Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 4, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1952
Page 11
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NOtmWKT ARKANIAI TtMM, ryMMvtD«. ArtoiMM, McmUy, Ftbrwry 4, I Ml -11! OkN RiVw Above Flood (aliforaii Demerits ! Denies Photo ! New Pnceainn Mf "?od ' TM**? Kt * nii :«" tTi VITT ...! MTVA.TM* WANTM. 1 ' I i J ' * ib. r r\n ^* * f* i i , «*ri T I ii.-wv . . .,«t._ c.t....,i... Stage In Kentucky Ky.-(/P)-The l u r b u Irli ° 1 J io1 , R i v? r !"S llcd ,V" ( ? : ;i"l'aTMony""moctin« of (op Call- level of 33 Jeet today, five f e e t ' f n r n i a n^mnm-ai · «bove flood st,gc, and continued : d Dcmocla " Favor Truinin For 1)52 i Displayed Is | For Bauxite Announced Of Bormann Antclcs-(iP)-\ iwo-day to ri?c slowly toward an expected crest about one foot higher. A general r a i n f a l l over the Ohio Valley yesterday and last night helped to swell the flooded stream, but officials expected little property damage here. The river must reach the 37-foot stage at Louisville to cause much damage. ended on minor key late last night w i t h only one positive result: President T r u m a n is t h e i r man for 1952. The meeting broke up after a 10-hour session yesterday w i t h about 80 per cent of the state's /6-man delegation Heleeted for the n a t i o n a l convention. It wad agreed at the outset of the weekend conclave t h a t the delegation will be pledged fo the president. Mobilization Just Hissed, Report Says i Lovetf Opposes Cut In WashinRton-t/P)- T h e U n i t e d ! States came closer to all-out j mobilization this winter t h a n the public realized. Mobilization officials now SR.V it would have m t a n t the closing down entirely - of the automobile and all consumer hard poods industries, layoffs by t h e . millions in non- defense industries, countless shortages of things people buy, and more inflationary pressures. The decision was in doubt u n t i l ·round Christmas. Then President Truman decided to t a k e a calculated risk--that Russia would not strike real soon--and spread the expanded defense program over four instead of three years. Shortages In Grain Storage Said Large WashinRton - (/P) - Congressmen probing the government's g r a i n ·torage program report thu t, i n Texas alone .they turned up shortages valued at $3,820,000. The Agriculture Department disclosed some time ago that there wore shortages* A Senate committee also conducting an investigation was told recently the Texas discrepancies might hit four million dollars. A House Appropriations Subcommittee, headed b^ Representative Whitlcn (D-Miss) released its report yesterday, together with a transcript of closed hearings. ]t said s t a f f investigators found Texas elevators and warehouses short 629,305 bushels of wheat and 84,488,7)00 pounds of ''grain they were supposed to have in storage. Child Burned Fatally, Eight Injured In Fke Gillell, Ark.-(fl')-A . three-year- old hoy was burned f a t a l l y and eight other members of his f a m i l y were left in critical condition when fire destroyed their f r a m e home here today. One son of Mr.' and Mrs. Vic Branham died shortly a f t e r reach- inf; a Little Rock hospital.- $600 CASH j S T U U l I . *" " i. 2C33J. nome-fflVA brown-rolled Franciscan friar who says he's never been outside Rome province in his; 76-year life today identified as his, own the photograph which a for- 1 nier Berlin Nazi said, showed Bauxite, . A r k . - (/l'i - A n e w : method of processing b a u x i t e ore! may permit e x p l o i t a t i o n nf A r - i kansas, h i g h - I r o n b a u x i t e deposits, ! now considered worthless. ; In n report to Secretary nf tins Interior Oscar Chapman, W. A. i Ciilhoun. m e t a l l u r g i s t at the Ked- | ' of HI* 8AU:~ HOME NEKO* ^ Z PIECE sect.une) in wool frieze, SU2.M). We five H At II O r r e r , SUtitjii. H i l t o n f i r m . D r i v e - I n K u r n Mure Co. H i f h w » y 71 Nor.h. Phone 1770. _ ........ __ ____ _________ missing "iiitler" hciichnian "Martini 1 ' 1 '" 1 Bureau of Mines Iiib.iraiory Bormann hiding in a monk's garb.! " Erc - said the tests employing the The f r i a r is Father A n t o n i o Ho-|"« w process h a v e shown an over- m u a l d i A n l o n u z i . He said the! a " recovery of !I8 per cent of the photograph, which German r i g h t - l a l u m i n a in Arkansas bauxite. This wing leader Eberhard Stern said is a considerably higher pciTciil- \fll.K iimi ur xviinian \vMi.rd 1n i .mid operate prnfiubk' runic Ulnii Crude virmllnK u.achlurs in (hi* iirea. NO SELMNU. Mint have clfili* hour* per week iparc Uine. rcirreiirci And SGOO ctith immediately avalhblc. liu-onii- Immr'l- i a t r l y pan t i m e nn In j:«H) monthly, f u l l ilm? inoiv. O t h e r A r k a n i m t-*r. j COKLAPJilHLE inrinnr clolhri drleri riluries nnd nrlenhni'lnje Main alto ' l.rwl* Hrog. Co.. Ina open. Hcply, r i v l n » brief hiHlory | SWEKT pt-n ireii. Coinelli prlrr Spcn- cMiip'.nymeiH, jmync, to Box K - l l , j .r cr ,J. n ''"'H- L*wl» llroi. Co. Inc. '··Tinicf. _ i VOUfi 'nrw r rui""won'V~r»!"r»len ly · I M C - ! "iflhi whrn you me Brrlnu. Om *PT»y!njj xuarflnlvfd for tlvn yean. JIWKIOO MONTHLY SPAKE T I M E N A T I O N A L company u l C e i s rellab p n r l y fterure futim; scrvirl. nf vending mt.rhmvi. No u i r ' - - - ' - ' iiylnfl K u n r n n t v r d ( wn llroj. Co.. Inc. N I C K roorr. off KJUHTC. comforfabfr _rr»ion«blc. Phoni- 2HT h~nOOM (uriiMird'apitr'.jnrril M o d e / f t w i t h c l r c t r i c rrfrl.rfr.itor ami w a « h - rr. P r l v u f r . Couple only. H l j t h w n y N K A f i Cumpin--H room u n f t i r n i i h A f l huni-alnw. balh, h a ^ m r n t · u H h laumtr,v liicllltin, ju*l lik« new. Plmnr 2.1!. VACANCY." I!" m i l e " »liidcnti."" Twin brdi- Phone 2M!IW I.ARCK one room f u r r m h f d ~ a p a r t - ment. Clean, p r i v a t e . Ha* evrry- ^ t h l t i f . IjJOM .TM.VH. 2 l,AJtUE f i i r n i f l . r d rymni, r e f n g r r a - Inr Phone 1B3H_ iivrrace, clo»c in. N A T I V E STONC c i K ' n o O M S in * very « l f a b l c . ^rr,m«cmenl. kftehtn h rtouhk rahln/iiK *nri hr*»kf»Jt frt// wnodhurnlnff /ireplnce, pltnie ert. ( n i u l M t r d , crnirnl ht»t, j(Urjir(J J. f * fane-- a new home in oo»1 loca- ( · FIVE ROOMS ' *. i3 ND a i^r«r iieepin* porcfi. Jils-j n a t i v e « t o n f of exetlleni crtnitrtte- , (ton f u l l hiiement, central hejl, laritr tot w i i h »hade, nonhiiMt icc- i m m e d i a t e poiieision, ( , Wade fincher nrn or '£ itudcnt* . WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED AfclMAlS " Phon. CoIlKt 1111 Foyttttvillt Rendering Co. XVashinnton-^j-Dcfensc SPCTC- l a r y Lovcit said today arfy cut in the the 552,000,000,000 military I budget recommended by President [ T r u m a n for fiscal. 1953 would "increase, beyond the realms of prudence, the calculated risks already taken." I.joyctt told the Senate Appropriation? Subcommittee a n d the Joint Economic Committee that even this figure for the year starting July 1 m e a n t a cutback in original, defense goals. Baby Jet Engines H a w t h o r h c , Calif.-W'j-Ground te.sis - h a v e been completed on a baby jet engine designed for use in private planes. Job In His Blood Newark, N. J.-(/P)-A bus driver --set to Inherit 590,000--says he'll keep his job because "it gets into your blood--like w a n t i n g to fly." The bequest comes to Stuart Holzman on his 25th birthday, next October 24. Fi«« Die In Fin Binghampton, N. Y. -(^P)-A f a m - ily of five died today in a f l a m i n g third-floor apartment after an oil stove exploded. The dead were: George Resscguic. 23, his wife. Lola, 22, and their 'three young children. Garner It Cftndidat* Little nock-«P,J. E. (Pat) Garner. Fort Smith, today filed corrupt practices and Democratic pledges for reelection as state in Berlin was t h a t of the deputy fuhrer, was taken of himself "about a month ago oh the street by a group of three tourists whom 1 dirt not know." s Pravda Claims Reds Down Many Planes Moscow-(/I 1 )-Pravda claimed lo- day North Korean anti-aircraft batteries are picking off from three to eight American planes a axe t h a n t h a t obtained by pros-! cut cummercinl melhods. : DR. CROSS-- ! CONTINUED rilOM PAGE O N K j Rested ways in which religion a i u l '· t h e church can help in these limes [ The U. A. Board of Trustee/, i did not meet over the weekctuL i Only · two members, C h a i r m a n by I n v e n t o r y . This w i l l 6 is ml unci i n v c f i t i c i i f i o n . For i n t e r v i e w in v o u r town w i t h f j i c l n r y r r p r r i e n t alive, int'ludo photic mid nddrcsji In a p. plk-alfon. A H H E Y MFO CO.. Wrn Knsio_n_ AVCIUK-. St. Lonii 12. Mi. FOR LEASE DX Service Station Located at 126 North College. Some finances necessary. If in- teresfed contact T. W. Stocum at flhnvc men only. 7!)SJ. ROOM Inr working 1079. JIM nnllsinn ___ i r e t u I H r dairy broom*.; LIGHT hoi.'irVtrnmg " rwni* ~ ~"aml f - 1*20 Llmirii,_HHine tii* i l r r p i n ^ rooms. Phone 643. l- Norm KljtCCTHpLUX ,'.r"."~.., .'.', _ v , l .- "_ " F.XTtlA lurpc s u n n y ' ronni. nnj(Ic dotl'ilr. rrk^onalilt- Two tilnrk V V e 'K'K , phci. K e n t (or 4it houri, 7ic 117 W Rock. Phone M ;ll(_SALf ; 0* TRADK n ' e "'"' c '° r "*·'· °r"ir«cle.""i'ht) 137 w i t h room 'fr Bldg.--Phonffjgq JUST LISTED · . KAST .srrtlNG- hcdromn framp: " n r e t fla^icd'ln porch plui 2^, i furnlnhrrl t*r*tc apartment.' ] lock* * *-: ' ' _pninn RKNT O* HOOD n i l pur n po»c~'fji^ch «t once 100 nr um »crci. OK-c all tlclBII. Jcply Ki Grorjc Intr.m. 507 W r i l Ci-fiicr, F«j'ciievlllf. A r k « n » n . Gooil i-frrpnrc.. Call lA 121 iJIVKRKTT." ii . RW W. M*plr. Phonr L'l.l.'-J np*riTnpnl." A d u 11 * : NiCK'ups Itoi-kwn "Hnorn" nll). rliiirtil'" Henry S. Vorum, El Dorarln, .1,id | Ilia s t a t i o n or M o u n t a i n I n n ' Mi ; :s P a u l i n e Ilocllzell, L i l l l e K u c k . attended commencement. day. The Communist Party organ A TM'"' s . 1 ' said the North KOTO ns have !e- Mamla-MA veloped new a n t i - a i r c r a f t u n i t s which are taking s heavy toll of U.S. bombers. Truman Smiles, Hotel, Friday and Saturday. WANTED TO BUY AI.US Chalmers Rolo-B»ler In u n n d l t l o n . I I . E. A d n l r , rout Prnin'f_Giovc. police r r p u i l Inday said fierce M a n s y a n tribesmen wielding Kpcjirs and arrows ambushed and killed If! .hipanrsc _ _ _ .slracelcrs of World War I I nn a ''^f VY~firnV. J. L."mitredcr7Hi"Bh"way small islet southwest of M a n i l a . ""* ct »v Miirch f l r . t . C*rlc» MaV*c. MoVsc ^MUl^Ct^CaU Mn. Mornr. 1MB. FOR ---~v 183.00; Sfv.H) I'hon l Apit u r i v Ai'XiiTMEN'is" ni i i n f u r n i l h c r t Kl .'it) JT; :n, \»\\\ P«HI, n r jn/iirnlhrri $50 00 l t urni«h'*ri ixvn hcdri-om u n l u r n i s h r d Hcndtt Immdry » v * i l i h f c OFFIERF.n couple ( KOR YOUll ROOKING N C u l l 11. I. S t e w a r t nnodne Conlrnrlrtr AlJo. Aklir-tton Strlm I t n n i r rrii^iri, I'hunr i Do II The Hard Way , - , _ . . . Lima, Ohin-M'j-Thicvps pel tu-» t I a l k i n a ' cnar S«i « f nitro-glycerino t h a t not I I U I I M I iy n n l y crKkcil ., saf( , 1)ul wm .| (H the W i l l i a m s Brothers Grocery yeRtcrday. Ray W i l l i a m s said t h e ! thieves got $4.117. He estimated MONEY TO M!AN I J O M E ' AVashingtrin-W^-Prcsidcnt Truman had another chance to end senator District. from Arkansas' Fourth Martiiil Law Proclaimed Psuan, Korea-(/P)-^The government today proclaimed inarlia law in a section of Southeastern Korea as an anti-guerrilla measure. America'. 1 , first underwatci telegraph line was laid beneath New York Harbor in J842 Samuel F. B. Morse. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. YOU'LL FIND HIM IN THE COMIC PAGE EVERY DAY! · BUZSAWYER'f j o b i * finding trouble and licking it, As chief trouble-shooter for the Fronlier Oil Company be roams the world on tpccial itMgnmcnt;. Wherever lie' goes BUZ always nieeis adventure. Join the action. Reid BUZ SAWYKR in lite comic page every day. Follow BUZ SAWYER «very day Northwest Arkansas Times the speculation about his political intentions yesterday, but he didn't lake it. He and- Mrs. Truman were in the audience at a piano concert when Ihc concert manager, Patrick Hayes, asked the concert-goers to answer a quest ionnaire g i v i n g their preference for next season's performances. 'After all," Hayes said, "isn't this the time of year when we n i l try to guess what's going to hap- pcs next fall?" ' The crowd, aware t h a t the president was in the audience. laughed. The president cmiled- but kept his own counsel. Prisoner Found Asleep In Loft Granite, Okla.-OT'l-An "escaped" prisoner, t h e subject of a statewide search, was "recaptured" yesterday -- but not in the usual way. Jackie Young. 21, was found snoozing peacefully in the Granite Reformatory's dairy hayloft. Warden Raymond R a i n s reported: "He said he hadn't run off at all, but climbed into the loft to take a nap and just snoozed around the clock." . _ F1IA IJOME'TXMNS Low i n t e r e s t , I O I I R terms U T L K Y - A N D COMPANY, INC. I'hnne KftX RENT--! _ __ I'It NISI! RD iipsrtn'ient,TM"Z~ N n r i h ol Squiirt. Married P^^rcrt. Phone_3B7. Phono I T O P c r m H n c n t , q u i e t , rciponillil " U " L ! Hriulli. 2 herirooin furnlihert houir i - S lilorkn North nf Un.verally p l e a * ! N C O M K t « ^ ?rr am yard. I'nrkiiif « P «ce. T r u a n t · nn'v : n i n n t l c; e°'"*^ u t l l l t l r a SW.OO monlh. Referenrci ' B M l Y mttliiR--.icri'icn «21_Storfr, ; 10 rrd hy vniinc t h n NICE f o u r roonr"fiirnl(ilird""»ia^S.e"iii ' C a l l t l"'' 1 ^'' 0 ! 1 "' r h l a p a r f i n e n t . Phone 1.B7W ! hntir. Phonr ,(I3C or .T ROOM f u r n i s h e d n p n r t r n c n t . p r t v n i r I w '* y * nvBil * t ' 1 " h a t h , u t i l i l l r - r paid. A Inn onf ilrcp. . I N D i v l U U A T ^ income lax icrvlre. Inc room, n r f v u t e h a ' h riownstnln. ! mnnh[r. ,10!)2-R. riamafie at $8,000. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rate: n ccntn per word single In. scrtion Three conFRcutivc i n s n r l i n n s 7 cents per word. M l n i i i i u n i order «c. Classified ads cash in advance--not taken over the telephone. Deadline lor classified ad!' |0"H) a. m dnlly; a:,lfl a. m. Salurdzy. Correct lon.i nnri rrrmi irhvorliillv made a f t e r f i r s t insertion NO uorruc- tions or rerun made Hllcr nd has expired. . NOTE: A d v e r t i f i i n R copy for olhcr pages IB due a t 12 noon me day pre- cecdlnj; pnbMcallon; 12 noon Saturday ' p r p u t i l i c a l i o n on Monday LKGAL NOTICES L O A N S WARNING ORDER T In The Clllnctry Ccurl Ot WathiniUn Ctunty. Arkansas Edwaru A. H. M n M h a l l 1'laintilf vs. GET your Casllins Station. High ay 71. six miles North tKSTRUCTION COMPLETE your hiBlfnhnnnir'Kt in nparc time. Texls lnrniKhefl ploin.l. No cijisscs. Kend (or 47 ji hooklct rind piimplc lesion I n Sehoot. PO Box SpriiiRs, Arkansas. Amcrle Kureka Argument Over Dog Ends In Fatal Shooting B r c w t o n, Ala.-fflVyla.Y O. Myers, 30, father of three children, was shot to d e a t h - "during an argument over » h u n t i n g dog" in front of his East Brewton home yesterday. Esrambia County Sheriff Luther Mills Said Myers was shot in an argument with Leo Co.xwcll, 45. He said Cnxwcll came to Myers' home' and repeated previous charges that Myers had shot one ot his dogs. Tax Benefits For Power Projects Are,Approved Washington - W) - Federal tax benefits for seven Arkansas Power 'and Light Company projects built at a total cost of about $15,741,000 have been approver! by the Defense Production A d m i n - istration. The DPA said yesterday it had okayed certificates entitling APL to write off in five years, in depreciation for federal tax p u r s, 45 per cent of the cost of the projects. 'The largest project included is the Hamilton Moses power plant near Forrest City, which cost .-bout $13,060,000. Union Wins Pay Rajse From Armour And Co. Chicago-OTVArmcd w i t h a six cent an hour wage raise f: A r m o u r and Company, the Packinghouse Workers today t u r n C 3[ ) "|[; )E v?riic''''it? ^Til"m" ed their attention to other largo ··«*·-·--'.~.~^N~N~c~^£~JL^x. meat packers--Cudahy, Swift and HELP W A N T E D -- K E M A L B Wilson. I l,AI)Y~to~]oviTsfmiirnfty'whilo i Ralph Helpicin. i n t e r n a t i o n a l I »·«!»· Mi»t ie perimment president of the u n i o n , announced [sTM^,;,?^^'" Te'rrT' ] f,Mn' mour g r a n t i n g a pcncral six rent j hourly boost to 30,000 employes in j 26 plants. The agreement raises t h e average hourly pay of CIO union workers in Armour plants to $1.66, Hclslcin said. . GlHdyK Laurain Marshall Di-fondant I lie O c f e n d a n l Gladys Laurain Marshall is warned to appear In t h i s Court w i t h i n I h l r l y days and answer : (he complain! ol Ihe I'laintir In the nbuve e n t i t l e d cause. Witness my hand nnd seal of Oils ' ,?.).'! i , thig 2nd tln1 ' ot Kl-'liruary, I3.W. | (hhAL) i Hit-hard B. Grecr _ Chancery Clt-lk ^11-18-2.') c ' WARNINO 9ROER ~ In The Ctl«n»ry Courl Of Watliinitvn c«unly, Arbantat George C. Austin I M a l n l l f f vs. K a l h c r l n e Marie A u s t i n D e f e n d a n l The Defendant Kathcrinc Mane AuB- Hn Is warned lo appear In this Court w i t h i n t h i r t y days and answer the complaint ol Ihc P l a i n t i f f in the ahove e n l i l l c d cause. Witness my hand and si-al of this court this Jtith day of January, 1952. (KF.AI.) Jlichard»l3. Greer Chancery Clerk By Joy Rupc D. C. 2R F'c-l;. 4-11-lK-c PERSONAL __ ALL our swcatcrs~~ar~hot'~. niiijiljc-rs", but we have never Bold "Hash-lire" sweaters. Hunt's. _ S ii~Crcch" S'iiiiip~a't d Russell Esso Service We m a k e a u t o and f u r n i l u r c Innns. Lot us finance Ihc pllrchast of your new or used car. QUICK S E R V I C E STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 N-jrlh Hlnck .St., or our used car lot. Corner Center nnd C h u r c h Shvcls. MIST AND POUND LOST--Covcrnniunt trhcirk ~ for |J R 00 111111 sonic over. Kchninry i. A r t h u r n. Rush. 12 East Suuih St.. Ctly. ur LOST-- Briniiic~l!iifi]liih"biiilri{ie' wear- in.; c-nllnr m a r k e d w\\\\ his n.'itnc "Gcorjte nnri H I.. Rommel. 11.22 Ccnler. l.illlc Rnt-k. A r k . Phone (JtifTli.' Slrnycd (nun my JIHCC ^ mile Kits) of Sim's (,'liiiprl nn Hifih. wn.v -ir. East K a y c l l p v l l l r Ihii pjisi Thursrla.v m u r n i n e . Rewind. Dill H. 1.. . . R n i i n r l . 3IJI7W2, PnycUcvlllc. ·rrvlru. Phoin- i7,% Il«y- j n f f r r e t J . ' n i K i n - i vhi h. R n l o 3.V S l t l r r H I - I^ifrare'l only two hlocki from husi nrtH t l l t i r i r t nn l*rnc Itvtl crtroof. lot |rTt'Kl73'. Nrwlv drrnratfd. hir4- woorl floon, sniflll h»foment w i t h u t i l i t y room, nrvj SO-fallon hoi w » t r r h r . i i f r R x t r a - n t c c f u r n i t u r e in a n n r h u c n t , Inclixilnjt electric l^JEiU' iirrr-l vlth mrwcr. K»i on* of (hi lfit Kiirrli-n «pol* in town. Price/ (Jn 1 - iOHfnoo KINCAID COMPANY r.if, PIIONP. ROCK VENEER" HOME" I.OCA'IKU nn rurr plot nf jrrotind rtitffir]i* C i t y Limtu. lf mndrrn. wit,. t u i i i r H l CAt, f i t y w a t e r , cnmplrr- h « t h , h n i l t l n i and tte. We r a n ' a f - r a n R r ^ joort deal on ibis Jinn FORTY TWO FIFTY . ; W I L L IH.V Kotiii mortrrn four room hoin* w i t h hitth, k i l c h e n IniJItini iinti nr. W e l l Incklfrl ', block n f ( l»ni line YOU WILL ENJOY r n U N T O Y t i l e tin this Splendid .T n r r r f a r m I^ic^iril j u t l n few minr f i l e * out nn imvrd hixhway. JUs c » t j w n l c f nnrl n n l u r n l jt*i The Modern Hntiir it t n i i l f a l f d t h r o u x h n u t . anrt- 1 has m a n y nice huillins, closft* inrj otr. A Mo, A ()n« ham «nrl hroa-1 h i t f h w n y f r n n i » * e -- B e t t e r Hurry nn- Spring IK Ju»t A round th» U N r u n N / S l I E D iiAvJv~'rlcpnYi,Trir 5 rnoin dtiplex, · v M l l n h t e nl oiM-r. Plmnc 90,1. _ KURNI.SHEl)~rti)nrnnrritr llvliit "room 'l liiMliouim. i»alli. diritiift ronm hnd k l l c l i p n . 2 litnnldt South CfltllpllS. Sf:oOlt_ivl|hout u l i l l l l r n . Phnne 2722W. Fl/HNTsilKD H p R r t m e n t r ' j u i r n f r ' Norlli CoJIrier. P r l v a l c r n l r a t t c r nnd h u t h . , - ; - -- - - - . , " ,- r -... · ,.-...-.- - ...^ · Cnrpnri f m . everylhln*. Phnne L E W I S MATTRESS CO. S! R n R o u t e l.Jlox 211. W i i i t h . w : Tifi^'ioppiTriirrtc.. truchliijc.' i m u I i n R . KRncriil__j-«rc1 work. 1'Honc 1377 . SEEING mid rcllnlile "Mcrntiotlff!" Mlsi Curtis. Cull 16B3W «r D7. I CMfY LOT jit rr xi:.o FT.. ted tn firm r*ii« 5Cdlnn rm N Orctlt Strpct, (it H « r f a l n Pripe nf |7S9, in nJinw i«u. Phune 78J iitor. P r J v n t e balh. U t l l l t l c » Phone .'.DOW. Cfltnpim--.1 room u n f u r n l s h r d hunjcnlnw; bath. h«»cirirti( w i t h g*- rnce nnrJ I n t t n r l r y faclHtlr.i. .hint l i k e iirw._Phono 211. FOUR room npnrlmen'i P'i" hlnrk*"nff cqunrt. ^tillable f o r o f f i c e u t i l t r . v r r y pood .for o f f i c e Biirt home for s m a l l l.imily. T U f l K E i n t u i t mortem H p n r t m m l , i t l l l i - lirs pair), $4(1 m o n t h l y , u n f t i r n l s h e r j . TWO ronm m n d r r n n p a r l m e n l , un- r u r n . $«7.SO ii.tly. I I A M M O N I J R K A I . T Y CO. PHONK 7M b ' N K U h N i s i i K U modern .i" room" urirt h n l h . Gfirditc n p n r t m r n t . Puntl w a l l . Pnnnl nny hcnl. Bills p»ld. Alsn 2 lar«c rooms «nd privntc h a t h tin. f u r n l f l h r d «l Wibon'i P l u m h l n n Shop on South 71. 1311. Jor H, W l l (inn ; _nny_ phnnv 732, evening* 96GW. TWO brrrropm modrrn hou«e, liirite k i t c h e n , u l l l l l y room, Kara*-, fiouih- TMR_SALK-LIVK3TOCK _ I Sffi.tffr's Slitu'^hoKM. P h 0 n e OlHI'l-fRHAL Kale." M "hrnd" of" dairy T H R E E "room "coiiipTelrly" f u r n f « h e d -I nf d a i r y heUc-rs. l f i | n p a r t m e n l . Serve! refHfrnitor. Rons. A l t cr inline, p r i v a t e bnth. U t i l l t l e i i paid. i H A l u f d ) l a u n d r y prlvilecc*. AUo ileepJn.t n f o r student. Phone 7BMJ a f t e r cows, high fjrndf Untnlc-in hniiK* tCHfcd mid TB t:r. 10 head of refjlKlcrcif Hereford I bulls, R monihs to 2 yours. Tucsrtny, l-Vhruary .V l i i - K l n n l n i t at 12:30 p. m. ill my fiirm 2'i, nillcs Northwest ol Pote.-ui. Okla , on the Cameroon road. H. C. Price. FOR SALR-- AUTOMOTIVE l'J-19 Ne ASir iioor HcclimrMakr.rbed. Goodyc»r blnck prrscrvrr tin-it tubes. New battery. «lii;lilly ' j _ __ UOULJ '.17 Dodge major. PlfomTKJiio-M. i'J.'il " D"6bGK~lnn plrk'-np.' 4'xpood ininsnilssion. Phuno .1H or J^^t. J. C. JJmvson, _Pniirlc C.rnvr. io^G CHEVnOLET "* do»r."nBdln~nmi healer nnd other exlras. $7M.OO. l'honp_ 2H:)\V7?. J'.iril 2 IJOOfl Pf.vtiVmilh~rc'nlly~nTi-(7, Call Kitndtiy or evenings at 507 Weil ' 1KB. r I K c l v l n n . n r "c|c;clric raiific . ood treadle tcsvin^ mnchinc ·uornscL-nt desk l a m p . IlS.tlU R oil 2 00 '· ifUscd SiMiW RTU L-lrtulHlor «5.(HI v f .JOHN ItHODKS A P P L I A N C E *!EtLI?*^5P--J?^ K i ^ N ' - ' v ! m r k h l v l n i , t o r l£Hff 2 ° Z ' MAN WANTED lor jT~i|f clinic'" jolj j MO VINO' "lo"Urrniany. wl'll sell a tirac- ' ; . " £ ' · s P Icnri . ! (i p p p o r - i Ik-ally njw MnKic Chef rancc at n sacrllicL-. o»k d i n c l l c set. boy'* h|- cycle. mirror l.-imps. John Ballarri, i?ith real t u n i t y for the f u t u r e . No invcst- ment, no experience needoif. Slxly- year-old n i a n u f a c t u r c r will jitart you in business w i t h complete stuck of fftit-ietlinR home and f a r m ni-ccfi- ditics, nationally k n o w n unrt advertised. A t t r a c t i v e special advanUlKcfi Pleasant. p r r m n n c n t work for ,trustworthy men of all ages, »nri j women, too. Complete i n f o n n f l t j f j n free. Write today. Just say "Tell nv! hnw I can Ret steady work at good ! pay. r i p h t now." Address McCON-1 NON AND CO., Dept. PA-I2« I Wlnona. Minn. | ].AV~Al.uHH~~'orcliarcr RraE«. serccln lispcdP7,!i. Lawrciifi: H Siidlh. '., mill- t-njil of t r n f / i c light, Hindi* PASTEL Krecn^CliniriiK'rVrHnVe. Used ! 5i p. LAIH;K r ...-. u ' c - Phone 2740W. a p a r t m e n t , bill* 2 ROOM furninlied Jnlrt. Phone- 222BR. 3 hbOM" f u r n i s h e d 'apnrtmc1it"~iieiir U n l v e n l l y , Modrrn .prlvilr. Ideal _Ior_iilu^lcnl couple. Plionr 174.11. f J l . K A N moricrn house." "Sycamore hlrerl. Phone 2C41R. BEDROOM"" r.lfl NpftTH Collrgr. TWO bedroom home Vn"pft"vett~ nlVre," Iwo block, fro/n Jeffrrion School, Ihrcr hloi:ki from . Squnre. Rent WO.WI. Call 2..l2M_nnrr 5 n'rlock. ONK apnrlnieiit" 2 lireplni " rooms'. Mr. W. J. McCoy. 20 HIM Street. H ROOM furnished "apiTrlinciit"" w i t h b n j h . Private entrance. Phone 1 6.1ft W or M. UMPORNISHEft'"3~F"oo"m"nwrVnrent; I'.i _olnck« o f f Square. Phonr 2012. N I C K bPriroom. P r i v a t e "intrjince" and _halh. Phonr 1943. 3 ROOM garajtc a p a r i m c n t r f u r n l i i l i r d Hlectric r r t r l c e r n l o r . m r d r n plot Phonn 174-M-n. R r n o v H l e d . r r b u i l t . One dny ncrvir" Phone -774 H l c h w n y 7i «outh. i ' j m.ips, WORK "wiinfed"jiy "wornmi l'fi-".8J. " S T O R A G E " " CALL INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE about all your tlorage problems. Conveniently located on Frisco Siding . 401 Scolt St. Phone -474 J. OTU ELECTRIC CO. Quality jnilallvri ·PUMPS · POWER rhon* 74, Wtit Fork HAMMOND RFAITY CO. KVP Phniir 11 h Mjimmbnd 1312 J A Jitryli j^WXV ' _ "BUY'EQUITY" WK H*vr juii JUtPft this tiff, rmin.- noitir, norUicin^t locution, hurtlwooi* Moors. m i t n i i i M t l c n»* heat, plaiterrtj I h r o u x h n u l . Inia of «h«n« lr*ca. C^n ' br niirchmed wUh approximately X I . 15(1 nn down, balnlice JU1.22 p-r i n u n t h I n r h i d t n r Uxrs *nd instir- . . UTLEY COMPANY, INC. Call J. J MCNDKRS P M l ( a;03, Jltv Hfl NICE alocplni! TM. xhtdcntK. 269nj. Klcctriclly X20 fin per Wit«in. E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phony 249 __ ?4 HouR~si"iivia ON Hrmititchlng, Picoling, Covtr»rf Butloni, Button' Holti, 'Tailored B*lti and Bucklti. ' ' : Special Altcnllon givtn Mall Ordtri. Satlifoctlon or Monty Back. SINGER SEWING M A C H I N E CO. _I8_S 1 E_SU Fuett«vlllt Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 412 Virginia Avc., hox U.I U. Sta. Phonc_J«B». Jrayctleyllle LANDSCAPING M » l c r f » I » HIU) trrvirc C. H WlKffims. 2«Z£._ OITCH'uiaciNO FOOTINGS--w n t R r, yh »nd icwnr f ~ 121! ditch**, »cpllc t»nk hole* Dijfitn* i »n'l hick ftUlni. Oil zt2t. Bryct I D»vU id n n a r i m e n l . n r i v » t e i ^^^^^lhrt^ii.^ T ^T*L .. rpfrkcrnlor, U t l l l l l c i ! WASHINGTON Sthool di«lrlcl--Thin mi for one or two *c r».il of ^ll^dy's Store and fas. no (mlh room, month. Hfli- Mr*. G. A. ROOM /iirnlilicf) ap»rlmcnt. Pri- v n t r rnlrnncc. Billi pB!rt. 2(J3 Weil Hork. K(inNI.SiiRn~*«.irH«e*~«niir1mantr.IZ] W. Ccnlcr. tl.KWW. NICK Ijirfc" room. ~ 1 J 7 "K,""lJiViiycMe. _ Phone 1R03W. 3 ROOM"'rurnlflhfid .Hilh. electric . - p«ld. Plione 114SJ. .--. R K A I iiuv. Cooii » room twitrrtmiiit in Iwck porch. hul|t-on »ck ffUtt ttoiMfi. Onrjisi! rnti irhlrken bnn-* Ound |nrdrn nnd nrre ef cnw put-. tttrtr. R p r i n j runs throuih plict *fl' .VPrtr. I-nw ittrn \vbcrr in »»nd fp»pe-5,i I hlnrk n n r t h . 3 Mocks exit nf, '* fnimri- Prlr-c J.1.HW. fie* H · n IT Si t^riln. Lincoln, _ A r k a n « a » _ ; U. IK VOU"~WANT ·TCfSKU, YOUR T PrtOPEHTV CAM, US und We trill " omp nut «nd fnipeci U a* wt ,tr« it . ID nctri of lypm of property. Ilittni.n nn nit A. L; SHAMBLIN REALTOR Jim Hairier . · THtphont 241 !«M nr IBJt II) Mnrlh Coll.If AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO* A Bttlar Plica I* Buy Health and Accident-^ · Polio ·liabiliff · WORKMEN'S · Plate Gloss ·Burglci,«| _ WOOD .Sfi. in n rick. Up|tvcrc) n city. Cook onrt. JMi , 1 4 0 , i:n:i-j. rlctlric hours light pleasant work ^uniclimc j illirinR dnv nnd ahoul .1 hours in i Ihc evening. SJO.Ofl week. Phone I 2869W2 before 7 n. in. PINSITTERS 'WANtED"~ I 'O work afternoons a f t e r school \ppilj- Jim Bel Js'KS aMcr S p. m. EXPERIENCED operator. Call HS6. ' HKI,P WANTED 10 MEN or women for parVtime~snlf-s work. Also f u l l l i m e person to b u i l d t own afjL'iiuy. For I n f o r m a t i o n w r i t e CIO I l cl __ B J5.. K j" 1 - '-Tllnrs. "~ irm near lamp. StlOfl Irons from .S2 Hi}. Urfcri riO.OWt HTII flrculator. ii:..00. John fthirics Ap. pliaiu-c. ^1 N. Block, phone 20^1. | Vour _Kclvin:Mor _J)ea]cr. TM I GLASS" «how r.ise, 31x1 ' j K l t"'. ' Call III) tm n f l e r .', p. in. _ C H I N A " ratilnel'."'J27.WI'."" touch ' a n'll cover, $lSfMl. Floor lamp. S5 no. Call . . ^ Phonr r.t._. lid lire- j f - HOOH" unfiirni»lVrd~"«pa'rlnicnt. ~s . ! room f u r n f s h r d aparlmenl. both near ranee, j tlniversily. on bui line. Blllii paid. ' ' Phone 712-J. _ AIAnTMI!NTS~ror_rVnt".~Phoni~542J ROOM and lioarii for ~2 U n i v e r n t t y men. Single room* w i t h inncrsorinii · n,'^,.',? 0 ' ifi - 7:pl ],. . inatlreiiei. JfO.M monlh. Hhonc ' BI ,- OCK M r w M I 8 h -School: 5 r o o m 31B7 , hunualow. ai heal, excellent i t r u c t l o n . lot r,o by real IIAHGAIN. CHOICE rcMciener lot pu»: M hy :«l) each. lovely home r. romn*. bath, fcrvlee norch. lull haiemtnt w l l h K»ra««. I laundry, nnd work hop: 2»celal ' t y p e a u l o m a l l e cat f u r n a r c w i t h ' ^= alr-condlllnntnic n u l l . Chainherlaln weather ilrlp. fireplace. Imul.-ttcd A $17.500 home S/'KCIAI.LY rrtlCKI). N K A n Campin: t 5 room luniKalow, balh, »un poreh, »nu nervlec pnrrh: f a i heat. hnrdwooiT floorn. lot fiO ' I N S U R A N C E Aulamobilt - Llablliry Fir* - Exltndid Cevtrag* Poiio - Plait Glaii WAN FINCHIt ' : Arced* IWg. DRKKSE1 lioii'., wholo'Mr" hill" w l l h liciul n f f and Iciif hinl nul W e l l ·priKrss II I l i i l l a t u l nm«. Locker I ' l a n l . Plini.r ::C.1. _ i N N K f i K P f U N O i n n t t r c M (or hahy hnil. Plinne :2'J.1J. I ' k b l G H K K n Nc-v; Xchiaiul w h i l e r a b I bils--juniors, arnior*. bred iloc«. i M i l l i e ' s R n h l i i l r y -- E m l ol Lincoln. :l!lcr · nil MielHV.iv r.^. on Road. Prc- M l X K n " h a v . i'l.OO 'hiilc.'"Jru KiultJ, H i M l d i n j Wfslry. A r k . t , . -.1 A I - · . . - . - . - . . . : . . 1I;tC1 ' · BAI.KIJ liav Halph and Hill Shrcvr. yesterday an aRroomnt with A r - J T , A I Y lo slay In counlry home a s , Farnuniiliin. M May H« Oiialed 1'aipeh, Formora-MVA special session of the N a t i o n a l Assembly may be called this spring In consider ousting I.I Tsung-Jen as vice president of Nationalist China. 1.1 was Impeached last monlh hy the Control Y u a n , t o p government body. An nuUtindlnn flavor--Judge's Hornun Mtnl Brean. 11-lB-tf CMN PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS MMM (Mtet Jill ArhMMt in Rtnikring C«. Lady Stenographer and Assistant Bookkeeper LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. 1 · KOIt R a i v I n i K h products, call or w n U '-i K /.. C . i r l r r . H-nilr 7, K x v r t t e v i i l e Ark JMinnr P^WI n M i T l'.10_p. m "PUBLIC.SALE """ Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory BABY SITTINT. C A R K for children in my homt. Mr«. :00. JS.IXa). Ca BENDIX M I R A C L E A G I T A T O R W A S H E R J. D. EAGLE, Realtor __ ACilKS iaiici lioujc. giia. City w a t e r r house 2 r o o m ' c l e c l r l r y ihc door, _ _ 2 duplexes. ~ P h n n e . f l : i l W . ' TWO room hotiir, writ of ; K i i f r g i o i i n r l '· · ' ucliry. . 621 Lftl'errll. I I 7 1 J , RHOI» ALICE'S Bf.AtlTY SHOP Now lip lov/n. 7.'» P. M o u n t a i n SL AJtrr aort Marlha. Phone *30 COLVARDS BEAUTY SHOP~~ :o w. Meadow--Phoni M»J Mach 3 M-up Cold wavt |i up bZt ·TA" normn LADY 10 m»n«8o d l n l n u '1°.I 1 "?. «5 3 ' FOR coinplinr world |)lano C,tll nofti. rtrllvrrr tMMJR--CATS --I'KTS ilKOISTKilKI)Vrd'i-ockrr ipi plc». Sired !/ Cliamnlon In Mlel tnlp- V Mrs. W y a t l . phone' T I I A I N K I ) hlrddOK n r l l c r , 4 yoliri Wllll dOKhouxr, jLl.Ti Plionf; 2M HK;iH'rKHKI)"aiCHc"r~aiun7iri~nun'!i I'honr IMC, pin. Hlrrd hy Ch ' Point n«dcnat. Mri. red Corker Hpanlel nun- hamnlnn W u l u JloeVy »honi IDEAL MATTRESS CO. W* mwt or bwt any compvlition 401 WEST DICK5ON R A I N I I O W " t l i r I I T " « i l i l d u l l y Plume S p i l n B M i i l e 3:01. O;.ark Trout K » r m .lohtmon " . "atiir"riiwi,"*lnol " lorkrrT b r i e f caiei, H- ham. O'nile c**r\ l o i l r i k i t i , ele A eomnlel* l i n t IIAMI-JO.VD A R M V »URPI.U» STOIll Wednesday, F,«b. 6', 10 A.M. 25 Head Livestock, Tractor ond Farm Equipment. N. A. Center, j '/j mile north of Winslow on \ HAIJI.IXO wriie. Highway 71. A L L our n w c h t r n arc Jiol nii'iihcm. l)iil *·· havf nrvrr mild "riash-llre" n v i M l r r v l l u n l ' l . Idc nnvv5"~r'rad ' i'Min «' 1 "'d i i l r l R h t piano" R e c e n t l y t h r Tulta W o r l d , d n i l y For drllvi'-ry ' r c l i n l l l nnrl l u n r r l - · · · · Phone Hill Kinkade. 2 M I - W . : CORN ' li-d dreliert TO all real e s l a l c ' r i B e n l s Tile P ]( i IMionr- I H I M 4 . Carrol] (arm l« oil Ihc m a r k e t , I h l i : I I A K N Y A R I ) manure. Phone Hill _dn,e. P. H. Carroll. :; F 1 AVK1.. . v a r d " load d e l i v e r e d ' S I A L L our sweaters are hot mirrihr-r*' | Plionr. .117B.M hut we have never Bold "llaih-hre" sweaters, llunl'll. PRlCIUrn"S BtAOTY SHOP KF.UAII I WORK :i N Hlnck I'honi 1H nay or n l f h l Call Glenn flay Reeil IIOMK SKKVICr I N S U L A T I O N -- W F . A T I I K n S T n i P O E C O R A T I N G - W A M . P A P E R ' W I N D O W C L E A N I N G Fully Insurer! Call or W r i t e noitl'-RT M, SMITH We.l Fork nrz gAMT) ANI OKAVtt. ROAD AND QRAVCL _ ALSO TUP IOIL and SKKVICKS 11 N rendered on'~imai(" ppl Mlnek. fhnni 21)2). .. hroller r*nch, . 1321M. ranch. np. . 40.000 capacity ; . r r n l l y n 50» cow j better in N o r t h w r n t Ar- i ftftxi)*. e Imvc modern homrs ' w i t h nmrirrn i;r.nic A d,tlry ctnnp- ' nicnt. We hnvf farni*. l a r g o or imall. i «)i jtood MX you will drift in I he i O7.«rki. »nrt we have ionic nivnjt ' Jis poor us o u w i l l f m r f . We have tourist rourls nn.1 hn*lnr«irs nt ony , kind Whaie%er y n n r r c q u t r r m r n u ' In rcul e*Ufr we iry io in«ke t h t i i i h r hr«t place t o f i n d w h d l v f n i »re looking for itnd I t u . at d f n i r price NEWLIN REALTY W F S T _ K O n K A R K t noOM'hntiiiV. V y e n r i old M a r floors, /loir furnace, carport, Inl. r » r r i f n »p»cc. 1 1,995 (Ki o-Aii. halancr ill lit m o n t h l.rvetril School k r r x , hi» line, Ifi.OOfl fHj ^ niorl. f r u t f p r i r r . Addington Rool Estate Thnnr 1CM AUTOMATIC $229.95 large LEWIS BROS. CO., lnc, ; KOUU BLOCKS SOUTH OK llldKON STRKET nn South University Slrcc-1, 4 ROOM COMrLKTF.I.Y MODEI1N HOME hMn built arounfl ^ yc;ii;t, Imidwood floors, .'.crccncd-ln back porch with concrete floor, lot 5.1-200, n i c e Ein'dcn mnt In I m r k if you desire ono, IS NOW ^ .SKLLINR. Cl.I. loan In f o i c o fur with p.iynicnts $31.00 I*T ,'. month. TOTAL, PI1ICE $4SOO.nn. Yrs, It nfcrts a l i t t l e decorating 'on -· tho Innidc and you wnulcl Imvc a lovrlv * room home. ALSO, TllnEK '." n K D R O O M I I O M K wllh liirsc liviiu;'niom MN28, located on North .^ W a l n u t Street, lot i n n x l M . larco basonicnt. IS SKl.I.INO A'f SDOOO.ttt I M M K D I A T F . POSSKSSION ON I1OTII PHOPERTIES. Iv; ';" A. L SHAMBLIN, REALTOR or JIM HOLDER Telephone 241,2654, '«aj ·ihl

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