Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 6, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 5
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·IMTHWIST ARKANSAS IIMIS, FayMMvllk, Arlconwi, Widnnday, February «, 1952 Truman Touches Big Question But Leaves Answer In Doubt (By The Associated Truss) i The big question--will T r u m a n ] run?--was loycd with but left dangling by -the president, last night. Addressing the Veterans ol Foreign Wars' annual 'congressional dinner in Washington, he touched on the 1952 presidential campaign. With a smile he said: "When 'the time conies, i ;im going to try to tell you what the right result is. . That is not an announcement." Earlier, the president had said he will, after all, oppose Senator K c f a U j V e r (D-Teim) i n N e w Hampshire's March 11 presidential preference primary. This reversed a previous statement that he would not slay in IhcVrace. Frank McKinney, the Democratic party's national chairman, said he hopes the president will decide "within 60 days" whether to stand for a new term. Meanwhile, the Democratic ILX- ecutive Committee, meeting in Washington, agreed speeches and demonstrations should tie briefer ' a t the Chicago National Convention lest TV viewers grow b'orcd. The committee' approved a $2,800,000 bucl.cct for Ihc mooting-a million of it for radio and TV-and issued the official convention call. Kerr On Primary Ballot Other political developments: 1. Senator Kcrr ( D - O k l a ) , in Omaha, consented to allow entry of his name in the Nebraska presidential preference primary April 1. But he wanted it understood that "if President Truman runs we'll all be for him." 2. Connecticut Gov. John Davis Lodge joined his brother, Senator Lodtfe (n-Mass), in support of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. 3. Oregon Democrats were wondering how to take "Eisenhower's name off their parly's primary ballot since he has identified himself as a Republican, Ally. Gen. George Nouner ruled erasure would require a court order or withdrawal by sponsors. 4. Senator Toft, speaking a t 1 a Lincoln Day rally in Hnrrlson- burir, Vn., attacked Ihc Truman administration's foreign policy, saying it "lost the peace after \ve won the war." 5. In Trenton, N. J., Republican National Committee Chairman Guy Gabriclson was re-elected a New Jersey GOP national com- mittcenian. Named with him was Mrs. Webster B. Todd of Oldwlck. Faulkner GOP Group "Hopelessly" Split Conway, Ark. - (W) - 'Faulkner County's Republican Central Committee is "hopelessly divided between the · forces of Eisenhower and Tuft" .for the parly's presidential nominee. So read a statement issued after a committee meeting yesterday. The group may carry its contest to the state convention. Winner Of Beover Award Minutes Count! Call Us! Emergency? Play safe by calling us. Our all - day, oil - night service insures you rapid delivery of all your drug needs. Call 3010 FREE DELIVERY CONYERS PHARMACY CORNER BLOCK fc D1CKSON Oil Commission Meets Oklahoma City-l/l'J-Thu Executive Committee of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission met today. Oklahoma's Gov. Johnston Murray, Gov. Sid MeM.ith of Arkansas, Gov., Edward Am of Kansas and representatives of the governors of Texas, Illinois and New Mexico attended. Marriages · Richard S. Stephcnson and Miss Wanda TomlinKOn, b'oth of Elkins, were married February 5 by Coun- ly Judge Witt Carter. Kay Calvcrl, Fort Rilcy, Kan., l a n d Miss Mildred Agin, Salina, ; Kan., were married February 5 by ! the Rev. J. Robert Moffelt. Josh Lee Galketchcr and Miss Emma R u t h Tcchcc, both, of Stil- wcll, Oltla., were married February 4 by Counly Judge Will Car- I ter. Bruce BraswcH and Miss Laura Nichols, both of Fayettcvillc, were married February 1 by the Hcv. Robert B. Hall. Robert M. Clark and Miss Mary L. Tarno. both of Ponca City, Okla., were married January 31 by the Rev. J. M. Asbcll. Theodore L. Bcelcr and M i s s W i l m a Louise Brink, both of Fay- elteville, were married January 31 by Ihe Hcv. D. L. Dykes. Jr. Roy L. Menegay, Canton, Ohio, and Mrs. Natalie Greenwood, F.ogers, were married February 1 by the licv. Herbert Gaylord I",irklc.y. Joe Gene Gillespie and Miss j Mildred Louise Dixon, both of | ! r aycttevillc, were married February 3 by the Rev. Cceil R. Culver. Cecil U l a n t n n ' Lee, Little Rock, and Mrs. Emma f.orene Valentine, Springdale, were married Fcb- the Rev. Aubrey S. which was presented to him as an outstanding a d u l t leader of Boy Scouts the night of January 22 at Ihe annual banquet program of the Wcsiark Area Boy Scout Council in the Goldman Hotel In Fort Smith. A s i m i l a r award was given to Donald E. "Gene" Rush of Harrison, and ·both \verc presented by Jim D. Meek, Fort Smith, chairman of the committee that made the selections. Vogt has been active In Scouting for five years and has held numerous positions in the organization. Rush is council commissioner for Ihe Wcsiark Area. (Doc Miller Photo) Robert L. Voijl of Rogers is shown wearing the Silv ver award Many Residents Reserve Special Numbers For Their Arkansas Automobile Licenses By LEON HATCH T.iltle Rock-(/P)-Want some special number for your next year's Arkansas automobile license tag? It's pretty simple--assuming somu one eUe hasn't already spoken for the number you want. Just write the State Revenue Department requesting the number. Then when license-selling lime rolls around again, you'll be given 'a chance to buy that tag for the regular price. Eut butler not try lo get a number below 100 or any numbers in even 100's. Chances' are they're already . reserved--possibly for many years back. The number of persons who want to reserve a special tag increases each year, according to the Revenue Department's automobile license supervisor, W. II. L. Wood- .yard, Jr. Two a U e i n p t s - l o slop or curtail the practice failed in Ihe 19nl legislature. One proposal would have forbidden the reservations. Another would have charged an additional fee for each tag reserved. ' ... Thousands Reserved Woodyard said most persons ap- ] between 5,000 and 6,000 persons had reservations for 1952 lags. This is out of a tolal of some 350,000 passenger car tags is.-;ued yearly. Woody a rd sai dmost persons up- 1 parcntly reserve tag numbers to corresponrl w i t h their telephone numbers. Others want the alrcady- reserveti numbers below 100--possibly because ol the real or fancied distinction a low number is supposed {o give. Or maybe just bc- cf.use' it would be easy to remember. One applicant wanted a certain ',?.·* hecnusr numerology, whose · ·- -, ihrrc is a definite connection between numbers . . . . . 1.1 ;o.runc, shower! tr.e n u m e r a l would be an auspicious one for him. Mrs. Eloisc Cobbs, who keeps the lag reservation records, said Ihc Ings most frequently requested are No. 13, No. 100 and No. 400. The demand for No. 13 seems fairly obvious. So perhaps to lesser extent does that for No. 100. But Mrs. Coblis was unable to explain why No. 400 was favored above others in the 100's scries. In case you're interested, No.. 1.1 is held by C. B. R a n h i n , Little Hock; No.-100 by Mrs. John W. Edringlon, Osceola; and No: 400 by T. C. Rainwater, Litlle Rock. Corresponds To Birthday A reporter checking the reservation book came across the name of Chief Supreme Court Justice "I t e s t e d C o n o c o Sypgr", says A. E. Stanbridge, Garapcman, Salt Lake City. "My engine Bevcrperformed better". "Relieve me, this '50,000 Miles--No Wear* story is nil you sny it is"-Harry \V. Brown, Oska- loosn, Kan. . "Conoco Slipej is th« finest motor oil on the market"--T. S. Young, Young Motor Company, Walsenburg, Colorado. "Checked car driven 39,000 miles on Conoco Super, ".Jos.H.Prestidee. St. Paul, Minn. "Never saw so little wear". Scout Oath And Law Accepted By Boys Joining Program Before n buy may bccume n Scout or Kxiilcrrr he p r o n m r s In priic- lii'C the principle's of the Si-nut Oath and I/iw in his dally life. THE SCOUT OATH Op my Honor I will do my bc. e t -To do my duly lo God ami my country, mid to obey the Seoul |.aw. To help other people n t all limcF, To keep myself physically strong, mentally a w a k e , and morally straight. THE SCOUT LAW 1. A SCOUT IS TKUSTWOKTHY-- A Scout's honor is lo be l i m t r - r t . j If .he were to violate his honor by tclliiiK a lie. or by c h n i t l n u , or | by not doing exactly a given task, when IriMcd on b i ^ honor, h r j may be directed to hand over his Seoul Radfic. 2. A SCOUT IS LOYAL. He is loyal to all to wlm-n loyalt.v is due; his Seoul leader, his home, and parents and c o u n t r y . 3. A SCOUT IS HELPFUL -- lie must he prepared to save lire, help i yea Moran Convicted On Charges Of Shakedown Former Deputy Comm'ssioner In New York Jailed Now Viirt.-'jTi-.lame'i .1. Mniai. ,il of former Maynr Williaii ( l ' l ) w y r r , v:ns i-ijir. iclr;l \»:,l Iliad! · _"' e.nil Court perjury conviction it wntoner of five years and a $2,1 fine. Hf w:ia found guilty of )y\ In t h e U. fi. .Senate Crime Co mine* about his relations withj RrDfildyn numbers racketeer, t A pro'Tf.'iiliori v/itnc£f- at M, mil's t r i a l , Jamcx F. Smith, tcsj l i f f J h'^ tiii'ncd over shakedov uiniicy!ly hi Moran. ; To c!«ns« tftn-i ficr partjt, fue skin and quick-: ly promote comfort, depend on RHIMOLT 1 " 1 " 1 .injured persons, and share the homo duties. Ho m u s t tin nt least one Rood t u r n to .somebody every day. nut a biother to m a M e n n i m l tit a S.')ii'l.(J(!0-a- Fire D c p a i l o u - M rint' Moran. who vr.rrl fir:.! . . . i.'oniJty fire cnfnini.i'-innrr undrr 4. A SCOUT IS F R I E N D L Y -- He is n friend It, Ml and a b i u l h e r t » i O'l)-/yrr wii* f o u n d s i i i l l y nn n i t every oilier Scout. ; n ( . n ,,ms ,,r e v i o r t i n n -md one ol : 5. A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS--He is pnlitc to a l l . especially t o : ;:,,,,!. ,"" (v women, children, a n d o l d people, a n d the weak a n d helpless. H e - . . ' * ' . ! must not take pny for being h e l p f u l or courteous. · ' n r n u i x i m u m pnsMMe .sen- · 6. A SCOUT IS K I N D -- I I c is n f r i e n d tn animals. Hr w i l l imt k i l l \ tri ; rc l ' ( " i ' !tl ht ; 3-18 ^ ; "K m prl;.on . nor h u r t any l i v i n g creature needlessly, but w i l l s t r i v e tu save a n d - »l"i"«!i's l u l l \ \ a s i c \ o k e d f i f t n , protect Mil harmless l l f o . : the m i y n-uurled ilr. verdict. Ik 1 7. A SCOUT IS OBEDIENT--Ho nbevs his parents. Scoutmaster, i was :,(·::! in Ihe cily p i i M m lo . Patrol Leader, and all other d u l v cim.stiluletl a u t h o r i t i e s . ' a w a h senleiiL'injj M » r r h 4, 8. A SCOUT IS CHEERFUL--He smiles whenever he e:;:-.. Hi:,; Tbe nn v Heliner.^! twn hmnx obedience to orders is prompt and cheery. He never .shirks nor Thc ' \/ | n j * ^ JhVSi II r!"!ri'' 9. A SCOUT IS THRIFTY--He dues not w a n t o n l y tlo-stiuy ··· · · · 1 f ' ; i v : h c f n r c ( Iiri '-'' 1 Sr-sslnnj · · - · - · USI , tt{ hk ,"""-' 1 prosecution .siiid M i i r a n wa Noal ind S m a r t l y Slyl.d Hill- cull nod Good Cltan Shtvtt HAIRCUTS ONiV iCk WHITE'S - BARBER SHOP 405 W. D1CK50H grumbles at hardships. A SCOUT IS THRIFTY--He tines not w a n t o n l y tlo.stiny propnrl.v.! ' "', ' '"11 " 1 ^i....... He a works f a i t h f u l l y , wastes nothing, and makes the best uso of his i .I." 0 J o n n A -. M u l l e n , opportunities. He saves his money so that he may pay his own ! '' 1(1 pt'csenihon .siiid .^ way, be generous to those in need, and h e l p f u l in worthy nhjeet*. i "'^ " K U i d i r i R g e n i u s ;md prttler- He mny work for pay but inusl not receive lips for eourle.sies nr ·· l01 " f ) f I h r r a t k e l in wliit-h o i l . good turns. " burner i n s t a l l e r s f-:ceUin» K i t e |)t 10. A SCOUT IS HRAVK---He has the niunigu to face daiiKer in spile of /era and tr. stand up for the right against the coaxings of Incnds or the jeers or threats of enemies, and defeat does not flown him 11. A SCOUT IS CLEAN--Ho keeps clean in body find thought, hlands r a r t i n e n t permits fm Ip'-iilimale jobs were ?haki i :i down, Tl:e f i x e d srhcHule' of i!lev,')il fees olle.etrd by in.spcrtnt.s r,\n»t:r\ fr«ni S5 to. for clean speech, clean spurt, clean habits, and travels w i t h a clean i $;),"), witnesses .siid crowd. 12. A SCOUT IS R E V E R E N T -- H e is reverent toward God. Hi- is f a i t h f u l in his religious duties, and respects the convictions of others in mailers of custom and religion. G r i f f i n Smith opposite 713. Judge Smith explained lh;it t h e number, which he's had for many years, corresponds lo his b i r t h d a y , J u l y J3. Tafi No. 1 i.i' re.scrverl a u l o m a U - cally each year for tlic current governor. No. 2 is held by K. J3. Winders, North L l l l l c Rod:. Ap- |)arcntly the highest number reserved this year was Nn. 370-000, by I-:. C. l l a r d i n , L i t t l e Rock, No. 711, w h i c h should be a n n t - ural in dicc-.shootine circles, was reserved by Jack Marncr, Larnar Baths. Hot Spring.-:. Oner a motorist has reserved a number, it's his from then on unless he decides he doesn't w a n t it any longer. So there's no point in getting in an early bid in the hope of la telling onto some already- taken number In 1953. Farmington Special church services will be conducted Thursday at R p. m. at the L i t l l e F.lm Baptist Church by Ihe Rev. E. A. Sharver, as.-lsted by a graduate student from Little Rock Baptist College. The Women's Society of Christian Service will lake up the study nt "The Book of Acts." Wednesday at 1:30 p. m. Mrs. M. E. Shlnn will conduct (he lesson. The meeting w i l l he held al the home of Mr.-:, n. L. Riggs. J. F. Broylcs has been relum- ed to the home of his son, H u n t e r Broyles, a f t e r spending IS days in Ihc Counly Hospital. . S t a f f S(!l. and Mrs. Don Hill and son, Darrcll. of Savannah, Ga., arc visiting Mrs. Hill's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Porter. Miss Barbara .lean Toncy. a student at John Brown U n i v e r s i t y . Siloam Springs, spent the weekend wilh.hcr parents, Mr, and Mrs. Troy Toncy, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pounds have gone In Los Angeles, Calif., where they arc employed. Mr. and Mrs. Junior Ncal have moved to the Pounds home. Mrs. Leslie Hickman and child are visiting Mrs. Hiekman's bus- Expert Service men say: "I got the story on 'SQOOOMiles-NoHbar' and changed to New Conoco Super Motor Oil" "I've driven 80,000 milea on Conoco Super", sava N i c k M o t z n e r , Twin Falls, .Idaho. "Average 23 miles per gallon". "Dreams of working on clean engines come truo when* c u s t o m e r s uso Conoco Sunjy:"--l^wis StoddnrtjBlackfootJdo. "Tourists i n s i s t on Conoco Super", rf;port.i Richard Punch, Mnna- per, Park Lnno Motel Gnrafte, Denver, Colo. "Changed lo Conoco Suner, driven 49,000 milcB without trouble", writes I. W. B n n n r d , Fort Smith, Ark. "After overhaul, Conoco Sunc_c cufttomcrft drive 50,000 morft milt*"-H. K. ComBtoch, Okln- homn City, W.OOO Mi fa-No Wear!" Niw-Car Pow«rt Quicker Stflrtil (Jet "summertime" pcr- fonmincenil winter, ChnnRe, now, to wintor-Briuie Oonoco Sijncj Motor Oil! Conoco Slinfit fighti off rust, corrosion and sluilgc, keeps your ongioo new nnd clenn. After n punishing 50,000-milo ronrt test, with proper crnnkcasc drains and regular care, engines lubricated with Conoco SilPfii Motor Oil showed HO wear nf any consequence . . . in (net, nn nvcrhge of less thnn ore one-thousandth inch on cylinders and crankshafts. Amazing proof: factory finishing marks were still visible on piston rings] AND gasoline mileage for the lout 5,000 miles WHH actimlly 9!). 77% as good as for t.ho/?rsC5,000! Thin test proved that Conoco SuMI. with OIL-PI.ATINO, can make your Mr rnst longer, perform belter, use loss guolino and oil. OliuCONTIHINTAl OIL C«MMMT Your and m Dealer ATTENTION: FARMERS WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING USED TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS FOR SALE AT BARGAIN PRICES - SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY. 1 1950 FORD TRACTOR 2 1948 FORD TRACTORS 1 1945 FORD TRACTOR 1 1941 FORD TRACTOR 1 H FARMALL TRACTOR 1 B FARMALL TRACTOR SHAW DUAL TRACTOR LIKE NEW WITH 4 PIECES EQUIPMENT 1 CUB FARMALL .TRACTOR WITH 5 PIECES EQUIPMENT 1 F 12 FARMALL TRACTOR, PLOW AND CULTIVATOR 1 F 20 FARMALL TRACTOR 1 LA JOHN DEERE WITH 4 PIECES EQUIPMENT 1 "76" NEW HOLLAND BALER 1 "77" NEW HOLLAND BALER 1 JOHN DEERE AUTOMATIC BALER AND RAKE 1 "50" T INTERNATIONAL BALER 1 REAR FORD. MOWER 1 SIDE HIAVY DUTY MOWER SOME GOOD HORSE DRAWN MOWERS ON STEEL AND RUBBER GOOD JOHN DEERE TILLER Hailey Sales Company YOUR FORD TRACTOR i DEARIORN IMPLEMENT DEALER HIGHWAY 71 NORTH 'FHONi 1619 band'*- parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Leslie llickman, Mr. H i c K m a n , w h n js in the Navy, is bcinu transferred to ti hnsc in New Mivrlantl. Mrs. W. L. Brown ha.-: been ret u r n e d to her hnmc f r o m t he i Kli?.nbclh Hospital. Her condiliun I reported improved. ! Mrs. John H, Johnson and daufihlcr, Mi.s^* Gayle JohnMjn, ol visited Mrs. Tout MonlRomcry Monday. Thc ficv. D. M. Kreis, Pnsinr Of fen se knew of il. Wnlf said Mniiin WJL- beinp m:idc a "political fnnlball . Moran. Ml, is H p p c t i l i n K » Fed-! BE QUICK ToTreit MOKCHITI! Chronic bronchitis may develop if you; cough. ch«t cold, or acute bronchiti, w not treated and you cannot sfforc lo take a chantc with any medtcim ICM potent than Crcomuhion wbic^ guci right lo Ihc scat of the trouble tc help loosen and e*pef germ laden phlegm »nd Rid nature lo nHthe Mnd heal raw, fender, inflamed, bronchial membranes. : O r c o m u l i o n h l c n d ^ beechwond cremntc by special proceu with olher lime tested medicine) for coujhs. It contains no narcotics. No matter how m a n y medicines you have tried, CrcomtiMion U Ruarantced, m p l e a s e you or d r u g R i i t r e f u n d ! money. Creomuhion has stood the tcit of many millions ol users. (Ariv i of the Baptist C h u r c h , has been j confined to his hnmc by J l u . Arkansas Gamblers Pay $2,650 Taxes Li t i l e Hock-f/TV-Arkansas gamblers' paid the federal government $2,lir)0 in taxes collected on v\flcs in January. The Bureau of I n t e r n a l Revenue office here -said yesterday that the! collodion represented 10 per cent! on bets totaling $26,500. j Lake St. Clalr has Inw marshy j shoros and a n a t u r a l m a x i m u m j depth of about 21 feet. i Lake Krlc borders on New York t State for an airline distance of (i-i j CHILLI SUPPER Wiggins Memorial Methodist Church THURSDAY, FEB. 7 Serving Begins at 5:30 P.M. Chili . . . 25 Homemade Desserts and Salads 10 Sponsored by Fellowship Class jor Advance I'/tnd Here's refreshment. . · ' real refreshment .plit In .light at ,s tripjiei . a rough ' ' ' · ' .t saw five : " ,Mt nnti two . Tanner, of ,;h with 17. one o[ the out, the sUtc, topped 41-23. liienc, ot pninls. J.LCY BALLS ,n Brit LIFTS NC PONG SETS STOCK DOWNING SHOT GUMt ID»m£9N COAT MOTOR* jp luih -- for boyx or gltls zipp«r al cufl of pants -- · SUIT. ONLY ONE SET OF IOITUD UNDII AUT fAYlTHVUU COCA-C

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