Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 15
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NORTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMB, fayettevlll*, Arkontm, Ihurutof, Jonu«ry SI, MM ·'.'/'·IS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rale: 3 cents per word »inl* Insertion. Three consecutive insertions. 7 cents per word. M i n i m u m or,der 4'_'c. Clnssified adit caih In advance--not taken over the telephone. Deadline for classified nd«: 10:30 a. m daily; 9:30 n. m. Saturday. Corrcclioni and rerun cheerfully made n f l e r first insertion. No corree- lions or rerun made after ad has expired. NOTE: Advertising copy lor other pages is due at U noon the day pre- eccdlnR publication; 12 noon Sxlurdiy for publication "^^S*P''£ a *^,^ :^ PERSONAL ' ALL our sweaters are hot numbers, hut wit have never sold "finsh-Hre" I .sweaters. Hunt's. I GTT your S H Green Stump* al and Russell Esso Service ClayionRand Says: Hubert G. Luther, luscHidi scientist aysouiatccl v.'ilh Cli9i. Pfizcr Co., Brooklyn, N. V., described a s y n t h e t i c sow's m i l k before P i'mposium nn a n i m a l nutrition at the U n i v e r s i t y of Minnesota. . The synthetic milk which he claims is an improvement over the real t h i n g , c o n t a i n s t c r r a m y - cin, dry skim milk, l a r d , fish oils, minerals and v i t a m i n s and is so potent t h a t piglets fed on it wciph 10 to 35 per cent more a f t e r eight weeks t h a n tho.-:c t h a t suck normally Weaned 48 hours a f t e r they are born the l i t t l e orphans arc R i v e n regular feedings. An automatic record plnycr a'.vahens them every two hours will, g r u n t s ;md they feed on t h e concoction, snou/c and f a t t e n . By w e a n i n g litters earlier .sows can be bred 1o produce three times ;i year, instead o. once or twice, and encouraged to produce bijrgcr litters. F a n n i n g . h a s undergone r.uiical changes KIMCC some of us swilled hogs, fed chickens and m i l k e d Roat.s and cows. I b r o u g h t home from Oklahoma some quick frozen chicken;; in an insulated paper bag, which had been converted from the hatchery i n t o 3-pound fryers in !0 weeks. Their feel had n e v e r ] touchcrl the ground. I ike s-.iircj people we now raise, they never ; had to scratch for ; l i u i ' U . I Ours is a progressive age, n r l i - I ficial hrccriinc, elcclri 1 -- milkers, | bottlcfed babies, s y n t h e t i c sows, incubator chicks, subsidised crops, a false economy and a licticious currency. Fire Destroys Three Cincinnati Buildings Cincinnali-(/P!-Thc won-l f i r e to hit C i n c i n n a t i in 15 years l e f t three brick b u i l d i n g of the Cincinnati Sash nnd Door Company j _n V imhrr._H n xj-:- in ruins last night. j ^Si^nd^ 1 Kii-G officials said t h n l only ( h c j blades during the jrvoM 10:57 flood could- compare to t h e f i r e t h a t swept t h e west end block and mused a million dollars diimagc. T w e n t y - f i v e f i r e m e n s u f f e r e d minor injuries w h i l e b a t l l i t i g the fire in 17-ricsrcc tcmpcrnlure. Fire Chief Barney Houston was one of the injured. He was h u r t when a wall collapsed. LOST AND FOUND Cirri Off THiPto We wish to ihauk uur friend! iciRhbors for t h r kind word* of iyirt- i LOST, 4 year old black male Cockrr , pa thy d u r i n g the illness and death Spaniel, Whilt on Host and fell, of our brother and uncle. W, A. G i b - j Call 117. son. Also for the b e a u t i f u l floweri and the ones who scni food. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Morris Mr and Mrs. Olflin Hill Mr. and Mn. Llford Uitaon Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Tucker LOST. a bill/old on Monday around Prairie Grove, keep money I n . hill- fold Ji» reward and nMurn. Wnynt i I FOR SALE--AUTOMOTIVE pieSsup. Chrai ',i TOM Dodcc I J'nni.e 2Q4C. - . . _ . . . J ISM S P E C I A L Dvlu REWARDS for whcrcnhmits or one i donr Katlm. h«-;it*-r. bid black and Ian hound and lour I W i l l o w . hi« yrllow pups four months o l d . 1 Call 1192-J niter fi. or Edwards Bn | FOR SALE-HOME N F K I I A '. (;OO1 » now Twin brd. I372W l l v i n n roum . Cann, Arkansas Gal Co., Kayette vilje. ________________ ____ _____ LOST in v i c i n i t y of DX Station or T o r m c Dark Theater. J a n u a r y ZtllJi. lady's - | CI III J wrist ivatrh. Rr\v»rd. Cull 710M3. , MONTH END SAIE Terms .' I M K C i : woul i r i r / i Mnii". Cliuicc d col _ j::vf S /,· II O r p c i i Si.irnp'i lil-us I J r - \ i - - l i i 1 u n i l t u i r Ci u . i y 7 1 N i ' i l h (ilititir 1771). . nil IK",: in ukctl f u r n l t j i r e , s war D m w i t f - u r n i U i r n C» I': M i l i e u .. tilth. FOR RENT--MiaCTLLAXEOUS 2 HKWIOOM htutsf. cnmplritj.y re- i l r c n r » t f d . llnnlwood firmri. 1'hont _ H.90. brforu 5 p. i n , ZUI i i f . f r 5 n " ItOOM ~f\i'rnUhcd o r ' inifuuil.»hrd a p n i l m r i t l Hear U m v r r t l l j . Call 2;«7W. 1C . rUHNLS]U:n 4 minu M'luimfiil. tlnlh, ,.,.. K l m r l p r r f r l R F r a i n r . Prlvim- .-ri- , ' i i r a n i i . berk mitt W » t r r jinld. , 01] ', -iilJ K«M Otckinn Phui.r :iOI2.l 120 . TUN enuplr' u l l l l t y ttpjtrimtT,.. u l t r a r . u v e l y luniuhod. H u l U - m v k i t c h e n OFFERER WB hiivf rf*fm for run nc Jf-'iiH. sia I Ofl pjiporhaneinc fit Ml PLACE cheap, »nd (urnlttir*.: Phon« ' ' H n y m o n d ' n\' rn dn All LOST, b i l l f o l d . J a n u a r y 20th near Wissans Memorial. Paul Hccs. Call i WANTED TO BUY SOME sectional book _Slation. Hjeh_way 71, six miles N o r t h . BEFORE you L-aleh ihal raid see us nbuut our guaranteed cold previrn- tion. N o r t h Side Drug. 930 N o r t h Col leer. Phono J3H. HELP WANTED COUPLE 1o Joplin. Wi WANTED 10 buy or raiic mi shares, . orphan lambs. W.' P. Bogard. Winslow. Ark, _ "WANTED WE have buyer for unall duplex. G. R. Crandell Real Estate 118 Norlh East Stteet Phonn 2.19C--1223 Licenser)^ and Bonded ONE u s e d l i t nk. P fio n c~ 5fi2." ~ HEAVY hens, J. L. Rutlcdgc, Highway (12._ wrsL _ r~KO~OM "house to be moved. B. M. Peter-sen Phone 20M, Prairie Grove. MONEY TO LOAN ma nape f r u i t farm near tC_K-7. _%Tmies. _ E A R N SlOO.ofl monthly spare time. We will select n reliable person Iroiu Ihis iireii 10 refill and collect money irom our New A u t o m a t i c M e r c h a n d i s i n g Machines. No sell- inn. To quiilily. a p p l i c a n t must have r;ir, references and $600 \vork- iiiR capita I. Devoting 4 hours H ·.vL-ek should net up to 8400.00 monthly w i t h the possibility of t a k - iiiR over f u l l time; For i n t e r v i e w w r i l e l u r i n g f u l l particulars. liox 4l)ilfi. ^"r/Diego. Calif. FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, JOUR terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 H E L P W ANTED-- MALE _ S'ALESMEN Apply Com;j; th lifiht trucks or cars, in person. Lewis M a 111 ess ny. ] « 3 miles south 71 High- RELIABLE PERSON FROM Ihis HIT;, w a n t e d lo r e - f i l l . L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make a u l n and f u r n i t u r e loans. Let us f i n a n r e ihe purchase of ·. I your new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Block Si., or our used rar lot. Corner Center and Church Streets. FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK must have car. refer- 19 HEAD cnlvcs. f u l l stock Ahcrdccn -- ,_:.... ,,.., * Angus. 8 stCL-rs. one mnlt! usilf. Fed Ids days, weigh between 750 and KOO noiimls each. Will lie sold al LivcKlock snips h n r n . To q u a l i f y . - - - onces and SCO;) w o r k i n g c;ipit:il. lew hours spare lime w i l l nut up lo $400 i n n i i t h l v . Pcibsibilily f u l l l i i n c ,vork. For inlcrvir-w, wriic. giving . nlars tifimc. address, phone Hnx K-9. '.oTimes. _ riL-nl position idju-ilor with M a c h i n e Co., Fny- p t l r v i l l r . Apply in pcrsoi Tuesday. February iith. AIJ p r i m e ) c a t l l e . Nral. Drakes Creek. A r k a n s a s . ANGUS twin calvee. male and female. Three and one t h i r d m o n t h s old. M i l k and in per cent d a i r y feed i n t . H. C._Trail,_FarminRton. Ilontc 1. GO'OlTreifistcfcrt OIC male hoR. P .L. - THESE PRICES THROUGH SATURDAY, FEB. 2nd ONIY [ 1 9 5 1 Nash 4-rJoor C u s t o m p Statesman; 14000 ! miles SM95 1951 P l y m o u t h Club Coupe. "Black"; very clean 51575 1950 Plymouth Club C o u p e . New whitcwalls sharp $1 375 1950 Chevrolet 4-door Flcctline. "Powerglide" SH85 1950 Ford Coupe. Fully equipped ond c l e a n . . . . $ 1 4 4 5 1949 Pontiac 2-door. A nice one with Hydramatic . . SI 445 1949 Chevrolet 2-door Fleellinc. Deluxe equipped $1195 1949 Chevrolet 4-door Stylelino Deluxe. "Black" . . $1295 1949 Ford 2-door. A late cus- t o m 4 9 w i t h overdrive $ 1 1 9 5 j 1949 Oldsmobile Convertible, j "Rocket" motor . . . S 1 4 9 5 1948 Chevrolet Club C o u p e Flcotmastcr. Whitewalls $1095 1948 Packard. A small one wilh overdrive clean. .$1025 1946 Ford Club Coupe. An outstanding value at $685 1952 Chevrolet Vj-lon. Brand new and under list ? ? ? 1950 Ford '/Hon. A mechanically perfect truck $975 1948 Chevrolet !i-lon. Like new with many extras...$1 03.5 1948 Chevrolet Vi-ton. Standard cab and nev/ tires $865 1946 Chevrolet Panel. P e r f e c t in every way $585 .MlK01.l'jTKI.Y'~Nf "odor wlirn'yol! mf H r r l r j u M o l h M i r n v five year For J FULLER"BRU5HES MH p u i d . mr port. St.*. "0 t *er. tlranit V i e w Court. ;t MOOM"lu'rnl!hcr. n p i i r l m r n t ' I ' r l v n l t r n i n i n r r . Bills pnld. 20J WMI Rnek V A C A N T. ChonT f u r t m h r d jipnrt- i tnrnt. s^ion. rj73\v K U R M r t H K I J Jiou^r w i t h carport. N r w . l One bedroom (itus tnmli bed*. Most ilixirittiiiv Near Onmiv f l nd Vet- 1 rrnm l l o n j n i n l . sM).ffli. Coll U3 or i : i . K ( ; r f U M . U X i-!r;ui«T:. i rpMr*~(im- plics. K e n t iur 4* hours. 7;.c. 117 W. roil SALE--MISCKI.I.-A SI-XMLS .'. HOOM house, ti U i r m i K h m i t . Cmilnc Ka«.| I . n f a y r t t c ttptv c.itl 741J b r l o r n H U N K l i ' R N I S M K h upar: f w l y dcc owner n nl. A il u I I » C:AS R.-\N«r. T O D A Y ONLY. M A Y - i TAG. .Uir.T M K K N E W . I t U Y I T ! ron ii.M.r 1'iiici: sec it HI ^ n ' V/i-^t |l:ck:-iin nnd c il! ll^ lor pnce ' \Ve w i l l niiivt: il toiimrrnw noon. 1 dinitu i f yon i-;iii buy a Ijcllcr nnifii!. : · NEWL1N REALTY i Tr.,.,,1. :i7J. , tnod co l l i F l l m __..,, K ____ _ k- p n r l n b l c sew- d i t i o n . Phone n IUJOM l u i i i h h c i l m m n n i c n t . i n n d f r n M t e f t r l c i r l r l d c r a t i i i 1 find wn»hi-r. P r i v i i i f r i t l i a n r o . Cnuiilc only. ?3SO(). 17-UI i n J N K A T u n l u r n i n h c d * room n i m r i m r n l , p n v a t f t m i l i . l-rnnl anil rciir c»- t i a n i - i - t Riih pitirt. L'!:. W a i d t i n Dn l r n i i \ Dick.inn Strc'ci. J K Hur. ', t\cii nn\ Krnrm\ r c p A i r witrlt S. A _U'aiirji^(..'ntiinrt Shup. P h u n r fil "" J . W . H I I L ELEQRIC CO. Quality Inilolleri · PUMPS ·POWER _Phon« 2. Weil Fort K A R n v 11 c:n~.Mr.n Sl«n« " " ' E x Y r V A f I N T " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, lop Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phonn 249 ine " o f f K "rooni'Viianmcnt I l a block» UIIM-. S u l i n h l c lor n f f l e r n u H c , e , \ e r y gond for u l f i t e nnii home lor '. K i n n l l f.nilly. j ft , d i T I J H K K room modern · p a r f m r n t . BKK. m u d n ! ..^'Ji 1 "*" [^.- .«» J»'^ ..L 1 . 1 !. 1 . 11 ^ 1 '' 1 ; i SINGER SEW'NG M A C H I N E CO Hemstitching, Picoling, Covtrtd Builont, Bui ton Holes, Tailored Belli and Bucklci. Special Attention given Moil Orden. Satlsfaction or Money d t t i n n . .S'.Ti.O;) Phone 2:H- :,tl ron- i HAY. K"fd K r p p n wired b;iletl Icspror/n clover find IU u .. ii"i *q s t o l l |II]G :it bnrn P h o n e ' . I ^ O room I.VIOCI'M ,,,,,,, .m^in, mi- , £ i , ,1 i n i c in w n i n . n o n . | uni [ s i, rrii ^7.10 m t l y . \ ! 11 S.B. St.. P n y c t l t v l l l * I-UI«K-lhV--^j.- k e U l r . - G o n d - ' n s ! ";";.;"|^ \ 3 FCmMLsN'l'afrctH.-onc ncl. 1'lione i ' ' J 1 ;";; ii! '; °' [ SquTS! jS'Su! 1 Kji-iuf M J I I N I S I I K D n p n r u n r n t , b e n u t i f i i l t y . ' ' l e d c c o r a l f i l Half block I nun N n i t l i Colk'j;p P i l v n i c cnlfHtici- ;md b a t h · . Car port. U l l l l l i r s pmrt. S17 Mi. Phone i Y O U N G Mii'icr c:inarlr«. W mt cm-h. ' -j.-iij? t j FOO. W. P. HuKiu-d. Wiiwlow. A r k . | N 1 . ; w h l l l l , f f - , 0 - r l . h l ' p n r t y Norih . TAHLi: lop rauKf. Can sec l i f t e r 5! Missinn. I'hnnr 20ri(iJ. . p -.'. n :, il !..-! K:ist _ 1 "' ir " !l! - ._... . ! t-UM'NIS!IK'D"apnftmcn,r?'ronmii A M , n u r swciilcrs nrr hot n u n i b f r s . ; V n t e li.-illunoni. Srrvsl r c f r l j n hul vfz have nrvcr sold " f l n f i h - f l r t i " ; h u t nnd c-nlrt water, liltt LI il tic 11. I sweater.':. Hunt's. j ('nil n d r r 5 p. in. \ GOOD iihcd"plnnu."S7.Vno. 97:i V o i k . | IIOUSK f n r _ r c n t . 2a_«n." nrr. « ncr«, 3!j miles »*t.H- of rarmln-rton Oeep weft r :b«- Iflftr. ct»Tiricil.v. 4 rnorn hDUie. lAtfc* pond, v i i u n f v t n p y i i r d ' W i l l nnt iBO'iV'J Si;idny^ W i l b u r A l k l n v Route V F u r i n i n r f n n ^^ _ ^ · ·." GI r f i u l t y hom* 1 , 4 roornv hardwoo?' f l o f t r * 1 floor iurrtace. rjrport. f«iw rl-n -SI.MflWJ p«y down, hulanot^v J1I ifl nionlh, Addington Real Estate r-hnnf jino.i __ "NORTH EAST LAR(.;K 3-noOM. Soltd m-Mf-nry fon- i t n u t i n n . rio»ff in. on pnvcd s-r,»»l.» ·c\krr U'ri^rthurninfi f l r t - p l s r r 'farr- r-l mr «,m f u r n a c p . Nler lrvi*i to! · .mil (.h-i'ir flrtod rondlt.on Prirr-i n t nnl.v S3.500.00 I KINCAID COMPANY , r.iift I ' M O N K I K I t : .FOR QUICK SALE t TWO h c ' t r f i n i n modern home ^r*rj ( 3 . I m ^ r t w o hior-h* f r n m Ihr "^n u iui . me- i:nt nrr l«it w d h larj[- t r r r j , ; fm piivd STPC). riKun for « n i ' h f r i hrn^r nr d i t p ^ r x . »'» a ^Irepw prlcr'd ai 31730 n«:fi"r »fc Hits. ' NEW DUPLEX - TWO"ifn «*Jii-h. hnrrfu-nml ftnnr*. . htla ol rl'irrl.i and hull! Ins. choir*. Incat"»' ThN M n d n M r f - (or HI3.JH. THREE UNIT INCOMEi ( ' K - M A i K t i l f H l : iron th" can tail*.* IhriT roonii ;m«t h n t h c^ch. TtJJ» M- nh«..i\ rf-ntc-i a t good rent. Spceiflt prirft of .M5.0M. RITTER AGENCY ,' pri- Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roods - Clearing H. H. J O N E S C o n t r a c t o r 212 Virginta Avo.. hox M.I U. Sl*i _ J^'i^'iP M81. t i i . v c l t o v i l l r _ LANDSCAPING : NICK A'ROO.M "MObElIN 'lIOME. JJirgi l i v i n g r nn in nnrt dininjt room com. blnrd. l u l l h/itb w i t h illowcr. Cori- r t t - i c hir.onicni. cent nil RH\ lumjcr, Onh * old I,ot . ca*H. Price-VAN GUILDER REALTY nit Phn C II JVlew " CASH PAID FOH DEAD ANIMALS Phont Collect 2353 Arkaniai Joplin Rendering Co. HELP WANTED--FEMALE EX^EKlENCEb'alfcration woman, WlVl REGiSTEhEb Hampshire t n k e applications Thursday and Fri- monthi old. also 3 day. Apply In person. J. C. Penney i,"AnY~lo~"nianage dining room. Write Wo also have n number of good older cars that are priced VERY LOW FOR THIS SALE 4 D R A W K I t slci-l ' n f f i e c letter or f o l d e r . Mir. Phnup :!IOt. i;oou""usc(l uprlRht'""piruio. I l r c o n t l y _ rt-lniUl find Jiincd. Call_.11.19J. t.OOD niixird hii.v. Ni f-nli-i nn K n l n r d a y . Dr. Wilson, U r c e n l n n d . GOOD lr^!)e;Ie?n hny for s:ile Phone 1770. mi'ton_nniii. Sjitt-i n«rn. HAY"n;itUL r L'd~2r)i; per linlr. Niinitici 1 on- Okliihoiin l l n i .vi-rk. Lrnvin^ for Flnrttlii. P h n n c I'llOTW. (JOHN fcd""fin;s5cri Imfis. delivered. J'hdiu- I M4M1. _ l _ T A n i , K rnmk-r'indlds. I'hnno IfiUB. n A M N Y A H I ) " i n n n u r c . Phonr HlliJ. a i xl2 r "HUa.~"pi'.''ctlenlly nrw r l r c t i l c refri);cr;:t(.'r. C'nn lie seen before I I a. in ;ui(l a f t e r 7 p. in. lips In Irs, I J C H T S^o 00, liith pnid. Phone nM.SMKIJ VipnrlinenC 2 blockn n o r t h f Stnuii 1 ' 1 Mnrrlcd couple preferred. _ "ticwlv '"ilc.tornlr.d :· i#nlUbln «l oner. FOOTINGS-w it l e r. gnu d(ichp», *eptfc t n n k im' nnd back fllllnir Call »nrt GJI rnnm duplex, Phone 9M. ~LisVKnFTt. llmmi for wfui CLOSE In hiniUlied i'i| n p n r t m e j t t i t . _Phone J0:i UNUSUAi.l,Y~iiicc~4"rootn"R" llnrdivond lino", sicnm hem. Shndv. Phonr 212GW. ;i HOOMTM f u r n i s h e d "house, * cloi' (*Btiipuii._Pbotn? - r '13-j_ MOUr.RN"~cif.i:iency npnrtmenL Kin-lh School. L A H G E ' r o a 2 qtilct j lurnlfth' l m e n t '· imem. , ' I DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phono Collect 1319 Fayetteville Rendering Co. SALESMEN JWANTED _ _ AlUSlNE55"OF"YdU R~OWN NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED LEADING A AM niHiuirjuMiirrr of niiiintcniuirjr- products desires dis- trihntor over HS for Icrrilory con- si^iinR of Boonc. Cnrroll. Bcnlon. Ncwtnn. Mndisnn, W n s h f n R t o n . Popn. Johnson, F r a n k l i n , C r n w f o r d . Yell, Logan, Sebastian connlics In A r k a n - sas Every m a n n f n c t n r r r , i n s l i t n t i o n nnd husinrss liiiildine is n profiprct. No hniisr to house canvassing. Many active accounts. Full credit on mail nrdrrs. Liberal commissions pl\in honuscs xip to S2.0UO yuarjy. Satnr- dav EveninB Post. N a l i n n a l Trade M n K a z i n c nnd nirf-rt M a i l A d v e r - tising produce many inquiries ilia I result in i m m e d i a t e IniHincss. Train- inC by field manager. Car required. Phono M. A Ccrf at M o u n t a i n Inn, Kaj-Pllevillc nn J a n u a r y 23ih. .10th, n r n i s t f o r a n i n l r r v i r w _WANTED_ HOUSEWORK l»y the" hour"." 2658W. Wise. Grecnland,_Ark, m"onihi"oW also 3 younp^ows to i v c i t l '- uvv f U K 1""^ ^ALt ; M O O H H b.trlry. urn-vn f r o m .·erllll. farrow in March and A p r i l . Green-1 ; n-cd. SI. 7;. per luishH. B. M. P e t e r - - ._. . hnw farm, Highway 45 feast. Phone j THESE CARS ARE ON SALE A T ' *"" 1h " no :!0li1 - ' tfl11111 ^TM vf N I C K i n n t n l r a n p n r l n i r n l . 2 2797W2 I " r P i n P D Q " I K t r n rAD i ^T ^ K I ' B I I I C T I T " n r n d n w " hay. TMi.nir L'Ml W. . J'Q?:TM^-_ A .E"rA'" cl \ u : - n U A V P l ! " , . v»r.rr.».l . I n l l v r r r r l Sfi (W. - 1 - A R l . h f U r i l l a l l R d I O O I 1 H prlvtiic bath nnd · clonnls, 2740W. ONE rcRistcred Hereford male. .' Whiiefaco cows. 4 yearlings. Location 2 miles N o r t h Farminston. Own Gc«rge Srljera. h u a h u n out of AKC Chai 174W1. COCKER Spaniel pupt for nnle. Phone 199H or _ace «t_3n_^Vcsl _Rock. R"EGISTERED" cocker *pantci puppies. Phone 168fi. REGISTERED rcrt Corkrr Spaniel pup- pics. Sired hy L'hampion Rocky Point Redcoat. Mrs. Wyalt. phone IDEAL MAHRESS CO. Wt meet or b*at any compBtltion 401 'WEST DICKSON "\ i i -t ~ l-k Troul R A I N B O W TROUT SpnngclHlc T.!OI. ( kr"s'uir~C(. t i"r i ~fooT i-nsrs, B-l b:iRs. O'nil k i t e . ,-ic. A i-ninpif _ p. rn. mploy- GENUINE P A R T S Give Better PERFORMANCE L O N G E R LIFE JAM- Call hntwcon 5 s"fUDENT int'i't Availahlr all day Tuesdays anil Saturdays. Also a f t e r n o o n s a f t e r :t p-jn. Jin\_^parks. phnnc_269.1J. __ CAIlPENTEn. Pa'iniinR. Remodeling work wanted. References. Reason- ahle. Clyde L. Barr. 22MW. TRANSPORTATION OFFERED L K A V I N G for Los AnRclcs. Californi Krhruary -. in late model car. Ca lake 2 or -T riders. Phone 17 between « a- m. and 4:70 p. in. Mon. NOTICE ni?TWMA«Trsalc~Sntiirday. VFW Aiix- ittnry. 10R 1 '.- West Center. (Over WaR- Roncr's_Bakcry}. _ _ HURRYI~For"~ liifihest" prices" hrin'n your feed hags to the Square Deal Hac Co.. Greenland, _ Ark. ALL"ottr~swcatcrs are hot numbers. hill we have never sold "flash-fire swoatcrs._Hunl's. _ FARMERS, you can slili buy Rood liKiixt posts f r o m Caudle :«i yard nl Winslow. 6'j font ionn. round find spli^Eli _Caudle.__Winslow. ____ " "NOTICE" If j'ou have f u r n i t u r e to jell, cnn- sifin it to our F u r n i t u r e auction each Saturday where you are assured top prices. We have a good ni'ni.;nd for good f u r r i t ' M e at all times. Reasonable t r u c k i n g uharflc. No storage charge. Furniture can be consigned any day of the week. Sale every Saturday morning, 10 :K m. Hilton Bros. Auction House, Highway 71 Nor.h, Phone 1770. ______ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOK SA^-ABTOMOTIVK _ NEAliLY~ncw"Bulck ii7oVor"(rnm carburetor to dutch. COM SIMI.M! for quick sal^r. Jack Carlisle.'. M7.W. 19rirT"Dboir"l'iyinouth, really 'nict-. Call Sunday or evenings at SOT \\csl Ccnlcr._ _ i'94'f"CHEVROLET pickup cheap. Phone RTST^CHEVlibLET." V floor, fionrl tirci. nobcrt It. Lofian, 310 l l i R h l n m l Avc. STANDARD SPECIALS QUALITY USED CARS REDUCED PRICES '51 n-| 1948 Civilian Jcnp . . . j 1946 Civilian Jeep . . . Very clean 1942 Chevrolet Tudor. . 1940 Chevrolet Tudor. nnd heater ...... 1939 Plymouth Coupe. . Dodge 4-dr. Coronet. Radio, I 1 93* Plymouth Tud heater, Gyro - matic trans mission. L i k e n e w . O n e owner. 4,000 miles. '50 Chevrolet 4-dr. Power-Glide. Radio, Heater, White Wall tires. Beautiful blue finish. '50 Chev. Tudor Fleetline Deluxe. Radio ond Heater. '50 Chev. Tudor. Power-Glide, Radio and Heater. USED CAR LOT ON : IHIWAY 71 NORTH AT THE^ph^:.TM;'" iFOOT OF THE VET'S HOSPITAL j HILL. _ i "PERSONALLY ENDORSED j U S E D C A R S i l 9 5 0 Plymouth Coupe, Healer; extra nice $1295 1949 Ford Cuslom Tudor V-8. Radio and heater. .$1095 1948 Hudson 2-door. Hoater $1095 1948 Olds Sedanette. Radio, healer and llydromatic. White wall tires. . . $ 1 0 5 0 1947 Hudson Convertible. Radio and heater; Over-. d r i v e ; seat covers:. $595 !Consisting of one m.-iin residence, 1946 Hudson C l u b Coupe. R a - ' 1 ' rooms, tlirc^ Icn.Mit hoiiFe*. dio and heater. Nice $495 Capncily "30,0011" I h i r l y thousaiul 1946 Jeep Station Wagon. R a - · birds - M"'lTM'-»"t»n:l CHS, d i o a n d healer, overdrive. r a icIulU ' lj - .... rcrrl»cr« FOR S A L K -- R K A I j KSTATF A nEA"i'rnu"V~ln~ii h o t i t V i "rl-Up. 4 roiinis nnd lulh. one nioin lipllnlnt. h n i h nilclit need qoinp re- p.iim. The broiler honw Is e-x.-r»- l l o n n l l y well h u i l t . cjpaclly 3,(l!K) nn pqiilpnUM.t \vllh lnilDlc. 7 Itttl 111 WcM Fork. Thp h r o l l v r rcrently iml Sl.tlfK) to build. Wf unld home bnTure b r n l l r r w»s b u i l t for S.l.oim Sl.OOO c»«h. ' ' ' ""' n11 i A PnETCV iOOI) fid iirr«. tinliu- ' proved but f n l r l y well Incilri', *iimr | ·nnd lltnbrr. You ran make a Kootl i llvlhc. prlcf only $500. i ironrii OF rtoc.Kns '! iniir*, ft i«nd ' ^0 nrrpd w i l l ) n modern home O w n - ' f r m u s l ncll H( nnre. My* dun't lurn : doxVn *ny rensontible offer. ' I tl)r -_ plt 2!l?_ I ^! n ' UObMS KOH HOYS N E A R CAi\f- PUS. P R I V A T K E N T R A N C K . S H U W E H . STUDY DKSKS A N D J LAMPS. J N N f c n S P n i N G BEDS. .f;io.n(i EACH Kon 2 HOYS. _ $ l f t . O f l _ S I N O L E . I'HONE 653. _ I.ARGK (ronThcdronirl, Imlf" b«th7~2 rm ! h t n V h j l i m m "q^nrc-^O^Weiit Iluck. G A R A G K a p a r t m e n t , .1 rnonu and b n t h . -Pnrtly fiirnidhcrl w i t h runsc Htul r r l r i v r r n l o r nnd bedroom xcl On race. iMimir )7i:.i.I, I t A M P T O M ' S A l t M Y S U n i ' L U S S T O n R l U N K U H N I S t m j nt ' juid bnlh Srpnr; A h A R U K n n i C K B i n r . U l N C I , rent r A i t y locni-'.d nmr DU'kion. hi FPV- r t t e v i l l c . Thr InitMlnR. Ivrll l i u l l f . collU. find nn f f c e l l r n t rcntr«l hmt. InK pUtit, run bo unrd for twn f a i n * Itl^i. fnnminit hotter, n p u r l m r n ' hounf, olllctfl. ctti. IT'S \ GOOD R U I l i D T N O WBI.I, LOCATK1? AND w.cfii) n i c i i T . . A N D s u n i ' n m - INOLV CIOOD TKHMS NEWLIN REALTY WB 5T~T9 KK -- A .1. K IK KHII, rlty llinllH. li;i;'innn-l Hill, THREE SPECIALS . / ALL PREPERRED L'OCATIONS T ' 607 WILSON AVE. ^ NO ). 2 hrt.irtom* ntul rlCfl. Inree b^ 1 Ins rTinin. I ut I d i n i n g room, niffl k i l t - h e n And u t t l f t y room. l n r e )ft, lot* nf n h r u b b e r y *nrt thudc trcr^, pnld (-avrnicnt. An unu»iinl tmy ^t HZ.JOO. C " i n b i n a t i n n K. U. A. »nrt O. I. Loan. 915 RUSH D R I V E NO 2 2 bodroomit. InrRe cninliln^l.trn t t v l n R loom and dthintt room, beauti- f u l k i t c h e n , u t i l i t y room. HoUii; it newly dr com Irrf Ihruout. B*rmin Ml $IQ.ZM. A n o t h f f comb!n)ttlon K. H, A. nnrt U .1. loan m e l f C C L 515 REBECCA I NO a 2 liriiroutni ntiit n t u d y , t-rtnihin»* HOD. liviitc room und d l n l h t room, ummial kltchrn and hreakdmt nocrk, iilijMrred waifi. ThU homr hm tvrn roinpjclrly remodeled Utclv. Tv-o I*rjtr loll. QI'IK (acini OL1VK SI I b r other nKDKCCA 51. The owner tint been trHniTcrrfd lo Tulsj. w. for q u i c k tnie the price It only *S.()(Hi.ou, doori ln«n In rffcsl. :, TtirtSK 4 hnmei xra in excellent con- d l t i n n . nnd th*i Incnilnnj «r« *onif nf ihf ticdt Po»*e»llon ton be hit'4 q u i r k l y , Inv^illR^tc them-, And com* pare w i l h olhcr^, M to R n n i t r u r t i o n , ind PltlCE- Fnr uppoitumcnt coll O. M, Cambl* McCartney-Lewis Co, Inc. Phnnf Mn Kvr. Plmnlr U75 ! TOR SAI.K OR I / K A S K FOR SALE OR LEASE B R O I L E R F A R M piid. I t o l r r r n c r f j , (HO K v r n l n c . 2 ROOM furnhlicri . Kith. J I 3 Wr»i ·»25W. Olive . Phonr a p n r l m r n t , p r i v n l c Lafflycltt!, Pfionc .S895 . $ 4 5 0 R a d i o .$395 .$195 .$125 .$595 .$550 birds. MotJcni--n;iUir;:l i runniim w r i t e r , clcclric lifilils. Three ;KTC: t)f l;:nd. Four brooder ROOM nicely (urnlsbrrt n p n r h n o n t . P r l v u l e lint It. P r l v n l e f n t r f i n r r . Aviiilnhlc K c h r u n r y I I t h . ^02 We*l l-nfttyollc. Phone .ISOW. U N P U K N I S H K D s" " a p i i r t m r i i l . phono anai. · _ HKnnoOM.~almvp. RVcrMKC, rlo»e~ln". men only. 738.1. ' "TMr(Toni"")ipartm"cnl. r.r.7-u-. " · | " . " " " FORTY ACRES " IT.AC'rlCAt..l.Y n i t (tpcn MIIIIP uiulrr WIHTII wlrr-. f n u r nciv* «1lnlln. nlrc I r o n t n j i r on Knntl lilchwny, nlnity of w f l l r r . ncvrn-room ncml-mtnlprn home. InrKC liarni. 'l»;4ij)fjiljinai»,j f n ?ilci. corniitunlly ' ~ fn TWO HUNDRED ACRES TWO-TIMllt;.S nprn nnil I n l r l y level, well fencfd. p l r n t y nf ivulcr, hrrtlcd hi tamo rrns^ an'l h l a h l y pforiuellvc. iiinilrrn f l v r . r n n m hnnir. \nrKf barn, r x t r n ff^nfl h r n l ' r l hnusr. n l l - w c n t l i r r lOHcl. m linnl htiv riuiil flml rullH nllf^n nf Kond t n w n . Kincaid Co. 'Iniunntf · t u i lm' · I""" i and Accident · Polio ·Liability, · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATIOM · Plate Glass ·Bui'glory OZARK MOIOR CO. Springdole WHITFIELD'5 CARS-TRUCKS PRICE REASONABLE GOOD LOCA'I'H.'N U i C K s m g J' W i t h i n Arc;i C. B. VANCE B a l c s v i l l e , Miss. Telephone 3681 ' F O R _ I - X C H A N C K ! WUULIJ~rrnil(;"ciclil.v-riRht ncrr fnrm ' w l t l i niDfiern itnpn»vcriiL-nls n r n r Pr;irH.Tll, Toxfls, lor Ifll'm nciir Kn.v- ! c t t i ' v i l l e . W r i t e for rmrticuljirs. p. Q. ' HHJC :i«l. Pr:irx.ill, Texas AI'AUTMENTS o u r hfHr .f.tM imruriifihrd 557.10 f i l m - l^lirn* $72 fid. h i l l x pnlH. H r n rl 1 X lni:r- r.v HVnilalllff I'llnnf j:HOH PARKVIEW APARTMENTS, nile bed - r nnm u n r u r n U h c d $50 00. furnUhrri bcdrcnm u n r u r n l e h f f f l , Wfide Fincher K r n l r.sln "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE dlv hnmdry i 1951 Ford Sedan. C u s t o m . '50 Ford Club Coupe Cuslom. j Overdrive, radio, healer. Radio and Healer, Over-; Low mileage . . . . S 1 7 9 5 . drive. ' 1 9 4 7 Olds 66 T u d o r . . . $1095 '49 Ford Tudor Cuslom. Rodio, 1937 Chevrolet 2 - d o o r . . S 95 Healer, Overdrive. 5 new 1947 Buiclc Sedan $ 595 tires. 1940 Ford Tudor $ 384 '49 Ford Tudor. Healer Good tires. '48 Ford Tudor Deluxe. Radio and Heater. '46 Chev. Club Coupe. Radio and Heater. Tu-Tone Green. FOR LEASE Nt;AIU.Y~;;.OOIi " l l J C l l - f l l p.-iin Spr I. Ini-lurlmg I r o m center iiil:i|ilrcl lor lore. Phone _Phnn 9« SKnyiCKS_ _ lEWIS~MATfRESS" CO. H c n n v n l r d . r r h n l l t . One fl«y M-rvlrc. Pli'ine 2234 J U c h l v n v 71 snulh. I ' , mllci. S T O R A G E C A I L INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE about all your storagc'problerm. Conveniently located on Fcisco Siding 401 Scott Si. Phone 4 7 4 I l l d K -- P l i n n c KOI i IT'S BOUND~T0 GET BETTER j THIS l-n't n Ind plnrc lo n.ahf f l l v - - . . . . , . . , , init rtfilii now B:I ncipa. 4 inilr Health and Accident !, r ",";r?i l ;v"iS;'r'";,,d A ,",n" h,"iim,TMve;i;. Workman^ Compensollon i mctiitiiw. - plate Glass Burglary \VAN'n:n WANTEB TO RENT, T R U C K S LEASE O R B U Y 1947 CMC long wheel baic; Stock farm. Musi havo 100 acrcj 18-foot f l a t bed; 2-speed good pasture, good v^aler. Not : I N I J I V | | ; U A L incuine inx irrvtcc. nca- ·mimirzcSU. 29 ncrf* lltnher. All fenced for slock. r v r r l n i i l n K tprlnij In pmtlurr. tl nt-rrs jfrnpci in f u l l nrmlucli'in. ft firrci line npnics. A f l v t r«ntn hoiifc. fnir con'Utimi, b»rn. chicken htiusn, (tnroRC. All t h i n phi* Ihf lo- rnlitin nn^l price nuike ' I I n fioort THt="pROFiT IS THE PAY-OFF TIMS lori ncicK will M-CIJI hiith |rlceri -j-iinill you check the Income il hi» ·hown for the punt h c v r r w l yir«r». Improved crBHiilnnd cnrrlcs 0 henrl rsUlc-. nrotlcr c n p n o t l y nf :n,(MM).; i l l n i c h r r ff h i R h capHt-ily. «ll chirks wild nl Hip price. LitrKc hay ami ' ·ilnrk hum A line seven room iinmr. ; for Ihr f m n l l y thji! tlrmnndit Ihr ut- j ninftl I n ' c o m f o r t «mt convenience I'ricu'i at St.vooo on OU-IKT inviic* : you I'f (.'hPch Ihc inc-iimc. Call f u r n p p f j i n t m o n t . NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY i Aulomobilt Poullry . Liability Polio Fir« T r i p UTLEY ' [ w o n k ' South 71 E x t r a clean. | nxlc; 825x20 tires T 9 4 8 Ford ^i-ton 1949 Chevrolet C.O.E. 1 Accept No Su/jsf/fufes Abshier-Bryan ·Your Friendly Ford Dealer Since 1913" FOR LEASE DX Service Station Located at 126 Norlh College, j Some finances necessary. If interested contact T. W. Slocum at the station or Mountain Inn Hotel, Friday and Salurday. ATTENTION MEN . WOMEN FANTASTIC BUT TRUE K A R N lo Sinn M o n t h l y nprratini; fiur I I I C M GI1ADE NUT VENDORS in your spnrn time. Regional Director w i l l npnoint One local rcprfiscnin- live. To q u a l i f y mint hnvfi sr.fin nnd excellent rcforencov Cfln huild to SITi.noo yearly miri f u l l l i m e w i t h no f u r t h e r Investment. State all m '46 Chev. Business Coupe. Heal-, 19^2 Ford Rickup - ' : ' «r. Good tires. Ml Ford Tudor Super Deluxe. Radio and Healer. Bargain. Ml Chev. Tudor. Heater, 4 new lires. P I C K U P S '51 Chev. Vi-ton. L i k e n e v / . 4,000 miles. Healer. '50 Ford Pickup, 6-Cyl. Exlro clean. '49 Chev. Vi-lon. Deluxe Cab. Heater. '49 G.M.C. 1-ton. Radio and i Healer. j '46 Chev. '/j-ton Slake. Healer. Good lires. | ·^TimVn. " | tires. '$400 M O N T H L Y V S P A R E TIME ! ....... n T u t D . Tn r ur,nc,r ! HKI'IU.ING unit coliectlnB m o n e y ! MANY O T H E R S TO CHOOSE | from our /ivc-csnt Hleh prade N u t ; FROM. COME IN AND LOOK ! THESE CARS OVER. WE'RE EASY $695 S595 ..·-lop 5495 $295 WHITFIEL'D MOIOR CO. OLDS -- GMC SALES AND SERVICE Phone 3180 inlerrrslcd in costly imfjrovc- rnentt. V/rite care of P. O. Box 261, University Slation, FayeMe- villc. FOR SAI.l; Al'MOST'in' IIOMi: NKKD.S WANT TO KK.N'T J OH :; teilrouiii~iiiiriiriuslirl IUIIIM. In W^; liincton .School i l i M r i L t J'hone UNlVK'HSI rY~]irrilrv: ,,r" nr.edi 2 or ".1 W A N ' I K I ) TO R K N T Oil 1,1-ASi: .V COOO i i l l " | , i i r i n i M - r.uirh or l.iim Who's Who For Service Consult You r Classified Service Directory A r k BABY SITTING C A H K Inr i h i l d r r n I1KMHV SHOP olid oak , l i r . , : t l e set s;i:.. c;,!.;. t u c v r l r S2.1: rockrT iron' ! . liinips. clc. John H.illanl, .11:,. · M K M C l n U S l or c l i l l r r . i;rn!cr. Ir-ndrr ill tip ' i'i I n n t y . oiivlncrd d Store. ['OR I l l - N T -- I ' A R M S H'l "AritK*;. .1 i n i i u i III ' A I . 1 C K S I1K.AUTY SHOP Nnv/ up town. J'.j K M n u i i t a m SL A l u r it ml M u r i h f t Phonr filO c:ni.VAnu'S BKAUTY SHOP 2tn W Meadow- Phnnc ..002 M.ii'h I.I.SO-IMI Cnl'l wave tJ »p "si r A M'B-T tti-jvuviTiwyp rtorcnc* * tipster __ PUiCKE'lTS UKAUI'Y SHOP RRI.IAHI.I WORK :0:i N MlocX i'hone 7.1ft . SKMI-inoflrrn. 1 h r d r n n t n htmi* 'i Jicrr csrdrn «nd t r u v k pau-h HIR*I- wny*^._Cj,H 27fi1J_»ltrr ;. p. ni. SMAM. houtf "wcil'"of Kairgrounds. I'horie 1321 M __ _ ,, 2~ACriE5rUnd.~4 rof'r'rn" 'l»i"inc. 2 roftTn h'liiic. j'fls. r Irrlrici'.y in h n 11 i ? f i i v w n t c r hv thr dour, drilled «11 now in n-.'- I'lint.*- i'l.'C.rt SOUTHWEST FAYETTEVILLE UNK aini unc-hnlf *-tr.\ Iritd.. Fivr i on in houtr- ;ir»t snntl Younc variety nrchnnt for liir- ST r,Wi ASSUME F.H.A. LOAN TWO t i r d r f m i n hmn.-. (I-VL- MMI-* .ild Located We*it of ihi- V''s i l n i p l l f t l . 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