Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 27, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1974
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

(UHAT WAS MY POC \POING HERE? AW NAME IS LORETTA WOULP 4Qy LIKE TO ewsotte · 6iKL scour COOKIE?? OH, EXCUSE ME ...MY NAME CHARLIE BROUN.ANP... JHE WAV BE DIDN'T KNOW /GOOD IN ACT ue WAS THAT; ( BUT i eer HE f f DUMB/^ 7 FLUNKED 7. SPELUNC5? J27 OH-OH/I WA5J / UEa\E DUE AT THE I FINISH.' LLfGOODIN/ I AffTATA. f 5CHQOL.') ! HEARS THE- TOWN CLOCK STRIKE 9:3o-- io'.oo-io:3O, POUT WORRY, MtSS'FRILLY, WITH-MR,'SWEENEY STANDING eilARP OUTSIDE ANP HE INSIDER NOTHING 15 G01MS TO HftPPEtJ. THANK YOU/W-. SAWVEB, !1 0 ^SWUFFVH WDTtf REWBOOOERS RUPCDQ-n.r-on I BUSTOPVORE BVreRflOTJGOF 1 STILL ,1-ONZO? NOPE--I'M aesr A LEETLeTIRED OF MVOWNCQOK1N' VORH BODACIOU9 CORW SQUEEZE'S WONDER WOLF" IT'S SHORE IN FO'A -geueNiJUs, SHOCK!! WAV THey ALUIS ACK WH£H THSY THINKS THAK'S A PUKF/ GAi. AKOUHD- oesr T?OUMP ) TH'BEND !!-AH KIN S HEAR ITSNORTIM' ) AN' PANTIN'-- IT TURNS THE COMMON! COLD INTO PNEUMONIA MAK£ A FORTUNE WITH -THIS STUFF,-JUST ONE YOUR PATIENT'S COtD SVWTOMS ARE- (30H/ HOW CAN THAT MAK£ ME A CHAPLAIN 9TAN66LASS LL.OON'T FORGET; \ WELL, WHY DOM'T 7 YOU TELL. HIM L_, YOURSELF 12, i 8LONDIE--CALUHIM UP ANP TEL1- HIM I'M NOT COMING IM TODAY MR. DITHERS TREATS ME LIKE A LACKEY/ LACKEYS ARE"ALSO iBelieve It orMt/| · · Northwwl AifcarwH HMfcS, Sot., July 27, 1974 W ARKANIA* , {"^AMPHITHEATRE of MEEIDA, £**"·/ IS NOW IN RUINS-, YET, CLASSICAL PtK$m/£ 8E£U PfFOmCD fflff- REGULflRiY f OR 1,990 Ms4ff$ b^[»HW«M*V« -THE THOKMS Of THE: AFRICAN FLUTE TREE, WHEM WIND BLOWS THROUGH HOLES BORED N THEM BV INSECTS, PRODUCE 7ti£SWNt OF FLUTES LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D Colds May Yield To Zinc-Form Treatment iiiiHiniiiiiiiiiiiuiiiHiiiiraiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiNHiiiMiiiiHn CARDINAL VEEDIEK. of France, IK A PERIOD OP 10 YtARS BOILT 97 CHURCHES The common cold will eventually yield some of its secrets to researchers. It seems tha the common cold, known to be caused by a group of viruses, will be attacked by the use of zinc in some'form. Dr. Bruce D. Korant, at the Department in Wilmington, Del., is studying a group of metals, manganese, mercury and others because of their anti-rival possibilities. To date, zinc is the one metal that seems to attack the 'virus without severe toxic reactions musl in experimental animals. Such relentless studies FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope inevitably lead to the conquesl of man's most expensive anc "common"- illness. GRANDMA'S WAY It is amazing how frequently grandmothers' remedies ultimately are shown to have scientific validity. It is well known that the use of a hot water bag is often effective for the control of low abdominal pains menstrual period. during the Look in the section in which i your birthday comes and find what your outlook is. according to the stars. FOR SUNDAY, JULY 28 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) What is expedient may not be best for all concerned, so be careful of the route you select. Take nothing for granted. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) . Your innate .artistry and .gift for projecting the unusual that has intrinsic value stand out as winners here. Others can profit by your exceptional know-how GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) Ease up if week was busy. Catch your brath and take a iood look where you are headed. Should you change your objectives? Or your tactics? A time for thought. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Some of the things you have been able, to manage before may be harder to control now But, with an extra bit of determination, you can "make it." LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) S o l a r influences now stimulate your imagination give you ideas for making the most of presently latent possi bilities for future gains. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) There are tendencies now t o w a r d impulsiveness anc unnecessary bickering. Don 1 you yield to such inclinations Control emotionalism. Mak houghtful decisions. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) You may now be the recipien of some "inside information' regarding a business deal. Ac on Monday. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) This could be a day of grea personal achievement. Mak plans for attaining cherishe bjectives, but don't expect the nreasonable. AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec D Personal relationships highly ongenial. In fact, your career tatus may be boosted through in influential person. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 10) Leave the status quo in all jhases of your life unless you are forced to make changes lecause of unexpected developments. But, even then, act reservedly. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) A good day for considering This concept was applied in special way by ; Dr. Jos )ales, of the Maria Middelare Clinic in Ghent, Belgium. H uses a microwave heating in trument and applies it to th abdomen in women who ar about to give birth. ried by other doctors aroun Dr. Dales feels that both th mother and the baby benef ecause the labor pains are not s severe and the progress o! ibor seems to improve. In a study of more than 1,000 ases, this safe heating method as been effective enough to b« le world, COLOR BLIND People who are color blind ave learned to adjust to the istortioris of color. Yet in many instances, color blindness s a real handicap and may e a source of danger at work and while driving a ear. Dr. Herbert Rosenstock and Dr. David Swiek, of the United tales Research Laboratory, in Vashington, D.C., have devised a special type of filter for eye 'lass lenses to help the color Iind to accurately readjust heir color vision. , These special filters will bs ncorporated in lenses that can be attached to ordinary eyeglasses of sunglasses. With a short period of training, quick adjustment can be made, and allow the color blind person to compensate for his deficiency. Dr. Coleman welcomes letters from readers, arid, while ha cannot answer each one. ha will use questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. ' ' B. JAY BECKER uture projects; developing helpful also for contacts. lust one admonition, however: 3on't let emotions influence ·our decisions. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Especially favored under propitious influences: research, scientific experiments, outdoor pursuits and maritime interests. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a fine intellect, inusual versatility .and 1 am- jitions which, unless careful, can drive you almost to ruthlessness at times. You love Domp, ceremony and power, md you are never happy unless n the limelight. You have a g r e a t love of art in all it forms; may successfully take up one or the other either as a vocation or an avocation. But, if you incline toward business a career, will; ultimately reach the top echelons of management and organization, since your acumen in this field is beyond par. Your flair for the dramatic makes you an outstanding candidate for the state, literature, politics and statesmanship. Birthdate of: Mrs. John F. (Jacqueline) Kennedy Onassis; widow of U.S. President. South dealer. East-West vulnerable. On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) The bidding: Opening lead spades. WEST * A K J 1 0 5 V -- · 5 2 + A K Q 9 7 5 -- king of EAST * Q 9 7 6 2 V 8 6 5 4 « 107 * J 10 Dear Mr. Becker: I'm sure you know as well as I do that bridge players have their on-days as well as their off-days. Now I don't claim to be more than just an average player But once in a while I do manage to hold my own even in the best of company. South Pass 7-V West 2 V 5* 6*. Dble North 4 V 6 V Pass East 4* Pass Pass For example, look at this hand I played recently at the club. Maybe the bidding wasn'' Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Ancient country 5 Droop 8 Specks 12 Skirt 13 Hebrew priest 14 Bacchanalian cry 15 Holm oak 16 Fourteen (Rom.) 17 Lively 18 Dormant 20 Puts forth 22 Inlet 23 Conjunction 24 Enemies 27 Very close to 32 Beard 33 Attempt 34 Take to court 35 Switch 38 Withered 39 International language 40 Native metal 42 Near by 45 The Johnsons, ct al. 49 Scandinavian name 50 Electrical unit 52 Journey 53 Tumult 51 Hebrew letter 55 Singer Fitzgerald 56 Roman clan 57 Some 58 Digits DOWN 1 -- Ludwig 2 Feminine name 3 Dill 4 Electrical appliances 5 Measuring instruments 6 Son-in-law of Mohammed 7 Furnish 8 Rely 9 Too large a quantity 10 Legal wrong 11 Hardens Average solution time: 25 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 19 Symbol for nickel 21 Totem pole 24 Distant 25 Be in . debt .26 Picture in the mind 28 Epoch 29 Art of preparing wood sections 30 Pronoun 31 Female ruff 36 Decrees S7 Fishing pole 38 Group of six 41 Note in scale 42 Formation of ice 43 I^ake port 44 Austen novel 46 Composer Guthrie 47 Egyptian river 48 Health resorts 51 Chicken 25 22 39 27 28 SI. 29 40 41 34 10 47 48 ccording to Hoyle though 've seen worse -- but just the ame I wound up at s e v e n earts doubled. I was lucky to get a spada ead from West because, with club lead, there'd be no story tell. When dummy cama down, I immediately spotted a chance to make the grand slam. I realize you may not believe hat what now happened ac- ually took place, but I must lave been truly inspired that day to play the hand the way I did. I trumped the spade with tha nine of hearts, led a low diamond back, and finessed th9 nine! II had to do this because nine! I had to do this because hand to be able to ruff two more spades in dummy. I then trumped another spade with the ten, led a diamond to the jack, and ruffed my last spade with the jack. Now I played the trump thres from dummy and finessed the seven. When this won I heaved a huge sigh of relief, for I was able to draw East's remaining trumps with the A-K-Q and discard my club loser on dummy's fifth diamond. As a result, I made the grand slam and the boys at the club are still talking about my exceptionally brilliant play of ttm hand. Cordially yours, Ananiai Jones. PQNYTAIL "Daddy, which one of the Top Ten' would yoa Hke to bear?! WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give full description a*J start your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results are obtained. You'll only be charged for tha actual number of days the ad ran.

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