Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 4, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1952
Page 12
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,'J---NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS, taytMtviN*, Arlramw, MUmby, Nbrmry 4, ItSl Another Guard Unit Assigned [Ib Korea; training Plan Seen W«shlnilon-Wl-f he commitment ·f « second National Guard dlvf- :.ihm to Korea for battle cxpcrl- tnce:r«J!ied.lhc question (oday of k'hethor similar policy might be fallowed for some of fivr oinrr ."* Guard or regular Army o u t f i t s in g the United States. ·· ~ " Over Ihc weekend, the Far Kasl . -v : Command in Tokyo .. announced '-·- t*iat elements of the 40lh National .|. - Guard Division of California arc · * iri action. The 45lh of Oklahoma A (vent. Into the llrip several. weeks £ ··*?· ·'· . . ''·' : Both divisions had been in Jn: fran since last spring on occupa-. ; tion and training duty. The 45lh . ;' relieved the regular Ann?s First :- ; Cavalry Division, one of the first .; units to engage the enemy in t h e ·;i. ' .Korean War, The First Cavalry ·-; 'hAx returned to Japan. j ;..-In light n f ' t h i s precedent anc ~'i ' i n - v i e w pf the point made in tin '\ ,:Jruc» negotiations about (in agrcc- ; . rnent' against no cnlnrging "f .'forces, It seemed probable the .*$ 40th' is to replace one of the rcg- *r Ular divisions iii action. "! ' '.· 'J While 1 the troop rotation program had tome part in the dcci- · klon to send Guard units us replacement for regular Army oul- ·j iltfe In Korea, the majnr reason ·* obviously Is to give divisions ac- ·' tunl combat experience. ~-_ ' :?ln the United States n o w - a r e ; three regular Army divisions w j t h V-- . no combat experience since World j; ' SVar II. Most of their personnel r arc' new to military service. They v* jirc the. B2nd Airborne at Fort J Bragg, N. C., the 1st Armored at 3 "ftrt.'Hood. Texas, and the I H h 2 ' Airborne at Fort Campbell, Ky. 3 ' The latter division returned from '' Japanese occupation duty a few f. month* before outbreak of the y 'Korean Wsi\ : ' ; --In addition to.the three regular '/JIvisloiis, His .Arniy-lias or will ..have in (he next couple of weeks f tola! nf (our National Guard dl; vision!'In. the United States. Two . ·: jbr-these--the 31st of Alabama- jWtelsslpnl and the 47th of.Mlnnc- } · · · . N o r t h Hakola -- h a v e been :triininj, equipping and lirlnglng ·t vir manpower up to the nuthnr- a/.6d 18,000 strength for the last S'cai'.; Presumably they are now · Jnamied, equipped and trained to Hhe point where they could be IVIRYTHINC M nrf lumm FAYETTIVILLE IRON ·nd METAL CO. OOVMNMINT AVI, used for overseas duty. Two Other Dlrliloni The two other Guard divisions arc Ihe 37th of Ohio and the 44th of Illinois. The 37th went on federal duly only two weeks ago. The 41th Is preparing to enter active federal duty about February 15. Normally, It takes from eight months to .a year to bring Guard divisions .up to f u l l strength, c/tuipmchl and. training needed for overseas fluty. Under the d r a f t law. the tour of federal duly for i n d i v i d u a l members of several of the Guard units, i n c l u d i n g two in Europe, will begin to run out this summer. The Army proposes to keep the Guard u n i t s - i n existence, retaining their I d e n t i t y and major equipment and f i l l i n g the vacancies with volunteers and inductees Into Iho regular Army. It has asked Congress for the. legislation necessary lo do this. The Army also announced ve- cenlly that before the deadline for releasing i n d i v i d u a l Guardsmen was reached, the men would be brought back to the United Stales In time lo have them here when their enlistment* expired. Demands arc coming from some slates for return of the Guard O gani/.;tlions as a unit, Over the weekend. Guv. Sigurd Anderson of South Dakota made public a letter he sent the Army Insisting thai Ihc . lOfith Regimental Combal Team be returned as a unit. That o u t f i t was brought into federal service In September, 1950, and is lationcd In Alaska. General To Address Press Service Meeting Now Ynrk-MI-Ccn. Alfred M. Jrucnlliciv chief of slnff at Su- imne Headquarter;* of Allied Powers In Europe, lias accepted an nvllallnn 1o address the a n n u a l ncctinfi of Associated Press mem- In New York, Monday, April Direct From Producer 21.. Robert McLean, president of he AsKOclaled Press, fi'nhouncod .oda.v that Ccncrnl Grucnthcr vould speak n( Ihc a n n u a l luncheon, to be held In the Wnldorf- Aslorin Hotel. Gcncrnl Grucnlhcr, t 52, Is the youngest four-star Dcncrnl in the Army. The Tulcln HclRhls house of Alexander Grnlmm Bell has b«cn ircscrved as a museum In the iciirl of H r n n t f o r d i Ontario. In the TIMES--It PITS. H A L L M A R K VALENTINES McROY McNAIR Phe. 131 CRAVENS BLDG. 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Witness To Tell About The Slaying Of Polish Officers Washington -(/I 1 )- A man who sa.vs he saw Russians murderinp; Polish Army officers In Kntyn forest dnrlnjc World War II will testify before a congressional committee t r y i n f " to Jitul out whether Nazis or Russians committed the massacre. Representative-Madden (13-Iml), chairman of a special Mouse in- vestlRatliiB committee, announced during Ihe weekend, "This is Ihc only eye witness--outside the men who did the murdering--who has ever been produced." So far u n i d e n t i f i e d , the mystery witness will appear Wednesday, Madden said. The committee, however, will begin Its Investigation today into Ihc muss murder of 4 , 1 4 3 Polish Army leaders in 1D43. That many corpses were found in crude mass groves. Another 11,000 Polish prisoners are still missinc,. All were t a k e n from Poland and held in three Western Russian prison camps. The Russians, despite this, .say the Nazis arc to blame for Ihe maii.wcrc. The Germans bliimc the Russians. John Mitchell, committee counsel, says lie has ample cvictence to prove that the Kussians committed Ihc hillings. First witness to appear before Ihc sspccial committee will be Col. John II. Van Vlicl, an American Army ofliccr who was f l o w n from a German lirlson cnmp .by the Na?.is to sec Ihc stacked bodies of the dead Poles. The Nazis wanted ihc American lo authenticate Ihclr gruesome discovery. Vim Vlicl, buck from duty li Japan, Is repeating:,, the story fo the third lime officially. .He mud' report to the Pentairoir after hi- release from c a p t i v i t y , , and whci R'vyx^VvYv mw. R ( N O l \ | Showinf !:10.3llS.SllS.7:JO.»;2S OZARK this was reportedly Tost, ho marie n second five ( i r cars later from memory. The comniiilc? not only wants to hoar h i m tell about what lie saw in K n l y u Forest, but also aboul the two reports lie made to the PcntnKOM and what happened to the first one. Made in May 11)45. it was classified "lop secret" and never was rclcn.scd. Curious congressmen were told later the report and accompanying photographs h a d been "lost." Committee o f f i c i n l s indicated they would try to determine whether Washington o f f i c i a l s tried lo cover up the incident durins; the latter sla^s n f World War II. Training Group Under Joyce Is Activated Here A volunlccr A i r Force reserve t r a i n i n g squadron, t h e f)R41st, has been activated here under the command of LI. C'oK John H. Joyce. The squadron, a part of the 0114lh Group, w i l l replace Flight 13 of the 08'lQlh Squadron, Fay- cltcvillc's former Air Force unit. The. squadron was activated February 1. Meetings will continue to be hold at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday at the University Military Arts Department. Hcgu- lar Aii' Force personnel will be assigned to the .squadron to aid in training. ·Members of Ihe new squadron w i l l " meet Wednesday night ,to have identification card photographs taken. Reservists interested in becoming members of the squadron cnn obtain full informa- Kefauver Says He Can Win Despite Truman (By The Associated Press) Senator Kcfauver (D-Tcnn) prc dieted Sunday he could win th' Democratic presidential nornina lion even if President Truman seeks reelection. But he said he docs not think Truman "wants tht job" again. Kefauver said on a radio program he is hot running for second place, and if Truman run again and offers his backing tr Kefauver for the vice prcsidcntia lomination, he would not "be interested at all." .The president, who jias not repealed his 1952 plans, figured In two other developments: Senator Aikcn (R-Vt) said he thinks the president withdraw from Ihe Democratic presidcntia primary in New Hampshire "because Senator Kefauver would have beaten the tar out of him." Senator Maybank (D-SC) declined to tell newsmen on a television show whether he would support Truman if the president is the Democratic nominee for reelection. He recently .said he wat opposed to Truman, and would support Senator Russell (D-Ga) Senator ' T a f t (R-Ohio), firsl Republican to announce for the GOP nomination, yesterday would not .comment on a resolution designed to get his name entered in Oregon's primary in May. The Oregon State GOP Committee passed the resolution Saturday. In. Washington, political sources said Republicans backing Gen. D w i g h t . D. Eisenhower for president soon will make known his recorded views on taxes, labor farm and many other domestic ssues. They are c o m b i n g through his speeches, letters and nemoranda as background for the camoaign document. To Propose Bill Other developments: Representative Javits (R-Lib- VY) said he wlil introduce a bill :oday requiring state officials to ·ice'that servicemen receive "data 'n candidates and what they stand or according to information provided by the candidates themselves." The New York Times sa.vs Democratic leaders have virtually decided on New York dclegatcs- t-largc to the national convention, nd t h a t significantly the list docs lot include the name of Federal ecllrity Administrator O s c a r Ewing. It said the omission was deliberate and "brings into the open he fact" Ewing is in the political loghouse as far as New York cadcrs are concerned. Among hose listed are former Postmaster general James A. Farley, Senator .chrnan (D-Lib-NY), and Mrs. 'ranklin D. Roosevelt. In Memphis, Rep. Albert Gore .nnounccd his candidacy for the United Slates Senate. It places he 44-year-old Tcnnesseean in a ace with 83-year-old Sen. Ken- clh McKcllnr. ion at the meeting. W i t h activation of the squad- on, reservists will 1je required to ttcnd at least 12 meetings n year r be placed on the inactive status ist. ' A Three Days' Cough Is Your. Danger Signal Creomulsion relieves prompllybccaiise t goes right to the sent of the trouble to help loosen ind expel germ laden phlegm and »id nature to soothe and heal riw, tender, inflimed bronchial membranei. Gu»r»nle«d to please you or money refunded. Creomulsion has Hood tie test of millions of users. 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Washington-(/l')-Thousands gathered at the steps of the National Capitol last night and heard Evangelist Billy Graham say he could bo elected president "on a platform calling the people back Gorl." The young preacher delivered two sermons during an hour-long meeting broadcast coast-to-coast by the ABC radio network.. He spoke from the spot on which presidents take the oath of office. The crowd was estimated at from 20.000 to 45,000. In his typical arm-waving style, Graham said: "If I would run for president of the United States today, on a platform of calling the ocople back to p God, back to Christ, back to the| Bible, I'd be elected. . I "There is a hunger for God today." He asked Congress to call upon President Truman to proclaim a day of prayer, as President Abraham Lincoln did on April 13, 1863. Graham was granted permission to use the Capitol steps, a spokesman said, by Vice President Barkley, president of the senate; House Speaker Rayburn ( D - T e x ) ' a n d Capitol Architect David.Lynn. President Truman, especially in. vited, did not attend.' Blue geese wing toward the ' salt marshes and mud flats of Louisiana, TcxaJ »nA Mexico in September. PLAN TO BUILD See Our MrtnliL Gi! Out Price*. Try Our Serrtee. DYKE LUMBER CO. HI Si. Chitln /2 GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream 64c Holland Bros. Locker Plant Where \ but COOK'S, Can You Find SUCH FLOOR COVERING BUYS? L o w e s t Prices We Know tor H e a v y w e i g h t · STANDARD WflGHT, G(NUIN[ INLAID YARD GOODSl LINOLEUM FIRST QUALITY CHOOSE FROM LOVELY FLORAL 'GEOMETRIC AND TEXTURED DESWNS MGUiARir 79c SO. TO. SO. YD. FULL 9-FOOT WIDTH Help Pr«v»itf Falls with Carrvfatwl, M«bb*r-lJk« 'FLOOR RUNNER 36-IN. WIDE NOW ONLY LIN. URGE, ROOM-SIZE RtMNANTS in SMART iiSfl Aft MA8SU TONE MH6NS, DKNATOt COLORS FULL 6-FT. 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