Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1974
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

wHAT I? THERE TO BE THEN A6AIN, AWB£ OF? MAWS SHE'S JUST KlNP OF LONELY VEP.C'WONOUT you we)/ SCKANR I'LL A\AN WITH 4 SHOW IT TO VOU THE AD IN THE PAPER? WTCANSFOCTAT10N. GUARANTEED RVE YEARS. FORGET GAS/ WANT TO LOOK ATHER TEETH? 8ETTE THAT WILL SELL. FAST.' WHY SO SURE IT'5 BUBBA PIM WHO'S BEEN SCARING MISS FRILLY BIJZ? JUST A HUNCH, BUT HOW DOE£ WE GET .SWEENEV. IFBUBBA _ IUTO A HOUSE THAT'S LQOklWG .. F_QR ft. HIDDEN TRPASUREl SEES MISS FRILLY'S HEW » FOR SALE" SIGN, HEU. BET HERE, AGA1H TONIGHT. / FROM THE INSIPE, BU7? TONIGHT .YOU STANPVTCH BE ON GUARD' INSIDE. HECLfllMSTO \ BE fl MflN OFTH* OOTH/KXtfT PAW-1 WISH VE WOULDN'T flSTTH PflRSONTODOTH! SUPPER DISHES -HOW Kl W \ WE'LL HAVE TtW6SrtJ6 WBHH-P UV\ UAKB WHPA1P IIP A CUTS IN HIS HOUR OFNEEO?- h FC/HIM-- AH 15 OFF TO WIFTH' WONDER WO.F"-- /VO SUTS TOFACB n' "WOif" OM-SSS yo'/SA FLIRTY SAL, WHICH AH HAINT!. Q ui tt OKAY/MEN -SOON AS TH5 SUM SOS PDWW W ATTACK -m R3fttJ 7-2(5 SE VA MY MOMMY SAID MAP TO Z BEFORE PARK ui t HAVE OTTO ©UARPIN OLIK FOOP WHO? X ui 5 1 E9 I'M MERCHAMCTSIMS ( · THESE VERY SUPERIOR MOPS j PEOPLE ALWAYS LIKE THEM AFTER THEY'VE j , SEEN THEM Vrvr-^^' | INUSE./nrft^ «1 '? ] ' WHILE FLYttJSMfllL BETWEEN SALT LAKE crry, UTAH, Norrhwett Arkanias TIMES, Friday, July 26, 1974 FAYITTIVILLI, AHK»H»»» LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Father Must Develop Respect For Children My husband is most impatient with our 10-year-old twins. They oan't express any reaction without having their father berate them. How can:I help them during these moments? Mrs. R.H., Minn. Dear Mrs. H.: : The real target for your help should be your husband, who apparently has 'little or no understanding of the bill of rights of children. Even though youngsters do FRANCES DRAKE : Your Daily Horoscope lllDinilJil!inil!!inilIINIDIIB!tllllllll!ll!linil!IIIU!Un!N^ in the section in which birthday comes. and find what your outlook is according to the stars. FOR SAT., JULY 27 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20)" A complex situation indicated. Play for time until certain, factors are cleared up. This is one time when the "waiting game:' will prove beneficial.' 1 .'.' · TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Avoid those who would try information out of you. of the.timgue at .the wrong time could have serious repercussions. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21)' changes in your life indicated. Be receptive: :They will be for, the better. During the p.m. you could meet someone-who will be important to your future. CANCER.(June 22;to July 23} You may have; ;tp-sacrifice some personal desires ·' for the of others. But, in the long run, it wilt prove worthwhile. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Personal relationships under e x c e l l e n t : , influences: Most persons will be highly, congenial and you may even be the recipient of an unexpected gift. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Be prepared for a "touch" from someone you feel rather sorry for, but don't go over- baa r d . - Generosity · - c a n " be carried too far. LIBRA (Sept, 24 to Oct. 23) An unexpected invitation 'to holds Just and business affairs. Seek out not have the so-called major problems of family life they dp have all the conflicts, insecurities, rivalries, jealousies and other problems associated with their own age group. . : · · : . EIGHT OF CHILD Most parents today appreciate the right of a child to express an opinion, even if it is not in agreement with .their own. Talking out these differ' ences establishes better, rela tionships between -parents am children. Mutual respect for ideas is a goal to be achieve* in every family. · Your husband should be en couraged to read some of the excellent material that is avail able on this subject. Discussion with- a psychologist will 'givi him a better insight into th emotional needs of his children and will, in fact, add greatly your gayest and most frivolous inniBlllliniH^^ companion and indulge in a bit of "escapism." iAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dee. 21) Don't let loyalty to an associate involve you in a bizarre situation. It's a day for being strictly conventional. 'APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Extravagance in general not recommended, but spending ort business entertaining now justified if good will results. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb.' 19) Nip unwholesome suggestions in the bud. They don't deserve an evening get-together : some interesting surprises, what you need! SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22)) You may have been dwelling iDurocher, baseball :oo much and too long on job coach and manager. o the happiness in your horn* Our daughter works in a shop about. three miles from our lome. We notice that it has re come increasingly mor« difficult for her to: go to work Because some kind of: fear is roubling her. We are afraid hat it will cause her to loss ler job. We don't know what o do about this to help h«r. Mr. and Mrs. G.T., Tex. Dear Mr. and Mrs. T.I Some people develop a fear of open spaces. This is known as agoraphobia. I suspect that f you were to : carefully examine your daughter's: general jehavior you might find other evidences of fear, anxiety and .eurotic tendencies. . NEEDS HELP It is absolutely essential that you bring this problem to th» attention of your doctor, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist to see if they can get at the root of .the problem. '· . '' One of the, traps you must not fall into is to embarrass her or pressure, her into trying to overcome this .problem without help. Another trap that families fall into is believing that time alona will be the answer, Valuabls time can be .lost if help is not obtained early- B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Master*' Individual Championship Flay) 1. You are declarer with the West hand at Four Hearts and North leads the king of spades. How would you play the hand? in the bud. They don't deserve (Assume that the trumps are a thought. But u s e f u l ideas divided 2-2 warrant encouragement. Be up and doing in profitable areas. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) From out of nowhere may come a unique suggestion. No harm in considering its possibilities: It could prove highly amusing. ; YOU BORN TODAY a r e endowed with a dynamic personality, lofty ambitions and unusually strong qualities of leadership. You are extremely gregarious and high-spirited; are.. magnanimous by. nature and, in your climb to success, often bring other along with you in remarkable fashion. Leoites make extraordinarily brilliant executives, able trial lawyers and politicians, highly imaginative artists and writers, and are skilled in practically all branches of the entertainment field. You are extremely generous to those whom you love, but often try to run their lives in return. Curb this trait: Learn to give giving. for the sheer joy of Birthdate of: Leo · player, *82 . VKQJM · A63 + K75 *A763 VA1082 *K95 + J4 2. You are declarer. with the West hand at : Three Nptrump and North leads the diamond jack. How would you play the hand? . 4AK73 V82 «AKQ6 *AQ5 * 1097642 1. Win the spade with the ace. draw trumps, and play a "low club towards the jack? This gives you a 75 per cent chance for the contract, which is clearly better than the 50 per cent chance you'd have if you started the clubs by leading one from dummy. The low club play to the jack cent of the time.. He is compelled to take the queen, and when you later play the jack of clubs, forcing out the ace, you can then discard a diamond :rom dummy on the king of clubs. Your only'losers are a spade and two clubs. Even if South has the queen of clubs and wins the first club lead with it. you are not necessarily out of the ball game. You still have time to play a club to the: king later on and. if South has the ace, make the contract that way. The suggested play fails when South has the queen and North the ace -- which occurs in ona deal out of four .-- but in that case any'other method of play also [ails. 2. Win the diamond and play the ace of clubs, followed by the queen. This guarantees you either four or five club tricks -- and the contract -- regardless of how the suit is divided. The trap to avoid is a heart lead to dummy at trick two, intending to take a club finesse. This would prove highly fatal if North had three or four club.i to the K-J and returned a heart makes contract whenever Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer as soon as club - trick. he won the It would first permanently sever your connection, with dummy and result in scoring only eight tricks -instead of eleven or twelve. Th» sure way is the best way. ACROSS ' 1 Chicago .ballplayer 4 Gloomy covering 8 Flaccid 12 Some K Actress Adams 14 Lake or city B Intestinal · parasite ' 17 Covenant 18 Insect 19 New Zealand peak 21 Winter apple 24 Sister 25 Donkey 26 Massage 28 Russian novelist 32 Humble 34 Partly developed flower 35 Title 37 Passion 39 Twitching 41 Card game 42 Regiret:.'' , 44 Liquid, measure 46 Ma and Pa 50 Fish eggs 51 Operatic melody 52 Child's primer 55 Gas 57 Charles Lamb 58 Compass reading 59 Makes lace 60 True 61 Oriental coin DOWN 1 Feline 2 Feminine name 3 Used alternate route 4 Alloy of tin 5 Commotion 6 Italian ' coin 7 Citrus ' .fruit 8 Its capital is Beirut vS'Press 10 Chinese dynasty Avg. solution time: 25 min. Answer to yesteriay's puzzle. 11 Foot: comb/form 16 Being 20 Floor covering 21 Incarnation of Vishnu 22 Employer 23 Small cask 37 Except 29 Sailing vessels 30 Melville novel 31 Masculine name 33ROK natives 35 Excavate 38 Operate 40 Of the flesh 43 Anesthetic 45 Tennis stroke 48 Gasp 47 Region 48 Tumult 49 Fish 53 Inlet 54 Undivided 55 Understanding S3 140 Tio 29 SB SO' North has. the queen, or 50 per WANT ACTION? Phone 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, gin fuH description »M start your Claasified Ad for 7 day«. Yo« may cancel It when result* are obtained. You'll only be . charged for the actual number of days the «d ran.

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