was valued at $200. Order Three Pizzas - Pay For Only Two! W This Coupon Redeemable at KEN'S in Fayetteville TM" i jft Bhfjn 4K ESS The Farmers Daughter Com© To IFayeflevsESs ntice You . . . To . . . .To Spirit You Away from workaday worries into an atmosphere complete with good smells, good food, fresh air, and the best services anywhere. Come over to our house for dinner tonight. We are located on Johnson Road one-fourth mile North of Township in Fayetteville or call 5218686 for directions. Rice BO«?L 442-2222 Highway 112 North Closed Sunday Monday 5 X to 9:30 p.m. 1821 Green Ac Fayetteville 443-5267 MS W. Sunset Springdale, Ark. 751-1004 HOUSECALLS ARE IN AGAIN "BORN LOSERS" you II love every minute! CONTINUOUS FROM DARK PH. 751-8724 See The Big Ad On This Page rui* Sandra JInllnee 2 I'.SI. RATE1) R One for ^11 -- All lor Fun FISH CHIPS Only Ever/ Monday At CLINT EASTWOOD "THUNDERBOLT andUGHTFOOr VELLER -- 7:45 JOURNEY -- 3:20 TWO DISNEY HITS "OLD YELLER" Plus "THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY" 2309 NORTH COLLEGE DAILY LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice "KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 (Channel 8 on cabTo in Fayelteville] ICYTV, Springfield, ChnmiGl 3 KFSM, Fort Smiih, Channel S KOTV, Tulso, Chcmiiel 6 KOAM, PitSsburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tu!s«, Channel 8 ( C h a n n e l 4 on cable an Fnyettcvlllc) \ '· * KOSD-TV (ETV), Tulsci, Channel 11 KODE, Joplin, Chnimel 12 KUH1, Joplfo, Chnmial 16 [Channel 9 on ruble in k?ayeStevitlel \AARNERCABLE of Fayetteville 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-7730 Complete Home Entertainment Cable Service All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Time-Weather-Special EvenSs Monday Nighf- 8:00 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "Hello Down There" (1969) Tony Randall, Janet Leigh, Jim Backus 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Home Before Dark" (1958) Dan O'Herlihy, Rhonda Fleming, Efrem Zimbalist Tuesday Night- 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "The Gun and the Pulpit" (1974) Marjoe Gortner, David Huddleston, Slim Pickens 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "The Fiend Who Walked the West" (1958) Hugh O'Brien, Robert Evan, Linda Crisfal 1974 t - j . - COLOP, TV NOW AT · pa 5\ n IT-J ff= EiM £ S Sight enid Sound 2333 N. College OZARK HOME AND GARDEN CENTER « Shrubs · Seeds B Insecticides O House Planis e Landscaping Service 20 E. Township ReL Vt Mile West Whit Chevrolet "We Give Your Green Thumb Ai Helping Hand" MONDAY EVENING * 5:00 Twilight Zone 16 News 5, 8 Sesame Street 11 Andy Griffith 0 Truth or Consequences 7 To Tell The Truth 3 * 5:30 News 2, 3, 5, 6. 7. 12 Truth or Consequences .-.. * 6:J-Hodgepodge Lodge 11 News 2. 3. S. 6. 7. 12, 8 16 * «:»- Firehouse a Felony Squad 8 The Newsmakers 11 Wild Wild Worth of Animals 7 To Tell The Truth 2 Untamed World .. Hogan's Heroes .. Let's Make A Deal * 7:00 Basel)all World Garagiola .... Pro Tennis ... Gunsmoke Rookies * 7:15 -Baseball * 8:"(l -Movie Here's Lucy ... ·*· 8:30 -Dick' Van Dyke ·k 9:08 Medical Center * 10:0» - News 2, 3. 5, G. 7, S. n 16 * I6:S5- Johnny Carson 2, 3 5, 7 Perry Mason S Wide World Mystery 12 Movie G. 16 * 11:30 -Wide World Mystery 8 V 12:00 -Tomorrow 2, 3 5. 7 * 1:00 -Project 6 Kelirjous Town Hall 2 TUESDAY MORNING * 0:30 - Farm/Tianch R e p o r t , . . . 5 * 6:35 -Moments of Meditation. 8 * G:40 -- of Joe *.*.','.'.'.'.'.'. 2, 3, .... 6, . 5, S. . 2, 3 . 5, 8 - 6 , 6 ..... fi. 7 n 16 12 7 12 16 16 16 Light of Life .... Today in Agriculture G:ri5 -Harvest Time Tahprnncle .... Moments of Meditation Project . - '- * 7-.*J3- Death Valley Days CBS News 6, Country Music Timo Today 2. 3. * 7:3S- Gentle Ben Cnptain KP.njlfiroo 6, Buy Your Ca"pst Direct Prom The Lor.a\ People That Maks It. ' Where You Get The Best And Save Tha'Mosf. Sl'KiyonAT.E, .IKK. HIGHWAY 68 \VEST 751-7SS1 "For A Csatl Time "run-7hV v ' · - . : ' - ' J ; !'.~.V! SU7i:,-li:fi !!rvMi:3: "·'·" OP EH T p.:.;. in!i£HT ; ==^ MGM. thru SAT. ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT. Fayctteviile's GATES GANG EARTGATF, SHOPPiNG CENTER . £ . 7 . 5 . 8 . 6 11 :e .s i. 1 or/r OI;T OF TOWN Drive GUI to M l c l n r y Creek n ;c. Area rct;c. rc:i::;ci. r-!"-J :^hu'?;. t-'o,-.;i:v s 1 .:':? :;;! i r / r-'nciay. Linr Ell; Kilis Gjt-.inlay. Open 5-10 p.m. Snt. -.'.'t! R:'n. 12 nocn-10 p.TiT. Clsscd Mori, V Come see u G* ti^aulilul Ee.ivcr t. Scaame Slreet 8:30 Oklahoma: Tuesday 9:00 - A.M -.. 12 8 Name That Tune 2. n, 7 Sesame Street 3 Joker's Wild 16 Movie 8 It's Your Bet 12 ,, »:30 -Gambit 6, 16 Winning Streak 2, S. 7 To Tell the Truth 12 * 1I:M- High Rollers 2, 3 Now YOL Sec It All My Children Hollywood Squares .... 2. 3, Love of Life Brady Bunch * 10:55 Coffee Break News 11:»- Password .*.. Mike Dvuglas Jackpot Young and the Hestlcss * 1S:»- 5, 7 6. 16 12 S. 7 6, 16 », 12 , 5. 6 16 opllt Second 5. -clcbrily Sweepstakes ..... 3, 5, Search for Tomorrow 6. * 11:55 News 3, 5, TUESDAY AFTERNOON All My Children Sews 2, 6, 7, 12, ?htl Donahue Tabletalk ·k 12:15 Leave It to Carol .. '2:30 Jeopardy 2. As the World Turns e. Let's Make a Deal 5, 8, * 12:35 Melody Mfttlneo * 1:W- Guiding LtBht Days of Our Lives Newly wed Game .., * 1:S»- Doctors Edge of Night Girl In My Life . * t;tt- Prlce Is Right Gener.-il Hospital .. Another Worid * Z:!0-Today's Yoga Match Game G How to Survive n Marriage 2, 3 a, One Life to Live «. * 3:99- Sesame Street S10.000 Pyramid Cartoons Tattletales ' Somerset 2, 3, ·* 3:39-Petticoat Junclion Name That Tune Joker's Wild Uncle Zeb Dick Van Dyke Jeopardy . . · Mayherry. R.F.D *· 4:00 Merv Griffin Winninff Streak Wild, Wild West Bonanza I Dream of Jennnic Corner Pylc, USMC Mister* Rogers' Neighborhood Flipper Fugitive * 4:39- Elcctric Company m.iniel Bonne . . J B c a t the Clock "'Beverly Hillbillies "".Lucy Show 7 TUESDAY EVENING ·k 5:Cr, - Scsamp Street Twilight Kone 11 News' . . 121 Andy G r i f f i t h »:To Tel! The Truth Ifi i Truth of Consequences · * 5:33-- rs T exvs 2 ?,, ri, 6, 7, S, I 9 Truth or Consequences £1 Making Things Grow . , ,JI N'CM-s . - 1 '. 5. 6 7, 8, 1 1 '. G:30 Felony Sfpjncl You Owe It To Yom-snlf ... Wild KiniTdom .. I-ct's Make a Deal Ilogan's Heroes Kansas Riqh School Rodeo Sye to i ·o tl Cnrnp: 11 \ h t I n P Id If, 8:38 =. ! 1 I 0 i n -! Sto 7 I ) Dn 1 \ \ I ! Well) S 1 0 H rv v 1 , r! 1C,' \* t ^~ s «! · 10:30 -II \ clr World 1 te t Cnrs n 1 M 10!:,Io\ l"- 11'.30 - 6. Ifi 3, 7 3 12 .. IS 0. IG ] 11 Dustys Trail To Tell the Truth A 7:03 Arlam-12 Man Tiullrts Man Maude Hnppy Days 5. 12 Vide World Mystery Tomorrow if 12:M -- VrToO Oklahoma Forum i^ :·' f\': ,'^Zl- '.^LV* 1 ' s ir, .. 11 G. 7. 8, 12, 111 . n ' 3. n. 7 ... 8 . 0 lli 8 . 2 3. S, 7 G

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