Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 31, 1952
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im runic · THI FIRST CONCMN Of THIS NiWSFAPH J|orti)toes!t Astociorcu *r*t« Leased Wir* AP, King and NEA F«olur*t 10CA1 POMCAIT--. Fayetlevllle nnd rlourty wl\h occasional nichl. Strong southerly morrow partly cloudy and late in the afternoon. Rainfal High temperature yesterday · low 31; noon today M. Suri 7:19; sunset 9:15. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 161 rArrrrfvuiE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 31, 1957 ntici HVI Preliminary* Plan On Teacher Education Turned Down; Foundation Official Says Decision Due Little Rock--The vice president of the Ford Foundation's Fund for Education has indicated that Ar-, kansas educational leaders may not be interested in participating in thn "bold" new teacher education experiment. In turning down a preliminary plan for Arkansas' participation in the program submitted by Arkansas educators. Dr. Alvin C. Eurich said yesterday a "specific" plan must be drafted--after the following questions arc answered: "Are you interested in a program of teacher education that concentrates in the first four years ,nn general education? Arc you prepared the whole way, and are you interested in · developing a fifth year of professional education that is tied in with the public school system?" These arc the basic ideas reprc- ' the Ford Foundation's tcnchcr education program in which Arkansas has been invited to participate. Thc 36-mcmbcr Planning Committee, headed by Dr. Henry H. Kronenberp, dean of the University College of Education, met with Dr. Enrich yesterday. Their plan, which was rejected, proposed revision of the state's teacher education, teacher certification and institutional accreditation standards over a three-year period of continuous study and appraisal. Dr. Eurich said thc foundation was not interested in financing a plan requiring "two, three or four more years of further discussion." Dr. Kroncnbcrg said a subcommittee will rr.ccl next Tuesday lo start drafting a more specific plan. Eurich said he was not here to "sell" a program on teacher cdu- | cation. He said that if thc cduca- I tors did not believe in thc program, "then it won't be a success i anyway." Dragline Rented Bui Unused On Highway Piojecl, Says McNulty Election Contest Decision Near Ruling Is Due Truman Says He Will Take Name Out Of First Primary But Insists If Doesn't Mean He Won't Run Nominations Decided In Conventions, President Asserts By Thc A*MH-i'Hrtl /'m« President Truman said loday he \vill not let his name stay in the presidential preferential primary In New Hampshire. But, lie told questioners, this docs not preclude his running for reelection. He thus left his 1952 political obscure HS ever. If Czechoslovak Delegate Defends Action Of His Nation In Condemning Reporter Oatis Paris-(fl*;-A 'Czechoslovak dele-* C,atc told the United Nations to-V day his country's condemnation of William N. Oalis, Associated Press chief of bureau in Prague, exposed and put an end to an important spy network. Thc dclciratc, Franljick Vavricka, spoke in reply lo an attack last night in thc General Assembly's (iO-nation Social Committee by U. S. Delegate Charming Tobias. Vavricka told the committee it was witnessing an Amcricaiu at- tcmpl to abuse Ihc P. N. by slandering Czechoslovakia and bring- inlentiqns as obscure HS ever. If in S up a matter which wa a - strictly he decides lo run, Truman said, Wltll)n the domestic jurisdiction he could set thc Democratic nomi- i of Ulc Prague government. "Oalis is a trained spy,", he .said. His post in the Associated Press l.ation w i t h o u t being a candidate in any of the stale primaries. All these primaries are eyewash, he said, and don't mean a thing when the nominating convention meets. The man who entered Truman's name in thc March 11 New Hampshire primary, Lumberman James D. McPhail, had said: "I know the president' will let "his name slay on the ballot." Thc president has 1(1 days from yesterday to withdraw nis name formally. * Also entered in this first of all 1062 primaries are Senator Kc- fauver (D-Tcnn), only Democrat to announce so far; Senator Tait, (It-Ohio); Harold E. Str,s;cn; and Gen. DwighL D. Eisenhower, all Republicans. No Key To Strength However, liie election will provide no key to the con.rarative strengths of thc GOP and Democratic candidates since each party holds a separate primr.ry. B u t since New Hampshire is strongly Republican, victory is of greater importance in thc Republican race. Other political developments: Senator Kcrr (D-Okla) gave hirils in Washington that if Truman docs not, run, Kerr will be willing. Representative Shcppard (D- Calif) announced a "harmony meeting" of 27 Democratic leaders in Los Angeles Saturday and Sunday. The s t a t e Democratic group has been badly split in recent years. Rep. A. L. Miller (R-Ncb) predicted Gen. Douglas MacArthur w'll be a "compromise candidate" for Republicans. Miller forecast a deadlock between Taft anrI.Ei.-cn- howcr supporters at the Republican National Convention. However, Gen. Jonathan Wainwright withdrew yesterday as a "fa\orile son" presidential candidate representing MacArthur in Wisconsin's April 1 primary. Wisconsin officials'seid someone would be named Saturday to take his place. New Plan Pushed ' Meanwhile, in Congress, Senator Douglas (D-I11) and Rep. Charles E. Bennett (D-FIa) pushed for a new type of nationwide presidential primary which, they said, could apply lo the 1952 campaign. Under the plan, which would not require a long-drawn-out constitutional amendment, Ihc attorney general would be directed to work out' agreement:, with slates to conduct presidential primaries fo r the major political parlies. Primary volinp would not actually hind convention delegates, but probably would exert "strong persuasive influence" on them, the sponsors claim. Poultry Market -The poultry market today as reported by thc University of lunsns I n s t i t u t e Ttchnoloity and of Science nnd the Dairy nnd Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas market steady, demand Rood, volume of tridlnft normal. Prices paid f.o.h. form up tn 2 p, m., today, broilers nnd fryrrrf nil wriRhls, 28--9 Jb., mostly 28. was only an alibi." Tobias had told the committee Oalis's trial was "staged" to intimidate all reporters and shut off news from behind the Iron Curtain. He insisted Oatis was guilty of nothing but trying lo do a goo,J job as a"reporter. The Oalis case, Tobias said, was "not merely Sickness In Area Said Tapering Off The Uvu-weck-old siege of "in- flucnza-l.vpc" v i r u s infection which has closed -several Noiili- wcst Arkansas schools appeared to be casing up somewhat today. Officials at schools w.Kch have Tomorrow From Judge Cnings Accident Case Also Scheduled In Circuit Court A decision in the election con- tcsi to determine v.'ha is mayor of Faycltcvill'c is scheduled for tomorrow morning ir. Circuit Court. Judse Maupin Cummintrs is lo ricMvcr his verdict al 8:30 6'cock. Boili Mayor Powell M. Rhca and Arthur B. Davidson have indicated they will carry the fight to the L-:t;ilc Supreme Court. .Judge Cumminss must wciqh i a scries of legal questions before arriving at a decision tomorrow. Huge RFC Loan Is Asked By Firm Involved In Charges Of Favoritism And Influence is considering a $f5,!)f)0.0GO loan loj i a firm involved in charRes of no- MlicHl favoritism and influence 'in | past loans. ' The Defense' Production Admin- i istration confirmed loday that the ! Central Iron and Steel Company i of HarristaurK, Pa., has applied f o r ; the new loan from DP A nnd the', Reconstruction Finance Corpora- ' lion. i Plans All Ready For Windup Of March Of Dimes Funds Drive If granted. it would be nnc of I C /··«./» the biugcsl RFC loan .since World ! J/7^/ 1) War II. i ' year! j9] if V /Jit ittee * '*' **f ' **/ *' ' ' r \PP11 Ol^ll The same firm figured last \ in a Senate Banking Subcomm report charging that a group with Wnilo House conlracls influenced the granting of millions of dollars in RFC lonns. Thc subcommittee, headed bv I WwMnfiicm-MV Draft Director Chairman Senator Kulbrlght (D-Arki gave I LcAIS n - Hershey today predicted -lnccd to this picture of $0,300,000 in RFC| n shlil 'H increase in the number loans it said were granted to Ccn- i °f "irn to be drafted between now Pntt-hlishts will be ahlnw over Kaycttevillt' tonight HR the 1932 March of Dimes draws near an end. One hundred and* nfl women and about 40 firemen will collr-cl money to aid In thc fiflht on infantile paralysis. The funds rnlFcd will bo tnken to Fire Department hciidtjuartcrs where the money will be turned over to City To Campaign Fund Described Aud't Commission Orders Brown To List Bank Deposits * Little nock-l/fi-Gordon McNultj^ Pine Bluff contractor, testified'to- day he paid £2,580 rental for * sland-by draeline fit Ihc suggestion of an Arkansas Highway Department engineer. , McNulty, t 1fi, told the Highway Audit CommiFrlnn he never' saiv all tiie dragline, which he «M- trio- Chairman Jnrk Joyce and County Frank Suttlc, and .the account of the .Ylnrch of UimcK. The ISO 'vnmen will start railing Jon secured (11 write-in voics andl of tile RFC hoardVHh-re tors','had i c;1 " " p " n Sclccllvc .Service for ..·laimcd election over nhca, thc i Hubert D. Stcclc substituted as! 4 3 " 1 0 0 0 nl °" during the scvon- jnnpposcd Democratic nominee, ! loan examiner in thc case. I inonlh period ending J u i v - 3 0 , .vho polled 83 voles. Uhcn con-i Th c loans then were granted · I"'". '" s « «' average of ..lightly homes whcro porch llpbls arc burning, promptly at filSO. WbistJes will be i*ou tided to mark the start of thr progriiin. Calls will be con- ;inued for an hour, and following period, firemen will call al homes of Ihe collectors lo lake 'ic money lo headquarters. Fire- ion .will wear red shirts with '·'nycUcvillc ·ritlcn across case of one man in prison as a result of a forced confession and a very clumsilv-stagccl trial. It was a calculated attack on freedom of information." Vavricka asserted Oatis had t| . been tried by a legitimate court in accordance with normal Irial procedure. "No one can challenge the legality of the Czechoslovak action," he said. Kcnnan, county supervisor of. the schools,, said, the school at Prairie flrove closed Monday with about 100 students absent and others ill. Other Washington C o u n t y schools have reported heavy drops n .attendance, but they have re- n:TM Finn. Named a* defendant | Grocer is truck driv- | ?-V » · employed nl $15,001) a year ' The (.ccidcnt over which the Wnbaum, a Washington allor- .suit arose occurred June 2 J1I..1. ,,,,._ was quulert h| lc ^ in ,,, when young Finn's convertible and | t|, c Senate HFC investigation as - Ozark Gixcr truck collided I having claimed lie had Dircctoi ' ' 5 - 50 , , . in M , ? *"«nn ln M » 4WO. . Reports Confession Vavricka said Oatis had confessed he was trained as a spy by U. S. military intelligence schools. He said Oatis also 'admitted he was taught nc\v mclliodi of spying by a Colonel Atwood, military attache at the U. S. Embassy in Prague and that Oatis often sent notes to Atv/ood. Tobias had offered to give any dclcsalc a word-for-word record of thc trial, saying "thit record is an indictment of thc government of Czechoslovakia, not of Oati.-." Tht: Cv.cch delegate spoke after several other delegates had rapped Czechoslovakia for snuffing out freedom of information. Benton County Police Install Radio Setup Bentonville- (Special) -Threeway FM radio equipment is being installed in police car.-,- owned by the sheriffs office and Bcnlon- ville police. The mobile sets are being installed in two sheriff's cars and one city police cruiser. The mas- lc- ,tatfon, to be operated by the sheriff's office, has arrived and is ready foi^inslallation. However, while the car radios will be in operation today, the master station not expected to go on the air for. more t h a n a week. The station--nnd cars--will form a new link in thc police radio network of Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Among sla- tioiii with which the new station will be in communication will he KKA-083, the Washington County sheriff's office station. Tax Collections In State Show Decline Little Rock-fyiVArkansas Slate tax collections dropped nearly $600,000 this month, compared with January, 1051. Revenue Commissioner Carl }'. Parker yesterday released Ihc monthly tax report showing general collections at $3,71)7,25:). January 1951, collections were $4,304,153. · ' * I Pnrkcr Kflirl a dcclino in liquor tnx payments accounted for most i nf thr revenue drop, thf first In j about * year. I f r ( In Benton County malncd closed in Siloam Springs | $1,8(1;) for medical expenses and | Huscnbnun and in the Gravette .system which I ( n , ' · · ' ' ' includes Maysville and Hiwaspc. They closed Monday and probably will reopen next Monday. In Rogers, Supt. B. L. Kirkscy said attendance improved loday as -some of the absentees returned lo school. In Bentonville, Supt. G. C. Tinnin reported 138 absent this morning--less than 10 per cent of enrollment. The worst, of thc outbreak is believed to have passed in Bentonville. »y THS OISERVEI Churchill Seen As Winner ; For some time there's been n } sign on thc front of the Palaro County Supervisor Lcc Mcasclcs T | ic;)lci . Building bearing names of Benton County said he under-| of ln(1 o ffj C C K j n the building, and stands the Gentry School was : ()nc of t | 10 names is "Mail-Mc- Hoscd earlier this week, but that Monday." Noticing that name toil reopened yesterday. Hay fnr t h o first timC] a TIMES Thc outbreak includes influenza, | rcporlcr inquired and learned that Londnn-f/Pi-Britain's Cnn--erva colds, chicken pox, and symptoms j it stam i s j or m , ; , C countinR service, live r.ovcrnmcnt Dieted for of several "virus" ailments. Most | one of somo 20 n similar offices in voi seriously affected, apparently, arc ' school-ape children. About 900 students were absent yesterday from classes in the Fort Smith area, the AP reported! but schools there remained open. Malvcrn district schools were shut thc U.S. with that same fetching new i IK U'lG. . A Southern 12 Are Treated In Bentonville Rabies Prevention Program Followed Henlnnvillc -(Special)- Twelve j.crams in Benionvillc are taking MIL Pa.-:tcur Ircfllmcnl for prevcn- lifjn nf raltics following the killing in thn area of al- least two dogs in the paf-l week In have been suffering from rabies. The heads of two dogs--nnc Killed in Dceatur and' one In the Hentonvillc area--were .sent tn Little Rock last, week, and positive reports have been received that they had rabies, according to Kob- crl Bogle, county smiilarian. At least 35 dogs ha\'e boon vac- cinatrd in thc pitsl two weeks in the area. Several dogs have been killrd xvhich v/cre suspected of heing- rabies victims. Among the \'2. persons being treated for rabic* pre\ - cntifn is a Bcnlonvillc veterinarian, C. \V. Turner. As he v;as cutting off thc head of one of tiic dogs l«st week, . - - - t Dr. TurncrV: knife slipped and cut nnrilc opposition oji a companion j (hroutfh his rubber gloves, piick- hallot demanded the ouster o f ; ing his hand. As a result he is , . , : sought b;, Central! Iron and Slccl : to expand production of the metals for the defense program. Confidence Vote Op In Britain lo of confidence lonipjit on its austerity measures. The I,a- and his dnwn yesterday when more than ROO students missed classes he- cause of illness. Little Rock j p,TM,^; ] ay your POLL TAX schools were closed Tuesday t o ' ning an advertisement bearing the ! cabinet. picture of Harry Truman. Under- ; Churchill's Tories, with a nom- ncath the likeness are thc follow- : inal majority of 14 votry, was ex taking the ing words, in strong, black type: ported lo win. Victory for the Ln- ·HE may decide to run again. Ho : boriles would force Churchill to resign thc leadership he won in tho October 25 genera! election. At slake was Chancellor of the Today!" try to stop spread of the virus. Strike Deadline For 50,000 Truckers Near Memphis. Tcnn.-l/l'i-An ML (hin) , Ton many pcrsnf , p.nrtic-1 The Labor official said unless a new coiilrart U | nr | y | as j ( . a bs, nrc driving over! laoljert covern is signed today .iO.OOO truck transport workers in 10 Southern stales will strike nl midnight. Thc little "STOP" siRns in thr Kxcheciuer n. A. Bullrr's proRrnm pavement of some streets at inter-; I" wipe out $420.000.0(10 .a year sections still mean "STOP.'.' Some | worth of British imports from tlic of these markers have not yc1 ; United Slates and other countries, been replaced with- the larger j Plus such rijjid oconomin.i as a signs which arc hcinR installed on | .''lash of 10,000 jobs from thc Civil the curbs, but they mean the same j Service rolls. Thc Labor parlv mainly aliment plans to chai'trc for certain phases of. thc free medical .--ei-viccs which the previous | Labor government' installed. them \vithoul halting. in oiuiti: ,u miuiii£Mi. i r j r\ i. ''"' ··Unless something drastic hap-i Student Demonstrations; pens, Micro definitely will he strike at 12:01 a. m. Friday," M. W. Miller, chairman of the Southern Conference of Teamsters, reported. R jln Panama Quiet Down ; Car-Buying Restrictior, Panama, Panama - Wi - Studcnl demonstrations, which turned into \vild street brawls with Ihe police. Held Highway New York-f/IVThc ncv/ly-elect- ed president of the National Aut NCROtialions w i t h Soulhwesl jquleled today after IS persons and Somheaslcrn motor carrier j wrre injured and 24 arrested. 'mobile Dealers A.-soclation s a y s associations housed down ycslor-1 The students marched on t h e : government restriction on lime- day on wajtcs for long haul truck !presidential palace yesterday to payment car purchasing has prov- drivers. The union's Southwest I demand Hint Ihe govenm.cnl ex- cd a highway liazarrt. The re- necotlating commltlec announced j tend the school tern. In make .ip striction oblises thousands of own- It had broken off thc lalks. The | for time lost during a polilicaLcr* lo hold on lo cars that HIT IM- Easing Reported In Egyptian Situation Cairo - (/I'i - Reliable informants said today orders have been issued lo "Egyptian commandos" in the Sue/ Canal area to slop their guerrilla activities. H looked Ifkc an attempt by Ihc new government * of Premier Aly Matter 1'asha to restore order. At the same lime, two loading) Kjryptinn newspapers credited the new premier with a receptive attitude toward Western overtures for a settlement of the bloody Mritisli-Kgyptian dispute. Maher Pasha hHd a long meeting last nijjhl with Gen. A'/.u. A! Misri. appointed by the former Wafdist government lapt Dprcm- hcr.ln organise and run "liberation battalion" activities Snmhcastcrn resumed the confer-1 strike they ,nid their leaclicrs yond safety age, say/ President encc today. "We may get lo-'staged in November and I)e- .1. .Saxlon Lloyd, of ccniber. i Beach, Fla. gcthcr," M i l l e r Mid. Fire Department" the back and will badges. EH eh woman. who is ollcciing for the cnipnlgn wilt '«vc an identification card which asked to place with the :nonoy collected when shu fiivpjt it to the firemen, In this way a rcc- urtl can be compiled of tho collec- Mrs. Alfred Hathcocli, in hfirgc of the Mothers' March of Dimes, said Ihk afternoon. Those who have a contribution and arc not contacted, are asked to phone 1115 to have someone call. Preparations were complete thi.i afternoon for a --final March of Dimes money-raising p r o j e c t which will he held tomorrow night at Gray's Shopping Center.' Cakes,; prepared by women all over lhi?f i territory, were arriving al the store loday to he entered 1 in a rake-baking con lest which is to be judged in the morning by representatives froni the power company, the R".*! company and tho University. Prizes will be awarded to the .winning cake mnkcm and the cakes will be auctioned off al the- store* starling tomorrow evening At 1 o'clock. Karly arrivals at tho store lodfiy Included a ''cherry delight," mie e;iku bearing the inscription "March of Dime*," and nun baked by a soldier home nn furlough. 11 was estimated that the number of conlelsants might reach half a hundred or more. All money derived from the sale of the cakes will go to the March of Dimes. Roth cash nnd merchandise, prizes will be awarded lo the winning cake-makers. They must bo turned In by fi p.m., 'today, Truck And Two Cars Plunge Off Highway Cook Spring;, Ala.-(/T)-Work- cr;; unloaded 20.0(10 rounds nf smokeless posvdcr from a Kamlinc soaked wreck yesterday after a truck and two motor cars plunged into a deep fill. The powder truck fell ujion one of the automobiles ami flattened it. One man was killed in this car. Six persons were injured, two seriously, in the three vehicles. Illfihway Patrolman I). E. Me- I.cllan said the wreck occurred when the truck's brakes {ailed nnd it smashed into the second of two ears which were prcccdiiiK it alone U. S. HlRhway 78. Thc powder was · being hauled from the Bynum Ordnance Depot eriRlneor/ told him was !oi»t^l some 25 miles from Ihr job for which McNulty Was contractor. He Identlfiocl the 'engineer *x! M. C. (Frltzi Mcthvln, who wa«: state force engineer for thc-HiaJi- way Department from August, 1010,-until Juoe .10, 1050. lie said'he paid the money to Methvin. who cave his version of" the transaction to the Audit Commission yesterday, Mcthvin. who wax district engineer at Hope for several months before becoming state force engineer, said he had retained only an agent's /ec of an undisclosed amount and that thff rest had gone to thc owner nf Ihe dragline. He said he couldn't recall who the owner was or where thc drailine was located. McNulty said Mcihvih approached him while he was contractor on a job on Highway 28 in Veil County early In 1050. Mcth- vln. he said, told him. that ho (Mclhvlni wanted some money,.. "Mold him I didn't ccc how I could pay him but of Uic job." McNulty said, He snld Methvin then suggested he knew M'here the eon- tractor .could rental dragline. 1 '' McNulty said he had a dragline which was working properly nnd didn't thlnV ho would need another. But he nnld he flgrccd/to rent one because "it seemed like the best thins to do'." ' ."·" . He «nld that at the time. Muthi'. .vln was the state's supervisor over his job. Ho said Methvin told him, the dragline was owned by "lorne.'mVm In Mississippi." HAc Attorney Cooper .lacoway n«kcd him If the name was Catible. McNulty agreed thai "It was something like that." Idtntiflea Rills , McNulty identified bill.-,, from Mcthvln and corresponding vouch- . en in payment to Mcthvin lor the stand-by dragline. Included In the nljl waj an Ucin for 81 gallons of dicscl meter luel at 75 ccnls a gallon. McNuity said he paid Ibis item allhougli he never used tho dragline and never saw It. He said Methvin told him thc, fuel was with, the dragline ready to be used if needed. McNulty also testified! hij two companies contributed a total of $0,500 lo the second term campaign fund of Governor McMath in 19SO. , .. . . He da id he made the contributions after it^was suggested that ho would receive sizable contract? for supplying gravel and crushed rock" if he did so. McNulty said he was told at a conference at tj:e H i K h w a y Department ouildii!'? here In the spring of 1030 that "I 1 would be .expected to contribute lo the campaign fund." "I tolt! them I would help all . I couid," McNulty related. He jald periods at the mealing included Highway Commissioners Roy Martin of Fort Smith and Truman IBaker of Searcy; Henry'Woods, ·executive secretary lo McMath: 'former Highway Director .L C. Baker, and John K. Brown, then highway department purchasing agent anrt now stale purchasing agent. Mention* Raker McNulty did not say who sus- gested the contributions, but he said later lllal Truman Baker told him on several occasions that thc campaign needed help. Successor To DiSolle Selected But Unnomed \Vashlngton-MVPrealdent Truman said today he has chosen a successor lo Michael V. DISalle a» price administrator, out declined lo name him now. MOTHERS'MARCH OF DIMES TONIGHT near Annislon, Ala., to nirminjt- li.'iiii, Truman Flies Over flood-Stricken Area McNulty said he contributed each time except on one final occasion when he told Truman Maker he thought he had rioone all he should. He said in each instance he contributed through Truman Baker. McNulty said $7,500 was con, tributcd by the Interstate Con| slructlon Company, and $2,500 by wVhingion-i/I'i-l'renidonl Tru- ! Southeast Conslruction Company, man look off this mon Ing on a i McNulty is president and a larse over thr four-state »":, i stockholder In each company., by Ihc flooding f l i K h l f liver. Thc departure from National Airport v.-a,- made In rain nnd subfrcc;.lng weather. trip.waj lo hr a non-stop a f f a i r , with Truman having n look at the ditmaerd sccilom of Ponn- jtyhania. Ohio, West Vlr;ini,i nnd Kentucky. Tht Wtcthtr-- \rknii5Hii--P H r I ly cloudy to cloudy and warmer. Scattered showers nnd A few, thundcrihow- er.i In eaftt and liouth portions thU afternoon, .ind in east portion to- ninht. Friday partly cloudy «nd warmer. ,^[ C ''! Both have headquarters in L .no Ohio |i|u(f The Interstate Construction Company had been Identified, in previous testimony as having supplied n large amount, particulatly in tlr fort Smith district, «t some $525.000 worth o( gravel and crushed rock which was slock- nllod by the Highway Department In HI50. Tho contrnctor said $177,000 "sounds nnout right" for tho coNTiNur.n ON PAOK JANJAtT l-*l MARCH DIMES

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