Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 9
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January 28, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 9
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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS, F«»trltvlllf, ArkcrtMi, M«nd«/, Jpnwry 11, 1M2 .ffi- ^ lx*«t{ Jtn R fi*%rl a " "' r "^lt"'illr-, were guest« of i LOST AMI FOUND ! WANT TO RENT ^IQjrion £\unu Says . Mr. nnd Mrs. Lanwr Clay last i Thursday. During n recent six-month pc- KOUND, Triad F. Wllitiiiu"llilt~~riri 3 UKDIlbnM~iirifiirrM»hV(l~rio ! FOR SAL!:--K1CAL KSTATK " " I FOR S A f . P -- U R A L ESTATE Clievrolet coup*. Pay lor ad. Call jit Timci plflcu. I."bST,~liliicV"ShaleV i o u n f a i n ' p p n , HOI Ion Store, i'hune 1G3 or cvciihics ; ; . . . . . I i'1'id. North Ainurit-an'' rcadcrii I ~-^~~-~~~v A nionicnous dccifion has been j | ) O U K h t 57 million copies of H O W S - I FOB SAKE-LIVESTOCK niHdc a f t e r first inscrtiun. No corrco pireil or rtrun made after ad hai ex- ihc evidence tu convict him in a | Noi'K: narcotics charge. . i P" · c ' is In separate concurrins opinions | ?oT ^iSion''TM' Mo'nda" the Supreme Court said Tony had ~*~~~~ *****, .^« boon deprived of his c o n s t i l u t i o n a l LEGAL NOTICES rights. Justices Douglas mid Black l*J^ffifc~~oitDEft~' Ihc F i f t h A m e n d m e n t , v.-Filch i-upy Inr oitirr the day ure- protects Americans from testifying against themsclvr?. hud been violated. Justice F r a n k f u r t e r held the capsules which the defendant ],,,! i swallowed hart been extracted ! i n o . l . W i t h o u t due proccis nf law. ''It ! c n t i j l c t l cause. In Th* Chxnctry C«tirt Of Washington County, Ark»n*«i George C.. Austin Plaintiff REGISTERED rcrl Corker Spaniel pup-- ' -oclty pics. Sired Ijy Champion R o _ . I'otnl Rcdconi, Mrs, \Vyalt, phone :07Ji!. citizen who enjoys freedom of speech and worship under the j NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES 'JOGS--CATS--I'ETS Constitution ateo is, guaranteed f * | A C C i r i r r \ A H f the freedom o f h i s stomach. L L A j j I r l t U A l J j Los Angles officers a r r c s l c i l i R a [ P : , ccn , 3 pcr u . ord 1Jlcle , n . -Antonla r'ocnin, who v/n.-: sus- j scrtion Three coruict-utivc Jnscriionv pectcd of peddling dope, in his i 7 SJ^ wwd. M i n i m u m ordcr^2c. home. He swallowed two mor- ].iabVn SS nvcr "he fei^piionu. xance " n ° l phine capsules nnd the officers,! Deadline for dimmed* ads: i0:so aided \y a doctor, strapi)cd Tony '"'corrcJiions^mi '"rcru'ii^rhtcriiili to a (able and extracted the cap- pules with a etomach pump, using (itslni-t (if US Wrhc_ nox '.Timi:*. WANTED TO RENT i Furnished hvo-nmin ;i|i;ir(nu i ii! i sleeping room by I'.'.'u n\:\\\i urn vprsil.v .U.jnds. K c f e i e i H o.i KIU.; Write P. O. Box iviil. Kurt Smith u phone Kui't Smith iJ-l/i'iB. Jiy Jt) ACItKS U - i r l p i o d » c i l v c " l n n ^ " T h r r * PUBLIC SALE - - ; ' -- ·"·»· i "v, ,.,,.,,., .... Wp N r F f ) NfiW l l a v i n a m i l l ' i n r l.inn. wr w i l l n f f n - f n r sole at lhi larm known »l the .' EHBiiF 1 -«"---. -UK S^S w;;: 25.^". rt^V^^^M^' c;iov " i m f l n milcs ' - i ACIU.S mi lui'cmcitl iimr Uiiiver. , CONTACT with maul- iionilili. u m - i T"l II I f~ C I~*\ A \ / I A k. 11 I A Pi V/ O 1 ^ Slifia i 'THURSDAY, JANUARY 31 AT .10 A.M. . ·uch lypr KOR LKASE SACRIFlcTNG~"Sl.Tinrs« k i t t e n s , miika , .,',, a p a r t m e n t i t iiVanVtr ^"'^I'lmi'ni w o n d e r f u l pcli. very gentle, l o v i n g . ; Springs, Utte h a l f l i j n r k i s n n i ecu i-r SI 5.00, Belly Ann Court, Holers.' nf c i t y . Fsprcuilly ivi-il ;ni ,pu-«l lor Ark. . _ 1 »K-w nr used f u n V l m v »lnru. I'honi: REGISTERED cocker spaniel puppies, j M. Silnam Springs. Cheap, phone 507-J-^. II A^'HKi*. '· m i l e ol clly limit*. Th I l l - i l l ( L J U I I C W i l l p r i l O j t l l v f t , ' t t i l l n.ii-i i i i u d i u d c i l u i i t i nice home; i i i ' . u i l i l u l v i r w . Mil* it .' Uiitm tioiiK 1 liv;,t,!-. 175 Head of Livestock :.-. · i i Y r i r l i n n flel/er, IhoroufhbrtH. Our iiiforii Hi Innlncu ilrpnuK ' M n c i i . r . l Cmv t n v r j nlil ; "" I 111 '; 1 '" ·",.,,,, . ..... -M .Ii °r'^»;.n'!,r, l !.ff r "if"'' 0 ' r , il ' l ,, l ' u ,V ' ""'""" "''"" = "··'" "''' ir,n ll«,l K«. ovVr ]«f h,v. l.mbi * i r n* w e l l k* f-fillor If *n;ue m u l l - j YritrliiU' J | ( . | f r r i Y f i H l r i e F t i i l t nl \lrle ' ^ in-^vrs ;;£ V-MK;;-! r Ar.?v in rr^"!:,r"ii.s.'TM';: ···-£'- ·"« : "-- ;; "' :;;;! ! · H;r'««"""" Mrr · urt - ' "·" K^Ji-,, 0 ^. "·'" -»"'"; ^IWpSr.rjiK-S.iu";; ' .r;:.-.i^r ·"·'· "··*·'·""· I ' ^/cLr .^V^ ""··" FOR SALE.-AUTOMOTIVE I FDR KK.VT--MlSCiCKLAM'J lied l ruck. Purchased l a t e JO.'ii O r i g i n a l cos I 51.BOS. M i l c f l R e uo^v ' o n l y 2.124 miles. O f f e r e d lor SI.7IMI ' H. W. C n m p h M l , Roiilf; 1. H p r i n R - , KnUicrine Marie A u s t i n IJcfendanl ! d n l °- ph"nc_3:i:'n. __ ^ j The D e f e n d a n t K a t h e r i n c Marie AUE- j M l FORD panel t r u c k . SISfUH). Phnnc ! JU51 STUOEBAKKR. l.nnd Cruiarr * TWO room rolt.iRp w n h l i i l l i i l u r u door sedan. This car in Urst cln^s · hiot-hs tniin f»qu.irr. T w i n hrtis w i t h filiapc. Ftndlo. hcntcr. iiutnmalta irineiapniiR inmtrfSM 1 ;;. Irk-,.! ic-r irantniissioii nnd very low milcafir. · working cnuplr. l ! un;it:s I I H I M Vi ml. . Prk-ed for yuicksalo. Phone 139'JJ ; _j-is KastJSpriiifi. J'honi: H I K U . : ..'ir_.- 7:il u._ _ . _ . . , : - r . ROOMS, u t i l i t y ' r i i u i i i . ' i i i i n t r i u M t c d . ' '51 CMC 3 i-lon. Model lb'l-'X, 4-spcrd Plioiu- .'IIEt. . / O N K i - f lli» |.i-::ir i/,,) nrrr I n r n . i on N F I I S A W R E Y R R O K F R I" T- I i*fvi!- 3 .ii«-» «!«i»«i-. v mil,-, n,Mn:':51-7.?(v: Kt iL'. . l i?y^': K j Form Tools CO. ' 1 M ' t d r l M : f-r K-2ft Tractor I I When! Urlll Alli?.-(.:!in'Mr[.! T r j i - i i i r . . I MrCormicK Jforse Druwn Mowing - M n d r l ftiturl .IM fir-A' A!Aniline, Mo 7 : ( AM('..C(inlin-(.t M n u t n i ; M.ii-huir. f. ! Nriv Idea! il*y trader . iiililv $7.:,(ti). H»lf cn.Oi, = " H KWKl-rr l i l i l r 1C. n i l v;itlcy l u n r l nl I HIS hnrrlwtmd Itoors. Hour j u r n . i f c . v c - ' n e l i f i n tillmls. p r i v a l r m l n i u r c . G:i- rase. U t i l i t i e s paid. A d u l t p . :iM W a i - M dniecd. I U I I I K I I I . l u i i i a h l (or Sl.fiOO. nl lutuap. 2 I j f t t l i a , rlnsr fo school i I J n l i I t l i Oillejer. i i u v v i n c t i t M U d S H n l l irwrr u n t i l . :* rf»»n R p d r l m r n l In. j I A l h roinc S,l,',n.) prr m n n l l i . ". pi-ri'lir. !' R;ini«(? itn-t (shi-d rnnin Good Im-.i Hon. Lot u s s t f o A rmsonahlc prin , Tl,,cr MnlP IM» r- T ' -[i'lloni= Tiller, 8 ft-, on rubbrr Miscellaneous Wurtl ttrclrlc Wjiihmj ! Folriinf Onc-M*n Saw - ,' S Addinqlon Real Estate i U""" w '" !rl "'·""»'·" '·"'«"' I M.m'tr. M u r l i i m , ! Sinrk h 1 I PUT K l r r t r l r Sheep Shc^ri ' I FOR KAI.K--HOME NF.KHR would be," ho said, "a s t u l t i f i c a t i o n I Wiincs? my Jmnd nnd seal oi liiis i . n f Ihc responsibility which t h e ! fs^i.,"" 5 2bt " " ay "' J a n u a r y - m ~ 1 cause of constitutional history ha.s · cast upon this court to hold t h a t in | order to convict a man the police cannot extract by force what h in his stomach." Isn't it g r a t i f y i n g to know thcru still is such K thing, as freedom? I a l w a y s thought my c l i e n t who was caufeht booilegging was within hi.-; c o n s t i t u t i o n a l rights when, if B. Grccr Chancery Clcrk By Jiiy llnpc D. C 28 Pel). (-11-1K-C ! rl liny I. u- l 1 . - null's ill liiu-n m-ally I I'll,,, :1 riirni. vv-itli i n n i l r r n l i n i n p , . _.i. U i.. i-.ii.iiiL- _.,,...--H..I. Rrnrli' A i n l l l i barn i i l c n l y of um. ! ··=" I pit B rnnin IIHU..O. ciinilili'lrly [lirn- liullillnc'. S'Ji; r,0 Vim i-nn h u v l l ' is!tL-ii. Cioil ynnlcn, rr;iKim:ib!i 1m | f.irni '.vitli !fl rnw.t iiml l.'i M-iirlin _Ciivrriinicnt._P]ioiiL- :'J5^W ur lll'JI.l j ist a rcfisiinahlc iiiltlltlunnl prlcfi. AN r.xlra iiicc i|-!lfuniish L -il n p u r l i n i - n l availalilc Frhnmrv hrM. 7(H1 T r p a i l - . N K A n l-'aypltnvilli' un pnvrtl hifihu ;i well. Phoiu- ISOiJ. ^ i wi^ h.Tvi: :\\u nniilily nii-ii luiini ' niu.'crn. v.-ilh cnpiirl l u p anrl rXTitpl lunl 'IE'I'M.' . . i' of Pmlrle Gr Bruce Wax HOUSEHOLD NFFD^ l TM L U t / J i -ir-t-ni.1; f i n n i I J t i l i - i - t «i · v ' f n n n l p t i "'"'let .-dull :nri cxnr|u i n n i i n y l i n ^ i .'n!r M . r r l i d c- m e ,r Vjj,-lc ivu ,? lllni1 - " rir:t ''' ".Ti'.ii,hlr. II you arc ! TM hi,TM n? ' ininrMlcil in ii hum- tlial w i l l sull for proper floor care.',-,'i','-'·?-.-. .- - - · vo " ! n » V1 "'' W1 y. " «·'" nay ymi B K A U T I F U I . L Y Kincaid Cr Co. · Ceil hliK · NOTICE If you liavc f u r n i t u r e to jell, cnn- :;iHn 'it lo our F u r n i t u r e nuction ; cacli Saturday \vhcrc you arc as- | riurin? the n i g h t , he broke through : surcd top prices. We have a good j partition in the j p i l and d r a n k iu'ivu:nd Tor coorl f u r r i l - -c at n i l up the evidence. Lincoln Mr. nnd Mrs. A. E. Arrinplnn n t - limes. Reasonable t r u c k i n g ! charge. No storage charge. Furni- | lure can be consisncrl any day of \ ihc week. Sale every Saturday I morning, 10 n. m. IH'.lon Bros. | Auction House, Highway 71 Nor.h,! Phone 1770. | Sani-Wax, Cleanser and Polish. Dry-Glo Furniture Polish. Rufl and U p h o l s t e r y Cleaner. Wallpaper Cleaner. Metal Cleaner Wax Polisher for Rent. LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc, MODERN U bcrtroum Ii flttni:|]C(l. he,- nr-|iip.i. iiiiniV^iivr-r i ·Automotive ·Fire ! -'«qSH^rVRhV,.':..,pi.rim,n 1 -u., lh i ''h^^^hld'iEbShLTMr i · H e a l t h and Accident Liability _ , ^ uif\m,' si I.'M'IJ ft~\\.i it i ( i l l i i i R K l a l i n n , n i l f NEWLIN REALTY WKST KOHK ' A I 1 K h a t h . On f i r s t floor w i t h , . onlranrc 12!l Wrst L a f n v r t t c . Otic · A'-Sn. ;i Ifl ;ici" lr;iri in I h i s i i f f c h - JcnSc,MTo UnivcrS,;": ^""^''"M. l '"''"TM'" "i"'.' "m, 1 "; "^.'"i.f 2 "^ ! · W O n K M K N ' S COMPENSATION ^b^h'er" 0 TM 1 ^ "ArrinS I ^MSy^^'O^^^D Friday at Roger?. Members of ihc Bnptist Church held n social at t h e church Thursday night. A f t e r the parries, refreshments were served. _Yancy._10fHJ. KOUn"rJuin~ii|);irV!iR-n!"l'rh)ooki;~i'.f . very good fur o f f i c e and h u m ? ftu 1 Mirill f a m i l y . I T l i l l U K room muilcrn n p n r t m c n t . u h l i : THIS Imrl.v m-u- iiomr 13 n tit;s paid. S-il) i n u n t h l y . Inths. XIIKIRC and I n t i t u t r y TWO room modern a p u r i m c n l , 2'1\ · munil ifictition. Jinionifitk' KIIS h f n t Norlli C h u r c h . S27.30 m t l y . Inf.iilnlcd: idc;il f n r r m i l n x P ' r t . I FJVE rouni luiiuiiilm*- un K 4Z }l\»h- o x i r n l.irKP U i t . s p l e n d i d l o r i i t j o n \ way. furnis-hcd. SMI m l l y . " '· SIMICMAUA' PIUCKD U N T I L I-'L-h. I. USED bed divan. SHI im. Lewis Bios j »«'"»"'«* r7r;il1y_Cnnipnny I'hone 7K! ; K Q U N d i s i H . H r«inpiii nnd Squn Co.. Inc. (J2I LKVKKKTT. A/iriirulHirn s l u i l c n i \ " USED" nrn? clwlr." J7.50. Ltwis Bros. ! - w a n t s - f llk ± .r oo 'L lin!l lT- . SI0 .- " I011lh - ! nl TERMS: CASH JAMES GEORGE ELAM, Owners FRED MARSHALL ATLAS COHEA, Auctioneer! GARLAND BUCHANAN qnd JACK DITMARS, Clerk* I'cljruary 2, in l;uc model cnr. Can t a k e 2 ur ^ ridt-rs. Phone 17 bc- Iwncn fi :( . in. and 4:30 p. in. Monday t h r o u g h Friday. PERSONAL The Women of the Presbyterian i BEKOHE .vouTtnrrch^ihat^coid sec ua Church met Thursday ''·( the lioino nf Mr?. J. S. Hjirhtn. Nine mem- licrs were present, cncti rending ;i our Kiiarnntccti cold preven- Norlli Side Drug, 900 North · " · K lank. fi^7 Kallo rlition, 5.17r,.on. Phone t;rni*c con- lnly .rcdrcnralc.l from dr;. P " 1 . n d r a i n h n o r d . C;ir purl, r i v u n .MI tranrc anil h n t n . I'lcniy slnfiic l i t a p u r ' i n r i i l hi n J ' i i l inrfun:: SU"(I n m n U i l v . Ilcuiils 0:1 request. A n esi-ellcni j buy. i HUSJNTSS i i i f d l i n n . c o r n r r \til c|o*,i- i: Kin In IT., iili-nl f u r P ; n k i n f ; I'M · P l o t e G l o s s · B u r g l a r y -' ' I N S U R A N C E Automobile -- Liability Fire - Extended Coverage Poiio - Plate Glasi WADE FINCHER Arcad* Bldg. Phont 60S A U T O M A T I C A P P L I A N C E CO. A Bciler Plact lo B u y . [i nr «,| j , r .,,, i U N K U R N I S l l K D !i r n n m i i | i n r l u c i i t . LEWIS BROS. BASKMENT" Kcd ?»nk"c]cin hC r' aShCr S M!'!!!!' Wc8t . K P r i l l «' _ 1Jlum « 2:!r ' 4li; Kurelta cleaner n'oi) · '''IfRNISHED Ii bedroom house, .lit,'; RcnrilN dryer '"'",""} _.: S ^! h _ i '. t : h ^ nl l.._.. ! , Realtor, 11 N. Block DEALER Ph. 133 mnvccl into Ihcir new homo cast of the Elizabeth Hu^pital on Highway 45 cast. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Epperson have IT turner! to Ihcir home in Jefferson C i t y , Mn., a f t e r visiting Mrs. Epperson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Buck Wallace. Mr. and Mrs. Lay ton McCoy have returned from Boonevillc, where (hey vi.MtciT Mrs. McCoy's sister, Mrs.- B. B. Bcvans. Dr. W. H. Mock. Miss M a r j u r i e ·Tones and Miss Lucille Jones arc vacationing in..Florida. They plan In remain there .several weeks. A Founders Day program and silver tea will be held at the qr|de w ^ rN ^.|'n*---·,,-- hBnicni~cngincer school auditorium February 6. The i ihrjrouchly"familiar with enRinccriiiR event will be a tea, not a banquet I Thcrniod.vnamU's ns to make worh- Alcrchandisine Machines. No sclJ- 1*o q u a l i f y , a p p l i c a n t must car, references and $600 work- UST OKI' THK P A V K M E N T I'O _ i n i n 10(1 A C R H FA mi c m ' , r h u f ) l hii",. iilinl ;.».l m i l k i-milr. f.vo nidi's Irntu Ihsli Srhoni jintl Urailc Schoul. 5111'. n i l in Kf;i:.r. w r i t w i t h pressure i n nerlou M o t h s p r a y . written Guarantee w i t h iriR. Lc\vis Bros. Co.. Inc. Five j-L-;ir ; 2 LAHGF.' f ich s p r a y : tor. Pho ins, rcfrifci;r;i- BMR. i, p r i v H l r iMitricicp. 1I1K ! .. a p i t a l . UcvotinR 4 hours a j "WE don'L like" it "here" cny "the North C h u r c h ' Phone r'21\V. wcrk E l,m.ld "*__» J*. ^""J"! m o U i s w h p i i y o u 1 r e . i l them w i t h ( NTcE'uorncr'Vooni for t flj.. r |\ B j cr A. L, SH REALTOR J I M I I O L U K K "INSURANCE WITH SERVICE" Health and Accident Workroom Compensation Plato Glass Burglary Automobile Polio Poultry Fire Liability UTLEY and Company, Inc. I » previously announced. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. S. H a r l a n spent | a fiou^Si. L I V I N G HOOM SUITES ·i K LI V I N O POOM SUITE--Modern tlosijn, J cushion unfa m«i ;,f i i t i i t c h i i i E clialr. G i ; i y long wcMilns [rcl/c. HnR. 220.80. Snlc 111.90 ^,j 'i 1'C L I V I N G I1(.)OM SUITE--Ch.-innrI .-innn and shapcil back, heavy,~*" (rnnitcil liusc ill ;i h c i i l i t j f u l roiu (relzc. licg. ZUR.SI). Silt Ml.iO'."^ ·i PC L I V I N G I1OOM SUITIv--Modified modern, u»able with modern 7:\ i or lnulitional iifcircb. H u n t e r s ^rouii or lii'ovvn' frcl/.c. '-. I . Ilc«. 221.60. Sale 171.50 a_: 2 I'C L I V I N G DOOM SUITK- Mnclcrn ilcslen with wood knob trim '"' arm;; in p l a i n ^reen aiut unty criipbiniilioi) mohair. Hog. 210.SO, Salt UI.50 : 2 I'C D E D - n i V A N A N D C H A I I I , upholstered arms, comfortable bed Hi! In d u r a b l e I'liampauno Velnn plusllc. Special 1H.50 ;. aw. Mr. and Mrs. ..nek Harlan. "S'^'gSig" Mrs. Gene H a m i l t o n nnd baby w ANTED: "sjilcsindy. Must spent Friday w i t h Mrs. Hamilton's motbor, Mrs. Jim Strickldr. pcndahlc. Prefer "some typln/! rx- prrit-Iicc. Gnrdenhirr's J r w r I r y E A R N money nl home. Full or part- t i m e .Write Box K - l , '.M'imcs. SALliSMKN WANTED Tlic Lincoln High School A l u m - ni A.ssocintion wil meet Sunday afternoon, February 3. at 2:^0 at tbc hich sclmol auditorium. Grnd- iiMc" of schools Annexed to A BUSINESS Of- YOUR OWN Lincoln arc clifjiblc fnr m e m b e r - j NO INVESTMENT R E Q U I R E D ship in tlin nssociatinn. Full in- j 9'jflZ 1 nur,. p r n c t l c a l f y new rcrrUcrator. CHII he seen hcforp 11 U N K U R N I S H K I J ruuitern Jiou: a. in. and »[lcr 7 p. in. Upstairs, _ fl !;i'? r{ \lH£!-_"' HAY." filter"" per 1)a"fc~~amr~up".""Phono | Near bus liiu: :ui(l Rrurle irhunl. CbbK~«H)d~amrh"entc;r"\vood.'~wc~dc- ! UN!"UItNltiHi;jJ~ iiparliucn't. A d u l t s . _liycr._I'honc_'J156H. _ ! Cnll IfiliJ. ' MOORE iVarlcy; jirown' fro'iif "certified I UNI r uhNI.SHKri"""4 rcmm' n"|)"nrlincnt. seed, SI.75 per hnslioj. B. M. Peter- I Phone :r.7-n 1 son. Pli()iic_20Gl._P_i-airic Grovo. i r^E~|T,JL'l~HpHiYmTMnl~miil/"0»:;i-l;; nniVjHT i n e » r i o w _ h n y . Photic "flfllW. I CJ;iniRr. Plioiir 1 J 33.I Kffi)'~!'OHTER~cai)!r f '"sniidcr. ~ 7 " i n c h ! uUIv'En'sfTy Al' A H TATE NTS~ FOR SALE Loads "' "UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS | JliKTIt," cor:; .nnd f n u n t : (.-nitiiKr. In- : (Mtc-il on f o u r c l l y Ints. Hnnsr Is nt ' Inrk of lot :iw;iy from i r n l f i r n m l ' .ifforfiirii; )nrcc f r o n t y»nj. Grass, : .shnili'.ii-'y. rnsr.n ;ni(l i.h»i\r. A l i t l t r - , ucrl: f-n.l tinit- ran ;iflvnnco 1liii i propri-lv i n t o nnc nf Die i Imwnlacf-; i of l - ' a v ' M t c v i M r . Only $6.i»0 for till Ck C.'li:!) Dl'ill. ^. i yAMMOi v RFAlTY 1 " J CO. BENDIX M I R A C L E A G U A T O R W A S H E R .- ii PIKCE i.iviNn IIOOM onoup ' j | SUiclIn Diviin, liiiso rotlicr, Orcaslnnal chnir, 2 End tables anil I ; cncktail Inljlc, in Wiilinil or IJlundo wood JlnUb. Covers .in I .; I'liisllc of ruse, red, «rcfn, 1 4 9 5 0 I ' blui! ur irhHtniiiiKiic . . , I.X -'»ri,^^-..,"-Spccla| i ^/' JV | i K\-c I'hnur I! n. Hiiminnnd J A Jarvi-; I.'.OOW . l)cilrviom unturnislicd sST.iiO. ( u r n Is'icrl 57L'.riO. iwn bedroom u n f u r n - ii-l-cfl $7i.RO. bills pnid Hcnclix laun-ry n v s i l n h l e l'''onu_«gg« ; Get A5 "Nosey" As You P l c a b C P A R K V I E W A P A R T M K H T S . n,i» l,crt- HJ . T rvi ... v D e t a i l nl t h i - n c w l v dn-n- r ooni u n f u r n i s h e d S50 on furnl'.lici' i-aic,] i ' nmii lii'iti" 'I'hc t-ion-t in' $229.95 (lauchlcr, Mrs. Buttli Shiblcy. and honuscs up 10 s:.oou yearly. Sn'tur- ; ... . . . , . - J -- Post. N o t i o n a l Trnrtc u n t i l m i d n i g h t . Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gene Nilhoan. CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMMS Phon* Collect 2353 FayctlcTillt, Arkinsii Joplin Rendering Co. Phone 75 or 508 Days. Evening _ , and Direct M a i l Adver- j tisinK protlut'c many i n q u i r i e s tliHl ; i c s u l t in i m m e d i a t e busincsi. Tr.iin- . ^^'^A."^^-^^^"'^^ 1 Nights Phone 96 or 798-l-W. ONA !*]ITM ca more,_Prairic _Grovc. phone USED Si ens R . t i i t c 1. Ho: 211, W i n s l n w for E l n r k . plus a h n r i i l p irtl ki-fl \ v i i h liih. Well located. b!c. B U U D o l U f ^S» POWELL TM1 L f U L L U V L i n V ; .Snri|i-r.l;ilr. A r k . Immediate Possession ; LEW , S BROS ^ | nc DINKTTES AND DINING HOOM SUITKS ' . · , S PC C I I I i O M B DINCTTE-Kxtdislon t;iblo, Queen Anne leas, durable ^ I. Ijiminatrxl |)lisliL- lop, 4 chair.-;. Colors f?rny, «rccn f)r yellow. - · ' Res. 74.50. Sale «.» ,'; 3 I'C C1IIIO.MK niNKTTIv- I'cclpslal droi lent t.iblc, 2 IIMV.V plsirllq -^', tnvni'ocl r l t a i l - K . Kiir the siniili space. Special ll.fB ·- ' fi I'C BI.ONDK SOI,ID O A K - D I N E T T E -- E x t e n s i o n table. * attractive £ j chairs. pliiEllr sents. i H u f f r t availnblc.) Special SJ.iO - ; S I'C BI..ONI3K IJINETTE--The newest, w i t h ''Dui'-flak" plastic top ;/:' table, (ink base, -1 b e a u t i f u l uak i-luilra, plastic seat ami back. -·: . Special 1H.50 ·-.' B 1'C MOI3EI1H W A L N U T D I N I N G HOOM SUITK--Crcrtenzn buffet, i (I chairs tapestry seals ami large extension table. Spcclil 1J8.SO 5 I'C IDfiOP LEAK M A H O f J A N Y TABLE, IcjjRCil base with jwinsput ' let! for leaf Mippnrtr, 4 Uvrn back chairs Special II.SO HEATERS Complete sloch of liealcrK, bath, raclljnl, large si'U-c'.ion nf tiis Ings, and circulator Vypcs. Diicounl Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil . D. M. P A T T O N Phone 249 DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. j.'.'ft. (Qp a _ -- . ._ Sty/Nur^ Co.. "in?." K?" i ''^"fl" S"H^ ACCOUNTANT Excellent opportunity for young man 21-30. Accounting experience preferred. Apply in Person Arkansas Western Gas Company 28 EAST CENTER Foyoltoville S^^SMv^ I ts?^ I1I ^r J !,.5['^w^ i J. W. H 1 1 L | , ELECTRIC CO. Quality Inslallers * DRY SLAB WOOD · PUMPS · POWER "^ii4 LIVEUED w h l l c " lasts - C(l " ,, P h o n e ' 2 4 . West Fork ' ly'Vost ovcr a s7nono. lll pcriccV r Sni'!!^ · Hemstitching, Picoling, Covered : pnymentfi. Write credit n m n n c ^ r . : Bells and Buckles. :Kn.Jio n ° C °" 3 ] Z M n i n b l r c c l '. s P« c 'a' A t t e n t i o n given M a i l ' c n A V K i r 4 yimMTniiiniiiivcrcii. sooo': Orders. Satisfaction or Money Phone .1J7B.JJ, i BQL^ SINGER SEW'NG M A C H I N E CO IB S.E. St.. FajTllPville :t R K U R O O M H W I T H l ' 7 11AT1IS W i . n - ' i l r r i u l v f i l i i n in n nr.v: li-rnnn» tiftinc. I^c.ilnj in W i i K h l i i K l ' M i Srliool OLs- ti'srl on pnvrd htrrr-i w i t l i newrr . I1;is };nT,f H v i n c t o n n i , i l l n i n x roinn. k i n - l i r i i , idtiicliR'l Bii''»K'. v.i.iiliol.f · i-ln-c!.' : i t i t n t i ) ; i f i r fun r ft Mr u*s l i i i - j u c r - J.dl 7S'vlf;ii' H t - m i l l h l l s ' HUD HOOM SUITES ·1 PC B U H L WALNUT H K D ItOOM SUITE--Modem design, liirge __.. mirror vanity. p;uid bed, roomy chcbl nnd bench. '··'·· · Mes. 23B.50. Sale lll.SH -- ·t I'C M A I I O C . A N V r.r.ll HOOM SWTE--18tli Centuiy, swinR minor, -- sleifih bed. ai-niwl tiem-li. 'I drawer chest. Ilcfj. 207.50. Sale lll.SO :- ·t ]'C HEI1 ROOM SUITE-- Modern (lesifin. scmtch wood finish in 7J in J v u r y , h e i i u l i f n l and di'tcrcnl. Hcs. 180.50. Sale 4 I'C M'.n ROOM S U I T E - M n . l n r i blonde llnisii, well designed. . -" Special 12I.SP ~ ·1 PC W A L N U T I!EI) l!f)fiM SUITE--Modern w.ilnut heavy poster "J.; Ijefi, InrRc inirr()r v a n i t y , diest and belit'h. Special 101.50 -~- Ark._Pl]oiic ST.. ONE to 3 acrrs. !m«ll housp. Must H)(f~TO~JImpound [ceder liogsr Vilt, phone lOHfi. _ A~ LATK model"" Korcl 6r~F?rRuson t r n c t o r w i t h c q u i p n i c n t . F r a n k Skrl- lon, RouU: 7, _Faycltcvtllc. _ KITHER^a chickrn or stock ranch in NorlInvest Arknnsas. Give complete | tlcscriiilion. prico and exact loca- -. lion so 1 ran d r i v e lo it. K. C. Glenn. Canal Winchester. Ohio. M O N K V TO I,OAN FTlA HOME LOANS* Low interest, lonR terms UTI.fclY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 i rt'ftl AND COMPANY Who's Who For Service ; Consult Yoir Classified Service Directory I I I'IKC'E IIK11 ItOOM CilOUP : Illnndc linWi V a n i t y , he.ivy poster bed, Chcs.1 and bench. Scaly niatlresii, reinfoici-d siirinit, clicnillc bed spread. IRQ 50 2 Viinity l.'tmiifr, '.', pillnv/s. Special Leverett School Area OCCASIONAL CHA1IIS Well tlesi^nt-fl. phii'tK- M';ii ;tnd back, turned wmiil 7() CA arms. HCK. S1I.5II. S;iU- -/'·-'" Fl.OOri LAMPS 7 wav. larce rclloclor bowl, bciivy brnmc or gnld 1 C QC liases, silk 5hadc«. Sale *-'·'· CAMK [or c-hUdrrn Hilirhry, in my liomn. Mrf. ; r;tl. I I 7 1 J . l L O A N S $50 to $1,000 . We m;iko mild ;iiid f Inans. 1..CI us finfliicc Ibe purchase of your new nr used cnr, QUICK SERVICE STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 Mirth Hlock Si., or our used car lot. Corner Center nnd Church Streets. WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phont Colltct 111* Foycttcvill* RtncUring Co. l i c » i l l i r i i l l . v i-n!r»l h r » t - STUMP FURNITURE CO. I"LAL rIAl IKCjJ LU. W. m«, or b«, " Clearing '"sprinscii'iic'nzo]"'o?.ark Troii 'r*"m H. H. JONES, C o n t r a c t o r . ,;',',r. n !"",'i"r,!i!''r.'""''''"'"*'"""' ; '''' i"TrfSrr°F~ n '°''i'i : i r"f" ' 212 VifUinia Avo., fiox H.1 U St» ' MOHDC DC A I TV ' h r l c l CMM. B.4 b a g V o ' n l l c C M M ! P h n l l c H(ifi ' I''WOII(-ill- I H U l / K C K t A L I T ··"- " - ' "LANDSCAPING""" tollel kill, rlr. A complete lln HA!r»^TON;!j A R M Y SIJIIPI.US STORE FOIt SALF. OR TRADK TKXAS land. l.OilO "acrci of^lnTurin AI.ICK'S U F A I I T V SHOP Nov.- up l i m n . 7 ' K M'ninltim St- _AII^"_jinil M i n l l i j i Plume i,".tl COl.VAlin'S nF.AIJTY K1U1I' | .'nt W McMflow -- Phone :.IK)2 I _ M;,r|l 53.ri()Mln Col'l wave IS _^(B^_ j " ViAi'Kii ar^ij'vt BWOH" I Klorenc* ffUrleton ! "I'ltTciui'iT'H BKAtrrr"?"''" 5 " i ' RP.I.IABLI WORK :IH N Hlo.-n I I A I M . I N C 603 W. DICKSON OI'KN T H U H S I M V . S T I M I'M OP KM A C O N V K N I K N T CTIK.)IT ACC'OUNT PHONE 3112 ·· Pl.KNTY OF FArtKING '.- KNS III1OKK '..""""·''·'- :"" 1 Ovrr I'imnc Mt:,i; -"(n. 1 .^.T.M-\V W l ' A C U K S l c n i l i ' " v » l l i - y ' l . i i i i l Oi. ...... ,,,..,,. ............. ir.n.t iK-jr li.ivil liiCluv.iy (Trcl! MD.Mh SI'.IIMI I. l»;iv IIT Ciill Glenn Itfiy l(cr1 J.1Y3J. "S f. K U K 0 n C E · U!MI l^^ Juit romplrlccl a h4im *n4 He ·?.VI.I1V DAY IN KVF.nY WAY BUILDING m;;iKn AND ' tlir * h i t l r ilriry Strrl. fH|ippr. anil othfr nlcr "rnnlro! COPPCn for wir- polcnll.11 nil SmniVy for pro cr y . SATl ""j) Y .""M, K """'-'"' ?:"" '; ·!«··· c f n , i , - i i y A ' , ,,,,-.,,. Ihu ' - · · · ' · l - l I I U A u f.:u, I l ! l l - ^B^J ^k ' M m , l o H m : ' In Norllmol Ark,'n«u«. Hall at- "'"'."· , t "" 1 uu " r UM '''- ·»" '·*·'" II"' aii'l l'«'lil jour li"i,.r In M i l l . | l;iX' Hi A T i : « ! - - W A l . l . I ' A I ' K U ·· TM iHM ma o n l y ' ) " · n l m u l Ilio l i m i t . . , _ , . _ · nilncrnl r l g h t i BO w i t h property. -I L-iiJ_?_l i I1t '_ .^. . Pin.' sl/ii'Mtu. \ V I \ M ) l ) W ( ' I '·'/r'll'.'fi I I A I J * A i / u . i t . . i u p i . t . n,.nftitt nn Irvnl u-rll localiri l o t -- I W f Srp w r l l p or c u l l 1IOHAC.I.' I '- DITCH fyhT'CING TL D JL I F * I . N I ^ I ' \ v . i . i . ; i . n v n I I A V P i A l.(H'f\ .Siin.'tril itn \\.ni i l.ui i t r i g M i A . on i c \ r i w r i t m c ^ i f n »n i.-v ^.^ SMITH A COMPANY, n r n l l n r i i KOOTIN(iS-wn I p / . cA «nrt .r-.vrr | 1(16 DrOBQnllrM 10. '' u l l . v IMMI"- 1 '! ] U l"inln«r Hill l l n n i ' h T J l ' i lion · «i"' I.3M '! "· "I L I V I N G COMroBT; ., . Sprlrmrtnlc. Ark«n.n«. Phnnr !I!H. r n t r h f « . j,..pltc tn.ik hoi DIM...B . .. · C i i l l ,,,· W r i l i ' -· Invr-lv lirilronnn ,,t ii unit «n n m i n i r,..,m «-lih ilinuif matt itljolnlnl -., . . tlltt-hcfi. M-pltc t a n k . nnil bic» Illllns Cull n"ACRK ii'rni". nrw'hbiur nnil linrn. wrll on im-metl In h.irk porch 4 miles r»«l nf Window, Irnilr for Irallfr. !t»y Clark, nrcnlwimil. ! WHl_SAI.K-- R K . A I , ESTATB " "ilry'c* " p: " ·'·'""' '-'",""« l:s 24»7 MY u v u i r r . nr\v two hriln nt.-ir n n t v f r M l v l l n i f t w i l i ' j . n u r u l r.ibiiiclK l i i m " r l i ·"'·· l;0!;l;ilT M. SMITH ! r u r k; i I t . i i o- · SAM) AND R H A VRI. _ ,,,, HO AD AND D R I V E W A Y ...n U H A V E I . - Al^O TOP SOIL ui." it n r « h l p . W r l l P Box K-3 [) nKNT . . C ;i r u n n y lintnr. \ romnt. )i.. t du flnori. l\rnr f i u t m r c . c n r p m ! den Jl.Wir.fiO i,,.y f l n u i i . )inl. mnnlb. .1 ns ir-( I.ONO irrm, .1 or 4 hp"(irr»om7"fiMMtff« · A,i-r t 13 i n , , hmj.p wild n n,| «rp. M nl.lp Addinqlon KCQI E')l0l0 nr IM.T i A( 111:, I II..II.P ivx rlr l » » l ' riinne ll;l,W. mm- in'iiVr. Vlil.i'i'i!'.i'i'flll.' llninr. ^ rni'in ,ii h n 11 . i. i l l l I I P i l w e l l Phono. 1SHJ __ HKIIVi'l'KS rfnclrrprrVi'ir7In7ll"7pnii. ' i i t n i . .lulin ltlirii)i-\ A|i|ili,inic Cn II N Him k. I'll. .111. til.' I. i a i i t l f u l k i n th I'ui.ini-i l II h u i l l ? l . t v l n s An 1 .' (ikralffl -.1^1. II y m i ' i p I n c V \ V r r c a n l h n t l 7 . - i l In ,cll nl . C I I . N V K M I O N A L On G. I. LOAN 'SKK ( . K d l K i f . M r K I N N K V AGCY HEAt-TORS l'h». ,1M i u i i h ilinulf IpaCI Itljointnjl ^, fln.1 k t l r h r n anil K u r i l K 1390 iq. l\. . ' c;:i^cil-)n h r f c / r w a y . Now lee II loll can -^ . 10.500 » . HtKI.IH

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