Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 10
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WIST (ANSAI TUNIS, P^Mtvifl*, ArkantM Menday, J.nuory 71, If51 M t Wyme'sMurray Heads Arkansas I Press Group i Georhort Named To Board; Women Elect Officers Little Ror.k-MVA. I 1 . Mvirrny, publisher of lhe Wynne Progress, Is the ncv; president ot the A r k n n - m Press Association. Murray was elected nt the closing session ol tho organization's convenllon here Saturday. 1 Hc succeeds C. A. Vor- heck publisher of the Fordyrc News-Advocate. Oilier officers are litich Park, publisher.of t h c - V n n liuren Arfus, firsl vice prcbldent; J. K. Dunltip, editor nnd publisher of 'MEMORIAL HALL joniM, MO. 1WMAY, JANUAIY M I:M P. M: ITURBI IWO-PIANO RECITAL MAIL MMRS NOW Aff ·MN.rrMrrHl, »fV*. lirl. l«. !».· ·I.M." "*' the Harrison Headlight, Iccond vice-president; W. n. Whltchcad. publisher of the Magnolia B a n n e r ! News, third vice president; K. A.I ICnKcl,. publisher of the Arkansas' Democrat, treasurer, and W i l l i a m i II. Parker, Little Hock, sccrclary-i manager. Old Friends Are Best Sum K. (jcarharl of Faycttcville mul Snm Hodges of Osceola were elected .director*. Mrs. Eunice O'Hmigh ol lhc Po- cnhonlas Star-Herald was elected president of lhc Arkansas Newspaper Women. Others elected were Mrs, Howard Sluck of .Marked TITP. · and MI.H. C). K. Jones of riiilcsvlllc. * vice presidents; Miss Frances IJeerstecher of Malvcrn, treasurer; Mis:; Elo|sc Castleljen'y. L i t t l e Rod:, secretary; Mr.s. Max Hninpton .of flooncvlllc, historian; Mrs. Tom A l l c o , Mrs. Andrew P. M u r r a y and Mrs. Charlotte Schcx- nayrlcr of McOchce, directors, In the last 100 years waler re- lenrod from m r l l l n g Rlaclcrs and ice sheets has raised sea level about 2'.? inches all over the world. On three of ncrumuda's outlying uninhabited i.-:lcls scientists have · discovered I l v i n s cahows, rare Ijjrds believed lo h a v e been exllnci for 300 year. 1 .. No Man or Woman (an Enjoy Life With Stomach Gas! Poor dlsi'Slion ~ :"cllinp w i t h fias (trier mauls -- heav feeling around w a i s t l i n e -- r i f t i n g nf sour food, These t»rc sonic of the pcn- nlllcp of nn Upset Slnniuch. CERTA-VIN is helping sui-h victims riglil and l o f t here 1 1 Kny- cttcvUlc. This new medicine helps ytni dlRcst food fnster «nd better. M is taken b n f o i u nu'iils; thus li works w i t h , your foorl. Gfis pnins go! IndK'R of blont vnnlsh! Con- Inlnit Herbs nncl V i t i i m l n B-l w i t h Iron to enrich tlic blood and rr.nkc nerves stronger^ Wcnk, r.ilscrnblc pcuplu I'oon feel different il) over. So don't Rn on suffering. Get CEnTA-VITJ--Cilnchnn's FnyottcVillr: Drue Slore. nrlv. When n i l n k y , lhc raccoon, got his eat c u u R h t in a trap, he knew where in #0--.straight lo the farm of Robert Kieslin^, Losansporl, I n d i a n a , where he spent ]»SL summer rompin» \vilh KicalinR's two dau;;htcrs unri doj;. Kieslini;, who turned Blinky loose last October, investigated ;i noise near bis barn Ihis \vcck nnd f o u n d Blinky had conic back, Iran find Jill. G r a t e f u l for j r e f l i n n rclcfujcd f r o m the trap, U l i n k y posed on Kieslin^'fi head (above) nnd seem;! ready to slay around permanently, ( A I * Wircpholo) Springdale Central Market Solves Traffic iAnd Parking Problem On Emma Avenue; Effects Cleaner, More Competitive Buying By 1111.I.IK JINKS I lock, stock ami barrel. A wan- Springd'alc-(SMecinI) - The con- derin^ S p r i n g d a l i a n who has been i;cslion (if I r a f f i c on Springdalc's absent a year or so would feel he I main t h o r o u g h f a r e d u r i n g f r u i l j w a : ; nn the wrong street if he ' har\'esl ha:; been l i t e r a l l y moved,, should hiippcn alonR Eri^t Emma A v e n u e near the Frisco tracks YOU'LL SEE MORE OF THESE TELEPHONE SIGNS IN 1952 Keeping pace with Arkansas' needs / for telephone service is a big job A rlcfttisnns made heavy use of telephone nerv- f\ ice in J 951.---and continued to nsk for more. · ~fo meet 1'icir npcdn, we nncnl$9 million on npnnnion nnd improvement, o*T local nnd long distance service. For 1952, oven biRcnr plans hnvc been mndc to kwp telephone service growing. Ucro nro Iho high Uclilfl of Inst ycnr's progrew-- ,/ffnd ft brief look nt whnt'n nhrnd in 1052. Arkcnions ore Doing More and More Telephoning--Last year we ndfieri 7,760 now telephone, nnd wo uxjurtrL lo add 10,000 more hn 1962. Wo handled more t h n n 11! million long distance callfi and 452 million lorn) calls in 1051. Oefeni* Needs are Being Met Schedule--Service is being ox- tended lo new vitnl ' inthiHtrirfl ·nd (frcwing military ccnt.erB. To provide service Hint in free from interruptions by storms, more long di»UneR lines will be installed in cab Irs. Long pittance Service Improved--Opem- ior dulling on long liiRtnnvn calif, wns expanded Ifljil. ynnr, nnd Ihis fawlor method of handling cnllfi will nprt'iid to odior pnrta of Iho Southwest thin year, including Arknnnnn. MHO during ]!)."i2, Little Rock in Hchcdulcd lo he lied i n t o the ·ationnl network of rrulio rdiiy fllalionn find auxinl cnhlr. Thi* mil gnvitly increaitn the long dinUnce circuit* hotwncn Arknnjwi* nnd the rent «f th« nation. Strvfci t« Rwrel Areas U Growing-- tdwi year wo placed 6,000 telephone pole* nntl utrung 3,000 miles of wtrn in nxtend tcVphbnn jwrviro to morn farming areas. Wo brought ncrvico lo 2,000 more customers in niral areas Inst ycnr. This year we will continue, our rural telephone expansion program. More Arkansas Telephones are Being Converted to Dial-- l^inl year, .'1,785 (ele- phonea in four exchanges wore converted to dial operation. This ycnr 1-1,000 more telephones in 12 nddilionnl ox-1 changes were scheduled to he j dm nurd lo dinl and work is pro-1 gressinp on a number of other o x - ' chnngen where the switch lo diitl operation will be mndo in lO Two Factors will Affect 1952 Plans -First, we must, be, nble to got materials--mul defense needs will mnko some of them scarce, especially copper which wo need in huge (|unn- I it ins. Second, wo nerd to continue rrpr icing telephone aervico lo provide citrningH Hint will ntlrncl. the millions of now investment dullnr.s required by the program. Construction Costs Continue to Rise -On the average, each telephone we arid In t h o system in 1962 will cost, twice na much in new plmil- facilities, nti it did lo add n pro-\viir telephone. We're Looking Ahead to a Busy Year-Our sights tun not. on expanding nnd improving telephone service in Arkansas to (ho limit of our finanruil mentis nnd our ability to got tho materials. SOlftHWISTIRN IEII TiltPHONI COMPANY Friscn clurinf! strawberry season this (.'umiilK ycnr. This vast chnnjic is rhic lo two separate finrl u n r e l a t e d things. One wns adrlctl to J:)asl Knimn Aven u e at tiboul the same time the other was moved awny, yet the two moves hatched from d i f f e r e n t nests. One was ihc insinuation o f i parkins: meters; the other the establishment of the Sprinjrdalc ICentral Market. Inc., several blocks southeast ot the former buying and. :.cllliiR center. Thc Central M a r k e t was the first of the two, for the move to form such a place has been on font more t h a n a year noiv. Thc Central Market idea was sponsored by lhe Young Farmers o f ' America group. U was Ihis prollp which did the first tangible organizational work. An organization committee was appointed lo secure the i n i t i a l stock subscriptions and lo complete the incorporation. Twelve acres of land, i n c l u d i n n a seven-room house, were purchased. Later the rcsi- fk-nrc and one and out-half acres of Ground were sold. W i t h the land at hand, a rush was made to be ready to handle last season's produce. This resulted in the completion of one shed. ·10 by 12n feel, a concrete block office buildini; 2-1 by 30 feet and the installation of scales to take care of standard t r u c k s for beans and tomatoes. These were in use last .year. (·'red E. Heed, manager of the Spriniidalc Central Market, Inc., says that Ihc past seasons operations on berries, beans and tomatoes proved the advantages of Ihc market. That brings us lo tin- purpose of the market in lhc first place: To clear the I r a f f i c on Springdalc's main street and to e f f e c t cleaner and more competitive buying. In short, the man- IIBCT of the markcl feels t h a t the purposes have been achieved. As in any undertaking, perfection was not achieved the firsl year. Various changes will be worked inlo Ihc system this year. No gate charge will lie matte, and overhead of (he market will be handled through the buyers. Stall rent will be levied for shed space. Physical changes will be in evidence also. A new warehouse 56 ,iv i n n feet is now under construc- i'on, and another shed, duplirat- ini; the first, is a possibility this season. Other developments still in the p l a n n i n g stage arc not be-, inv; given publicity yd. Federal Inspictlon Federal inspection will he a part of the service again Ihis coming . jason, A highlighl in Inn plans w i l l be lhc presence of retiring Markcl Master Lee of the Ncnton Arbor, Mich., market, l i e will be lore during the early part of Ihc strawberry season lo council w i t h he local growers and directors of Ihc market ill connection with lhe promotion of the market and n urge improvement of lhe q u a l - ; ly of pack. A milestone was reached by the ntral Markcl Saturday, .January | Jf. when Ihc firsl a n n u a l stocli- liolders meeting was held. Since he organization of (he market a .rmporary Hoard of Directors has served. The directors arc; Lloyd Talc, A. ('.. Slseo.' KiTd K. Rccrt. ·larl Nail. Thurmond Parsons. Louis J. l-'nntinel, and Horace Jloer of Sprincdalc, and Harvey ·Jrnham and Morgan Carson of .owell. Mosl of (ho 12!i stockholders arc growers or sellers, but a number f business nnd professional men hold slock in Ihe mnrkcl. Those who worked toward Ihe promo-] lion nf the market are n w n r e of (he cooperation nnd Interest show" by th« huslncsi iiid profcslion*! men of Ihc town, for this, they arc appreciative. Others who are neither buyers nor sellers and were interested in the meeting place of the two only from lhc standpoint of struggling through the dense t r a f f i c on East ICrnma Avenue during f r u i t h a r vest arc appreciative, loo. Sonic of these whose homes or businesses were located across town from the fire station wilh Ihc jammed street between the Iwo have known undiluted panic when they heard a siren on Ihc summer air. particularly if it was during strawberry season. That hazard is past now in Kpringclale. Thc spacious grounds at the .Central M a r k e t now provide a"" place where trucks and automobiles can weave in and out of line to their hearts conlcnl, and where lhc dclibcraling of lhc buyer will agitate no one--no one, that is, but himself, for if he tarries loo long another buyer may speak first. Court Actions Claim Price Rules Violated Settlements Made In Some Cases Total $60,000 "Washington - f/P) - The Government said today t h a t about 75 new court actions have been filed against service trades establishments for f a i l u r e to comply with price regulations. Price Enforcement Director Edward P. Morgan said -service trades firms already have paid the U. S. Treasury more than $60.000 in settlement of damage actions brought as a result of overcharges. Thc survey of Office of Price Stabilization activity also showed some service firms have made restitutions to customers totaling about $140,000. Morgan said that, besides, the anproxibately 75 court actions filed, more t h n n 130 cases have been referred to lhe .Justice Dep a r t m e n t wilh recommendation for court orders to bar the firms from f u r t h e r violations. Me said s i m i l a r action is being considered against 425 others. For the most part, Morgan said, the firms have failed lo keep and f i l e records and reports required by the sc-vicc order. Hc said the compliance drive and court actions have brought about better cooperation. Me said many firms have rolled back their prices. Thc courts already have issued injunctions in 16 of lhe 75 new cases filed. Cities in which these actions hnvc been started include Memphis, Tcim., and Tulsa, Okla. Eisenhower-For - President Club Organized In Little Rock Little I!ock-!/l')-Arkansas sup-f l)ortcr.s of Gen. Owisht Eisenhower fur prcsi tional licndciuartcrs to request a j SO cj a 'i c professor-of piano at the lsas - college. Ui the TIMES--It Mys i jcn. Dwisht tiscnhow- ,,.,,,,, l h c Dra |i C graduate ri'vlsion. dent w i l l ask their na- | Hc is ,, |)llpi | of Hubert Kitch, as- preferential p r i m a r y in Arka Jefferson Sj-eck, c h a i r m a n of the Stcenns Cnmmi ten of the : u s ,,,,,,, s(ut| coursc EKCnhowcr-ni-l'rcsiHcm Club m : b g J , h t ,, lhe Cflut | lc . , ' A v e n u e Raplisl Church and will | Arkansas, said at an or B anizational | ronll ., uc th| . ouf , h ,.- cb ,. uao ]. The i incctniK hero yesterday t h a t the R c v A L , cakC| ass()l .i a u 0 nal primary would be souslH in an at- | missionnl .. r fm . v.'ashinston and tempt to keep Arkansas' 11 dele- M a d i . O M ro , In | ics . will be I h e j gates lo the OOP's national con- tCilchcr f o r l h i s t . oursc . The Rev. vcntlon from attending wilhout | [loc ji aUh( , W 5 i s pastor, instructions; Speck said t h a t t h e , , w | h a m l delegates ,f u n m s r u c t e d , would |c F] . i( , , fm . N c w "go for Senator 1 a f t . J York Mr. Walsh will attend a Speck said the group would set : standard Oil up stale headquarters today at t h e ; s Elizabeth. N. J., Marion Motel here, and .soon I ^ ^ Wa , sh an(| snn wi| , vis ,, Mr; Walsh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Walsh, Sr., of Somcrvillc, N. J. After Mr. Walsh completes his schooling they will spend a week's vacation in Ncw York. They plan lo return to Springdale Buckner Sfil. Clinton Combs, son of Mrs. Aria Combs, returned home last week a f t e r serving almost a year in Korea with the 936th Field Arliller.v Bnltnlinn. Arkansas National Guard. Hc is on n 30-day furlough. Mr. and Mrs. Ike Tuck and son, Marty, hnvc returned home after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Tom Garrctt of Tontitowh. Mr. and Mrs. Fry Davis and Miss Huth Hums accompanied, Mrs. M a t t i e Tuck and children to Munkogce, Okla., Friday. They were guests of Mr. and Mrs, Jesse Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stout and children of Elkins and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pierce of Fayettcvillc were guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Pierce. Nineteen new lambs have been added to the Parker Rushing flock, j would begin a state-wide advertising campaign. Speck was the Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas in 1J150. Hc lives at Frenchman's Bayou. Other members of the Steering Committee appointed yesterday arc E. U Hollowcll, North Little Rock; O. J. M c l n t u r f f , Marshall; Verne Tindnll. Stuttgart; C. R. Watson, Arkadclphia, and Miss Marian Smith, Mrs. J a n e O'Bannon, W i l l i a m Rcclor, G - e o r g e Hampton and Robert Roach all of Little Rock. Springdale The Ladies Country Club met K rid ay afternoon in the home of Mrs. Park Phillips northwest of Sprinndalc. Mrs. Phillips, president of lhe club, had charge of the bu.-inoss mcctinjc. A dessert course was. served to the guests by the' hosless. The Brotherhood ot the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday night at 7 o'clock for their supper and · regular m o n t h l y meeting. A. Walton Lit?., a trustee of the General Assembly of lhe Southern Presbyterian Church and moderator Tor the Synod of Arkansas, w i l l be guest speaker, using as his subject, "Building a Better Tomorrow," Thc Brotherhood of the local Presbyterian Church has been invited to be the guests of the Baptist Brotherhood for this uCL-asion. Speakers for the next two meetings will be the Rev. Delbert McAtcc, paatui or the Im- nianucl Church in Fort Smith, and Dr. J. Harold Smith, pastor of. the First Baptist Church in Fort Smith. Guests of the Rcv. and Mrs. .John F. Morcland and sons Sunday were Mr. nnd Mrs. George nvrrhcad of North Little Rock. Joe M. Steclc, James Greathouse, Frederick Edmonton, Carl R u n c h and Larry Dcwcse of Springdale and J. Lirldcll returned over the weekend from A t l a n t i c City, N. .!,, where they attended a cannors associations! convention. Morris Clarkson, son of Mr. nnd 1 Mrs. Rcecc Clarkson. will be presented in a graduation piano recital Tuesday in DCS Moincs', Iowa. The recital is part of the require- \ mcnls for the master of music de- [ grce which Morris will receive · the middle of February. Mrs. Edith Taylor nf Lincoln, district deputy grand lecturer of the state O.E.S., will meet with the Sprinedalc chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Monday n i g h t al 7:30 o'clock. All members are urged lo attend. Open house will be held from 7 lo 9 o'clock in lhc ncv/ high school building night for all those who arc interested in seeing the addition lo the school. Thc event is sponsored by the Pa rent- Teacher Association of the High School. Carlas Phillips left Friday for his home in Fresno. Calif., a f t e r spending the past week visiting his parents, Mr. ami Mrs. C. M. Phillips of Springdale. Bill Perry left Saturday for service in the Army and 1 Van Bookout returned to San Diego. Both boys were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Stone, cast of Springdale, last xvcck. Advertise in the TIMES--It / 2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bros. Locker Plant PLAN TO BUILD See Our Materiil. Get Our Pricet. Try Out Serrl»«. DYKE LUMBER CO. 101 St. ChltlM EVERYTHING IN flUMBING and SUPPIIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVE. WHO F9XES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yearn SMITH RADIO SHOP CHOICE = OF MILLIONS St. Joseph A S P I R I N CHARLEY DEALY BROILER CHICKS FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Phone 1913 U.S. Approved - Pullorum Passed As Near As, Your Telephone Thrills . . . . Chills . . . . Adventure! O Z A R K SHOWING 1:00 - 3:10 · ,VOJ · 7:15 - S:2S D A R K " Showl "' I AST DAY.^^___ "Prince Who Was A Thief -- and -"Forlorn River" Starts Tuesday,. mmmm ^ The original, un-cut version of Missouri's most infamous outlaws! 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