Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 30, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1952
Page 9
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NOffTHWIST ARKANSAS T1MIS, fvytfltvltlc. Arfcwwai, Wedri«iJ«y, LEGAL NOTICES NOTICI In Tfct L»r«b«tt Cw« ·! WMfcinfU* C«unty, ArkAitiM 1W THE WAITER OI- THE ESTATE Or Lawrence W. Hutchens, deceased. No. 10.1G-A. Lmt known address ot decedent: Woolicy, Ark., and Tillicuni, Wash. Date of death: November 28, 193U. An instrument dated J u l y Ifi. 1950. w»t on t h r -3th day ol J a n u a r y , I95J, admitted to probate us the Jail will of the above named decedent, nnd the undersigned bns been appoint ad ox- pL'Ulrix thereunder. A contest of t h e probate of the will can he effected only hy f i l i n g a petition w i t h i n the time provided by law. All persons h a v i n g claims against the cslale must exhibit mem. duly verified, to the undersigned within »ix i n o n l h s from the dale of the f i r m publication of 'this nolict. or they ·hall be forever harrcd an: precluded frt-in any benefit In the estate. This notice first published ,10th day ·f January, 1952. Myrtle B. Hutchuis Executrix. TrTnni Pearson. At- tnrney, Faycttevillc, Arkansas .10 Feb. 6-x NOTICE OP COMMISSIONER'S SALt Notice is hereby Riven that in pursuance of (he a u t h o r i t y and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Washington County, Arkansas, made and tillered on the 29tli day of January. 1352 in a certain cause therein pending between Lizzie Collins, p l a i n t i f f , and Allen Rislcy. defendant, the undersigned, as Commissioner of saici Court will o f f e r for *a1e at public vcnciuc lo the highest and bent bidder, at the west or front door of the County Court House in Fayetteville. Arkansas, w i t h i n , the bourn prescribed hv law. on the 21st day of February, 1952. the f o l l o w i n g described real estate.' situate in Washington County. Arkansas: The East Haff nt thn Southeast Quarter of Section Two (2). in Township In Norlh. Range 33 West. containing fiQ acres. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the decree of said Court, ivilh approved security, bearing in- trreit at the rate of six per cent per annum from dale of sole u n t i l paid, and a lien being retained upon said land*; to secure the p.iymci\t of I he purchase price. Said sale is for the purpose of par! it ion. Given under my hand on this .10th rlav of January. J9;2. (SEAL) Richard B. Greer Commissioner in Chancery 30 Feb. 6-I3-C rEKSONAL ALL our iwcaten but we have ncvi sweaters^ Hunt's. GET your S H Green Stamps at Cnslling and Russell Esso Service Station. Highway 71. nix m|lcs Norl h. BEFORE you catch t h a t cold sec us about our fiunranlecd cold prevention. North Side Drug, 930 North HELP WANTED ! NOTICI nUMMAGF, sale Saturday. Vrw AUI- lliary. lOR'? West Center. (Over Wag- Bonfrjf_ Bakery). HURRYI For highest pricei b r i n g aur feed hags to t a g _ C o . , Greenland, aur feed hags to the Square Deal d, Ark. L 84Le~-flOME HOUSEHOLD NEEDS FOR FOR SALE--MlSCEI.lAVr.oi-- ___ ___ _ TABLE top ranse. "Can'srY'nller b j "BOOM" f'ur'iii»h~r"l~«o»rlnir1i~p"rlviitp Tills lovrly npw home t rnoim, 2 i SMALL hmn* p. m. at : East First. |,,,,|, n] Wc .,,. |', a /»,. ct i c I'honc · l u l h u . c a r a f e and l a u n d r y room In Phone I.13IM '.ArtCK S-ROOM. Solid ma»onry rm- AI.L (Hir sweaters nrp hot niinimT*. '.l.'.'iW. ; eh"icc residence rilllrtct: a u t o m a t e j rjl fcjlilly home, t mom*, hardwood junction. Clote In, on payed fife*. .r.--*r.\t. rsTATir ·«t of r'air.rmmtii : NOKTH EAST ALL our sweaters are hot n u m b e r s , ' ·.,.,_» \A/-« f n r - rnn m f (\n nr rf , r a ' but we h,vc never », d "....h-tir.'' Bruc. Wcx for proper f l o o r core.; ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hut vff him- n r v r r aiilri I l n i h - I l r e .j n o O M n , Pc|v f U r n ; T | 1 P ,| B , , a r i i n e n T . , sweaters H u n t s. Pnvau- hniii Privatp cniranre. i GO'qu URt-ri pinu. Vtt.Wi. U7:: Y u i k Av.niiiiMc F e b r u a r y Hill, .'OJ Wfit ! lOOn "stec 1 oj'fitu Ictu-r or (older L;if.iyolu«. I'nunp 3RO\V. ! file. Phone 3!(Jl U N ' P U I I N J S H K H 3 room n p n r l m e n t . ,,... f u i n a c f , tpoclal q u a l i t y olumh. inn a n d rlretric f i x t u r e * , m i u l n t f r f : lot mid h a l f , location 100'i. SPEC I A L L Y P R 1 C K O ihort time only. BLOCK I r o m Cftmpuji--.1 room btingii- ^ low w l l h ilrriitni porch, inn porch, , p h u n f Itm m e n l . a n d enrage; f i r r - p l n c r m i - - - . :i. Hwir ( u r n - A i r t-arpon. asr- ; \ c wrt Wood burn In* firr-flactt. dm Sl.'jaiOO |sy down, bjiUncc : tti air .«a« furnace, Nlc« \tvtl lot month. i vv.ih nhsdr. O^od condition, rrlced i only ~ KINCAIO COMPANY · j each Saturday where you are as| surcd top prices. We have a gootl : cu' for good' -u at nil I times. Reasonable t r u c k i n g ' Metal Cleaner Wax Polisher for Rent. are hot numbprs. r sold "flash-fire" COUPLE lo manage f r u i t f a r m ncnr _j!?^ n - J£ r l t £-J?L 7 '_* T _ ll D cs ' _____ CLINICAL laboratory technician. Prefer one who can also do X-ray work. Call 1^00. _____ E A R N monthly spare time. We will select a reliable person from this area to refill and collect money from our New A u t o m a t i c Merchandising Machines. No selling. To qualify, a p p l i c a n t must h a v e car. references and $600 working capital. Devoting 4 hours a ·week should net up lo $400.00 monthly with the possibility of taking over f u l l time. For interview w r i t e giving f u l l particulars, name, ·del res*. age nnd phone number. ^^o x *BgB. San "[CKO.^ Calif. _ HELP WAITED-- MALE _ . ' FIIOM Ihb area \vanln1 to re-fill and collect money from new a u t o m a t i c merchandise machines. No selling. To qualify, must have car, references and SGOn working capital. A Jew hours spare- t i m e will net up 1n S400 monthly. Possibility f u l l lime work. For interview, write. Riving l u l l particulars, itnmc. address, phone number.__Bpx K-9, TnTimcs. ¥oUNG man for a permanent position as repair nnd service adjustor w i t h Singer .Sewing Machine Co.. Fay_ c l l c v i l l c . Apply in_ person. · 2 YOUNG'fncn under 20 free lo travel with group. No experience ncces- ·ary. Must be nest and w i l l i n g 10 work hard. Average earnings SiiO.OO tvrrkly. Expenses advanced, transportation furnished. For I n f o r m a t i o n ·ce Mr. White, Room 32. Washington Hotel. 7:30 j. m.-- 9:30 p. in. No HELP WANTED-- FEMALE EXPERIENCED ftlfcration woman. Will t n k r ""plications Thursday and Fri- ilpyl Apply in person. J. C. Penney Co. __ _ ...... _ LADY lo manage dining room. Write PO _ . . _ A~BDSINESS"OF YOUR OWN NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED L H A U I N G A A A 1 m a n u l a c t u r c r of niflinlcnnnce products desires distributor over .15 for territory consisting of Boone. Carroll. Bcnlon. Newton. Madison. Washington. Pope, Johnson. Franklin. Crawford. Yell. I.ngan. Sebastian counties in A r k a n - sas Every mnhufacturer, i n s t i t u t i o n and business building is a prospect. No house to house canvassing. Many ·ctive accounts. Full credit on mail orders. Liberal commissions plus bonuses up to S2.000 yearly. Saturday Evening Post. National Trade Magazine and Direct Mail Advertising produce many i n q u i r i e s t h a t result in immediate business. Training by field malinger. Car required. Phone M A Cerf at M o u n t a i n Inn. fjiyeurvllle fn J a n u a r y 2»th. 30th, or 3Jst for * n^^J^tcryJ g^'x-y ww^ SITUATION WANTED HOUSEWORK by~lhe"~hourV~2G58W. Call between Sjind J p. m. STUDENT wants part ~llme "employment. Available all day Tuesdays ·nrt Saturdays. Also a f t e r n o o n s a f t e r _^_P_L. n Ii_' Iiin __? n H- s ' ! 1 12. nc _ ::69;u CARPENTER. PafntinV Remodeling work wanted- References. Reasonable. Clyde L. Barr. 2231 W. TRANSPORTATION OFFERED WEAVING fnr Los Anfefcs. California. Fthruarv 2, In late model car. Can lake 2 or 3 rldcn. Phone 17 between * a. m. and 4:30 p. m. Mon- Keep o with tn* lime*-- read (lift TIMES daily. charge. No s : charge. Kurni- iure can be consigned any day of tlie week. Sale every Saturday morning, ]0 a. m. Hilton Bros. A u c t i o n House, H i g h w a y 71 Nor.h, Phone 1770, KUK SAI.B- -AUTflMOTIVK J". D. Eagle, Realtor. CORN (erf 'irMSCrt hogs, d e l i v e r e d . , W P Ii I'lionr I M I J . ! crioiCK'V-ilrtrnc* I n t i ii JMione M441\H. . MO1JEHN j"brdroom' housr.'"dmihlV Ml by ?00. ."IJTABLE nmtlel rni-lloi. I'hnm- ittRfi. · ^irnj:.- muchrd. Kea*onnb]c Phone nAnNVA'ltlj"manure. Phone HlliJ. . I . r ' t o w -^. O'xi2' riUC"""pr.iciically' twv i I w t r i c 2 ROOM funHshc'il-a'pari'mrnt ' w i t h rcfriscralor Can Itu"seen b r f c i r o 11 halh On l i r s t f l o o r w i t h prl\'»ir a. m. wild n f t n r 7 p. in. U p a t n i r s . ' f'rilrapicr K'U Writ L R f a y e l l r . One ::i Kant Spring. block from Wnshiiutton School, ron- iVAY.- BIIC" per hiilVanrt UP Phone j ^"T" 1 .^n" 11 '" 1 ' 3 " 51 - Cfl!1 S ' M ' ,1. R. M. PeliTMm. JTiiinr Grnvi-. ' -^ j:nt -\-^ 10 l u CRAVENS CO. I N S U R A N C E : A u t o m o b l l t - Llatllily . '· f\t» - Exmndtd'Coviragt 5 :;.·;':. Poiio - Plait Clan ;j ii" · WADI HNCHW ; ·' te 'M t''=-' : TON Doilje pickup. Chciip. MbonE~bkrl"cyri!r(iwn"irum men only. 79R.I. . ATTENTION~MEN" " ~ WOMEN FANTASTIC BUT TRUE E A H N to -SiOO M o n t h l y opcrntinir our HIGH GRADE NUT VENDORS in y o u r ipare lime. Resional Director will appoint One lucal reprfienu- tive. To q u a l i f y mint have SfiOO and excellent rcferenreB. Can nuMd lo S15.UOO yenrly and f u l l time w i t h 1336 ", TON Doiije pickup. Chciip. MoonE~bkrl"cvri!r(iwn"irum"Vcrlini'rl j u ^, 1 ' I ' R N I S I I K I ) ( rnom n p a r t i n e n t . Phone 2IMC. __ _ | ,,,,,!. S1|75 ,,,, bii'licl. D. M. Polcr- ! JliTS-ii'J'-.'- im CHEVItOLET, 4 door, sooil lir«. I ..TM."-. rl !:! n ». i:l ' H -_ p . rol . l : lc ( i r " v n | U N I V K H S I T Y APARTMENTS o n e Robert H Logan, 310 l l i f h l i n d Ave. ; B_R101IT_inoailow hay. Plum,, 209IW. : M\I'\ m "«" Mils Jaicl n r n d'Yv 1948 SPECIAL Deluxe P l y m o u t h 4 J .nhnnc_317BJI. tlonr. nadio, heater. Sec nt 504 North , iiS""Crulicr""4 door sedan. This car in f i r s t rlass shape. Hndio. heater, a u t o m a t i c transmission and very low mileage. n o * rShcr' i n v e ^ L S . n l e an in TMTM« "" I""*"*' TM""= "»" application, i n c l u d i n g phone n u m - ' --"- ±ii-ii her. For interview write Box K-i. E»2»J2S "-.idilOBS USED CARS from our five-cent High Grade Nut L J A i l T I I T l i r v f 4 1 T machines in this area. No .cllln.l i Ml IN H rN I S A l h To qualify for work you mu.t have I'lUll I Fl till/ J M L L Terms Terms car. references, SfiflfJ.OO cash, secured by I n v e n t o r y . Devoting fi hours a week to business, S'our end on per- ccnlaRc of collection. 1 ; will net u p to $400.00 m o n t h l y w i t h very Rood possibilities of t a k i n g over f u l l time. Income increasing accordingly. For Interview, include phone in application. Box K-fi. %Tfmcs. WANTFD TO BUT WANTED WE have buyer for snidll .duplex. G. R. Crandell Real Estate IDEAL MAHRESS CO. W* m««t or b»at any competition 401_WE_ST_DICKSON nAiK'n(5\v~i i n6"irr soi.f "ii'ntiy. phoric Hprinjifhilr- 3201. Orarlt Trout Farm j LUGGAGE." "suiFi-iiscsT"^!! lockers. brii;f capos, IJ-l bags, O'nitf LM!U».. toilet kits. CMC. A c r u t i l i l f l r line ^^J^SS!-^-!^-- 5ii ni *'' U; * S ' ronR LOST AND FOUND lZ)S : I~n~vi('iili"ty of DX~St:ilion nr j . - Ur-rli Thcaler. Januiir.v L'uih, i.ul.v's j !'." ls ·*"'' r J ' v ' i i ' ' " ! ! ! 'i "' wrist watch. JJcwnnl. C n l l 7idM:i. | _".' l '( JLti' l ' ini ' t yi"!*- ''""HP C7. _ LOST. bTilfold. January Zfith nr-ar i I U/ U I I I W i R c n n s Mnnortiil. Paul KCL-S. dill ! J. TT . ll I L L PARKVIEW APARTMENT'S ·'until u n f u r n i s h e d $30 00 (iirnlsltrfi $11501); two tiedrnniu u n f u r n i s l i r d ICJ.OO Jlrmliv li-undry a v n l l a h l e Phon S3S SKK VfCliS _OFFKR liD I N D I V J O U A I * income tax ncrvicc. Hca- c v n i r r , A U T O M A T I C APPLIAHCE CO. ^"'""i, A Belter Haw I t t . B u y WELL LOCATED ACHES w i t h mod xoltil 4 rv i n n i f . Nefll inilrlr but nectl* n:tipt · K«r^c- flnH »hrd rfoiii flood lora- l U l B l d r . 2 Inrjir broilrr hon«r». Cloir t l c n Lot fijxltfl. A rrmniiHtilr (iricf. ROOM hnutr. 2 baths. r!n«! on Soulh C'rillrai:. p a v c r t i r n t pud srwrr ji^id 2 room J i p f i r t i n r M t I n i t h 1 p o r r h r i "Hutpoint N I « ±S' l "h R ^ Hn TM,.££ d !S? t0n R e a L E ^ t S W ; i l H . B , « k DEALCT M . I 1 I . . . 1 bpdrnomt. i i l f t » t r r . A u t u mn Uc wiicr n y i l r i n . I h r s e h r m i r r r n p n r i t y , doublr cniMBr. A Rood prtcr w i t h rood Inmi (n lorce at 3'V FOR CATTLE OR f a r m i n c . larsr ncrcasr In v n l l p y w i t h cnnd Mork hum. Thin h GOUU Innd nnd well loc.-itod. r n i a h l ron- sidrr n r n l r f . « l d c n t ! p l In t r i r i f . NEIL SAWREY, BROKER STANDARD REALTY CO. | ^f K. M o u i i l n l n Plinnr j in M I N U T K S Dn'lVr. from 1 INCOMI-: lax service." It n y'm n u d wSf^:rV"nr,;.ue,,v ,. d ,. ;';:s TV2n ; c s, "o f ,"";:ivSnf:! · POIio b n m i l i / u l view. A NEW K I V K 110OM H O M K juil f t i n i p t r t c d , han n c v r r pfrnly""" rln-c'lV ^Uchcri" 'jlrlic - · P l o t C GIOSS · B u t C ] l a r y w l l h concrrlc floor, i i n t u r n l --- ' "" J "~~ lir houtr f« r m n n l c l r l y _ _ _ WOYtK^wiuilud by" woman. 2B5RJ." J'bll nnprrlinncitif; 'nnd p n l n t i i i R . phn _-H!JJ. I'~OR nli"si7i's' of"dnor~'nnd" window Kincaid Co. 1 Beilhdle - '---"'' 1 1 Automotivc ·Firct t Health and Accident j · Liability 1 , t W O R K M A N ' S COMPENSATION B E N D I X M I R A C L E A C - . f A T O ! W A S H E R nrl l i u l l l - l n r n h i - I ·Vii|s'"is"TRIJl.Y""A""NiCK ' l l O M r . | It. £. A. vviuNI r n n s l i l f r I n k i n p In · I n t o THESE PRICES THROUGH SATURDAY, FEB. 2nd ONLY 1951 N a s h 4-door C u s t o m j FOUND."Thiiu "F. "wiiiiains" tine "cm .; 14000 ? Tv ,TMi"otfic 1 "' ''"' "" °"' C "" ; miles $1495 1951 P I y m o u t h Club Coupe. "Black"; very clean $1575 1950 Plymouth Club C o u p e . 118 NorMi Ensl Street P'-onr ''.-.Sfi--122.1 j New v / h i t e w a l f s _ Licensee! «nd Bonded .U.,,- t n v c ONE~ii5r'tliik.~Plionel»62. n i o *., P ', i HEAVY hem. J. L. RutlecTte, HighwiTy ' 1*50 C h e v r o l e t 4-door F l e e t l i n e . FOR .SALE OR TRADE ELECTRIC CO. Quality Installed · PUMPS · POWER 4 ROOM house lo he mover). B. M. _Pctcrscn 1 _Phone_2064. Prairie Grove. A SMALL propane tank. Orville Slse- _niore.__Prairlc_Grovc, phone 845F22. USED fire truck or'siinilar toy. large enough for child to ride in. n_71.T._ 1 USED eicctric well pump. (or~a drilled well 10S ft. deep. Benlon County Nursery Co., Inc. Rogers, I Ark. Phnnc BS. ' TKXAS Ifinri. l.D^n acres of Innd m r'a-s^rxsr wrw ^°^^^^j°!L ' S^ cr "i. ri ;l (!h or S ",,r'Ti 1 o.rA'fyi? rl J:| HARRY ,i C.-R-SMER SiMITH At C O M P A N Y . Ri-.lj.irs. ;^l. Hny 21 l , _ W i n j l f i w "P OW er 9 ,ide" $, 485 1 ^TM^- 7^^^ i EX C A V A f I N G 1 0 r « c j /- c ii · I LONG term. ,T or 4 bcrlrooni, 'motlcrn 1V50 Ford Coupe. F u l l y e q u i p - , house u-illi m-ruaiic nnd iicccssaljlr. ped and clean $ 1 4 4 5 r l m n o 1MJ - MONEY TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Lnw interest, lonp terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone a:03 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make aulo and furniture loans. Let us finance the purchase of your new ur used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Block St., or our used car lot. Corner Center «nd Church Streets. w' B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel. Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 -J 2r~HbuR~'si=i«vicE OM."~ , )r Hemstitching, Picoling, Covertd ._ Buttons, Button Holei, Tailored ! Bells and Bucklet. 1949 Pontiac 2-door. A nice one WANT TO RENT w i t h H y d r a m a t i c . $1445 ~(JK~:fi7eiiyo~om~ifnfurnishen house in 1949 Chevrolet 2-door Fleetline.' El 1 ." 11 " 0 " Sch00 ' '"'"'*"' 1 '" onc D e l u x e equipped . $1 195 ! UNlVERSrfy~rr7fc1Sn"r"ier'd!i~:''' I 1949 Chevrolet 4-door Stylelino j TMTM£ r TMg"^""g. Deluxe. " B l a c k " . . $ 1 2 9 5 , ' 19X9 Ford 2-door. A late c u s - ! WANTED TO RENT torn 49 w i t h over. drive $1195 1949 Oldsmobile Convertible. vrrs'lty t jli.,ie;,ls. Ht-fcrcncos c l v c n . . "Rocket" m o t o r . . .$1495 : W r i t e P. O. Box 820, r'm-l binith o r , 1948 Chevrolet C l u b C o u p e i phone Fort Smith 2-278S. | Fleetmaster. white! I , j excavating - Bulldozing walls , $ 1 0 9 5 ! WANTED i Disking - Brush Rake 1948 Packard. A small one w i t h ; "" " " _ . -_ . overdrive clean. .$1025 | Special A t t e n t i o n given M a i l F u r n i s h e d Iwn-room i i | i n r t i n n i t nr ; Ordsrt. Satisfaction or Mone t'ooin ij.v two in;ilc u n i - , model car »H part A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR JIM HOLDER Trlrphmi" Ml tiM. tn.19 K, N.^Collcnc BY owner. BO «crci. 3',i mllci i o u t h - wful ol Fnnnlnicloi). l-cup w r l l , t t u - intif. electricity, 4 room home, f a i r n t i l l i u i l t l i n K K , Icaprdcr.n p H K l u r r , xnn,\ niind, VOUIIK vlncyartl. W i l l nol jinow S i i n i l K j n Wilhiir A l k i i m , H o u t f 1. nctn N I C K S-HOOM M O U R R N HOME. Inrsc living room mid d i n i n g · rouin tuti)- biiii-cl. i u l l lj;HK wllh shower. Conc r c i c bnnrtiu'nt, r c n l r n l K H H i n r n n c r . n.idcslos ih Ingle* oulfliri^. i t i a u l n t C d . Only .*· ycari old. Lot .Mix^JO- Nicely lln.incoti. one -lift U coili, Price-M VAN GUILDER REALTY Eiitnc C Van U u i l d c r Over Huhimi Slurr ( K l i c r »nd KvcrmiK Phonr _\9\1 THREE SPECIALS ALL PREFERRED LOCATIONS WANTED TO RENT, LEASE OR BUY Ponds - Roads - Clearing ,946 Ford Club Coupe. An out- stock farm. Mu.ThavV ioO acres ! V^^K'^M/S'Lu L" i 9 V ° O l ' B ° od P aslu ' re . g° oc) water. Not _Phonc HBti. Fnycltnvillo · .!!!.,,!'..^l 1 . 01 ?:.. B ?^ i n ' « " « ' e d . i n co»lly i m p r o v e . ; " L A N D S C A P I N G new and under list . . ? ? ? ments . W r i t c care of P . O . B o x . 1950 Ford Vi-ton. A mechani- 261, University Station, Fayette- ; cally perfect truck . $975 villc fL. I . I / . , - I ' i » i - . Chevrolet Vj-ton. L i k e n e w . ·""* " . with m a n y extras. ..$1035, . l ii!S_i'IL / ??! F M:i!rr tills n i u l KPT vice C_ IV \Vifti;»ti!t, 24B3J. i ""bi'Tcil "n/a'csTNa I K O O T I N U S -- W f l i c r . gas «nri i^wer d lichen, septic l a n k holes D i ^ R i n p nrl back fiUlnR. Call Wt. UrycB , y 607 WILSON AVE. ! NO. 1. 2 lirdmoim AtlM dm. inrce IW- IHK i ooiii. f u l l tUninft room, nice kiti-lu n nnd u l i l l i y room. I R I R C lot, loi» of ilnulilicry mut n h f t d f I r c r v p n i r t p a v e m e n t . An iiiuiaunl tiny nt jr-'.SfHI. r f i u b l n n l l u n K. )(. A_ mid O. L l^onn. 915 RUSH DRIVE NO 2. 1 Ijct.rnoim, larKt: coinbln*tion livmc rnom mill d i n i n « roinn, iii'BUil- I t i l )tlclicti, u l l l l l y room, llouic i-i ncwjy (Irrurtlcti ihruoul. H* run in .it $IO,2fl(t Another romblnflllon F. II. A. mul C .1. lonn in effect. 515 REBECCA NO. n. Z hciininnn nnd mitly, combination l i v i n g room mid ilininu roofn, imuMinl kitchen nnd b i c n k f a s l nouk. tilHNlcrcd wnlli. TliU home hns been n i p l e l r l y rnnodrlcrl luttly. Two ^OR_SAI,E_LI\'ESTOCK · 1948 C h e v r o l e t ' '/,-ton. Stand- '· ^s°.'Gr'eSnd? I Srk. alC h °'' P ' L 'i a r d c a b o n d new ! -""--"·""----·--· ·· ~ · · -" - - ' . tires' $ 8 6 5 ' 1946 Chevrolet Panel. Perfect in I every way $585 RFGfSTEREn Hampshire b"oar"~~U monlhi oltl. also .1 younp towi to (arrow in March and April. Grppn- haw Farm, Hishway 45 tail. Phone 2707W2 ONK FOR LEASE DX Service Station Located at 126 North College., KOIt K A I . K -- K K M . rsTATIt SOUTHWEST "FA YEITEVILLE completely remodeled Juttl.v. Two \*r R c tnls. Onr l a c i n g OIJVK SI. the o t h e r REBECCA fit. Thr tuvnrr hni been Iranilcrrcd to Tiilit. lor xnlc I lie price Is only in.iiuii.iM), Gnttd Innn In r f f r c l . THKSt .1 homes lire In excellent con- d i t i o n , nnd I he lorn t lonn nrr innir of thr bent. Ponnrinlnn cnn he had (JNK f j i f t n n c - b a i r urn.* i r r i i i . I D I I ,( i a u i r k l y . lnvtitU*ic thesr, nnrl com- Fivc room I nm- /nd ,m»n i I' arc w l l h olhvrs. n, i« locution, l!'.L/ nn .'ll:.!l'.'. ll ^ r( l" ( ' *'"'J" ''"'"· i-on»tnirtlon. and PRICE. o r t h n r d ior home j K fl ppointmcnl cnll O. H. r.«mhi* ^L,^^TMt,.r^r? i n K ;:'fcJ W «- Ols ° hQ(V , e « numb " o f 9 o o d Some finance, -necewory. If ini %?^l^±^°TM ,,.,,, ,,,,, lion z milts North K.rminilon. Own- older cars that are priced teresled contact T. W. Slocum ot Lin-.-urri w"«i "i"the V'lm", Ih',. er, Gcorfic Severs. __ PIGS, Virii[.S«lsbury, "Hibbcruin. DOGS--CATS-- PETS «~WEKK old blnck and white Chl- VERY LOW FOR THIS SALE I the station or Mountain Inn i S,', 1 ,? 1 ',TM' h "" lc " "'""'""»i»rr"ir,i THESE CARS ARE ON SALE AT ' Holel ' fr '" ia ^ and Salurda y"CRIDERS" USED CAR LOT ON NEA p l n s t r r r d t n i c r i o r \ v n l l s ! 'riinnimslnlpd lloor (urn;ii-o hc:il. Shruh.1 nnrt p I i i n l l n u R in yard. A -plc-ndlrl Imy al SS.500. NEARLY 3.«m Wlinre Ircl. Inclmlins I ' l"l u« "ho ".o-'i' ail Htinrlincnl if ,lncii-,.,i ..i .i, . nimw jini 7R.1 h.,ah,, ou, o, AKC Champion, C.,1 j »TM Q ^ ^ORJH ^ T H E ^^^jSSSJ H A M M O N D " R F A I T Y ' " ' CO. Eve Dioiir M. D rtjimmnnd 1.172 .i A j.iwr. ir.nnw COCKER SpirTicl pups" f or sale. Plione H I L L . ' 1993 ol_sec_«t_ni7_}yeil Rock. __ REGISTERED) corker sp'anieT puppiM. I Phone 1G86. REGISTERED red Cocker Spaniel'pup- pics. Sired by Champion Rocky Point Redcoat. Mrs. Wyttt. phone r,07.I2. _ _ SACRJFlcTNG "Siamese kiltens, make wonderful pets, very semle, lovins. $1!5.00. Betty Ann Court, Rogers, Ark. FOR SALE--HOME NEIDS P h l G l D A l R G refrigerator, fi cubic f e e t . Rood condition. 550.00. Call 2.S7^R. _ """ PERSONALLY ENDORSED U S E D C A R S 1950 Plymouth Coupe. Heater; BARGAIN FOR RENT--MISCKI.I.l Mini's i NTAir^T.T.rVTY.r i " i , ' , , ' - "KnnOOM liomc. N r w l y decorated. N 4«"." m w»h r0 °l"', SrV'"'"^!!'£· i i-i'iK ": rp «"""'«"'" S^»" 1i»'rin. new. 1-honc 231. ir n r J II n I r · I K °q"irTM on LSc"ToV'^ni" ck s"ui°"!"' "· l-ranaeil Keal'tstate McCartney -Lewis Co, Inc. I'tinnp :ir,« Kve. ]'hone_llTS _________ _ Immediate Possession "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE" Health and Accident Workman* Compensation Plate Glass Buiglory Automobile Polio Poultry Fire Liability Trip UTLEY and Company, IMC, Georgt F. Caudle Vice Preiiiient A hi'.umnce M*r H. L. Ulley J. J. Pyeatt Telephone 2203 LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. 2 PC L I V I N G ROOM SUITE-- c h a n n e l nnns nnd shnpcrl back, heavy fronted base In n bc.'iuiiful rose froir.c. , s- 298.50. Sale 211. SO w w «. v . UVINC. nOOM SUITES . ..,;,- . . 3 HEunooHS WITH p, BATHS. w,,n- 2 PC M V I N O ROOM SUITE--Modern dcsiun, 2 cushion M f n . J t i c ilcrful vuliit In a new 6-room honio. matcliinii chair. (niy Ions wearing frcizc. Res. 22B.5II. Sale '"·· I.oralcrt 111 Wmrilnglon Srhnul DU- Irlct on p»vcrl ulrcrt w l l h tfvifr. H»i» Iiirgo H v I n K room. d l n l n K ro(/ni, _ Ho C «or«"' ^nomaiic'"""^""^'"!" 2 P f L I V I N G ROOM SUITE--iiloclUlcil mndarn. ujable with modern t u r n n c c t,oi 78'xi.w. R c i i i i i i u i thsiii- \ or t n i d l t i o n n l pieces. Hunters (,rce.n or Brown frcize. Ircoj. Samooni'i nolnR In »cl · mil j rt(.|;. 224,50. Sale 1TJ.JO '"' y io',"av"'l'r h n'p'r.'ii"°" 11 "'*"' "" 2 J'C L I V I N G HOOM SU]'fH-.Mi)nc-rn rlcslRn with wood knob trim '- iirm.i in plain trecn nnd Cray combination mohnir.' RCK. 219.50. Sale 111,50 KINCAIDAND COMPAY Korl nnrl ·' m Ford Custom Tudor Radio and heater. . 1948 Hudson 2-door. Hnntfr t i n g s UNFURNiSH.-.l) :l runni n p n r l i , , er » i u v s ,,. hlot . k , olf S(Illlll . r ,,,,',,, 1948 Olds Sedanette. Radio ~ : - ,.v,.,.,« houac. 2 room · · 80 A C U K S for " »»1,-."' 4 ; room house, j c»y' C walicr'by ''h'/dlmr, drilled "vvc'i li, ,,nW l " ' ic. Phone lilfifi ulilllies paid. S4II nuly., unlurr.ishrd. furnlshc'l'! siVi'o'^nlly!"""" 71 "'"' ""' Vn'rinKi 'io'lT nl 'mill «nrl''1 r'rt"? ' l'I.A'cF.~ht«p".~nnd"(lirr,llure."rhone """""·"·" "«····"» Com iy I'hgnr 7«JI; V^,' ".iju.r,. loc.lid In M n d i l o n I 2 TM.'-.. ..-_. .l harn. Hilck.. ·r-llar. IV 2 PC B E D - D I V A N - t A N D C H A i n . upholstered arms, comfortable bed by nilc in d u r a b l e chrtmpaune Vclon plastic. Special 12110 'it. hclwccn OcofKciown -l«n!«tn. W r i l c C' n. C u l n n . TJr Crt-ck. A r h a n f l i nnd , drive to Faycttc- BED DIVAN "« uias seaanette. Karjio, K U R N I S I I E O apiiruncni.' b c a u i i i u i i y L I V I N G ROOM S U I T E ! heater and Hydromatic. j tTS"'^."^'! 1 ?"^ BUILT-IN InnersprinK m n l t r M S . lull W h i t e w a l l t i r e s . . . $ 1050 ' Car por'l. Ulil'itk-s'iwiil. SI75U.' I'l'i'ono I l! 1 'n;'t. C 'slr,'cll" i 'pond. lisrn^mlin-TM?"- hcd SlZC. h l n h R r a d C Damask C O V c r , ! l o j - r u J /- - I I r\ ''.Ml? ' h - l l l / H n l ' . nil 111 r n n t p « ^ln.^ I niBlchitiE easy t-hair 1947 H u d s o n C o n v e r t l b C. R o - . · ,'-- c -- - · · . . - , I ''·"'""?'.· "" "" . r !""c«. rlo«p I' iiirtitiiuif. trtsj L n B u . N1 ., w hnu;iC , 0 j-^ijj p n r | y .\orih Sprlnf;,!: Regular S314.00 Vcilut dio and heater; Over- Mission. I'honc :oiiu. ! viiir r, for $239.50 LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. FOUR POSTER" BEDROOM SUITE W A T E R F A L L front, vanity w i t h l a r g e ' mirror, v a n i t y bench. Fix-c d r a w e r | cheM. larfjc poster, w a l n u t finish. : R e g u l a r price $167.50 I'* 2 Chevrolet T u d o r . . . .$450 . or square. M'.-irnod couple prefcrreti. I'-" -- ' v o i i ' s A i F " » V OW-TFR Sole price $127.50 !,1940 Chevrolet Tudor, R a d i o 1 ,,'-i'" n ?- = * 7 ,, v - , - , . .. ;»irni. i ' h r d r n n m home, i t c H i i f onmc. · · · · · · ' * ' · · " ' i , , U N F I J R N 1 S I I K I ) newly ikranili'ri 1 ; n r r r cnnlrn iincl t r i K - k p n l r h . Mich. LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. i and heater $395 room duplex, a v a i l a b l e al once, i way |f,. :··.·. CHI 2781.1 l i t e r 3 p. m. ' 1 9 3 9 Plymouth Coupe. .. . $ 1 9 5 ' p A n ; 10 -. nn3 _ . . _. _ . . ! ' ' FOR QUICK SALE 1O1X Dt.,A,«,..u T..J t i i c i 1 " 1 LEVEItinT. llonm lor a q u i e t · hoy*, szo.liu month. dio and htater, o v e r d r i v e . ' . -. _ _ . Verv cleon .,,,, | HOUSE lor rent. z-ajR. | P I O N E E R REALTY CO. ' ' ' * . r'URNISHF.I) a p i i r l m r n l . 2 liliickis north | Hiiihway 71 Soulh In SprliiBllalr. Ark CASH PA)D FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Colltct 2)53 Arkiniit Joplin Rendering Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H,P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phtnt Colltct lilt Fcyttfevilk t Ce. PIECE wool rrlcze livlns room iiiitcj. Choice of colors. S1S4.S5. We Klvc S fit H Green Stamp.. Hilton Brn.v Drlyc-ln F u r n i t u r e Co., High- rX5R""he«r'ln"uiVd"rurnilTirerRee~DilK- Kar Brown F u r n i t u r e Co. Ufccd hcd- room suilcs. l i v i n g room suiles. chairs, breakfast sets, d l n i n x room suites, ranees, refrigerators. 12(1 Sntith_East_Strcet. WXSIIING ma"c'h"iric." typewriter, both in good condition. Bargain. 801 West Ccnlcr. * PIE^GE maple ItvinK room set. Rood condition. SiS.ort. 134fi Model r e f r l n - erator. $7.1.m. Call 2895M. 1936 Plymouth Tudor. .. .$125 | 1948 C i v i l i a n Jeep $595 CI.OS'B"~ln~liirnl«lieil " a i i d " i i n r t i n i l s h - ! ""· ['"' '.'"".'.'?.' I.'li'h u'r....""^'^!' "« C i v i l i a n Jeep $550 ^^W^TM^ , , | V^^^ZkWSi A " T i n i / k J A T A P \ OA UardwootI Moon-, ulcam ncftt. :^.T j,t ^',r,a nr-.:,. T srr i l i i ^ . OZARK MOTOR CO. ,^g$^ cta . -o;_,,,^-rs. r , K Sprlngdale WHITFIELD'S CARS-TRUCKS eralor. j/ri.mi. call ZK'J5M. i n c i c j c i r USKD~divanT'j""cu»hion ilyle","»t2.M.' '" 51 Ford Sedan. C u s t o m . I.TU-I* nro». Co., inc. ! Overdrive, radio, heater. 2 i',;?"p| K ' in '" r i n r,'|-in'" ""'""' ' i m t i n i '· ow mileage $1795 j-'itoNT iipnri«,iii, nnvnVrn'ir, ib.nt) 19X7 Oldi 66 T u d o r . .. .$1095 i J?H l J'.-£!?."-'i c -!l-J: h l" 1 ! Ji zn e f f i c i e n c y a p a r t m e n t -M ! _North_Hchooi. . I T H R E E U N I T INCOME I . A H U K room, p n v n l c h n i h nrul f n - ! o .....,., F t.i.,..i, fr , lir . t t l _ ,.,,,,,,,,» Jran«._L,-,r B e c-IOMI.. !7«W. · j "Vlm^r'oM.u'.ml !",'.'S ,"c1v T h h ',, 3 ROOM u n f u r n i s h e d n p i r t i u c n t ;uid \ ^iw;iy!t n nTM al cnod rent. Hpcclnl h a t h . .VM Kast Miiplc. Monn.c Liinrr. , I)rif .. r ,f sir, (Kin. RITTER AGENCY N I C K u'psliiirj H p u r t j i i c n l , 2 Hock wood A p n r t m r n i n . 2 Unnd t27. r ..0fl dl.thwnshrr Usprf t a n k clcnnrr .......... . Used Rcnrtlx rtrycr .......... 17ft.n Usrd M n B| c _Chcf_rjmjte .__ .. ._._fi5.00 A~BSOi.UtKI.Y"NO odor "when yon UKf Dcrloti Mothipmy. Five year w r i t t e n guarantee with onch ipray- ing. I.pwls Ilrns._Cp., Inc. __ 19X7 Buick Sedon $ 5 9 5 1940 Ford Tudor $ 384 T R U C K S ; PUS. P H I V A T H K N ' T H A K C K , S l I O W K H . STUDY DKSKS A N D L A M P S . I N N K I t S P R I N C ; H K I I K . $10.0(1 F.ACH KOH BOYS. I HERE'S ANOTHER-$600 DOWN 'I'M?: ilrni;,ml n, uooil n n r l t h e r e * no nuc-dion lull t h i s nlacc s h n u l f l he . K. N K W (hrrr rod in home 'Jnnc ln,,1r Rrnilr · IIHIMKI p riinrr» nr\i if i irr i "* 7 GMC ltn a whMl baie .' ; ' Si«m SINGLE. PIIONK r,:,.i. For FULLER BRUSHES | l!;!? 0 :,^^. 2 1 ?::!^;^"^^ ilnrk t f f i l l it r dairy brooms. I r 'i 0 ._.'L"'!tr"j_ ^ hn ." c _ ! 5 ' 8 X "clpnnprii. ~»pnlM-ii'itn. . nock._Plionc 52. " ' " . . Co., lnr._ _ __ USKD~"»rm h«lr'.' 7"M""L"ewli Bfo«. Co.,^Inc. __ _ _ ____ _ M I BUT'ANK llmV," (fj7'Villon,""lonfr rnn. riltlon, II7I.M. Phone H), Prltrlt (^Irnvi; ______ _____ _ _ U*SKT) bfd rhvun Mnrl niMlrhinK chnir. «».M. Ldwll nroi. Co., Inc. axle; 825x20 t i r e s . $o95 .. 1948 Ford ',S-ton .$595 1949 Chevrolet C.O.E. 1V4-lon: $ 4 9 5 ' _ " n p A r l m c n l . " 3 rooms mid h n t h . f ' » r t l y f u n i l s h r d \ v i i h r u n g ' 1 niifj rrfrl((cr»lnr nnd brdntrim »·-( (idniRc, PhntlP 17-."U. ' " " 1942 Ford Pickup $29ii TM* ^L^Tm^'"^-^ r WHITFIELD M010R CO. .' Her .Snrin« iinrl ( H i v e \W. v . » l ^ r . nlld. Hefetenccs. Phone IJOS Day j Mil K v e n l n K . j OLDS --. CMC SALES AND SERVICE fhont 3110 l l v i n f room, i l l n i n K mom. k i i e i n n and t i a t h . )r,f)OD ]lin n i l l l l i r . Plione 722W. i~HOfiMS"iitilH/ . rc: It NOW. WHERE IS IT???? T I I K niO!" l i p . n i t l f i i l tpni t»r * home u i M i i n :i '-' n i l l p r n f l l u « of P n y c l l e * v i l l f Thr h"*' «,lt« for 'ulnlivuhtii; on 7J c-jitur- lo K a v f t l t c v l l l o . Thr l)f»i iiu'-ii'i-M " ( I f . Th" niO«l h ^ f n i H I u I h t i l l d l n i ; « i t r * v. r,ip|ird nr) In nn in r.rr«- l i r t r - ' Tlo«t ncrrs of kit AW. l.rrrlri. Mrit ftncliig. A N D n f i t i i r n l ttM« AMI! ( M y u'»ltr. fn hr tu»-h ·I-UFI low Mown p A v m c n l WHT'fU: IS IT 7 1 * Wr h » v v l'. Cornf down fttlfl «"'' Will UllOW VOU. NEWI.IN REALTY WEST rollK. ARK. pn.vnhlc WHEELER REALTY CO. O;.«rk Tholrr · (i PIKCE L I V I N G nOOM GHOUP Studio D i v a n , llnsc rocker, Occsisiniinl chnir. 2 End tables and .' ' , , . rocklall t.iblo, in W a l n u t nr Hlonde wofitl finish. Covers in '' Plastic n( rose, ml. green, 149 50'" blur nr -Spcclfil TWO licdrooin home tn N o r t h e a l t section, approximately four .ve»r» ohl. OantfJ,- C l l y Inn Loan V, annul a.vahlc Sr,i:n month. 13,«SO will DINETTES A N D D I N I N G ROOM SUITES 5 PC C 1 I H O M E DINBTrE--Extcnsion table. Queen Amir lees, durable .,,- l a m i n a t e d plastic trip, 4 chairs. Colors gray, green or yellow. 27MJ! ncB/74.50. Sale SI.H ~ 3 I'C C H I 1 O M E DINETTE--Pedestal drop !caf (ahlc, 2 heavy plajtk covered chairs For the small space. Special IWO S PC BLONDE SOLID OAK DINETTE--Extension table. 4 attractive chairs, plastic scats. t B u f l c t available.! "' Special 51.50 5 PC U L O N D K DINETTE--The newest, with "Dur-oak" plastic top table, oak base, 4 b e a u t i f u l oak chairs, plastic scat and hack. Special R PC M O D K l i N W A L N U T D I N I N G POOM SUITE--Crcdcnza bullet. 0 chairs t a p e s t r y sc-atM and I.use extension table. Spcciil 15S.JO S PC DHOI' LEAI 1 ' M A H O f l A N V TAI1LK, Icfecd base wilh swingout ICK for leal suppnrlr. 4 .Lyre hack chairs Special M.IO Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory BABy~sFmNG C A M K tor r h t l d r c n In my hrtme. Mn. BEAUTY SHOP _ ALICE'S BEAUTY SHOP ! Now up Imvn. T\j f. M o u n t a i n SL Allri- nnfl Mnrthi. Phone i^O __ COLVAnD'S BEAUTY SHOP :»( W. Mc»dow-Phont Sod! Much tn.SO-tip. Colri wiive |A up BIAU'A HEATEItS Cuniplctc stock of hcnlrrj. bath, radiant, large selection of Kiis IOKS. :irj(l rhvuloior. lyiws. DUteunl. H K I ) ROOM SUITKS 4 I'C HUI11. W A L N U T BK1I HOOM SUITF^-Modern rlesisn, lane m i r r n r v a n i t v , piuu-l bod, u H j t n y cncst ;incl licuch. He.?. 239.51). Sale HMO m 4 PC M A H O G A N Y H K I ! HOOM Kl.'ITK- Illlh Century, swins mirror. litXtTTY SHUP slf'iK' 1 '' t( ', J i m i r f l hc'ni l i . 1 nr.i'.vi'i cli':st. Res. 207.50. Sale 111.50 »o« -1 PC H K I ) KOOM S I . ' I T E -- M m l i ' i i i ilcsian, scratch wood f i n i s h In ii2JXjJ5i in Ivury, I j c n u t i l u l :ui'l i l i K i ' i c n l . Reg. 1S0.50. Sale 139.JO 4 I'C BKn HOOM S U l T K - M i i O c r n lilraide f i n i s h , well ilchisno* Special' 14 PC W A L N U T H K I ) HOOM .SUITK--Miilrrn w a l n u t hca-''Llf bed, larco m i n o r v , i n i t , chest and bcndi. Spec i flr £ 0 ' Iliullni Day fir n l R h t . l ( J l c n n liny Rted 13WJ. IIO.Mi: SK OKCOHATI.NO-- W A L L P A P E R VINI1OW (.:!,!·:/ MINT, · F u l l y Insurcil Call or W r i t e nnitKnr M. SMITH Writ fork _,_, .rju-j^-iy AND ROAD AND G R A V E - ALSO TOP SUIL Phnnr l."iHJ und 10M S K K V I C M n r r i .Mhn H h n d f t Appliance Co., i N. mock. PHmi inn. i i iMECK HKI) IIOOM anour ..£1^ Blonde f i n i s h V a n i t y , h r a v y puslcr liod. Chest and bench, Sealy"' nuittrcss, rrmfniTcM spring, chenille bed i^preiul. I ttO sQ 2 v a n i t y l u m p s . ^ pillows. Special m/'-'\l OCCASIONAL C I I A i n S Wnll (lrf)lKiie(l, plastic .scut aiul back, lnrncl wooM on CA n r m f , Hcs. 30,50, Snip -/·-"·' Fl.OOn LAMPS * 7 way. larsi: reflector bowC heavy «r gold 1 C Ot. bases, silk sluitlcs. Sal« 1 ^ t /-' STUMP FURNITURE CO. 603 W. DICKSON OPEN T H U R S D A Y S T J I . t i 9 PM OPKN A C O N V K N I K N T CREDIT ACCOUNT PHONE 3112 PLENTY Of PARK1NO

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