Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 6, 1952 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 4
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·4 NOmWUT *JK*NtA* TMMt, ArfcMWM. . February*, I*S2 Arkansas Jimr* Dillr D«m«r«ll Puklkh«l daily txctpi Sund.y by FAYETTEVILLE DEMOCRAT PUBLISHING COMPANY Robtrlt Fulbriahl, Pmldtnl ' roundfd Junt 14, 1110 Entered nl the post office nl Kayctlcvillc, ·Ark., is Second-Class Mall Maltcr. SUB E. Goihirt, Vlci Prtt.-Gin«ril Man«g» T«d R. Wyll., Edilor MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS T-.ic Associulcd Press U exclusively entitled, to the use fur rcpublicatlon ol all news dijpatchn credited lo il or not otherwise credited 1n this paper and also Ihc local news published herein. ·All richti o( rcpublkalion of special dispatches herein are also reserved. stmscniF'TiOH HATES f«i Wtfk (liy currier) Mill r4'i* In W M h i n s l n n . llpninn. » tie.. A r k . *»i Adiiir ruimly. O k l K . Ont iti.vMfi .- -. T(i:tf monlhi - - · .'--., Six month* . .Ont. year . . . .. Mall in ccuntlci other Ihfln *bove: Thrf rnnnthi -.Six monlhi- - * On» ) e « r ».TM All mm] pnynblc in ailvunc-e Mimbtr A u d i j Bunau of Circulations Kvury wiiy nf a man is vitrlil in his own eyes: but t h e Lord p n m l c r e f h tin: licarls. --Proverbs 21:2 - - - »' flfl »3 }" *«·" In Sincere Sadness . The d e n t i l (if K i n g (Icnrtfe VI of ICnji- ' land will leave (.be whole free world in nail- ness. A (rood leader who IIHH helped guide . (he destinies of B r i t a i n l l i r o u j f l r l h o loiiKh- · csl yours for the empire, lie w i l l be missed by those who liwo freedom and the d i g n i t y of hi«n. King George eiimc into the leadership of his.nation when his older b r o t h e r abdicated and left, t h e country w i t h his bride, . t h e former Wallis Simpson. Since, t h e new ·-·king "has dignified the office completely. The United States w i l l join Enirlimd and the empire In sincere Badness at the news of the king's .death. 1 ' .JL ; Learning The Facts A HOUKO subcommittee was to hoar today n story, told by a former Polish Roldier, rohUing how ho witnessed the mass slaughter of Polish officers vn Russia d u r i n g World War II. An cHlimated 10,000 Poles were shot down nearly .12 years ago in .Katyn Forest, I!'! liiilen.wcst of Smo-. Icnsk. It is said the Russians were re.inon- siblo, instead of the Nazis, as t h e Reds claimed. , , Similar facts have been "exposed" previously, without result. Only lhf« m o n t h in the American Legion magazine, a for: liicr ambassador goes i n t o some d e t a i l concerning.the massacre, c l a i m i n g not only ·'"thntlhe Russians killed the t l i o u s a n d K of Polish citizens, but t h n l t h e American government has hiished tip t h e fact t h a t H. has knowledge (if it. Now it seems that, the b r u t a l evidences will be bi'.nught out into tho light, so t h a t ..tlio-American public can form i t s own opinion. Not t h a t il will m n k e loo m u c h · difference at t h i s t i m e , for already we should k n o w ' t h e Kremlin 'well enough to understand the lengths to which it would jro in subjugating conquered people. Rut " n l least more people will learn the f a c t s · through Ihc appearance "of the Pole in Washington. Let A Jury Decide A good deal of feeling was gcneralcd here some weeks ago w h e n a y o u n g dog was killed at the homo of Dr. V. G. Riien- dcr, who yesterday -wan found ' g t t i l l y in Municipal Court on a charge of cruelty to animals. J i f f o r l s lo press charges of malicious killing of an animal were unsuccessful. According t o testimony presented in Municipal Court, the pup died as t h e result of a kick a d m i n i s t e r e d .by t h e homeowner in chasing the a n i m a l " from the premises, The d e f e n d a n t sard he slopped on (he dog. The neighborhood was pretty well tip- sot a f t e r the occurrence, and ( l i e c'uirgi's were pressed in court. Y e s f e n l a v a f i n i v o f $5 was decreed. An appeal has been t a k e n to Circuit Court, where we suggest a j u r y he allowed to hear I he case in d e t a i l anil make a decision. 12 m e n and women learn the circumstances of the case and return n verdict. · JL Hope of ill gain is I he beginning ( ( f loss.--Dcmoerittis. THE WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round BT DREW PEAnlOH WfithinKton--A lot (if iK'npIe hnve long fiK- iircd they could run the Voice t;f AmiM'icti jm- Knun much bettor Ihfin Hie inert who nrc run- nl»x It. This applies to about h a l f the members of CongrecK, any one of whom w l l l t c l l you exactly what .should be saltl on the broadcasts i/sicliing behind the Jron Curtain. A c t u a l l y , however, the State Department has weleonVed Ideas from ftll sorts of pcoph 1 , including congressmen, a? Ui w h a t should be on the Voice of America. Furthermore it ifi IHIW open to a u n i q u e idea. This i« to have the school children of Apier- iea broadcast to the school children behind tiie Iron C u r t a i n . . . · The most i m p o r t a n t objective iji w i n n i n g the peaee :iiul preventinR war is lo convince the people on the oilier side of the Iron C u r t a i n that the American people t r u l y wan! peace. Kvery flay the Moscow radio pours out a torrent of propaganda aimed at doing exactly the con- t r a r y -- n a m e l y , convincing -the Soviet peoples t h a t the American people want war. Obviously this is to hel|) steel the Hussian people to bear the tremendous b u r d e n of war preparation and the v i r t u a l slave labor of the a r m a m e n t factories. It's also to mould public opinion for the day when the K r e m l i n decides war is lo be declared. Soviet propaganda has been especially directed at the. youth of Russia--on the theory t h a t if you CUM briny up the next Rcneration steeped in t h e Idea t h a t the American people are Its chief enemies, then you don't have to worry about propaKandizinK them later; That's why thc school c h i l d r e n of the United SlalCK can do a Krcal .service for t h e i r country and for f u t u r e peace by cooperating; w i t h the Void! of America In youing the t r u t h behind tile .Iron C u r t a i n . They can t e l l \hv school children of* Russia wlinl l i f e is really l i k e in our schools, how A m e r i c a n children have the friendliest feel- IriRs t o w a r d other children all over the world, and how they have contributed generously to help their friends In o t h e r countries. The method of sending these "messages to Moscow" is now belnK discussed w i t h slate school superintendents. Obviously there w i l l not be roooi on the radio channels lo carry a message from every American s t u d e n t , fiul t e n t a l i v e plans nrc under way to have local school o f f i - cials pick the most appealing messages w r l l l e n by the children of city or stale and have t h e m transcribed for use on the Voice of America, A. recent scries of interviews with Russians escaped from behind the Iron C u r t a i n showed t h a t Soviet propaganda had made its hiucosl inroads on t h e children, They arc r a p i d l y becoming completely Thai is where the school children of America can do a great Job for their country In helping tu tell the t r u t h to the children of Russia. * * * Statuesque Sen. Guy G i l l e t t e , the Town Democrat, has got himself betwixt and between regarding his friend. Sen. .foe M c C a r t h y . As o h a i r m a n of (he subcommittee charged' w i t h Invrallgntliig McCarlhy, G i l l e t t e was the only s e n a t o r who privately opposed the probe. In I he secrecy of the commillee lie argued t h a t McCarlhy would gel hisirevenge on committee members and indicated t h a t he, Gillette, partially, agreed w i t h McCarlhy. In the f l n n l showdown, when Gillellc saw t h a i all oilier committee members were against him. be switched and voted for the Investigation. But he has never been enthusiastic. Other senators figured t h a t the Iowa senator's rcluc.-lancc was partly because Colonel McCormick's Chicago Tribune, strong M c C a r t h y supporter, has n big circulation in Iowa and might h u r t Gillette's reelection. An Interesting t h i n g has now happened. One of Colonel McCormick's editorials has now attacked Senator McCnrlhy for advocating an advertising boycott of Time maga/.ine, This was In r e t a l i a t i o n for Time's criticism of McCarlhy. Describing McCarlhy as "Low Blow .lee," McConnick's New York News, largest c i r c u l a t i n g paper in the world, commented: "The senator now threatens lo try lo persuade Time's advertisers to w i t h d r a w I h e i r business . , . You're no blushing oratorical violet .Toe, and you've got Hie whole U.S. Senate'as a sounding board. How about settling your squabbles t h a t wny, w i t h o u t getting suckercd i n t o fouling out?" Note--McCarthy also used the safely of sen- a t o r i a l i m m u n i t y lo call the S a t u r d a y Ei-piiing Tost pro-Communist. "This article," he said, re- I c r r i n g to Hie Post's criticism of M c C a r t h y . "Is almost 100 per cent In line w i t l i the official in- slrucllons Issued to the Commuuisls and fellow- t r a v e l i n g members of the press." * * + A federal Grand Jury is now investigating charges of another alleged $.100,(101) shakedown a t t e m p t . This lime the man involved is an Sfl,- (iOO-a-.vcar Senate employe, A l b e r t A. flrorud, who d r a f t s I n d i a n legislation for the Senate Interior Committee. The charge placed before the Grand J u r y is Hint Grorjid tried to shake f l o w n a former Washington attorney, Krnesl W i l k i n s o n , who had collected one of t h e largest fees ever awarded by the courts--$;t,000,(iO(]--for w i n n i n g a 20- year. .532.noo.000 legal bailie against Ihc government for t h e destitute Ule I n d i a n s . The slury made Ihc front pages two years ago. Mut before the l.'tes could spend I h e i r SllZ.noO.OOO, Congress had lo pass n special law Double Exposure nkjiyinj it. Crnrud is charged w i t h having Ihc Idea t h a t Wilkinson couldn't collect his $3,00(1,- ·000 fee u n t i l tlic law was passed. The-irony is t b n t Grorucl w;is mistHken, that Wilkinson's foe did not require Congress' approval. Hnwcvrr. Wilkinson complained In the. FBI that Grorud tried lo shiikc him down ror a cool half m i l l i o n . Wilkinson's story to, the FBI was that Grorud had p o l n t r d out his strategic pusilion ns' tho ,si;tff expert who d r a f t s Indian laws and hud claimed lo bp able lo i n f l u e n c e t h e outcome of special law fnr the Utf Indians. In return for t h i s influence, Grorud allegedly suggested t h a t W i l k i n s o n contribute" $500,000 to a "campaign fund" tn reeled the KLMinlors on the Interior Committee. The FBI InvcstlKnlod, find found that the .senators had not authorized Grorud to collect a "campaign f u n d " and had nothing to do w i t h Grorud's alleged proposal. 1 Wilkinson is now president of the Rrigham Young Universily in Provo, Ulah. Grorud is- s t i l l on the Senate payroll. One senator has gone lo hat fnr Grorucl--Ne- braska's Hugh Butler, the Inlcnnr Committee's top-ranking Hrpublican. lie lias protested privately that the charges against Grorud nrc "ridiculous." Note--When this column rlitl the courtesy of asking Grorud for his side of the story, be first rr-pratr-d: "I don't know what you're t a l k i n ? about," I n f e r claimed t h a t this, column had .seen « transcript of the Grand J u r y record. lime BTHALBOVLF Washinslon-f/I'J-Wilbur I'ceblc. the average American citizen, took a Jew daj-s off lo see for himself what really is uoiiiii on in this home base of democracy. He tells his first impressions of the nation's capital in the following letter to his wife: Dear Trellis Mac: Well, honey, here I am in the arsenal .of politics. 4 You can q u i t worrying right now about us being causht un- Ihal he couldnt awfnt the nomination to Governor Stevenson of Illinois or anybody else but himself. Resides, he feels Taft will Ret the Republican nomination and he t h i n k s he can beat Taft." · The rest of the conversation at the- parly was. mostly about what government official would be thrown out next. T/hat is the most popular guessing ^ame in lhu capital: "Who's on his way o u t ? " I told one fellow at the party prepared by another bis war. T h c l t h n t kind of gossip was heartless, irst thing I noticed was that t h e ' a m i he said: Pentagon has an annex. That proves \ve ipust be rcari-y for any emergency. There is "No. You see, everybody in this town is always on his way out. t It's ji'st a matter of when. They a heartening air o f f did used to let a ffuy warm his virtue about Washington ritfht scat for- ;\ month or two before Thirty Years Ajo Today (Faycltcvillc Daily Democrat, February 6, 1922) , Boy Scouts nf Troop Number One have taken the second d e f i n i t e steps towards a City Beau- t i f u l and w i l l place white-painted barrels at convenient points over, town for trash receptacles. This is only a part of their planned volunteer work in the community-wide campaign. Subscriptions totalling $40,000 towards the proposed capital stock of $2,000,000 for t h e incorporation of the FHycttcviHc Building and Loan Association launched by the Chamber of Commerce were subscribed last evening at a ireeling of the Chamber of Commerce and building and loan association committee. now. Billy Graham, the handsome youns evangelist, is sternly attacking sin at one end of the city and Congress is giving it hell at the other end. No evil-doing can stand up under this kind of cross-fire and if [here is any corruption left here il must have gone underground. They say that even the "five .per- centers" are so ashamed of themselves they have reduced t h r i r rnics to four-and-onc-half per cent. J promised to prive you the low 1 ' ;Iown--lh_e inside straight on what is gointf on here. But the hardest :hing to pin down here is a fact, [·'acts whisper in Washington, rumors shout. + * * All anybody seems to know for sure is what he overhears. My dea of Washington right now is a bunch of people standing in a circle with t h e i r . hands to their cars, each trying to hear what the next fellow is whispering. The .rouble is nobody seems to really enow anything. The biggest whisper factories ire the cocktail pa'rties, just like inck home. I went to one party. Icre is a remark 1 overheard-and you can take it for what il is vorf h: "President Truman has positive-, ly decided to run ac.'iin. lie figured they started sc'reaming he was incompetent or subversive. But now they start t a l k i n g about throwing him out before he even arrives lo lake over his office." * * · Then this man asked me if I was looking for a post. When I started shuddering, he said: "Well, if you ever do, I'll give you a t i p . The only sure way to f!ct a job in Washington is, to announce you don't want it and that you double-dog-dare the Senate to confirm you if. you are appointed. Well, you know senators. They never take a dare." Oh, yos. T forgot to tell you-a wave of dieting is sweeping the capital. Everybody is climbing on a diet or just falling off one. A government employe I met at lunch explained why: "It's election .year," he said, "and we don't want people saying \vc are living off the fat of the land." I told him to go on and have another caloric -- us taxpayers aren't that sensitive. Well, I must close now as I have just been invited to tv/0 more cocktail parties. Somebody must have spread an ugly rumor that I'm going to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Your loving husband, Wilbur. Questions And Answers Q--What stale borders on f o u r of the Great l,akcsV A--Tile State of Michigan borders on Lakes Superior, Michigan, H u r o n a n d ' K r i e . ' Q-r-Why-do garnets vary in color? A--The range of colors is due to differences of chemical composition. That is why yon f i n d ml, yellow, brown and Ercnn garnets. Q--Who was the lasl presidential c a n d i d a t e nominated by ihe Whig party? A--General "Winfielrt Scotl was nominated l\v the Whigs in 1852.. Twenty Years Aco Today (r'aycUcvillc Daily Democrat, February 6, 1932) Wilh rotnrn of warm wealhcr, those in charge of Ihe Community Employment Bureau especially are urging local residents lo have their gardening started next week, calling the Bureau for workers, Six men were placed before noon today and several odd jobs arc listed for next week. Ten Years Airo Today (Northwest Arkansas Times, February 6, 1942) Twenty-five young people of First Christian church w i l l participate in a worship service Sunday m o r n i n g at the church in observance of Youlh week. "We Musi Be Christian" is the theme of the worship service. The 32nd N a t i o n a l Boy Scout Week was observed here w i t h a reminder of FayeU'cvillc's First Scout and America's lasl frontier scout, Carlos (Charles) L. von Berg, who lived here from 1909 u n t i l his death, and founded what is believed to be Ihe first actual Boy Scout troop ir, the nation. Dr. Logan's Thcy'll Do It Every Time IN-O*. By Jimmy Hallo AtfD FlMGUS-HO\V TO SEE XXI- WE HERE IfJ THE LOUNlGE-BUT I IMS IT WE DO MEM PASS.'! TIIK K T O H Y i J r · * t t l.ffKKn. vrlm.r trr-II-nnlcm! l i f e U ujmot J.j hrr H t t r n r l l o n to n j tm* »nrt r h n r m i n f r l i l i i p h y a l i - U l . I V l r r Nur- Inov. ronlrlhtitrn to 1'rtrr'n ninvr- Hirttt of nltim rlrnrnnrr MK n f l n n l (trtliirr, niitl n f l r r u nrriN pi tin* ttrvrr IA *rr I'rttr nlont* ncnin. To mine the mmcT, .l«*mirt Nun « i ) i l n riLiniond I n v n l l r r r w h i c h *hr I n h r r l l i - i t *»i Kftvr I'Hrr n rrr- I f f l c i l rhrrk f n r Ihr n m n n n l . ft'.MMI. I V I r r In Itt thr mliltflr of n H K h t nl Anttrl'.-. h n . p l l t i l vthrrr hr in riotnic rrimrrh tn n l n n i l r mfrtlHnr. M n i - v.H! Com, h o h n l t n l hrml. hotdN rrnl r i l N l r In the »1nm* nnd hr IK irj-- ( i r r l n t I h i l l t'rlrr, nf ft n »nlu n r\~ f r i e r itltlrclrri lo tlcriiitiii flu* IOT- n l l r o n t h , Hr. Cus I.orvnit. n i t t ·itniircilim: h N »vlfr'i« l i U t u u i i l U i n , hnH »g|nnt-trtl Prior. -XXI r rHURSDAY morning. .Uric 15, * Maxwell Cola, forlificd by Ihc i m i n j i c u l n t e sweetness of Valencia oran«e juice, fnccd the fact that 10 tliis day he hud lived one half of » century. Do.spito liis wealth, he had worked hiu'ti. No one could say Hint ho was the la?.y, spoiled son of a rich man. He had n.'. missed n day at Ihc hospital in 10 years. Hi? hnusrd his piiralylfo sisler whom another mnn might hnvc put nwny. No one could sny he WHS not n d u t i f u l son find brother, tte.sides, K.lvirila'K presence in Ihc 14-room house finvc point tn ils upkeep, and Maxwell would linve been loath to abandon It now that he was master. Hr RII.VO $10,000 a year (his hns- pilat salary) lo charily ns his fat h e r had done before him, and ho livcl comfortably but modestly 011 the Income from the wine business, paid his property tnxcs from tho profits of Ihe fllvirlln Hench Hotel, and never touched his prln- cipnl. Neither miser nor spend- t h r i f t , m i n d f u l nf family and comm u n i t y obliflnlions, he led an cxcmplnry life. lit dittounlcd the Intern* 1 c«ll- t wilh rW, ItanJoM Mo.u, Inc. , HtA UBVICt, Uc ing him "The Crumb" nnd "Fig- fncc" -- nicknaming was ;i common form of rebellion nmong ^under- linss in a large institution. But tlierc was Gus Logan, who hnd been heard to say Hint he never met ;t mnn so devoid of h u m a n feeling. There was Pellelicr, the most popular man :it the hospital, who at a closed meeting had denounced him as a "double-dealing politician with the eyes of n dead Lit mouse and the soul of a banshee." (He had examined his eyes in the mirror for some time nftci j that and had pondered Uic dictionary's definition of a banshee,) To Maxwell Cot a, who had been^ eavesdropping all his life, these snipings had l i t t l e sling-- his position at the hospital was secure; the board of directors was solidly behind him -- but * they proved again that he was not "one of the boysj* , he did not need · people. In a struggle between his wonts and his money, his morals and Ills money, his dreams and his money, money was always the victor. H was hero In the very center of his Achilles' heel t h a t Peter K m i n o v had unwillingly pricked him, for among Maxwell Cola's properties were sumo downtown slum properties on which taxes were low, and the upkeep aero except for the small salnry of the rent collector. Krom the first, Cola had felt a n t i p a t h y toward the lull Kussian.' When, however, he heard of Surlnov's interest in public housing, heard Ihnl Surinov had token part In the demonstration against restrictive covenants, h« determined to break him. In this decision, Cota sincerely felt that ho would he acting in the host intcr- fcxt* of Angcl.s University Hospital. There was no icul evidence llui Ihc man was a Communist, but there was reason lo suspect it from his rabble-rousing behavior. Peter Surinov's insurgence in tfTc matter of the loyalty oalh had played direclly into his hands. It transformed any action taken against Ihe mnn from persecution lo patriotism. The Monday night meeting had been a disappointment to Cola. The fact that he, .superintendent, had to get a vote ot permission from a bunch of doctors who knew nothing about administration in order lo fire a non-medical employe, was infuriating, The founding fathers had undoubtedly meant well when they organized the hospital as a democratic autonomy, separate from the university proper. They had maintained that the doctors were better equipped to run a hospital than businessmen and politicians, and they had accordingly drawn up a charter which provided that a medical executive committee, composed of staff dc- purlmcnt heads, make hospital policy by means of majority vote. Dear Miss Lix: I have 'a very J h a t e f u l disposition and wnulrl l i k e lo know how to correct it. I'm sarcastic and seem u n a b l e to avoid making remarks t h a t to me seem f u n n y , but which I know arc hurting someone's feelings. I\nm 20 years old, and very fond of a man 26. At present, he likes me, but I know he'll change as soon as he realizes what sort of temper I have. I want people lo like me, but seem to repel them instead. Fay Answer: You're on the road to success as long as you realize your shortcomings so well. A" sa'rcastic tongue, can be controlled very easily, once you make up your mind that it is a liability rather than an asset. I often wonder why so many people consider c u t t i n g remarks the very acme of humor. There are many roads you can take towards a sunny disposition; the one 1 am about to suggest seems to me the .shortest. Make an appointment with your pastor; explain your d i f f i c u l t y to him and ask for a recommended list of books on improving one's disposition. -There arc in a n y spiritual volumes which, if carefully road and followed, are bound to give you a different outlook on life, and a subsequent change in your altitude towards other people, Ask For Prayers Ask him, also, to suggest a few special prayers, t h a t you can say for humility and a belter understanding of your fellow men. A good disposition is the. most priceless g i f t a person can possess. Fortunately, unlike so many other gifts of nature, it can be acquired. The first step in ils attainment is one you have already taken -- a realization of one's K were I I men on the com- mitlcc. The head of the orthopedics department was in bed wilh a virus, the eye man on summer vacation. The Chief of. Staff and at least three others could be counted on to vote Cola's way, had in fact prepared brief speeches which he had already read. Jf Warner and Happaport persisted in supporting Pellctief and Logan, that made four against four. The pediatrics man, who could break the tie, had not returned Coin's repeated phone mils. II was possible thai Pcllctier had already got to him. Well, if the doctors would not see reason In this matter, Cola was prepared to exploit n political connection or two. There were plenty of men In the state of California who understood the publicity value of crying "peril!" -- especially now thai they faced the November elections. Nor, would the incumbent oftlcc-holders ob- Jecl to Ihe support of "*o university's powerful regents who were fighting mad about resistance of nny hind to the loyalty check they had devised. (T. "'" shortcomings and an earnest desire to conquer them. The suggestions I have made will help, but are only the second step. The final step is to put others before yourself; t h i n k of t h e i r needs and their feelings. This can be most easily accomplished by u n d e r t a k i n g some form of charitable or welfare work. By doing good for oth- - crs, you'll soon lose the smallncss of spirit that is responsible for your present mean disposition. If, for instance, you take on a "job of ' entertaining sick children in a local hospital fdr a few days a week, you can't go among them with a long face, or a sarcastic tongue. The good humor you must have for these youngsters will stay with* you long n f f e r you leave the hospital. After a while you'll find it very hard to t h i n k of a sarcastic quip, and harder still to-say one.'* The task ahead of you isn't easy, but believe me. Fay, it is (he most worthwhile thing you've ever done. No one loves a mcan- tompcrrrl woman, and if you continue with your present disposition j-ou have a long and lonely future ahead of you. Mure Livestock Butchered [ Little ,Kock -f/P)- .Commercial jslaufhlci;crs in Arkansas butchered J9 per cent more livestock irt 1J151 than in 1950, the Crop Reporting Service said tod-ay. Find The Cause New York-(/P)-Vincent Aincn complained to police that his 75 pigeons .didn't come home even (hough tliey vcre homing pigeons. Last night police learned why. They found the birds in a pen where some small boys had kept them after taking them from A/nen's coop. * Feathered Friends Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL I Early bird of Spring · 6 Birds of peace '11 Procession 22 Declaims 14 Lives -15 Woolly 16 African pert 17 Quiet 19 Resin 20 Egyptian river 22 Pigpen 23 Goddess of youth 24 Rob 26 Divers 28 Republican party 30 Swedish city 31 Reception room 34 Placed 35 Vendor 37 Fathers 41 AilmenU 42 Wrong (prefix) 44 Verdi opera 45 Brazilian coin 46 Large i*a duck 48 Huge 49Choo««i 51 Mansion 53 Dedicate 54 Deputies 53 Wading birds 58 Heads VERTICAL IHant 2 Song bird 3 Evil 4 Roman 4it* IBirdi'bMMt OI-JEIiiUIIH 6 Ore concentrators 7 Verbal 8 Covered- wagon 9 What-not 10 Bay in Portugal 11 Aches 13 Dionysos' mother 29 Pledges ISgelongs 31 Mated 21 United States' 32 Hereditary bird emblems \mits 23 Goddess of 33 Relief hearth-fire (sculpture) 25 Diving bird 36 Free 27 ViewS (Fr.) 38 Ribbon 39 Decree! « Wise men 43 Individual leal 4 Girl's name 47 Fury 50 Book of Bible. (ab.) 52 Meadow

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