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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 2, 1952
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fMt PUUIC INTMIST II THI FIRST CONCERN or T:I$ NEWSPAPER Associated frnt Leased VOLUME 90, NUMBER 163 r j ir« Qftnte* AP, King and NEA Ftalurts AWC * NSA *" SATUIIDAY Allied Troops On Front Line In Korea Under Attack By Aircraft Region Near Kumsong Hit By Planes J, 1952 Patrol, Supported By Tank Fire, Engages Enemy Seoul. Korea-(/P)-Unidenlified I planes bombed and strafed Allied front line troops, in Central Korea about, noon today, a U. N. command officer said. The officer was unable to say whether the aircraft were Communist or Allied ! planes. ! Possibly as many as six propeller driven planes took part in two separate attacks near Kumsons, the officer said, and three South Koreans were slightly woyndcd. Kumsonf- is approximately 70 miles northeast of Seoul and 27 miles north of parallel 38. Eighteen American Sabre Jets damaged three Red M1G Jets in a 30-minufe battle with.50 MiG's over Northwest Korea Saturday. The battle raging from 40,000 down to 30.000 feet, was fought over a 40-mile area near Sinuiju. On the ground, a tank-supported Allied patrol clashed briefly Saturday with Hcds on the Central Front. Eight Army headquarters said the patrol engaged a Red platoon northwest of K u m h w a and withdraw an hour and a half later under cover of tank fire. Gravely III k|:_ L.4. Night. Serve As ·. Watchmen ··ir,ion-(/P)-Kormer Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes, 77, is seriously ill al his I (arm home at nearby Olncy, Md. j Dr. Stephen Jones of Rockvillc, ! Md. said last night' he was in a remi-coma, and that;. "ljis_ condi- jtio'h' took "a 1 iurn 'for Ihe worse ! Monday night, and it weakened j him to the point where he can'l light any longer." Religion Offers Help, Graduates At U. A. Told Commencement Under Way; Rabbi Sanders Speaker "Religion offers help in every great crisis of h u m a n destiny," ' Rabbi Ir,a A. Sanders nf (he I.iUlc Rock Congregation B'nai Israel said this morning in a baccalaureate address al Ihe University. He ciled ways in which religion and the church can assist in these ["days of trial through which men a n d ' n a t i o n s arc now passing." Rsbbi Sanders spoke al the first event of the a n n u a l mid-winter commencement of the University Approximately 630 graduates are to receive degrees lonighl, following an address by Dr. G. L. Cross president of (he University ,,f Oklahoma.'Joe E. Covlnglon, provost a n d a c t i n g president o f Ihe University, will present the diplomas. The most Important help religion can give in the present crisis is lo establish that spiritual au- t h o r i t y which is higher than Ihe arrogance and lyranny of the stale," Rabbi Sanders declared.! "The menace of this exaltation o: the state is obvious. II threatens the loss of everything for which the best men have fought and suffered and died. In the face of i such danger there is no help ex- · ccpt in religion." A second way in which religion i can- hclp r -Rabbi -Sunders said,, is j Senator Questions Settlement Of McMath's U. S. Income Tax IOCAI fORICAJT--. Fsyetteviilp and vfclnlty partly cloudy and cooler tonight and tomorrow. Rainfall .74. H i g h ' t e m - perature yesterday 82; lew 45; 11 a.m. twlay 46, Sunrk: 7:17; sun- ' set S:47. MICE HVI CENTS Washinglon-M')-An Idaho scna lor has questioned the income tax settlement Governor M c M a t h of Arkansas made w i t h Ihe Internal Revenue Bureau. The matter eamn up as Secretary nf the Treasury Snydnr and Revenue Commissioner John B. D u n l a p were being questioned yesterday by the Senate Expenditures Committee, headed by Senator McClcllan ( D - A r k ) . The committee was discussing President Truman's plan lo reorganize the Internal Revenue De- jarlmenl. Senator Dworshak (R-Iriaho) cited examples of whal he termed 'discrimination" in settlements of some tax cases, lie said he had ·cad.newspaper accounts that Re- iiiblican Gov. W i l l i a m S. Beards- of Iowa had been forced to pay penalties in a tax s e t t l e m e n t , but Democratic Governor McMalh had paid no penalties in a similar case. Snyder said t h a i al no (line had ho k n o w i n g l y permitted discrim- i n a l i n n of one t a x p a y e r against another. He said the Bcarrislcy and Mc- M a t h cases had not come to his personal jitlrnlion. Snyder is a former resident of Joncsboro, Ark.i Governor M c M a t h announced last November t h a t he paid the federal government SO.17(1 in income' taxes and interest for 1948 19-1!) and 1950. Bcnrdsloy said last summer he paid the government 58,000 in bark taxes, plus S5.0IIO in penalties and interest, covering a period from 1944 t h r o u g h 1949. Up And At 'Em Chicago-(/P)-Four German shepherd dogs, after intensive training,. .' have been placed on d u t y as night ' watchmen al Ihc Marshall Field and Company warehouse. The dogs make regular patrols of the big building and even punch all-clear signals by pressing a foot pedal with their front naws at each post on the beat. When .. the pedal Is pressed, a bell rings ' sbove the dog and the "all-clear" signal flashes on the'central control board. The'dogs provide protection for · the two-legged watchmen and also save them nine miles of walking each night. They have been trained to sound emergencies by barking at any sign of fire. Three more dogs are being trained for duty as night watchmen. Youth Uses Memory In Planning Gem Robbery New York-WVA youth's 11- year-old memory of a fancy Park . Avenue apartmcnl led to the $114,000 jewel robbery of Fashion Designer Mollic Parnis, according to police who cracked the case. Three flashily clad youths- somewhat dismayed at their own notoriety--have been arrested in the holdup. About S95.000 worth of the jewelry has been recovered. Police said they solved the robbery yesterday with admissions by Joseph Paladino, 24. Carmine Zoccolillo, 21, and Joseph Guidice, also 21, all unemployed New Yorkers. As a 13-year-old laundry delivery boy, police, said, Paladino once called on the designer and her husband, Leon Livingston, a . dress manufacturer, and made a mental note of the rich furnishings. Eisenhower Expected To Slay On Job Until June Ollawa, Ont.-W)-Thc civil chief of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said last night he expects Gen. Dwighl D. Eisenhower ."will stay on" in Paris as NATO commander at least u n t i l June. Lester B. Pearson, Canada's foreign minister and chairman of the NATO Council, made (he tlon al a news conference Family's Last,Child Dies In Accident Warwick. N. Y.-Wl-Jean Lang- Ill', 10, fell through ice in a mini; pond yesterday and drowned --the fourth and last of J o h n Ltnglllz's children lo die sudden' l.t. In recent years, the olhcr three died In a fall down « well, an automobile accident, «nd In action In Korea, Total Mounts In Funds To Fight Polio "by reasserting and reestablishing the worlh of h u m a n personality, j t h c essential dignity and sanctily . !of Ihe i n d i v i d u a l . There can be I no f u t u r e for our civilization, no |safety for any one of us, unless I this wanton invasion of the l i f e It | Ihe single man be stayed." I Finally, religion can help us, he I said, "by restoring the lost values. j the forgotten ideals, the neglected I principles and standards of the ( m o r a l life. Without the moral law ;we perish." March of Dimes contributions in i Fayettcviile reached $4,338.20! with the addition of 5767.70 i through a cake sale last night. The j total in Springdalc .up to las. night was 52,767.97. More'contri- butions are expected in both cities. P'rank Sultlc. county chairman, reporting the figures today, said Coca-Cola routcmcn will liegin pickup of the 500 coin boxes over the county Monday. They w i l l turn the boxes over to the district chairmen. Last 'night's auction at Gray's Shopping Center attracted more than 250 persons. Harold Bartholomew, Prairie Grove, auctioned 155 cakes. Prize-winners in the calte ron- lesl arc: First, Mrs. J. D. Edmis- lon, whose orange chiffon cake sold for S34; second. Miss Janice Phillips, b a n a n a cake, whicli sold for S20; third, Mrs. R. L. Pcttit, Crosses, spice chiffon; f o u r t h , Mrs.' V. O. Tanscy. orange cake; fifth, Mrs. J. K. Gregory, angel food; sixth, Mrs. Fred Stevenson, chocolate; seventh. Mrs. Bryan Walker, caramel cream; cighlh, Mrs. R. G. Picard, lemon chiffon; ninlh, New Strike Threat In Railroad Industry Washington-M')-A new strike threal hung over the nation's railroads today bul there appeared l i t t l e likelihood of an actual walkout. Negotiations between egineers and Ihc railroads over w o r k i n g rules collapsed yesterday and .4rike authorization ballots wenl o u t - lo about 60,000 members of the Brotherhood of Locomoti-c Engineers. Union Chief J. I'. Shields said the results would be known around Morch 1 but there would be no a t t c m p l to call a ecncial rail strike. He said the engineers would "select a few railroads." Shields d i d n o t indicate w h i c h ones. , , Mrs. Courtney Crouch, angel food; and Ifllh. Mrs. Fount Earl, old -fashioned pound cake. The 10 winners may pick Kirsten Flagstad To Retire New York-W)-Kirsten Flasstad, often described as the grealcsl Wagncrian soprano of her generation, ^announced last night during a recital in Carnegie H a l l t h a t she will retire after m a k i n g scheduled appearances wilh Ihc Metropolitan Opera Company and Ihe Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra this !season. Maj. Gen. W i l l i a m F. Dean, above, shadow keep in trim in a Communist prison camp . in Pyongyang, North Korea. The .'2-year old general was captured August 25, 11)51). while commanding the U. S. 2 4 l h Division. This exclusive photo was taken by Communisl ncu-smcn at the request of the U n i t e d Press. Secrets Bought" At Cheap Price j Westport, Conn.-l/l'j-World War II secrets were selling cheaply six years ago. C. Steve Vangor bought a war surplus safe f u l l of 'cm for only $2.50. Government agents came .here scslcrday lo retrieve Ihe documents. The A r m y field safe was locked when Vangor bought il at a government auction in New Jersey in 1546. II remained locked unljl early lasl December when he gave it to a friend, Fred Dchmcr a local real estate dealer. When a locksmith solved the combination in Dehmcr's office, "secret" and "confidential" Army maps, rcr- ordsi manuals and photonrauhs tumbled oul. ' Vangor wrote Ihc War Department. After weeks passed w i t h o u t an answer, Vangor ,-ind Dchmcr told the story lo newspapermen Less than 24 hours later, an FBI agent and an Army Counter-intelligence agent appeared at Deh- mcr's office to gather up the documents. Area Soldiers Back In U.S. From Korea Combat Veterans On Board Ship Arriving In West Ten Faycltcviile men and I B from olhcr Northwosl Arkansas Joints were among the 2,247 A r m y combat veterans who were rennrj- eri yesterday as h a v i n g arrived in San Francisco aboard the US.S General W, F. Hasc. The Faycttcvillc men are M- Sgt. Curtis S. Crouch, Jr.; M-Sgt. Jon A. Dyers: Sgl. .lames C. lutchinson: Chief W a r r a n t O f f i - cr Kenneth n. Ivcy; Sgl. Bill C. ..owls; Sfc. Robert L. Licrly; Sfc. .loyd N. McConncll; Cpl. Allen -. McFaddcn; Pfc. Owen n. Mr- ·addcn; and Maj. Clinton F,. Meadows. Eleven Rogers men were listed: Ifc. Rex K. Bland, M-Sgt. W i l l i a m ). Bland; Sgt. Carl L. Cotrill: Cpl. 'rank D. C u n n i n g h a m ; Sgt. Joe D Daniel.i!-' SierCharic.vTt. Daughtry: Cpl. Charles C. Miller; M-S/tl !obert .1. Pratt; Sgl. Hayden G. ''and, Jr.;.Sgl. Flnnls n. Richards; nd M-Sgt. Claude M. Williams, Arnold Sikes Appointed Purchasing Agent After John K. Brown Resigns GovernorSays He'll Appear At Hearings John K. Brown Arnold B. Sikes Judge Orders Inquiry To Learn If News Stories In California "Impeded" Juslice From Bentonville, returning eterans arc Sgt. Thomas E. Boyd; pi. Harold P. Brown; Cant. Klvin | C. Buell; M-Sgt. George D. Davis; Sgt. Joseph C. Duncan; Sfc. Fred T. Leach; and Sgt. James C. Rcd- dcll. One Springdalc soldier, Cpl. James n. Fcagin,. was listed. Liner Turns Back To New York-W-Thc .IS.OOO-lon Cunard l i n e r Britannic, an hour out on Ihe start of a 6-day cruise, stopped and turned aboul last night to put an injured passenger ashore. The passenger, Chester P. Ca- hnon, 6ft, of Salt Lake City, slipped on a stairway just a f t e r the ship set sail. A doctor said he apparently suffered torn ligaments and strained muscles of the right leg bul no break. A tugboat met the B r i t a n n i c in Gravcsenil Bay and took Cahoon and his w i f e ashore. The B r i t a n n i c then resumed its cruirc. San Franc!sco-(/Pi-An Imme- d i a t e federal Grand Jury investigation to determine if Ihe San Francisco C a l l - B u l l e t i n printed news stories t h a t impeded justice has been ordered by Federal Judge Oliver J. Carter. Judge Carter declared an a r t i c l e in yesterday's paper linked U. S. District J u d g e George B, Harris lo n Carmcl, Calif., land development plan of a deputy collector of I n t e r n a l revenue. Yesterday's article, he said, was Ihc c u l m i n a t i o n of a scries of articles t h a t prompted the order. R a n d o l p h Hearst, publisher, of Ihc C a l l - B u l l e t i n , told Ihe Associated Press: "It's, all right w i t h us if they wantaaJnvcatliralc-us, We..print the news as we see il." Judge Carter dl;i not specifically slate how Ihc newspaper m i g h t obstructed jjusllce. bul he referred the j u r y lo a section of | 'cderal law defining- a n nbstruc- I lion of justice. M a x i m u m sentence under this section Is $5,0110 fine and siv years Imprisonment. Bates Named High Official In Extension A p p o i n t m e n t of Kenneth S. Bales as acting assistant director of t h e University A g r i c u l t u r a l Kx- tcnsion Service was announced today by Provost Joe F,. Coving- Ion, acting head of the University, and Dr. Lippert F,. F.llis, dean of the Collcsc of Agriculture and director of F.xtcnsion Service. Bales will be the chief assistant lo C. A. Vines, who recently was named associate director, succced- ! ing Aubrey D. Gates. A n a t i v e of Waldron, Bates al- j tended Arkansas Polytechnic Col' legc and the University Collcuc of Agriculture where he received Ihe Ihe The judsc falcl: " . . . You arc not confined to the p a r t i c u l a r article 1 called to your a t t e n t i o n , hut you may, in conducting this Investigation, scrutinize w l l h care n i l of activities and publications .. s i m i l a r k i n d t h a t have laken plac In Ihe lasl several months. In. persons connected therewith am Ihcir actlvllics . . . "I am not Implying t h a t llicsi persons, Ihc publisher, editors, ant staff members of the Call-Bullc f i n . arc g u i l t y or nol. I am sub- m i l l i n g this matter lo you for Investigation to ascertain whether i crime has been committed." The article he referred lo reported Representative Hillings (II Calif), said. ;ln Washington, thn Judge Harris"was associated will an I n t e r n a l Revenue Bureau em- ploye in a real estate development near Carmcl, Calif. Hillings suggested ( h a t the King congressional committee, which starts mi In- vcsllsallon of lax scandals here Monday, look I n t o Ihc transaction. Judge Harris declined comment. T TO e dejrce of bachelor of science in a g r i c u l t u r e In June. 1937. He entered the A g r i c u l t u r a l Extension Service a short lime after his up I their prizes ,U the Shopping Con- disc for second; $5 and merchan- ler. Prizes arc $10 and merchan- | disc, t h i r d ; and S2 and merchan- rilse .or firsl; $7.5(1 and merchan- j dise lor fourth through 10th Vandals Topple. .SLilur Hollywood - I/PI - The bronze statue of Rudolph V a l e n t i n o , the late "Great Lover" of Ihe screen, lies in ignominy in a city park today. Vandals broke it loose from its base and park attendants, found it on Ihe lawn. V / ' · t. V I S I T graduation, serving firht 'sislani county aacnl in A /I l_ T / V \ Q r C n L j as as- Yell he Hospitality Of Arkansans Pleasing To Tourists Hospitality and friendliness of ;ment of Commerce, Bureau of Arkansas residents, and the slate's 'Public Roads, i scenic attractions make lasting i T ' lc automobile tourists visited i | impressons on Ihe es 11 m a t e d !."'," ya ,{l' rl ,,"' ' heu s ' f lc - b u l "«: U n m n n n ,,..,-..: . . . . " i . "fractions ' which drew them i n motorists who visit Ar-"la state. Results of a survey, showing whal parts of Ihe state t h e automobile tourists visil mosl often, how much they spend, and w h a t they like and dislike aboul Ihe stale and its people, wcre an;d by W. W. Grigorleff, di- of -Science and Technology. The survey, conducted d u r i n g the 12 months from September, 1D4D, through August, I0:0, was made n l l m b c r l wcre th(! "»« Forest; the Little Rock, Eureka I Springs, and Boston Mountains areas; and Norfork Lake, Bull IShoals, and Lake Forl Smith. ; H u n t i n g and fishing provided rec- ' ;reation for many. I Visitors commented that the ·stale's b e a u t i f u l s c e n e r y a n d pleasing climate, and the hospi- i t a l i t y of Its people were appreciated. Many said Ihe accommo: ,dalions, roads, or food created favorable impressions. Of Ihose , w h o offered c r i t i c i s m , «iAAnA»u -IL 11 ·*». «"nno( wniL-in rtiu mere ^notiKI cooperation with the U.S. Depart-Ibe more roadside parks,- cleaner reslrooms, more highway markers, more advertising, lower taxes, or ' improvement of thn state's n a t u r a l , . resources. : The average tourist p a r l y w a s ' composed of three persons, and i t s ' members spent a total of S5(].(15 I d u r i n g t h e i r stav in A r k a n s a s which averaged .1.8 days in length!' Of this amount, S19.37 was spent I for fond and meals, $1.1.10 for a u - I tnmnbilc upkeep, SlO.frt for l o d g - i ing, $fi.2B for e n t e r t a i n m e n t and ' $7.40 for other items. ' ! (The tourists interviewed came 1 from 4fi stales (only Vermont was ! not represented), the District o f ' Columbia, Hawaii, Alaska, t h e ! Canal Xone, and seven foreign countries. Nearly one-half came from Ihe Koulh Central .Slates ' and o n c - f i f i h of all visitors came , from Texas. T w o - f i f t h s came Ihe North Central Slules. L i t l l e Hock-MvGen. rougla« M a c A r t h u r will visit Little ftot-k March 2,1. He plans to attend scrv- ices al Christ Episcopal Church and lour his birthplace at Mac- A r t h u r Park. Mayor Pratt flcmmel announced yesterday lhat a member of t h r M a c A r t h u r s t a f f will come to Little nock next week lo arrange I County. A few weeks later "'" named assistant agent in . Hcmpsteari County, a position he | h r l d u n l i l December. 1938, when he became county agent in Poik County. He was named county agent of Washington County in September, 1M4, and remained in t h a t position u n t i l J a n u a r y . 1048. when he was made district agent for all of Northwest Arkansas. , scum nf N a l u r a l Hlstorv i THI OISERVH Several Fayeltcville residents spoiler! a f i r e b a l l - l i k e elreak of light in Ihc sky Thursday night, and Ihe Associated Press rcnorl- cd today t h a t people in three Texas cities saw a ,-imilar streak. An a m a t e u r Dallas astronomer said It was a "fireball" and could be seen oast of there about 12 seconds before It burst like a his skyrocket. Residents in Tyler and M o u n t Pleasant. Texas, reported fccin; Ihc "meteor" or fireball Hash across the sky. II was described as b r i l l i a n t blue-green or yelloiv- grccn, t r a v c l i n q from southeast to southwest with a trail behind II. Folks here report they Ihoughl at first il was a plane in trouble. Apparently, judcing from residents calling the TIMES, the bird population In Fayctlcvillc has picked up w i t h i n rcccnl davs, or else Ihc l i t t l e feathered friends arc just now m a k i n g themselves noticeable aflcr a .winter nf semi- hibernation. The robins, cardinals and blue birds have been out in force thi.s week, and some attention has been drawn by various olhcr kinds of birds in the yard;, Jocoway And Murry Under Fire; Sessions Adjourn For Week U t t l c Rnck-f/Pj-John I . Brown » central f i q u r c In the Invcjllga- lion of Arkansas Highway Dep a r t m e n t operations, resigned yesterday as .-.late purchasing agent- and Ihe Highway A u d i t Commission recessed its probe until February 11. Governor Mc.Malh announced lie w i l l appear before tin group when hearings arc rcfumed, Arnold Sikes, chairman of stale. Board of Review, was appointed h.v the governor lo »ucce:d Brown. In a. prepared statement released last night shortly after he testified before Ihe Audit Commission, Brown criticized Commission Attorney Cooper Jacoway and Ally. Gnu. lite Murry fm w h a l tie called their "dictatorial utti- ludcs." Brown v.-tif slioc highway purchasing agent before he was named state purchasing agent leas than a month ago. He said t h a t he hnd undersoil? · "what amounted t o - t h i r d degree methods In both secret (trillings and one-sided public hearings." Brown fald he was resigning, effective immediately, of his own accord and wasn't being fired. Jacnway said he would "let the record speak for llsclf." Murry declined comment. So did McMath. -: -'-.-i- .·-- -,-... :.·' ·'.. ......... _. morl» He WM Forrn-irned In his.lengthy statement, Brown said in part: . ^vas forewarned that I would- i)c subjected In appearing before :ho commission lo every concciv iblc ' ' ... personal abuse by Ihone whose only objective was to discredit and embarrass Governor McMath. Even so, I never, nritlci- lalcd lhat 1 would undergo vital las amounted to t h i r d degree nctl.ods in ,bolh secret grilling: "ind one-sided public hearings, "I have been criticized for tail- ng to recall names, datos,and Incidents In many of Ihe hundreds of meetings which 1 have attended luring the past three years. The dictatorial altitudes of Mr, Jaco- vay and Mr. Murry In their ques- lonlng of me convinced me that, hey were doing everything within heir power to confuse me to the mint where 1 would innocently onlradicl myt-elf to the extent of n e r l m i n a t i n g myself." He salt! he planned lo enter riv.itc business.. Brown reported he Intended to esljrn several months aeo when c was stale Highway Department urchssinj! agent, and had advised' he commission privately that he 'as getting out as soon as the roup finished wilh him. lie yaid he didn't want to "quit under fire." Murry told Rrown after he testified yesterday lhat "this'll be your last appearance before the commission." Brown had testified that, while he. was highway purchasing agent, he had received Christmas gifts and a loan from firms doing business with the Highway Department. McMath To Governor 'Accept" McMath would issue sometime soon a state- l after ' M a c A r t h u r was baptized at Christ Episcopal Church. Suspect Is Held In Thefts Near Gateway Rogers - 'Speciali - A Monte Ne man was placed In the Benion County j a i l yesterday and is being held without bond pending the outcome of an Investigation I n t o thefts reported several weeks ago ... Ohio Flood Area around town. ment accepting the Audit Commission's invitation to testify. - .. HAC Chairman n. H. Dicken- One f a y c l t e v i l l e resident, who.. borst wrote the governor ycster- has lived , n Arkansas for 78 years. I day t h a t "you will, of course, be says (he state's biggest snowfall um | rr n a t h a n d subject to nues- occurred (IB years ago today. He . tinning as any olhcr witness" says he lived al Bnlesvillc t h e n . Dickenhorst said that, while all ,- · i t - l "cinnall-(/|',.N r w i s | ns a , T , prcolctcd for the Ohio. River flood '· ! and t h a t the I four feet." snow was a "level D °"« To End Polio danger. The river rose a tenth of Comppign In Rogers "Ighl by State Trooper Wallace Parnell and City Policeman Quant Morrison In connection w l l h an accident on Wesl Walnut Street Kaslnn wa.i charged wllh d r u n k e n driving, f u r t h e r investigation w»j made when officers found in Haslons car a set of Mlvcr which they mid Kaston admitted h a v i n g stolen. Parnell said K.-uton Is federal parolee. a foot here last n i g h l to S«.» feet. .» feel above floor! slage. ll h rx- peclcd to reach a crcsl of ,17 feet then Marl f a l l l n c . " ' The river Icvctslood al 5(1.8 feel for nine hours, and has i Iscn only six inches since Thurnday mid- nliiht. Moie t h a n 10(1 persons werp hoiifrd In lied Cross nhelterr here yc.-.lerday. The flood closed mine ronds nnd hampered t r a f f i c on forsonnfl Inrrraxr * W»shlngion-(/Pi-Thr number o| foreign d i p l o m a t i c personnel in . Washington has grown fiom 1.000 ; al Ihe slnrt of World War II lo I -1,00(1, slate officials had a blanket Inv i t a t i o n lo appear before Ihe Audit Commission, n special i n v i - tation was being sent M c M a t h because the governor had assumed "full responsibility for the Highway Department," (irfttapo Methods CharEril As the A u d i t Commission wound Us second phase of hearings yesterday, Conwny County Sheriff M a r t i n Hawkins branded as "Gestapo methods" K search of flogeii-'Speciali- T h o Mothers' March of Dimes Thursday nichl netted more t h a n $(100 In one hour's canvas of homes where porches were lighted, Mrs. James 1. I i h y . c h a i r m a n of Ihc Mothers' March, reported. The high school students held home tdk'iU show in the n i i d i - f " -··.... ...... ..«,- lorium Thursday morning. The ducted by Pulaskl County Depu- hlm before he testified yesterday. Hawkins said the search was con- procccdj v.-erc SHU, bringing (he lolal raised by Ihe Rogm schools to $111.20, The campaign here will he concluded t o n i g h t when Ihc Rotary, Khvanls and Linn* clubs will *pon- «nr a d u n c e In the high school auditorium. A Fayelteville or- i-hwlra will provide the music. ties Odcll Maxcy and Bill Johnson on HAC Attorney Jacoway's order*. Hawkins »,iid "there hud been l«« my some reports that temper .and ml*ht do He said he did not h«v» i niri A * " $£$!!· "* w)lln « ta pwmlttw CONTIW/M* OH PAW TH

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