Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 2, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1952
Page 7
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ClayionRand Says: It may be a lilllc too late lor President Harry Truman's reorganization of the I n t e r n a l Revenue; Bureau. It's not much use to Inc'k the barn after the horse is stolen. Our government has been u n fortunate with .amendments tn the Federal Constitution. Results have fallen far short of our expectations. There was the Susan U. Anthony ( i f l t h ) Amendment to Ihe Constitution which w a s ' t o purify politics. Women promised they would clean house. And politics is dirtier t h a n it was before. Then there was the Liquor Prohibition Amendment (the 18th to the Federal Constitution) which was to sober up jhe country permanently by legislating * ^(,r«l morals among the people. But the citizenship went on such i. bender, and the bootleggers, hijackers and moonshiners so corrupted government and Ihe people, that the wisdom of the citizenship finally repealed prohibition by amending Ihe Amendment to the Constitution. Then there \vas the Income Tax Amendment (the 1 16th te the Constitution) which put no limitation upon the amounts the Federal Government could extract from the people. And foolish and faithless public servants taxed, and taxed, and spent and spent, until the evil influence of filthy lucre reached alike the laxcrs ;md the taxed, the high and the low. The Income Tax A m e n d m e n t to the Federal Constitution stinks. NCMTHWKT AIKANUI TIMH, ««ye«t«vlt1e, Ark Murrfcy, ··bruvry t, IWJ Child Plunges From" Window To Her Death Chicagu-(ff')-A r u n a w a y ' teenage high school girl v.'as killed 3'p?:tcrriay when she plunn.od from n second floor window durine a drinking p a r l y . In « West Side apartment. Police LI. Thomas ,1. Murphy said the girl was Kathleen V/allacc, 14; who had been missing from her home since Jan- uary'11. He said a n o t h e r ' r u n a w a y 14-year-old girl and several young men were in the apartment drinking beer. Police .seized Iwiv 20-year-old yo'ilhs and the other girl. Choose your jev/cler before choosing . jewelry--Heche's -30-61 WINDFALL FROM UNCLE SAM-William Moore, a printer OF Glcvclahrf, Ohio, Anally got the refund tor overpayment of his 1849 income lax. On January 22, 1952, he received a Treasury Department cheek dated March 28, 1950. Here he looks with puzzled admiration at the rfrelty baby-blue check, printed on heavy, expensive paper, all fixed up .wiih punch holes for those "thinking" machines they have down in Washington. The check was for one cent--the amount of his-refund. Moore is trying lo find out hnw much of his tax money it cost the government to do the bookkeeping, write and mail the check and nurse it along on its nearly two-year trip \M his mailbox. New Version Of Bible Starts Israeli Row; Four Of The 10 Commandments Are Omitted , CASH PAIli FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phoni CollKt 2353 lIe, ArkanMi Joplin Rendering Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS- PHILLIPS MOTOR (0. Tu! Aviv, Isracl-MVA storm nf* protest has broken nut hern over! an Israeli tearher who took it '= upon himself to rewrite the Old ' ·Testament. . j In his streamlined version the teacher, M. Segal, omiltrri four of the 10 .comrnanrimriits a n d ' I c t t in very little about God. He also has touched up 'the original Biblical grammar. The . storm broke when Segal had his' "new" Bible printed and put for sale in Iwo soolions-^onp for kindergarten children, the other for older readers. Newspapers branded the enterprise as a sacrilege. Indignant .citizens asked whether it was part of a Communist plot. There was .a healed session in the Knesset (Parliament) over the book. Education Minister B e,n 7. i o n Dinaburg said Segal's opus would 'not be admitted as a textbook in Israel's schools, although t''"n? 'was nn legal basis for its prohibition. Tire book was not porno- praphic, he said,' nor did it endanger the security of the stain. , In his introduction Segal said ·something"had to be done In make I Newsboy Saves Young Skater North Ma ven. Conn.-(/!')-Hoy | Scout DfiMiiy Holt, J.1, did his fiood i t l e c d . f c i r the day yesterday by l hclpinc to rc'.scuc a younc skater ; who broke through tho ice of a ! pnnri. Danny JK a polio victim, and 1 still wears a brace on his l e f t letf.: I But he didn't let th»l step him | when ho yaw Edward Asby, I I , ;.struggling/in the water. ! ) The crippled ynunumcr, ;i New ; j Haven Journal-Courier newsboy,, crawled on the ice to a point where, by stretching out f l a t and j extending his arms, he could si.p- ] port tiie younger bny. Truvir o t h e r , ; boys then pulled them both to j j s a f e t r . I · : Wholesale Price Index i Down From Year Ago Washington - i7P) - Tho Rovcrn- menl's wholesale price index today stood at 3.2 per coiil below a 'year a# ;uul 12.4 per cent a b o v a j tlic jire-Korea 11 war level. This j was revealed in the Buix-an of i Labor S t a t i s t i c s roporl t h a t t h e ! index msc two-tenths of one p c r j cent d u r i n g the week ended J a n u - ary 2!), rrtachins 17G.3 per cent of the 192G HVL'raRK. increases in wholesale pri farm produclK, metals and motal products wore offset p a r t i a l l y hy j declines in foods, textiles, build- j ing materials and chemicals, the j bureau said, Taft Speaks,At Dinner Session In Kentucky Luuisvilk 1 , Ky.-i/Pj-Ohio's -Sen. Robert T a f t brouchl lift .^RcpuljH- t-'an gospel Soutli lodny, w i t h at · one ; i oj'.o._Mi=iJKiajtiK l tK!$.,.*il.' viitcs in 'Tho/'jiiyjy§''Jji|.dslfl i E|iHai '----·--···'-- ;-nt|vr;n!1^n.*TJiri'.':hiV; | IIH,P WANTED ; i" I INSTRUCTION ron RKVT-- Mi*cKUjt\eo(jft I M K N or w'rjincn for"parl tltrTe lales ' COMI'l,ETF,' ynur" Klin ·Hoot it" riortif ' ,"";^ii"" i ;'~ '". ,' ,, ","". " c " I " P~rjl'.7~V;frs~" b. .11 J«-:«- vvirk. MM (ull nine person lo hulld In spare llmr. Tcxti furniahnl. D i - i 3 J.°OM home ea« ol I'urdv Slort. | tXCOVOting - BullOOZing i«n acmry. l-'or inlnrnialion write' plor.u. No daises. Send lor 41 pair ! J,'; r ;iTM" y " nfl ,f" ,, "" ,"/ , r .°°"? i n:tl/;^^ R m f U D«l/a lo Hux K-\a, '.TlniM. i hooklr' and sample lewon free I ?" M 0" nwnlh. See Mn. (,. A. | U l i K i n Q - tSrUSn KOKS _ COUPLE foTMiii;inage "Yruii iiirin' near Joplin Wrilr K-7. 5 Tim**. K A H N 5*UuW""munihly" np;iri: ~ liiiir w i l l sclfiM ii rr I in Mr prr*o A i n r r i c a n School. TO Box E u r e k a SprioKs. A r k a n s a s Wilson SAIJB--AUTOMOTIVK ! r T l n N I S l l E r j w i or 3 roon ! n o r t h of carnpui. I'nnnc ijjli 1 Lcverelt. '·. Ponds - Roads - Clearing .'''iV-ki, H/-H. JONES. .Contractor i 212 Virginia Avc., hex 143 U. Sli. I I F I . P WANTED--I-KMAI.E Lady Stenographer and Assistant Bookkeeper LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. H O U S K K K E P E K nnil i-.irc uf / ypjir old rhtlrt. fir mm. limird HIM! »«i;iry '2 riays till ;i \vcrk. Plume 1.121 W l i r f f i r i 1 n p. in. LADY !o m inn fiu c l m i i i K room. Write PO Box M3. N K A H L V new Bu.i-k 'momr f m m ' n u - I jriinNISi.En' 'tart* imrrtnr tu clutch. Con »M no, w. center :°:;rW lor quick sulr .lark Orliiilr. ' * 7 i W - i NICK" .urn "2" uoOIl" Plymouth." rr'ntly" nice.: phmii; lluou''" " glj K u m l n y "r ,vruin«. at 507 Wett j 3 " ROOM - f u r n l , h c ( 1 ,,., iril , l(Mlt ; p r i .*~.« VuW w-t' UWU t MMMMMMM «^ I lt»lh. r t r c t r u - 11-1 nicer;. UK Ml! 1 Hitlri. 1'honr I I . H J . FOR SAIK--MI8CKI.LANROIIK I 3 nooSl imlurnjsJic.l H A Y -- A t r « I f n orchard · train, n r r r r l n : Plume 3f..'. lcMiedr/.ii. I.Bwrciu-c H Smith. ', J T ROOM u n l i n i i i i J i r d A[i.irltnrnt. .1 inllr rnst o( I m l l i t h j h l , H i n d i - ; f i i r r i U h o t l nn.utmrnl n»i(li nrnr l '. m? ' ,, . ' U n i v e r s i i y . »n bun Uric. n t l | « p«KI '· PASTEL jircrn Clmmtiora r»ncr. U*nl j Phfinc 712-J. 1 " Illj '__ nnp » l "" tl1 J- 10l) - Plume - " 7 . : . \ K A n U i i l v r n u j y . ' 2 nnii .1 ruriin f u r n : WOOD .SfiOO n ' r l r k . Drllvcrcri miy. ! Mhed n p a r l m r n t * B07 UVit UickMHi i plnt-p tn r l l y . Cook \vonl Mtiri ( i r e - Phone I H 9 W . : a p » r t m r n t '.121 FOR S A I . K -- R K A L 117 K. L a l a y r t t f t t-nt, SITUATION WANTED SL'OO Iti jiori. I'hone 1379.J. ; Kclviuiuor «lei-irir " ransp. | Tnson«bic. Phnne 2MJ. ' ' lood irradlc scwlriK machine i APAnfMKNTS" rnti Phonr ".ICF i K l u n r p h L ' c u t dp«k lamp, M-W*- u i m M ' ~ "'i t . ' / : ' , ' i t f r o m $'J 00. UP»I| rin.OOO BTU " U U M J!"". '" Mrtl lor . - l . n i v p r n l y ; ··! piGniv or ii"N" l nK sxru -··««»" «» w ;r,r er ffi'.i Your Kclvlmuni lh-r\lrr. '· -- _ : , Cl.Xss"»how''c»«r:"3IKllixH". Cnll V ^ c f N 'S'' * ,"'Vt' """ ll:n "' Tlvln I - l'»l ».'jcr » p. in. · C l l · r. 1 """ 1 -''««· · ' 1 f'7VrSn "i H K A L buy. c;r,o.-l R room hoUH. boittl in barh porch. bliiU-nn rock MM t i n u ^ e l i ^ r n t ? port chicken hciu*. finnd R ^ r r t c n ^rid acr* tf Cnw p»i- t u r r . Soring nun i n r o u j h pUct n( year tev; .»!rnwhfrrlf,i »i\rf i r a p r * - * 1 Work rmnh. a biocki e*tl .of »qu«rc P r f r r 13.WM). Her H a n k T u r n * Llnrnln. Arkanwi ^ NK"\V""HiRh"Schnol diiiricl--.V*w fi room bunj.ilow, b a l h , irrvlco p/»rch, |^(- r^^'L-. Hulunirtlit- K»R furnace. vcn*- i.'iii bllnrU I n n n ' t t r d ; lot 40 by 210, html location. $9000. T. flOOM l.nnn^lov.. hittlt. *raj{e, ^-ofjl- .*· f h o p , K a i h'-ni. blotrk from new Htrfh '·· SchoAi 3:1,000 · -^ a CMOICK reildanv lotfl miri-m'Jty ~, CitinpLis ^nd UPW Hiih School. K J. D. EAGLE, Realtor : : ; $600 CASH I'lHinr : or w»iu;m WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phone Collect 1819 Fayetteville Rendering Co. Remedy For. U ^ f ; A w U r t i ' i r - A 1 t o « rtd) ' c '^"^ hc ann^il:.lprmq^:nf n T I U y nOUSG Lhc Lincol$LClub. or tfcmucUjf jlo- nnniinatiliji I noum'cd purpose. proems I'lnni. Plinuc 26.1. HOfPOiNT~i:l(-clric rmidV." 1B47'Vnbrirl'.! TWO Rood Inn Kerosene rirnitMor. !Uth rrnson- I M J t . H i n _ f ' « r t r r . · ici-nc i n m r u n r route -n l l l ^- r i u t n c ZKQJ - .. '.. . "OOM"for" worklnn men or 2 ittnlrnli' """in't/h Ci'nilv ^iMuiliiV 1 nlschinc»| ^!'* I ; ; '*£L i " IN ^'«t'i 1 " !lrCi " '° r ****** I M,'^?" ^ .. Kinl1 ' 10 " 1 . in this ; .roH. NO SELblNG. M i w t I ... l ? c _ ri -._r h fL1 c _ W23J ' -- N I C K t -| M n bLxtruum lor *n,,lrni« or hnvi- f i t h t hour* per week a (in re ' A L K A L F A . Iripcdczn iincl rye «rn»i j worhlns iicoplr^lfl N o r t h Col'trur. tinin. relercnccs nntl 5GIH) cnsh un- I hny. CB]( 212W._ ! SKMt-hnVmcnt' furni'ilic.f" o r " u n f u r n - m c d u i t c l y iivnll.-ililc. Income l i m n e d - j P K D l G r i K E D ' N e w Zrnland w h i t e m h - | l«hcd. P r i v » t « hath. Photic I951W i n i c l y piirt lime _tip In S.1(i» m n n t h l y . · hlls--junlnri, ncnlnrn, bred does. n f l r r S:30 Millie's Hj.bbltry~Ea.M »( Uncotn. 4" ROOM" new"'inoflrrn honsr.' N r a r Utley Company, Inc. LKNDERS iNsunnns l u l l Unit more. Other Arhniumn . _ _ . _ ritorlcs and nciBhborinR s t n t r K ; O f [ nichvvtiy B^. on W f t d i n f t o n Honri open. Keply, Clvlng brief history | MixEU"hi.v."si:o6" bTlc." Jeii" Kwlty. lu Hux K - l l , i -Ttimton" 'MONTHLY-si*AnK-TiME" j aALEbVjy. 11^ N pnrry N i^cuii 0 "iilufJ' a«rv7c%^«lu!t' KOh"^U-lcl5h"i^nVlucl«r"c7n^ or"whlc of v o n d i n B niHMiincs. No ^cUiurf , reqlilrn'd.,.$;MHI.Oo per m o n t h iVflsitilc · p:ir!. (Inn-, Tiill tlmr: more. Cnr nnd . , R o u l c 7. F a y r U c v l l l 9*RWI n f i e r 1:30 p. m. $RiK).(i() required which is Kcctirrtl j tpy invtMilory. This w i l l sland slrlrl i n v ' p s l l R a i l u n . For itilervicw.- In .vinir \vilh (nctory n ' p r r s r n l n t i v PUBLIC SALE ^ Cull 11149.1. LICJHT rooms »nl Bell, Calif.-MVMrs. Knlhlccn Tosscy took a look at her untidy house, she "told police, r.nd-con- cluded it \vnuld be easier to set fire lo the place t h a n clean it. · Police said she d-id just lh»t. Now she's in j a i l in lieu or $2,000 bond on a charge of arson. Manslaughter Trial Of Doctor Hears Jury Mnncie, Ind.-(/P)-Thc m » n- Tntt will Ijc' llic firstl -pVcsi- dcnlial candidate of cither p'a'rly \ lo visit Kentucky tince the 1952 i ItCALTORS {Jail J J P r j » l t 2201 n«i MS !' I ( M l f r V S2IKV Rei 1W7 ^ A ' G O ' 6 p TM B U Y ' ~ " ' MO'D^ftN i 'room huniMow. T h U 4mn»r nrcfls f p r i i r l n t up M hit tt*« liH-HiGd fin (in*- lot only tv.-o htnctct frrtm nrw lil|h kchnol nnrt r u n hi purchmfi for t h r e p thouiartfl dol- COUNTRY HOME -:- ilcrplna rootnh. 1'hoiir C^3 ijl N o i l i i . W I T H n i l c i t y mnvcnlrncf*. Thin 3'i t Collrgfl. ' nrrr« i* lc^t we h*v^ i«d try n f f t r ""*. U N F U n N I S l i E t / " Y o o m ~ n m i r t m e i i t (or H 1(ln * loni t t n i r - Improvement* -.-· __ Weil Spring Phonr aasin, j r J l " s . l * l1h L r ; n h r0run ^ bnn^Jnd'"^!" ' iOUnLK bcdronm, ml " brick, '-.113 i . J-T' Th"° hom« f* Iniu'lulrrt. HM .J^. or i h ._.! J ^!. vrr)li| J'-,H i:i:!W ' ".._ / c i t y w«lrr. n u t u r n l K», .flnt kitchen .1 ROOM l u r n U h r d npitrlrncnl, SiO - huh t i n s and plenty of 'food roomy m o n t h , n i l ) * pnid. 7^ w. Dick»on = *-ln^ctx. K n t l r r ir*r( ii wrll frnreri Phone 2L'Hfl-n or tOVi-W. , : VDU rnoy h»v« ImirirdUfc po«e(sion. i INVESTMENT PROPERTY vlllf nfcur nru- tchooli. It will *l- WB.VI rent readily, how you. Phnn* 71.1 Sn'^"^ 6 Tradof'L i jffl^w^c t ^£.?. Ts^sr^rA w^s AVPIIIIC. si. Louis 12. Mn. . f a r m Equipment. N. A. Center, 2 BEDROOM iiou.c. fomukicly" «- " · - ' - ' ·' · ' ' ., ., , . ,.,, i I (Icu-orntefl. Hiirrlwnod tlonrn. IMiime rnn i r i r r · " rT "'" norl " ot Winilow-on. imn.jnfarr 5 j. m. 273.1 micr s. FOR LEASE i Highway 71. _ _ ^nooNT r.r^jed ^ DX Service Station Oxygfen Tent'Explodes Young Patient Dies San Antonio, Tcxas-(/l')-Six-! thonlhs-old J u a n llamos, Jr., died last riifihl in the pediatrics ward of a hospital here a f t e r a plastic oxygen tent covering him exploded. Dr. Sterling Fly, resident physi- s Clfirk. Phone . FOnNIS!IEI'V'rooin »|iurtWril." BMh. rpfrljteraior. P r i v a t e . - . li HAMMOND RFAITY CO. f phonr II n. Hammond 13?? I · i i A ) . Bunn *rrcn wiren nwicn iniitna K l w l r l v r e f r i g e r a t o r . P r l V f l f c rn- . . . _ . . . . ^ .. Ie«ppdr7j», clover «nd, Dcrituiri* irnnce. bnrk nnrt f r o n t . Wjitor paid. Located at V26 N o r t h College. «"««. sl-0" h "'« "i « r n. P h o n « \ _ j 2 - j : Knm nickMti. I'lmne MISJ. Some f i n a n c e s necessary. If in- ^WSiniiATir »*(Vfi;iT'Vinp'ni.T~p(SrnJ a "O"M' f "»' 1 "i"i'ihcirnpnrimcni.'Priviite .-«..«J --.,,. T u/ cil... ' · ' L9 , MALS 2 t « f f e t » o n e n e l - l h o n * cntrnnre. BHU pal.l. 20J Writ Rock. slaughter trial of Dr. ..Jules Ladu-| r | a n at the hospital, said t h e child ron, 57, who testified he killed in W ;is in a critical conditkui w l h ;i self-defense two brothers whom | nc; , rt ailment- when ,-irimiltod. Ho lie described a.s blatkmailors, ' w a s ! icrincd the fire and explosinn ns nearly rcndy for lhc j u r y tod;iy. j ; , L-niitributinn cause:, nf dcntli. Whether the blackmail he ;it- IlospiUll offici.'ils siiid a " f a u l l y tributcd to his victims tiecf in electric base jtlug nu'yhl have set w i t h the mysterious disappearance I it o f f . nf liis Swedish-born second wife, 1 ~* the book popular. It w;is ~in dnnfl'cr j i ' rccln - n c v c r was explained d u r - I f f r o | p|y nn F i o h t S TOO of being forgotten in Israel. j in £ Uic t r i a f - ' u j u D i A i i t»! Hard, Has Broken Ankle ng fort;o All Israeli fchonl.s the }3ible, j as fi relisiou.s woOt and ns a text on Jewish history. - Segal also claimed thai originally the T?iblo was only a book dealing w i t h the history of men. The religious content was added latef, he 5aid. Thr comm.-nidmtMils deleted in Segal's vci.sion nro thopc.rcferrinp Testimony t h r e a t s of scandal-monscring Holl.\-wnt.fl-r/P,-!-:i!ol F l y n i i M i f - | . t o " t h e relationship between God i rulcri m i t nvidrncp intended tn l a n d man. He alsn saw fit to d i s - l s h n w f h a t t h c brothers were terested contact T. W. Slocum al , the station or Mountain Inn ' l ' ] ^^:. Hotel, Friday and Saturday r . WAN-run ROOM rttlil i)0)ir() (or* rldcrly' Intly "iri Kcind. honllJi. Phone 1117. TO BI1V KOMK ficctional book "c.i 1'JKR.I. * i l K A V V hens.' j ' . ^."Uutfrdj MONKV TO LOAN '. FTi/T" IIOMK "iTOANS Low inu?rct, Jong terms L'TLKY AND COMPANY, INC. IMinno 2203 nf the jury, however: Tho court GENUINE P A R T S C) Give Better PERFORMANCE LONGER LIFE card t!ie commandmont: "Thou shall not commit adultery." The dance around the golden cnlf and thc smashing of the tablets on Sinai are deleted. The 10 plagues are mentioned, but Segal says God had nothing to do w i t h them. Tn. some parts of Segal's work God appeal's briefly, but apparently only for the sake of art, To Organize Guard* Tnipeh, Formosa - (f?) - A National Guard will-be organized on Formosa as part of thc Chinese | N a t i o n a l i s t plan for all-out mobilization this year, Premier Chen Cheng announced Friday. May Wilhhold Potatoes Washington-f/fVScnator Dwor- slink ( R - I d a h o says Idaho white ^rov.cjs. refused a further Loan TCI I'litlippines WashinRton - OP) - The- United States Export-Import Bank -ycs- 4i:nl;iy · iVimouncod .;i .2b-uriillif)ii- dnllar louVufo thc'Philippnirs tn hclji expand oleiiU-ic pinvcf. fa- j rilitics. . Accept No Substitutes Abshier-Bryan "Your Friendly Ford Deulcr Sine* 19)3" blackmailing other doctors. Another Wedding For Liz Taylor Expected Lop Anircles-MVThQ Tway is open for Elizabeth Taylor* to mar*, ry a man 23 years her senior-, anU*. Hollywood experts her to do so iff 1 the very near future. She obtained her f i n a l decree' of riivorrp yesterday from Hotel Heir Conrad Nicky Milton, and announced she and British Aclor.MI- ifm Tlirrr c ,, nspcu!lvc lm( ; rlinnf chael Wilding, 42, will wed, but ] 7 Vrnts' ,, cr «.-«rd. Minhnlini "rS «c. she didn't say when. L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . .We mnke n u l o nnd f u r n i t u r e loans. Let us f i n a n c e tho purchase of y u u r new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Block El., or our used rar Int. Corner Center (ind Church Streets. _ A L L our iiwcuT bul we have n w e a l c r i ^ H u n l ' B . __ GOOD used "upright pianoT Rcccnlly rrhin^t jiiid lunfri._ CMI ^1-«J-' c6n"N~Iccl~"drp!iBCd'"hoKV *rfellv«r'cd. _P)ionn MHKH.^ .i ji'ABLK n^del_riicjji)i._Ptig'iie'"'lfly'. . ver »old "Main-fire" . seed, SI. 7.'. pt-r Imshrl. B. M. Peterson. Phone 20fi1._PrnirJc Grove, ' ' Wt m««t or b*at any compfftitlon 4 0 1 W E S T DICKSON ' _ _ _ iTAINBOW TROUT Bold 'daily. Phone Sprlngdnle 3201. Or^trk Trout f a r m Ni*ar Johtmon. __ _ LflJGGACK. «ull Cflicn, fool Joekcrj, brief cnsen, R-4 bfldi. O'ntlf cme*. l o f l r l kiln* etc. A' (-ntnplctB lln* HAMPTON'S A R M Y SURPLUS STORK _ _ iroin V A C A~N T. "Chok-c furulJihPd a n n r t " nienl. $.10.00. I2T2W. fTmWiaTlKn' huudV w i t h Varport." New. One hedrooin plii« bunk hnd.t. Mo»l rir*lr»blr. Near Cduutj- and Vftt- rrnns H o t n l t n l . ^D.DO. Call 41tf or 21 (H. apnflVnriurA'rt u ' l l *. _ _ NKAT u n f i i r n i i h c d 2 rooin aptirtincnt, p r l v a t u ha Ih. Krnnl and rear en- li-ancei- mils paid, 22.1 Watupn. Day phone US « l t e r 5:30. BMJ OH C block f r o m Uirksnn Htreel. J o e Bur. BUSINESS OPPORTUNIIY WE hnvc n complete cahlnet ihop »n| » l* OT fjf mill wiih tlie machinery cflpabl* h n n d l t n f i «ny joh. Thli U i f i once you i*»n won a f f o r d to pny. U in- ^ check thl» .wiih Im- * UTLEY COMPANY, INC. I nr.Ai.Tons LENDERS INSUROKS -. Call J. J P)-t«n 3Z03.- Rn -HI : 6'Y~owTi;i?r~pproximnte)y 5 icw'on 'j HHhwnv 71. Chcun. mini buck tn y river. Plenty of wnlnr. Come-look It i.vr-r, Henry Herorl. W|.«,fek. A r k . CAM* us »nrt wt «ui rnmn out A hit Inupcet H a we ire l.n.lly in nnixl of llitinKt on ill types d( property. A. L. SHAMBLIN ^^-REAlfOR room apartiii-nl !W hlncki o f f nqunrc. .Stiltnlitc (or o f f i c e u n t i e , vrr p KPi'fl tnr o/lico nnd honn- Jor tn\n\\ /«inl!y. TURKS rouii). intnlcni n p ; i i l n i e n l , TWO room nmriern apar.lm^Jt; ' u6* lurniilicd. S27.50 mlly. '. .*. Hnnmiond n c n i t y _ C o i n p » n v I'hont 1 7ft'J! · - - · ' · Jini Holder \nom~'ior~ 2""qTiiel !· Tfrlephonr 2*1 2»M · - r - . . - Ni£fe"uMtfliri apnrlmcnTrroF Itorkwood Apjirlnicnlft. 2DW. " An oulstandinj'-- flavor--JungcV ! ^Bonianjlca.r-Brcnd. 11-19-tf! NORTHWEST 'ARKANSAS TIM^S C L A S S I F I E D . A D S ·(·iitcrn. Hunt's, GET' your s"'~irc'rccn"Sianfpiii ai · CaitllnK niul HUKKC!! Esuo Service Ktnllnn. Hifihwny 71. six milts North. ; WANTKD TO RKNT OR I.KASF StKKKiJ~Hmnp:ihi'rt" ljnnr~thVpB ' A"f:6on"iiirpurpo»c" r«nch"at~o'nne. iiionihs r»M. Dotihiv Innocula'lcd I : im) or I - t1on nt-rV!1 - Glve al1 detntls. T. Appii-hy, Bethel Grove, n r n r ' "·'P'* lo Ocorge Ingriim. 307 West Kiii-iiiinRton. : Ccnt«:r. F«ycU«vi!lc, Arkinnns, Good blSl'KHKAI. sale" 2S~)icad "of "riii'lry : rcf ! r . C ^?*' cov/s. \2 \\cnil of rlairy Jmifen 1C I head of hifjh grade Hoblcins, All : free ^Mllkln^nlfn^^."'^' masloi1(1 j r6KThcd7own'h^uSTPri'fer z'bVlhv ?r 10"head c^ r^aSl^f Ml" ^ ^ ». v M(trch " ril( - Carl "» M o t w - M o r M cr. m, noad 01 rpsthtcren l l r r c f o r n MIM r n r*«n Mr« Mnr*r ifia bulls, « MiuritJin lo 2 .vcai-R.-Tltcndny ! . M1 " Co -. Ca " Mr *' Mor "-_ IM . 8 : FPhruaryTi. bcBliuiinn a t 12:00 p m ' vww ^* vs «^"*"-'- «^.v«^%-««^-v- · i FOR RENT-- MISCELLANEOUS b*df »or . . _ . . ... _ . ' i«hcri $72.50, bills paid, a;irm"«wc"M7rs""nri^horniimherV.i i^H^U^^APAIltMRNI'S^oire"^'- hut wr hive n r v c r sold "Mnnh-llre" ·'(torn u n f u r n i s h e d $fiO 00. f u r n f t l t e d bedroom unfunHihed Von sA'te""-- -.. SKMI-modcrn, It bfiilroom '^ot'tj-a -^. - - r ° oitis nn| i wj;iV r ?«Vc.liHiijrrffi linth. Partly ftirntuheil with ranse -~^~?- ^V^l'^fl 1 j!^ J ^i'*^4ygV'Su and rprriRcrnior uml ticdruum H«I. ' J ACRES land. 4 room hmiM^f-ffl«m * -· ens, clcclricHy -In/Ito like. ^ Clly water hv the door, drllHM'iQell now in lifp I'hone 2ISBH. ~ I'Hqne J12SJ. _ AVAHTMKNTS" n n't J57 ^y f u r n - . $6, r i,oo. Phon -i DendK · laundry a v a l l u b l e . my (;irm '1\, i n l t u s N o r t h Potciiu. Okla . cm (he Citmcrson r I I . Would Control Air Basts Tokyo-(/! J )-Japan has nskcH tho U. S. lo r e t u r n · K--- ' · "··' · ' · biggest airport, and three other U. S. air bases In oapai fd ads price boost, may withhold their!-tn)l, Kyodu news agency sold to- produce from market. - -n ndv.incc-not lakcn over lhc telephone. Deadline Inr i-la.ssifk-d adx: 10:30 n. m d a i l y ; 9;;io n. m. S a t u r d a y Corrections and r r r u n cht-rr lullj- made after f i r s t insertion. K« corrections or rerun made niter ad has cx- .N'OTK: ArivcriisinC copy Inr other j p:ifirs is due at 12 noon -the day p r c - 1 cording publication; 12 noon Saturday J l^r^puhh^aljmi on « Monday ; M-:(«AL_ NOTICKS j LEG^AlTNOTICE ' i PitrMitinl lo t h e prnviijnins of ITo- bale Cotic, Sec. Ifl:. nolk-i; is clvt-li t h a t nccounla of lh; a d m i n i s t r a t i o n : HI lhc lixicd- below nave brrn . f t l c i t , on the dates jOitnvn, hy the · nnmi-ii pcrsnunl roprcscnialivcs. ! All iniereMcil persons arn called on i to flic nhjpctioiw to such Hccmmtsj on or before thc s i x t i e t h day follow- l ins the hllni* of thc respective nc- · ! c-ouni.i. f n l l l n c which ihoy will he | bnrrurl forever f r o m excepting ly the , . an-ount. . , ! Carl G. Cole. Incompetent I t o ; 1 }??J row ' G u n r rlian; Final J a n i m r y j a , : M a r t h n K a t e JJcc.s, IK-ccased, J H i-k j ivj. urratnnti»c. A d i n i n i i l r n t o r ; X i n H l . i January 2f. l!Ki2. 1 N. T. Drake. Iri:e;m-d. C l i f K m Wade. [ A d m i n i s t r a t o r ; Final J a n u a r y :il 191' . | Clnlrc Farrar. Deecwsecl. Fiiiicno ; Claire Fnrrnr, Executor: M n n l J . - m u n i 1 ' ! II. 135?. ' , i William .1. HoiiHhni.-.v. Dcrrincrl : National H a n k , Kxi'L-iitor; F i n a l . J a n u a r y 31. irt.M 1 . Chnrlri Allen Jotir*. IJfcr:incd. Slrlla : JniiM. A d m i n i s t r a t r i x . Final J.mtnry DATKO t h u 2nd riny of Fehniiiiy, Roy A. Kcott Probate Clerk of \ V n i h l n R l n n ; County, A r k ^ n i n s . .Iran Henderson Clerk Ml-c-' S-- C/kTS-- I/ETS T H A I N E D ifird(l6((~!icitcr.' 4 "yearn"»ld wit.Ji. doghouse. - S I . IS. .IMionn 2.".lfi-J. KltlCK puppy,~C';iir i;,;u. " KKni-STEflKD'cnck ' _ I'honr ir,ftf, UKClSTKHEl)"rcd Cot-kcr 'Sminicfpup- U N F U R N I S H E D 3 r o o m a p a r t m r m . j I'^hlockii^off^ Square. PhonR 2012. j N I C K bedroom. Private ' e n t r a n c e and . hath. Phone l4fl. · _ j 3 ROOM (jnrflKc ·p»rtmrt)t, furnlihrri. i Kleclrlc refrigerator, (fardm plol. | ''. \ Phnne "V'iil'V _ ' spaniel pupplc.i. N J C B sleeping roomi for one or two I xtudcnU. 20311 J. ! fFFERED _ FOfTVoiJH HOOFING NKEDH Cnll H. I;. Stewart Roofing Contractor Also, AUirslON Sldln|(- j Home repair*. Plione J O I I J l l N C O M K i»x ni-rvlce. Phone IS75. Ray[ Miund Qeorifr. ^ . . __ nArJV a'ittlni;--xcrv"l?cs offered, «pon- ·orrd hy \ouni churchmen" of Hi. Paul'i Kpiccupal Church. R.Hc PtSc ho\ir. Phone J006 or 21 IK. Sitter always a v a i l a b l e . i N n i V i b U A l , Income iax service. Rc-a" H A R K Y n"~CR*5MER ill Km!, oily limit". 7. ·, rafv AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE 00' T A B«linr PUe* to Bur ·' *- itutpoint I I N. Black DEALER Ph. 1M-- Kincaid Co. I?? 'J I t U l h l K K E I J r c d Corker Spnlllci pup- pics. Slrerl hy chnmplon Rm-k.v I'dillt HcdfOJU. Mrs. \ V y h l t , phone I.OKT AND rolIND | LOST--Govpiiiinoiit check for SI303 F c h r u n r y 1. A n h u r : Who's Who For Service II IliMll. 12 K,i«l'SouUi".SI ,''cily'.'or j i.nsT- 1 nrin,ii c -Kn«ii S h-i,,,«-Wc.v. : Consult Your Classified ·'·o F r f ,'r«c' ir! , nn d 1 " r ,1' dI . wl , l1! ;. m1 ' n1 ," tlna , 1 ^i Service Directory __ J' r .!. 1 ! 1 :!-,.,'·'"'", ? o r h - Arli - P h " n f : "ABV SITTING -i.iih. .w.ijctl Irnin my nlacc ', i ,..m- , nr rhlldrrn In my home. Mr ·" * I171J. ; ·Automotive ·Fire -_ _n.,uir i. _nox_zn. wimiow _ . : ( T K K K toppi:."K. etc.. tntckln*. h n u l l n g . i 0 n G Q l t h OOQ ACCldfint ; '.** gfncritl ynrd work.J*horjc 1.177 . , fi L.J- . ' - t . . , , .... ~ SKWIN ·nrt"fcll»hf« »llr'rallonii,"MUi · rOllO.-.!"" · L l O D I I l t y ~ cunlv call K.83W or J7.. ·WonKMEN'S COMPENSATION * THACTOK work, iradlns. - p l o w i n i . . _ . _ , . .r ho _ nc . "-? 1 -...'. , ... _ : · Plate -Glass · Burglary ~ LEWIS MATTRESS CO. · --~ U r n o v n l f f t , r c h u ' l l . flay .crvlct. Phone 277t iWHy 71 ioulh. 1'y ni:;r«. wiuitc^rijy" woni»n.'~2G58J ' K And p n i n t l n K . phonr FOR pfipprhanK 4IMJ. WK have mom "lor (me e l d e r l y l.idy ...._. «. K .»UBA Phone insill *I3 N n r l h LiriJflU-- 1~ WAOE FINCHIR ·""" -^"^"^"SrtBdi * 1J - "' "· I N S U R A N C E Aulomobil* -- Liability Fir« - Extended Coverage Polio - Plate Glan , ncw«nl. Cnll H. ; 1. Krniniel. HI07W2. Fa; LOST. 1 e»r""oid'hlnr'k~m Spaniel While on none Call I17 H K W A t l l l S " VoVwhereahoull' of "nnr luc hhii'k and l»n hound and f o u r hie y r l l o w pups four m o n t h s old. Call in:-J n f l e r I!, or Kilwanli Bar- -her Shop. I 2 l Wen M o u n l j l n Si. i BEAUTY SHOr Coeker ALICK'S BEAUTY SHOP Now up town. 7V/ R M o u n t a i n St COLVAHD'S BEAUTY SHOP ?0 W Meadow--Phon* :.M! Mach S3M)-up Cold way. |5 up FOR SA1.K-- APAlVl'MKNT ·TAI'IU, floranc* Ul « OlckKH TiSoP" P A l l ' M K N T fnii ranun. $2000 ' Thor A u t o m a t i c rifahwnihcr u n i t $35 do a»SM. YOUH tUDl . " p r n y i n a K U H r a n t e r ' l for [Ivc ycnn. Lru-l« arm. Co.. Inc. I'HlCKflT'S BEAUTY SHUF KM.IAII.I ·OM :i N Rlock I'hont 7]( v rti« won'l hr eaten hy ! iiftti. I\T. hen yon iuc licrlou. On? I ""'"·'·V' I IMF.CK a l u r l l n " l i v i n g room n i i l l e ' . 11030.',. We jiye S ft II Green Slnmp^ H i l t o n Unit D r i v e . l n Furn- : I t u r r Co. I l i j h w a y 71 n o r t h , phone j IIOMK SERVICE I77n. l)».v or night Cull G l e n n Rty H*pri 1.T79J. PINSITTKn.S WAHTlin "" ! .TO work aflernooni a l t e r Htlinot i m l l l I . r:,1() p. hi. Apply J i m Betiton'l I noWI.INn I.ANKS n i t e r .1 p. m. K X P K I I I K N C K U liulliliiliT ' i i p i T n l n r i Call HW. AlKin-ir-niW M.^ie n . ,, ~ · -- - i INSULATION--WEATIIF.nSTniP A m" S .lmSrt W ,,cw""c%- C ^VVru.rt. I1 |K! DECORATING-WALLPAPEn Vi'INDOW C L E M M I N G K u l l y Insured (.'nil or W r i l r lUJHI'.HT M. SMITH SPARKS RED CROSS DRIVE-K. Roland Harriman, n n l o n president of the Amcrlcnii Hcd Cross, unveils the original p n l n t m « of the l«.'ia fund-rnisiriR nunpaiRii at the hcndquwrtrrs of the Now ' Apply in person. l,ewls M»lirffc* ; Cnm.,«ny I 1 , inllo oulh 71 Hl«h. way. 1 VOliNd nian' for" a"permanent'position t as repair ami aervlre adjnslnr wiih l Slncer bcwinc Machine Co., Fay. 1 eiiRvillt. Apply m pfirnnn. - ... , igid. "·, so)ld%nk dlnelte het Vtt; eabl net Slnser sewln« rnaehlne sn.'i. '· / I w i j i hfeyele J2!: rot-ker i r o n . ! hilrror, lamps, otc. John n a l h i r d , ,M3 I Hlorer. DUST mops,' (i'Ccdfir ' sponRe nutps. , m i n u t e ipnnfie mopl. I'owderrne MIR cleaner, ruif cleaner hnuihcs. I ewls Bros Co . Ine. j (jpoh (is* new 'Twin bed i:7::W ; For FULLER "BRUSHES ; We M'" '· r e i ii I » r da!.-: 1 hronms 'l(.f| M i . . - :,:'li l.inflell. Phone I.MS HAM) ANI i ROAD A ORAVtl. - AUW TOP SOIL Phonr 1SK.I and 309J SKRVIVRS OFTKRIiD KI.FClltOI.UX eleaner. r e p a i r s . t u n . , .SKnVICF.S renrtrrefl o'ri uniYli appH- pilr* Heot lor fa hours, 7,*,c. 117 W. I anrei John Rhodes Applianca Co. 1 ^ Rrtck. Phone U. \ j| N. Thon« Mlt. I S T O R A G E CAU DUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE' uoout all your storage problcrm.! Conveniently located on ; Frisco Siding 401_Scotl Sl.____ Plione 474 " J. OTll ELECTRIC CO. Quality Inilalltrs · PUMPS · POWER Phono 24, Weil Fork ~~ElOrvlTTN"G~~ B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Oirl, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N __ Phone 249 _ 24" HOUR JEHVICt ON Htmililching, Pleating, Covtrtd ·ulloni, Button HOHM, Tolloi«d ·till and Suckki. Sptcial Ailtntion glvtn Mall Oidtfi. Satiifaclion or Monty Back. SINGE* SEW'NG MACHINE CO, II S.K. 8t, rurtttivllli BENDIX M I R A C L E A G I T A T O R W A S H E R LEWIS BROS, CO,, Inc,

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