Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 26, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1974
Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, Jury 26, 1974 FAVCTTEVILLI. ARKANSAS Flash Flood Warnings Issued For State Areas By The Associated Press Flash flood warnings went up or East and East Central Aransas early today after thun- erstorms dropped up lo three nches of rain on the area. Little Rock, Ark;, reported iree inches of rain fell in as many hours last night and an dditional 1.21 inches fell early lis morning. Thunderstorm activity which anged from North-Carolina to Ukansas and the Gulf Coast to ic Great Lakes began to sub- ide this morning, the National Vealher Service said. ·. In other severe weather ac- Committee Members Here are three members of vote one way or another on the House Judiciary Commil- articles of Impeachment, fee who today are hoping to From left, Harold Douohue, D-Mass., Jack Brooks, D- Tex., and Henry Smith, K- N.Y. (AP Wirephoto) ' In Televised Debate Thornton Sees Necessity Of Check On Abuses WASHINGTON Ray Thornton, (AP) D-Ark., Rep. said Thursday night he had readied the firm conviction that President Nixon had violated his oath of office and was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. While the congressman avoided an irretrievable commitment, he indicated that at this time he believes the President should be impeached. Thornton, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said he intended to reserve his final judgment on whether to vole in favor of impeachment until afler the debate has end- cci. Thornton made the nationally televised remarks during the committee's impeachment proceedings. Thornton had been considered one of the eight members of the 38-member committee still undecided. The voles members had been called The of these eight "swing voles" on whether the committee would recommend to the full House that articles of impeachment be voted against the President. Thornton made it clear Thursday night that he was deeply disturbed with the President's alleged abuses of power and alleged obstruction of justice. STATEMENT MADE Speaking on whether the committee should recommend impeachment, "the Arkansas Democrat said, "In my view to find otherwise would effectively repeal the right o! this body lo act as a check on the abuses which we see have existed." Thornton has, in the past, re fused even to hint about how he would vote during the com mittce hearings. "Most of the people in m; home state of Arkansas arc lav. abiding citizens who b e l i e v e strongly in the rule of law o this country, and that all thi people of this country have an obligation to live oy that stand ard .of law," Thornton said He said the leaders of Amer ica have an obligation no merely to obey the-law but lo sel an example of justice am adherence lo justice upon which "our free governmen must be based.'" Thornton was unopposed fo second term in the recent Democratic primary and faces 0 Republican opposition in the vlov. 5 general election. He said he had read all of the otters that had been written to lim Jy his constituents ' con- :erning impeachment. LETTERS RECOGNIZE "Those letters that advocate mpeachment do so with a sad- icss that recognizes the trauma if this process. "There arc other letters hich come from people- who jelieve that the charges against he President are the result of 1 publicity campaign and, per- iaps, some of these people will (ever believe anything else," Thornton said. As long as people who believe n the rule of law are in the majority in this country, he added, "Our free institutions are going to survive, and there will be no'need to worry aboul ersonal political considera- .ions when called upon to make a judgment sucli as the one we now have to make. It's clear thai a president should never be impeachec simply because of the unpopu he world to have the words o he person who is being check d into available to listen to." arity ideas. of his .policies or his It s h o u l d be equally clear that the popularity of a jresident must never permit him to place himself above the law." To justify bringing articles ql impeachment against the President. Thornton said it was not enough/ to demonstrate probable '·_, cause that crimes anc" abuses had' occurred. REPEATS LAW "It is also necessary tha these actions constitute h i g h crimes against and misdemeanors the system of govern ment itself," . the congressman said. Thornton said there can be no mistake that Nixon was aware of the Watergate cover-up and generally approved of efforts ti contain the evidence. Thornton repeatedly referrec to specific testimony made be fore the committee. In an apparent reference tr speeches made, by some - Re publican members of the com mittee in which the question o whether there exists direct ev rlence implicating the Presiden in some wrongdoing, Thornto: said, "Talk about direct ev: dence. It's the rarest thing i At many reak-in at eadquarters times since tin the Demo era tii Washington hornton said, Nixon had ade .uate opportunity and couk ave chosen th'e "course of obe [fence to law, of full and fai lisclosure to the special prose :utors and o f ' separating him elf from those who had aged in the conspiracy. Nixon had ample opportunit o investigate the Watergate-re ated matters, Thornton said.- "Ralher than choosing course of simple obedience t aw, commencing in March o 73. the second cover-up began ivity, a tornado damaged pow- r lines near Verdigre, Neb., 'hursday night' and dropped ive inches of hail. Temperatures generally var- ed from the 50S:in New Eng- and to the 90s in the desert Southwest. Early morning ex- remes were 46 degrees at Concord, N.H;, and* 102 at Blythe, Calif. . Some other reports: Atlanta 3 partly cloudy, Boston 61 cloudy. Buffalo 66 cloudy, Chicago 72 cloudy, Cincinnati 70 mze and smoke, Cleveland 65 cloudy, Dallas 90 clear, Denver 68 clear, Detroit 68 cloudy, Honolulu 77 clear, Indianapolis 69 haze, Kansas City 74 clear, os Angeles 69 cloudy, Louis- ille 72 haze and smoke, Miami BO clear, Minneapolis-St: Paul clear, Nashville 76 haze, New York 67 partly cloudy, Philadelphia 65 cloudy, 1 Pnoenix 99 clear, Pittsburgh 65 cloudy, St. Louis 73 haze, San Francisco 64 clear, Seattle 63 clear, Washington 74 cloudy. Five First Degree Murder Trials Set PINE BLUFF, Ark. (A±) -The dates for five first-degree murder trials were set Thursday by Circuit Court Judge Randall .Williams of Pine Bluff. Arthur Lee Botany is to be tried Aug. 33-14 in the slaying of K. B. Allen, a Pine Bluff shoestore owner. Two other persons have been convicted in Allen's death. Willie' Lee Perkins is to be tried Aug. 19-20 in the beating death of a night watchman at the Ben Pearson Co. plant In Pine Bluff. Cleveland Lee Brazell is to be tried Aug. 26 in the death of Ruth .Cameron of Pine Bluff. Columbus Clay is to go on trial Sept. 12 in the same case. Albert j. Barbaree, accused of running his wife down with a car, is to go on trial Sept. 9. New Move Seen To Oust Jones SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) 'here is a very good chance he state Senate will reconsider justing 'l\.T»H r ' state Sen. Guy H. Mutt Jones of Conway when he legislature reconvenes Aug. to adjourn, slate Sen. Larry Douglas of Springdale sale Thursday. He spokes to a Springdale civ- he had recalls from Soften Icing When cake icing seems too stiff, soften it by going, over it with a silver knife, d i p p e c repeatedly in hot milk. spoi ub ceived numerous other senators and said "the heal is on" the 12 senators who votei to keep Jones in the Sen A move to oust Jones, wh has been convicted on federa ncome tax charges, failed ii ;he Senate during the specia legislative session. Douglas said there was move to again vote on the is sue. He said three senators wh lad voted against the ouste nad gotten "cold feet" as a re suit of public sentiment. The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week Impeachment Vole Means Opposition CAMDEN, Ark. ,(AP) -- A vote for impeachment of President Nixon by Rep. Ray Thornton, Q-Ark., would mean political opposition for Thornton In 1976, attorney John Norman Warnock of Camden said Thursday night. Warnock, asked if he meant that he might oppose Thornton, said he w a s available if the!people wanted him. Warnock tried to oppose Thornton for the Democratic nomination in 1972, but, .the Democratic party refused to lei Warnock do so since he had been a member of the .Amen can Independent Party., ; Unprocessed Milk Reportedly Sold LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- T h e late Health Board; learned hursday that several milk pro- ucers in northern Arkansai ave sold unprocessed milk. G. T. Kellogg, director of the health Department's consumer rotection division, said some reducers at Paragould had i selling 'milk to people ight from refrigerated tanks sefore it had been processed. Another department official^ Clarence Jones, said some pro- ucers in the Paragould and Bentonville areas were selling lie "milk cheaper than local :rocers. ; ,' ,'.' ,' ·· (f KellogK said as the' prjce of milk increased, the practice 'will happen more and more." Cover Baking Dish When you want to cover baking dish that is about 10x6x1 inches with buttered brea crumbs, you'll need crumb from three slices of bread am three tablespoons of melted butter. CXPMT WATCH ftCPAIR · i t r l ·'If this time certainly under the direction and control of the President himself," Thornton contended. ' · '-, : : He said that since President Nixon had not complied with the subpoenas issued to him by the Judiciary Committee, it was his opinion that, in doing so, Nixon had tried to impede the progress of the committee. JULY CLOSEOUT Women's Clogs $3.00 Pair PRICE SHOE SALE Entire Stock Not Included BANKAMERICARR iveme. fate DAVISON'S SHOES South Side Of Square Fayetteville Sidewalk Sale XPenney Saturday Only 8:00-5:30 LADIES' FASHION CLEARANCE LADIES' SPORTSWEAR SEPARATES 99c Halters and Camisole Tops. Pastel Brushed Denim Pants. LADIES' SPORTSWEAR SEPARATES 1.99 Halters and Knit Shirts ALL LADIES' SHORTS 2/$5 linen Boy Co! 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