Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 27, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1974
Page 11
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lOUt tfiy of JUM. 1974. By-Past Beverar* Co, ' ' . P«te G. Est«. President APPLICANT Bufeacritwi and iworn to before me th!i Wth day of July, 1074 , My Cwnmisston Explrw: 8«pt. 36, 1977 SEAL ; XTC-27. Mary L, Rani Notary Public Uqal Notic NOTICE OP A PUBLIC BEARING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT HEIARINO UNDER THE CODE OF ORDINANCE or FArarrBviLijEi, ARKANSAS Notice IB hereby given that pursuant to th«' provJstoas of th« Code of OrdJ- nances of Ibe City of Fayellevilte, Arkansas, the following applications have be«n set for bearing before th» Board of Adjustment In the Directors Room, Uiiy .. AdminlstniLton Building, Fayette- 014 County Road, and runaina; thence Southerly with Die Center of u» Old County Raid K1.S3 lo*I; thence North M deireea B minutes 40 seconds Wegt 1028.01 reel: thence North 79 degree! 20 mlnules 20 tecondi West 291.12 (eel: thence Northerly lo point irhlch k 1320 feet · Welt ot the beginning point: thenc* Bast 1330 to the point at beginning,, containing 30 acres, more or less. To rerone from A-l, Agricultural DM. to n 3. Medium Density Residential Dli Wet. ' .· PBTnTON HO. R1«S: The petition o[ Mr. J. Bernard Dresseihaua for property located on Fit* teenth street south ot Uie Shenandoah Arkansas TIMES, Sat., July 17, 1974 FAYITTIVILLE, ARKANSAS West' of the Park, more .....,'· Arkansas, Monday, Aujusl 3 '19T4. «t 3:30 P.M. «. 7«l--^-Mn. Leta Fay Aiumi ---- 322 Minion Boulevard- Part of the" SEW, BWK M a. 10, T-3S-N, RJO-W, described at follows Beginning · at a. point »hlch ts -M3.6S - fe« North of. the Southeast comer of ' tald 40 acre tract, and running thence - West to a point which la 149 feel East - ot lh« Eat line of the Old Missouri Road, for a beginning point, tnence Weil 145 feet to the East line of Old Mlssour Road, thence to a Southerly direction along the Eatt line of Ola Missouri Road to a point which Is due West of - ft point .which Is 513.3 feet N o r t h - o f - the southeast corner of said 40 acre ' tract, thence East to a point which - Is 50 feet South ot (lie point of besinnfae. thence North 50 feet to the point of . beginning. Application tu vary , setbacks.--All Interested parties may appear and be heard at said time and place. The ^ applications and other pertinent data are open and available for Inspection in the - Office o[ City Planning, City Admlnis- - (ration Building, Fayeltevllle, Arkansas , All Interested parties are Invited to review these applications In said Office and discuss the dctnlls with the Planning Administrator. - Bobbie Jones Planning Administrator lie - 27 Mobile Home Park and Riyeltervll!e Industrial particularly described ai follows; Part of tr* NES4 of the SBW of section 22, T-16.N, R-20-w, more particularly described as foiknvs, lo-wlt: Beginning at a point 40 feet aouth ot the Northeast comer of aald 40 acre tract, and running, thence south 12M feet, Ihepc*' neat 726 feet, thence "north 1280 feel, thence east 738 feet to the point of beginning, containing 21.33 acres, more or less. To rerone from R-l, Low Density Residential District to 1-1, Heavy Commercial and Light Industrial District. All interested parlies may appear an( be heard at said time and place, t copy of the proposed amendments am other pertinent data are open and avail able for inspection in the Office of City Planning City Administration Building, Fayettelille, Arkansas. All Interested parties are Invited to review the petition In sain* Office and discuss the detail* with the Planning Administrator. GIVEN UNDER JkTY HAND THfS 3ith day ot July, 1714. A Series of 18 Questions and Answers Designed To Explain The TIMES Want Ads So They May Serve You To Better Advantage Ernest Jacks, secretary NOTICE OF A PUBLIC BEARING PLANNING COMMISSION HEARINGS UNDER -THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF TH3 CTTT ARKANSAS. NOTICE IS HEREBY Today In History "Six office visits and $75 in lab tests, and all he tells you is take twoaspirins and call him tomorrow?" OF FAYETFEVTLLE, GIVEN THAT PURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OK THE CODE OP ORDINANCES OF THE " CITY , OF FAYETTEVILLE, -THE V. F O L L O W I N G PETITIONS FOR - REZONING HAVE BEEN SET FOR HEARING 'BEFORE THE PLANNING COMMISSION IN THE DIRECTOR'S '-, R O O M , CITY ADMINISTRATION B TJ I L t I N G , FAYETTiiVILLE, AR KANSAS, ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 13 ' 1974 AT 4:00 P.M. " PETITION NO. R74-10: : The petition of Mr. James 0. Wilt. *' Jr., president of Ifae HargU Trading Co mpany, and Mr. Lorls L, Slanton ; . president of The SlanLon Company for .. properly located on the West side of - the City Lake Road (Mornlngslde Drive) and South ot Pump SIntion Road, -- described as follows: A par! of the, NEW ol the NWVi ot Section 27, T4S-N, H-30-W OF tiffi HQi P.M., FayetteEllle. Arkansas, Being more -" particularly .described as follows: ·; Beginning at a point that is West', . «.9 feet from the NE corner of (he " NE 1 /! of the NWlJ ol said Section 27. Thonce West I2IG.OQ feet; Ihence South 1320 f e e t ; , ttience Bast 1140.09 feet; thence North 50 degrees 51 minutes East * 282.99 feet; thence North 50 decrees 53 ^ mlnules -30 seconds East 52.82 feet; · thence North M decrees 53 minutes Knst I, 181.18. feet to the point of beginning. Tlii same being all that part of- jald 45 am* tract tyin* West ot the Cily Lake Road (HornlnjjsItJe Drive). · To rezonp from R-l, Low Density Residential ' District to R-J, Medium Density Resi* dcnllal District. r PETITION NO. R74-U: The petition of Otlls and Helen Watson, Ralph Brophy and Holly Ojfden Enterprises, Tnc. for property located West of Highway 71 North and Immediately ··. north of Villa Mobile Home Park, more particularly described a* follows: A part of the NE# of the SWU and a part ot the NWV* of the 3WV« of - Stctlon 35. T-17-N, R-30-W. more '" ticulariy described as follows: Beginning - at the NE comer of the West V4 of * th« NB 1 J of the EfiV',4 of said Section · 35, which point In In the center of the WASHINGTON (AP) - Last year, as farm income went to record heights, the number ol By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today Is Saturday, July 27, the 208th day of 1974. There are 157 days left 1 in the year. Today's highlight in history: hired' farm""laborers" declined On this date iii 1953, an armi- about 5 per cent, after rising slice was signed at Pan- for two years, munjom, ending the Korean war after more than three years of fighting. On this date: In 1789, the U.S. Congress established the forerunner of the State Department, the Department of Foreign Affairs. In 1922, the United States formally recognized the countries of Albania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. iln 1941, during World War II, Japanese forces landed in Farmers Have Record Income Year, Hire Fewer Laborers French Indochina. Britain terms In · 1954, agreed on WOMAN'S WORLD and Egypt ending 72 years of British control of the Suez Canal. In 1955, Austria regained sovereignty after 17 years of occupation by foreign troops. · In 1960, a Republican National Convention in Chicago nominated Richard Nixon for president. Ten years ago: A bus plunged off a bridge near Vittel, France, killing 19 persons. · Five years ago: President N i x o n , visiting Indonesia, promised the Southeast Asian nation strong U.S. economic support. One year ago: Gunmen in About 8 per cent of that total hired working force of 2.7 million persons were domestic migrant workers. The Agriculture Department said in a report this week, that the number of domestic migrant workers was up 10 per cent from 1972, continuing a two-year trend after a six-year decline. Nonrnigratory workers were down 6 per cent. The work force averaged $1,412 each in cash wages for 95 days' work--or $14.85 a day. The median age of the workers was 24. About 86 per cent were white, 79 per cent were men or boys and three-fourths lived at places other than farms. Robert C. McElroy of the Economic Research Service, who analyzed the annual statistics, said the decline in over-all numbers was directly linked lo the farming boom of $32.2 billion in net income last year and was the net result of several, some of them countervailing, factors." LABOR-SAVING MACHINERY About 25 million more acres last year went to grains, soybeans and hay, all mechanically oriented crops to begin with, he points out. High farm prices then produced record income strtctecl-movement list because adequate actions are not being "taken to eliminate . brucellosis from suspicous : and affected herds." The announcement also restored "modified certified" status to Freestone, Leon and , Milam counties, Tex.; Cherokee, Okla., and Sullivan, Mo. Those going off the list are Garvin, Jefferson and Dewey counties, Okla., and Chambers County, Tex. The infection, also known as Bang's disease, can cause infertility and abortions in breeding stock of swine- and cattle and can be transmitted to humans as undulant fever. 1. How Can I Place My . Want Ad? There are at least three different ways, one of which will surely be convenient for you. (1) Almost all types of classified ads are accepted by telephone. Call 442-6242. (2) Mail in your ad. Indicate the number of times you wish it to run and mail it to: Northwest Arkansas TIMES, P.p. Drawer D, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701. (3) If you are in the downtown area it may be convenient f6r you to drop in at our office. We're certain that one of these methods will answer your needs. 2- When Can I Place A Want Ad? Office hours are 8:00 a.m. 'til 4:00 p.m. Mnflay through Friday. On Saturdays we're orien 8:00 'til noon. Play safe oy having your ad in ea'" ·;. 3. When Is the Best Time To Call In An Ad? Although the time when 'an ad is placed is not too important, some periods are busier than othefs. For the quickest service it's advisable to call early in the morning to place an ad for the following day. 980 Chile assassinated the chief military aide to President Salvador Allende, Cat. Arturo Araya. Today's birthday: Former big league baseball manager Leo Dui-ocher is 68 years old. Thought for today: It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things--Henry David Thoreau, American writer and naturalist, 1817-1862. that produced record purchases of more and newer labor-saving machinery. Among the crops that require higher amounts of manual labor, increases in fruit and nut production was accompanied by decreases in cotton acreage and sugarbeet, dairy and poultry output. The reductions for cotton and poultry had the greatest effect, McElroy found, with labor xirce South Ecology Board Asks For Smaller Redfield Plant LITTLE ROCK (AP) The attorney for the state Pollution Control and Ecology Commission said Friday that reducing by half the size of Arkansas Power Light Co.'s proposed generating plant near Redfield would be a very good solution to t h e controversy surrounding the plant's construction. James M. McHaney made the statement at the commission's regular meeting. While there was no official endorsement of the suggeston, there was no disagreement from any of the commissioners. workers, the students and lousewives who worked less .ban half the year. "Much of the decrease curred in the 25-to-35-year age group and among female workers," he wrote. The number of those who worked less than 25 losses and highest among in the seasonal Crochet . twins single, . double crochet and popcorns. TAKE COVER when breezes ' blow in cardigan -- bare your arms in the shell. Crochet twin · set instantly of synthetic wors ted. Pattern 980: Misses' Sizes 10-20 incl. 75 CENTS each pattern -'.add 25 cents each pattern for firstclass and special handling. Send to Laura Whee- · ler Northwest A r k a n s a s . TIMES, 450, Needlecraf tDept;, Box 161, O l d Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. NEW! 1974 Needlecraft Catalog covers the creative scene -knit, crochet, fashions, embroidery, quilts, more! 75 cent.? "NEW! Needlpoint Bcok ..$1.00 NEW! Flower Crochet ....$1.00 Hairpin Crochet Book .... $1.0 Instant Crochet Book $1.00 Instant Money Book $1.00 Instant Macrame Book ....$1.00 Complete Gift Book Jl.JJ Complete Afghans No. 14 . .$1.00 12 Prize Afghans No. 12 50 cents Book of 16 Quilt* No. I .50 cents Museum Quilt Book No. 2 ... 50 cents 15 Quilta for Today No. 3 ....50 cents Book of 18 Jiffy Rugs .50 cents Commissioner James Wells of Benton seemed to agree with it. It was the first indication of what the commission's attitude might be on the controversy. APL has asked the state Public Service Commission for permission to build the coal- iired plant. The biggest stumbling block in the path of the plant's construction is what effect the plant might have on the environment. In other action, the commission instructed its staff to review the feasibility of using effluent from a proposed northwest arkansas regional sewage treatment plant for agriculture purposes. The commission's action came at the request of Ben Johnson of Fayetteville, a member of the Illinois River Property Owners of Arkansas, Inc. It is a citizens group resisting the plan under which treated wastes from the proposed 513 million plant would flow into the Illinois River. days d/opped about 45,000 to 1.1 million. Elsewhere in the report, statistics showed that 30 per cent of the workers were youths between 14 and 17 years old, 80 per cent of them boys. FUEL SUPPLIES ADEQUATE Both agsoline and diesel fuel supplies were reported to be adequate in 98 per cent of the nation's agricultural counties from late June through late July, the Agriculture Department said this week. Those counties in 23 states where supplies of gasoline continue to be tight were chiefly in the Midwest and in the South, from the Carolinas to Oklahoma and e x a s. Diesel short counties were reported in 20 states, particularly Texas. Farm prices of gasoline aver aged 34 per cent higher than seven months ago, with diese] prices 50 per cent higher and \jF gas about 28 per cent higher, the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service said. Impeachment Procedure Is Complicated WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House Judiciary Committee's debate on the proposed articles of impeachment 'against President Nixon promises Americans a rare look at Congress' parliamentary wizardry. A 1.500-word draft of two proposed articles with 17 specific charges against the President was 'before the committee as a working paper at the start of today's session. It was the starting point for debate and voting on amendments, amendments to amendments, substitute impeachment articles and additional articles. Chairman Peter W. Rodino Jr., D-N.J., expects to bring final committee action on the articles by Saturday. Rep. James R. Mann, D-S.C., predicted the parliamentary tools \vould be used to sculpture the final articles out of the draft "word by word." Rodino said the first action would come on a motion by some Republicans to delay the committee's impeachment proceedings an anticipated 30 days for time to listen to and examine some of the 64 tapes and documents the Supreme Court directed Nixon to release to the Special Watergate prosecutor. PROPOSED ARTICLE I Confident that delay Would be rejected vy the committee, Rodino said he hoped to get a final vote late today on proposed Article I -- accusing the President of "directly and personally" acting to cover up Watergate. The chairman said he hoped to get a final vote by Saturday on all other articles, including draft Article II, accusing Nixon 4. How Do I Know If My Ad Is Worded Correctly? A good ad tells the complete story. Tells what YOU would like to know if you were the reader. Intelligent, descriptive ads WITH PRICES get best attention and produce,quickest results. If you are in doubt as to how to word your ad consult a TIMES Ad-Visor. Point out the best features o! the article you are advertising. Always feature price! Remember --the more you TELL--the quicker you SELL! Price is important because Want Ad Shoppers know what they want and how much they plan to spend. A price creates only live responses and eliminates idle inquiries that waste time and usually end or start with the question "HOW MUCH? 5. How Are Want Ad Pates Determined?--- Want Ad rates are based on the circulation of the paper. The TIMES reaches approximately 13,000 homes daily or approximately 45,500 readers. A TIMES Want Ad is actually one of the most inexpensive services available. · A TIMES Classified Ad costs as little as $1.44 per day and reaches almost 13,000 homes each day, To Mnd,a., postcard to each of these homes just once would cost over $1000.00. .6. How Fully Should ! Describe My Proposition? Always describe your proposition as fully as possible. Try to put yourself in the reader's position and answer the questions that might be asked with your ad. If the car you're selling has brand new tires, mention it in your ad. If the job you're offering pays $95 per week--mention it. If your cow is a top producer--mention it. If the home you're selling has a large yard--mention it. These are things that your prospective customers will want to know. The TIMES Want Ad is only as effective as the sales presentation your copy contains. The better you TELL IT the quicker you SELL IT. 7. Which Is the Best Day To Advertise? One day is as good as another. Various agencies and researchers have made painstaking studies and have come up with very similar conclusions. No one has been able to prove conclusively that any one day is better than another. 12. 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Both terms are correct. The term "Want Ads" Is an older, perhaps more accurate description of our product. Want advertising is a market in which everyone can express and satisfy their needs and wants. "Classified" is a newer term growing out Of the increase in Want Ads which resulted in more and more classifications. It really doesn't matter what you call them--they still work. 15. How Many People Read , My Ad? the TIMES' circulation shows an average daily circulation of 13,000. This means that almost 45,500 people see the paper daily. In recent studies made it was found that slightly more than one-half Of the newspaper readers regularly refer to the Classified section daily. Of course, this is not always the sam» half. You have a reach of 22,750 readers in each issue or · possible total of 45,500 with two or more insertions. 16. Why Should I Run My Ad Again If It Did Not Produce Results The First Time? The market you reach through Classified is constantly changing. Just because your ad didn't produce results this week, does not mean that it cannot do so. People who didnt' need a baby buggy yesterday may discover they need one s'jon. People who had jobs yesterday may not have them today. In the TIMES audience thousands of families' needs and wants are ever chagning. An offer that produced no resulti this week may be overwhelmingly successful next week. 17- I Answered An Ad In Your · Paper And Found That the Number Published Was Wrong. What Should i Do? Mistakes are occasionally made. Please let us know Immediately if you answer an ad and the phone number printed is incorrect. We can trace back and find the right number for you. By calling us about such a mistake you can help everyone concerned. 18. If I Had A Problem Regarding A Classified Ad : What Should I Do? H you feel that you have a problem which hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction be sure to call this to the attention of the Classified Manager. Misunderstandings can develop and we do everything possible to correct them. If you have any questions about the manner in which your ad was handled, be sure to have them answered to your satisfaction, of eight counts of abuse of power, such as misuse of the Internal Revenue Service and creation of the White House plumbs. Some committee members have promised to try to add additional impeachment articles such as willful tax evasion and illegal secret bombing of Cam- In the fertilizer survey, nitrogen was acutely short in 8 per cent of the counties, with nearly 52 per cent of all the counties -registering tight supplies. Fertilizer prices were up from late. October, by 67 to 124 per cent, depending on the type. Baling wire--with prices up 254 times the 1972 level--was in light supply in some counties of 32 states, with baling twine stocks acute in some counties of 28 states, the report said. The over-all wire shortage was set at 20 per cent for the year, with twine supplies ex- to end up 5 per cent Mercouri Returns ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Ac tress Melina Mercouri returned U Greece from a seven - year exile with the tearful declaration,". ...I am a free citizen. Its wonderful." Miss Mercouri, a severe critic of the military regime whjch recently gave way to a civilian government, flew here Friday with her husband, American film director Jules Dassin. She had been stripped of the citizenship by the military regime, but the new government has restored the citizenship of all those deprived ot it by the lonii«r peeled short. BRUCLLOSIS FREE Effective Monday, one Texas county and three in Oklahoma will be removed from the list of areas certified significantly free of cattle brucellosis or con trolling it. The Agriculture Department is adding those counties of Shan. non County, S.D., on the re- ^^^^^"···^^^^^····^^^^^M EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS fOtDSTOJO" XENTALltSAlCt Ftytlltvlll« Tint Under rare rules adopted by the committee, each article is locked in for recommendation to the full House as soon as the committee approves it. There can be no going back to revise it before the final vote. Thus, the minute the committee approves one proposed impeachment article, the nation faces the second full House vote on impeaching a President in its history. CONFUSING WORK Through the sometimes confusing parliamentary work will run two trends. Republicans supporting Nixon will be trying to whittle impeachment charges down to as few as possible. Various Democrats and the Republicans who have already decided to vote for impeachment will be trying lo add a battery of charges. \ VAUGHN^ 7 BATTERY CO. 8. Why Didn't ! Get Results From My Ad? Although, by and large, the results from TIMES Want Ads are remarkable, occasionally you will find that your ad brings no response. There could be several reasons. It may be wise to reword your ad to make it more attractive. Then again, it may just be that no one was in the market for your particular offer at the time your ad ran. In this case it would be wise to Kold your ad for a week or two, then try again. In any event TIMES Classified Ads are read by thousands of people every day. Make your offer attractive, give it a fair chance by scheduling it for seven days, and if there is a market for what you offer--The TIMES will find it. 9,. Do You Accept Any Ad? No, we quite often turn down ads. We try to get complete information on any ad that sounds misleading or offers fantastic returns on investments. We feel we have an obligation to protect our readers from false or misleading advertising. We edit and reject certain ads each week. Should you experience any misrepresentation or fraud In connection with any advertisement notify the Classified Advertising Manager immediately. 10. What Happens If You Make A Mistake In My Ad? We correct it. But--errors must be reported immediately as we are responsible for only one (1) incorrect insertion. Typists and printers are human, therefore, mistakes happen now and then. It is customary for newspapers to make good on on* insertion. 11. When Should I Use A Box Number? Box numbers should be used only when absolutely necessary, Few people'will take the time to write a reply to your ad, never knowing whether it will be acknowledged or not. A box number definitely cuts down on response you are likely to receive. Some people for one reason or another do not wish lo reveal their Identity and therefore use a box number. StrkmsaS Please Phone 442-6242 : JERRY SMITH, Classified Advertising Manager r NANCY ROACH r JODI DOWNUM r CAROL FLORER

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