Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 30, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 30, 1952
Page 6
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t MMTHWIST MKANSAS TMMS, favMMvflb. AriwMM, WU«ii«y, J.nuwy JO, I HI TM University High Journalism Club Cardinal's Chirps Mr. Robert Auehnrd, one of the English 11! teachers, left to take a position as English teacher in Stamps, Arkansas. Included In their ttudy of weather conditions, the general science class saw thr movie "Our Solar Family" which dealt with Ihc causes and effects of tornn- does and cyclones. The class i: also studying the effects of wcnth er conditions upon plant life. There will be a vacant seat In the j u n l n r class when Curr; "Tex" Newport leaves for Tcxn when this semester's finals an over. It will mean n great loss, no (inly to Ihc sludent body, but ti the basketball (cam, ns he is oni · of tlig leading players on the "A' team. John Curler, freshmnn, suffered .a'broken wrlsl recently while playing with a friend. He Is 'recovering quickly. John is one o the starling five for the B team' li basketball, mid It Is hoped that he will be able to continue playing l)cfore the season is closed. A unit on the study and curving of plaster of purls has been taken ,«p by the art class. The class is making figures of clny for experiment afid then carving the fina ' .figure from the plaster; Later the ' c l a s s will learn colloque. This is working will), different textures such as cloth and cellophane. "Whil's Cookin'! Well well, how qulcl it lias been around'U. H. S. the past few days. One would not hellovc that It is the "aflitie usually "very noisy" building. And, to add to the quietness, the bells arc not ringing at the accustomed hoar. A trip to study hall would prove that most of Ihe students can .; ttudy without the tludy hall keeper, nagging and just ready to bang someone on the "unmentionable," ·ijnoroly trying to get them io open a-book and at least "pretend" they arc studying. Gooilnefis, how a stranger would Wilder If he should walk Into any of the classes, and more ' stranecly "an English class." and ..find the students doing pure, 1 ··Ray'(pure) down to earth study- :· |,,g| Surely, there Is an explanation Jo.' all this. Ohl Now I remember. H is getting near January 28 and 29, nnd my memory now reminds , jno that this is the time for "finals," and time to settle down and think over those things which we have crowded Into our overly crammed brain! Fotttr'i Songi Haard ·y U.S. History Clou A variety of Stephen Foster's songs arc-presented by recording to · the American History class* . January 24. 1052.. The song" presented were five " of Foster's favorite Folks at Home, Old songs: Black Old Joe, Beautiful Dreamer, Jennie With :'the Light Brown Hulr, and My '/Old Kentucky Home. The playing .ot the records was controlled by Uonuid Barrett. Before the music was presented, Curry Newport gave the biography of Stephen Foster, and Cllffie Mc- Curlcy told the chiss the story of the growth nnd improvements of · music during Foster's time. Oral · reports on the lives of other American composers, poets, nnd authors were also given during the class period. Traveler's Tracks Thorc was some excitement In ilic clues Tuesday morning when Mill Fly mi, one of the biology % Ktu- dcnls brought ;m o'possuin into the room. Everyone seemed happy witli the .situation except the o'- possum. When Bill picked him up to Icnvc the room, he received n vicious bite on the finger by the c;mnll "Innocent" looking creature. Bill prohnbly won't be bringing Another o'posKum t o ' clnss for a long tiriicl Cnr! Majors must be dreaming at f n r distant Innds lately, for Imlcftd of answering "here" when the bookkeeping'teacher calls the roll, he replies dreamily "there!" Leave it to Billy I^arr to be o: greatest , assistance whenever h is needed. In English class, Hie sun was shining in the eyes o several pupil. 1 ; been use n window shade had rolled to the top of window and refused to be pullcc down. Billy decided lo remedy the case by climbing to the top of the lowest window sill, and pulling th shade down. He was quite successful until, coming 1 down, he made a misstep and the result wa.- broken window pane and a slashcc window shade. We know you wcrt only irying .to be helpful tho Billy, so we'll forgive you .this lime. If You Ask M e . . . Hob Miner must think his Eng- Ish scat must be a new bed. Anyway he sleeps In It half the time if you know what J mean. It fccms that Willie Flyn has given his ncV nickname to Cnro- lyn Stccle which she likes vcrj much . There Is a new couple in U. H. S. now. They are "Canvasback" Bellas Hale and Lavonnc Wilcox. We hope they arc not going to gel serious, nt least until school When shop, period is over nnd ready to clean up, they holler 'Let's cut down expenses," and it gc!» results. In physics class Mr. Davenport lold about a couple that were divorced.. He WOK 1)0 and she in her 80's. The reason given was that he put nntl-frccze In her bathtub. After Mr. Davenport questioned why the old codger did It, John Arlcrliurn piped up, "Maybe he wanted to make. Auntie freeze!' Committee Will Give Nurte Recruitment The Doctors' Wives Auxiliary of the Washington County Medical Association will present a program on '.'Nurse Recruitment" to the slrls of -University High School on Thursday, January 31, at eight "'clock. The speakers arc Mrs. Ernestine Blatter, K. N., registrar of Arkansas Baptist Hospital, Little Rock; Sstellc Reeves, director of Nursing Service nnd Education, Sparks Memorial Hospital, Fort Smith; nnd Mrs. Barbara Fcgan, R. N., education director, St. Edward's Mercy Hospital, Fort Smith. Mrs. Spencer Brown Is chnlr- nnn of the committee that will resent the program. The speakers I'lll discuss the fact that shorter lours and belter pay hnvc made lursjng a more worthwhile career, nnd they expect, by presenting details of training, to istcrcsl high 1 to choose iursing as a chool arccr. U. 11. S. has a few new boys. "Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe In God, believe also ..." And thus the English teacher reads the dally Bible reading. Then, closing the Bible, she returns It to Its place, and the reading is soon forgotten. A great many truths lie In those few passages of scripture rend from day lo clay, but they go unheeded and the class goes on with the 'more "important" assignments o flhc day, never slopping to think that there might be something gleaned from the passages just rend. The dally Bible reading should nnt be considered just one of the up dally procedures that make the English hour. It should be specialized and emphasized, not only because of Us contents, but also because of its beautiful phrasing. Questions and comments, perhaps a short discussion after the Bible reading would help bring Its value Into light. Unless the reading of the scripture is accompanied by li ought and understanding, the Bible might ns well be hidden in- the darkest corner of n desk drawer and forgotten nllo- gelher, C l i f f i c McCurlcy Chorus To Give Minstrel Show, Radio Program The Junto Traveler is taklir up ipace in (he Ntrthwett Ar- kanui T I M E S arai*. We haven't traveled since 1851, but now everyone (well, almost) is working to make the papci even belter than it was before. The staff is grateful to the TIMES for printing; this section every other week, and hopes its Interest to rcacicrs will warant Its regular appearance in this spot. The Mail for thii yeir li as follows: Co-Editor* Cllrrir. McCurley Donna Weather» Makeup Editor- John Arterburn Feature Editor-- Darllene Steele Aclivltle* Editor- Curry Newport Newii Editor-Braxton Maim Slmrl.i Editors-Curry Newport Braxton Main Sponsor-Miss Marj McCutehin Pilot's Perfonnance When Fke Starts On B-29 Makes Him A Hero To Crewmen All-School Skate' Party Held Jan. 22 An all-school skating party was held January 22 at 7:30 at the Fuyetteville roller rink. There was a good turn out of the student body, ihere being well over the required number present. Games played were has tag, bell skate, tag skate and couple skate. Nila Faye Tale and Carolyn Blackwcll were the committee in charge of the parly. The chorus University nigh mixed is planning ,v minstrel show and radio program to be presented In the ncnr future. The class is under the supervision of Miss Catherine Mcliugh. The songs will be old popular songs nnd Negro spirituals. Some of them are: Joshua Kit the Battle of Jcrico; Hand Me Down My Walking- Cane; Let Me Call You Sweetheart; Jacob's Ladder; Tell Me Why; Go Down, Moses; and Little David, Play On Your Harp. The class is divided into four sections. They arc: soprano, alto, tenor, ana bass. The sopranos nrc Carolyn Slcclc, Jane Lcrtbel- tcr, Mnrva Kirsch, Donna Weathers, Wllln Burlcson, Wanda Major, and Anita Todd. The altos are Darllene Slcple, Lou Lawson, Ruth Carncs, Jerry Scweil, Lennls tenors ar cJanics Wilson, Darrell Lcdbcttcr, Waldo Bcaman, and Krcdrile Blackwcll. The basses arc Cury Newport. John Slcelc, Philip Mace, and Bob Keen. Basketball Statistics Here are the unofficial scores of the University High School's A team members of basketball. Newport 112, Tlsdale luS, Artcr- 'Urn 101, Broccnrd 75, V/ilson CO, Mnirs. 55. and Dale Orndorf 20. University High has plnycd 12 ?ames this year and expect to inve several more scheduled the 'ollpwlng months. The A team, while it lost eight nnd won four, s Improving stendlly. The 13 team ins won six. and lost four. The A team will lose from its crew next week Curry Newport vlio Id leaving for Texas. So far his year he is high-point man vllh 112 pnlnls. This loss will lurt the team considerably: how- ·ver, Dale Orndorf promises to tcp Into- Curry's place. Junior-Senior Girls Hove Tournament ·Tiie junior-senior girls physical education class completed a basketball tournament after a thorough study of the rules and techniques of basketball. Tiie class was divided Into two teams with two of the class instructors, Miss Sally Pace and Miss ftoydcll Calriwcll acting »s conches. The first game played, ended with a tie of 14-14 with Carolyn Blackwcll scoring the leading number of points- for Pace's team, and Donna Weathers making the highest number of points for Cald- weli's team. When the two teams competed to play oft the tic, however, the Caldwcll team came out li a lead of 24-12. Donna Weathers was again high pointer for Caldwcll's team, while Peggy Smith scored the number of lead- .nt; points for Pace's. Jean Thunnan and Pat Thomas, also two class instructors, acted as referees. Boys Help Mr. Cross In The Commencement Mr. Charles Cross, who Is chairman of the Commencement Committee has drafted the following to help him during the graduating exercises: John Arterburn, Lc- iirlhur Fields, Don Barrett, Dar- rcll Ledbettcr, Warren Hughes, Dcanie Phillips, Braxton Mairs, Elmer Boyd, Henry Kroncnbcrg. Their duties will be that of ushering, checking wraps, and distributing programs. Nifty Nicknames Donna Weathers--Doctor. Kieth Broccarri--Spider Dallas Hale--Canvasback Dean Tisdale Shakey. Thurston Morrow--Tut. Donald Price--Cowpunchcr John Arterburn --10 O'Clock Kid. Elmer Boyd--Romeo. Curry Newport--Tex. Carolyn Stcclc--Willie Lea Fields--Luther. James Wilson--Peck. Mnrva Kirsch--Ncrvic. Bolj Miner--Sleepy. Billy Barr--The Authority. Billy Laccy--Juliet. Dr.EckardToLeave U. A. For Federal Post Dr. Edw Woodrow Ecknrd, professor of general business at the University, will report lo n new job in - Washington, D. C., February ·!. where he will be price .. economist with the Office of Price . Stabilization. He came to,the University-In September, 1910, as ns- soclatc professor, and he and his family hnve lived here since. They reside on Wilson Avenue. He is a former economist with the WPB In Washington, served during World War II as a llcutcn- lint commander in the Navy, and formerly taught in Wcsl Virginia and nt Duke University. He has conducted a cost of living survey in Litllc Rock and is completing a case study of Negro employment conditions in the South. lie will proceed to Washington and his wife and three children will join him later. Sprmgdale OUR GIGANTIC February Furniture Sale STARTS FEB. 1st Come In Friday, Feb. 1, and REGISTER FOR FREE PRIZES! Drawing to Be Held Friday at 5 P,H. Ywi *» not hav« to b« prtwnt lo win. PriMt en display in our window. WATCH FOR OUR AD IN THURSDAY'S PAPEI LINK WAY STORES CO. J4 I. CtiHtc ' 4 Ph«M U2 The Women's Missionary Society of tlie First Baptist Church met Tuesday morning to observe the day.of prayer /or community missions. The program, "Glorious Fool- nrinls," was in charge of Mrs. W. A. Hardistcr. Those having part on the program during the morning session were Mrs. L. M. Riggs, Mrs. .Mm Wilson, Mrs. Stanley Jordan, nnd Mrs. Lewis Epley. Jimmle Wilson, a student at the University, song "I 'Walked Todny Where Jesus Walked" nt Ihe close of the morning session. The meeting was adjourned for mi hour for a cooperative dinner. Those having part in the afternoon were Mrs. Landreth Loyri, Mrs. Robert Harris, Mrs. George llnrncr, Mrs. nbhcrt Harms. Mrs. 11. O. Smith and Mrs. John Moreland. M. W. Hawk is a patient in the County Hospital, where he underwent surgery Tuesday morning. lives northeast of Mr. Ilavvic Springdalc. Irvln of Sprlngdalc left Sunday night for Cincinnati, Ohio, on a business trip. The Springdale Library Board met Monday afternoon, Mrs. Ulys Lovell was unanimously re-elected ns president nf the board for tjic year. Other officers are Mrs. Roy Hitter, vice president; Mrs. Nelson Dodd,' secretary; and Irving Kills, treasurer. Those appointed on committees were: Hal Brogdon, Mrs. Leo Sanders, and Irving JCitts, budget and finance; Mrs. Lockwood Scarcy. Mi's. Nelson- Dodd and Kennedy Deaver, books; Kennedy Dcaver, Irving Kilts, and Hal Hrogdon, building and grounds; Mrs. Lee Sanders, Mrs. Roy Killer ami Mrs. Mallory Hawk, 'publicity mid scrnpbook; Mrs. Nelson' Dodd, Mrs. Mnllory Hawk, and Mrs. Roy Mlttcr, children's story hour; nnd Mrs. Roy Hitter, Mrs. Mallory Hawk, ' Mrs. Lockwood Scnrcy, Irving Kltts, Hnl Brogdon, J. L. Stafford, nnd Shelby Ford, special programs. The board voted' to purchase a bookmobile. Miss Helen MacNjib, who has been n patient in County Hospital, was returned, to her home al 316 Allen Street Tuesday, The Men's Brotherhood of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday DRESS BELTS -- SUCKLES COVERED BUTTONS Cuilom Fintthtd And H«dr to W»r lh« Saint Day W* lt*c«l» Your Ordtr. ·fcH Gr«n Stamps on Cvarythlfif Fabric C«nUr Tokyo-(^ J )-You *Hrc In command *T of a B-29, You have 12 crewmen and 10 ions of bombs. You 'arc over populous Tokyo when a fire breaks out. What would you dp? What Col. Dclmorc P. Wood of Lodi, Calif., did yesterday in that crisis made him a hero in the eyes of his crewmen. He «ot them all out safely. He saw to it that the bombs /ell harmlessly--and that the plane wouldn't crash in ? populated place. * Doing all that, Wood stayed with the flaming bomber until an engine had exploded, H wing had crumpled and the big plane rolled on its side. * Shortly after he bailed out, the tumbling wreckage exploded with roar that caused thousands in Tokyo to think that there was an earthquake. Let Capt. Julian C. Meadows of Columbus, Ga., the co-pilot, 3egin the story: "We had taken off at 5:35 p.m. headed for a target in Korea. We were carrying JO tons of bombs and a full load of gasoline. .About 20 minutes after takeoff fire broke out in one of the "We tried everything to put It out but it just got bigger. Col. Wood ordered us to stand by for a jail-out and then headed for Tokyo Bay where we intended to drop our bombs. The fire spread so rapidly' that we knew we | couldn't make it." Wood then headed For an unpopulated area six miles west of the bay. He ordered the bomba- dicr, Lt. Raymond M. la Jeunesse oC Highland Park, Mich., to drop the bombs in rice paddies. The bombs were unarmed so as not to explode upon contact but still could have caused considerable damage in a populated area. Then, as flames licked over the bomber, Wood ordered the crew lo bail out. Within seconds, all but Wood and the flight engineer, T. Sgt. Clarence L. Bice of Raymond, Wash., had leaped. The burning aircraft again was over a populated area. Wood turned it toward a wooded'! sector midway between Tokyo and Yokohama. He ordered Bice Lo bail out. l Seconds later, the burning engine blew up and the. wing buckled. By then Woo.d knew the plane no longer was a menace lo anyone bfelow. He hurled himself out of the rolling wreckage. Training Class For Instructors Is Scheduled training class for all Red current authorized Jirsl aid and water safety instructors is scheduled for · Tuesday at the chapter office, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Burnell Southall, St. Louis, 'irst aid and water safely field representative, will conduct the class. Local chairmen are Charles Cross, first aid; Herman A. Tuck, Jr., water safety, « n j G. E. Vlartini, Springdale, accidenl prevention. Local Red Cross officials were ·ecently notified that a change .n the method of artificial respira- ion for victims of drowning, asphyxiation and other accidents, las been* adopted and members of he class will receive instruction n the method. Known as the back pressure arm-lift" method, t will s u p p l a n t the "prone method" since it affords more 'entilation and produces active inspiration as well as active expiration, yet is so easy, a child or frail person could administer it. Following are authorized first aid instructors: Miss Jcannette Scuddcr, Miss Wincie Ann Carruth, Mrs. Dwight M. Moore, Frank M. Brown, Frank . 1 3. Lewis and Marlini. Authorized water safety instructors are Miss Elizabeth A. Baumann, Miss Alice Aumick, Charles T. Chaffin, George Paul Queen, John Douglas Scougale, Dennis Shackleford nnd James Alvin Vizzter and Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Martini and Joe Allen Roberts of Springdale. Mrs, Xavier Cugal Wins Divorce From Musician Santa Monica, Calif.-(/H)-Mrs. Xavier Cugal won a divorce from her band leader husband yesterday after testifying he was jealous, ill-tempered and "kept me in a state ot , virtual slavery." She charged mental cruelty. The former Lorraine Allen, 33. said yesterday that when they were dancing together he would smile, call her sweet names and at the same time pinch her or dig his nails into her hands. . Under a court-approved property settlement she receives $152,000 in alimony over, a 10-year period and Cugnt retains their $85,000 home here. In tht TIMES--It nty». "Excessive" Overtime Disrupts Labor Market Near AEC Site Los Angeles -(IP)- The labor market in · Southern Nevada has been disrupted by excessive overtime paid by cost-plus contractors at the Atomic Enerny Commission's test site, an AEC dispute panel was told yesterday. The panel is hearing a protest by the McNeil Contracting Company against cancellation of its 5601,000 contract for construction on the site. The AEC says the fixed-fee contract was voided because McNeil failed to finish ihc job on time. McNeil says it was unable to finish because Haddock Engineers, Inc., with a cost-plus contract, "pirated" its labor. Lawrence G. -McNeil told the panel yesterday that cost-plus contractors, by paying "bonus r!.i"io" have made it virtually impossible for other contractors ..^^ j employes. He said a La! Vegas area 'plumber who once had 40 men working for him now has only one. He said one airline, unable to keep its mechanics, is requesting a raise in rates from the Wage Stabilization Board. McNeil is president of the McNeil Construction Company. He was testifying for his son, Bruce, who heads the McNeil Contracting Company. » Bruce McNeil testified that a cement foremen who earned a maximum of S245 a week with him received a maximum of $641 a · -·'; f'-nm Haddock. In a three-month period, the yo.. s-r McNeil said, he had to hire 119 carpenters to keep 23 on the job. The Panama Canal Zone was granted to the United States by the Republic of Panama by treaty, I February 26, 1904. evening for- a cooperative supper in the dining room of the church. Marvin Carter, president, presided at the meeting. The Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Douglas Brewer, and the men of his church were puests of honor. They were introduced by Mr. Brewer. The Rev. A. L. Leake, Washington-Madison County missionary, was also a guest. Dr. Preston Brogdon sang a solo, accompanied at the rjiano by 'his wife. The Rev, Earl Sherry Introduced the guest sneaker, A. Walton Litz. vice president of the Pyramid Life Insurance Company in T.ittle Rock. He used as his subject "The Business World of Today." Snringdale was the first town in Washington County- to exceed its goal in the MarcH of Dimes drive. The drive went $94.70 over the quota, making a total of $2,504 given., Donnld A. Shcnpcrd, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Arch Shcppcrd of Sprlnsdnlo Route 1, is a seaman recruit now receiving his training at Snn Diego, Calif. Dr. and Mrs. Dnvid Harncr of Croticli Street left Tuesday morn- Ing for Little Hock to attend n meeting of the optometrists extension training group. They will return Wednesday Afternoon, ·Mrs. Edith Taylor nf Lincoln, district deputy grand lecturer of Iho slMe O.E.S., paid her official visit to thr SprinRdnlo chapter, order of Eastern Star, Monday Who Gives Green Stamps? McKeehan's Fabric Center II Eut Center Johnson's Paint and Wallpipu Stort 25 North Block St. f Hilton Bros. DriTt-in Furniture Stort Hwy. 71 North Town ft Campus MEN'S WEAR Oiark Theatre Bldg. Loner Bros. Shoe Stores South Sidt Squart We Do! Fairway Grocery 416 N. Collegt Glenn's Dairy (Houu lo home delirery) Phone 660-W-4 Ozark Cjeanert 101 North Block SI. Harlan'j Service Station Fiundlr Gulf Station 11 North Collsgt McHoy-McNoir FayelleTillt Printing Co. Retail Stort CASH Sain Only Phillips Motor Co. 620 North Coll«5. Moore's Gift Shop 25 North Bloc* St. Fairway Hardware 230 Mill St. Waggoner's Bakery 101 Wtit Ctnltr St. Quaker Drug Star* 22 Eut Ctnltr St. Betbt's Jtwelen 14 East Cenltt RecUcm your SH Green Stamps at tht Redemption Center, 420 North College Serve what guests enjoy Thirst knows no season-/ nor docs ice-cold Coca-Cola. ' It's 'roniul-llic-clock, day-in-day-oiit refreshment. lonuo UNDII *UIHO»ITY OF TNI 'coc*-coi* COMPANY it FAYITTIVUll COCA-COIA IOTTUNO COMPANY, FfW 14ft, w ''"*' "-'· O '»". *« tao.teu

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