Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1952
Page 6
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, Nfcrwy 4, IfM Closer To Armistice, Says Spokesman For U. N. In Korea; Communists May Also Hope For Armistice Koro»'-(/l')-A United · Nations Command spokesman Mid tonitht (1)0 Allies mid Communist ......... ' VhuVe moved closer lo lllcc" in Korea. He doclarrxMlie Beds also in»y "haVt hopes ot an armistice." Brig. Gen. William P. Nuckuls, Ihc fpukcsntan, said ncrecmenls reached by staff officers working en truce supervision and,Ihc subcommittee on prisoner exchange rotation, neutral Inspection nnd ,, definitions o( cnoKtHl waters. U.N an arml- j spokesmen have described tlic differences as minor. The *laff of. fleers are, nut debating tho key truce supervision issue---whclhoi Hie Herts have the right tn build ;md repair North Korefin military Would Spt.d Acll»lli« Vice Adm. C. Turner Jny pro- moan "we have moved closer to posed .Inn. 31 Hint necotlallons on an armistice " | three sections of the trucn be con- r S ^ ! ' r u r x , x r ' start djatc negoiiMions on th lion nf an armistice his suggestion the f,"i, prv- '" '".crpiuif; ms MIKHCMIUII im 1 ion o. mi, indicate* flcdj HKrccri to pro vide n de-tailed 'thev have hopes of mi armistice." working dnifl. They arc exported Trm-e ccnoiiMors scheduled a Mo piopose wlthdrpwa) nf nil for full dress session Wednesday In start work on the fifth and Just agenda item. And there wort optimistic predictions from an Allied member of the. prisoner exchanfit- lubcoinmitlcc. "1 think' we can got : inecthcr mid write the real of thi 1 agree- niBiit on prisoner oxcharific," aalil Hciti Adm. H. E. Ubby, "for the first time, J think we arc Jn' n poullion to settle the nuts and | clgn troops frorn Korea -- a pet Communist project -- and a high- level polilicitl conk-rente to sellle the si'holc Korea rjuiisllon, U - ,N. hciidcj lift r ten; In Tokyo said no recommendations will be jnado In Kovrrmnonts In volverl in the Korean wnr nnloss the truce negotiator* agree on what to recommend." OptlmUtSc Ripor} Rpnd Adm. JJbby Monthly pcrvislon plans intulo no rnciisur able headway. They tUill mw iron out dIffcronces over \roop Free Booli On Arthritis Anlftiieuinilisin HOW TO AVOID OKrOKMlTIKS An.HiliiizitiK newly cnlnraud 44- p.ti bpok cniiilcd ·jthcinmitlsin'' will be senl .free to 'flnynnc who will write lor It, , li.rcvcaig-why'drug* and medicines give only tonipuniry rqlicf li'.d full lo ru'iiuvt the ,'an,stv of the trout'[e) cxi^tfnt n proven . IpcrlBllzcd non-sin drill, non- medicul · ti raiment which linn proven successful for the pnst 33 years. · . , Von Incur nn obllpillon In ·ending fo; this liii'ruellvc book, U ir.s.v be the nifHns of suvln;; 3'ou ycHi's nf untold misery. Write todiy to The Ball Clinic, Dept. «204, K.xcelsiiir .Spi'ini:.',, Mlssuurl. Somt Polnii Of Afrttmtnt Tlic negotiators have reached Kencrn) a^reenivnt on these points: I. Thai top priority he glvon the exchuiiKc of sick and wounded prixoners. bolts of fhO'siluatlon." | ;iou'8inuti the most uptiniixtic ru Stiiff officers tlraftlnd truce HI-'J port of the prisoner cxrhaiiRC tub- cominitlee's iKI mcotliiftH. ''We -HKI.V be ready to nn lo the .staff officer level In n dny or two. 1 may be completely wroni;, but I think we. ftre be.^innlrif! to make progress." he said. At the Jifimo time Libby empbn- sixed thnt i)c/;otijilor.t still are "1BO dp^rees apart" on the major IsiiUCff--volunljiry rcprttrlallon nnd s^fc^uurdij to insure return uf diii- plfircd clvlllnnf!. The. .AIliCK dropped their de-, insnd for p»rticlpation of the In-! lernallonal Committee of the Red Cross m committees to handle rioliills of prisoner oxchunlic and civilian rcpiitriiitfon. I n s t e a d , Ubby proposed that national Hid Cross nrgnnlziillons of both! sides 'mi represented, Ubby rlcvotcrl considcroble time to detailing the Allied position on the nine-point prisoner oxeliniiRc plan offered by the Heds Sunday. Jn "reply to questions, the Communists explained the parole scc- Ilim of (heir plnh meant that released prisoners would promise .ml In flpht again In Korcn. We'll give you Spot Cash FOR ALL YOUR USED BURLAP B A G S Bring them to our Btnronville Plant! We'll buy all we can jet --and give you CASH ON THE BARREL HEAD! MIDWEST BURLAP BAG CO. 935 LYOIA KANSAS CITY, MO. 2. 'Iliat f'anmunjom be thr prisoner e.ichi'inKC point. ,1. djita be exchaniicd on prisoners who died In captivity. 4. That civilians on both Hide* be given assistance In returning lo their former homes if they dc- slrr. On this point, however, Libby Insisted that safeguards such as interviews by joint Heel Cross tcmn.s be provided. The U.N. nejjotlalurti also pro posed tiiiit all prisoners be ex changed within 911 days a/ler Ih armistice in signed, rather thai fill days us the Comifemifits pro posed. U.N. staff officers again sug gftsted a troop rolation ceiling o 40,000 men a month, if thit tola Included only troops leave Kore: permanently. They scaled dowi from 7S,OflO to 60,00f the cellini proposed to cover bolh rcgula rotation anfl personnel leaving Korea for brief rest leaves o lemoorary assigmnonts. The. Communists continued t maintain lhat an ovendl ceilitig o 2S,()00 would be sufficient. Eisenhower Backing Grows In Oklahoma Two More Delegates To Convention Are Promised Cllnlnn, Oklii.-M'l-Gen. Dwight I). Elsenhower backers Erabbec control of the Sixth district lie- publican convention toddy ami promised two more nations! GOT convcnlion delegates pledged k support his presidential eanrildacy Place Montgomery, IloUarl, nn avowed Kisenhower man, \va agreed on us convention chairmai In n preliminary caucus. The Elsenhower strength was behind Fred L. Cnogtm, Sayre, anc J. Paul l^oocen. Okarche. «s llonal convention delegates. Congim leans Inward Sen. Hob- crt A. Taft nnd Loosen towurr Kisenhower. although both men declared they would r e x p « c I wjshes of (lie district. Lockwood Jones, Cordcll, am] naymond Fields, Ouymon, cochairman of tho F.lscnhowor movement in the Sixth district , «»ic they had plenty of votes for Klsenho'wor endorsement.. The tug-of-war for the 16-vo|p Oklahoma dolcgalion to the Chicago national convention previously has seen Eisenhower win delcgallons In the Third district Ht Durant and Fifth district at Oklahoma City. Taft supporters blocked a pro- poped endorsement in the Fourth district at Shcwnnc and will cnn- Irol the First district at Ponca.Clty next Saturday by virtue of the strong' Tulsa County delegation favoring Tad. The second district GOP. convention mccla at Burtlcsville Wednesday with tho outcome there regarded as a tossup. Four delegate] at large will he selected at the state convention in Oklahoma City, February 11. HORTON Automatic Gas Dryer / The Only COMPLETELY Automatic Gas Clothes Dryer On The Market Juit s«t tht dial -- it- itorti, dries, ttopj automatically SEE THE NEW HORTON DEMONSTRATED NOW AT THE ARKANSAS WESTERN GAS CO. CV CARNEY APPLIANCE CO. South Sidf Stuart. Ph»nt 1728 Maher Pasha Would Lower Cost Of Living Seeks A Better * Understanding With Free World Powers Cairo, Kn.ypl-M'H'rcmler A J y Mfihcr Pasha declared today he is ityln/( to create a '.'healthy atinos- ji'.ere'' in order to roach a better iindcrntanrlinK wllh the powers of the free world. He made the statement in m in- I'orvluA' as Egypt graduaUy returned to normal. Leading EKyptlan nc'Wfipijperfi were fillflfl with re- poj'ls on the form .he Brilish- Kgypllfln ,negotiations are likely to take. In the interview, Maher Pasha was stilicd if he believed it would bcnefH Egypt to reopen negotiations with BriliiIn over Egyptian duninnds for withdrawal\ r British Iroopn from the Suez Cunal Zone, find sole sovereignty over the Su- rlnn. He ahso was asked to outline hi:, views on the proposed Middle East Command to replace the British alliance wIUi Egypt declared void, and also proposals for inter- Arab Security Pact. "It Is my wish." snid the premier, ''that* a healthy .itmnspherc for a belter understanding prevail between Etfypf nnd nil the powers of the free world. The Middle East command and the Inter-Arab Security pact will be matter.-? for discussions witii the Egyptian na- tiona 1 front. Bolh these questions will naturally he in the framework of the charter of the U. N." M ft her Pasha said tht. foremost economic policy of his government is to lower the cost'of living, which he regardrf as major cause of Egyptian discontent. He said a survey Is bcin,,' made of damage en used by the destructive anti-British fire riots in Cairo of January 2fi in w,hch 67 persons were killed and some of Cairo's linc^t department slort*, holcls, theaters, restaurants and n i g h t clubs burned down. The riots Juan Fernandez Island, Where Robinson Crusoe Spent Four Lonely Years, Isn't So Lonely Now, Arkansas Tourist Finds (This if one (it * icrief Ed Van- | devtmcr In writing about his iri. through South America. He will | return in April.) - By KD VANDEVENTEH Juan .Fcrflnrloy. Island, in the Pacific oppniite Chiln--Here the hero of our childhood days, Robin- 5on Crusoe, had his great adventure. From a pans in the Yunquc Mountainn he had his lookout where every day he stood gazing wistfully tit the ocean, ever hoping In sec a ship. Every nisht for more than four years he had sicnal fires burning on the anvil-shaped peak, El Yunque. In real life his name was not Robinson Crusoe but Alexander Selkirk. This t«blct in near his lookout: "In memory of Alexander Selkirk, inariner. "A native of Larcojin in the county of Fife, Scotland, who lived on this island in complete solitude for four years and fpur months. He was landed from the Cinque ports galley--96 tons and Ifi guns A.D. 1704, and Was taken off in the Duke.privateer Feb. 12, 170.1. "He died lieutenant of H.M.S. Waymouth A.D. 1723 aged 47 years. · ''This tablet is erected near Selkirk's lookout by Commodore Powell and the officers of H.M.S. I Topa/.c A.D. 1868." I Selkirk was a boatswain on the ! pirate ship whose captain became' angry at him and left him on this i lonely island with a musket, some ammunition and a small «mount of. food. He was 28 years of age.. This Island is in the Fernandez Rroup owried by Chile. According j to Benjamin Subcrcaseaux, of I Santiago, explorer and geographer, this group is the outcropping of a submarine range--per- liaps part of a continent which sank in the Pacific. Joao Fermidcz, a Spanish pilot, discovered the islands in 1574 by accident, his ship being blown off 'ts course from Callao, Peru, to Valparaiso. He left some goats and nlants, which thrived. Soon this Decarnc a haven for pirates who would stop, get meat and vegeta- bles. So the Spanish government sent over lot of vicious dojs to kill the goats. But the juats_climb- ed to the peaks and kept on multiplying--so did the dogs. And the latter, hungry most of the time, caused Selkirk » great deal of trouble. He was wearinj clothing made at grass when rescued. Selkirk was taken to England, and when about 42 years of age he met Daniel Defoe, the author, at a tavern in Scotland. He held the loungers enthralled wjth the stories of his adventures and kept saying: "Oh, my beloved Island; I wish I had never left thee." Next year Defoe's now-famous hook, "Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe," appeared and 1 was a success. Defoe was a real adventurer himself. His life story If ulrrvpst as interesting as his famous book. He had a black servant who escaped from a slave ship, who was very faithful to him and who became a Christian. Defoe called him "Friday." Also the author had a parrot which h« taught to perch on his shoulder and call his name. He had seen shipwrecks, so when he decided to turn Selkirk's lonely exile on Juan Ferandez Into a romantic fiction he wrote of a ship* wreck In the West Indies region with Robinson Crusoe the sole survivor. ^ What was more natural /or a writer who had seen cannibals than to hive them chase "Friday" manufacturer. Bon In London In 1M1, hii name w»i jp»- Hf |»ter signed it D. Tot iMI fliiiHy p» n iel Defoe. Contemporary twit writers called him an "illiterate fellow" and. a "vulgar huckittr," but while their names h«v* p»ised into oblivion, his lives on. Styled a mixture of knave and patriot. Defoe wn a valuable aid to King William, wh« bequeathed to English statesmanship the union of Scotland and England and » Protestant dynasty. Defoe spent so Robinson Crusoe ebuld rescue I the last two years of his. lifr a him? Of course, he remembered hip parrot, which in the hook became a consolation for the hero of this romance. Wrote Book At 5» , . Defoe was 59 yeafrs of age when he wrote +he Robinson Crusoe book. He was credited with being the author of 350 books »nd pamphlets--not many bearing his name, however. I Called the most colossal liar of the ages, his statements about himself made it impossible for anyone to write an accurate story, of his life. But it is known that he was a newspaper editor, a secret service agent, a merchant and a wanderer, and poor, dying in 1731. Now Robinson Crusoe's island i! the home of a family named Car- penticr, left when the French sailing ship I.* Telegraphe was wrecked on the beach in 1?91, The population of the Fernandedez group totals about 400. GOT A COLD TAKE ferfast symptimitic RELIEF 666 brought a declaration of martial aw and n change of governments. Malicr Pasha declared responsibility for the riots would be pinned the guilty and sorrtte will be cnurt ma rt in led. · i SELECT YOUR NEW POWER VENT BENDIX GAS CLOTHES DRYER FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY $ 249 95 LEWIS BROS. CO.: Inc! 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