Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 9
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NORTMWBT ARKANSAS TIM IS, Fiyttttvltl*, ArkfffMM. JmrVry If, 19ft ;jAt NOTICES HELP WANTED--rCMALI NOTiei M TM FrM*t« Cvurl Of WatkiniUn CMinty, Arkansas , Tht Matter Of The Estate Of Jessie '. Maiulrc Fincher, Deceased. No. I-.!!. A. Tht »bov* named decedent who re- , .ided at i\ou\K fl, FayettcvUle. Arktn Jan, died intcstnle J a n u a r y 8(h, 1D52. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of said dc- ccdcai on the 19th day of Janunry, . _ waitrtt*. .. South School'Street. TOE BALI--HOME NtCM ccdca 1152. AU persons bavins claims tht estate must exhibit l hen * trifled, to Ihc undersigned ·ix months from the date nf the. first publication of this notice, SALESMEN WANTED j FACTORY SALESMEN--Sell Chirfes Chester natlonitly known CJuihlon Shoe* direct. Complete line lor entire family. Full time or ilde line. Full time men earn up to 125.00 per day in commission. Big repeats. I Sample and cquimcnt. free to producers. CHARLES CHESTER SHOE CO.. 33 Chester Bldf.. Brockton. HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ,"*·! Brucf Wax for proptr floor care, FOR fiALt _OK TRADE AND FOUND LOST, bTiTfajii.* 'January 20tii 'near Wlccmii Memorial. 1'iiul Itrri, Call KO U N"5r~T*hVd"' F.' Williams t i t l e ' o n j Chevrolet coupe. 1'ay fur ad. Call J at Times office. . I SKKVICF.S Sicn. I FOR_SAI.r--RKAI. isMALt. ri«nH of , BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN publication of this notice, or they s h a l l ' NO INVESTMENT R E Q U I R E D be /orever barred and precluded from ' any benefit In the estate. This notice first published January 22, 1932. Pat Fincber, Administrator. Houte S, Fayetlevillc. Ark. NOTICE NOTICE If you have f u r n i t u r e to jell, consign it to our F u r n i t u r e auction each Saturday where you arc assured lop prices. We hiive a good ncm.ind for good -e at all times. Reasonable t r u c k i n g charge. No storage charge. .Furniture can be consigned nny day of the week. Sale every Saturday morning, 10 ;i. m. / Hilton Bros. Auction House, Highway 71 Nor.h, Phone 1770. PERSONAL GET your S~" H~Urccn~"stampT~flt Castling and Russell Esso Service __SJ ation. Hjg hw:; y_7^,_si x_mi i«_W Ion n . BEFORE you catch tha'i L-olil sec us about our guarrmtrcd cold prevcn- tipn. Norlh Side Drug, 930 North ^SSJJS^uILl'- 0 "P. 1 1 11- HELP WANTED _ ' COUPLE to immune rruU"farm"ncnr _ _ _ . _ _ _ CLINICAL lahoralnry trchniri.nn. Prefer one who can also do X-ray work. Call 1200. _ _' inimthly cpafe"tfmc. reliable person AAA1 m a n u l a c t i t r e r of maintenance products desires rtli- tributor over 35 for territory con* is (ins of Boone, Carroll, fienton, Newton, Madison, Washin«ton, Pope, ·Johnson, Franklin, Crawford. Yell, Logan, Sebastian counties in Arkansas. Every manufacturer, institution and business bulldinc fs a prospect. No house to house canvaininjt. Many active accounts. Full credit on mail orders. Libpral commissions plus bonuses up t o ' $2,008 yearly. Satur-' day Evcnlnjr Post. National Trade Magazine 'and Direct Mail Advertising produce many Inquiries t h a t result in immediate business. Training by field manager. Car required. Phone M. A, Ccrf at M o u n t a i n Inn, Fayttleville on January 29th, 30tii. or mst for an interview. SITUATION WANTED Sanl-Wax, Cltanser and Polish. Dry-Glo Furnilur* Polish. Rug and Upholsttry Cltancr. Wallpaptr Cltaner. Mtlal Clftanir Wax Polishtr. for Rent. LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. USED bed divan, $10.00. Lewis Bros. jCp.. Jnc. ___ _ USED arm chair. J7.50. "Lewis* Bros. Co.,_1nc. '_ BUTA~NE timk. '37~ffalloh~i(ood condition. $175.W. Phone 191, Prairie TEXAS"raiid"j.OM"TK'fer"nr"liiii"d in potcnlinl oil country for properly ! In Northwest Arkansas, Halt » ( ' nilncrnl rlahli BO w i t h property. Sec. write or call H O R A C E J- SMITH COMPANY. Realtor.-., ! Sprlnpdalc. Arkanaafi. Phone .:i!)4. | WANT TO RENT : LONG term, ,T or -I ht-dronm. modern ! house witli KCTUHKC and aurpsinblc. . PhoneJOW. ,, ,, , , . , ,, i }VANT TO RENT ! J OR .T bedroom unfurnished housr in ' WaBhlnEton School district. Phone i JU1HJ. _ J UNIVERSITY "professor" ncVds S or .T [ ' hcdrooiii furnished n n i i r l m r n t o r ; house for spring semester, 2'2-\5J, f c,; v i W r i t e Box -1-On, ', J fTimes. E X C A V A T I N G ~~ B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N 24~ HOHP~SETv'lcF ~ON~ ~~ Hi'militchlng, Picoting, Covered Bulloru, Bullon .Haiti, Tailored] iivini' Bel;» and Bucklei. I ,'3,, Special Allention given Mail! Orders. Satiifaction or Monty Back. S I N G E R SEWING M A C H I N E CO It 5.E. St. FaveiiBvllle acrci I32I.M. C'l.OSEIN ncir. pavement,' nprti laiuf. moilly In m?adow ami (Jiinr Kraorv food 3 rnom h m n f , burn, number on! building**, on inflll. attcl irhrwl rntitei. MOORE REALTY Ovrr Rtd Croit Drug Leverett School Area SI'Al.TJt'S home on lh« rdce ol town R a n c h niyle--3 bedroom w i t h | FOR SAI.K--RKAI, F.KTATr J Ml* HALF,-- r i t.ACE~'ch7apr"an'd" f u r n i t u r e . Phon« 'On SALE HY OWNER if t-rtiodirn. ,1 hrnroprti hn rrr jrqrrtrrj and inick p a t r h *y tfi. rait. Call Z76IJ a f t e r ; ·nvc*. titjin? (af: tay tfowa,* MlAMir "ii'ih!: Add ing ton Real Estate 01 E q u i t y burnt. nnnrt. J\nor f u r t i , den il.WSOO fay *w»v J4M5 mpnfll. f . k i t c h e n , «nri n t i l i i y Two hxtlm. une bc«ullfull,v itcMOgnrit w l l h ilrrl t l t r and b u i l t - ! hi v n n l l y . For red »lr r r n t r a l hrM- i in* s y s t r r n . Two rar »rp|tr. Local rrl t im ttlxu't one acre of in ml: mod ; H hml level. Priced rUM. Aulomobilt - Liability Flrt - Exlendod Covtrogt Polio - riot* Glon WADI FINCHH Areadt Bldtj. Ph*n« 601' I I ft. Black A UTOMATi(Tk.»i»OAj»(c A Sttltr Mm M tuff,' f - : DEALE* t*k.'lfl USfcb bed divan and matching J35.00. Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. FOIt SALE- -AUTOMOTIVE QUALITY USED CARS REDUCED PRICES '51 Dodge 4-dr. Coronet. Radio,! heater, Gyro - malic trans-1 mission. L i k e n « w. One j owner. 4,000 miles. rolef 4-dr. Power-Glide. EARN 5400.00 Wr will select from t h i s area to r e f i l l nnd collect money from our Nrvv A u t o m a t i c Merchandising Machines. No selling. To qualify, applicant must havfe car, references and $600 work- in* capital. Devoting 4 hours a · wcrk should net up t. $40(1.00 monthly w i t h ihc possibility of taking over f u l l lime. For interview write Riving f u l l particulars, name. Address, age and phone number, nnv 4 0 9 e , S a n Diego, Calif. HELP WANTED--MALE STUDENT want* part time employment. Available all day Tuesday* and Saturday*. AlHO afternoons after J3 p. m_.__Jint__Spnrk3, phone 2633J. CARPENTER,"" PainUriK~Rcmodelfn.f work.wanted. HeforcnceF. .Renson- a b U ^ C I y d e L. Barr, 2254W. ' BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY $400~AAONTHLY"SPARE TIME RliFlLLING arid collccline money from our five-cent High Grade Nut machines in this arcfc. No celling! To q i i a l i f y for work you must have car. references, cash, secured by inventory. fi hours a . week to business, your end on per- centncc of collections will net u p ; lo $100.00 monthly w i t h very cooti possibilities of t a k i n g over f u l l lime, / e n Income increaslm; accorclingly For | D U intcrvicxv, i n c l u d e phone in appii- Radio, H t a t e r , W h i t e W a l l i^^^^^l'^^^^^^^^ tires. B e a u t i f u l b l u e f i n i s h , j WANTED TO BUT j ' 5 0 Chev. Tudor F l e e l l i n e D e - j ONE used sink. Phone 562. | | uxe . R a d i o end Heater. | Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake -- i Ponds - Roads - Clearing] «»««« ni WANTED TO RENT j H. H, JONES, Contractor . . . . . . , I 212 Virginia Avc., hox 143 U. Sta. ^ I-urnishcd two-room apHrtmw.l oi| phone U8(i taycucvnie J sleeping room by two m;ilc u n i ; I'"A Kincr-'A D I M / " j vcmty ;lu,i,-his. Hcfcrcnccs Kivwi. | LANDSCAPING ;l Wrilc P. O. Box 82(1, Fnrt Smith or , ^'^$^1^ ^w-T i phono Kort S m i t h 2-278f). I ' ROOM house. Z tmthi, close to school oi\ South C o l l f ( f , pavement ami ; newer imid. 3 room flpartincnt in- .ns on per nionih. 2 pnrrhn. | " i h f d room. Good loo- ' |BO. A reasonable p r i r r . : . ._ __ HEAVY hens. J. L. Rulledge, Highway WANTED WANTED " T O " R E N T , LEASE OR BUY Stock farm. Must have 100 acres good pasture, good waler. Not i interested in costly improvements. Write care of P. O. Box 261, University Station, Favelte- FOR LEASE NEAni.V~al.000 square fcrC i n c l u d i n c j--'--*---"":--' nn ft purl men I. if desired, tit Siluiim Springs, une h H l f hlock from center of city. Especially well' aiiaptcd lor new or used f u r n i t u r e store. Phone 34. Siliniin Sprii.Rs. HITCH u ' U t i J N G FOOTINGS--w H t c r. U H I nml ·ewi-r ditches, sopite lank ha.'c.i D.fEdni* niul back f i l l i n g . Chll 2826. Uryc* Davis. FOR S A L K -- R K A L KSTATK ·'1JY ti\vncr. (iO "iicrr.s. 3'.j miles t-uuih- ol J-'HI n n t i K ' i i i i . iJi-L-ji wfii, ,iii- liinr. clcclrjcity. -1 room iiousc, f.-in- uiHliuiiiiiiiR.s. it-ipfdciii p.ihiun-. titiofj pond, y u u n v \ v l l j not ^now diintiHj.* w i i b u r .-\ ikins, Home i. CAHI1 tfrtit-ury " W n n d t - r f n l ' l o u n t i o n . Nice: ill) re b u i l d l n c . i-'our rnmu house. i*;iri!:c. I ' f i f l mule cutisnlcrni. Town property or titiiil lann. W n t u Hnx J-itft. 'l iinfcfi. FAIRWAY HARDWARE · CRAVENS CO. | w e ore your dealers for Imperial Wallpaper' and ''""" IM ,'I J'iLE."? 1 " j Great Western Paints. We have a new stock of 1952 patterns priced J3c,a roll up. Some room lot orders 40c.and up. Paste, cold water size, patching plaster, joint cement and putty,; PAINTS Non-yellowing enamgl Floor enamel . . , * . - , i ; J 1 ' i.vci «i,iitm.i «n d.v , u ...miic.: 4 hour cnam ^' exfirfdf ond interior $2,04.06 ?H*£lbEi. 5 V«' 'mfublV 11 ^ F!are r u bker base paint . . . . ./ $1.29Qt. ; Limited supply of outside white paint. . ; Reg. $5.45 gallon. While it lasts $4.95 gallon PLUMBING SUPPLIES '"-· . Addington Real Estate Phone Ifin.i Phone 1426 W BUY OWNER'S EQUITY IN i-liMii. r f - l i n b h r d :' l i r d m o m home on ftnud i l r r n I N I . In chalrr rcii- ik-fit in 1 f r r t l n n . I'rin- is r l f l h t w i t h only M,2:tl) to haiullt. R A N C H type, .iiinciirri ( t H r n E p . '4 hrrt- u .$2.MQf? PLEASANT LIVING K1 ACHES. l«-vpt. sinnnlh nml prn. : f l u e live- iilxMinding w i t h livinc ws i i'. \ w i t h » f t f l n r h type Of I R A M H O M K . H i n t could well In- the riivy o( jm.v housewife. This l ,-, p r o p r r i v ih:i c;m'i br» dupHcinerj just n n v plncc and n n y d,i YOUNG man foi; a permanent position I as repair and service ndjuslor w i t h 1 - ,_ Singer Sewing Machine Co., Fay- i ONE _cttevillc._Apply in person. . -" c t YOUNG n.«?n ·under"20 free iu travel , w i t h group. No experience necessary. Musi be neat and w i l t i n g (o work hard. Avcrncc 5-iO.OO weekly. Expenses advanced transportation furnished. For I n f o r m a t i o n RCC Mr. While. Room y. Washing- inn Hotrl. 7:30 p. m.--9:.10 p. m. No phone calls. ' _ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ 4 ROOM housc^to bc~mov"ccirnr M. _Pcter£cn._Phone 20C4, Prairie Grove. A SMALL propane tank. Orv.Ilc SJse- ninre. ^Prairie Grove, phone 845F22. USEi5~flrc~t'rucir~or~sirni]ar" toy. large enotiRh^fpr^ child to ride in. 117IJ. 1 USE"D~eiec"triF'"we~H~"p"ump,~ for" a ttrllleil well 105' ft. deep. Benton Coun.y Nursery Co., Inc. Rogers, Ark. Phone RG. FOR RENT--MISCRIJ.AXEOUK Keep up with (he times--read the TIMES daily. ACCOUNTANT Excellent opportunity for young man 21-30. Accounting experience preferred. Apply in Person Arkansas Western Gas Company 28 EAST CENTER Fayetleville GENUINE P A R T S Give Better PERFORMANCE to 3 acres, small house. Must barsnln. Write Box K-5. ^Tlmes. TRAN'SPORTATION OFFERED LEAVING for I-us Anjjeles, CaUifonrtT. February 2, in late model cur. Can t a k e 2 or .1 riders. Phone 17 between 8 a. m. and 4:30 p. m. Mont h r o u g h Friday. :.ay MONEY TO LOAN FHA HUME LOANS Low interest, lone terms UTLEY A N D COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We make auto and f u r n i t u r e loans. Let us f i n a n c e the purchase of your new or used car. QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Block 1 El., or our used car lot. Corner Center and Church Streets. '50 Chev. Tudor. Power-Glide, Radio and Heater. '50 Ford Club Coupe Custom. Radio and Heater, Overdrive. '49 Ford Tudor Custom. Radio, Heater, Overdrive. 5 new tires. M9 Ford Tudor, tires. '-48 Ford Tudor and Heater. '46 Chev. Club Coupe. Radio and Heater. Tu-Tone Green. Extra clean. '46 Chev. Business Coupe. Heater. Good tires. '41 Ford Tudor Super Deluxe. Radio and Heater." Bargain.; NiCK'tipVtnirs nparfiitent, ?. '41 Chev. Tudor. Heater, 4 new ' tires. F U R N I S H E D n p n r t i n e n l . 1! blnchs'norih ! of Square. Alarricd couple prefiTri'd. j TM W 2L 3SL _ I UNKU FINISH ED newly decora led Ti ' room duplex. ;ivnil,nhlR at once. ; IMmnc uu;(. __ j G2J LEVKRETT. "Hooni for 2 " q u i e t j bu.vB,_520.00 month. i Ci,OSE~l7T'fiirn.shci. "wild "un'riirniah- i 1 rd nparlnicnt.i. Phone 10.I1W. \ Heater Good [ UNU^UALLY "nice"', "roon l I In rd wond floors, .steiui o j - _Slwdy. JPhone 2l2flW. Deluxe. R a d i o 3 ROOM" f u r n U b e d house, el ll v i l l f . A r k . w l l h n u tun la I t i r l c i i y . nvc Crude "A" JJiUry hinibc. Cclliic. One Itruvrmriit.i. Near | n r m sp imi iifis. w. i-in. Eir ll'fii Il(ir:i. P o u i . r j M't I C I l I l l l t t i l l - Kiit-k-iup. J'nci NEIL SAWREY BROKER STANDARD REALTY CO. !l E. jMuutilnln I'linnc 9*0--17BS.I n n n r t m c n l . I 52;t. Phr :ii:i. THE BROADHURST CO. u;il Norlh CuilirK? US l U n l l u - n y 7 J'honi; 2.1fi7 riCK .VHOOM MOUWIiN I1UMK. iHrtn l i v i n g room and diiiint! rnoii, coin- i buicd, i u i l limn w i t h uhuwcr. Con- j riTtc' biUL'iiii'in, (.-1,'nliiU Rii-i,' iishrslos s h i n c i r s uuisid*.'. i i m i l i i i r d . ; Only ft ycurrt old Lot .'idxL'SO. N'icr.v tinniiccti. unc-tinll t-nsh. J'rirc "VAN GUILDER REALTY 2 ROOM f u r n i s h e d bath. 11.1 Wcsl JtMW. M O D E R N ' e f f i c i e n c y __North_School. L A U G H room, private I _ t r a n c R . Large closets. .l"R6oM"unfuniijthcri bath. 531 Eait Maple Uv( C · Husltm 19 IS a p a r t m e n t . 21-1 Mu Kvi-mnc T H R E E SPECIALS ALL PREFERRED LOCATIONS 607 WILSON AVE. ien. ..;ri;e FOR SALE-- LIVESTOCK ONK rcgislcrcii Hereford"" ..... _. Wliitrface co\V5. A j-carling.v Location '2 miles N o r l h FarmitiKion. Owner, GeorKO_Se^lers. __ 3 PIGS, Virgil Salabury. Habbcrlin. DOGS-- CATS-- PETS P I C K U P S '51 Chev. '/i-ton. l i k e n e w . 4,000 miles. Heoter. ! '50 Ford Pickup, 6-Cyl. Extra j clean. '49 Chev. Vi-ton. Deluxe Cab. Heater. '49 G.M.C. 1-ton. Radio and Heoter. '46 Chev. '/i-ton Stake. Hooter. Good tires. '40 Chev. Pickup. Heater. 4 new tires. IMANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE ' FROM. COME IN AND 'LOOK | THESE CARS OVER. WE'RE EASY iTO TRADE WITH AND WE DO ! OUR OWN FINANCING ^ - I.AHULJ liirnishcd rooms, lor. Phone 1C53R. r r f r i t i c l a - NO. 1. ^ iia 1 room, l u i l ( l l n l n j j , k i t c h e n n i u i u t i l i t y rui lols 01 .'.brubbcry nnd ! paid p a v u i n c n i . An u n u i Kincdid Co, '- --· - Btil tiljlf · loan! · Automotive ·Fire · Health and Accident · Polio · L i a b i l i t y · W O K K M E N ' S COMPENSATION · Plate Glass ·Burglary j Shower stall ; Double compartment sink ! 18x24 Sink ..'.." 18x30 Sink ' ' ' Close couple closet combination. Heavy duty swing spout sink faucet nlc ir«e lnliJiiitio K R O N T bcttroom, private onlrnnce. 2tS ' North Church. Phone l±i7W. j , ROOMS FOR BOYS'NEAR'CAM- | livi PUS. P R I V A T E KVTKANC1::, S H O W E R , STUDY DESKS AND LAMPS. J N N E I l S P R I N ' a 'REIDS, j $10.00 E A C f l FOR 2 BOYS, i $l. r ).00_SlNGI,K. P H O N E [). r i3. L A R G E f r o n t " bedroom." half * bath.'" Z i block* from nqunre. 20.1 Wrsl Rrn-k f J A K A G E n p n r t m c n t , .1 rooms and I bath. P a r t l y furnished w i l h ranee ; and refrineralor and bedroom BOI. I Garage. Phone 1723.T. ' DIIQM noivr RUSH DRIVE ul kilclK'n. i i l l l i f y room. Jluitso H ED ' n p a r i i n c i i l . " " 4 ' ronma and -ball,. SopHr.ilr entrance. Corner Sprine and Ollvn -.Wl. \vaicr paid. Hcfcronccs. Phone 17(18 Day. 3 ROOM nicely f u r n i s h e d up, Private b n t h . A v n i l n b l c * Il l t h . H02 Lafayette. 3HOW. U N F U R N I S H E D " 5 room Phone 3031. ct men t. Phone msi. i p u r t n i c n l . fnrnishrd. F. 11.' A. n net U .1. loan in clii-ct. 515 REBECCA NO. II. 2 betinjunu JUKI !Un: L v. combinn- lion llviiic i-iirnn iincl d l n l i i R room, u n u n u r t l k i l c h r n n n d b r e n k l i i h t imok pliisicrcd wall*. This hinne luis hri-n complcioly rcmadclntl J n t e l y . Two l.-irgo lots. One tnclnti O L I V E .St. Hit- other lUtBKCCA bi. The owner luis been I r t i n s l e i r m l lo Tulsji. hd for ( j u l r k salt* I he price h only SH.HOO.O'J. (Jood limn in c f i r r t . TI1KSK :t hnnms lire in cxccllc-iit condition, nnd l ho Uic.-ititinn nrc unmo nf the bfst. Pn.ssfBt.lnn can be Had qiiirkl.v. Inve-iliaale Uicse, and CDIII- pfire w i t h others, in in tociiliuii, conal ruction, nnd P R I C K For appoint men l call O. J I . REGISTERED red Cocker Spaniel pup- pics. Sired by Champion Rocky Point Redcoat. Mrs. \Vi-att, phone £07J2. _ SACRIFICING Siamese lilt tens', make wonderful pets, very gentle, loving. $15.00. Betty Ann Court, Rogers. Ark. REGISTERED corker spaniel pupplen. Cheap,, phone 507-J-2. L O N G E R LIFE FOR SALK-- HOME NEEDS FOR best In used furniture, «ee DUR- Rar Brown Furnit\ire Co. Used bedroom suites, livirij* room suites. chairs, b r e a k f a s t scls. dining room suites, ranges. refrigerators. 120 Ssouth East_Strcct._ ___· ___ WASHING machine, typewriter, "both in good condition, Bargain. 801 West Center.J _ _ ·_ ___ 4 PIECE maple living room set, good condition. M5.00. 194fi Model refrigerator. SyMHJ.^Call 28B5M. __ USED d'fvan, .1 cushion ilyle, $I2"50. ^J^tw '" Bros. Co.,_Jiic._ _ __ LEWIS~B"R»OS7~BA.SEMENT~ Used S27.1.00 dishwasher . _. ? 93.00 User, t a n k cleaner __ ......... 10.00 Used Eureka cleaner ...... ____ 15.00 Used Rendix dryer . __________ Hfl.OO Used Magic Chef range ... .. _ 65.00 4"~pTECE~Grcy Waln~ut~cdroom suite'. Larfic plale mirror. $117.9.*.. We Rive S II Green Stamps. Hilton Bros. Drive-In Furniture Co. Highway 71 WE ALSO M A K E AUTO LOANS i KunNisnen a p n n m c n t . 2 bedrooms. llviiiR room. d i n i n R room, kitolu-n and bath. SfiO.OO plus ulilitlc.*. Phone 2722W. tmFUnNMSH^b"4~romiis"."prlvHlr bath, hardwood floors, floor f u r n a c e , v- ncttan blind?;, private cnlrancf* Gn- rnfio. U t l l i l l o K paid. A d u l U . 314 Wat- _«on. Phone 2505-- r~OR~»~rii6tirj)misc""coiiipIeli;ly'"rurii- l.ihrd. Gfind gnrdrn, r r n R n n n b l f -Ull : Government. Phone 2U. r »JW or IK'JIJ. t S T A N D A R D USED CAR LOT Corner Center and Church Sis. ·_ Fayetteville 19M. V, TON"Do"dgc"piclu7p.~"chcap. ' _T'honc_206. l 19.17 CHEVROLET," ) doorriood lirc« ' Robert R. Lo«»n, 310 ]ll«hl»nd Avc. I honft 1S2. McCartney-Lewis Co, Inc. Ph.JMI! .100 Kvr. Phonr JflTS i Immediate Possession ; .1 nsimooMs W I T H TJ BATHS. Wtin- dcrful v a l u e in a new fi-room home. Located in W a s h t n t l o n School Dist r i c t nn pHved fctreei wllli tcwcr. I l n s large llvlnj; room, d i n i n g room, k i t c h e n , n l t a c h f d garaiii;, wnrdroh« rinse la. a n t o m a l l r /nrced n i r K «- f u r n a c r . Lot TH'xI.IO'. Hr:;iii|iful fth-irlr trees, yomconc's fioinc to Ert » real hu.v in this home. Don I wait, call us today for details. l a r l m c n t . I r.Ofi odor whe Five you ABSOLUTELY NO use ..Jiorlou Mothspray. Five year written guarantee wllh each ipray- infi. Lcwi^^Rrns. Cp.._Inc. _ "\VE~doivt iikc"~"it"" here" "say Ilie moths when you trcal them with Bcrlou Mothspray. Five year guaran- F^tLitRUSHES We stock r e g u l a r dairy hroomi. 3t.yd Mills. 5?0 IJiulclI. Phone _ 1M8 ELFCTROTUX cledncrs. rcnn 1 rs~slj p plies. Rent for 48 hours. 75c. 117 W- Hock. Phone 52, Accept Ho Substitutes Abshier-Bryan 'Your Frltndly Ford Dtaltr Sine* 1913" CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. Celltel US! FtrtlltTillt. Ark«niM Joplin Rendering Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR (0. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phont Colltel .1111 FoytttcvilU Co. dnor «cd»n. Thii car in first class nhaps. Radio. healer. a u t o m a t i c transmission and very low m.lcagc Prieeri for quicksale. Phone 1399J _or_2731^__ _ ·51 CMC »;-ton. ModePfss'-asr^Tpcrd Transmission, canopy over steel frjime for quick conversion to closed bed truck. Purchaser! late 1951 Original cosl $l.8D.». M I l r n R e now only 2,121 miles. O f f e r e d lor si 700. H. W. Campbell, Route J. Springdale. phono 352fi. _ ~ ~ " " BEAUTIFULLY furnisher)* HCTOSS from U n i v e r s i t y . Coup]* only. M n r r l c d couple or silicic wnn an. Phone 617, ^6"r5ER"H"~2~""h"ed7'5oTir" Kiirauc nllaclicd. Re; JS10W2. 2 ROOM fui r n.1ihcd^rnarlrnrnt"~w i t h bath. On first Moor w i t h private entrance. 129 West L n l n y r t t c . One hlock from XVashlnRlon SrhnnJ. ron- vcnirnt t» Univcisity. Call S. M I ' H O N K 1 fil t FlY owner, new twn bedroom ho use ncnr University. Hardwood Doors, )c;iu(if.ut cHhliu;U. I m m c d l n i e posses* 2-27R "INSURANCE - WITH SERVICE" Health and Accident Workmans Compensation Plate Glass Burglory Automobile Polio Poultry Flrt Liability Trip UTLEY and Company, Inc. George T. C a u d l * Vice Pri'jidenl V I n n u m m c M»r H. L. Utley J. J. PytaM Preildcnt StcreUr Telaphone 2203 BENDIX M I R A C L t A G I T A T O R W A S H E R . $55.00 .$28.50 .$.6.50 $ 9.25 .$34.95. ,$12.5J WATER SYSTEMS McDonald and Dempster deep and shallow well systems with pipe to install. See us before you buy. We*give S and H Green Stamps 236 MILL STREET PHONE.265Q , PUBLIC SALE : llavini! sold our farm, wu w i l l n/lcr lor snip at lh? [nrm known « Ih* Dr. M n h a n place, 3 miles northwest of Pralrlc Grove, «nd 10 mllc.i northeast ol Unciiln, the tallowing ilcmf, on: THURSDAY, JANUARY 31r . B E G I N N I N G AT 10 A.M. "' 175 Head of Livestock ) Yt*rlltn Htf«r, thoroughbrH, tm* I H e r e f o r d Cow, fl yenr« old 1 I t c r c J n f t l Cow. 4 yenrs oltl 1 Hereford H f t f e r 2 yvnrt old 1 Venrllnl H e t f r r 1 Vinrlln.( Hull Thu nbove cuttle lire He«imeretl Domino U r e c d l n R 1 H e t f r r , t ycm-n old. / t h n n i u K h l , r c d but na pitpcri Farm Tools o pupcri I Red. Polled -Cow. K y-mn old 160 Henri Evet, over IM h«vt ·t iid» " ' ^ I Reflit«rfft f.mpit)irt fuck. I yfgf 4 Gride -ulfnlif Rurki. t tn old LniitUnt Chuty jfitl tlfif for r-ao Tra wh»r Drill * l Triifiof*Sprlntt90th Hirrow McCprmtcK Ho^if Dtf#n Mofin* Mo. 7 1 Model n Allln-Chii|nipr» Trnctor. 19:l Model. Kootl an new I Allli-Chnlmcr.i M o w i n g M n c h l n c . fi ft. cut I AlllH-Chithnffnt Tiller 1 John Dccrc Mule Donrd .plow,''2 . IJottoni, on r u b b e r . 12 i n c h ' -'; 1 AllltCh*lmcr« M) Model 5 · f l . Com- ..· hinn^ power l«ke-o/f mid other 1 n l - Uchmenis · : ';· ·' | l Mohuotnery W*rt\ Ileclric Wi I Fr20 furniall ,1fl Model tr«tor w i t h j Muchfne . 1 rolrtinf Oni-Min ·ond { r u r ' A m l nmimtcri " " . r u h h e r j l Slock Saddle .c Mode! Machine, 1 Niw Wi,_...._. ,,,,,, 1 9ldc Dtttvtry. H a y ' R i k 1 Hainmcr Mill Art' ErtdH rG^h.m^qmeTilfr.lft; , ....Miscellaneous - 1 UL Luncli el I n l r r n n t l o r m ! Served hy £ u l l l y « i t i r ' | r*lr Electric Shtep Sheiri.. ^ o f f i c e Mine. ' nd home for j . u t i l f - .1184. FOIt SALE--MISCELLANEOUS square. S u i t n h l c foi vrry good lir office ! small family. TIIREK room modern i i p a r l i tics paid. X40 m o n l h l y . ! TWO room modern n p ; i r l i n c n t , 22 Norlh Church. S27.SO mlly. '[ h u n s n l o w fin K. 45 H i f i h ! way, l u r n i s h o f l , SSft nitty, , i l^ainmond_Hc;illy Cmnpany Phoin- 7H!l I FURNISHED ayflrtn,ci.l.~id?af for ("wo. i Complrtrly rcdorrtrated f r n m rirnprn ; lo d r n i n b o n r d . Cnr port. I'rivntc cn- _ u n i n j ' . _ i j i . _ j y i i o n . _ureciiiHiHi. [ trance snri h n t h . I ' l r n t y Slor^cc GOOD Icspedcra h»y "for snlr Phone ' space. One hlock new Salcxvay ; 1770. IHlton^Bros. L Snlcs Bnrn. siorc. $17.:.0 all u t i l i t i e s f u r n i s h e d . ! HA'V reduced 23c~per~hnlc.~ N u i j i b r r ' . p h o n c 2507 - . . . -. : one Oklahoma this u-nch. Lcavlnc I U N K U n N I S H E D S room n p n r t i n c n t . ' for__FJorid«._ Phone 2307W. | _West__Sprinc._Phnnc 2nSiH. _ ; CORN fed drr.isctl hogs, delivered. [ n i n N I S H K D 'i heilrnorn house. J.i'J j _Phonc -1444M4. t _5*Hll n ?.^. n . o °'' G. ' FURNISHED 4 room i i p n r i m r n t . Biith. · Electric r c f r i f i c r n t o r . Priv.ii« en- : ,, .. - , ,- f tr.-incr, hark ;md f r o n l . Cminlu o n l y . J prnctically new rlcclric ; W a , c r pi(i[1- 222 K;ist Divk-on. Phon.- ? A Jf A AX--.51 5 _ Llnd 5 n GOOD nV.xed~r.iiy. No jialcs~on~ Snt : ! _ TAPLK model radios. Phonr ITifl BARN YARD" manure.' Phone MlC-J. 9'x)2' RUG. rcfriRcrator. Can he ft. in. and a f t e r 7 p. _2t _F.asl Sprlnft. ___ HAY, "fideTM per hale ami" een hrfor . in. Upsilrs, up!"" Phone _ L J l £ L c TM ? n ' _ _ p r a ' r i c Crnvp. COOK wood and heater wood," "wcT'dc- Hvffr. ___PhQ i ne^_ r 2l5CK._ j MOORE barley, grown from certified I need, Si,7r. per bushel. B. M. Peter- ! ^*on. Phojc ^20fi4, Prnirlc Grove. 1 5Bl^ H XTni5"l!2!L. h "V _ Ithon ' ! 2031 W. I K«9 POnfER c«hle"iamlcr,'~"r Inch _c dee r.__ Phone _ 309 1 Rf _ j "kl"4()b'~R?1- est Sprlnudnlc, BKOROOM. ahnvc av men only, 798J. U N F U n N I S i l K D "4~roofn npii Pliruit; 537-R-4. !JN1VEHS-TY " APARTMKNTS" hrdT'-'im unfurn'J'herl ^57 M) lnhrd S72.. r ,0. hills paid. H r ' r v _ _ - _ . , _ _ _ P A RK V 1 K W* A pXRTMKNTS"'"(7ric~bcd - r nnm unfurnished S-'O 00, furnlthcit $GS On; two hcdrrnm unftl^nl^h'*d Ifi;..00. Hcndlx t.-'Uintry f i v a l U b l c Phon ft9fl hciiwc. -doulili! | ^Imi^SKMtljIown. 1 Phnnu M27R I .onanic. I Hone j ., ^COKS Innri. 4~robi'n hoiiBc7*2"niom j house. Kns. e l e c t r i c i t y in h o u s r. City w a t e r by Ihc tloor. drilled well now In u«ie_ Phnnp L'jr6n. WK arc. now p r e p a r i n g our f hie "real ostiitc listinss Hir H cut.'doc. which wr- will l i i k r In ihc p r i n t e r w i t h i n Ihc next, few d.nF. W« will p r i n t 5.UOO i-atalO(,M. Thc-U- will he n m l l f d to oui-of-stati; proBprct.-! who hnve cxprcuscd nn intcrcat In HUH tec- tinn nf the O/.arka. N c w J I n Heftlly · nil YOU have n m u t u i i l purport; in havint: your Hstinj; in this calfiloi;. We t h i n k It Is ;» decided help in selling your properly. WK prim nnd mail this cfiljtloj; at considerable expense to us; it cos Is YOU n o t h l n c In IIRVI; your pi nee listed w i t h us. AND ;uioit.i?r ilccidud n d v a n l a f j e , a I n r c r volume of a d v e r t i a i n j ; in ( ui- o f - s l a l r papers. Wr reach 2,nnn.0nn (o S.OOH.MO readers nearly every week. WK will KO 10 the p r i n l r r in n h o u l » wcclt. If you would like lo hnvc your HsiiiiK In th« cntiiiOK. con- t,icl us rciit Riion. NEWLIN REALTY WKST _ K O R K A R K TWO""bcdninin" h'inie"in " N o r f h e a n t M-cHnn, ajipJ-oxiniHlcly four year* nM. (Jtirncc. City hu.v Lu;ui $S 300 flO. pnyftlilc $01.^.1 month. if.lH 00 will WHEELER REALTY CO. l c n t l | Or.ark Theater Hlftfi. fMi»np ina Vliiht* ?7!!fi.l »rn.\~ NORTH" EAST [I t x : T . A K C i K Ti-UOOM, Solid nmsfmry ron- | u t r u c i i r i n C.'lfije in, mi paved street, ·rwer. W o r i d h i i r n i n c (irr-plar" Forred air B.-IS r u r n n c c .Nire l e v r j lot wltli shwrif. C-i'jft r o n d l t l r . n P r l t e i l at n n i v SO.."fin \}n ncli Served by Vincy Grove T C D J u l C . Horn- Ui^-tm'frfltion ciiih ' CK/V\3. JAMES GEORGE ELAM, Owners FRED MARSHALL ATLAS COHEA, Auct!on«tri GARLAND BUCHANAN and JACK DITMARS, Cl«rk» AUTO LOANS -- LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. close In. i lons pas, 10 inMcs J U R h w n y C8. 11. A. Smith. SPINF.T~plano:""A rare h«r«iiln op- porlunlty. Famntis make. O r l K l n n l - ly cost over S7. r 0.oo. Perfect conrll- tlon. Btf nnvliid In rfsponsihlp party. May a x ^ u m e hnlnncc on s m n l l niiyment*. Write crrdlt msnattfr, JopHn Plnno Co., 312 M a i n Street, _jlopHn,_Mo, . __ G~riA VKI~4 "yanf load" ("lelfvcrrd," JB.OO. Phnnc IDEAL | SKRVICI-S OITKHI-D ' I N D I V I D U A L income i.ix n r r v l r c . Kca- _sonnhlr. .1002R. lNC6'ME""l«x sefvii-f. ' R a y m o n d r.cor«e._ Phonr 157V WK Imvc room (or one elderly lady Phone 10.180. 81fl Norlh l . i n d r t l WpifK_\ynntcd hy womnii. ifniiU.' KOR p a p e r h n n R h i R and pnintlni;, phone _«Jn4J. and wlnrlnw and hitlll-ln rahl- W« mMf or btat any competition 401 WEST DICKSOH brief .1201. Ozirk TVout C»rm itm. · mil e«Kt», font lockm, ' , . . toilti kill, tjr. A m m p l f i c lint HAMILTON 'fl ARMY SURPLUS STORE Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory iJAiiv "SIT'TINO C A R K lor tiiildrpn In my home. Mr. HllRtlry. f i 2 l l.pvrrctl. I J 7 I J . BE/.irrv snor A L I C E S BEAUTY SHOP Now up (own. 7 j K M o u n t a i n SL A l l c r mul Martin. Phonc f/.!0 coi.vAnns BEAUTY SHOP ^ iOt w. Meadow--Plione :002 M x r h ?.1 .'lO-up Cold wave l-'» up Florence SUptotoc M_ v» Illckaon fho«« l«a HkiCKiTIT'S BEAUTV SHOP RI.I.IACLI WORK :Q.I N Block Hhont Wt suggttt that you drop in and inrciti- gatt th« btntfiti of our plan. Let us htlp you financt that new or uttd car. Call 3101. MOTOR FINANCE CO., Inc. L : cep;c . · kuni^i Jiptt tank Dtparlmint " "Your Tr'tendly Home Town Financt Company" C. C. FARLEY, Mgr. DKtKT LOANS-LOANS KHNAIKED 17 i. MM^OW St. FayrtHvifto, A*. ; FOR " «li xcrerni. . nnrt Cfnrr*! repair v.ork S CH Cnb.not Sliop. Phonr fi7. ELECTRIC CO. Quality Initolltn ·PUMPS ·POWER Phon* 24, Wnt Fefk KINCAID COMPANY ,-'W' P H f l N K IT, ADJOINS "CITY WKLL cnnn:niclcd 1v.» hodroom h o r n . , r o n i p l f t c l y modern w i t h city ill H i - I Mr-i, hardwood floor*, nhetrirork nnri ! p a p r r r d . nice k l r e h c n h u l l t t n f on i Icvrl lol w l l h f e r t i l e nurd en uniiill ' r h i r k e n Ji'MMe- priced 10 »cll. ONLY J3000 i BUYS ?i (wf)-t]fr)«j-)]n home, eoinplrte. ' IV n i ' i f l e r n . h n t w n l e r (jtiik. h u i l t m i l tn l i l l e h c n . · r i i R i nn floor* Hirer, blochi o( jiehnnl ^nrl t»|nck of | k"t nn-l l,m line. On l,t h,mdtod ' NEARLY" THREE ACRES Wl'.LL !(K-aied n m r 71 N o r t h , f e n r c d . Cf'"H g n r r l r n . p i n t u i r . f r i i l l , modern home, r M y w n l r r . n « l u r n l j«i. en. r,icr-hn« ni«ny p O M i h i l i i l r t for fin Wade Fincher Hflulinit l);iv or n.jtlit Call ( i l c n n ll* H79J. WKATiiKns'rnii 1 l i K C O I l A T l N C l -- \ V A I . I . P A P K R \ i ' l N I ) O W C I . K / ' N I K f ; F u l l y l i i M i r r r l C a l l in W l l l c I i r i l . t K K T M. SM1T1! ··sr.i G r,our; t 1 A.V t h r ma*, who hat juitt romplclrrl a hnm* and )1« w i l l lul nu T.VrnY DAY IN rvr.BY WAY BUILDING c:c)brs c;o iuuiit:n AMI A n d in. . nr,: ihr A r r a d r Blric --Plionc *!*!? . R(JAt) AND DRIVEWAY O R A V E l - MAO TOP SOIL Phoni! lliHJ « n d 3 0 S J _ sr.Tl'vfCKK rfnd»rri(""in im»ll aprli. anr|.» .Inhii nhfide* A p p l i a n c e C o , 31 N. Block. Pnonl Z011. hole Nlory. Strrl. roppir. anri ether rHK;i' » , « . . · - I - .Uf under "control." COPPER lor wir- mit o n l y u )ul. about tht limit. ·, I I A V K A l,Oi'i\: SKv.-ird on w « n - . u h llcithl.v on l e % r l well loeatt* lol-- W) li f ' n n t a n c Ihn B » n c h Tjpc horr.r w i t h 1.140 in. It. ol LIVING COMrbt' 7 l n v r l hc-Hrooint a r n i n r t r ao pn l l v l n « room w l l h dlninf ipact IdJ I c a u t i r u l k l t r h r n \Mtli IOVTI.V )ti lt-ln.%. an.1 k i t c h e n and f«raf« !3tQ ncctrd by uniqt.i* i\*t\m-in hrrcteway. Now tet U you' «« 1.1F2 | V HJi M p r a H f ^rl It h u l l l ? Lot-- Fronta Ifto c C O N V E N T I O N A L OR 0. |. I.QAN 'SKr. f.KOHCI.' M c K I N N K . Y AOCI MCALIOItg rit*. U|

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