Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 6, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 7
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Fayetteville Stalls For Win Over Rogers, 35-25 faia! Qds Top Flat Salary In Baseball Get Two Goals In Last Hail McConnell, Barnes Get 15 Points Each To Lead Butldoos Favetlevillc's Bullring-; w m i l i n t o HOOK-SHOT EXPERT - - By Alan Maver CLYPB LQVELLETTE t w:± KANSAS WILL PKOBABt-Y P.ATE ALL- AMfRICA a stall early in Ihe third q u a r t e r ' of I h e i r RHITU? w i t h Rows hist. a jg|]t,_ H i n u v e that prorlu-.-ed a | 3.V25 virlory over the s u r p r i s i n g l y , strong Mountaineers. The contcsl j was played at Rogcr.O I Rogers threw -un the rninhin.''- i lion of Tine shoolinp ;ind \\ lidiTi . defense to disconcert the u s u a l l y ; well-collected Bulldogs. Fayetlc- · villc discovered al Ihe oulFol I h t i t the lingers 7.onc defen: c \\\i$ aim teak-proof. And f t the KIIHC l i - u c found Rogers' offense. .^jitirUcd hy Guy Cable, a G-.'i crntcr, a d i f f i cult t h i n s !o control. With RUES McConm-ll and Barnes the only members nf the team able In connect w i l h the bucket from beyond the Rogers Fayetlcville was just harclv able to keep out of hoi water t h e rn- tire first linlf. Rogers trailed tiirouuhonl- the first. eight minutes wilh tlic exception of a brief G-fi tie m i d w a y i n . t h n quarter. Enrly in the period the Mountaineers went all cad, lli-15. IVlcConnell put Ihe 'Dogs b a c k ' i n I h r lend w i l h n long set sr.ot. b'.it Rogers tied the score at 17-17, 19-J9 and Sl-IM before Fayctlcvillc con Id emerge at h a l f time with a "3-21 lend. Opening Ihe t h i r d period McConnell i hit a field goal and Ramos a rifled a f i r e t h r o w and a field poal to put the tiulldugs into their bi^gei;t lead of f i l e same -28-2,1. At thl point Conch Glenn ! Slokcnbcrry called for a } Ro^etF, which had opera led in i a tight 7.0'ie, remained in t h e 7,nne i with only occasional foi ays n f l P r j the hall. Fayeltevillr. w i t h a f i v e - i point lead was w i l l i n g io let Rogers Lake its choke of l e t t i n g Ihe game die as it stoorl nr .switching Io a m a n - t o t n u n defence. Roger;* stayed in the v.nne and F a y e l t e v i l l e staved in its s t a l l . * In the last r j t i f i r t e r Rogers M i l l kept elope to its zone, c o m i n g out on one or Iwo or:aMnn?. Dnr- ing the m i n u t e s Fsyeltpvillo m a i n t a i n e d possession most of the time, picking up five points to two for Rogers. 'Barnes and McCnnnrll, with If) points ench, were the o f f e n s i v e show for Fayetfcvillc. « Buddy Bloomficld, a sophomore, rcnrrd 13 noinls to lend the Mountaineers. Cfble, Ihe bis center, scored 10, all i:t Ihr; first half. Billy Parker, playing for Ihr first time since i n j u r i n g his h a n d in. the ISentonville game, failed Io score, but was outstanding in the rebound dt'oartmeiit. He con-1 nmn- sistently ouljumped the taller "^V ** nrn " s Mountaineers'in f a k i n g the hall o f f 1 can bo arranged, both backboards. : , T t w ' 11 hc tnn f l l ' K ( b| £ The win was the P.!Hi fry .Vay-i tional air event since U etlevillc in J 3 name*-. The next t i l l ' Robertson Air Trophy New York-f/l'l-They Marl k i c k inc baseball -salaries .arnund ar.:iin in n cnvernment hcarinu today and if thov oppn up the hunk?, as exnrclrrl, there inny hr a few i n i l f l snrnrrrs. For instance, w h a t p l a v p r d" you MipiioKe drew rlown the tup f l a t fillsry i n I t l S I ? William^'.' Gnr. 1 .-; a c a i n . II was Ihe SI. Uuiis r.-ir.-linnls 1 superb St^n Mu^ii)!, HCL-itrclins In tin* 1 hi£b-pl''icpti pnlivcc w ll'n r l n i m s In II;.'\T the f u l l fiMnnri.'il Eiimc's goki-ptatprl nvpr;ill, rl s l l r ' i . h n i l i r l n ' t i n n l r h I h P Y i M i k c r r ' .Inn Di- i" .-n-l !'!(· Unr! Six' TpM W H - n.-i.Tl Fiirn 1 ?-! for thp. liirR- ^l n n a r n n l p p d « % -iv. l i k p Iliis: sn.nnn 30.0(10 figures linrl aliont I there'll bo no | highest paid : i-rUvrH and Wilfor Marine service, much alntm i n c o m e ·r-- !-;tesl SSB hearing deals w i l h l.'ie recent p r l j r l p u l l i n g a f-ur 1 ) on f'e nverall harphnll club K,,,!.,o|. ; ijp'lnr (he r u l m p each f n meet one nf two following uch Air Race Slirs [ariy Interest W e l l i n g t o n . New 7,ealand-f/T)- W i t h the event still m o r n ^ h a n a vear and a h a l f away. New 7.r;i- land is well nleared with the in- Icrcsl bpinp shown in tbe hirjcosl internalion:!l air race since 193-1. Half a dozen countries alrr.fidy have inriieateri ,, Ihry will he f l a t out tn win Ihp EnslnnH-Chrisl- rhurch, N. Z.. race, t e n l a t t v r l y set for October 10, 1953. There is :;npc~ Double-Header Carded At Root G')7// On Friday The F;iyellrvillr .inniur l l i " h ; and B-leani r n i i n t r t - 4 w i l l U k n f h c . r c n l r r nf the stn^c Fi'iday n i f i h t ;'t ' HnnJ Gyin. W i t h HIP varsily on | nice i Trr lot:.! y - i l - n - v Dim ye;'t, 1!)'0 t h r n 10 tmi- cpnt f l a t The total salnrics naid in 1051 in aeco'T'wnrp w i l h -n-pvions rul- tp*" 11 . w i l h nn inrreaso. W f M r r O'lMnlloy. p r e = i d n n t n f Mio R - n o k l v i i Drrlqers. f o r nun. h i U n l y n b j o c f s I o M i ' - dc-rrn w h f f ' i he i-ny; f a u q l i l h i i i v w i f h snnif I w n - l h i r d r . of h!r. players n l - SPORTS NORTHWEST A R K A N S A S TIMES. toy«l!sv ; .iv. A:!:an3oi,. Wednesday, February 6, 1952 SPORTS ROUNDUP Branca, 6t)2t Of Playoff Game/ Hero At Annual Writers' Dinner I!) ( t A V I j : TAI.nOT WATCH WOODCHUCK--Palatine Stable's Woodclnick, shown with Trainer J. II. Pierce n f t c r a morning workout in Mi;imi, has the entire t u r f world watching thp form sheets. The s c n s a l i n n n l four^yeai-old. assigned t h i r d lop weight of 119 pound. 1 : despite lln? /act hi; had been racing less than a month, finished third in tfic Hialcah Inaugural. Woodchuck won Ills first throe starts. ( N E A ) ! New Yotk-fVI'i-Thov say ( h a t ; ! tc;in; t h r f .i/e of plntf ponn balls ; '^ V!l( f j rolled i l n w n V/iirren fiilf-r,' rhecks | ^ X ' J ',1 j the ijthi-i- nidit while K a l p h ! Ilranca w; t s s i n n m c til-; h r - i r f h r ' ^ k j soni; f i l ilu 1 h;iebidl writnr;, 1 nn- I i i n a l d - n n r r hrrc. I The N:itin!i;i| Lrni^up pr^tdi-nt | li::icnrd (Milj.uii-ed tn (lie pitcher's rich baritone h u n e n l i n ^ t h e i"imc- ruii I t u i t Mohbv Thoinvm h i t off him in the Tina! p l a y o f f crime and said over :*ml over, "It's the ni!!:it w o n d e r f u l {'liir: t h r i t cvi-i 1 h:ippin- ed to L-avf-bail." Thfil would Mv.'rn to make i! 'if- ficial. Wi: own to h;ivin« fell Jit llic liino f'.'it this was soincthiiiR special, anrl Io h a v i n g exrirrlencerl n bothersome p n n r U r i r t f o n o f ' t h r throat muscles while thp Brooklyn bridegroom war; warblmc.. hut decided to undergo a U l - ' i o u r coolinj; out period hi-forc (joinR emotional in p r i n t . have rnd?d right there. T h c . n inaiiiir-*! nujnbcfft were throw in an audinncr? which h; nct'fl its emotional «pn for the n i a h t . We a.-.kfd Thnmion later if, ha Lh(;ir roles been reversed--ho lh rtont, Hrnnc'i t'-;e horo--hc belles (;d ho rould h.-ive ;icquUtnd himse ·M well as lt;dph had. "Thcre'.i MC w.iy I can answe that." he i m p l i e d , "luil I c«in .te yon i h a t I I h l n k Halph was grea rcnily v.'oiifirrful " "IVi yon'rvr-r talk ahnut if whe ynii're tn^i.'lhrr" 1 ' 1 he was a?k?d. "Ku." Hobby snid. "we U! about f.nU. Tbe other thing--that' just bar-ebnlJ. It could hfipijen t nit* Ihe next time." Iley srt nntlet I the nlfiyprs hr. old SSB p nf 1'ipm were ·--. If the nrc: ll-.p rngH playing Tulsa Central at Tulsa Ihe two remain inn hich school teams have the gymnasium all to t he.mPP! VPS. Opposition for Ihp. FriHnv ni?ht n f f a i r s \vill b? Van Huren. Thp j i m i o p a m p will lead off at fi:4r». with the H-tcam contest to folknv i m m e d i a t e l y . Dn« t i rc^n- latinns concern in ri . radio b r n n t l - nislinc in K G H H w i l l not be able to report on t h e Bulldogs' ulation that the race-about" 10,500 I cn " lt(?sl W1i , fh lhc Ttilsa :--:hool. miles in a stniijihl line-will be'' I h e Bullpups rironncrl a camr fn over in 24 hours if air r e f u c l l i n p i n n a r r s .vrstcrdny, 28-22. Rut t b p ; R-loam maintained prestipe b y , d u m p i n g ' the Mountaineer re- | j serves. 3fl-3M. Alfred Taylnj- was! I b i q h for the Fayetleville forces I erninrnl ruling is permitted to ; Kf.-Mid most cnnfnif'ls will have to j be called bac't and rnnesolialed. O'cmpsey To A p p e o r I n in Mai TCace for the 'Dogs is scheduled for F r i - ] 1934 from London to Melbourne. I W l t " I3 day. Fubi-Ui'ry H, apainsl Tulsa; That race was won in 71 hours. | Central, at Tulsa. The box score: money, bul competition will be nut fnr more than straight cash. Thp real prizes PIT prp?ti£;p and an irira of w^at planes can Ho. Countries I hat have inclicatcrl Fayettaville McCouncll. f 1 Crudup. f fi Trumbo, r _ _ 1 Barnes, p 5 Parker, g n Head. £ 1 Totals M KG FT PT T P l n J . ' H e w a l e y , f _ _ n Wolfe, f . . . . It .Grace, f fi Bland, f 0 Cable, c -- . 4 Bloomficld, g fi T. Hewgley, g t Lehman, g 0 Totals . . .. . _ . ) ! fl 3 II 12 : n tin February Sports Card Fet». 8--Bulldogs vs. Tulsa C e n t r a l , at Tulsa, Frh. 9--Razorbarks vs. R i r r , nt Houston. Feb. 0--Arkansas Krosh vs. .fnnrshoro AA1I, at Jniicslinrn. Teh. 11--naxnrhacks vs. Trxas A. and iVl., at Station. Frh. J?.--Bulldogs vs. For! Smith, at Fnri 8inifh. Feb. 15--Bulldogs .vs. Springfield. Mo., hrrp. al 8 p m. Ffh. lli--Arkansas Frosh vs. Tulsa Krosli. at Sallis.iw, Okla. Feb. 19--Bulldogs vs. Tulsa Will here, at 8 p. in. Frh. 19--Razorbarks vs. Baylor, tiere. at R p. m. Feb.. 20--Arkansas Frosli vs. Okmulgrp A. and i\!., al Okmul- fen, Feb. 21-23--Dislrirl One West Junior Boys Basketball Tmirna- mcmf, at Knprrs. Fob. 22--Bulldogs vs. Springdale, hero, at 8 p. m. Feb. 22--Arkansas Frosli vs. Fnrt Leonard AVnod, at IVaynrs- Tlile, Mo. Feb. £.f -- Ra/orbacks vs, 8.M.U., at Dallas. Feb. 25 -- Razorbark.i vs. T.C.U., i\l Fort U'orlh. r«h. 28-Marrh 1 -- Dlslrlct Ont Cla,ss A Senior Boys Raskrth.itl T n u r n a m e n t, nt Kprlngdiitr. Frb. 2 R - M a r r h I --District Oiif Wrsl Class B Srnlnr Boys flaxkclball 1'o^irnamrnl, at Greenland. M compete 3re thp United States. B r i t a i n . France, Holland. A u s t r a l i a and New Zealand. Soviet Rt^R-a a'rn may be a starter. Provisional entries have bnen lod^erl hy both the United Slates A i r Force and the United Stales Navy, hut the Yanks*won'l have i it all lheir own way. Fighting if 1 nut with t h e m will be the boys of i Ihp Rnval Air Force, the Royal Au.sli'nlian Air Force and the i Roval New Zealand Air Force. I (By Thr Associated Prrw) Princeton fiO Temnl* 1 f-fi Yale 7fi Snriiififielrl VI R u r k n r l l 101 Jlnkrrs fi!» W i l l i a m and Mary 70 Nn Carolina Siatr fil Wnkfi Foresf fil nnvidron M Bradley 67 W i c h i t a W Miami, Ohio. 70 C i n r i n n n i j :ifi Oklahoma City 48 Tulsa ( o v e r t i m e ) M i l l i k i n 66 Washinylnn, Louis T)0 Toxns SB Baylor 4fi Southern Slatq 74 Oillrpp O?.arks fil Southern Calirornia G7 L AtiRelcs Loyola G l Hollywood-(/TV Twenty guests were o r i g i n a l l y i n v i t e d but byMhp f ' m e the luncheon j;ol unler \v?y al Ihp r t u H i n . S(l or fJO bad crov/ifnl i n t o l'ie narrow riininq room Io welcome ;i i-pfil o l d - t i m e r hack to the movies. The vclcn-n w;m .Jaek neinn«ry. who reranrd w i t ' i y n m o l h i i i f i nf ;i qriinnce t h a t he starred in ;t serin I in Hn'lywn.'id morn t h a n 3fl ye;ir:i ar^o. !Jp sppm^d more C()nt'L ) j"n ( 'd about Ihe serial, not t h e era. lit? was f a m o u s H'pn. or course, a'- ' h o ncv.* I'ravywcieht champion nf i h n world. Demn::py h pl.-ivjt'tj a nnw- Wo'lcrrf Has Big Center Making Good In Large Way; Averaging 28 Points 1 Sparbiiihiu;:, R. (.' - OT) - You wnn'f f i n r l his name included on any nf the o f f i c i a l ] : ;,h of national collegiate ba.skclbal] r.rorins lead- err, bul rcilcrhp Ncal, "Wofford ('nMcgc's Inure c p t i t p r who doesn't t h i n k h r ' l l be "j;ond rnouph" for pro hall, has a h e i f e r record than thn arknnwledgcd lemlnrs. The fi-10 native of S H v n i M r e n t , S. C!. who wnltihs 2'lit pounds, nv~ 28 points for ' Wnfford's fhrt 12 fiame:;, but \Voffnrd Js not The Arkrtm'ns Krnsh cr-ee teem n mrrnly-r nf l.':e N a l i o n n l t'ollo^i- drnppctl a 37-3B decision t" the j ale A f h l c l i r A«roeia1 : on'K bureau T n h t e q u a h I n d i a n a bf-t n i f i h t in; in charge of sm-'i statistic!;, the f i e l d hnure. The Shoals, a f t e r j Neal--Uiey call him "Daddy"-leading j r e r n t i r n name, suddenly, i( . , m l v a j l j n j n r n n f | ]s f i l j l l in t h f , went ''"Id in the 1;:H eight minute:; pr()cr . :s n f poli-^in- his «mnr Hut ^!hi- ; More Night Games Carded It Is n f n l r l v uiilvn-sfil f j i i l i n f i uf ] 1., Aa-narJ c n n r l i i n i a l srl l'i f l n l r.mnr- ! * /*· /1///-1- / K Ihe I h l i i R cilhcr hll;irlnii:;ly r u n n y or | Frosh Net One Goal In Final Quarter .Hi:- thai The Shoals led )f!-8 a f l r r a f a i r l y w c l l - p h y e l f i r j . t jiorind. The vi.'--itors r a l l i e d in th« tiorond n i i a r i c r . but t r n i l e r l 13-?0 nt h n l f - liino. The Frosh rjinie back stronjr in I h r third- period find appeared In have wrapncd up the contest, loppinc; the Qklahornan^, 34-20 nt the end "f that time. R u t in t h lus-l fruinc. w i t h three Fnt::h h: u-iivj t h e K;MHC via friul? and Carroll fjfrocr'.inr- -ilu. 1 Ar- makes him iu- only I" discover uimn clnKnr in- Kpoc'tion by d a y l i g h t t h a t it didn't finioiint to much, rnally. This one. though, WP ho''( i vp i^i r i n i i i K to stand nn fnr a long lime. Grralrst Act A l r c m i t :i i i u i n b r i of f - j f t i ^ n u - I y fhirk-cnir.tcd crili'-n h«vi; c;.IU'd il 1h! prralc-it ,-R-I in thp ?U-vpai' history of Ihn writers' r-hov, 1 , Thnt is nn -irriiill I r i b u t r * from Ihe t n r n whn hiivp. (hpinuelvr*;, api)f;'iT(l in writer. 1 -' rhows "f the pa. 1 -!. It is ciifMninrr.v fn t')p;'n nver- l i v r l v rovi"ws to i'nu'.'i'.so'nir the har:ehfll (.'hfinictrr who is brjing dlsspt'lrd. This has, over l h i % ypfirp, proved n h i g ' i l y r f f p c l i v o mclhnd of U i k i i i g t':c hide, layer by Inv- ur, off both thn game's sluffi-d nnrl of tlion 1 ji wlio figured in Fome ntnus- nr ollipni'fsp Kijinifleanl event of I h p pnst srarnn, w.'i«, of c-oiirsf*. cinch i I.M gft HIP f u l l ' l i c a t i r i p n t . A. 1 ; the ·fl fra v a l u a b l e uiuler I'-p b;i;;kct. School of ^1 rebounds a /rmic. I n i ; i n xv | 1( , throw possibly l l ie most His rye for (ho b;ivkri h.-is been ! uxpriisive single pilch In bnscbnU keen. He hit on 44 per rpnt nt his history, he couldn't miss. The fir;;t 300 f i e l d goal a t t e m p t s . In i Brooklyn wnlvps hnd born finaw- learting V.'nffnrrl Io nitu- viclnrirs · Ing »t Jilu shanks nil winter tmd in 12 slarls, bo hit for .^1) or more points .six times. His hi«h was .'if) nninlr; in a «;imi; Wofforrl won by i:;as fenm v.-ent dend i Ihe T;:hle'|iiah team score , nn( |j Cnn lie famf here wild fnwn ploying evper .fnft Rnhprt'jnti ·si \ H) jinint-s In earn the one-point H i IvJ Whinnery, of TahleqiuUi, was IS. N n r m n t i scorer St. o f ! f.imilifir rnlr PO'irnncn, M n r i l y n M n x w r l l j. nu I n l l i n . n \vh-ii else. Ppmpsoy a f i q h l rrfpree. · Smith lopped the Shoals w i l h "I ETt to i n H i i t llripe around, loo." rmpscy 5,-tid. np'npspy prp:-:rnt*?d HI inn w i t h a "c'lnmnionshin b i ' l f , " (Inly in- 10. Sophomore fullback Neil Wnr- rien led the Noire Dame football team in scoring in '51 w i t h eight W i l l Nnt CtimpPlf t'olmnbo, Ceylnn - C/T*j - Frank Srdpman, Australian star, j^aid he \voiild not defend his A m e r i c a n ; singles t i t l e nt Forest Mills next summer for purely financial reasons. Last Nsohfr srril.Td with tbe n n m e 'Tarliv fcixt." li"po s i - H i l l y i n n i M l H i n s t h f i t v.*,i: . hi^ r-'iic n;i;ne when h" bnxrd ;is a k M a r n u i u i ClPvcl;mH. "I h;,d I h r r p biL- fiijhls," aid havf v.-nn I h r third on referee slopped on my touchdowns for -18 points. Not white, not wiicai. not rye, but n flavor blcnti nf all three-Junye's Roman Meal Bread. pf. "I'd but the I hand ;md has pnlionliy wurkerl to smooth (ho rough udges. As a ;;ophomnrn last yrnr hr broke thp Wofford scoring r^rorri w i t h 47ft j i ! i i r i t i In 2?. grimes--jiisl liere the poor guy was going to fid it adn. Most of iii the p.rr.;H crowd '! were pleasantly .iiirDrl^crl wh«n nly umall i Thomson, the ^ r i n n i i i c Koo! who n-iv j^,,t j scrambled nrjinra's l;f*?, rnmc r.k him in | l l i r o u ^ h l h r c u r t n i n s in 1 the flesh. unrler 22 a gamp. HP'S a r n n i f n r 1 In Oni-l] nnlvrl- snn off thp b a s k e t b a l l floor. Inn. j stood Ilrnnc;i i He mailo I be dean's H-1 the f i r s t ! foi m, halbor b\ semester this year, which means [ kid was roaHy he ; The secret, us u n u a l , had been t f f j M l y hnnt. Hobby t;:itu: his vcr- K|OM of "'Rccaurjp nf Ymi" very well, ton, hi a nlrp tenor. Wr^'ft nf ApnliHisr Thorp, v/it'i it V.TI'/I* of a i j p l . i u r p , nnrl t h r u , ;'! nf a r.iiHr(on. there his D^'ger uni- Mvr KpoUl^hl. The to .show them he West Fork $!)!!«$ In »" or heller and did roiilrl lake II. Ik' brxnn Io r,ins "' IWO GdlllCS WllH Alltli Chicago - (/I 1 ) - The Amfrjcar i!n;itc5l number of night games jl 1 ?, it was dlKL'luscd t o d a y ' V i t h tin. 1 release of the junior circuit'/ I'tftZ iichedule. The o f f i c i a l plnylnj; filate f f an- nnunrcd by League* President ;\Vil! llnrriftge. 1ms the 1D52 r«ce o^en- In;» April 15 nnd rloslng Scptym- Thc night program offers' 19 rrore "n ; in'c?'.i l l i a n yrat's 197- gant' 1 n i f i h t card and tops ..'.the r.rcvini s high of 204 nisht gatnes in mr.o by 12. '; T!ii« increase dovelopprl under a ruV p?rrnllt!ng unlimited night plj«y. llov/cvw, ".Jorp cluti,-..- Detroit, Cleveland; N-e w York and Bnstun--kepi t.-c.r after- dark total the sitmc, and Chicago added only O:JP rtiune for 20, The St. Louis Ufowna, operating their first f u l l season under Kill Vend:, hnvn the bip«est nlght- (rame inrrenre, I I , from 30'to, 41.' The Wftjihinclmi Rcnnlops, firealpit exponent of nifiht play, upocd last year's lotnl only by two, to 48. The Philadelphia Athletics v.'ill piny 38. five more than last year. Detroit, Now York and Boston i-ctnlned jnlnimum M-«am3 night ni.ds, whllo Cleveland u.alntalncd Jiu;t year's 29-came program. '· i Each club w i l l play a total of J04 Kwic.v~night pnd f 1 oy. Thp April IS opening-day schedule includes New York nt Philadelphia; Boston nt Washington; St. I^tiiK nt Detroit; and Cleveland nt ChlfjiRo. . · Kaeh rluh has 12. Sunday .home dates, while Philadelphia, Cleveland and Detroit nrr the only clubs with only nne home holiday date. not have a grade below "C" in any subject. the blow t h a t hnd c.-rushrd him in 1 a Choose q u a l i l v j wnvn't - Kofi up with ttift times--read fc(: T'MFS Hallv. Gets $35,000 Bonus lili Tlir \tmrl«;t\ fin.* Toronto ---James Cprtpr. . , Nnw York, otilpoinfrd Allnn Me- t / J -' , , / , *// Fnlrr. Ml, Toronto, fl non-tillr. * Ll'li'tl^Vlll^ DEAN OF TRAINERS By Alan Maver ORNAMENTAL IRON W O R K S C*QLI W E L D I N G CO, Wrouphl nr c»sl Iron Wroufhl lm» Fnrnlfurft Aliylmnjt Fnr 1h» Home / fr»r K*ttni»lfl FOftT IMITH -n' Mil HII I,nK A n n ^ l f ^ -- A r t Ar.T^on, 1 .ns Angrlr:;, yLopprfl ^'! M a d r i d , H2, Ijns Anunk-s, (v PitlshurBli--I.CP Rnln tii-1. n n t n , P;i., knnrknrl mil. ,Inr Ihur, Ififl, Chic.iRo. :i ! prcsir'i W h i l p Plains. N. Y . -- l u n i i i i s j rn:irl h Wiuirls, I S V . l l u f [ ; i l ( i . N. Y . k n . . ' k - : Hrnv.-i] ·(I nut Tony M;i.«ci;irHli, Ifi'i. Now ! 'W-or!. York, S. I h "i! ' N'i'w.-irl-. N. .1.--· H.'tm.s. I !7. Nrwfii'];. Wilsnn. Mil. Kmilpwoorl. X. .)., 12. ! ;»-|Hiinl"rl fo M3. Tilt?! I l i l K l s v i l l O ISo'Tlf? I r l r a l i n n Chili nml Tllpsrta.v v . i l h j DM- j Mfj-. I . u n i r l f.inrli^rL'oi-. 'I'tm rnpi'l: A r - | i " 3 was cnllrrl li nivlrr liy Hunt ·· r . IK. F.-V. A poem war · -. H - n i l h . a n d M r s . ; IU7 s',e had ron;- ' BOWLING a i i ' l M,-.. Curli'! H r r r v j i-l on bi ..... : ,-,,,rl s h i i , h . ! n j I f . e a l le,-yler: vi.rr r|-v food'-! I n . ' , I o h n l ] SMIIINO Roy Youne, I'J, · recent graduate of Llndblom High School In Chlc.igo, has boon sinned by the Detroit Tlgcn (or » reported bonui ol $35,000 A shortstop and rlRht-hnndcd baiter, Young hit .453 for Mi ichool nine last spring. D o w n t o w n Dirkion Chispic ".lun" Wlirr-lfr's O i i \ r - l n lvu ( 1 K liolfl its ! s p l i t t i n g I!-;! i v i ' h C. W. Shirley * Ko-i.'ini's ·nl'in s p l i t v.'itll D n L l l M ^ ! C'nfp, '.'.-1. Tho n l l i f r i n n V l ) f r i u n d I O.K. Taxi t t n u n c i n p S n \ r f ' '·;:-n · K l n l i n n . 1-1). O.K. T.ixi. l-d hv Hen Shiley w i t h h i c l i f o r i r - ni "·]. i c a p t u i r d lo;un h r i n n r s v i l i i l!7il ! 2ft;!R. J l i i r r y W l l k i n s n n of l l » l j . N t i l i · hlnstril hicli shmlo nf 211. T.caguc Standings .''-hlfi" Whpplor's O r i v r - l n . 4^ Hoh-Nol) Liqnnrs .. . 42 Snyrcs' Ts^o '") . O.K. Tux I 3(i · DcLuxn C.-ifo _ __ :M G. W. Shirley S; Snti 31 A r k n n c n s Western Gai i Thn Krnnl Runim lil;islod n hifih rci ios ot ^2'l(t ;ind took t h r P i 1 Rnmcs from Ihe l l i t j h l l r n i l f i - y In miilnl.ilii llir- lTMl. The l i l n e · "Ijinie." ndvanced tn the I ' l m n e r - ' i n spot In l.-ikinc the n.T.U.'s 2 I. . Petir.v (.'ciurh of the's can- I '.nrcd all individniil honor. 1 ; w i t h ; his 2nn-,'i(), r i. The nine Flumes toppled 7S7 nliij, for high loam slnslc. L««guo Slnndlngi Wont nurncrs 12 B 'line Flsmes. n n P.rnllers . I 'i ;,.--! c - i l i - / p . ! , ; h i | i . -'. l.-ison; hor^e f i . . . Hfie Shi.i".; ivrl Mllpliairei'. I M - | , vl for Ihe f-;uu er Pre-h'-iei-i-n Chun-'i «. v.-hieh ir, being sp I 1 ': b ^IVl h fre-. · ···, ]·· i m- -v i nhd i, v Ihe · j 10 111 Mrs. Flnyil Hrown, Fort .Smith, "nrl M r s . l,oi] F n h i c n v . i M n a n d | 're.-: 1 t n n n ' H were ser\'ed bv H I P ' l'n-!r:.«. N'e?,-| m e e t i n g n-lll lie w i t h ! MIT. One Shinley on Mareh 7. | M i - " Palrich Anne r i i i l l i i w !!raii(Mniii!htcr of Mr. ami Mi-i F.-.y S m i l h . relelirnled her I d i h i l i i r t h ' h i v w i l h n p a r t y on Snnrlav. I Fi-lirii.-irv :i. The a f t e r n o o n w.n | · n e n l (iliiyin;; rames. Palsy m i l NT call" iiini her m o t h e r . M r s . I A n n e S l a f f n r r l of C l i f t y . .vorvp:l| lee c i e a i n niul lint ehonilate. j The !(ev. Tom Wilson of l l n n l - - ! villc eondurled n?rvlccs al t h e ] U l n d n v l l l e Preshyterian ( . i ; u r l : ' Siindny mornlnit. FeSrnary 3. Hi. next (ippoinlmenl is Febninry 17 Advcrllne In the TIMKS--U iwy»! cst Fork and Almi split in Raines playcrl last night st L Fork. The. Tiser boys tripped Ainlales, 43-37 in a rough tumble Riimc..t!ia't saw five. f r u i t y barilor · i t n i l v sumf your jeweler b e f o r e ; just amn'.eur-fv.iod. H v.'a;; a couple- \ choosinR jewelry--Hcebe'.s 30-(it! of notohes better t h a n t v 'yt. When H.'ilph finisl-e-l telHiu! what Bobby bad done tf» bim there was flnor--tnnn)'ntr anplauyn ;;ncb as n i i i r h t ne\'er te'nre bave nvk- ed I'm ballrnopi rf an erjually famous hotel. A weal many eyes j stanrlinK teams in the state, toppeci were no more dry t h a n those of the Ti^er (cirls, 41-23. iiicne, ot fliles. The show miR'it as w e l l ' Alma, made 23 points. . Alma ulnyers foul out and .two West Fork player*. Tanner, ot West Korl:, hiull with 17. The Alma cirls. one ol the out- S P O R T I N G G O O D S COIIVERr.r. n A S K C T D / V L L S H O E S n«SKCTBAl.l.S A T H L E T I C SOX PUHCKIMr DflOS GUN CAT'Cd AMMUNITION VOLLEY BALLS R A R KTLL LIFTS PING PONG SETS THOPHIBS-- IN STOCK G R O W M I H G SHOT CUNS J O H N S O N DOAT KOTOHt \ tie's \ Been "·\AROUVP RACING r/tfce BACK /'I TH£ BO'S \ jocxey ? fie "'r/A SPECIAL! I tot bn.'kclboll w a r m - u p luiti -- Io; boyi or glrll -- color red v/ilh while Irim -- zippfr at cuff of pants -- · $20.00 v a l u t -- lot S9.35 EACH SUIT. ONLY ONE SET OF. 15 LEFT. LEWIS BROS. CO. **** JIM" FITZSIMMQNS AT 79, we pf OF RAC/tiG lift stmto offliet'l ff-'UA,1-r foX ,r.QH TKe rfiiPLCCROM

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