Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 29, 1952
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TMI^UIUC INTEREST IS IHI FIRST CONCERN Of THIS NEWSPAPER Associated Press Leased Wire Ar, King and NEA Features lOCAt FORKAST-- - ; r'ayetlrville and vicinity clear In partly cloudy tonight, colder temperatures 10 t p ' H . Tomorrow partly rlourl.v and-slightly .warmer. High - temperature yesterday M; low 17; noon today 28. Sunrise 7:20; nunict 5:43. VOLUME 90, NUMIER 160 FAVETTEVILIE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 29, 19S2 PRICE FIVI CINTS U. N. Charges Treaty Violation By Reds Contribution Is Questioned State Highway Inquiry Reopens In Little Rock Scene On Highway 71, North Efforts To Secure Improvements To Road.Related By LEON HATCH tittle nock - (/P) - A Monroe County resident testified today that a citizens' contribution for ^ improving a highway showed up in the second term campaign fund of Governor McMath. Highway Commissioner Charles Adams of Hughes, to whom thc check was made out, said he had no knowledge that the money was being contributed for the high- j way. P. P. George of Clarendon, a retired farmer, was thc first witness called as the Arkansas Highway Department operations went under investigation. George testified that residents of thc vicinity had been unsuccessful in getting the Indian Bay road improved. Finally, in March, 1950, a delegation appeared before thc state -.Highway Commission and requested that the road be graveled. Previously, he said, he and other res- j !dcnts had started collecting a .fund tn help in [laying for improvement on thc road. i A f t e r the meeting with t h c ; Highway Commission, state crews ' did undertake improvements o f ' the road, he said. · | George said that on July l l . j 1950, Monroe County Judge Paul J. "Oaugherty appeared at his home · for the highway improvement ; money. HP said t h a t Daughcrty j prepared a check for apnroxi- ! matqlv $1,800 which he, Gcorgr, |. A check was introduced in 'cvi- j 1 rinncc. It was signed by George for the Indian Bay road fund and i *vas endorsed by Charlie Adams ; and rc-cndorscd by Henry Woods j ' as campaign manager. Woods, ;' executive secretary to Governor McMath, managed his successful 1050 campaign for Democratic re- nomination. Reports Two Checks A semi-trailer truck, loaded with feed, is shown in a ditch opposite Springdalc Country Club on Highway 71 north attcr its driver elected to overturn the big vehicle l a t h e r t h a n plow into a passenger car which stopped in the highway ahead of him. (Carl TIMESfc'OTO). Cold Snap Slows Flood TruckOyerturns On Highway W Persons Cl*«·*.«» I ·* I*. jfOpS 111 ITS IkeCjimlzt THE OISEXVH Folks who work nn East Center Street probably didn't use tiic Two Washington County highway accidents yesterday resulted 1 In an estimated $2,901) property | damage, but occupants of n l l ' v e I hicles involved escaped without I I injury. " ! j Two men and a woman walked | |.away from a crai»h on Highway 0 2 ' at Lincoln at 10:30 yesterday: morning although State Police' estimated damage lo thc car and truck involved at $1,400. State Trooper Way no Hydc-n and Flee As Waters In Ohio Rise Traffic Halted, Industries Close In Many Areas Marietta, Ohio-(/P)-Thc r a m - Britain Gets Jl Million Defense Grant U. S Aid To Ease "Serious Drain" On Dollar Reserve Washington - (/H.- Dollar - short Britain is being given an emergency 300-millIon-dollar slice of m u t u a l security funds 1o prevent a threatened cutback ol its defense effort. The grunt was announced last Mutual Security Director W. Avcrell Harriman, who said .hat without it Britain would be Forced to reduce its ocntribution .0 thc Western arms buildup by .vice as much. The mon?y will be used up tn J u l y to buy "raw m a t e r i a l s and components" which must be paid 'or in' dollars. Purchases will be made largely in the United Stales. For the purpose President Truman approved a dip into military aid funds which otherwise might iave been used in this country or arms and supplies. ConjjreR. 1 ; nade nn specific provision for aid o Britain in thc new .$7,328,903,07fi arms aid legislation, but it author- y.eri an emergency transfer. Except for some 40 m i l l i o n dnl- ars last month, the air! was the irst- extended the British , since Jrltain waived f u r t h e r M a r s h a l l ilan help more t h a n a year ano. TliRt was when British dollar re-; icrvcs were rising. . j However, in thc last half of 11)51, j larriman said, "a very serious j drain" reduced thc reserves b y : $1,532.000,000 to $2 ( 35. 1 i,000,flOO.| lo said it was due in l a r g e , p a r t i o . inflation resulting from rearmament efforts. The allotment was only half of vhat Britain originally sought. McGrath To Be · t; House Committee To Carry Out Probe Washlnuton-WI-The House .Ill- For Addition To City Park Mayor Powell M. nhea. In behalf of the- City Council, last night , icccptnd ii .check for 51.10 from Mips llni-cl Kelly, president of the ·'ayctlcvillc Business and Professional Women's Club, to finance a ··hufileuoiird court for City Park. It will be Installed Ihcrc this spring. The B. and P. w. group was represented at the presentation last night it t h e Council meeting by Miss Kelly. Mrs. King Wheeler, Miss ·:thcl Smith and Miss Olenn Stockhurgcr. (Puska TIMKSKOTO). Governor Says Closing Of Streets At 71 Bypass To Get Attention, Council Told Moving of a shed which City* Engineer John Matin Key said projects into an alley between First and Second SI reels in the south i part of Fayeltcviilc; was ordered i last night by the .City Council.! Mayor Pnwol) M'.' flhca : ji:iid the I city must, by court order clear j the alley. The owner o/ the strur- [ lure was given J.Vdnys to make the change. A group of of Roiilh Block and South- Knst Streets, who arc seeking to prevent Hosing Ohio nivcr. which has al-^iciary Committee loday ordered | f l f u, c .. c | wri streets at the n c v / j Mothers' March Slated Thursday 150 Women To Make Collections were co'iiplctc tndny for cn an - ' , . , C c o c k to tell hem when I s h c r i f f B r u c " Cridcr **U the at- ' rM ''.v "TM ;icd ""t S- 0 "" l"TM'« ! an investigation o the a d m t n i s l r a - , Highway 71 bypass, were told by conductlne the Mothers' March of cfuscrt nine deaths, was held , Unn of the Justice Dcprfrtmcn I , Ma j. n ,. nhca t h i l l llc h n s ., , cUc ,. I Dimes rhursday evening from ' ' i "*' ln Many Nations Fail To Vote On Question Shock Force Being Built Up In Burma, Russia Charges Piirls-(VP)-Wilh almost . h a l f the member nations declining lo vole,' the United Nations Political Comm i t t e e today condemned the Soviet Union .1.1 having failed lo hunor Its -11)45 trc.ity of friendship with the Chinese government nf Cieneraliasimo Chiang Kai- Shek. - · The intc, :M to I), with 25 abstentions, came shortly after Soviet dclejalc Jacob A. Malik churned t h a i under the direction . of two American generals- there IS being built up in'Burma a Chinese National!...! "shock forve, armed lo the tcclh, which at any moment can provoke aggression." The U. S. had repeatedly denied similar i-hiii-jjcs raised by the Chinese Reds. Before Malik spoke the U. S. again had rejected such charges and implied it would not nld the Chinese Nationalist* in Burma. The icsolution was a watered- down version of one presented by T. K. Tsfang of Nationalist China and supported by the U. S. to condemn the U. S. S. R. for viol a t i n g the treaty. The "yes" votes came', /rum the f.atln American countries, the U. S., Nationalist China, Iraq, Liberia, Thailand and Turkey. British Commonwealth nation/, France, Mexico, Belgium. Holland and the Scandinavian countries abstained. I n d i a , Indonesia, Burma and Israel voted with the Soviet Bloc against the resolution, Hrlnts Out Ch»r«r» The debate broughl'out anew the Soviet-Chinese Communist charges that the"U. S. won aiding. Chinese Nationalists in Burma. · - Malik ' -tald -seven'-'-American coloncli arid .27 American majors were allnchod to the Chinese Na- llonalist iroops whiclrtook rofuge- In Burma from Yunnan Province: after the f a l l of the Notionalists. The Soviet delegate, addressing ths Political Committee, did not Identify the generals or the other officers. . The Chinese Communist radio at I'eiping math; an almost Identical charge December 20. It ..accused Punishing Cot In This cat, brought bad luck to thc j Charles n. Wcnstrom f a m i l y -- b u l f il was the cat which was supposed i to get punished. Mrs. WciyUrom decided Charcoal was playing tno friskily with her other cat, .Jackie, so she 'put her in thc bathroom t and closed thc door. That was i Sunday night. went to let Charcoal out. Thc door was locked. She roused her husband, llc tried for an hour to open the door. It didn't do any good. Tokyo's largest afternoon d a ' i l v ! j n | h( , i,,,,..;,,, h i l The Fire Department refused to said 30 workshops havo delivered ; n c a u l j - h i l McMalh campaign fund. | Each light has a 1,000 watt bulb Ho said that the campaign con- ' 1n ' ' tributions were not requested. i "Nor was it accepted with n n y ' RoV"] I l l p k In understanding expressed o r i m - ' u u i-wx-rx i l l piled that Us paymcn*. was condi- , tioned or connected in any way with the construction of this road," he said. Adams said that when he learned during thc campaign t h a t some question had been raised about the money, he immediately wrote Daughcrty that if anyone who had donated money was not satisfied with thc fac' that i! had been placed in thc McMath fund, hr would "promptly and personally" refund the money. He said lli^t so far nf) ono had asked for a refund, hut t h a t the offer still is good. Adams identified the road in question as a portion of slate Highway ], and said the commission and highway officials had agreed tho slate was responsible for its maintenance and improvement. Second Transaction Recounted A f t e r George testified, W. C. Story, formerly of Monroe C o u n t y , , but now living near Morrillon, I °alh tub, Glisch handcc told of a similar transaction. He lo WrSi Wcnstrom. testified t h a t a check for $1,08-1 "" e hn ""' "" made out to Adams and delivered to Daughc'iy also had been re- lumed canceled with the endorsement of Woods as campaign manager. This money also represented contributions for improvement of the Indian Pay Road. Story said. Dauchcrly trslificrl that il was hit understanding l h a l thc contributions were to ho used for the rn*d. He said that both George ·nd Story talked to him about the matter afterwards, but t h a t when ho ndvi.scfl them Adams had offered to r e f u n d t h e money, neither indicated T desire for f u r t h e r nc- lion. in pomn i n work t h i * m n r n m i * h u t 1 ''^Cnl OCCUITCd w h e n Max L. Me- I J I | Hl ljl - - .... . Hie?'? doubS 4S - C n n c H i ». n o u t c 1. M«wn a W yesterday by freezing: j »"rt thc office of Attorney General j f r o m riovcrnor M c M a t h nssi -JIIR i it to .iudcc quitting time this after- j Ilttcni P tc(:I to pull across thc high- temperatures. ·'· Howard McGralh. j l h p mayni . t h e m a t t cr wil. bn ! villc. Mrs.. Alfred llalhcock la in way and drove into the n a t h of : i ' n, l t w h\\ r M IO trwn i-iini thi.' Thc Investigation will bp marie j c j v c n f u j j a t t e n t i o n . The* City t cllfir «c of general arrangements,} the U. S. Seventh Fleet of ferry-' ' ing 70,000 Chinese Nationalists lo Thailand for activity on thc North Burma frontier against Chinese Hcds. AL that lime, Pciplntr t;nid. two American generals were at the head of such an operation, naming them ,15 Maj, Gen. Wil-* Ham C. Chase oC the .U. S. For- . mirta MiHctry Minion, and Brie. Gen. John T. Cole of the U. S. Military Mission In Thailand Slim, . ' ' Thc U. S. rejected thjs charge and thc follow-up charges by the Soviet Union, and said that on the contrary the U. S. was trying to help Burma solve the problem of. the Nationalists there by pressuring Chiang .Kai-Shek to disarm them. ftcgrouirinr Charred Thc Burma government siir nounccd the presence of. Chinese Nationalists in Burma as long ago as last May. It said. Nationalists had regrouped in thc Eastern Shan mountains after fleeing before the CommurmU in Y u n n a n province,. tificd--left the scene when the , , truck overturned. A passing mo- 'ITM 1 '. 1 ""' ccl lo lhc "' J" bs - l r ° - i lorisl a Item pled to overtake the fleeing car, but failed. Thc truck, driven by H. Smith, 30. Arkoma, Okla., swerved to thc right to miss the halted autn duction losses arc expected to run \ into hundreds of thousands o £ i dollar?, although the plants them-: p sclves were not hard hit. 1 i Swollen waters - - ..,..., slopped most 1 and nn-coming traffic, jackknitrd j crnss-rountrv t r a f f i c in m a n y 1 and turned over in a ditch. H y d e n j scc uons of "the state. The Ohio! said damage to the truck owned , by Albcrs Milling Company, black | ,,( 51,500. Japan Munitions Work Highway Department nairi more] than 100 roads were closed. prevent thc city from giving the j the money to Kire Department [region adequate fire protection i headquarters, where it will -be .amoni! other drawbacks. I picked up by City Chairman Jack I Thc aldermen adopted a rcso- j Joyce, j l u t i o n approving signing of an j Thosr who have money for thc A| .agreement with the Frisco H a i l - ; fight against i n f a n t i l e paralysis **·* 'road for an underpass on I l i g h - i arc asked to t u r n a pbrch light on ^- . _ way f2. Tlie underpass will hp so collectors will slop. NO EXtra TOXGS instructed adjoining the high-; *_.-; way, where pedestrians \valk nt Albany, N. Y.-MVGnv. T h o m a s - t h e present time. Thc agreement' K. Dcwcy sent thc Icgislat-jrc to- | c a l l s f o r th . c Frisco to pay half thf ( Dcwey Presents \!] ' Balanced Areas Ihe fiord hit worst were [ d a y a rccnrd-smaxhinc slsfc bud-; 1 -' 05 '' lll ° HiBhway B c p a r t n i c n l ; thc ;irca from Stcubcnvillo, Ohio, j south ,of Wcllsburs, W. Vs.; Wheeling,- W. Va.;i.ind Mariclla, Ohio. Tho rivei crested yesterday at get nf 51,092,760,81)7 requiring no [the oilier half, and Ihe cily t o 1 lax increases despite a C4 million 'keep il clean and lo police it. ! As Deadlock Continues dollar j u m p in appropriations. The Council agreed lo pay ? I O ' Washinglon-M'i-Scnatnr Slay- In his budget message ' Dcwey ,* month, effective in February,. bank (D-SC) said today t h a t op- rccnmmcndcd continuance of (be towards thc salary of a n i g h t - . nations of the Rri-iuislructinn Fi- nulay night. I Tok.vo-i/V)-Japan, pledged toy its i m i l « About midnight Mrs. Wenslrom Constitution In outlaw "war,' lias ! t'il'i 1 . resumed m a k i n g m u n i t i o n s and has plans for b u i l d i n g tanks, thc newspaper Yomiuri said today. help. In Ihe morning Mrs. Wonstrom called thc A n i m a l Welfare League 300 million small a n l i - p o r s o n n c l ' , , . . ' bombs and one of Japan's heaviest i ", ?' cn '" Kast Liverpool, Ohio, some 40J I" per cent ahatcmcnl in thc state's |watchman who patrols th'r schftnl : ,i nm T Cnrimialinn are ".ihocit and t h n t they were /cady to join downstream al Stculicn- ·· personal income tax for another grounds in Kayctteville al n i g h t . ' naralyzi'il" ;.s n rn.sult lit thc ncad- [ others In Rurniii. H appealed to ' y e a r and collection of thc u n i n - ' A t present the city pays S i n » · lock bet-.-i-cn Ihe Senate and Prcs- Hit U. S. for diplomatic aid in i,i.,.. i »i".... _ n .. ..,.!..:..» « · ''""'ovine the Nat Jonah sls» i The pay-as-you-go balanced i t o w n and thc Dickson Street areas. : t ; n ]v action. ' ' 'force actually struck across thc IjudRcl, first to top a billion dol- (These n l R h t palrolmcn v.-ork with Smnc inrmbrrK "f Maybank's ! bordci into Red China from Bur-- - - · · - · - · 100-mile frontier Army personnel. National Guard corporate^ 1 busine.-: nits and Red Cross and other rescue crews helped in the relief its. At .Sleubenvillc. water was in icarth plant at Wheeling" industrial companies , has ' been I Slccl - lvhlch employes about 7,000 _ ........ ^ ........... . refuge. Allen Glisch, a h u m a n e of- j asked to submit cst'i'mate's for"thc · Persons. Stcubcnvillc ficr-r, arrived and climbed up n ladder to Ihe second-floor window. Inside was Charcoal silting in the ~ the alN Arr Off St. Lnuls-Wl-The last In- se illar factory In St. l.nuis clo.,ed - l a y -- t h e owner, Etiflrne Kohr- inn, siiy.i hr hasn't sold A hor^e 'nr since ll)4fi. side job." ike an Jn- Pbultry Market -- The poultry market today as re- assembly of tanks. Fire In Minneapolis Fatal To Al Least 12 Minncapolis-W)-Kiremen early : .' loday reco\cred U bodies from thc f n salaries of n l K h t w a l c h - · |,| c ,,i T r u m a n over appointing a i removing the Nationalists, per cent instead of the basic four, ' m e n paid by merchants of ilic u p - ; new HFC boss. Maybank predicted ; l*-st J u l y a Chinese Nationalist tax at three ' m o n t h wcrc planning to return to t h c i r i s l a t l homes l a t e tomorrow and Thurs-: g cs t boost is for education. day to slarl cleaning up. ' * ~" lars, provides for a temporary, ;lhc Police DeparlmcTil, the irayor'. Senate R a n k i n g Committee have j'"», seizing 'six per cent average pay raise for !pointed out. Thc three now cm- protested because Mr. T r u m a n : strip in YunnSn province in a · Hie state's 80,000 employes. II car- i ployed for this work arc Frank : nnminatcil l l a r r v A. McDonald in ! iinall-scalc pcntration. S o m e e in jHarlow. Kldo Cole and Leo i h p midst of an investigation of sources said thc force n tic* a .Vi-mlllion-dollar increase i aid lo localilics, Thc b i g - i S h a n k l c s . Aldermen Fred H u n t thought cleaner Sub-Freezing Weather , British Papers Oppose Air-Naval War On China ·i "*f S A ° - " i ' u i n s °^ tllc lllrco "^ lni 'y husincts-l l-lltlc Hock-f/J'j-Tenipcratures siiy of A r - . apartment house ra/.cd by fire at Hived to sub-frccxiiv Icvck in Q r i r t M r i n -tilrt .. . . . _ .. * . .. .. " ·'"'·» "-* t '- 1 '" ported by tho U'nivcr: Technology and thc Poultry. Market News Service of ,. ,,. r ,_ n|CI |( the U. S. Deparlmcnl of ARricul-. s n | d - ,, is mm tx iry lure. Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t steady to firm, demand jrood, volume nf Iradinc.' normal. All prices paid f.n.b. farm, sales reported up lo 2 p. m. loday. broilers and fryers all weights 2T,i to 2fl, mostly 28 cents, New Orlcans-l/l')-The National Cotton Council's public relations director said today t h a t sales of women's cotton apparel rcKislered a 100 per rent Increase between 19.1t) and 1050, . . -, , . this lycslcrday. inornlni; and more of thc same is Fire Chief Reynold' M a l m q u i s t forecast for Ihe ejilire stale told his men expected to find thc nii'ht. jliorlies of others in ;he wreckage' Paraconld was the coldest place London - f/P) - Two i n f l u e n t i a l i cent ordinance on floor:; McDonald's work as chairman of siiid he . lnt , Kmnitie: and Kxrhangc Coin- it would n.ake for a . tn j s ...j on . rlly if r e s i d f l i t s l e m c r n - ; The SKC is under InvesllRatloi) hered l h a t there is an o r d i n a n c e : ,,f ,, Honsi- rommilloc lookini! into which prohibits swoeplns trash chni-RCf of f r a u d in its operations. Into curbs or streets. . w stuarl :.ymmctoii, rctlriiiR Fire Chief Hurl Skciton reported , nf'C head, is nut of town for a lhat he has pasted cnpies ol a re! f,, w ,|,, v ,, |o., v iiiR HFC with no numbered 13,000. regulars,., commanded by Gen. Li" Mi, the displaced Nationalist Koverrror of Yunnan. Burmese officials said then the troops had been supplied from Thailand, and the Incident adversely affected U. S.-Burma relation?, despite denials by thc U. S. that Americans aided Li. In r.ancooii, the Hurtna KOvorn- British newspapers expressed a l a r m today at t a l k in thc United States of air and naval war a g a i n s t rdlnancc on doors if sncn one lecallv in cliaiui! of the office I ." -.- . . ,/ ,, ,..,,, pieces of property the C o u n n l h,-, s \, r w i t h power t,, sicn o f f i c i a l ! ; n c " l . l o a y dcnlctl . " "?,',,,,Vhi · -· - ' " launched a campaiRn aRainst Lni- csc Nationalist forces near the of bricks and wood. In 15-hclow-7.cro temperatures, firemen worked thioughniil the night. Communist China if the Korean ; property nf the aclii Iruco lalks f a i l . They advised against such a-course. . ] The Independent Times of I/in- urdcrcd fixed up or torn d o w n . ! paper?, and also notified ov.ncr.1 of the j l h i s morning w i t h a m i n i m u m of don and Ihe Manchester G u a r d i a n The Weather- ll degrees. Other lows Included 1C at K l i p n i n and IS n Gilbert. I I was 27 at L i t t l e Pock. In South Arkansas. T o x a i k n n n and El Dorado had comparatively m i l d low..; of ,10 nnd ·''.", respectively. A r k a n s a s -- F a i r - a n d colder Ibis! Pair and colder weather was allcrnoon and I n n i R h l . Lowes;i forecast for t h i s afternoon and 10- lemperaturc !2-2fi northeast unel! nlshl. Lowest temperatures said n e i t h e r a naval blockade nor bombing of N i a n c h n r l a and thf Pulaski (ounly Sile For Bomber Base Inspected Consolidation Of Road Departments Approved rest of the China m a i n l a n d would h u r l the lierls much. . to consolidate the Sebasti-m Little Hock-i/I'i-Twii possible C o u n t y road department with the . s i t e s In Pulaski Counlv a i e l i e i n i i ' K o r t Snillb nilinlcioal Street DC- I be limes contended "nolhliiR , inspected by nn A i r K o n e team [ partincnt has hern approved, by could please tbr Soviet leaders ] for n proposed $50.000,0(10 heavy ; the county Quorum Court. The better Ihiin heavy hostilities he- | bomber base. The teams are look-1 court, meclinc here hist nivhl. · Ironlicr. '. In today's debate, before Malik ispoUc, U.'s, delegate John Sher- · man Cooper asked the Soviets If 1 thcii charges nl U. S. interference · I In Southeast A.-la mcar.t t h e . Fort .Smith. A i k . - i / l ' i - A proposal j u. S. S. U. was actually planning aggression in the area herself. He denied "categorically and specifically" Sonet charges of U. S. activity with the Nationalists in Burma. extreme north and 20- tween the Western China." The Ouardl/m warned , h , t . i in smith night are expected lo be 12 lo 20 i America's allies in Kore. m i g h t ........ - · ........ -sir" ........ - - - powers and , '"1 nvpr . TMS near Ironlon and i adopted a resolution which rtaled i-ln the vinlelty of JncksonvllK-. .' ihnl t a x p i i v c r i i-ould realize great Final Inspection of the site w i l l ' savings should Ihe consolidation be announced by A i r Korre .Serre! be effected. MARCH DIMCS

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