Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 8
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ITHWBT AKANIAI TIMK. BADDY. APENTVOJ :OMING UP AND KISS ME GOODNIGHT ? VJ. y E s, ·~ ,_^_^^--~-- \ I'M OOMIN ~jf ' I RIGHT UP LATER - ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD. ALL I KrJCW 15 IT WAS A RED CAR. I FIRED OVEP THEIR MEADS. THEN ' TRIED ID HIT A COSH, MODEL. ITS SURE BEEN NICE YOU CAN RAY YOUR SISTER BACK HER 2. BUCKS SKATING WITH MOU. THIS APMY \ , TOUTING \ ( QUIET/ MUST BE )V_"U r tA£ J V I U I p WOTICIW THAT THE GIRL (T) v THE DJD IS · GOT OF STEP.' THIS 1$ POLICE HOMICIDE,SAVWR. WE'VE PICKED UP A COUPLA SUiPECTJ IN THAT KHUN'. COULD \OU COMI OVER RU3UTAWAY AND IDENTIFY 'EM? MD.WtUVWHOIAW.']/. 1 TOLD SOU 1 WE'D NEVER ' fl'O UOVS TO. BUT WE'D^EV'ER^ M5ET A PgNCH TO SITjJN/^--| 5 If T-' (THAT'5 \Vhl.\T yo[T \ /) XTHINK , TOOTS... . U'HATP AND CUIN ) j DON'r ,«V NEW ; -?-//3E SILLV [DRESS// (TOOTS... 1 PU AW, ir'S THAT HOLLISJ--'-l. IMAGINE ME HAMN' \ WtLL NOW DOPE/ HE l*3T.--SUf»*! \VWEr-NUR8E THAT /OOP, WHC IN MY HAIR./ / VEH.I OEEIlaUNK ALONG ON/COULD DO .../A\V NOVV.OOR BUT I AIN'T/DON'T BE (X. ' A-GOMNA. fHAT,' Y'CAN'T TURN DOC DOWN LIKE THAT.' NO...NOT JUST V5A BIG JOB.OORYOtm LIKE THAT, BIITJFIND IT6O.THINKIN' A SUBSTITUTE r- FOR "NO"/ WAL-AH RF-GIK'G WIF *HYTMII«« TliET'S LVIN' AROUND--OLD VCGtTABlI IMAOtHATIOII? P t f l H M S - . Ann nor FAF PROM THH HOME OF THf. iNCBEmBLt NMHTHAMAUtt. Springdale The Junior Glr]'» Auxiliary of the First Batlst Church met Monday afternoon, with three «rlrls present. Members «re invited to the Berry Street Baptist Ch-jrch Wednesday night to put on a program for the yiunn people there. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Elmo Samuel. Kenneth Roll of Little Rock was t guest Monday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jincs and children, Margaret Ann and Bobby Louis, on Meadow Avenue. Kell and Jincs were classmates while attending Sloan-Hendrlx Academy at Imbodcn. The Woman's Civic Club met Monday for its rcsular m o n t h l y covered dish luncheon in the Civic Club rooms of the Sprlngrtale Public Library. Mrs. Grace Jones was in charxe of the hostess group. Mrs. Lee Sanders presided. The program was in charge of the International Relations Committee composed of Mrs. L. J. Carr and Mrs. Howard Clark. ' R o b e r t Charles Laurie Mitton of Lcamin- ton. Ortt., Canada, a student at lohn Brown University in Siloam Springs, was the ftuosl speaker. Mrs. Lillian Holf, chairman of Ihe \Uisic Committee, introduced- John Moreland. music educational director of the Kirst Baptist Church, who sang several numbers. Several visitors were present. Miss Rcnalda Smith spent the r ier parents, M Allen and f a m i l y on Pleasant Street. was assisted by Mrf. Hacclcr and Mrs. Hull. Refreshments were: served to the following guests;! Sharon Phillips, II. M. Lewis, Jim-1 mio Highlill, Settle Lewis, Kathy Gaskin, Brcmla Brown, Pat Hull, and Cindy Hull. Kenneth Aaron, sun of Mr. and Mrs. Loy Aaron of Springdalc, Route 3, is serving aboard. tb.e air craft c a r r i e r USS Badocninj: Straits with the United Nations forces in the Far East, C'pl. Charles Elmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elmer. Sr., o( Springdalc, has been granted a leave from the Air. Force to reenter the University of Arkansas o complete requirements f o r . h i s Bachelor of education degree - Corporal Elmer entered the service; January II, 1051, and after initial t r a i n i n g at Lackland Air Force Base he was transferred to .Sandin Base at Albwiucrriue, N. M. He is assigned to the base hospital as a therapist in the physical therapy clinic. The Mary M a r t h a Sunday Power (ompnif Employes Ring Up Safety Record Employes of the Southwestern Gas and Electric Company in the Faycttcville district have worked ; for 45 months w i t h o u t a disabling injury, the company reported to- said a very' profound thing, for him. In his speech before the National Women's Democratic Club, November 20, 1951, when he said, "A mistake In n presidential election tan cause the country untold harm." day. School Class of Ihe First Bautisl Church was entertained with a d i n n e r Friday nijrht at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Paul Bros- don, on Alien Avenue. Mrs. Robert Harms was in charge of the program. Those present were: Mrs. Bill Rollins, Mrs. Kdwarrl Borncr. Mrs. Carl Carmack, Mrs. Robert Crudup, Mrs. Elmo Samuel, Mrs. Robert Harms, Mrs. liar- Ian Phillips, Mrs. H i r i a m Test, Jr., Mrs. Ernest Waldcn, Mrs. Bob j The last accident which result- I cd' in lime lost by nn employe for disability occurred in March, 1948, the firm revealed. Since that time the u t i l i t y estimates that 800.000 man-hours have been worked in the district -- figured on an average of 105 employes, working on a straight 40-hour week without any overtime. In addition, the company stated that only one chargeable automobile accident was recorded against the Fayetteville division during 1 95 1 . The "Southwestern," trade magazine published by tlie u t i l i t y company, termed the Fayclteville division "the safest place to work in our company's r-n-^ice area" on the basis of the report. Clay ion Rahct Says: A U r n of F I Mrs ' K r n c s t Waldcn, Mrs. Bob Apparently Congressmen and n wppkomi vvr Lockli " alld Mrs - Calvin Little and I Senators returned to Washington ' n i M ,, I Mr?. Dean Gunsclman. sobered by their association with Ti'ilv on PlMMnl Tllc o f f i c c r s and 'capers of the lh TM' constituents. ·nil) on ''"sant F j rsl Baplist Chlm . h m c t at , hc Sonato ,. r n M,I,.I,I., ,nTM church for a dinner Monday night r ''°"! Co '° Planr- \cor-n mt.Hn fni- M,n nrn,-Ir nt SCtltlmCnt ^ Most'Of the damage done to the city of Rotterdam by German bombing on May 14, 1940, has been repaired. Mrs. Paul Burgess entertained it her home with a birthday party Saturday afternoon in honor ot Used by thousands In reducing diets--Junge's Roman Meal oread. U-19-tf NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D AD5 , ccnu *"' word " ln * le ln - ree consecullvt Insertloni. 7 ccnu per vvord. Minimum order 42c · unuihcd ad cash in advance--nol n j? v " r l h e 'cl^P^one. . ," drtl ";, 1: ' nor "'"sifted ads: lo:3C « in daMy: 0:30 a. ni. Saturday. , j rrc ?." on 5, antl rcru " cheerfullv ,,». (irst ln!?rl 'on- N» correc- pirc'd rcrun madlv ' *"" ai1 has CJI ' oa»?« T 'P riAdvc r Usl "« copy f u r n i h c r pages Is du,. at 12 noon Ins day prr.. tccdins punlicalion; 12 noon Saturdij tor piibUcaUon^ on Monday IEOAI. NOTICES WARNING ORBIR In Th- Chincirr Ciurt Of L 0m ?r cX^lS' *""""· . H. J. Goad Defendant The Defendant II. J. Goad is warn- C hin , flp|)car '» . t h i s Court w i t h i n n i r l j days and answer the r o m p l a i n t Plaintiff in the above e n t i t l e d V, Iincss my hand find seal seal ol Jlli! *nuary, T932. Plans were made for the work o the Sunday School for the ncx year. About 100 officcrs ant her son Chuck, six. Mrs. Burgess I tuilcn( , rs wcre prcscnt . OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams SHOES WITH OLD TH 1 FIRST GUY THAT ASKEP HEfi CU7_ PA REPAIREP OUR SHOE'S GETS WHERE HE WORKS, AM 1 I MEVER MISS A CHANCE LIKE THIS TO 6RIND ' DOWN TO NOR MA1_ 6V MODE! MACHINERY, STI ~ f BOCM THIRTY wv. ·-. -. 7QO THAT TRICKED ITS VICTIM r Tfe*Wy (K5I-k,e5) A successful Enqlish actor QUIT The STAGE BECAUSE OF A DREAM THAT HE MOULD CHWEONHRCU/ HfVAS KfDUCEO T06EGGING Me *fH$ "' MMX FROM 117 BASEMU. DATS 6V J. HILTON BEAM Battle G-cek.fftch. OF WORK PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK "You cqn't walk out el HERE without buyin' anything, mntw...ihat dog ii th' bttt rttrwvw in th' itat«l" i ugene D. M i l l i k i n (Rep lorado) summed uu public iment aptly in the sentence, "Corruption, taxes, waste and Korea." A Mississippi Democrat obscdvcd. "The t h i n g that is disturbing the folks is that there is no rhyme or reason for nine-tenths of what we're doing. They wonder if we have a plan to win the war, to balance the budget, to clean up things in Washington." Tr-c t r u t h of the matter is, it has commenced to dawn on millions of citizens that the eovcrn- mcnt has gotten so big no one man or group of men is big enough lo run it. It has become so top-heavy that it is tipping over. Too much of it concentrated in one spot; it needs tn be decentralized, simplified and returned to the people. Rig government has become .so in- volvd t h a t no mere change of administration can untangle it. No one on earth has the capacity to to comprehend t h e problem l h a t presents itself in the appropriation and expenditure of eighty-three billion dollars. But President Harry Truman Richard B. Grecr Chanccr.v Clerk By Joy Rupc, D. C. -!' Feh. 5-12-13-c WARNING ORDER In Th* CHanctry Court Of WMhiniUn County, Arhinuu G. Gebhard P o n t i f f T5. Elsie Grbhard O^.undant The Defendant Elsie Gebharri is warned to upprar in this Court w i t h i n thirty days and answer the complaint nf the Plaintiff in the above entitled cause Witness my hand and seal ol thi* Court this ?th day of January, I3J2. (SEAL) Richard B. Crcer Chancery Clerk 3y Joy Rupe. D- C. Arc You A Half Si/er? KGRH TUESDAY P. M. 6:00 Dinner Music 6: IS Starlight Time 8:30 News 6:45 Ozarks Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Hcatter--M 7:30 Rthj'mic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 BASKETBALL Joplin At Fayclteville, 9:30 Just Music 10:00 News--M 10:15 Platter Party 10:45 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off WEDNESDAY A. M. 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Rise N' Shine 6:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Koffee Kup Kaperi 7:30 Olasco News 7:45 Sunrise Serenade 8:00 Robert HurlciRh--M 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:30 Times Morning Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take A Number 0:00 Food for Thought 0:15 ^inda's First Love 0:30 Queen for a Day. 1:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 1:15 Bauckage Commentary 1:25 Carl Smith Sings 1:30 Church of Christ 1:45 Musical Roundup 1:55 Market Reports WEDNESDAY P. M. 2:00 Hymns r' All Churches 2:15 News at Noon 2:30 ChucRwagnn Jamboree 2:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 Dixieland Mallnce 1:25 News 1:30 Afternoon Varieties 2:00 Ladies Fair 2:25 News 2:30 Poolcs Paradise 3:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Plck'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 Green Hornet 5:30 Wild Hill lllckok 5:55 Cecil Brown Nril and Smirtlr SlyM Halt- cuti and Good Cttin Sham HAIRCUTS ONl» WHITE'S BARIER SHOP 401 W. DICKIOK SOc By Sue Burnett If you are, you're certain to be pleased with this charming daytime frock designed especially for you on classic lines. Collar and pocket arc softly shaped; use novelty buttons for Irim. Pattern No. 8773 is a sow-rite perforated pattern in sizes 14 1-2, 16 1-2, 18 1-2. 20 1-2, 22 1-2 and 24 1-2. Size 16 1-2, 4V« yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30c -In COINS, jour name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 115 Ave. Amer-" 1 leas. New 1 York 19. N. Y. The new Spring and Summer Basic FASHION for women who sew will be ready for you shortly. Send 25 cents now for your copy. EVERYTHING IN nUMBINO and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVE. AUTO WORK by reliiblt mtchinicl. All work GUARANTEED. BROUGHER and ROBB WHItllrfl Oirnt, »MR *f Whltahy'i CtrviM MMIM MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL BETTER PLUMBING FOR BETTER HOMES start at CindD Plumbing Co. Frt« EttimctM »1 W. M«MMi« M«W IIN

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