Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 2, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1952
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2 MMTMWBT AKAMAI TMMI, taytMtvifc, Ark.rmrl, l.turiloy, ftbru«ry I, WJ - \ Church Baptists Plan Rallies, Name Program Personnel The program'personnel for lbc| Montlcrllo, Van Hiiren, Augusta, 40 Baptist denominational r«llie» "to be held throutrhoul (he stale Corning and Menu. February 1-1, Kiril rtapllsl Churches nf llam- First Baptist On "Revelation"' Dr. Walter I,. Johnson, pastor of the Klrsl Church, is currently prciichlnc a scries of sermons on the Bonk of Revelation. Thesr mcf.snfa arc bcinj! received li.v ini'KC nii(Hencc.s In the church j anl over the radio; Doctor Johnson considers that the true intcr- Februory 12-22 hns been in- bunt, Sprlnxdalc, Slutlgnrl, I'arn- nnunced hy L, E. Coleman, ns-'gould, and Walrlron. February l- r) . fiElant executive secretary of the Arkunsas Baptist Stale Convention. From this area they are announced as follows; First week. Arkansas Hnptisl paper, B. )l. Euslls, Slloam Springs: slate missions department, Hcl Gray, rtorcrs, and A, I,. Lcake of Kayottcvillc; Ounchlla Baptist Collccc. .lames A. Overton of Bcntonvillc; training union deportment, Stanley J n r d » n, Sprhudale; B«pti«t Student Union dcpurlmcnt, Walter I.. Johnson, Jamie Junes, and Boyd Mills, FaycUcvllle; Seconrt .week, Sunday School department, Del Cray, Rogers;- Biipllsl Students Union department, Roy Fish, Fayeltevlllc. · Mr. Colemmi announced also thst Ihn dates and places of each rally will be us follows: February 12, First BaptM Churches of Mc- GehM, nusscllville, Scarcy, Ml. Id*, snd College City Baptist Church, Walnut nirtsc."fehniiry 1,1, First . Bnpllst Churches of immanucl Baplist Church, Kl I the Ijaptisl Jlogers, ' Cnrllslc, Dorxdo, and Churches of Jonesbbro, and Fort b'mith. Kebruary II), .Soulhslrk: Baptist Church, Pine B l u f f , and Ihc First Bnptlst Churches uf A r k n d c l p h i a . prclntliu; of the Book of nevela- tion is i j u i t e different from many ideas Kcnenilly proclaimed about this hook. From a hackfiround of study ami experience lie is brins- ing messages, applicable lo Ihe problems of our own lives am times. The subject for Sunday morn- Two Kingdoms" dealing with Christ's Divinity," he will say that ·"too many clergymen and lay leader* jn Christian churches In our day, hav», n?vcr really »cen the vision of Christ's dory, not even with the eyes of faith. They have'tried In humanize Him, presumably so that men could better understand Him. But in so doing they have taken from Ihc story of His life. His passion, and His death, a l l the deep spiritual mcan- inR." Choral selections on tomorrow's broadcast will he provided by the .St. Louis Lutheran Hour a Capclla Cho/us under the direction of Dr. W i l l i a m Mevne. d ! First Baptisl Report On January Attendance F«U-nai-ti 'in Fli-«l H n M I i c 1 a """"· '"w aui/jirtt i i n ChuS nfcon-wal! Ifcr.b! ll-' I ^ '« "The Church al La,,d- rlion, and llebcr Springs, a m i ' ' ' ______*_ Beech Slreet Byplist Church. | i* ~ ' Texiirkunfi, February 2'£, Second Bnptiit Church, Hot Springs, Im- mtmucl Baptist Church, Li I tic Rock, mid the - First Baptist Churches of Clinton, Osi-cola, and Melbourne. Th'c.ralllcfi are hcliiR sponsor rid Olsen To Speak On Christ's Divinity fit. Isrpiil by each department, Institution nnd agency a f f i l i a t e d with the Arkansas Baptist Slate Convention, each Baptist Work in Arkansas which has as Us general theme, "Work- Ins Tneclhcr for Christ." Five tennis 'of JS members will present a program of Louis -- Man must accept religion* truths by faith even when he cannot f u l l y comprehend I hem by inlcnigcncc, the Rev. Arinln C. Oldson w i l l loll hi? International Lutheran Hour audience tomorrow, in a broadcast prepared for delivery over the M u t u a l network and affiliated slallomt. SpenkiiiK on "A Vision A ronsidci'Hble increase in Sun- flay School attendance at the First Baptist Church, was shown for lh c month nf January over one year ago. Total attendance for the four Sundays was 707. The Traln- iiiR Union attendance averaged 26B for the month. The Weekly Teachers and Officers' Meeting has had an attend- nncc of about 100 persons. This group mnets each Wednesday evening to study the Sunday School lesson for the following Sunday in order to improve in its teaching methods and work with the church. Sunday School has' an enrollment of 1.158 in the Ifi departments, with some 7S classes. There of is a class for every individual. Select From This List the Church-of Your Choice... Then Attend rmiT BAPTIST WALTER I. JOHNiON. Pnl« . . i:W · m luneit fchmi ., IO:S5 i, m. Mofltlni W(ir»hlp Strmon: "The Rlrunlc B«l«*«n Two Klhfdomi'' Solo; MirUyn «hirp 4:30 p m kUpiiMi Tronlni union T y p m Evtntnf Wornhtn Hr.rmon: "Th« Church it L«o«l«' ' CENTRAL PJlEIBYrCllIAII C EDWAHD BRUBAKIII, ···««,, WHIUm «. Gllwin. Mlnliter to itu- I (5 . m. Church Scnwl 10:50 ·. lii Mornl " Anlh«m: "He!l«!uj«h fl-- frcm the or»torl Vor»hlp Am«n''-H«n- , ' J u d « » M»c- ' Sermon: Rev. Rruhkkrr . 3*1. p. m.-HI«h Bchool WMtmlnlUr rcllowihlt!. Movie: "llfyonrt Our pn-n 0:00 p. m. llnlverilly WemmlnilM Wtilmlniter HOUK . 7;.w p: m, Vntttt Youth C«ll Sfrv- Iff, Ccntrit Melhwllit t Church riMT PKEIfYTCIIUH JAMU W BUTLtR. J » . fu\* Wltll.» E. OlbwiT MlniiWr to Itu- I:U a. m iund«y School 10:»» Mornlni Worihlp . Anthem: "Mort Lovt T« Th«t, O C rint"-- ProthtrtH ternmn: '.('Who Ownn Ynli) "M ·; m. Junior reltewihln ·» p. m. Jr.-HI roliwihlp. I :M p, m Wntmlniler r»llow(hlp ·upper · t - t h e student c«nter . VSi ». ». Unlttll Youth Call »«rv- let In 'he Cintrtl Mfthodlit Church " ·T, PAUL'i HARfUB J UN Fourth Sundiy "F.p|tHiny K;H a. m. Holy communi - r«mll.v ftrvk^ Holy Communion ... .' n, m rtmlly 11:M I -- - - ·crtpon *:OU p m. Young. Churchmtn CENTRAL MCTHODirr · D U DYKCI Jn. PMtcr . 9:M *. m. Ommunlon . f.tth a. ir. (Johue £ltldtnt Collt* ·our . ' 9:30 ·. in. SunrU.\ School I0.4.S * m Mornini Wenhlv Anlhem:' "Bf»utlful ··vlnr"--Dun fiotoUU: Mil* Mary Ann Orbther und Mr*. Allrtd Kuthcock Sp*c(il Munlc: "I-1 _. kuw»ky--Jtinloi* Choir directed hy Mr*. V*. J. Smotheri 5'W p til f.OO, p m CENTRAL CHRISTIAN fltCD HUCKEI..BURV, P*Hor M! Weil Rock tJrreei f:4.l a. m. Htmila.v School JlliWI K, m HlbU Uulioni 11:00 I. .m Womhlp Servlct Communion CcrHaWn. «:« p, m.-Yuuth llcellnf 7;|0-- KveniiJat Kv«n««lillJc Service fnd Communion 7: HO p m. WrciiimrfN Mrrllni 7;oo t. m. WednfitlHy. Teacher Train!nit Clam 7:^fl p. in. F'rldfty. Choir Practice · rid Youth Kocrcniinn JEHOVAH'S WiTNCHSES irrl Floor Had Croxi Urui Uldf. ·wcdncid*}'. 7:3U p in Book biudy. Friday, 7:30 p m Ssrvtce meeting. Friday, «;4f D. m., Theocratic Min lilry Roljcwt Rundaj'. 3:1X1 n. m., Watch Inwci Study CHUftCH OP THL NAZARENE j. G. connrLt. paiior Setith Locust Rtretl 1:4.', a. m. K u n d n v .srhonl ll:f« a, m. Mornini Worihlp *;M 0, m. N. Y. P. S. Prayer Mcet- Inf 1:41 p m. N. Y. P. S. Prnvnim S:45 p. m. A d u l t rruj'cr^Hsml W«rinwd*y. 7:30'p- '".. Prayer M«el. in f Thur»d»j' ( 7:Otl p. in.,. V l i l l a f l n n Sftplitl Fold Communllr Church Fim lunrtay lt;UO a. m. ~ Parker Sfcond Sunday 11-00 a. in. I H. Latidvrbatik Third Sunday U-Ofl a. m Charlfi Andftfoil Fovirlh -- - - - - Dann U. Rev. Rev. V. b'untlny TMO p. m. EvenlnB Service "The C«ll"--In churn nl (he yotilh «r the city " · Broadcast *var KGRH FIRST CHRISTIAN KOBEKT MOFFRTT, Piit ·;4i Sunday achool Morninf Wprihl« Sermon; "Th« Inexorable Purpn«e lit God" «:SU p. m Christian Y o u t h I'tllow- ·hin tnd Chi Rho ^eltowihln 7:M p. m. film Serlen: "Tht l.lfft of Paul: I h e Yearn Apprcnllceililp" 7.po p. m. Film Sertei: "fltturn in ticruialcm" ST. JOHN'S LUTHCAAN Arkani** and nitrkaon T*l 4*1 or 372 rREDKHICK CUM£, Pastor 1:30 a. m. Sunday School 10:41 a, m. unri«y Worihlp Bfrmon; "The Fritndihip You Com- wpmorate In Communion Anthem: "Break Thou Hie Hrtrtd of LHe" lfl:50 *. m Nursery S» open In .Edit 1 : caVonal Butldlni 4- riHST CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIENTIST 9:30 a. m Sunday School Ji-no · Tn. Sunday Service fi:4fi p. m. K G R H Sunrtny nirilo ?WKT*m Wcdnciday, 7:*S , . mtctini!, Rradinc nootn I n - church open fich day except Sundayl.and holldayi. GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST ORIS SALYCR. Mlnlitai 10.00 a m Church ichML 11.M fc m Seriuot, 1) 45 a. m Cftmmunion Xtrvir* p m fiwni Service and Bible ·ludy. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHWI EDWARD « MALOY. Pallor Sunday Mallei 1.0(1 and .10:0", f. m Thuriday, 7:» p. m. Npvena Manei. Devotion! workday Mail. Monday ihroum Friday. 7 Saturday Man 7:M a aa_ rirat Friday Mali. 7:00 «. ·. rirat Aaturday Mail, 7,«o a m. Confetiloni: 7:00 to 1.00 p m and kelora all Maim 4. CHURCH OF CHRIST rtED McCLU'U. Mlnlllcr Weft Center ana Norm Leeuet 9 U «. m Bible ituo. II,M a m. Mornlnf Worakip 7:MI p. m ClalMt T:M p. m Worihlp (ervlre I:X a. m., Wadntidiy, Ladlei Bible Oa» T.M p. m Wedneiitay. P r i y f r MMtlnf and (Iblt study for all »!·· UNITARIAN TELLOWSHIP Cam* rmm Atualent Union. 11 a, m. . .. h Sunday: 11,00 a. m. C. (rwln 10:M a. m. Each Sunday, School 4- WEDINGTON METHODIST CHURCH ' A L, RIGGB, I'aitor 10:00 a. m. auniliy Schiiol 11:00 a. m. anil 7:30 p. in. PrrschliiK Servleoa on Fourlh and F l l l h tiundays CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BILL SAHNta, I'ailnr M7 Doualai Strait tM a in 'Sundai- Srhnol. 7:00 p ni. tvetilni Worship WEST FORK BAPTIST R n ntm l'«nor 9:4 a m Sunday SchoDl. ll:rm a. m. Mornlni Wunhlii. 1:30 p m Haptlll TralnlliE Union 7:30 p m Evenlnl Worihlp BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W. REKU. l'«»lor li3t Mlflilon Street 9;4 a- m .Sunday School 11:00 a ni Mnrnlni Worship. :.1f p m Tralnlni D n i n n 7:3fJ.p m. EvenlnJ Scrvlcr Midweek Pray»»- Service--Wednesday p. m. 7 CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN Pastor »:!. a 10:.M a. m 7.00 p in (.00 p m l:M p. m vlca. Wunday Cshoot. Mornlni Wor.hlp Baplisl Training Course Eveil!n| Worship Wtdnesday. Prayer ser- FULL. GOSPEL TABERNACLE TUMMY GIBBS paitor 10:00 · m Sunday Scl'ool. 11:00 a m Prenthm*. - 7:11 p m Cv«ii|«ll*ttc *erv)-t Wtdnwday. 7:30 p m Miciw.eak i'r'ay«r 9vrvict. Friday. 7:30 P m PYPA Hervt-« BLACK OAK SAFTIST HOWARD IMUCHAHU I'nMor tO:*« » m Sunday School lt:oo a m Prcuchhif bcrvir* 7-00. p in Trainini U n i o n p nt I'rcachlnf Thuriday 7=30 p m GOSHEN METHODIST S M. VANCEY. Paiior 10:00 · m .Sunday School. 11:00 a m Mnrnini W n r t h i p 1:00 p. m Evrninf Worihlp Pmyt mcctmi **AYETTEVILLE B1B*,E MISSION fOO BLOCK SOUTH CULLKUA. Inl»rdenomlnajinn«l HOilCR MOUTTF.T, Paiior 1,^ a m Sttnuny bchoui II.M a. m Murntni Worihlp *:U n. m. Younit Proplr* Srrvire' 7:00 p m. G v a n i f l l i l i c Service. Junior Choir will mtei Saturday »i " \\Vdnf»d«y, 7:30 p m., Prayer Men- me SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST nt R MontiAN. Panlni ARLIi: MOSTKtLKR. A M I ^ H I U l'«»lor 1(:OQ a m Sunday Scho"! 7:30 p m Kvat)fell.«tir MnsAKc Wfdnttday praytr inettinc «t 7:30 p m" HIGHLAND COMMUNITY IO;N t m Sunday lirhooi. 1):J4 a. m Mornlnx Wonhip wedncidar nlfht, 7:.tu p. m.. Praytr tervlett. ·4- WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH Stmday School 10:30 a. m. ELKINS COMMUNITY CHURCH. LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH I A M U I K CAnTETt, Siiperlnlendenl JKSSE C. COLKMAN Ps-.lor 10:00 a 111. Sundny School SECOND BAPTIST N V DIIAKC. I'aitol tt:4ri a in Sunday hthool. lfl;4.S a in Mornlni vv'iirihfp. 7:00 p m P:venin| Worihlp. Wednesday, a p m. f'rayer Service WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD M H A N H A M anil .'rj't'.KLK. Pustori D:4. r , a m. Sunilny .Schnol ll:(Hl Mornlni Worship (l:.lo p. in. Christ Ainbasiador Service 0:,1ii p. m. Junior C. A. Service 7:30 p. m, Kvnniciisllc Servlc* Wednesday «t 7:30 p. m,-- Prayer Mcetlni and Bible Study ·-T- " BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH Paslurt-llcv. Olha Tackell and Rev. Itcx Morinn 10:00 a. ID. Sutulliy School 11:1)0 a, in Stnnnn 7:30 p, in, Kvwnlni Service 8:011 p, in Friday iil|llt, HlDi. allidy and prayer ineotlna + WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST A U N O L D SIMPSON, pasior South Church and Third Streeta ft:4S a. m. Church School 11:00 a. m. Mornlni Worship r):.10 p. m. Youth Fellowship V:,il) p m Kvrtilni Worship ClirlNlma* Sonii--Wesle^ Chnlr of MeUiodlst, Jack Wlnciart. dl- rector WEST FORK CHRISTIAN J O H N ASUEL!,. Miniiler 0:1.'i a. in Churrh School 11:0.) a. m Mornlni Worship and O'liununjon I'reachlni every first and third JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHRIST BILL K SMITH. Minuter !0:lll n in. Hililu Study l|i:.MI n m. Worship Scrvlct «::ill |i, in. Yduni People's Classes 7..10 (i in Worship Service Prayer Mi'Cllllji Wednesday at 7:30 p 111. SON'S CHAPEL 5 MILES EAST ON H I G H W A Y »::c a. in Sundny School Su'jerlnlcndent-- Turner Btovyn. Auxiliary «very tourth Monday 1:00 FAHMINGTON BAPTIST I) M. KIIEIS, Pasior III. (HI a m Similar School 11:00 a in Mornini Worship K:.10 p. in. n n p l l x t T r q l n i n K Union 7:30 |i in. KvnnseHMIi: Service Wfdnesday 7:30 p. ni. Prayer MecT Ins. FARMINGTON METHODIST A ... lilGUS. P«slor . 10:00 a ill S u n d n y Sctioo; 11:00 n. m. And 7::tO p. in Prciictiini Service on Klrst. Second and Third Sundays NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD S A M U E L 1C UltUCE. Pnslur 10:00 n. m SunUky School 11:00 K m Sermon 7:30 p. m. Kvancclistlc Service Tuesday. Youni People! C A Services. 7:30 p in Friday. Prayrr Service. 7 ^ p m -*- ' PARKSDALE BAPTIST I I K N N K R IMVLS. I'nslor AHLEN MOSTKLLAH. Al-ulant Pallor 10:00 a m Sunday School. 7:30 p m EvanctMiiillc Messata Wednesday. 7:30 p m. Prayer Meet. mi' Tndaj. 7:30 p m. Ynunl People s [iicctinl. JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH K M i.ot.ut:. i"»ior 10 o » m Suiuiiiy Sciuioi 11:00 n nt Worship Semcfi 7:ixt p m Trnininf Un!«n *. on p m Kvunnliiiic Servirti *:M p m. E v c n l n j Srrvfrr Wed ncsdiiy. 7;;to p m.. P r u y f r Mcfi SEVENTH DAY ADVCNTIIT 37 SOUTH S1U£B1 SATUnUAY. 10 00 M m S.ihhuth Schonl liiftO 1 n ni Church Servlpt Tutidny 7,10 p m Pruvtr tnfetlni + SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIIT W » KlIAHC. ronlor SU Milr-n nnrlhweit 10:00 ji. m Kunrlty School 11.00 M in Mnrnlni \Vonhtp 7;,Id p m. Kvrntnf U'orihip \Vrflnnid«y. 7:.l(l p. m., P r i » t Meeting ·f CHURCH OF JEIUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K I t KLGTCHKR. KUI*r S t u d r n l Union Pine Kaom 10,30 · m. .Sunilky School. 7:.10 p Eervlct I 10:tnj 11:00 . m.-5uml*y School i in. Morning W o r t h l p p. m. Trilninn Uplbn p. m. Evening Wnrihlp CALVARY TABERNACLE I Kin South Hill Street BERYL E. BETH. Paiior !:4.1 a. in, Sunday School 2:30 p. m. Deliverance Me.ttajit thd' Prayer 7:30 p in Evmi|clinllu Scfvlcei 7:3(1 p. m. Wednesday, Tarry Ini m Saturday, Testimonial \ WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOIIULAS nnEWER I'ailor Finl AfM Thlral Cuntfart Sunday School 1:30 a m. Evenlnl Worship 7:30 p. m, t» ·ii' A«« si«Mrtli tuntayi Mornlni Worship 1:30 a m. Sunday School 10:no a ni Kvenlni Worship 7:.10 p. m. WYMAN COMMUNITY CHUHCH 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m. Mornini \vorililp nev. John Asbell. Second Sunday QOSHEN CHURCH OF TH( NAZARCNE CARL rlEDLEH, Pastor o:oo a. i,. Sunday school. IrOO a. m. Worship fiarvlcua 7:SO p m W6bh[» XfrvlcM. ·f Central Christian Women's Council Elects Officers The Women's Council of th Central Christian Church elected officers Thursday as follows; Mrs. Johnny Balrcl, president Mrs. Leila Nickel., vice president Mrs. Walter Stevens, secretary treasurer; Mrs. Grace Reese Adkins, reporter; Mr*. Harry Gilll- Janri, historian; Mrf, Thelma Doucct, social chairman; Mrs. F A, Davis, missionary chairman. nebular meetings of the council are to be held on the Ins 1 Monday of ewch month. Other activities of the church include a program of youth recreation each Friday night in the ha.sement of the church and choir rehearsal Frirtay night in f h e church auditorium. Preceding the prayer meeting on Wednesday night, a teacher training class i! t a u g h t by F. A. Davis; and or Sunday niffhts, a children's mcct- ; is held at 6:30 o'clock before the evening evangelistic service. A. D. Stuckey Is Pastor At Calvary Baptist Eld. A. D. Stuckey, for the past cicht years pastor of the Missionary! Baplist Church of Crockett Texas, has been called to the pastorals of thp Calvary Baptist Church, located in s new building at the corner of Maple and West Streets. Elder Stuckey is moving lo Fayettcvillc this week and xvi a.ssiimt his duties as pustor tomorrow. · · He IE a native of Arkansas and has ip-aduatert from the Jacksonville Baptist College at Jacksonville. St. John's Lutheran To Initiate Nursery ' Start [nf next Sunday the proh- lem ; . of whst to tin with their smell children willVbe solved/ for parents who attend services at St. .John's Lutheran Church, Arkansas and Dickson. The Women's organizations of the 'congregation have established 1 » nursery and set Sunday as the opening date. Parents may brln* their children at 10:30 a. m. or any time thereafter. The nursery will be located on the second floor of the fire-proof educational bulldinp adjacent to the church. Two ladies will be in charge of the children at all limes. Cribs, bassinets, toys, and other equipment have been provided, and · sound system donated by Frank Grizzle, will carry the services from, the .church to the nursery area. Chairman of the committee In charge of nursery is Mrs, Johns Sealander. Other members are SYCAMORE BAPTIIT CHURCH I ^ r! - Grizzle and Mrs. T". A. Gum?.. ,u,.--,._ ._,_ Approximately 15 ladies have already volunteered to take their turns in watching over the chil- JlCFlcr, Ark. E M. TF.TER. Paiior 10:M a m. Sunday School 10:4.1 a. ni. Mornlnf Worihlp -M p. m. HapUit Trainini Unloi 7:.1)l p. m. Evtnlnf Worahlp Wcclntiday 7:31) p. a,., rfld-WMk itrvlce. 4. CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF COD nn Souih coiicjc H I. BAYLCSS, I'alloi ·:« a. m Sunday School. «:.10 p in 7:30 p m rviniellnfc 'Scrvlca.' 7:30 p m Thursday, praytr mci mi. Sunday School, i Mornini Worihlp Vnunf Peonlt 1 ! mectlni CALVABT lAHIif CHURCH Corner of Maple and Weil Str«cli ELDER A. n. STUCKEY. Pallor BMIt a. r. riuiidfcj Si-hoot H:nO a m Mnrntn* Wnrihlp Sermon: A. D. Slnckey tl::iit p. in TniiniiiM orrvlca 7:30 p m · E v c n ' n - ' i V o M h l n Sermon: A. D. Stuckey Wtdniiday al 7:.w p. m. Pravjr Sprvica + IMMAHUEL BAPT1SI CHURCH G W MORRISON, Pasior . Corner Duncan and stoiM »:.1fl a m Sunday School UV5S Mornln» Wonnlp ··IS Rapllil 1-ralnini Union 7..TO Bv.nlnj Worihip Wednesday, 8 p, m,. Prayer Servlct FIRST ASSEMBLY OF COD DONALD WALKER. P.llor ·:jU n m Sunday School. II:M a m Prraohmf. «:m p m Y. P data. 7:30,1) m. Kvanfallitic ServlcM. ··.·30 f m Friday, tibia iludj. 7:30 p m. Tuetday. C. A a«rvm OAKLAND BAPTIST isix M.itei Noriheiiu I S WHlTfLEY. Pallor HI.oil a. m Sunday School. ' 11:00 a m Mornlnf Werihlp. 7:30 p m BYPTC R 30 p m Evening Wnrihip Wedneiclay, 7:30 p. m Prayer ma«t- nf PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER. Pallor 10:00 a m Sunday School. 11:01) a rn Mornihf Worship. S:3fl p ni Trainini Union 7:.VI p m Evailffllltlc Sfrrvira 1'hunnay. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet- ln« GREENLAND COMMUNITY ROBERT P A R K K R Pailoi ·:4.S a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornfnf Wonhl». Thuriday 7 30 n m.. midweek tfff*. ivaa ltd W llit Rev Jack Taylor APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NIXILA MOORE. Pnr°' Highway II Soulh ' 10:00 R. m Sunday School 11:00 a nv Mornlnf Servire 7:30 p m, Evanfctlitlc Serviat Wednaiday, 7:50 p. m,, Mid week if rvlfe + ST. JAMES BAPTIST INtfr*) W WEBB Pallor 10.W a m Mundiy school. II.M i, m Mornlnf Wonhla »(·) f m Younf People'i meetlni i:90 p m Cvannllatle ftrvle*' ST. JAMCB METHODIST (Naml · I. nUCMANAN Pallor l:f a m Sunday Xchool 11:00 a m Mornlnf Wnrahlft t:«i p m Youth rrllowahlft. 7:M · m HUM MrMm As A C(jmmuni('v Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule ·Arkansas We$f«m Got Co. ·Boston Store »Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbcll-Btl! · Foytrttvillt Drug Start ·Hatfield Pontioc Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co. ·J. C. Penrtey Co. · W. G; Shipley Baking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas V Electric Co. ·Vicker't Inc t Whiff ««ld Motor Co. drcn. Spring Volley Baptist , Receives New Pastor Tile Rev. .Jack Taylor lias accepted the pastorate at the Sprin; Valley Baptist Church and tomorrow will f i l l the pulpit there for the second Sunday. Mr. Taylor will also ' continue through next week, revival "Bcyond Our Own." All drtle three members lire urged to b« st the church promptly at 7:3fi p. m. for n short businc.ij meeting. Circle two will meet Monday at 1:30 p. m. lor a dessert luncheon at the home of Mrs. W. A. Kowlcr, 1500 Cleveland Street. Circle four will meet Monday at 1:30 p. in. for a dessert luncheon with Mrs. W. C. Cross, Ml. Comfort Road. Co-hostess will 'be Mrs. Edward Patterson. Central Methodist Church The second session of the Bible 1 Study on the Book o( Acts will he ifiven Monday afternoon nt 1:30 p. m. in the basement of Wesley Hall. Mrs. Earl Brown will lead the devotional and Mrs. .1. A. Joiner will lead the discussion on ".Jesus of Acts." This program is open lo the public. First Christian Church Ail circles of C.W.K. of the First Christian Church will meet Mon- dav as follows: Circle one. Mrs.'Hoy Nix, 433 North Willow Street, 2 p. m.; Circle two, Mrs. Roycc Lansford, 337 St. Charles Street, 2 P m.; Circle three, Miss .Ethel Buscv 414 West Mountain Street, 7:30 p. ni.; ·' Circle four, Mrs. Robert Moffett, 433 Adams"Street, 7:30 p. m. Unitarian Fellowship The Unitarian Fellowship program tomorrow will be a Rroup discussion on "Problems of Social Action." Ralph C. Barnhart, president. lead the discussion. Mrs. Dolbert Swarlz is chairman of the commiltee on social action, Arrival Of U.S. Movie Stars In Chile Creates Excitement; Dance Scheduled Courses For Leaders Set Stanley A. Mate To Hold Sessions In This Region Stanley A. Male, assistnnl director of "Scouline services" v of the National Council of 'Ihc Boy Scouts of America, will conduct training courses in North and West Arkansas this month for a number of Scouting leader*. {This is one of a series. Eel Vancrcvcntcr is writing about a I rip through South America. He will return in April). The meeting and bejrin be held at 11 in the Game Room of the Student Union, ,*ith the church school meeting at the same time. · Full Gospel Tabernacle A special Sunday nighl service will be held at 7:45 o'clock al the Pull Gospel Tabernacle by the Rev. M. F. CoURhran, general superintendent 'of the Pentecostal Ihurch of God from Joplin, Mo. Wlriini Memorial Methndlut Church The Women's Society for Christian Service of the WiRfins Mc- norial Methodist Church will hold ,1s monthly program at the home of Mrs. Arnold Simpson. Wednesday afternoon al 2, o'clock. lillside Adventures FRKD STARR Ground Hop Day is upon us, and H is still hard to figure out vhy ihf (government fails to take advantage of such an occasion. It could Rive our mailman anottar day of rest if such n day was declared a national affair. Old-timers arc pretty strong hc- icvers in what kind of weather ,ve have February 2, having; a bearinR on the kind for the next ix weeks. I'll say this much; we lave might nigh all kinds mi.cht lisjh any day here in these hills. Of late we've had a heap of pring. Bu!--as one old lady put t--that's no sign nf a duck's nest. Meaning, of course, that winter voukl yet have her say. In spile of the blooming of the spirts, thr Taponica, and forsythia, I'm still luhious, because the froj;s have not started their spring chorus irnclicc. H is plumb certain they ill look'through ice at least three imes before spring comes to stay. SuuiUy A. Mir« A . one-night training session will, be held in each of three districts of the Wcslark Area -- in Harrison February 19; -in Fayclle- vjlle February 20; HIIL! in Fort Smith February 21. All three sessions \vill begin at 7:30 p. in. The By El) VANDEVENTER Santiago do Chile--T h e r e's much excitement here. Two'Holly- wood stars arc here for the premiere of "Showboat." They are Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel. A dinner dance will be given tonight on the roof garden of Ihc -. Hotel Carrcra in their honor. Three orchestras will provide music from 10 p. m. to 3 a. m. A. J. Vaughn, manager of the · Carrcra, has arranged a luncheon for tomorrow for these famous quests and has invited the traveling correspondent of Hie TIMES to join the party. To make the movie stars feel at home J am to wear blue, shirt with large yellow flowers, blue sport coat with pearl buttons, vivid yellow slacks and hiuc suede shoes. (The men of Chile wear only drab, ugly · clothes--no color at a l l ) . Tliis bit of luck was due to a letter I wrote io Mr. Vaughn. I told him that nevrr h a d , l found · in any hotel such delightful scrv- ' ice as his coffee shop offers. Two . licndwaitresses are as charming as it is possible for women to'be;- just the right sort, of smile to make you glad you arrived, and the poise and dignity of queens, I explained to Mr. Vaughn that it was such a treat lo look at'these two fascinating creatures I had no time for the dining room. And the little girls who wait on the tables would sharpen anyone's appetite. I had to learn how to say in Spanish: "There is nothing more beautiful than a Chilean Rirl"--"No hay naria mas Jindo ciue la muchacha Chilena." Kindness Rewarded ' I had my letter \yith me in the elevator when the manager got in at the fifth floor. 1 hsndrd it lo him, and he told me later that he was on his way to a staff meet-.* g; he read it there. ~ : The lovely queens in the coffee shop told me that they -had re- Fyettevill C session wii be held in CCJVC( , insll . uclions lo Ihe Arkansas Western Gas Company Hospitality Room. . From six to 12 men from each of the districts in the area will be selected to take the training course for trainers. Each man will attend the. one-night session 'and also a weekend training course lo be held February 23 and 24 at Yatcs Ranch, nine miles south oE Fort Smith on state Highway 45 near Bonanza. The trainers then will conduct basic training coufses for scoutmasters, assistant scoutmasters, and other troop leaders in their districts. All Scoutcrs arc welcome to attend the one-night sessions. But Ihc overnight cnmp is limited to men taking the trainers' course. Big Paychecks In England Are Few London -IT!'.)- The Thin ranks of Britain's much-snaked earners of :)ig paychecks have been weeded again. The inland revenue coin- see that every possible courtesy was shown me. So it seems that every time you take the trouble to do a little act of kindness the good' God rewards you generously. N T o wonder I am "muy con- tcnto." (Next the story about Hobjnson Crusoe's island--where the hero. fc of our childhood days had to live in. absolute solitude four years and four months before being rescuer!. Then a trip through the 4 Antarctic Ocean to sec the lakes. I'll take pictures of the most virile and vigorous'of humans--the only Indians whom white men never could conquer and who .gave Ihe Incas of Peru sucrj a drubbing t h a t those Socialites never wanted" to sec any more of Chile). missioners reported last night only i GO persons had incomes of I 1 * 16,800 or morn a f t e r they paid income taxes for the year ended In March, IflnO. Choose your jeweler before choosing jewelry--Bee-he's 30-fit ices helnK condurtcd at the Stcclc cvm a f| c r they start their strange for Community School. His subjects | c r v j n p from muddy beds. Monday, Tuesday nnd Wed- ' A rca der wonders if w y nights will be "Five Things That God DOOR Not Know," "What Must I Do To Be Saved," and "The 'Biggest Liar In Northwest Arkansas." Lawrence Layman will be, charge of the song service. Announcements Thr Cull To Uiiilrd Christian Youth Action The Call To United Christian Youth Action will he answered tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock at the Central Methodist Church Churches participating will he First Christian, St. Paul's Episcopal, Kirst and Central Presbyterian, Central and"Wicfians Methodist, .and the Baldwin Christian Church. Firnt Baptist Church Circles of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday at the following times and places: Circle one, Mrs.. H. S. Blood, Highway 45, cast, 2 p. m.; Circle two, Mrs. S, H. Campbell, 631 Wall Street, 2 p. m.; Circle three, Prayer Room, p. m.; Circle four. Mrs, Jack Phillips. 321 East Lafayette; Cirrlf five, Mrs. C. O. Branncn, 11 Mt. Nord, 1:30 p. m.; Business Women's Circle, Mis? Xetta Dcver, 42fl Street, 7:30 p. m. North West Si, l l »ul K|»iscop*l Church The Woman's General Auxiliary of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will hiv* 1 o'clock luncheon, Monday afternoon at the Parish House. Hostesses will be Mn. Ltlnnd Bryan, chairman; Mm. George Sliurt, Mrs. .1, E, T»ncred, *nd Mis* Surah Clark. Central PrfsbyterUn Church Circle one of the Central Prcs- hylcrlan Church w i l l ' m e e t Monday al 2:30 p, m., in Ihe homt.of Mrs, .1. H. Chandler, I Rush Drive. member the first gooey on will be Mrs. J. J. Morrison. Circle three will fnlerlnln nil ilrclf. numbm nl the Central 'renn.vterlan -Church (it I ». m., . Tuesday, gram will the church. Thf pro- b« A movie entitled market to make our hair Ho down and behave? And do I? It was called "Stacomb." They must have made it out of crude oil and old butler, with a little tar hrown in for s base. Your hair stayed combed all right. H could only be lifted in layers. The stuff made it as stiff as sn old marc's tail. I also remember some of those delightful styles like the hobble skirt and peg top trousers. You had to carry along a box to place by the buggy so your .lady love could climb in, and when she tried to walk you were sure they named the skirt correctly by calling it '.'hobbled." The thing had one redeeming feature; it had a very slight split on the .side and at the bottom, and you often caught a glimpse, of the girl's ankle. The peg-topped trousers had wide flaps at the hips. It \yns one way the tailor had of getting rid of too much cloth. You remember there was too much of everything in them days except money. There just plain wasn't much of that stuff. One redeeming feature about that inconvenience was t h a t we didn't have much use fnr the stuff. The cuffs of those trousers were the kind that filled rather snugly and hung well above the button-shoe top. All very ducky. When the washerwoman comes from her washing with her stomach all wet that is a sure sign she will marry a drunkard. And speaking of folks getting married: There's the story of Ihc woman who nursed her hill husband back to health after the doctors had given him up. When they wanted to know how she accomplished such a feat, she said it was done only after asking hers e l f ' o n e question, and that question was: "Who would want a widow with four children?" Ike Hildebrand of the Cleveland Bnrons in the American Hockey League is an export lacrosse player. Hf played for the Eastern Canada champs in IBM. Dick Cunninfham, co-captatn elect of the Brr'nritl* University footbiiU team, averaged S.I per carry lo lead the team In rushing. Hear and Answer TM CALL Sunday, Feb! 3, 1952 The Call in Fayetteville Will Beat Centra! Methodist Church 7:30 p.m. All Young People Are Invited ONE-TIME CHRISTIAN Rtgulor ott-jndanct at tvery tervic* of your ctiurcfi wilt pi act you m o position 10 that God ran mor* richly bleu you . . . Don't miu · itrvk«. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walttr L. John»«n, PqiUr "THI STRUGGLE BETWEEN TW.O KINGDOMS" Morning Worahlp Hour ICiSJ (Broadtail ovtr Station KGRH) Sunday School 1:30 "THE CHURCH AT LAOOICEA" Ev.nlnj Worahip Hour 7iJO Training Union l i l t Th» Nurury U opTM at ill WELCOME

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