Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 13
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Razorbacks Jo Play Pittsburg, Shoats To Play Beebe Carded At Field House Tonight Gomes Will Be Open To Public; Frosh Tilt Starts At 6 The Arkansas Raxorbacks return to battle tonight following a 12-day layoff enabling them lo complete end-of-the-semestcr examinations. The opposition in n 8 o'clock ball came w i l l be tin; Pittsburg, Kan., State Teachers. A preliminary game featurm;; the Arkansas Frosh quiniet and ' in Loss On Kansas, 49-45 Karifuis J a y l m w k s w i l l c i t h f r huvc lo \ it Koud i-fljmnKlin;; job Sat- · unlay iii{.;Lt ur f i n d themselves in · h;»l sh.'ipe in llu- 13if! Seven Con- \ furi'iice basketball pr-nnant rare-, i C'jai-h Hnnry H n n k Ibn's O k l a - ] homa Atftfies, famed for yoars fis j inastors on defence, t'mnv up an ' almost leak-proof f r o n t in tin- · f i n a l q u a r t e r at Slillwitlor last | niri'.t to hand the Kan.s;i;is tlu-ir | - . ; . «iropd ··'rm'l't lo'-s o' t'-c sc'-ron i - vc:irs wns associaipd ·W-45. Ji also WE* the Ja.vh:m : ks I University athletic department as ft/ AJ4AN A. ULMt*T. Clyde Van Sickle, who for many with the .si'cuMcl iX'tlKid: of ihc: rf'iiFOM. | KansT.s. w'-ilrh U"l -ITi-.'sR r.rin?. inin the fiivil quarter. i;nt only two pnlnl'i in the 1'ist ten minutir. Clyde I . r j v i ' l l e t t f - , U'c nn' In;; scorer. r:-i! hnlli I'TIWS. Th- l u l l J;iv:-.:iv. College crew will o'clock. It will be G6-51. Both games tonight r'i li! p n i n t s to b start nt (i lol:l] ,,, VMi ., M 2 ; , vi . rar i,. the seeond j, v .. ;ls t ;- c i, m .,. st ,- c ., )r j n? n \ f ^ meeting of the season for the t v / o j in ,.-, SUI . r .,,.-,,;,, f . ,, amos f n r L o v d _ elubs wilh Beebe holdmq a clear- h,.,^ ,,, {arL ,,,,. ,, ,,,,., n il;lv . cul decision in the first Ramc. hawker h:,rt hit for =0 or m o r e ' i n °!' C11 l o |Kanhril Fourth the public, n rare occasion due lo mu i^n^.i.., ,i m t i , m . t ^ a j u i i unv: tu i Jvuvn" ^'··^ ·, r'Hlkr^! f o U f l the limited seating capacity of the llu , ',,,,]',,,;,,' ,,,;,,,;,.,, ,,,,. : A ?*TM S *'!" H TM"-, T .T'";.,'.' an,. No. 2 .,,»,,, for a m o n t h . possible because the University is in recess t h a t separates the winter and spring semesters. A Inr^c crowd is anticipated because of the double attraction. Allen's crov/, no\v w i t h n 13-2 season ri'oml and 3-1 in thr- i-nn- ce, must boat IHWH S t a t e 2-2 fiwri'Mct! Sulurrby or f i n d ..., yr.'lvos in rcnl t r n n h i o ns far The Razorbacks will be seeking | as the conference- in concrmH their seventh victory in 16 games Tn C onlniM tn t h o dov.-nfnll nf 4th ranker! Kansas, otlir-r ir-nms in the- tnn ten nf t'ii this season. Arkansas has won single game in foi: r conference outings and have a five-five record against non-loop fnes. Coach Presley Askew, who has had trouble all season g-eltinjj satisfactory results from his extremely tall team, will probably start tonight's game wilh his most agile fivcsome: Try on Lewis, Sammy Smith, Floyd Sagely, Gene Lambert and Walter Kcarns. These men are the team's best ball-handlers nnd that is the thinn that the coach is fondest of. The freshman team, coached by Johnny Campbell, has n number of fine performers, several of whom can be expected lo stop into starting varsity roles next campaign* Among them arc Can-nil Scroggins, Norman Smith, Jerry Smith, Johnson Gunn and Gene- Bradley. sorinted Piv?s poll week's As- were victori- Top ranked K e n t u c k y bowled over A u b u r n , 88-48. for it? 9th straight. Duque;rt'. No. 7. Innn- nlerl Akron JJ7-36 and once beaten West Virginia. No. 10. trampled Pitt R7-47. It was No. 13 for the unbeaten Duke.-:. The remainder of the top len did not piny. Solon Ha?', r n n k o d 1Kb, whinner! SI. Fr.-inrN of Brooklyn j 70-fin fnr its I C t h victory in 17 starts. and a coach, is now Krmuas Stale College, Manhattan, Kt'in. Van, it would seem, is developing into quite a cage fan in his new location. At least that is how wo Interpret the two recent packages he ! fur warded to us. The first con! tained three pamphlets on the fchool, interspersed with clippings from the Manhattan and Topeka newspapers concerning tho cage team; the second witli a sports page from the Topeka paper j.Toclaimina: "K-STATE BUTCH- KRS JAYHAWKS, 81-G4." Of course Van, having played fnmba'll at Arkansas in an era when the Porker cage team won t w o loop championships and featured such stars as Taft Moody (twice A117SWC), Ike. Poole ( t w i c e All-SWC), Ike, P o o l e fuvicc All-SVi'C), Jim Lee Howell (All-SWC), Elwin Gilliland (All- S\VC), Jack Robbins {All-SWC), Jack Newby, Bobby Martin and Ray Hamilton, might have been rubbing it in on us a little. However, we doubt if Van would do that. But to move from Arkansas to n red-hot cage scene like the one currently boiling in Kansas certainly offers a contrast that would- be hard to ignore. And if Van feels proud of his Kansas State team, well he should. Keep ·» with the Time* dally. tftft tltneH--reac Georgia Tech. Virginia. Stetson and Mississippi turned in upsets. Tech won its first Southeastern Conference game beating Mississippi Stoic GG-!i4 on Mike Austin's field goal in the last 40 seconds. Virginia surprised George Washington 78-66; Stetson tumbled the touring Bowling Green, Ohio, Falcons 71-67; and Ole Miss stopped Louisiana State and Bob Pottit. BB-fiS. Pottit, one of the game's top scorers who remitly tossed in SO points in one game, was held to lit. I'cnn State won its 9th straight with a 53-4!) victory over Navy. Army bree?.ed against Brown R3- ( G 4 but Yale had its hands f u l l j w i t h Amhe:l before winning 58- 1 55. S P O R T I N G G O CONVERSE BASKETBALL SHOES BASKETBALLS ATHLETIC SOX PUNCHING BAGS GUN CASES AMMUNITION VOLLEY BflLLS BftR BELL LJPTS PIKG POHG SETS TROPHIES--IN 5TOCK BROWNING 5HOT GUNS 10KKSOH BOAT MOTORS SPECIAL! I set basketball warm-up suits -- lor boys or girls -- color red wilh while trim -- ripper at cuff of pants -- a $20.00 value -- for $9.95 EACH SUIT. ONLY ONE SET OF 15 LEFT. LEWIS BROS. CO. Also in the material that Van forwarded were pictures of the new Kansas State Eield House, a $2,000,000 project that seats 15,000 persons and has a full-sized football field within its walls. The building was designed and built by architectural students of the school. The,design, in contrast to one recently d-one at the University of Arkansas In a similar project, is extremely simple and while modern in that it is functional it lends itself to the campus building motif exactly. Van might have been letting us know that our field house can't compare with that one . . . but we doubt it. He probably just thought we'd be interested. (And- we were). Another interesting feature of the Kansas State material was spread in the K-Stater (alumni magazine) on the football team and head coach. Old Van is included in a picture of the staff, which numbers nine. The head coach is a gentleman . named Bill Week, who Is said to ! be fnr from what the last name implies. There Is also a picture and article on Larry "Moon" Mullins, the athletic director at Kansas State. That struck a familiar chord with us. We first became acquainted with Moon at Corpus Christ! during the war before this one. ^i . ALL--^-every drop! Extra Smooth! Extra Satisfying! and be wiC of the FINEST ever bottled ! Blended Wtiiskcy. 86.8 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Seieram-Distillers Corp., N. Y. Moon was stationed in Florida if we remember correctly, but was brought (o Texas when Corpus Chrlsti decided lo field a football team in about 1944. Moon became football coach and director of the athletic program for the Corpus Christ! Air Station. He marie n number of talks around the area, we remember, and left us with the impression of being one of the most gifted of after-dinner speakers. Moon, who learned his football under Knute Rockne at Notre Dame, didn't do tn" »»ll at Corpus as we remember. Saw several games in which the fighting Gobs lost to Southwest ^ Conference teams in much the manner t h n t Arkansas has for many years . . . played good hard games but lacked just enough to keep from winning. Johnny Vaufiht, who is coaching down at Olc Miss, was one of Moon's assistants at Corpus Chris-, ti, and Ray Borncman, then just out of high school, was a big star. Borneman later wns Texas University's top fullback. . I Henry Rattens Satterffe Eyes Marciano Chicago - f/P) - W h a I Clarence Henry wants to know is--"Where do I KO frqm here'.'" The sensational 23-year-old Los Angeles heavyweijflil di.spused of Bob SaUurriclit in i:-l] of the first round in last night's .scheduled 10 rounci-er in Clm-a^o Stadium. Henry, the third r a n k i n g run- tender for Jersey .Jut; U'ulcuU'h crown, was like ;: cyclone in action as lie iiellui! iknvn the un- predictablfj Saltorfii'ld three times, once w i t h a right and twice wilh jarring left hooks. Referee Freddie G i l m n r o f i n a l l y stopped H a f t e r Salterficld arose shakily from the canvas for the third time, blood streaming from a gash over his left eye brow and Henry jogged in for more blasting. It was'young Henry's Nth consecutive win and his 1 7 t h knockout' in 32 pro fights. He weighed 187 and Sattcrfiold ICO. The bout was televised nationally. "I want io fight Kocky Mariano," said Henry, a 1!H8 Golden CJIou'S chiunpioii. ' i.ii I v. jtt'iu ln ] KO from here--I do not know." He mount t'mt he w i l l ' h a v e to net on Walcott's \voiting list, he- hind Kw.ard Charles and Mnrci- ann. ''We want .Marcinno next." said! Ht'iiry's m n n n K o r , Frank Hllnky j Pfiltrmo. "And If the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Coxing Club Rlvcs us the fight we'll do it for the Damon R u n - i yon Cancer Funtk" Manarum Favored In Tucson TUL-SOII, Arlz.-f/f'j-A ficlil (if 13SJ Kolfur.i counted iilcal weather nnd j a shuit, course ninunp. their assets today us they played thc| first round of the 10,0011 Tucson j Open. The weatherman s.'iid 75-rVcfiree I temperatures should remain indefinitely. The pros find the 6,402-yiird, par 70 Kl Rio Golf and Country C'luh layout a simple test. Some say any player Kolnji over pnr any of the four days of the lourney ml^ht us well drop out. Lloyd M n n g n i m , Chicago, Is favored to win top money for the third time. He won here In 19-10 and 1951. Man^rum, the bljc money winner last year, usually drives close to the greens on all except 1he two pnr five holes. Jack Uurkc, Houston, Texas, also is highly regarded. SPORTS *.« NORTH WEST ARKAI^AS TIMES Thursday, Hunisville, Elklns Win Opening Games In Springtime Meet The Klkins nnd I l u n t s v i t l c bnys teams moved post their first round opponents last n i g h t in opening action In the a n n u a l Sprtngclalu Invitational Basketball Tournament. They now eye t-acli other, meeting in n quarter-final t i l t in the upper bracket tomorrow. In the lone girls engngetrit-nt last night the Klkim loam t-dtn-d Ihei- arch-rivals Ihi* Pniiric Grove sextel, 30-^U. Scores in the boys games: Elklns 05, Grconlanft U-J, and Huntsville 5fj, Prairie Grove 40. Fuyollevilla, Arkarmu,- January 31, 1952 Two three-game .sessions arc, carded for today. The afternoon' names, with times: Rogers Vs/t Gentry, boys, at i;30; Hunfcrville vs. Gentry, girls, nt · 2:40; and K;irrnlnf*ton vs. IJentonvlllc, boys : at -\ o'clock. Gnrnos tonight: Lincoln vs. ivyd- woy, Mo., boys, at U:30; SprlnR/ate vs. Lincoln, tfirls, fl t 7:45; nnd West Fork VK, Springdale, boys, at 9 P. m. · ,,; j , "sghfs Lost Night J Chicago--Clarence Henry, 187,* ..o;; An/fi'lui;, plopped Bob Sattcr- liclfl, tOU, ChicafjO. " . /""--^ !(· ' !'lint-nix, Ari/.--I.auro Saint 131. Uis Angeles, knocked *'oulT' Chu Mcndozu. J28, Guaymae, Mrxlco, 4. . .. t j , t Kcrp up with lh« Urn ihc T MKH dsllt There have been folks around town a number of suggest that the March of Dimes campaign sponsor a benefit basketball game between the University and Fay- ctteville High School. In many minds this would make for a great j game and it would seem that several are sure that the Bulldogs would win. ) Russian Athletes Called "Pros" By British Viscount London-(/P)-Thc Russians, who have been accusing military authorities of controlling U.S. Olympic stars were under fire themselves today--because they intend to ust pros in the summer jjaines. "Soviet athletes must be considered pros by Western sports regulation!) and standards," said Viscount Montgomery, the top man In the British Army, in a letter to the London Times from Switzerland, where he is vacationing, yesterday. , "In a Communist state every adult is employed by the state," he wrote. "An athlete is as much a professional as a school teacher or a doctor or a commissar. "Every factory has Its paid teams who do no work in the factory and receive special rations. We cannot-contend with two d i f - ferent ypes of amateurism--Eastern and Western." Basketball Scores RV The Atiocwttit Fnxt Duqucsnc 87, Akron 36. Yale 58, Amherst 55. Army 83, Brown G4. West Virginia fi7, Pitt 47." · St. Johns Bkn 69, Fordhairt '58. Scton Hall 70, St. Francis Bkn GO. Oklahoma A. and M. 49, Kansas 45. Kentucky 88, Auburn 48. Georgia Tech 66, Mississippi State G4. Pcnn State 53, Navy 48, Mississippi Slate 68, Louisiana State 65. Virginia 78, George Washington 66. Henderson 62. Ouachlla 59. Stanford 71, San Jose State GG. Los Angeles Loyola 70, Occidental 47. Bowling HWA L»dfes L-P Gas of Sprlnfidale clipped Goff Brothers. 3-]. to keep n Urm grip on first place. In other matches M«do- «weet Dairy downed Pasteurized Milk. .1-1; Tyson's Feed and Hatchery beat Uchlyler's. 3-1; nnd Arkansas Weut- ·n Gns defeated Barrack's. 4-0. Tyson's hnd a high tfinm serlea of Z.397 and I.ichlyter'.-i hnd h l ^ h UMIU slnKJe of 824 Jo Tcs: or L-I* Cos hart hiyn series of 490 and Joy Gnee rolled n single ginni- of 189. . L.«ngiit Standinft 1 I.-I' Gas ._ 58 i Mcdosxvcct LJalry . 4tt · Tyson's 4R Barrack's ... 42 Ark Western Gas 4] Lichlytcr's _ 40 Pasteurized Milk _ 30 Goff Brothers . . . . 27 NWA Men The Heckln Can team downed Clnrk and Eoff 4-0 nnd the leading Sprlns- dale Smoke Shop walloped Fnrmer'n Murket. 4-0. Hong Coffee lopped Kin- cald and Compnny, 3-1. Pnrdy Supply clipped Hodge'* Liquor, 4-0. And Dick T"ewhitt nnd Crnvcns nnd Comp»ny tied nt 2-2. The Sprlngdnlc Smoke Shop tcum had h i g h scores of 978-2,725. Harold .Stttrkn WAR h!tfh Individual with 245- G04. iKtt* ttandlnvi . InRdiile Kmoke Shop f,0 Cravcni .. ..51 Ctfirk and Koft 4H nick Trewhltl 41 Kinrald'i 41 Honif Coffee 3.1 Purrty'» -. .14 Hodtco.i ,,.... .... 20 Heckln On , 20 Fnrmer's Market . 10 Jockey BID Gilbert la now racing motors instead of horses. Gilbert Is now with n TransportfiUon Truck Company in the Army. Not while, not wheat, not rye, but a flavor blend of nil three-- Kc'fl Roman Men) Brc.irt. ii-io-tr liitcn to the NEWS «och w«ckdoy at 7:30 AM over ilotion KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. Durinq ife * j '#**%$ WW3S5 Se, ^.SSA/J/f * *'"" Dorwin T" . G! ·rtlfi^iHW tl «r »**, "you... *tn league ... Thursday thru' Monday LOW, LOW Prim M QutKtr HOMC SUPPUB u I 6'lJnoleu SCATTER fln-Yar Cmortf \ "' '" sc '''"'"· ' c ^^1^"u ac S ·! v ,t i: ··'.·=* V 5 » Aluminum CAKE PAN Regular $1.09 8-Cup PERCOLATOR Bcjuliful flonl inJ moJcin [»· terns co idJ a lovely B'° w to ·"' room in your home! "Smnlcn- Sheen" jurlicc gives m i r r o r jmonthncB . . · m kH 'l»'" n B easier tlan you «n imagine. An^tl-food type {XUL fcrmoviblc f t \ boiiuni. Hiiv to dean. ' * *. PABCO G o l d e n - G a t e Rugs 5 graduated li/c mining bowlj, container, «lt and pcpjxr with hrirht liJj. Blue Porcelain S T E A K B R O I L E R . . . wilh Wire Rack Weilingbouu Light BULBS 18-Pc. BEVERAGE Set Gay Violet Dciigtt Sparkling fjaiwarc in irl'l a ;;ay, festive touch to your ulilc. 6 cj.h, matchcil v.-jicr, ic^ /iui f r u i t juice glisvcs. ^^ Rrsisii wruffinp, ten idling, did. l ; or »mo pantli, lining chain, \n^e,»^c.(.tt vail, tablet itid tTitny other tar home usci, B colon. M ifichci wiik. QUALITY W«if Sid* Squi Phone 1*1 . · u ·~R?~'^Z2 fe, ! tv »" - ,7"^ S ; ^' c -'S^i'i'9 "Wing ko,,'^ ' IturJ^ mcr JJ ^nj-^w^Wv' 'f : X'^K "HOME OF 1ETTIR VALUES*

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