Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 8
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R.F.D, Seven ·y JACK CARLISLE II, C. Haurn of H u n t Lane is quite an assortment of poultry. Mr. B.'ium is e m p l o y e d ) at Swynson's, and ;IK they l i a \ ' e j no f i i c l l i l i c s - f o r drcsslriK a n y t h i n g ! but cliickcni;, Mr. Buuni has been \ Uikiny ^ lot of ducl;s, KCC^C, lur- ;cys, etc., n f f Ihcir hunris. Ac of last Krlday. he hart H7 duci;:-, f o u r and one iiij; \vhitc .tui'key. Billy W i l l i a m s Jilr;o (if H u n t Lane, went tn (lie Army ta:;( week, j lie is not Mire yet where lie w i l l j lie stationed, but of one t h i n s he j IS sure; it xvon't be as /.;ood as j Faycttcvilfe. birth ccrlificalc thai Mrs. Belle Shaddcford has been Irying lo get -for her son finally arrived. Mr::. Shiit-Uleford sent the dollar down to Little Rock last September and the certificate arrived last Kriday. Jo Ann Matins v/as letting her two prize v.-hitcfaecs'Hraze out on the f i o n t la'-vn as I came by Sat- urduy. Jo Ann L' very prou-J of tho:jc .stct'r:;, and although flic says Ilinl they only weigh around 400 pounds now, she is soina lo try lo eel Ilicm up to 8(10 by late fall. Sl'e say:: t h a t .-he is feeding t h e m I-H mixture, too, whatever that is. I notice t h a t Ihcsn REA boys have q u i t e a deal when liiey hit rock on thcEC liolcs they have to din. They have pn ail* hammer and H Inns hose that runs In a motor on the back end of tile truck. Thnj:e air h a m m e r s look to me Ji-' if t h f y v:ould shal;c your teeth out hut they get the jo'j done. Thr C l a u r i e West f a m i l y is spending a lot of t i m e over in Oklahoma. I don't know whether they arc j u M visitinn; or working. Those West boy:: move nrourrl quite a bit. tlou.-.lon and his f a m i l y were away a l l summer and Claude took care o' Ihcir mail, i-.'ow Houston i-i back and I am l e a v i n g the C. C. West mail with him. Si' (hinys siiook loose on ' t h u P l y n i u u l h labt wee!;. But, luck| ily, none (»f it happened out on [he route. On Monday the generator wasn't working and when ''I'jJP THANK YOU (TOOTe-rlLOVE IT, MYSELP 7 I' 1 I WHAT'S THE MATTER v --i wmiTOOTSig? THAT IS.V.MTHOUT A DOUBT THE 'ITS srMPLV 'ADORABLE ON p . _ iYOUBLONKE 3 t. AND A 3.O7T DISTANCE AWAY; THINK NOTHING OF IT, JUNIOR-HE'S REAULV A GOOD BROTHER. I-I'VE LED HIM. I OJESS. LETS KNOCK OFF A COUPLE MORE .'/ETERS BEFORE WE HEAD OUT IN THE COUNTRY TO BUST' YEAH. THAT'LL MAKE IT WORTH WHILE. MODEL.IF WU HADN'T GIVEN 2 DOLLARS, ME WOULD HAVE SMASHED V3U.* WHAT A BROTHER.' MAKE YOUR MOUTH FEEL FRESH'N CLEAM- ENJOYTH6CHEWIN6 TREATTHATS KEEN i OUT OUR WAY \ By j. R. Williams THt SOLE WITNESS, Ml. AND WHAT A PUNCH I WAS TO mUMUMTIM I COULD iBtSW Tilt KILIE*[ HOME OF YOUI? BUSINESS, BISMUTH! BUT GST THIS... UNLESS YOU'RE CUT OP TOWN IN TWO HOURS, YOU'LL LEAVE IN A SOX, SEE 1 . LOOK, MY PRIENP, I LIKE ITHiSE. I'M HOT LEAVING!.... .HELLO!.... ---=--' '-- x"^ (jl^U, -- ANGSD A\V } (TOUGH ucx, ANO.WITH ,'^, LOUIE; / A H.V\V\\ER, A f.- UKC'N OONALD.V ' ,|A, -- if. RAIN '- ' BW FULLS ON HIC-H STREET FtOU/S INTO BOTH THE Noun sea MO Tut ATLANTIC OCFAN 130 DINNEnS EACH NIGHT/ - I.-09J lt!C:uCdlHiici.l man m OWNED 130 CTSTLES AND INSISTED THAT ft HOT MEAL AWAIT HIM IN EACH ONE EVERV EVENIN5 FOR 23 WARS' THE WORLD'!) HOKEMOOT ETHNOQRAPH1=K,A MAN OF BROAD, COMPKEHUNBIVC VISION!.., ! ...I KNOW WE'LL. BOTH BE VERY H'.PI'V AIDING HIM IN HIS PROJECT; PRIVATE tIFE OF BUCK gowtswor I-I CAN'T UHItnSTANOl IT'S IT.'.'-Mr. wnU.CKKD ./THAT MVCAR/r-HE ^Ts BWOKI; HV nios -V DON'T Hir.'5 STOt.EM MV I VC co - MV BOV -- VOU'V):: DISCOVLRILD SOMCTHlNTi DHAT'LU MAKr EVERY MAM IRRESISTIBLE TO WOMEW.7 A PERFUME THAT SMKLL* LIKE MONEY/.' rtic man .checked the trouble " h e discovered t h a t it wa-i being held by only one boh, and that not too '.veil. And f n e very next day a f t e r 1 1 got back lo to'.vn 1 noticed t h a t I one end of the ga^* t a n k was practically dragging the ground. H was being held by only one "strap" and about one more RCO:! b u m p would have busted it looss --gas l i n e anrl a l l . That would have been bad if it had happened about -5 miles from lo\vn. N o t h i n g happened mi Wednesday but on Thursday H v.-as found t h a i my brake bcintis v/crc worn down to the last frazzle. In facl, I had started wearing i n t o the bral:c d r u m s on the two rear wheels. Uov.-cvcr.. J had driven 37,000! miles since the last lime Ihcy were rclincil, so I guess it was time for Ihem In Hi}. 37,000 miles on a r u r a l route is e q u a l to about 10 timci t h a t distance in o r d i n a r y use--as far as brakes are concerned. while Mr. Dudley was looking in (he traps, h e * f o u n d one of them gone. Quite a ruckus had bcsn kicked up in the vicinity and Mr. Dudley knew t h a t .something big had been in the trap. He took tlic dogs .and spent most''of the day locking for the animal wearing the trap. Late that day he found what he was looking for; a large timber . wolf, which had got tangled up in a barbed-wire fence. The wolf was qui'Jdy dispatched and was out by Hie mail box for me lo see as I carnc by the next day. A couple of weclis ago I was needing information on how tu tan a fox hide. Ordinarily 1 have a j good response on matters l i k e ' this, hut I dirln'L gel much help | on this one. I did havi; a letter I from Mrs. Janscn down at West j Fork but it d i d n ' t come u n t i l ' y c s - j lerday, and the method she rcc- i ommcjKlcd isn't much help no*. 1 .'. She claims that any hide can be tanner 1 by the brains found in t h a t particular animal. She has tanned iriany hide.-; li-ke this since she picked up this information from some Indians in New Mexico -10 years a30. But the brains of my fox were thrown a way when they skinned it; I'll know next time. V/e suffered a great loss in the post office last week in the d e a t h nf our assistant postmaster, J. E. Parker. I have knov*. Mr. Parker for the past 23 ycaiv, and 1 know I speak for all IhcJjoys when I say we have lost a good friend, a capable o f f i c i a l , and an invaluub'e member of our community. We hope that Mrs. Parker ami the son and d a u g h t e r will understand somelhing of our deep rcjrarri for him. Mr. Packer's work kept him in close r n n t p c t 'with 'u~ a l l ; wn already miss him more than we can say. James Mason of Durham, who cndt lots of weekends with his Uncle John Aulry, has been trying his luck at trapping. James is abort 12 years old. He wanted to catch some of those foxcy such a; he ha;; been reading about in RFTJ Seven. Every weekend he lias been pulling out several traps an:I not having any luc!:. Rut last week IT caught something, the likes of which he had never xcen before; neither had Uncle John, so Jamrs ton); the a n i m a l up lo Dave Dudley's ho'jse for i d c n l i f i - catinn. It turned out to be a m i n k , su now James lias looped all of the 1 rappers on I\FP Seven, It is the first m i n k J have knov/n lo be snared on RF1D Seven this winter. . . . And Hie Dudleys didn't do so i iiadly last \vcck, cither. Their ton, j Ra!p. also has «n tra^-line but he ! doesn't hyvc much time to see to Die I raps in the morning, as he lias lo £i) in school. Last Wednesday, Revenue Bureau Loses Column WashintUon-t/IVThe I n Lc r n a l Revenue Bureau has a lost column. In thff f a m i l i a r form 1040 i n d i - vidual income lax return used by more tax payers t h a n any other, there's n line to list profit or loss from partnerships. The form says you arc to put down on that line a figure obtained from "form 10G5, schedule J, column 10." But there isn't any column 10 in form 1065, schedule J. A bureau spokesman, asked where column 10 was, said: "Well, I'll be doggone -- I can't find it cither." · A f t e r a quick investigation he said bureau experts had discovered the mistake and lax offices across the country have boen informer! so they can explain things to puzzled partners who can't find column 10. New Province Named Buenos Aires, Arscntina-(#V Ar-Rcnlina's 16th province, rnrverl out of the territory of La Pampa, will be known as Eva Peron Province. Welfare Funds Available L i t t l e Rock-(/Pj-More llian 4.5 m i l l i o n dollars in federal funds has been earmarked for the Arkansas Welfare Depart, .icnf for the first three months of 1952. M-JND.M NIGHT 6:00 Dinner Music 6:15 Starlight Time 6:30 News 6:4j Ozark Sporls Review 7:00 V.'nync King Show 7:15 Gabriel Meatier--M 7:3U Rhythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air S:00 BASKETBALL F a y r l t r v i l l e ,it l l u n t s v i l l e Music News--M Platter Party Platter Party Sign Off TUESDAY MORNING Rise N 1 Shine R.F.D. 1450 Rise ' N ~ ' Shine Mnrkcls and Weather Disc M' Shine Stock T"ik Time 7:0li Kufiee K u p Kapers 7:31) Olasco News 7:45 Sunrise Serenade S:no Boh Hurlrigh 8:In Morning Devotion S:30 TIMES Morning Edition 8:45 Hnlsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:25 News--M 9:30 Take a Number 10:00 Fond for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Qucci, for a Day "Ont nic« thing about this proparty- you'll n«vtr ba belhtrtd with howitgunts!" 11:00 R h y t h m Ranch Hands 11:15 Baucknsc Commentary 11:25 Carl Smith 11:30 Church nf Ciirisl 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report TDKSDAV AFTEIWOON 12:00 Hymns of All Churches 12:15 News at Noon 12:.'iO Chuckwagon Jamboi'cc 12:45 Riders of the Purple Sage 1:1)11 Dixieland Matinee l:2;i News 1:3(1 A f l c n i o u n Varieties 2:0!) Ladies Fair !:'.'.i News 2:, f ll) Bob IVinlc ;(:(){) SwiiiK Session 3:30 Tune Pick'n Time ·1:110 Time Pick'n Time ·1:.'IO Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 Set. Preston 5:30 Sky KlnR 5:55 Cocil Brown N««l and Smartly Slyltd Haircuts and Good Clean Shavti HAIRCUTS ONLV $tk WHITE'S BARBER SHOP 405 W. DICKSON Used by thousands In reducing diets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. * 11-19-tf Keep up with Ihe times--read the TIMES d»ilj. Sensational Accessories By Sue Burnett Just what you're looking for to accompany your spring suit, or pep up your winter one. Each of this stunning blouse trio will do the trick--and you'll be delighted at the easy sewing. Pa Item No. 8789 is a scw-ritc porforatfd pnltcrn in sizes 32 14 16, 18, 20; 40, -12. Size H. collar blouse, 2 yards of 39-inch; tic blouse, l~.i yards; r u f f l e trim blouse, l n -i yards; 2Vis yards pur- purchased r u f f l i n g . for this pattern, send 30c In COINS, your name-, address siza desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue "Burnett. Northwest Arkansas, Times, 115fi Avc. Americas, New York If). N. Y. The new Spring and Summer Basic FASHION for women who sew will be ready for you shortly. Send 25 cents now for your copy. AUTO WORK by raliablfi mechanics. All work GUARANTEED. BROUGHER and ROBB Whltclty'i Caracr. »Mk «f Whil.lty. strvic* *MI«i Phini 1K7 MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL

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