Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 12
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I January Sports Card J»,». M-Ffb. J -- Invifetlnul Bukf(bull Tourni- :' l|f ni. . . - · . J«n Tla-PoricMi TI. Kinin Still · «.-!·-.·.-.· T»»ch«ii, h«re. Jiri. 1 11--ArkanxtH Froih vs. Junior Collrtr, here, it 6 February rts Card : ' F«b; 2 -- KB7,orh»ck» vs. T.G.U., .'kit Lilltr Rock. . F«b. 4-- KazorbJiekR VR. S.M.U. ftt 8 v. m. i 5 -- Arkamnii Frosh va. NK OkUhnma Teachers, here, at ?'£"· 'ITeh. R -- BuUdon vn. RoseTM, rM-Horcrs. . -Feb. ft-- Bulldogs vs. Tul»a · Ointra), nt'Tulsii. ';Krb, !l -- Raiorbacks rx. lUcf, ·1 Houston. Feb. fl -- Arkansfm Frosh vs. Jsrieshoro 'AAU, at Joneslmro. Feb. 11 -- Rnzorbackd vn. Texan v A! and M.. at CnUe*e Station. ... Ffh. tZ--nulldnrs vx. Fort Bmlth, at Fort Smith. , Feb. 15 -- Bul Id OJK VH. fiprlnt- ."' field. Mo., here, at i P m. . Feb. 15-- Arkansas Fronh vx. Tilia Fronti, at SallUaw, Okli, Feb. 19-- BulltfoKX vff. Tutu* WMI Rofem, here, at 8 p. m, · Feb. lS~~IUtorbickn vn. Bay Ur, ^lere.'at R p. m. ' Feb. 2* -- Arkansas' Fnthb vs. Okmuljrf A. and M., at Okmiil- gce. . . . ' ' Feb. 21-23-- lllstrlrt One West Junior BoyK Basketball Toiirna- mtnt, at Ho errs, Feb. 22 -- Bulldoifx vn, SprlnR- iale. here, at K p. m. Feb* 22 -- Arkaman Frosli vn, Fort Leonard VVnod, at U'a.vnes- vllle. Mo. Feb. 23 -- Raznrhark* vs., A t Dalian · Feb. 25 -- · Ratorhacks vs. T.C.U., «l Fort Worth. . .Feb. ZR.ftlarch 1 -- IHMrtrl One Wffct Class A Senior Boys Busk rib a M T o u r n a m e n t , at gprlnitdalf . : Feb. 2R-March 1 ~ Ulxtrict One West Claw B Senior Boys Basketball Tournament, at Greenland. The Florida StHln Unlvcrsiiy footbtjll team scl 21 Sndiviclnal rind I* (cam school records during the recently concluded fii'ld season. An nuUuiiidinR flavor Roinun Me;il Bread. ll-ll-tf By RELMAH MOR1N Harold btassen is alsn in j 'impoi-Unl, wl V ,lcvcr ILolPfiCeS Of 301116 Vegetables Show Downward Trend New York-W)-Nnw Hampshire Is now tho mil Ion's lending political wenthcr-slnUon, as a ic-.^ult nf a Hurry of maneuvers a f f e c t Ins the primary elections. March II. President Truman's name has been entered. He has 10 days In which to withdraw It. Promptly after that became known, tho supporters nf Sen. Kites Kcfauvcr put him in the race, as they said they would if the president entered Anri Sen. Robert A. Toft nlun took, the plunge on the Republican side, Riving formal consent to outer Ing tho so-called "popularity contest," as well as the battle for delegates. T«li OI Strength -Thus, New Hampshire ran become the scene o/ litraighl tcsli; of strength In both the major parlir-,. The all-star card may pit the president against the 'rcnncs.see ;.en- alor. Taft opposes- Eiscnl:owrr. Kx-Gov. Harold SUssen is alsn in the aren; More president rfnc.H now will ho Interpreted as answering the ifiiciUion he. himself, lias declined lo answer, namely--will he run again'.' Continued silence, traditionally meaning consent, would cheer the Democrats who have been calling on him to make the men. A wllh- driiwal would raise the hopes of H whole crop of iispirants. The man who put Ihc pre:;ident'fi name in the New Hiunpfililre primary, .James V), McPhail, a Manchester lumberman, onld he did not know whether it would stay there. Republicans will be watching the whole state with intense concern for the results ol Ihc collision between Taft and Eisenhower. At thin point they arc the lending GOP candidate. 1 ! for the nomination. PiTeholMlcally Important Mathematically, New I lamp- fihlrc'tf, M convention votes arc unlikely to win or lose the nomination. Bul psychologically, they fire immcnucly important. The March primary will bn the first in the notion. Hundred* of Republican leader. 1 !, al all levels, have refrained from any commitments-and may be honestly undecided-for any of the foul 1 Ftrpubk'iin candidates. A national survey lahl week by the Associated Press Indicated, in fact, that the majority of Republican chiefs arc .still watching the winds amj the shining cloud?; of pnllllcfl. A,decisive result In New Hampshire could have Decisive :f- fccU on the whole COP picture. In New Hampshire, Taft probably has mure to gain than he linn to lose, He pointed out yesterday that: "The political mnchlne "f trc present Mate administration Jr. upenly pledged lo General Elsen- hower. Evidently, the Kituallon is peculiarly tn the liking of the the Eisenhower committee, for it has presented Ihc general's namr; there and studiously abstained; from presenting it In any other Ptnlc." Backtd By Governor Eisenhower h a s ' t h e backing of Clov. .Sherman Adamy. ox-Guv. New Hampshire Vote Important To Both Parties j McMalh, Moses | Disagree On Power Issue Jluoil, and other tup; Republican.:. of thr "big; brass" In New Hampshire is 1 up behind him. Then.- ;ijr 17 cundi- | diitcs of st.'iluIT- wliu list them-, Helves us "favorable" to tin; New Hamj'^hiro jjdlil server:, do not t'nniiidrr th have filetl »:* dcli'iiJitt 1 ;, fn strong, on thn wlinlc. Governor Adam:; Mtid thr ]n'i- mary y/iJI ''not be a i;huo-in" in\ Kiscnhowcr. Hut man;/ obncrviM., tn the j'.lntr would ;u;ife v.'ith Tafl that tl:n hilu.'itioii limits extremely fi'tvoniblc* to Ki.MMihnwrr, bccaui.i? of Ihn .slrrngth nt hi:i di'lrgali':;. CoiiLCMUcnlly, an Ki jC-nhdwe-r victory coul'l \)t: (list-oiintcd bv Taft's hiii*l',c i r:i a:; a natural "I hivt never had to refuse power lo any industry," he stated. Mc.Malh ha; charged that defense plants were not bcinR located in Arkansas because of a shortage of power. lo be "a Rood cili/.en of Arkansas and has concentrated on exlcndini; rural clcL-trification in areas of the slate allocated lo the company. power to the three rural distributing cri-op.-: that make up AECC. The AP I., and (ithcr large utilities oppose the project. MeMiilh Inlri HOIK: 'I have co-operated witii Bennic Aldrirlge nf the New York srid Yanks was a member of the winning 8BO-yard relay team al 'he 1050 Drake Mays. He performed for A ft M. Syracuse University has ra- lars'ctl its winter sports television program to include Kwimmiii!!. _,... The wrestling and gymnast teams Oklahoma arc seen on video via a local TV I outlet. of the chine." H dck-RHlc;; senator';; proof- po^i ular ity. ut if No Industry Turned Down On Request For · Service, Moses Says J.iltlc IJm-IM/IVGovernur Me-. s lii«'i ami C. Jlainillon Moses j cla.shed yesterday on the question u: [Miblic \-f. p r i v a t e power. Mo'.r:;. president of Arkansas i nf Hit- M :.tat(; in;i-j I'owcr ami Light Company, met ·.'.'it 1 1 tiif yovcnifir yesterday lo nuUimi his firm's proposed cx- 'vui.'.ioii program, and mid Mc- Muscs said his company has tried personally and in my capacity as governor, but I was not able lo go j alopfl v.'ith you on the O/.ark plant. You find your hoard members asked me to intercede v.'ith the PSC He Hud his firm now has "the I»" deny lhat i )!flllt ' bul [ think wc Inghcit property ashcasmcnt--M.2 |» ccd lh:lt Pt»wrr. .,,..,,,,,, d«||Hi--«f any utility in! " J v '' il! S »PP°'' 1 :".y prugram lo the state, and that lie expects it to increase several million dollars Met more power within this state whether you, the Rovcrnmcnt, or the co-oni buikl it." vcar for the next several years. . , , , , . , . _,· / McMalh pledged the coopcralion I M " sc s rc " ttcd lh;i hls f "' m ril! of his adminislration lo the firm's I »°' "''Jcct najnrtiy »/ Taft nlrl be rffdrd. the dmirer:-; can call il vo (jf iii. 1 -. per.soniil pop- no industry had hecn "nicccl lo leave Arkansa.-r or had iiccn divcrlr:l from the stale he:au:;e of a pu'.vcr shortage. brought expansion up the sulfjccl of I en-ops "(he ! I ) l y l l t s Ai' Klcclric Co-Operative j I J Corporation's proposed S10.500.000i steam gcncraling |)!ant and transmission sy/tem in North Arkansas. The Arkansas Public Service Commission authorized cons'.ru-:- tion of Ihc project. Output of the plant would be turned over lo the irouthwestern Power Administration, v/hich in turn would supply the right uf the rural In construct gcncraling but opposed the turning uf the pcr.ver to SPA. . McMath said: "Tiicre s a difference of opinion «';»· ' ' 1 »» li lllil1 , ) ""' or ' s S°" 1R UIG R A (.O-OIJS. 100 TABLET BOTTLE ONLY 49c St. Joseph ASPIRIN WORLDS LARGEST SELLER AT lOt fMUNCf TOM HO/tt MOTH COOK'S Lovely, New WALLPAPERS COLOR-MATCHED TO SHADOTONE ENAMELS Every pattern in Cook's Portfolio Album is c o l o r - m a t c h e d w i t h selected Shadotone colors, chosen especially to be used with that particulorpatlern . . . for rooms of striking, modern beauty. With this decorating help to guide you ... you can achieve rooms of tasteful loveliness easily and without guesswork. Ask to see these gorgeous, color-matched wallpapers--today. P*ICH FROM ONIY 70c TO $6.00 PH ROU COOK'S PAINTS EAST SIDE SQUARE--PHONE 526 , I! U Tltr .U H c t J J J l price:; uf MJVPI vcsoUib'cr turned d't'.vM". week in MIUM .-lort-;: ;i:; urov. iny area;; enjoyed fa\'oralj!e wciilhc/r and mor.c .'·.hipping scct'oMa bt^an .supplying rltstant market:;. Ne\v t-nbbagc and lettuce led on Ihe downtrend bui nlifi luwti-i' wc-i-u carro 1 .:;, cucumhors, cfijiplant, peppers ;md foinatoe.'. Kc'.v govcriiincut limits on retail potato privc mark-up:;-resulted in widespread reducfions l)iil these dcjicndcd on many vario-l fnctors and were far from uuiftirm across the nntion. i Margarine ras'jd nnc in three and unc-half cents a pound, reflecting lo'.vcr jiriccj reccnlly on I vegetable oil ingredients and uliiirp | market competition uniting llie . niargaruie-mnKcr:.'. i n cidenta'l.v, margarine (Minsumplion in tlii.^ country is csUnintcd to have climb- r-rl frum three pounds per c.-iplta in 11)35 to jiruund (5.7 pounds in 11)51--while bullcr consuinpllnn in Ihc .-ami! piiriud dropped from 17.1 to I*.7 pound.--. Meat, poultry and dairy product price:; showed liltlu metiill change from la.'it weekend. Fno-.l .simppcro j willing lo icnul aruund lor luii 1 - galnr. could find beef rib roast. 1 ; off ti!i much as ^i^ cents or more j a puund in slurps featuring them as weekend specials. Artvrrtfet tn the TIMtiH--It W* BROWN BEANS OOIM. f Donald Duck Orange Juice, 46-oz. 23 Sun Sweet Prunes, 2 Ibs. . . . 49 Pie Cherries 21 Fresh Country 47l EGGS .. . . doi. ^* / Corned Beet, can. . . . 37 Bikers Shredded Cocoanul. . pkg. Delmonte Fruit Alt Cocktail , No.2'/2 **^ Hersney Cocoa. . , 'Mb. 25* Hominy, No. 2'2 13c Yellow Bonnet Kraul, No. 2'2.15c Del Monte Cream Style Corn, 2 for . . . . 39f Green Cabbage, Ib 9c Carrots, 1Q Celobag . . . . "~ Extra Large Lettuce Head. . . 10 Cheese, 2-lb. b o x . . . Country Sausage, Ib.. . 39 C Sliced Bacon, Ib. . . .39* Colored Oleo, Ib, . , , FARMER'S MARKET 1#W.C«nt«r Phone 652 CONSUMER'S SUPERlGA MARKETS STORE No. 1 SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Guarantee You The Lowest Food Prices in Town STORE No. 2 3QO W. DICKSON MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING 3 ct 69c BISQUICK . . . . GINGER CAKE MIX CAKE FLOUR *FTAS,LK Pkg 2k iar 9? box 39 C COLORED QUARTERS OLEO 19c Ib. Parkay Ib. Hi CAKE MIXES BETTY CROCKER PARTY CAKE MIX DEVIL'S FOOD MIX Large Box 33 FINE ARTS SOAP 5 bars 25c FLOUR, IGA Enriched, 5-lb bag 49c COFFEE, IGA Vacuum Packed, Deluxe, Ib 79c PUREX gallon 49c; 1 / 2 gallon 25c; qt. 15c SEA ISLAND KRAFT DRESSING, pt 19c DEL MONTE PEACHES, No. 2/ 2 can 33c SUPER SUDS SUGAR Powdered or Brown PourJ Box lOc CHOICE-FRESH-SMOKED Branded for Quality-Trimmed for Value! Sliced Bacon, Ib 39c Wilson's Corn King Pork Roast, Ib. 49c Loan Northern Pork Bacon Sq'res, Ib 29c Sugar Cured Pure Pork Sausage Ib39c Country Style FROZEN FOODS White Dairy Ice Cream Vz Gal. 59c Fresh Country EGGS Medium Large 39c doz. BISQUICK HERSHEY'S CHOC. STAND LARD WAFFLE SYRUP . CLABBER GIRL . . . PET MILK Fresh Frozen Strawberries fS-....28c Much More Peaches In Syrup 2'A 9c 25c can 20-oz. pkg. 25c SYRUP, Ig. 18c 45 Ib. $7.45 . . . . large jug 40c 2-lb. can 29c 2 tall 27c CHOICE Tomatoes, each 17c Fancy Tubes Carrots, each. lOc Large Bunches Head Lettuce 125c Large 48 Size WinesapApleslblOc Fancy Washington CHEESE Pimento Pabst-ett 2 p °B u ox d 69c FREE - FREE THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER FOR THE SERVEL REFRIGERATOR TO BE GIVEN AWAY This SAT. NITE 7 P.M. You Do Have to Purchai* Anything to Register -- You Do Hot Have to Be Preient to Win -- Juit Refiiter. See What A $ Will Buy At I.G.A. SEASIDE LIMA BEANS 8 C3 £ $1.00 BROWN BEAUTY BEANS 10 S $1.00 MUCH MORE HOMINY 12 * $1.00 WATER MAID RICE 4 Si $1.00 P G SOAP 20 bars $1.00 DIXIE LUCK TUNA 6 cans $1.00

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