Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 30, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1952
Page 2
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1 NCTTTHWiST AUKANSM TUMI, Ny.ntvltlt, ArkonMi. Wtdnorfay, January 30, 1*31 Linen Shower Honors IMr-.IIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIimilllllllllllinillllllllllllllltlllllllllltlHIIIIIIlim She Spins MRS. KATHLEEN DOZlfR llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnillllllllllllllni.lilllillnh.lillllMIIIIIIIINIIIININIIIIII Daily Calendar of Events Tonight . . . Nnvst Helenc Elrtlronlc Company R-R nrlll, Kazan Drll-i Slgnu, Mush Kincnlrl, 7:3(1 Xappi. Alpha Plii, 15 Eml. Rork S'lrpr.l, 7::in Flislit H, 8fl4nili Volunteer Air Korre llocrvc Trmriini; .Squadron, 7::i" I. 0. 0. ¥.. IOOI-' H a l l , 8 Thursday . ' . , notary Chili, Washington Hotel, 12 Yrar nou'nri Gnrdr.n Club, Mill K l l z a b r l h Curry, 2 Cuh Pack Seven, Wesley Hall, ,7::i(l Women's Civic Club Has Genera! Meeting And Tea The first ce.ncral mectlnR (if (he · year given by the .Women's Civic Club was held yesterday w f t h n tea from 2 In ·! o'clock In the Civic Clubi'ftoms. Approximately 100 women attended, Colors used in .decoration were, 'of red and while, with a center- piece.for the tea table, an nrrnncc- jitcnt of red carnations and whllo chrysanthemums...Mrs. Clint Wiil- nen presided during the. first limir and Mrs, Banks Ncwbcrn durintj the necontl. Mm. V. O. TanSey mid Mrs. Powell M. Hhea were in charge of arrangements. . Mrs. William. F. Cooley «avc n lUtinoroufi reading. "A Peculiar Attack," nnd two lipcclnl guests if ilje high'sclioolxcnlor Kovei'iimcnt class were present to observe the Ftbtua.ry 3,1952 Th« Cull In will bt it Central Methodist Church Sunday, Feb. 3 7:30 p.m. functloninc of civic chili meetings: They were Mfixinc Lierly ami Bonnie Hudspeth. Mrs. Lowell Ciianoy presided d u r i n g the business mectlm;. nt which time n n o m i n a t i n g committee was appointed UK Mrs. Kdmuiifl Wntson, Mrs. Delbcrl Swartx, nnd Mr*. Roy Admns. Offices to he filled fire upcmul vice president, trenfiiirer, p n r l l i i i n e n l n r l a n jinrl four hoard inainboi;;. Mrs. E. Wlckard Complimented At Dessert-Bridge Mrs. K. W, Kcltnrd wns honored KUCfil ni ii dcsi;ei I brldjfc l.'ist night, given by Mrs. U n s o l d Ditlnn nt her home on I In Slrcnt. Mrs. Eckfird will lenvc .soon-to imihc her home In WnshinjUon. P. C. Prizes were won by Mrs. Vmirr Alvls. Mi-A. Paul McWhortcr, and' Mrs. John Kane, find R gift wns received by the honoree. Those who Jitlendeil were Mrs. Alfred H u l l . Mrs. Fred WhHchcnd,. Mrs, Cnrl Haneork, Mrs. Kdwsrd Reed. Mrs, J. C, nordcii, Mrs, Piuil Mllnm, Mrs. Joe Fleming, Mrs. .loo Fulton, Mrs. U U Brnwnr, Mrs. R, E, Wcslnicycr, Mrs. Ceo rue IlunsbcrRer, Mrs. Waller Colo, Mrs, Knnc, Mrs. Tom Smith, Mrs. Alvln, Mrs. Dan-el S^rlcgs, Mrs, T. P, llcnd, Mm. nobcrt Hay. nnd Mr» McWhortcr. Mrs, Robert, H, Polcrsnn of Blylhevlllc, Is here for R week's visll with lior pnrents, Mnyor nnd Mrp. Powell M. Tlhca. Births ; Mrs. James Carlisle A Mnt'n Jihfm'i.'i' wns ^iven ) n s i . n i g h t , complimenting Mrs. .lames 1 Ci'irHftk*. Hie ffu'nirr MJs« lltirricl Courtney, in tho !i;i::omi.'nl of tin 1 Conlml C'hrijilian Church. Host- t?wr.s wriic Mr;.. Lr-f Cunninfihiim ami M i s . Mitrjurlc fiutld. H f f r c s l u n c n l s n/ t-offor, Jiot choL'oInU; and ie;i (.'ahr-s were rervcii to about 20 jjucsl.s. Officers Elected By Son's Chapel Auxiliary The Smi's Chiijn-1 A u x i i b i r v met Monday nlKln at the home of Mrs. Itoy MiTiiXf-'Hlet Mr. 1 :. Turnrr n r n w n j;avo the devolinna! upiny ;IK hoc jiubjocl, "Our Power W i l l Give Out." Mrs, .1. A. Joyner wiis in fharge of tho ·n«nnn w i t h (he: theme, "Four ospels of the New Testament." Offlt'ors · wcrr- circlet! fis folIOWF: Mrs. C'urlis Crout-h, prcsl.l 'lent, Mrs. TuriH:r Brown, v i c e ' provident, and Mrs. Cnrlton G u l - loy, Kerrutary. Parents And Teachers Will Counly Council nf PuiTiit.v niui Tciichcrs w i l l be hrld Friday ,nt Wiggins Mcnuirial Ciiurcii, al MIL- cimicr of Third and Church I K i l t y Rynn, 15, hntnn twirlcr from Kli t'Cls. Kc'KihLnitlnii w i l l hogin at batnn for a phnUigrnphcr. The girl Ih'K) a, in. and the mpetinc will be l Icr C a r n i v a l . faih'il to ortlor at 10 a. m. nurinK the m u n i i n g . sosslon L M u m b c r ,,, vc ,,,. Sf wils j lllc ,. llct | Ilinro w i l l be jjroup Kiiifiinu. Ihc d t i r i n R Wnrlil War I I , a f t e r which Mr. And Mrs. Max Simplt Mr. and jyirs. MJIX Sample of Spnnfcdalc announce the birth of a son, J a n u a r y 29, at the County Hospital. Mr. And Mrs. Billy Fortunt Mr. and Mrs. Billy KoiUmc of K o v u i t t v i l l r Announce ihc b i r t h of · - -'· ' - v . .liinuary 29, at the County Hospital. Mr. And Mrt. Leo Savage Mr. and Mrs. Leo Siivnpc of Fayetlcvillc announce the birth of a daughter, J a n u a r y 29, at the County Hospital. The Capitol b u i l d i n g in Washington, D. C. T is situated nn a plateau 88 feet above the level of the PoUmirie Ttiver. Tlic musk o\ r is not really nn ox at a l l , but n member nf the shcc-i '· family. I t is known also as nn I oviboa and jiolar nx. [ Choose your jcv/clcr before j choosing jewelry--Bccbe's 30-fit Goodhue, Minn,, spins a sparkling will take part in the St. Paul Win- prcKlclrnt'R report, and the business meeting, followed by lunch- con ill noon. The hincheun w i l l bo she visited In Fiiycllcvlllc in I94fi. One u n i t of t h e Wesley an Service G u i l d has since been formed and i scrvrrl by wninoh of tlie cliurch al j ""'"cd '"'' her. i 7. r l CCMliK JlRr.|)l.lte. · " I I I tho afternoon there will l v i " T L r II" T D U IJ special uiusic iinrl an aridreKs by-j i n e L a l l 100611610 David Mi-Carlncy. iiriueipnl of t h e ; Pnili-lu. Grove l l i R h School. A d - ' A| f p n f r a l Mp(hnHi:f journmcnl w i l l he al 2:31) p. m. , ' t c l l l l a l I ' l t l l l U U I i l Association To Meet A f VA Hospital Here W l l l l n i n I I n r n s l i v , torrcc-ll THE BLAIRS, STATIONERS - T, ' Th» Oldiil Ollk. lupplr Houu in K«tlhw»l Atkintu IT'S VALENTINE TIME Wt hflvt tht »nti y*u want, fr»m It I,* $5.00 tnch * L»f*it liliclimi -- Ilyl»d br Meeting place for The Call to IJ.iilcd Christian Youth Action has licen announced by Miss Hosalie Bent, local c h a i r m a n of the U n i l c r l Christian Y o u t i i Movement, as the crl Morris nnd Mr. and Mrs. Bill P u t m a n went to Joplin, Mo., last nifiht to hear .lose Iturbi, and his sister Amori Iturbi, pianists. Cpl. Jack W. Hobbs, son of Mr. and Mrs. May G. Hobbs of Winslow, who is w i t h the Third ]n- f n n t r y Division in Korea, has received tlie Bronze Star Medal with "V" device for hcroisrn in action when he destroyed an enemy machine Run nest in the face of. heavy f i r e . , pllnl here, attended a . special ! "' l h o V '·=' -hri»llan Church as nicotine of the Awocinlipn for i |:l ' cv "" lsl :' ·'"'"""""d. I h e pro- Physlcul and M e n t a l H c H a b i l i l a - w " boKl " i l l ' ; ? 0 a- , , . lion of Arkansas and Oklahoma RIV TM,!'- VT 1 '? - vt "! lh of Il! !- vc ! lcvl Monday nt the Mtiskosoc, O k l : i . , i " , M " Illu ' M1 ' '" eoncllis.on of Veterans Adminlslratlon Hospital. Youth Week which bcKan last "One oj Arkansas' fine Stores" cardigan costume classic (To w«ar tvtrywhin ~./^ In imorl good «at., ' J .. , . Ihe coilumc In "Sponi-lht'Scaioni" Mouchflana -- Iht n«w fabric lhal looks likt linen ,.. ftelt likt.ihanlung ·., i» belter than either, dim in line .,. nip-waisted with a jounty silk chiffon aicol la match Ihe iltnder ikiil. The cardigan jacket, luxuriouily lined. White tockil with navy Uirlj fcelge iockel with black or brown itlrl. 10-11 55.00 Ours Alone The meeting was called to T o r n ' bu ' 1(l; ' y ' .,, , Ihii Arkiiiisns-OklnhnmH District.! ' ".vcUenlle churches p n r l i c i p n t - Thc next inuotiiiK will be held l a t e ' '"* ! "' 0 K t - f 1 "" 1 '* Kpl-wnpnl, fi"'Sl In April at ihc Kiyetlevillc V e t 1 " lul Central Presbyterian, Ccn- craus Ilnspitnl. i lral n n t l Wields Methodist. District officers clcded Monday Thl! C l l l i '·' l h p '"mmoninR of are Lewis Sclioll, of the N o r t h . v "iill', nation-v.'ide In .'·'iirllclpstc Litlio Hock V.A. Hospital, presi-! ln " Program of United Christian tlcnl; his brother, Troy Seholl, o f , Y u u l h Action. the Muskusce, OlUa., V.A. Hos-i ' pital, vice prcnlrlcnl; nnd Wnync , t . W. Schwartwaldcr,' nf the L i t t l e | rCrSOIiatS ~ ll'irk V.A. Hospital, seerglnry- Ireasurcr. Dnnald Morrison lias returned to bin 'home in China Lake, Calif., after vlsitlnc relatives here. He .spent pome t i m e v/ith his mother, Mrs. .1. .1. Mm-rison, his hrnliicr TJnylc Mnrrisnn. anrl iii.s .sister, Mrs. Roma Ambrose. He is research a d m i n i s t r a t o r at a n a v a l ordnance test station. Miss Nellie Dyer Is Prisoner In Korea Wort! has been received by Mrs. Elisha Dyer nf Cnmvay, confirm- Hie report of a Peking broadcast, t h a t her daughter, Miss Nellie Dyer, is ilslerl as a c i v i l i a n lirisoner of the Communists in Korea. The report was ronfirmed V the M e t h o d i s t Hoard of Missions in New York. Miss Dyer, who has bct'ii a VJethodlst. missionary in Korea /or Miss Ann W h i t f i c l r l and Miss Kathleen Johnson returned yesterday m o r n i n c from Waeo, Texan, where since last Thursday they have visited friends at Baylor University. Announcements The a p p o i n t m e n t of Charles VirpJI Owen as instructor of civil engineering is announced by Dean Gcorfie I-'. Brani^an of the! University Colicfic of lilnjjinccrint;. j The appoint'nent \ v i l l become c f - J feclive February 1. Owen will (M l)oth rcsL'arcli and leadline,. A n a t i v e of Nashville, Tcnn., Owen is a camllcliilp for the B.S.C. K. degree at the University's m i d - t e r m commencement exercises February 2. Charily. LcaiUf ' . The Chnrit^ League will mcPt Friclny at 1 p. in.', at tho homo of Mrs. C l i n t Walrlcn. Mrs. Sam Mc- N a i r ' w i l l ho cn-liasloss. Miss Kli/abeth Morris, Dr. Tfoh- and Greeting Card From 35 NORTH BLOCK We Give S.H. Grien Stamps American Cancer Society Film U n d c r lh(! sponsorship of the Wnshinglon County Caficer Society ;i color and souml f i l m , "Breast Self-Examination" will bn sliown Friday nt 2:,in p. m. in Mic Women's Civic- Clubrooms, for the benefit of all who wish to attend. Mr. Ray Joice, Stylist (l : f)rnicrl\ Murctts) Shall Join My Staff Friday Feb. L A Lucky Lady . . . Shall Win a $50 .Cold Wave, The Name To Be Drawn From Mr. Joice's First 20 Patrons I'or Appointments Coll Rita's Beauty Salon, 3134 or La Rose House Of Beauty 999 Rita Brewer, Owner The L.T..L. Class nf t h e ' F i r s t U f i p t f s t Church w i l l meet tomorrow evening nt 7:30 o'clock w i t h Mrs. Einil Sonncman. Mrs, Frank j Sultle anil Miss Zclta'Dcvcr will be cn-hoslcspcs. Ctih 1'ack Seven Cub I^nck Sovon will meet at 7:3(1 n'rlook lomorroxv night in Wesley Hnll. Dr. Coy Kaylov is ex peel crl to return tomorrow from n WifCtinc ! nf the American College of Ortho- I pedic Surgeons in Chicago, III. Ornrk Muriltons ' Oxnrk Murihc-ns will mrrf Vri- Hay at 7 p. m., in the home nf Mrs. A r t h u r Linnrd, 700 South School Street. 20tli Century Club The 20lh Century Chih v.-Jll meet Frirliiv nt .T p.m. In the homo nf Mrs. 'l,. n. Tritflcr, 3 Ml. Norrl. Miss Flnrida ficarl w i l l review tlio ! book, "Out Of This World," by i Lowell Thomaii, Jr. Suspend Sentence IT'I A OlAD HUO (or miornc) Krii) 0. Morltt from Mm. Evyleo Cronln In Nrw York ·» the !· yc«r.olil former malil of Tallulih lUnkhMil receives itiiipenUet flcnlence on conviction of rftlnlni T«llulnli'« clircli.i. flrntence wni oni to isvo vcurv IInlernaliant^ A lAKOS CHUNK of Highway 101 in Marin County, Calif., It shown litter slidinfi through a rccently-ercctrd barrier. Eicht inches of water covered the highway in tv.-o places, blocking traffic at I h«lf dozen points. Heavy ruins continued to drench the area, sending flood waters over the low l«ndi and starting landslides. (International Soundplioto} -_ - . -.^ - - · . . - . - . - - , ^ · - \ · · . _ _ · - · - . - - ; r » - · - - -' ^ ^ . - .. -^-- · · .^v- 1 '.' · . S;^.-y. ^^L" ^.^ · ,"· ' ·. " · : "1 . . : ; ^^l^g^s r . ; . ' · · Our 8th Birthday Anniversary on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2 The generous patronageof the people of Northwest Arkansas has enabled us to be so successful in our business. We are happy to invite these many friends to our BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY on Saturday, Feb. 2. We will serve cake and coffee from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 2. Plan to be with us. With the rapid expansion of our business we have ceased to be merely a plumbing service, and now furnish all the materials for complete installation. We now have attractive displays of many standard supplies, and the customer can easily select whatever is required. Johnson Plumbing Heating Co. Corner School Spring Fbycttcvillc, Ark. Phon« 1060 Special PU REX Offer B L E A C H CARKY-Ali APRON HANDY FO* CUtTHSSFftfS, OUST ClOTHS, ETC. with one label from PUREX The Gentle Bfeach r r PrtHy! Apron conies in gay colors ond potterns, with contrasting rulfln. You'll want several...lor yourself ...for gifts...for prizes. Practical! It's mode of genuine heavy-duty vinyl. Big, roomy pocket carries all your household "tools". Extra Value! Apron offered for only a fraction of its regular retail price, with a label from PUREX--one laundry bleach that's safe because it's pure/* Offer limited, so gel PUREX ot your grocer's and send for your apron today. Clip coupon nowl . S*«« fK*TM ,ie P U R E X PRO «ss y^c^ s J^ UIMPURIric? ^ ·Th« Pur« Intrttlilt Pr PUKE! APRONS 310 W. WASHINGTON HVD. CHICAOO 6, IIUNOIS MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY! Plioit t»nd m« Co(ry-AII Apront, t am tnclottng ?5 In coin (pint · 3* tump) «nd iht (rant of a PURCX lltoth Icbil (or tvth «^r*n trdtrid. O l t l l Ptl'U C a K P . , L T I . . O U T H t U T f , C U l f 1ICOIK. W U H . ' IT. LOUIt. ·(!. · BUUl. THAI MW O K l t N N t . II * ITtANt*, «». ·MtttMIRO, CKUf, Cll,-

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