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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 5, 1952
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IHl PUBLIC INTEREST · THI FIRST CONCERN OF THIS NEWSPAK* Associated Cress Leased Wire AP, King and NEA Features lOCAt FORECAST-- " Xiiyeiicviile and vicinity partly rlntifly tonight and tomorrow with not much change In tr-ms)frtiire. High temperature yesterday -11; I"-.': 27; noon today 43. Sunrists 7:IS; sunset 5:50. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 16S FAVETTEVIILE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 5, lfS2 PRICE FIVE CENTS Truman's Name AreaSoldiers Back Home From Korea On Ballot In NewHampshire Preslderii Says Request Made By Party Men Does Not Indicate Move Means He Is Candidate Changes Made In Government Of B u l g a r i a Vienna, Auslria-Wj-A shakouf --possibly a purge--within the Bulgarian government was reported here by .Tass today. In a dispatch from Sofia, thc Russian news agency said lhc Bulgarian Parliament approved s e v e ra changes in the government yesterday proposed by pro-Moscow, Premier VuJko Chcrvenkov. Dr. Kiril . Dramaliev was , moved from the post of education candidate for lie Democratic 1 [ minister and given "another ac- presidehLial nomination. j tivity." ' He was succeeded by Tlie While HOUEJ made public I Dcmia Oiancv. Boris Taskov, a letter in which the president j chairman of the statc supply and said he liad yielded to thc re- ! slatc reserve administration, was Washington-Wj-Presidenl Truman today decided to let his name remain on the ballot in the Nc\v Hampshire primary election as a . of Chairman Frank McKinney of the Democratic National Committee and "many good Dcm- rcmoved and.replaced by Nikola Trajanov. Sava Ganovskj ocrats in New Hampshire" who } Chairman of thc Committee for are "of the opinion t h a t my name ; Science, Art and C u l t u r e and re- should be left on the ballot." , placed by Ruben Lcvi. Only last Thursday Mr. Tru- Tass sairi t h o Bulgarian Parlia- man hajt said, he would have his m c n t nlso approved a law model- name taken off thc March U New i n £ the entire B u l g a r i a n lesal'sys- Hampshire ballot. Ht said such !om f l f t c r t h n l of lhe Soviet Union, preferential primaries are only eyewash and don't mean a n y t h i n g when convention time arrives. He ! i said his decision to get out of the ' New Hampshire race would not p* . · · preclude his r u n n i n g for reelec- r v ^ C I J I TC If"! tion, if he decided to do so. : ' X *-"J^I I -^ I ' I Sen. Ester Kefauver of Tennes- i see is ci ·nd Tr will afford something of a test j Between them. I The president's letter, to New Hampshire Secretary of Stale Enoch D. Fuller, did not disclose whether he actually will seek- re- ! y. j amcs p t n k had ruled that cvi- elcction. I cicncc was i n s u f f i c i e n t to convict Truman wrote Fuller: ; Dog's Death i. Ester Kefauver nf Tennes- i p-. ^^ ,- -K -entered in New Hampshire, I f- I K^O f IT n I rruman's derision to stay in I ' " '^* ^** ' *f^«-' A retired University faculty member, Dr. F. G. Baender, WHS fined $5 and costs this morning in Municipal Court on a charge j of cruelty to aniinsis after Judge "Thank you very much for your telegram conccrniiiR the presidential preference 'primary in New Hampshire. I am most g r a t e f u l to those whn signed the petition in my behalf. "ft is my understanding l h a t , in your state, the presidential preference primary is purely advisory and has no relationship to the election of delegates. My statement at my press conference last week was intended to explain that such primaries do not hind the delegates. Not only do 1 not object lo such primaries, hut I haVe long favored a nationwide presidential primary so t h a t I h p voters him on a charge of malicious killing of an animal. . Dr..Bacnder, 424 Rebecca Street, was charged in connection with Ihe death January27 of a pup. The state charged he found the two- months- old a n i m a l in his yard and kicked it lo death. Among state witnesses was Lynn Cloud, nine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Cloud, 418 Rebecca, who testified he saw the retired mechanical cnginoerinfi teacher kick the dog a- few seconds before it died. Testifying in his own behalf, Br. Bacnrier told Deputy Prosecutor Peter Estds that he is a dog lover, but docs nut like dogs in his yard. He admitted killing the pup but said it was the result of could really candidates."However, choose their own dc "\- lh , at h c stepped nn the dfig while chasing it out of his yard ,°*"F rsh 'l "( ««: d°8 was not I had thought it would be better for my name not to appear on any ballot at this a candidate for president until I am ready lo make an announcement as to whether I shall seek reelection. But lhe chairman of the Democratic N a t i o n a l Committee and many good Democrats in New Hampshire are of the opinion t h a t my name should be ! Washington -(A*)- The clear. Apparently lost, it had been kept by Mr. .inri Mrs. Cloud for several days before its death. Committee Considers McDonald Appointment left on the hallot. At t h e i r sue- I Banking Committee tries again hall not ask Way to end a deadlock which ke . The president's l e t t e r was handed lo White House reporters · by Presidential Secretary Joseph Short. Senate . i lo- fiestion, therefore, I shall not ask pday to end a deadlock which keeps you to take my name off the list." j Harry A. McDonald from bceom- infi boss of thc Reconstruction Finance Corporation. W. Stuart Symington is holding the post re- l u c t a n t l y u n t i l a successor takes over. President Truman's nomination of McDonald has been bottled up in the committee since January 10, largely because of questions raised by Senator Douglas (DI I I ) concerning McDonald's ethical standard*. McDonald now is chairman of -Size Of Girdle Before State Commission Charleston, W. Va.-(/l)-The statc Labor Commission had on its hand.-: loriay lhe problem of a girdle which a slore insisls is size 31 lhal won'l fil a woman purchaser who insists that she it sue 34. The Bureau of Weights nnd Measures is a division of the Labor '^ommisiion. Labor Commissioner Charles J. F. Saltier said he would deal with the purchaser's com- plainl by measuring lhc girdle to determine If there is a possibility of short measure. Strike In Ended Mexico City-(XI)-A crippling strike in this capita] city of 3,' OOO.OOn elided laic lasl nlglil a f t e r s h u t l i n R . o f f eleclric p.'iwer and water supplies for 10 hours, ; Poultry Market -- . The poultry market loday as ro- porlcd by the University of Arkansas I n s t i t u t e of Science and Technology and the Dairy and i Poultry Market News Service of th* U. S. Department of ARrlcul- , (tire. . Northwest Arkansas m a r k o t *learly, demand good, volume of trading above normal. All prices F.O.n. farm rcporlod up lo 2 p.m. .lotlay, broilers am! fryers a l l , weights, 28 lo 3» cents, mostly 2B, Ihe Securities and ExchanRe Co mission, an agency under investigation in the House. Enfield Submits Plons For New County Garage BcnUmvillc-(Spccial) - C o u n t y Judge 13111 Enfield announced this morning that he had submitted plans for a new two-car garage to be built behind the county jail. Thc building is lo be a 24-fool square cement block structure with a wooden roof. The Rcnton County Quorum Court has recommended building thc garage for thc past two years, Judge Enfielrt said. The Judge said that he plans to advertise Jor bids on the project In the near future. Second Group Of Guardsmen At Camp Chaffee . Camp Chaffce-(Spccial)-A second contingent of Arki.nsas Na- tiohal Guardifnen who h a v e been on the KaUlefront in Korea arrived by special (rain at Camp Chaffee late yesterday. They were to be processed out loday, and were expected to be on their way home by this afternoon. S i x t y - f i v e men were included in the arrivals. Members of lhc S36lh and 9.17lh Field Artillery battalions, they were met at the camp by members of their families, by Camp C h a f fee officials and greeted w i t h music by the Fifth Armored Di T vision band. They were escorted to the mess hall where they heard an orientation lecture and then were released u n t i l processing exercises today. They followed a group of Ida who arrived J a n u a r y 22 from Fort Lawlon. Thc group yesterday came lo Chaffee from Camp Stoncman, where they were sent after arrival in this country aboard the U3NS Hasc. The Arkansas u n i t s went i n t o 'cdcral service in IS-iO and were sent overseas a short lime later. Another unit of men i.-: expected o arrive at this camp later t h i s iveck. Sixty-seven A r k a n s a s scrv- ccmen were aboard the Transport len. W i l l i a m Black, which docked at San Francisco Sunday. They ncludcd: Sst. Duane F. H u l l , Jr., Hogcrs. Cpl. Jim Burgc, Jr., Fayctle- ·ille. Set, Eddie S. Collins. Route 1, Rogers. Cpl. Charles E. Keen. Houto 7, 'ayetteville. Cpl. Stanley F. Knowlcs, TCogefs. Cpl. Jack M. Marshall, floeers. Sfc. Jim B McChristian, Route , I'ayctlevillc. fife. T. E. William'-, Jr., Fay- iieville. Cpi. Jtck G.' Wright, Rogers. Six Fatalities Monday In SUte, Record Shows L i t t l e * Rot:k-(/l J )-Six f a t a l i t i e s were reported Mondny in Arkansas. Thc Ihrec-yerir-old t w i n sons ot Mr. and Mr.«. Vic Bnmham died ot burns suffered when their home in Gillclt, Ark., wu.s destroyed by fire. Dead arc Lavonne and Dcnovan Bnmham. Mr. and Mrs'' Branham and five other children were hospitalized in Little Kock and DeWitl with burns. The fire apparently started when fuel /oil exploded. A Little Hock man was killed in a construction accident; a Blylheville man was burned fatally in an explosion and a Memphis man died a f t e r being hit by a car at West Memphis. Wilburn Knox McConncl, (M, was dead on a r r i v a l at a Little Rock hospital after a crane collapsed and struck him at Oak Grove school, three milci west of North Little Rock. At Malvcrn, a rfcjrro man was slabbed to death and his wife was charge" with first degree murder. Kills Two And Then Takes His Own Life U. N. Assembly Adjourns Failure To File Tax Reports Results In Revocation Of Licenses By Governor Corporate chartcr.vif t h r o e Fay- clluville corporations and of three Hoftcrs f i r m s were revoked yesterday by- Governor McMath for f a i l u r e to file tax reports for three years. The Fayctlevillc firms had previously ceased npc'i'aticms. MrMtith also revoked charters of 122 other Arkansas firms and of 2fi oul-of-state corpor;itions for the same reason. The lists were prepared by the Tax Division of the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Northwest Amansas firms affected were the A -C I.i me a ml Gravel Company, M u l t i p l e Wall Corporation, and Smith Canmiiu Company, Inc., all of Faycllcvillc; and Heat 'n Eat, Inc.. Oziirk Trav- clade, Inc., and Skyline Theaters. Inc., all of Roscrs. The A-C company bcfian opera- lions in December. I!MH, w i t h a now plant south of West Fork,! producing a c r i c u l l u r a l lime. A. A . ' Children; of West Fork was genera!: manager. Thc company was adjudged tn be insolvent in December, !!)50 .in Chancery Court. James R, Hale was appointed receiver. The M u l t i p l e W a l l Cnrpuralimi was formed in September. 1048, to m a n u f a c t u r e concrete b u i l d i n g , blocks, with P h i l l i p If. Rogers as j Supply Centers Of Communists Under Attack No Fight On T h i s Season's Racing Planned L i t t l e r t u r k - . · ' ! ' - A n iMj,';Mii/.rl rhiUT'i a t t a c k on Ic^.'tl hniM- IJK-- i n g in A i k ' i i i M i s has br?ii k'!;iyxl w h i l e its .vpuMsurs i.crk the su;- pori of iilr the state's rcliniour (.Viminiiiaiiun?. Mr-pling in cln.ed jK?.ssi(m hen; vo.torday, the A n t i - C;.'mil)lin» I.ciiyiip vuicrl to suit- mil n d r a f t nf a nropnncd run- :itilutio;uil amonrhncMit tn o u t l a w Korea - MM - American pari-mutucl licit in-; in the; MMc Infantrymen Resume Hill Position After Red Troops Leave ·Seoul, i Discussion Of Korean Issues Is Postponed West V/ins Voting In F i n a l Action Of Paris Meeting sixth General. f the Unitrd Nations resident agent. H has since been i lbcuu , . ,, . .-. : dissolved; Incorporator.i ' w e r e warplanes today blasted two hi« j nwrmblics of cnch rrliRious BI-OUJI. I ; i f U""im i l Jorl.ty a f t e r voting tr* rp Rogers, V. James Ptak, James A. Smith, and J. R. Crocker. Smith C a n n i n g Company was owned by the late Clarence .T. Smith, a one-time University j'oot- hall star and F a y c t t c v i l f e insurance man, u n t i l hip death in May, 1948, Ho founded t h u company in 1041). , Latvian Refugee Tells Of Battling Reds In Russian Embassy In Stockholm Stockholm. Sweden-(/|')-A big · told his story to f;idory hands. brawny Latvian refugee said he fought his wny out of the- Soviet Swedish police look the f u g i t i v e Cnmmiinisl .supply rcMtcr.t into ruin.-;. M u s t a n g pilotr. reported large fires ftnrl ex o Ins km s were set o f f by t h f i r 5flO-nnund bnrnbs and rockets. One of the CPU tors was northeast of S i m n n k mid the ot^rr nast of N i i m r h o n i n m . Both cities are less lhan . r () air miles nortInvest nf thc truce t a l k site -at Pa n m 'tin jinn. R e t u r n i n s a i r m e n said tho tu*o center? reduced to ruin? The F i f t h AI dny's c x n l n s i v p attacks leveled ! almost 130 Red MJnpl.y b u i l d i n g s | and revetments and cut rail l i n n s j in fl. r places. A total nf Ji!)2 sorties j were flown. 'Of rnursc. it w i l l lake smm-| P ( " : M""' ih;i;ur:-.inn nf t i m r , " said t h e Hov. H, K. Sdph j l « » t i l i c i i l i. i J.-U"s u n t i l xn a n n n t i nf Bi'ntcin. a ami p i w i d c n l President. Luis Padilln ,\rvn the Ictijfiic. Hi- sjiul s i i ' i i n i i i a t i n n s meet spring; others i;i the fall. Parts Of 71 n tu*o centers worn | | * i -T- °,·*.,,, said,he!Highway To Ren In Security Polite headquarters | Hill Position llrr(ircii|iiril for questioning. The police refund I II.N. i n f a n t r y m e n recaptured r with R knife hvc tod.y | ,,, mH jc any 'statcmcnU K, the hm po s i,in'n wilhnul nrhi a ,.,,,i. By FLOYD CARL, JH. Parts "f H i u h w a y 71 -- 10 niilri i a i l -- between Fayettevillc a n f Winslow w[\l be re-surfaced in ,. . . . . . . . ,_. t i l l I - - | « l l I J I l l . - l H ( I ' l l »\ I l l l l P U l I I I I I I H after being attacked by six H u s - ' · .ws. When police arrived at t h e ! c h i n c c n., cls , nf)k , h . n i ] l sians. ' | u.clory, twn Russians jumped ' ' Thc 25-year-old refugee, a ]um- i into (ho w a i t i n g Embassy car and bcrman who has spent eigM years drove n f f . in Sweden, said tic was lured to Adolf Olcinov, Soviet press' a t - Uic Embassy by an Esthonian who befriended h i m . The Russians, lie declared, took him prisoner, attempted to seize his.passport and threatened to fly him out of the country. The l u m b e r m a n said he fought his way to trc exit. Trailed by two Russians on foot and a Soviet Embassy car, he reached the safety of a Swedish factory where lie Mayes Moved Up In Post Oiiice Named Assistant Postmaster , tache, c o m m e n t i n g on the incident, said: "People t a l k so much. It is the usual slory and the usual lies. Here at the Soviet Embassy we know n o t h i n g of such an incident." Security police announced the Bailie refugee' would spend ihe night in protective custody. They said they would submit a report nn the incident to the Swedish Foreign office. Large Family Upsets Routine On A i r l iner Mn day night in a fierce a t t a c k , t h e n vanished. The A l l i e d troops pulled off Iho h i l l late Monday a f t e r n o o n when lhe Reds attacked hehlnd an artillery barrage. Behind t h e i r own lines Allied engineers leonon- oil thc Piikhan Fiivcr r a i l w a y bridge a f t e r it hud flood idle 1.1 months. The bridge, 25 miles east of Se.oul. was blown up hy t h e Allies. Reopening it rcsiores a v i t a l alternate rail rolilc between the Seoul area and Pusan, m a i n supply port in Soulhcast Korea. Battered fled bridges and vail lines in Northwesl Korea were bombed and rocketed a g a i n bv i American jcLs. Yaiiima, vVash.-M'j-Whcn Mr*. Phillip .1. la Framboise, 33, Yak l m a , travels by plane, a i r l i n e j o f f i c i a l s do some hurried rcshuf- I v a n M. Maycs. a veteran o f l ^ ' n g . ncorlv 40 years in Ihe postal scrv- I Th . { ; · v °" n « molhcr slr '" lc I'" 1 ' 11 * , i up the passenger ramp of a ice, has l.ecn recommended f o r , Korlhwcst Airlines DC-4 at Y:a p p o i n l m e n t us assistant p o s t , - j kima M u n i c i p a l Airpoj:l lasl night master o f ' l h e Fn.vctlcvillo post of- ! '-'i'h a fistful of tickets. W i t h her fire, Fostmasler A. D. M c A l l i s t e r , i "f '!' . childl ; c "',. TM»«'"l.'. '"m -Sr., said today. Maycs was recommended tn succeed 1 the late James Albert Parker, (M. who died J a n u a r y 1M after serving as as.sistant postmaster since 1930. The appoint. . i i n I mcnt must he approved by the I 13 jears down to five, montiii, all bound for Anchorage, Alaka. ' Northwest added a special third stewardess on thc ."cattle-Anchorage f l i g h t and also opened a private w a i l i n g room at the Seattle Airport, where she Yakitna f a m ' i y ,, , , has a five-hour wait. Post Office Department | Thc f ., mli .; ,, f [(J A Mayes w i l l be succeeded as su- afic ln j o i n Ihclf; ,iher, a landscape pcrintciidcnt of minis by O. I..; gnrdenrr. Dailcy, who now is senior clerk, j " _ Lowell Chancy, alfo n superintendent in charge- of the U n i v e m t y .station post office, was eligible for consideration for promotion, bu,t declined in order to remain in his present position. Morphine Missing Af Prairie Grove Officers today fjc^nn mi inves- ti.7.'ition i n t f i t h e disappeji ranee of t h e "onlire supply" of umrpliinc from t h n S t c r l i i t c Diug Store in P r n f r i c Grove, Chrrlcs K. Wolverlnn, opcntlor of the .-tore, reported Ihe I l y r u m . Utah-(/I')-A younx father shot and killed his wife and mother - in - law yesterday then shot himself to death. jean, 21, and her mother, Mrs. George Leslie Anderson, 57, both Wet Weather Over Wide j Sections Of Country (By The Associated. I'rnss) There was wet weather over wide areas of the country today, but no severe cold was reported , by the U.S. Weather Bureau. The victims were Louis Hastom,; R a i n or snow fell UirouRhoul 23, WrUsvllle. U t a h ; hisjvife, L u ( ihp Appalachians n o r t h w a r d lo i _...i .._.. ft cw Erigia.,-,^ w i t h t h u n d e r storms in Southern New K n f - l a n d . Light of i i y r u m , ; snow was reported from most of City Marshal Klmcr LauriUen . lhc Great Lakes rcsion, and snow said Mrs. Anderson was seated a t , nnri r n j n h i t , iro;is f r n i n t n c N ( ( I - t h _ a sewniR machine in her kitchen r r n n m -kirs s o u t h e a s t w a r d through when the first shot struck her. Snlllh n a k o t a anr| l n w a She staggered to a telephone und ·.,, called Lauritzen, but died before" medical help a r r i v e d . Haslani shot | his wife as she fled to the l i v i n g room. He then went into the kitchen and shot himself. drups disappeared some limn during business hours yesterday. The lo,-s was discovered at closing t i m e yesterday. Me said hr could mil tell i m m e d i a t e l y hou* m u c h morphine was missing. Sheriff Bruce Cridrr was investigating the case todliy. Maybank Would Extend Economic Controls Act Washington -i/l'i-.Senator Maybank ID-SC) announced today be is introducing a bill to extend for Chican.o-1/Pl-A m u l l i million j one year the Defense Production dollar i n t e r n a t i o n a l counterfeit"! Act. This act forms the basis of asphalt concrete d u r i n g the nexl {iO days. The work w i l l he carried out hy the Ben M. Hojjan Company nf L i t t l e Itnck under a contract' w i t h the i.tatc H i g h w a y Dep a r t m e n t . When the highway work is completed. the p a v i n g company will be able to h a r d - s u r f a c e a l i m i t e d n u m b e r of slrce'.s in FayoUeville provided p a v i n g districts can b? organized or money raised in other ways by property owners. The 10 miles of new surface on H i g h w a y 71 w i l l not be all in one section, but will consist of repairs lu lhc worst i-trclchc.i of the old concrete paving. A s i m i l a r program was caivlcrl on between Wlnslow and A l m a two yi'ar: (igo. A plant for preparation of t r e hot asphalt conrrnte m i x t u r e used In paving is being erected nt Fay of, Mexico hnnserl the f i n a l anvcl si III. l 2:M |i. n. ( 7 14 a. ni. CHTl a f t r i rcceivma t r i b u t e s from Secretary G o n e i a l T i y g v e Me and m.iny I c a d i n K dcicK^les for his h a n d l i n g of the three months rosslon. The Assembly ntsn exoresi.T'j uratitiide lo France and the Frendi people for t h e i r bo?piln!ily. The lost Inrnial act wap to observe a m i n u t e of silent praver. The Western proposal to prisl- pone discussion of Korea wan adopled as Ihe final major ad of the sixth Ax.'Tmbly session, which began larl November 0. The vote, was 51 In fnvor, five against and two abslentalions. Thn vole marked a t r i u m n h for 'thi poslllnn taken by the United Stairs, n r i l a l n and franco t h a i any U. N. discussion nf Korea no".' cottlfi only h.nmoer Ihe progror.s of truce talk.'i at Panmuiijom. By ils vote, the Assembly rrnudfatrd thtt niissian view thai the U. N. should take over the talks. , Gnus Halls Vote U. S. Delegate Krnwt A. Grms liailrcl the result and plcdsed t h a t the U. S. would do Its best I bring about an arnii-ilicc at I'anmun- jom. llr denounced Kiiviel Rllonipls lo "r,eek the tranntrr to Paris of m i l i t a r y mailers." Gross said t In paving is nemif erected r.t F a y - 1 ,,,| 0m|)H l)(lrt hal . dc ,, lc(t thc w i l l ,,, ettc j u n c t i o n today. It is on this , hf m n j n r i i v i n nr,,.,,,.,, 11 plant lhat thc possibility of pavinB , m-'^nly 10 prevent it. at least some Knyettcvjlle streeti hlifitS"·-·'*· -- - :' The cofil of brinyinfi such n pliiiit here is high--wh.'ch would nharply boost the per-fViot cost of hard surfacing streets. However, with the p l a n t already here, o f f i c i a l s of the companv* have told Mayor Powell M. Rhea they can pave streets w i t h the asphalt concrete m i x t u r e for S I O a Ion, Broken down into property feel, this means t h a t ."aving an Id-loot street would cost $1 per property foot. For a 24-foot- sired Ule cos't would rise to $l.3:t per properly fool, and for a 27-foot street to $]."() per property fool. The m i n i m u m a m o u n t of paving which the lloRan company can u n d e r t a k e is one block, Mayor some time in A p r i l .since the hi.^h-' ··'rhe'nuolu.tlbn. calls for a spc- . cljtl-'fciS'Slnn of the 1 Assembly lo incut. In New. York as noon n,i a ' Iruce. in (icciarrd. It also provides for nh crniM-gency session If there is nn truct.' and if events In Korea m a k e Vine necessary, Observers noted that since, the aduullon of (lie resolution by a U. N. committee, there has been some progress In Ihe talks nt the front. Western delegates l i a r l charged in their speeches that those laiks had been held up hy Soviet moves l .here. o influence the talks Soviet Delegate Jacob A. Malik 'denounced thc resolution, as* move to nt discussion of the was Secret Service Breaks Counterfeiting Ring j way repair work, .scheduled to get I cr " mc " 1 " f "'" u »i |( d Slales ami i under way w i t h i n a few days, f i | llu ' 8nup which it heads." i scheduled to be completed about the end of March. ring, described as one of the biggest in thc nal ion's history, was sriasheil yesterday I Service agents. by Secret More t h a n 52,200,000 In bogus S10 and $20 b i l l s were produced by thc ring in lhc last four year.--, said Harry D. Anhcicr, chief of the Serrct Service in Chicago. Five Chicago men were sci/cd and f u r t h e r arrests are expected, Anheicr said. He disclosed thai the phony hills have turned up in cities t h r o u g h o u t the U n i t e d States, a.-: well as in London, Paris, Rome a n d in other p a r t s of the world. Fines Are Assessed In Circuit- Court waec, price, rent and credit con- rols. Maybank said be is o f f e r i n g the measure w i t h o u t w a i t i n g for thc a d m i n i s t r a t i o n version to arrive from lhc White Mouse, sci as to permit early public hearings on lhe rerl-hot issues involved. President Truman is expected to send a special message lo Congress laic t h i s week oullinini; his views on controls, and to submit the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n b i l l laler. Thr e x i s t i n g s t a t u t e is due to expire J u n e 30. ! Property owners interested In hard surfacing d i r t and gravel strect.i must work through the citv a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , contacling the mayor for I n f o r m a t i o n , n r i c f l y . thc p a v i n g can be secured by either of two methods: l i Formation of an improve, mcnl district w i t h power lo issvic bonds to fool lhe cost, or '21 An agreement by the in- volvcd property owners to pay cash for lhe p a v i n g . For all such work, the cil.v pro- vidcd a grade and base for thc now street. Tenement In Cologne Collapses, Eight Die Twci Trrnds Seen The thrce-monlh session in the Palm's dc Challlol einphiifi/ed two main trends of world politics and revcalnicnt of the diplomacy which East and West are applying to them. Thc-o trends were.' 1. A rnnii!iuj*g and dcepinsins division between the Communlft and the democratic West. This was combined with evidence t h a t both sides are deeply worried ami m a k i n g t e n t a t i v e feelers toward ways of easing the tension. 2. Thc skyrocketing rise of nationalism and fOjlf-assurancc In the old colonial areas of Asia and I Africa. These d o m i n a n t themes were set f o r t h by the foreign ministers of almost a l l of the fid U.N. mem- Fog Surrounds Region In Northern California No Longer Fugitives New York-(/P)-Parrots, parra- kccls, love birds and macaws can roosl In New York again without being fugitives from lhc law. Thc city yesterday l i f t e d a M-ycar-old ban on imports of the birds, a regulation that was d i f f i c u l t to enforce and often ignored. $40,000 Damage In Fire At Muskogee Muskogce, Okla.-MVA $411.01111. , fire last n i g h t raced through t h e . Turner, 11, also of P a y e l t c v i l l c . Morhart.Hernay Wholesale Drug j l»day by Circuit Judge .Maupin San Fr^ncisco-f/lO-Pca-sfiup fop. Fines of S50 and costs each were sl "' m " lcd li '" "''. v »"·» and oil,- against Ernest W. Rus- Northern C a l i f o r n i a sell, 51. Fayctlevillc. and , n s i yesterday. II grounded air t r a f f i c and resulted in a minor ship collision just inside the Golden Gate. j Company, Four f i r e companies htittled the hla7c more l h a n two hours before controlling it. They saved Iho fiec" ond floor of the b u i l d i n g which also housed a hotel. Thel^ weie no injuries. Damn go resulted only from smoko nnd waler. j Cummings. Thc two had charged w i t h grand larceny hut the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. J u d g e Cummin?* lined Kaymond Poplin, 20, S p r i n u d a l r , $25 and costs on a charge of l.'ir- reny f f a r m fowls. AWOL Soldier Sought In Kidnaping Of Girl In Germany Frankfurt, Germany - (,1'j - U.S. Army agents struggled futilely lo- day tn follow thc cold t r a i l of a soldier wanted in connection w i t h the one-hour abduction of red- haired Mamie I!uth Shclton, Amer- can high school senior. Jl'he Army Identified the noldicr is Pvl. Kiigcnf! K. Walters, 2R, who went AWOI. .Saturday nlglil, c-arr.vlng a ,45 calibre aulomslir plslnl. He took a jeep from a Klcld Arllllery h u l l e · ·· · · : was i f u r l Post's H i g h .School for A r m y Idppcndcnts. The stcp.rlaughlei of Walters is five feet, eiglil and 01 half inches tall, weighed 105 pounds, had a rough complexion and light blond hair. A m i l i t a r y sourer said the search was being pressed throughout West Germany w i t h the cooperation of thousand!-, of German police. Miss ShellTM appeared recovered from her experience. She i r l u r n r r l , nf . r ; a' tSr. . More (OK was forecast for today. loday in lhe old i n n e r city o f ! f"'vcmbn. Cologne, k i l l i n g f i v e children and j '""*' F . l!tax K" 1 """'"! three a d u l t s . The building was tn i Secretary of Statc Bean Ache- have horn evacuated later today. · son l r f i o f f by outlining a West- O f f i c i a l s hail pronounced it · "n p l a n foi ilii.irniament which dangerous. The Weather-- A r k a n s a s -- F a i r and j would c u l m i n a t e in disclo.'urr and Mouil W e d i H v d a v anil hours before Miss Shcllon kidnaped. ,,,. t. . , . . , , ' ··· i«-.»«'-." · ,^i. | j * i ! i i j ^ M i i ' i m r T h e f r a n k f o i I m i l i t a r y post M i d ; Master SKI. F r a n k l i n n. Hums of Hoi Springs, Va.. was abandoned by her k i d n a p e i in a lonelv wood a f t e r he bad molested her. Me did not c r i m i n a l l y assault her. ] Tho g u n m a n fled on fool across lhe snowy f i e l d , w a i n i n g llfr lint In leave Ihe car or he would k i l l her. Wrapped In a b l a n k e t , she shivered t h e i e through I h e n i ^ h t I'lraik G u i l t y l.ancaslcr. Ohio - 1/11 - Ohio's liquor permit chief pleaded g u i l t y "YOU, opinions on national l«- chaigo of d r u n k e n driving Voters' Opinions Important To Congress, Affairs fyperf Holds i n t e r n a t i o n a l control of atomic weapon--.. \ Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A r k a n s a s -- F a i r and n l i t t l e I Vishinljk.y r e p l i e d . w i t h his now- warmer this afternoon. Partly ] famous '^diplomatic b l u n d e r in ''ool tonight and | which he claimod Ihe plan kept ' h i m awake a l l nlcht laughing, l i e put f o r w a r d a rival plan c a l l i n g for i m m e d i a t e prohibition o[ atomic bombs, a big-power pent." pact and other ideas. British Foreign Secretary A n - thony Eden and French Foreign M i n i s t e r Robert Schuman backed Acheson In speeches which abo uiged moderation in language to yesterday. Kranci.i K. Colo, ,1ft, of Columbus was fined MOf) by Municipal .Judge W i l l i a m C. Picker- KUPS will be more I m p o r t a n t to congressmen this year l h a n lasl. because (his I.i an election'year," ing. and also lost his right lo drive j Don Young, Washington, for DO days. Urr Track Planned Miami, Fla. -f/Tj- Plans "··"·infio.nni) delrxe IIOKC for plant tn he b u i l t in the inelropnli- York Ciiy area are nndri Al dawn she got out and walked ' w 'iy. says J o h n ' M o r r i s , president u n t i l .she found two M i l i t a r y I'o-1 of lhc M e t r o p o l i t a n Jockey Club '""""' '·' ·'' l r f 'P- i .vhich owns and runs .Inmaica. expei t mi n a t i o n a l a f f a i r s from the II. S. Chamber of Commerce, told iop- resentatives of the F a y e t t e v i U e Chamber of Commerce at a l u n c h eon m e e t i n g yesterday noon. VOIIIIB duTii.vcd Ihe proposed budget for the I). S. « ( , v c i n r m n t icit spending. He said t h a t thc ' ' iv " irl ; 'gsrav.iting differences, '·ere · " I|CSC fpeeclies revealed tho op- for Jli.l I nnd pointed out thai Ilir ! group be civen a definite billion budget would I n * i l u d r i l l . ) liilh'in w o r l h o[ d c f - U. S. Hn.ird of niroi-'.ui:- m a k i n g recommendations lor ccr- |ms " 1R lnw " cllnl '' s wcro as ' ; ' r lain cuts in spending to iry l o : il|art "» f v l ' r b u l th( . v I"""* 11 ' concessions. Concession .Made -Secret Big Four"l»11ts eventually led to H nusshn concession--that prohibition n( atomic weapons nnd I n t e r n a t i o n a l control might go Into effect simultaneously. Ifhls plim nnd thc West's Ideas wcrt handed over to n new dlsnrmnment commission inslriictert to wort; Inr to-' ON PAGt TIIRH \ the ammml of taxes collected. ! Tom WatMm. Dallas. Texas pro- g i a m adviser (or Ihe U.S. CI timber of CoinnieriT, discussed thc mechanics of a puMic a f f a i r - ; committee and urged t h a t the comm i t t e e he broken do\vn inb s t u d v groups a n r t suggested l h a l each menl lo study IX.UICK before Con*

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