Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 6
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-- NOtTHWtSt AiKAMSAj TOMI, , **··»««. TiMMtay, January 29. l»il loiiple Charged With Murder In Death Of Child Youngster Struck With Bottle And Then Strangled Winnipeg, Man.-ld'H'olli'C last - night read a .iatcnipnt to n Coroner's Jury in which ;i mirffllc-iiyccl couple said they bcal find slning' leu* their seven-year-olu foster ·daughter because she "mocked God" nnil refused to pray. "Now she's Ktift; in the arms ol thtr Lord." suid the statement given citv pull'co by Gavin McCullotigh, .51. McCullough, former office manager of the Winnl|jci! Chamber of Commerce, line! hifi wife Lillian, 52, have been charged with murder. They were arrested Friday .after the body oC Hie child, Martha Louise, wjs found lying among nn assortment of religious pamphlets in Ihcir suburban home. Afler Ihc k i l l i n g , police said, the couple went to n vacant' lot Jind, 111 BUb-icero weather,. prayed nil night. Neither Ihc mnn nor. Ills wife, who had adopted the. child when die way three months old, appeared al the inquest. Mrs. McCullouch was transferred Sunday to the psychopathic ward of the Wlmil- . peg General Hospital.after guards reported her "hard to handle." McCullougli, i:i the statement read at the inquest, Rave this account of thiv slaying: Ho and h i s ' w l f o were pniylni; Christmas At Last WALT BEACH WrOfCn MM tt B. CvfHvT Mrwt FAVCTTIVILLI, MM. p IJ4» Ex-Soldier In Difficulty Again Over Attempts To Stay In Japan With Wife I'hc Christina* that Toinmie Yates missed when lie was btiten un conscious on Christmas Eve In his Vernon, Texas, homo is right in thL lospltal room wailing for him In got .well. Tnmmir/ four, is shown in ils hospital bed in Dallas, Texas, with a few of the hundreds of loys well withers have senl him nfler seeing Hie slory in newspaners and his j-.lctui-o with a lopsided grin--lopsided because his entire right lidc is paralyzed from a brain Injury. Toinmie looks entirely different low from the frail litlle boy, black and blue with bruises, t h a t was ·arriod I n t o the hospital on December 27, His mother, Mrs, Robert Dale' Simpson, wns.convicted of assault w i t h intent to murder In the bcat- )iir..'Hls stepfather Is In tyll a w a i t i n g trial on the same charge. Tom- hie Is a ward of the state now. vhcn the lllllc girl entered I h i oom. They asked her lo Join then n prayer. She smiled a n d - p a i d nr llcnllon. Mrs. MeCuilnngh slap- ted the child and struck her will cleaning fluid bottle. Then the ROMPT appraisals am · loan commitments start yot owning quickly. Low-total- cdst spread o v e r m a n y months makes buying as practical as renting. Sayc dollars and days . . . sec our loan officer today No Red Tope -- No Delay FAYETTEYILLE BUILDING and LOAN ASSN. The Home Association jar Home People 19 E. Center Phone 353 wnimm gave the bottle to her has- biiml bocitu.-c "she wasn't .strong enough." MrCullough struclf the child .sev- e r a l ' t i m e s ";is hard us i could." "This didn't k i l l her. She was still hrctilhinu, s o ' I put my knee r n her chest and :Urniijc-cd her." The jury in its verdict said the child died from slraiitfulaUdn nnd severe Chilli fractures administered by her Junior parents. Prairie Grove Mr. and Mrs. Paul .lones were hosts Friday night at a dinner cbniliiiK the b i r t h d a y of L. L. Jones. Friends of Mrs. C. H. Fcn^more spent Saturday afternoon with ler in observance of her birthday. Card games were played. Mrs. Fcniinore served refreshments. Bill Cawood of Bcnlonvillc was i.he · weekend guest of . Darrcl Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dodson [ind Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Delap of Prniric Grove, and Mr. m i d - M r s . Orln Booth and children of Fort Smith spent Sunday at Springdale, where Ihcy t-clcbralcd the jlrthday of Nancy Dndson, grand- d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrs. Dodson. Mrs. Gene H a m i l t o n .and baby lave rcl:i-ncd lo their home in Muskogco, Oltln., a f t e r visiting Mrs. Hamilton's mother, Mrs. Jim Slrickicr. · Mr. and Mrs. ,L S. H a r l a n rc- .urnctl.tSunday from Oknnilgce, Okla., where they were gucsls of their son and daughtcr-iri-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harhm. . MY. and Mrs. Charles Arring- on of Miirlow, Okla., spent the weekend with Mr. Arrington's arcnl». Mrs; C. W. Bca ; siey and sons of Vlchita Falls, Texas, ami Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arringlon, Jr., of Grcysvillc, Ind., spent the weekend w i t h Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Ar- By JOHN KANOOLMI · Toiiyo-l/ll-ThcrcV a new twist] lo the eld and ever-sad slory of "Madame ' Butterfly." Jn the 1052 version of Hie lender love slory of Clo Cio San, the victim isn'l the girl from Ihc Orient. H's the serviceman /rom the west. The man Is » heart-broken former Australian soldier--Frank L. Weaver. Or, BJ he prefers to be called, Tetsulehlro Kllagawa. Today, Weaver sits lonely and forlorn in a Japanese jail, iie faces ACCUMS Pentagon a deportation trial In a Japanese court for a seventh atlcrnpt lo smuggle himself back into Japan lo be with his little Japanese wife, Sjichiko. But worse, llian hli trouble with the law is his heartache. He told Japanese newsmen Sachiko hadn't wailed for him. He said she gave her heart--in succession--to two other Australian servicemen at Kure, m a i n depot for Australians on occupation or Korean service. Australia Rim Wife Weaver's Iroubles began after World War II. He made several attempts to stay in Japan *with Sachiko because Australia bars Japanese immigrants, even wives of Australians. v 1 acli time ho was traciied down and returned to Australia. In October , 1950, he w a j arrested ind sentenced to hard labor for one year a n d - f i n a l l y deported in August, 1051. When here last time he renounced )is Australian cillzcnfhlp, aciopled tie Japanese name of Tetsuichiro Cilagawa, and vowed he intended o become a subject of Hirohito -- f only he could stay with litlle Sachiko. Hut he was sent home igain. Life in Australia was bitter. He vas unpopular. Workmen walked uut when he was hired. Kven his ,vr. father wouldn't spcal: lo him, L 1 said. ' So on J a n u a r y 21 he sneaked iboard nn American rlrp.ldne, cached Japan and stole away under cover of prc-dav/n darkness, 'hen followed a quick dash to ture and terrible disillusionment. Appeals To Japanese Now lie has appealed to the Jap- ncsc public, government and ress, and swears he "hates Aus- ralia and ' a l l Australians who .. ,'c intervened in my affairs and obbed me of my^wifc." B. H. Raglan. MAJ. GIN. Frank E. Lowe, retired, formerly President Truman's personal representative in Korea, said he had a "suspicion" that not all messages he relayed to the W h i t e House from Korea reached Truman. Lowe made the comment when- questioned about a published story that he feels" Gen. Douglas MacArthur might never have been dismissed by the President if the Chief Executive had known ail the facts of the Far Eastern situation. (International) Rogers The Rogers Order of Hainbow Girls Monday contributed more than $18 to the local March ol Dimes fund. The money was raised through a pie supper held at the Masonic Youth Center Saturday night. Wandering forlorn on the streets f Tokyo, Weaver was picked up by n British MP. He was turned over to Japanese authorities. Weaver is popular in Japan, where everyone loves a lover, especially a tragic one. Two Japanese lawyer* have volunteered to defend him. Socialist Representative Ichiro Shojl has volunteered to adopt him. Which is more than anyone of- ercri to do for Madame Butterfly The Alpha Lambda' chapter of Beta Sigma Phi contributed $25 to the Beta Sigma Phi endowment fund for cancer research during last week's meeting ot the home of Mrs. James-P. Shofncr and Mrs. Jim B. Shofncr. Mrs. Sam McLane, In charge of the business meeting,. introduced Mrs. John Walburn, who reported on the City Council meeting. The program was presented by Mrs. N. L. Hailcy, who used the topic "Happiness Through Personal Experience." Others appearing on the program were Mrs. Art Kable, Mrs. Vcrnon C h a l f a n t and Mrs. Buckner Kenneth IDoylc is recuperating from a fractared back', suffered in an accident at school last week. He is al the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Doyle. S-Sgt. Calvin S..Doyle is spending his leave with his parents, Mr. .and Mrs. J. H. Doyle. He has returned from three years service in Germany and will be assigned to Stewart Air Force Base in New York. The 78lh birthday of Mrs. Mary Relglcr, mother of Mrs. Hay Henry, South Dixieland Road, was celebrated Thursday night at the Henry home. A large group of friends- spent the evening with Mrs, Reigler, Mr. and .Mrs. Jim Marts, formerly of Fort Smilh, have moved to Rogers. Mr. Marts is employed with the Bruce Rogers Supply Company in Rogers. They arc Jiving at 1002 North Eighth Street The Hotary, Lions and Kiwanis clubs have arranged for a benefit dance to be given Saturday night at the high school gymnasium. Proceeds from the dance will be turned over to the March of Dimes fund. Ticket sales arc under the direction of the Sub Deb Club, sponsored. by Mrs. 3\m Coe, and he Hi Si Club, sponsored by Miss Gay Gilliams. Music will be furn- shed by the "Down Beats," Uni vcrsity of Arkansas dance band. More than 700 persons attended he first annual quarterly mect- ng of the Benlon County Singing !:socation, held Sunday at the itw higli school auditorium in' iogers. Among the quarlels tak- ng part- on the all-day program were the Ladies Harmony of Rogers; Gospel Aires, Monncll, Mo.; Milo. Beck of Hogcrs; the Trum- ictcrs of Siloam Springs, and the Stamps Quartet of Siloam Springs. Others appearing on the program vcre Lee Jones, Prairie Grove; Lawrence Gregg, pianist of Hi- vnssc; Howard Bulson, Miami, 3kla., pianist; and Brooks Taylor. Carthage, Mo. The singers will Tieet here in February. Later iicelings will be held in other owns in the county. Court Proceedings Divorces granted in Washing- on County Chancery Court- Mary While vs Bud White, de- rce to p l a i n t i f f ; Reba Mowming vs James Mow- iing, decree to plaintiff; Charles E. Fiori vs Franclla Z iorl, decree to plaintiff; Richard Shumate vs Lc-rrctta liumalc, decree lo. p l a i n t i f f ; Pearl Dean Johnson vs Murry . Johnson, decree to plaintiff. A fully grown flounder has two ·es on one side of his head and one on the olhcr. COON OVER NASHVILLE-Flying proudly from atop the.dome of the Tennessee state capital building in Nashville is a giant replica of the coonskin campaign cap worn by the state's Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Estes Kefauver, and his followers. Idea . for the campaign banner came from Mrs. Mary Bloker, executive . iccrelary of Davidson County's Kefauver-for-President Club. HEARING is priceless to everyone. Now, hard-of -hearing people can hear again with the low-cost Golden* tone Hearing Aid. Goldentone is a fully guaranteed hearing aid with a printed electronic circuit found in hearing aids selling -for $200 or more. Goldentone's low price and low operating cost will amaze you. Come in today and try on a Goldentone, or write for free booklet. COMPANY Home of Better Hearing 17 N. Locust FAYETTEVILLE Phont 1021 tllutUkln): Nlau Ol Own the newest of the new for'52 1952 SIMBAKER COMMANDER V8 Styled with the swcpt-back grace of a new-type jet plane! ' Brilliant 120 h.p. performance without premium fuel! Advanced V-8 engine saves' gallon after gallon of gas! ...and in (fie /owes) price field 9 52 Studcbaker Champion! Top gas saver o^ the lop 4 dead* SfwUbcktr Automatic Drivt *r Ovtrdilv* avoilabl* In all modtlt al txtra coil , WESTER MOTOR CO. 441 WIST fMCKSOfc FAYCTTEVIltt, AW. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lcc an children and Mr. and Mrs, Noa Skcllon and children of Tulsa Okla., were guests of Mr. an Mrs. Jack Couch Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hoffortl and children, Grctchcn and Kar of Harrison, were weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hughes. I'aula Moore entertained Sal unlay night with a party at UI'L home of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Garland Lawson. Th evening was spent in- playin,, games. Guests were Lois King Donna Van Hoose. Shirley an: Phillip Mhoon of Baldwin, Don aid Roberts of Wyman, Donali Loudermiik of Grcmvond, am Belly Delate, Charles Rcjl am Jackie Main of Fayellevillc. fie freshnicnts were served. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs Himmic Mhoon were Mr. anc Mrs. Darwin Loudermiik and son Donald, anrt Mrs. Donna Louder- m i l k , all of Greenwood; Mr. am Mrs. Byron Mhoon of Fayetteville and Mr. and Mrs. Eulic Mhoon. Miss Linda Ann Earls was the guest of Miss Julenc Cloud of Fa.vetlcville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Parker Rushing were Sunday luncheon guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Bill Marlin of Fay- cltevillc. Mr. and Mrs. Chester House of Harrison were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Raggett. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Freeman and children of Parsons, Kan., were weekend gucsls of Mr. and Mrs. Nat Hays and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunlap and Mr.' and Mrs. Otto Drake were guesis of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ferguson of Habbcrton Sunday Prayer services will be conducted al 7:30 p. in. Wednesday al Ihc home of Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Drake. Mrs. Charlie Tuck was honored Sunday with a birthday dinner at her home. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd'Pierce nnd children. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Tuck and children, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ike Tuck and son, Mr, and Mrs. Lcc Tuck and daughter, and Miss R u t h Hums, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hiram Pointer and children were called lo Carnegie, Okla., Saturday by the dealh of Mrs. Pointer's mother, Mrs. Dclinh Morris. Gtt Well QUICKER irilk Ibi SrtiutniHI .-C VnOtr tm Ilie iVno iHltmiJint *MAHH«IT WNOIMI »CT1H« Help Us Celebrate Our 33rd Anniversary CY CARNEY 9 It was on February 1st, 1919, that Cy Carney first ventured into the mercantile field by opening a store at nearby Rudy. Ark. He started his first appliance business in Van Buren in 1935, and later opened stores in Fayetteville Rogers, Springdale and Lebanon, Mo. For nearly a third of a century, Mr. Carney has held .that the success of his iner- cantile career is based on the motto, "Depend on Us for Service." Now you are cordially invited to help Cy Carney and his employes observe this anniversary by dropping by the Fayetteville store anytime during "Open House" Week January 29 through February 2 DELICIOUS MARYLAND CLUB COFFEE AND HOT BISCUITS AND JELLY WILL BE SERVED FREE TO EVERYBODY. The coffee and biscuits will be made by an expert home economist of the Arkansas Western Gas Company on one of our new Maytag Dutch Oven Gas Ranges. The jelly is furnished by Consumer's IGA Super- Market. · t r While you're in our store, don't fail to look over some of the other marvelous appliances on our sales floor. There are such famous names ' as: Maytag Washers, Maytag Ironers, Tappan Ranges, Coleman Fur- naccs and Water Heaters, Fairbanks Morse Water Systems, Deepfreezes Youngstpwn Kitchens, Scrvcl Refrigerators and Admiral Television Sets. CY CARNEY APPLIANCE CO. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE "Depend on Vs for Service" PHONE 1728 · i

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