Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 7
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Little Rock Jakes Top Honors In State Bowling Journey Parker Out For 'Dogs 7 Gome With Huntsville Cardinals Busy SPORTS SWC ROUNDUP M. VervackWins Cy Speck Elected President Of Arkansas Group I.itUfi Rot-k hnwlprs rspfurrrl (ho major rhare cif hmmrs in ihr Stale' Handicap F.mvliny 'J'oi'rna- rticnl' rnmplelerl lasl nighl al Ihe Benlon Bowling Alloys. Only Ihe pintle even I crown eluded HIP. capitol city cniHinpcnt. And Ihe rinfending champions found Ihp (ask ton Juircl in nl- templinz; In rppcuf, ifhc doubles rnmbinatifJii ni" i'linky Smith and- 13. Shepherd, nf llul Springs r;tme fhe clnscr-L In retaining thuir crowns, and they finished seventh in the Iwo-mmi evenl. Little rtoL-U gave the field a thorc'ugh trouncing: in the tcanii event winning Hie Inp Four posi-i i ; nns. Dcfcndinp champion Phil-; · lips Servirp Sf.uion of Pine Bluff finished 10th. j The Learn event winners: Fridrn ( Calculator?. .'',090: Jones Triirk ; .Lines, L.itllc Rork, 3,0151; Citizens! .rjsar Slorr, |.,itt!c Hue!;, 3,0 Mil Dixon Dairy. Little Hnck, :i,U3l:: Thnmpsnn's Tap Moom, K o r t j Kmilli, H.o:j|; Fnotl Service, Korl Smith, ,".ni»; Pi Kappa Alpha, Ksyefteville,' 2.1)8!!; Slciukamps I-'urnitiu-p. I ill!". Hi»«:k, 2.B7R: and B. P. O. R., Hul Springs. 2,1)75. Dominic Spfnccr iiii(l H, D. Honrhvin, uf Little nock, look Hie doubles mnvit witli a 1,3(12 st/ire. Other resulls: I. Skipper. Hnl Springs, and J. W. Trent, Kiiyeite- ville, l,: j nr»; .1. R. Henderson, Georee .I ones. Tcx-'trUnnn, l.^Rn; H. W. Iltirlgcs. Milan Crcishton, I'Xvrtlcvillr, l.l!Bl: n. Dixfnn. W. Mnrrmv, Hot Springs, 1,27-1; Har- o'd llorlgEon, D. A. Mpjsrr, Fay- f'.tevitle. l,V.6fi: Phrppard and Smith. Pine Bluff. J.253: Neil Dunne", Nat fitch mntKl, FayoltPviHp, 1.2JB: Hugh I.'.i'lcs, I3ni Spears, . Fn;i Smil'i, I.1M7; and R. L. Vogt, S. S. Smith Keen", l.'-Hfi. ,'unes rolled H 26(3 scratch sinerle during his doubles scries, The Kaycltcville Eulldufi*;. \ v i l h - j nut Ihn pprvices of RiMy Parker,! en Id'illr tonight for a game ! wilh (ho Kafirs. Pnrkcr Piiffpi'cd a bruised hand in fhn ReiilnnviMc flame fridyy that is e;;peeled In sideline him about a v.'prlt. In Parker's place in Ihe starling St. Louis Takes Valley Lead By Clipping Aggies SI. l.nuis-(/?i - Unless an unset lurks somewhere alim^ Ihe line, 1 Ihc SI. I,mils University Hillikens' shouldn't have iniidi In worry about in Ihe MiM.ouri Vul'ev Conference bafikotbull race until they moot Oklahoma A. and M. again. The Rills gained undispuLcd Ipadorship in liic valley Saturday by dpfonlin^ Oklahnma's Ayeics in a knock-dnv.-n-dras-oul affair, 48- ·riiai padded si. Louis' unbeaten'I parrK- ^tr^iip On Arflpntins RfirHpr' record m 4-n while iHnpins the Leal Mi, jici.ut un HI ycimiia ouiuci AP^'IPS inlo fTconri nlar-i; v{,'!.-\. Dclroil's Titans (!)-7| :inrt tt'k-h- jla's Sliot'lccrs 1 0 - 1 1 ) mcnl St. Louis Iliis \vceli, wilh Ohio Slak' nf Ihc Big Ton prrecnthiK non- pn-iition for the Riils. NORTHWEST ^KANSAS TIMES. Fovetievilla, Arhoniai. Monday, Jnnuory 28, 1952 iOdd-Shaped Chile Friendly, Arkansan "Christ Of Andes," Has Peace Lesson fit. Lni/is ( 1 2 - 4 ) dofrali-:! Dolroil, 71-B4, iinil WifliilB, 71-4fi, earlier. The Agu'ics ( 1 1 - 3 ) alsn shouldn't linve mui-h trouble before mrel- iiiK Ihc Bills a second lime. Th:it name is set for Stillwalsr, yltia.. March fi. . Only oppnuciit for Mir Asj'rra Ihis \vcnk is KanBaK of Hie Hig. Seven Onfercnre. bilic Ihe Air- itio.s. Ihe Knnsans aliin were ('I'his is une o{ a .series Kil Van-* ilevnitcr is writing aiiotit a Irio llit'fiti;',ii Houlh Anu-iica. lie. v.'ill rcliirn in April.) Ily iil) VANJHU'KSTKIt Santip;,'ij ilc t'niic Keiiiaps a few [-(iinpariiion.- v.'ilh dislant'cs in ihc Ij'nllPd Hlnles \vill help you nndcrsiand viiy I c-all Chile ' n»- lurc's ^rfigraphic froak." liny Hiis cnnntry rnini ea::t to u'c;;l ai-rnss our land; Tirrr;! del I 1 ucr.0, whicli is near the Atlantic, Consolidating Minor Holdings Five Games Carded In Southwest This Week; Porkers Play Twice SI. Louis. ce of Mn.-M'i-Umlrr ihf - l)'i-Siinth-.vcat C o n f e r cni-f C.-IL-O fiuintetfl jilay fiv; 1 .'Mnic^ IhlF u-t.t'-: \vilh thr.-e ttl them cun- Iman- i-ontests n( llio do-«r-clii vnric-'.y. Jtaylor iuinprd out tit thr. con- (pi-fnci- odl.-ii latl wetk tt the us- prrisi' of Ilicc Instllule, M-!. 1. '..-!i!i' Trxiii Chriallnn hart Its sinning '· liL-acon rcT'orrf (HmrntTd in: vie what liv tlic O!:!ahomn City Univfi-sily five, (l(i-4l. Texas and Oklahoma renew llu ir ini:i.i. · n..ii,-^ iMoiii'uy niiiht in ' l "" !l ' ' " i : ''"-nmf"rci!r- lilt Hial inciniii a lol In Ihc two Ifnms. ' ' thc kuncUnd nut of ti first-place !cu' = 'iie j v . ou ",j |, c S |, rav e ( i willi Milt " ~ ' ' : ~''' ' ' iii Hppeuranccs this seapoi in flic KtiHson lie rpplarerJ R ci y Barnes, wlm was suffering from a {··c\'cre cold, and did an excellent juk . In Ihe Bulldog's test on ling, ngfiinst Henlonvillc, »\\ Hie reserve. 1 ; sav. 1 ai-lion witli surprising KUci'p.-'s. Lnrry Trmmnrl ;mrl SUin Williams, the I cam's other junior?, pii'lterl up snme valuable cxpcri- oiH'e anrl lie l] /7 :'?/^//J Sports Briefs (By Tht Assiiclalcrl Prrfifi) TRACK TCcw Y o r k -- D o n Grhnnani priced Fred Will in 1 1 mm Ihe A t l a n t i c as hurricane ! winds struck the Florida coast near Jacksonville. The desert sec- i lion, which joins I'ern, would be ! l-on'cd by Ihc fog and bree/es I blowing in from Ihe Pacilic I Ocean al Han Frnnri.wn. j Or, laid aloiiK Ihc .''acifir Coa.-t, ; Ihis friendly land of love and ; bnijjliter would reach from Han ; some valuable e x p c r - eriged Fred Wilt in t may hnve earne:! Ilicin- j maker mile fll the IMiH rose ,r,amr 1 ovrf Ihe FBI agent. The time was (he high single of (he tourney. | 10 j n | s a panic Ibis year. Smith and Shepherd had a -l-'O selves a spol of playintr lime in ' for hi* fnurlh vk-tnrv nl Ihe year lonirjhl's came. ' ' * ' -- ·' ' ' Hunlsville, wilh a 7-7 season mark, boa.'ts a ni.^;i-jc-ormg ,...,. man in Charles Berry, a li-.'i lad who lias scored as many as 30 t\vn-panic sinale Kciylcb score to otliBi- Eag'e starici-s iucluile J. U. Garrett, J. L. I'alrick, Thuinas ilawley and Arlis Ininan. Huntsville lopplerl Alma, Ii7-li(), rolled a (182 to lar.c j,, ,, g . lme Saturday night. Garret t Me almost saw bis, |,i;.] ie( | U| , 21 poinl;, Berry 14. anH Tn I h e singles Jules Verv-icU. of Fort S m i t h , top honor?. ; _ ,, ^ _ first prir.e go out Ihc window nsl 'p;,ti-icl;"u'nd Hawiey iVea'cli/Fay- II. Ringler. also 'of Fort Sniill rollert a 680 on the find gn-round. Pirnlcr, wilh a striUe in Ibc final frame, dropped nine oins with his next ball, llsd Ihc 10th one fallen be would have stepped into the lead. In Ihird place came Bill riraue. nf F.-iyclteville. leader a f t e r - t h e first weekend of action wilh (172. Others in the lop ID: r. Kaylor, I iltle Rock. CUB: I 1 , reliefer, Lit- 1le Rock, CfiP: O. Mitchell. Fay- ellrville. BUI; Frit/. Good-bar. Little Rock. h'5!);'C. F.ller. TexarkJma. G.ifi; B. B. Brmvii, Kort Smith. 655: Hilcbcock. Te.virkana, GS:I. Even Ihe Arkansas Bowling Assorialion presidency was fii'onj to a J.illle Hock bnwler as the' proup voted Cy Speck hi as bend of the nrnfinlzHlion for the rnmmj: year. Dther officers: .1. Clianstcur Fc'.t Smith, first vice president: Fred House, Fayelteville. second vice president; anrl W. K. llaus- ebild, Pine Hlutf, sei-relary-lreas- urer. winler's tourney Kwartled lo Korl Smith wilh dates fcl for December 5 and 21. The nexl annual meeting will be held December 14. Bob Hudson, flashy end on the ivr'-.' York prlri Cianls, ran the 100 and 22(1 yards, threw the discus and pul ' the shot on Clemson's track squad. A junior game will preeerle the varsily lilt, slarting at 7 p. in. The I'arsity game is scheduled for 8:15. January Sports Card Jan. iU-^Bullrloe, vs. Hunlsvillc, at Hunlsvillc. Jan. 29- -Bulldogs vs. Joplin, berc. Jnn 31 -- Porkars vs. Kansas Stale Teachers, here. Alma Tops Emerson For Robinson Tourney Title The Alma cirls basketball Icjtm bad I'm much bei.chl and balance for f b e Kmrrson -mrls, winninir tine Jne T. Robjniion i\leluorial basketball Inuriiainenl finals, ^1311. Saluiday ni?ht. Alma lobl lo Van Bumi in the finals last sea- sun. Alma'K Mary l.ou Kiene was Miami, Fin --Mary Lena V.ddli. , Thoinasville. Ga., won the Helen Lee Oohertv wnmrn's amaleur polf lillc wilh a 2 and I v ! '-lory ever Mary Ann Downey, Rntll- niore. rhoenix- -Lloyd Mancrum fired his fourth successive sub-par rnund -- n 7n-- to win (be P'-ocnix Open with 72-hole score of 274. E. J. "Dutch" Harrison was second. New Vorl: -- National champion Dot Kirby, Atlanta. ("la., beaded a smiari-iif seven U. S. women i;olf- named In defend (be Curllss Dicpi. Calif., lo Alaska. Al its widest points, placed across our Midwest, the distance would bo only from Fayelteville in Kans.-is City, much of it Iron) Fayrllcvilk' lo Joplin, and BOIIIC nf it only as wide as from I'ay- rlicville In Alma. voied Hie tourney's player. most valuable Genuine Italian Spaghelli. The best you ever nte and all you want. Served at St. Joseph's Catholic Church bascmenf, Tuesday, Jannary 2!)lb, starting 5:.10 p. in. with our FARM MACHINERY SERVICE We'll be glnii In rnmc In ynui plnre .iiid rbnrk your plowing, fllfini;, pinnlin?, cultivAtlng and kurvfsllni equlpnienl, iiKo nur Iraclnr. This inspeclion li fret ·nii may prc\cnl cnslly field dcla.\! l«ler. We linvc parts fnr Dwrliorn implcnicnli ind Kuril Trnrlors. Our mfrliliiiir linv« tin» Mot* the rush niinn In do nn) work j nu need. Juki plinnt. HAILEY SALES COMPANY Hi f hw.y 71 North Phon » 1689 Cun against Great Britain in June. Panama--Hubert Dr Viccnzo, Argentina, won Panama Open, with n record-brcakhm 282. Sammy Rnearl (railed by three strokes for second pbn-e. SKAT1NC. St. Paul--Ken llarthnlnmew. Minneapolis, won liis sevonl'i senior men's national outdoor skalinc lille since 1!I3P and Bnr- hara Hna-bctti. Detroil, repealed in Ihe senior division. UACINC; (-illimore--A syndicate bended by Larry MaePbail, former head of Hrooklyn Dorlcers and New York Yankees, conlrnctrd to buy cnnlriillinK inleresl in the Bowie Race tipr-k. ArcadiR, Calif.-Alfi-prl Van.'er- , n| . u . n . hntw(!L ,,, ,; 1( . RC , w , bill's Bed n'Rost-s and Next Hove L.,,^,,,, W omcn, |-ralciiil thai tron- ne-two in SSO.nno added San- |j|( , , ];li| hpl ,,,/ avn i c | c( i. nl i s ed funds r"orr:its Below There ha Water, been many carlh- [|iliil;es, sea (|ll:ikes and volcanoes alone Ihe coast. Tops of fores!.; deep down ill Ihe w a t e r prove that what was once a part of Chilean soil sank, as have many islands in the Pm-ilic. Those who have ti.ivelrd through the western part of the United stales can roa!Uc Ilic height Huntsvilie Downs Airdafes, 67-60 lluntsville won two Barnes from Alma Saturday, tin; Mvior noy^ ly a (!7-(ill cnunl, and the junior boys by ,i ;ll-Jfl sane. The llunls- \ i l l c jiirls. meanwhile, were losing to Jud.sonia, tll-Uri, In Ibc Robinson Memorial Basketball Tour- n.-iincnt al Litllc HncU, Friday niulll. .1. I), n.-irrctl. with 21 points, led the Kaclc senior buys lo their wi-i over the Airrhdos, but scor- in:; honors went lo Alma's I'owcll, who made :{(! points. In thc junior K:imc Kfimlplni marie 12 for the; winners and Cook netted 111 for[ · nirccnieiils Tcxus. of I I tOUIS (..(UTIIUI.S UTre nllL 1 * 1 kilnv;' 1 ' » i f,.i t r ""· ·; ..... -- ·" "·· '··^»:» s rr^^.j;rs, 1 ; i uw-x farm syHem ; ,,,,..,,,,.,,!,,,, ;,,,. ,, saiunliiv i.Uht Nii'v Ihni Ihe minor Icairucs are: .·,.,,. ;i. : ,.i, lt t ij-ii-o-st'tlins TCU at bavin... c'iffieullli-s due to the mil-, Fay.-'a,-vilh-. Melinwbllf, Bayljr ilary dralt and linnlH-ial |ii-riWems. · phys SiniUiern Melhodlit Frl'lhy most major lea'Mii 1 clul.'i; ur,' "con- i oi'ilii in Diilliis in a jjitmt 1 thnt i;olirialin[f" Iheir f i r m holdinuB. I roold he a thriller. And Ihc SI. I.ouis Cards are mij Spoilor Hc!n e.veoolion. They ba\-e ib-n[)ncdl 'i lie llnplifits could afisuine the Iwn J'Mss C clubs and have nrtilcd spoiler rule In Ihe cnnfjrcnrii by two Class D outfits. Thc SnMmini wliippiiiR Hie Mrlliu:lists and jump have lei so of St. Joseph, Mi,., of! i? "" ^ '·onlcndlnK spot If Arkansas the Western Afi'nclalinn and I'o t-alelln, Idnhn. of (be Pioneer l.ea- irre. T^cf-e chilis wore owned oiit- li-ils nrrl /our chcrllies hy Ol^l-a Iinnia Cliy U. Saturday nlabl. Toiilshi's 'J'cscas-Oklahonia Inttli ivlll be a return engaecmont 'Crtta heat (hi! Socmorj - a t - N o r Dd-i-'nbcr 3. by a 48-1' cn:'n! Oldahoma haj broken ever in tv.'i other iinrnes wilh CTjnfcr' nc" jneinbers this season. SML f.iUr..; them, S7-W, and Buyloi bov.Mri;:. 4S..VI. I.P3KUC CJar.irs W L Pet. Pt Op TCU -1 0 1,000 227. 173 Toms - - - - 3 1 Tow* A M . 3 1 SHU ._ -- 2 2 Arhan-iiia ._. -- 1 .'t. H n y l m l I 3 filec . 1 5 All Oamci TCU H 2 Texas 10 7 SMU 7 3 Arkansas 0 0 Texas At M . (i U (112. .750 2IIR 13? ,760 Hia K'l .500 171 IB6 .230 lj.1 .105 .280 107 230 .167 282 828 .H75 983 783 .503 861 '7U .407 728 7uTI .100 140 818 MO 887 7l6 .333 1001-1DS* | should brat TCU and Tex.Ti A. and ,M. dd-.viv. Texas In '-heir Saturday ,,. .'erns A. anrl M. ruhl. However, the Cnrds have ,,.,,,,,, p,. r ,|,,ihlji will be the feature siynerl wor^bnr arreeinent'-. w i t h j cnntcl of the wr?ek, P.oth, alonij lla/olhiirsl-Hiixley of Ihe neorfiin| wilh TCU, «re dvfondiMK champB Uaj-lur -. . ... 2 1 - 1 .123 823-»75 Yonks Get lOfh Player To Sign 1952 Contract New York-f/I'i-The Hew York Yankees Inday announced receipt of Ihc signed contracts of three l,e ". s o f Hill nvatini' their th" refurbished are al'.n ren- laleMl sources. A i and s i x t h places. The slam i Harry Schactcr and Tom Gorman Ihe Ull was Ilii.vlor'» Ralph [jm) || OIll , e , ,, roll .lohniion whose scinlillalinji 30- lolnt Inlal for the ninhl put him of the Andes Mountain:; by comparing them with Ml. McKinley. Aluska, nrl Ml. Whilne.v California. I will quote from a magazine article 1 wrote about Death Valley: -Here 1 look down lo the lowest natural level of land in U. K. A., about .'100 feet below level. Without turnjm; hiehcsl natural elevation in any shite -the tup of Ml. Whilney, ;i lillle more than 14,011(1 feet Inch. Ml. McKinley is a few fret bif.ii- Alma. llunls-.illi-'s Hobble Weathers made 'JO p-ninls as tier team Inftt 'mil lo Jurlsonia. The Hunlsvillc Itirls led most of the way but lust the sUiiting trio of guards via fouls late in Ihc rame anrl could not rpiel! a Jiidsonin rally. Wri^- tbcrs ]il;iced second in the beauly contest held in connection with the toiirnamenl. llunlttillc enters the b'pringd.-de Invitational Baskclball Tournament this week. Hi-nwnl-' Minki-Mmm said thev did, In a Ihrcntenhiu pnijllon In inltd not know how mcnv nf tbelr'fi'i-ni "wr tin: conference licnrinjj lead- r-lubs would lie openitlm- Ihls erslilp. season but thcv did inlenrl In ex- ·""«·''» .!'". w ' lils " , V, 1 "' ' lf m . · ponds In afll for I CD's (.erirne |)H "f- . , . ,, ,, McLnml who was liclrl In two field The only, club Hi" Hrnu'iiK own is San Anlonln of Ihc ('!IIHH AA Texas Leiinlie. The iunior clrcuil enlr.v has dro-vicd ils wnrkins i.. llcfcr. who joined thc Yanks nn August 23 ii«t. yc=r, also is In thc fnlrl. . ' An oulstandlnii fUvof--JunRU^i Roman Meal Bread. U-19-tf . Atfvrrtbe In MM TIMKM--II Today's Market-- SI 'J.unis Livc-stork National Klockyards, I1I.-W1 1 )- . The hichc.'l peak between Chile and /·rucnlina is approximutel,v ·a.imn feel in elo.alion. .Slalnr ^larks liniindar.v nn lop of the Andes range is tin- ImiMidary line bcl'vern Chile and Arfientina. 11 v.'as lllfllkcfl b (USDA)-Hnus I3,(l()ll (airly aclivc; weiaiils 220 His dowp IS to 25 hiiroer Hum Friday'.-: aveianc; heavier w^ifihls and sows 2b-\\) hiKlier; bulk 1110-220 His mnsily choice NIIK. I and '.'. 1fl.D5-lll.UO lo the shippers and butchers; choice Km. sc;i [ I, li and .'! 2:1(1-24(1 Ibs In nil inter- lie:i(l esls IB-M-'/fi; E.0-270 Ibs 18.00- · JS; 2711-ailll Ibs 17..'.0-111.00; around 3.10 Mis l(; ISn-;!7ll ills 17.0(1- Ill.r.O; iL'll-MII Ibs H.VS-KU.I; 100110 Ibs pi;:s i;i.25-H.SII; sows 4011 Ilis do-.vii 1(1.00-50; heavier BOWK l-l.(lll-l.'i."il); . - l a s s 12.00-11.00; l,oarp 1I1..':II-1.'U)|I. Callle 3,71)0, calu's 511.0; opening aclivc on all I'lasscs, willi litcers heifers anrl low i-holce hleers and h e i f e r s .'lo.iHKI-'.nil; individuul lirime heifers 115.00; ulility ami i-ommerei.'d Hcers anrl heifers Brilish cnmniissinn 1(1113 alter Handicap at Santa ran la Margarita Anila. Miami. Fla -- Anchors Aweiph ($7. Ill)) defeated II other three- year olds in the 51(1. Don added Jasmine Slakes -A Hialeah. TENNIS Adcl,iide--Frank Kedeinan and Ken McGrocnr won the Aus- li-alian tennis doubles crown by riefeatinr Mervyn Rose anrl Don Candy. H-4, 7-S, (i-3, in an all- Australian final. (jiiNliHAi. Dallas--Dirk Hnrnell. owner of Ibc Dallas baseball club in Hie Texas Leamie. snirl he v.-tiulrl use Negroes on his Icnin for Ihe first time next searon if any r-onM br-j, 1n( | Chile;! found with sufficient abilily In! uhirh l-iey for B slatne lo ayinliiiliic Ihe fricndr.lilp between Chile unrl Ar,,(,,,(1,^, "dunlins were moiled and n- lu make the slatuc-- Ihe Chlisl ,:ri.O(]-:M).00; niilily anrl commercial cm'.'.-. :: I 5(1-2-1.(10; canners and cul- ler:; K;.00-21.50; uiiliiy and com- iiiorciiil bnll.-i 21.00-28.011; vealers opened s'.ciiri.v weaker nndcrlonc r'\'ldcnl rtn m-erage ^rujtl and below; individual head prime In ·M i KUlll; Rood and high choice :10.()I1- '( i.lll.llt); few 411.11(1; iltiliiy and com Ihe Andes. It was n terrific undei- · nicrcial vealcrs 22.110-311.1111; lakim; lo carry Ibis li. Ibc moiin- | Slioen 1,700; lainhs active, ]:cak; snirlier.-: lia'i io ;iiip'y jslearly to strong w'ilb Friday; fully lip '! al! their enfiineerin^' ihill I" i'o:n- nlele Ihc idb. As il "-a:; uincded in Hill I thc multitude from Ar- centinatslood. u'ith bowed bends in reverence, on Hie soil of AiRCi; 1 Una. Here is Ihe Im-phius inscrip- lin-i: ··Sooner shall Ihe-e inouotains mh'e into (lust Ilian AlKenlincs break t'ic pCHi-e lo have pledaer! Ihem- sleady with Thmsdny; bnU wnnl- ed liiiiili.-? 2!l.. r iO-.'10.i!.'i; pra-tical tup make Ihe in-ade. | seh es ?l Ihe (eel ol Chriil tl Columbus, Ohio--Dick Clcvlanrl, | ({erlecnirr." Ohio State's snohnniore slar, srl : This i'lipiKin^ no nn'jrflci:d world swimmine record in the 100-yard freeslyle of 4SI.3 seconds. Ic lo all slalne is cond -.··ill ilndy. K e ^ l , Hie t i i n Ibrou-. 1 .!! Soulh An;ei ic.'i's "C;'lilnnn:i," nml 1'ir-i Ihe inlcie.Minp f;ir-t:, abnlll Ihc real Robinson Cnsor-. Hoys Clr/b Wins 'fed/// Tl'O//J\ I// OjiC// C7r/.vvi Conference Elecls Dailey Secretary Korl Smith. -i/1'i - Leon lluey. I.iltlc Hoclt's 12li - pound open champion in the Fnrt Smith (!old- eii (.Moves bovilij: toiirnamenl. wfrti tile lourney's RHl-ney Sutrarmnn Mem'irial Troiibv. The award, civrn In Mi" l"iirmi- inenrs otilstnndin^, \'.;.s presenled lo lluey follovim; tl.e finals .Snlnrday I'thl. Novice cbnm"i!U\ f , are: Hear Better BUY WISELY! , \Vh*n huyi'np o (hiring Airi foot for thii Accop/nnca SCQ/ of (ho Amtticin lAtdicol Attoct'olion Counc/l nn Ph/irfol Mldicint and KthoMilolion O. I., ll.-iilcy, .li , l'-;ivMte\ il'e. wa-; eleclcr) :r-Mr';i iif Ihc Mi' l'li;u ri.u ruili Cc.nfeirncc held S..tlotl;.y ; fuilKbiv in Kaivas C'l". llnili"- ^ecreifiiy-m;in:'i;ei of Die Ar'.'uif I'liariiii.reiilii-.-il Af-'-'icialiiin i resides ill l.llllr il'irl! Abo iillcnrlim: the i-.inleic Jobnnv Fdmin-len. llnnl: -, i1lc. ! wf "~ As-islanl Hr;'» KUmlcy MI'I · pnnmb: .limrny Niinn. llunl,,.!' 1 "'- 1 -"" 1 ' 11 » r ' " « "'"vorsny Sell.,-. of H iCIelin ville, l l f l ; Jes-se H a l l , l i n t Si 121; Joe McUaiiirl, Fort -mith,, ISfi: Fred Rert-l, .lohiifnn Couniy., |in"-idem 147: Krcrl Mills. Coinvny. 1(10 Rribliy iioirue, i'inrj Bb:(f. 17") ftillv RH.V Smilh, Augufla, heavy- wfith'. Oppti cliHtiitiionj. nvfi; ·lark rojlelunitc. Hot .Sprincf I1J; Siihhy Valfnll. Fort Smith I.eon lluey, l.illlc niii 1 !*. 1211; ill i Little Iloi-li, au'l is ··! Fayclte\dlr-. I he s t a l e ay;.o--ial:rui 1 l l m - l M l l nivr, U.'i; Tommy Alnnlcoinery. Pine Bluff, Kill; Karl, Knyrllfvllle. 173; lied Wvreli, l'a.\elte\ ille, hPavywei((h1. l-'aycllevill* won the open di- i* Mon team trophy. Tommy nvni Biowns is Ihn Ask your Physician/ Thin nrhc.-ii«»i?]ciri i n bpinc run « n ftrvirp lo Ihc linrd-nf-lifariug by Ilic makers nf bigh-oiialiiy, low-coil H E A R I N G A I D S Only $7i5 ffj ^ voilob, r « ol Mi)fitiolt f i / f t j Ceil EASY PAYMENTS DIXIE RADIO PHONE lilt champ in Ihn In IDM be walked ill, Wichila l-'alli;. Class H Hii! Slide l.namie. M.-irslirdl, T«xas, nf (he Class C Fust Texas Lowe and Applelon, Wis., of the Class D Wisconsin Stale Leayt'e. New' workinu J":reemelit5 have been signed wilh Scrnnlon, Pa., nf Ihe Clnss A Kaslcrn League; York, PH., of ibe (.Mais II Inlcrttalo I.en- v.uci Anderson. S. (,'.. nf Ihe Class H Trl-StHlo I eainie: Sloeldon, Cnllf.. of Ihn ChiBr, f. Cnlifornln I "acne; WcllsviUe,' h;. Y. of Ihc Class D Ponv Lenin 1 " and Aria, Okla., of Ihc Class D Sooner tibile Leafrtic. 30.25 paid by all buying interests including nno hbipmcnl avcniKhiK 112 Ibs; aced sheep slearly; slaughter ewes mostly I2.llll-I4.lll), Cull ewes 11.00-11.on. Thc National A A U track and field mcel will he bold al Lunfi '. Beach, Calif., nn Juno 20-21. 1C PHOOF · to 110 S T R I K E DIMILLIKC C O M P A N Y · LOUIIYIUI, KENIUCK liilon to the NEWS, «och we.kday, al 7.30 AM, «v*r ttofon KORH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. It t ABC' t compfefo/y automatic · NO OILING OR GREASING · LOADS FROM TQP . AUTOMATIC LEVELIZIR , . . with exclusive "Cenfr/c" Agitation thai gives you unbelievably e/fic/enl washing, rinsing, drying action! · QUIET rmORMANCE · USES SOAP OR DETERGENT? · FEWER WORKING PARTS '(.ftitrk die st»n»lanl and nnly " ftiumpno, with i (at )c[F.ij-,r,i j. i sjKU.'cuhr im/'rotemcni over i( mikci p'^'l^c (he worlds fint uwm, Wailiin» be^ini like a v.j(fr unit thc full ?inot|n( o| i j» ituiaot, mil. tr "lather" (hiit jui(l;Iy l»o«nj ilic din, \.chic the -n win full Turhtiftni. nwpy md* d $29995 18 MONTHS TO PAY! QUALITY Sid ( Squart Phen. 161 HOME OF RETTER VALUES

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