Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

M*n*y, January It, If SI 'i Galum+t By I M L B O T L F Somewhere in i'lorida-(/I'j-Srmc vacation notes scribbled on an old p a l m leaf: i Klorida is cjtpnndins £'i fa,-:t \ that most dtics now h a v e causal, ' up wilh the sidewalks buiil f a r o u t ' into Ihe palmetto thickets 25 years; ago. · j .\ew j)usinc:;sc:»- have been s;uil- ' cd here at a ' nigncr rale t n u n ; nnywnerc uise in tiic- nation. Many . " ui the new pioneers ii''«j i o i u i y : vclenm.s, stuliunuu nuru u u n n j j uiu , climate and came uaut lu KIUIIC-JI " incir civimm uireurjj. i n u r no bunding jnui inausviy-. 1 . LMIUIJ; UvJties i i u v u tiVL'!i a ii'L's.i iniij 1 Florida is u J ; ind u ' inward, now *lor almost any jreo.i hueu,. j-ur example, a n y o n e wno JIKUIJ to t u r n his i m n u tu new jouj» miym unu a real o p p o r t u n i t y in a recent "newspaper ad o f f m n y S7J a \VUC-K! for an a l l i g a t o r wrestler. i When I remarked the pay didn't j seem too attractive, an okUimer i remarked: "\Vf^ tin- hours are short--and it's more than the alligators get." Draining swamps · and luurisU are 'standard sources of wealih. i Great herds ot'cattlc---Florida now · "raises more beef than any state i cast o[ the Mississippi--yrar.e on j acres where only rattlesnakes and cockclburrs thrived a generation j;nawintj I h r n u c M cnt-onutr. He's simply cnr/y about coconut milk." Margaret Truman To Give Concert AtConway Conwriy - (Special) - Margaret Truman w i l l appear at Arkansas SlaU; Teachers College concert on M a r c h C. Carl E. Korsbcrg, head nf t h e department nf music at · ASTC, announces. Miss Truman w i l l be presented in Ida Waltlran A u d i t o r i u m . The concert starts at 8:311 p. m. She will feature in her prograir. .songs by American composers Her concert will climax the Fes- lival nf A m e r i c a n Music, held an- n u a l l y at ASTC. This is the first time Miss Truman lias scheduled a performance for this section of the country. All t h e a u d i t o r i u m will bs reserved. Tickets may he secured at the ASTC business office. Gambling Stamps Issued To 47 The tourists graze in shiny pastel million-dollar beachfront hotels | |M AflfailCAt "that still pop up like giant jack- in-lhc~boj.cs. .The citrus groves range in wider and wirier waves of living srecn f l y i n g Little Rm-k-Mvnccords of t h e I n t e r n a l Revenue Bureau here shrw ""I 47 federal g a m b l i n g Ilic groves when they are in bloom stamps have been issued in Ar-ay they can smell their fragrance. I Kansas since November 1. Twcnty- Tlic mushrooming eitrui crops,! SIM "f Ihe p e r m i t s arc held in Hot sucedcd by the n a t i o n a l popularity I Sprinits; 10 in Helena: three in LI of frozen b r e a k f a s t juice, have Dorado; three in North Little created a new v.-callhy class. In Orlando, which has ,i metropolitan area of about 100,0110 people, a resident was asked ho\v many c i t r u s m i S i i u n a i i c s h a d retired t h e r e ^inec the u a r "Abuut 50," he replied. That ain't hay they squeeze out nf oranycs--il'b raw sold. Hock; two in nlythcville, and one each in Joncsboro, Marked Tree and Weincr. · lloidcrs of the S30 pcrmils in- '· elude: i ; Charlie Carter, Henry Lcc Cas-l ! t l e . Henry Cooper, M i k e Elnch, i Samuel Gray, Clark 11. Strcclmcn, I j o h n M. G r e e n f i e l d , W i l l i a m Bcn- ! n i e llolincs. Wesley Johnson, Neal The recent w a v e of Florida j ^ i l e s »«d Jack Greenfield, all of bombings, a n t i - r a c i n i in origin, lias Helena; really angered and alarmed the .citi/.cnry. They feel it has h u r t the area. "The slate is s w a r m i n g ri^ht now w i t h FBI agents.'' said one ncw.-:papernian, "and \vo want the perpetrators caught and punished. "Ninety-five per cent of our folks are fine, decent-minded people. The other five per cent are trash. And it is Ihe trash t h a t causes t h a t k i n d of trouble. I suppose they do because thcyfccl they have to have somebody lo look down on." J. M. Ferguson and W i l l i a m P. K i r k i n d i i l l of BlyUicvillc; Hay Chambers of Jnncsbnro; Horace G-s-ccly Rowland of Marked Tree and Oliver A. Ford Jr.. of Weincr. Twister Couses Damage N e a r S t u t t s a r t , Ark.-W)-Elght utility poles were knocked dnwn and a shed dcstro;.rl when a small tornado struck rear Almyra H | I miles southeast of here. No oilier j d a m a g e was reported in the Sot-! _ In the last l!n years Florida has j '"'day uishtj.wi.slcr. _ become one o( the most cosmnpoli- \ _ -- " , , » , t^n/ t a n states i n the union. A n o d d ] DOROTHY D I X - · f a c t : Southerners settle in the i northern p a i l - Northerners in Hie I CONTINUED FROM P A G E FOUR South i l h c 1ny - Tnci 'e .TM u the short- ou . Tlie present Ki-0'.vthix solid R p a l i csl-and surest -road to popu- .estntc dealers no looser hire jaxz larily I know. If you Jiavc : a .Icn- 0 " TM Thousands of s m a l l homeowners, b a n k i n g on a b r i g h t f u t u r e , invest t h e i r savings by buying extra lots suitable as luiilriing- sites. As one resident said, laughing: "We sell a lot back and forth to each other, r a i s i n g the price each time, u n t i l some newcomer comes a l o n g , buys it, and builds a house on it and takes it out of c i r c u l a t i o n . Then we buy a new lo 1 f a r t h e r out. ami start the whole t h i n g all over again.'' It is a f o r m u l a t h a t has worked srwoll ever since t h e war. Anybody who stays more than two weeks in t'lorida without buying a piece of -property is regarded as slow- witted-- or broke. The health-giving qualities nf Florida products are recognized by the animals as well as the h u m a n population. Many nets develop a fondness for c i t r u s j u i c e , and lap ft regularly eacli m o r n i n g in order to get t h e i r vitamin.-: One ivomr.n, e x p l a i n i n g why her dog's teeth had been worn down to sluhs, said: "The poor thing wore them down : hold back the witty remark that I is lo you amusing, and lo the other I parlv c u t t i n g , lakes will-power. j But you will cither be famous for ; y o u r barbed wil, and carefully avoided, or you'll he noted for t a c t f u l l y pulling people at ease, and sought a f t e r . i Even though you are taking a ' commercial course, there must be ! clubs, a c t i v i t i e s or group work in I school for both girls and boys. I Get i n t o every sport, every or- j ganization you can. Work for the j school, not for yur own glory, ! wilh a determination/lo put others j first. By keeping yourself busy I for the common good, you'll lose some of the egotism which is I responsible tor your tactlessness and g a r r u l i t y . To be a c h a r m i n g i woman, gel rid of these two j demons w i t h all haste. l " Norlh America's .second largest waterfall is believed lo be the Grand Falls of Ihe Hamilton R i v al t h e edge nf the 'Labrador l o r at the Plateau. Kcc. up with the time the HMES dailr. --read Mlltt»H Jfolfar Rcmode/iag Complete A'«wf maryland RUSH SHEET AT DIUWAIE In t h « center of t h « near north side gaitty-- surrounded by th*itr«, restaurants and supp.r clubs. Only one block from Michigan*. Five minutes to Loop. Ample parking. 300 ROOMS ALL WITH IATH from J Jolly RESTAURANT AND DINING ROOM CLOISTER INN ENTERTAINMENT NI6HTLY Spiclil «HinllM t» «»"··· Com. Wril« Mr. Li)li, H»M M.ryllrJ. 100 NtrHi Rush St. Chicago Hundreds of Items We're Cutting tothe Bone-- We Want 7 hem" Out of the house" Before Inventory lime Comes .O.M. CLEARANCE READY-TO-WEAR DEPARTMENT 1 only ALL WOOL CREPE SUIT, light blue, size 10. Regular $59.50 ,, now $22.50 1 only MENSWEAR WORSTED SUIT, light brown, size 16. Regular $79.98 . now $38.00 1 only ALL WOOL.CREPE SUIT, light blue, lize 14Vi. Regular $45.00 · . ' . now $19.00 1 only ALL WOOL GAB. SUIT, light brown, size 14. Regular $55.00 now $19.00 1 only CAROLYN SUIT, ALL WOOL, Gold color, size 16. Regular $69.98 now $34.00 1 only ALL WOOL GAB: SUIT, light beige, size 18. One button 1 style, was $65.00 now $34.00 1 only ALL WOOL CREPE TOPPER, navy blue, size 11.' Was $49.00 now $15.00 4 only FUR TRIMMED LONG COATS in all wool broadcloth. Sizes 10, 12, 14. Were $69.50 now $59.00 1 only FULL LENGTH GAB. COAT, brown, size 18. Was $49.98, never before reduced \. . now $39.00 1 only ALL WOOL BROWN TWEED FITTED COAT, size 12. Was $49.50 .' now $12.00 1 only ALL WOOL NAVY- CHINCHILLA, long coal, regular $89.50, reduced to $48.00 1 only ALL WOOL YARN DYE FULL LENGTH COAT, color gray, by CAROLYN. Wos $85.00 now $48.00 1 only BLACK BROADCLOTH FITTED COAT by .CAROLYN. Was $95.00 : . ., now $45.00 1 only RED FLEECE ALL WOOL SHORT COAT, 36" long, was $39.98 now $18.00 3 only GABARDINE RAINCOATS, light grey and beige. Were $20.00 coats with hoods now $7.50 1 only LIGHT GREY CORDUROY RAINCOAT, size 14. Was $25.00 now $12.00 · 1 only PLASTIC RAINCOAT of Koroseal, size Small. Wos $4.95 now $1.50 1 only SUEDE JACKET BY CAROLYN. Rust colored, size 1 4. Was $39.98 now $22.00 2 only NARDIS CORDURAY JACKEST, mantailored, green,, size 10, royal size 12. Were $12.98 now $7.50 4 only ALL WOOL LINED JACKETS BY McARTHER, man- tailored with crest on pocket. Brown and Black, sizes 10 12, 16. Were $17.98 . . n o w $8.50 1 only CARDUROY SHORT SPENCER JACKET, light blue, by BERMUDA. Was $14.98 now $2.SO 13 only STETSON SUEDE CLOTH JACKETS, four colors, all sizes. Were originally $14.98 only.$7.50 7 only GABARDINE AND CORDURAY SKIRTS, were $7.98 now $2.99 1 only CAROLYN AU WOOL PLAID SKIRT, pleoled, size 16. Rerular $14.98 now $6.50 1 only VELVET SKIRT BY CAROLYN, size 18. Was $14.98 now $5,00 1 only EMBROIDERED VELVET SKIRT, by CAROLYN. Size 10, was $17.98 now $7.50 1 1 only SUEDE CLOTH VESTS in pastels. Regular price Was $5.98, on' sole for only $2.20 6 only 100% NYLON SWEATERS, were $3.98. now $1.90 5 only LADIES CREPE BLOUSES with lace Irim. By Opera and Malbe. Were $7.98 now $3.80 7 only ALL WOOL JERSEY BLOUSES by Blousemaker. Assorted sizes, regular $5.98 now $2.90 6 only ALL WOOL JERSEY BLOUSES, regular $7.98 only $3.80 5 only WOOL KNIT DRESSES BY CAROLYN. Beautiful colors were $35.00 only $28.00 ALL DRESSES LISTED IN GROUPS BELOW HAVE BEEN RE' DUCED GREATLY FROM EITHER THEIR LATEST SALE PRICE OR IF THEY HAVE NOT BEEN ON SALE BEFORE,' THEY CARRY '/i OR MORE REDUCTION. 18 only dresses in better fabrics and dressy styles. All were originally $14.98 or $17.98-mostly $17.98 now $5.00 14 only better dresses, were $29.98, $34.50, $39.98 and $45. On sole at $8.00 35 only better dresses in prices ranging to $45, on ·ale at only now $12.00 1 large group dresses never before reduced. . . . Vi OFF 14 only pieces of Maternity. Wear. Both one' and Iwo-picce garments. Regular price $12.98 to $17.98. On sole at $3.80, $5.80, $7.80 8 only "SWIRL"'HOUSE DRESSES. Regular $8.98. On sale at only . « $3.99 3 only FORMALS, were $29.98. Marked down t o . $8.00 5 only FORMALS, were $29.98 now $10.00 2 only Ladies WHITE UNIFORMS, size 10 nnd 38. Regular $3.98 now $2.20 ROBES 4 only TAFFETA FITTED ROBES by Texlron. Regular $17.98 r«duc*d to sell (or only $7.50 9 only SUEDE C'.OTH FULL LENGTH ROBES by Mini. Colors arc Red, Navy and Green. Regular J9.95 r»duc«d l» LINGERIE DEPARTMENT | 4 only EASTERN ISLtS PAJAMA SETS, .'.« length jacket, were $ 10.98 now $7.90 16 only HENSON NE1 TRIM RAYON BRIEFS, all sizes, $1.00 35c 8 only MUNSINGWEAR SPORT BRIEFS, small sizes, 69c 35c 4 only VAN R A A L T E rayon knitted vesls, oil small sizes. Regular $ 1 . 1 9 only 45t 32 pcs.' NYLON JTRICOT BRIEFS in blue, pink, black. Nearly all sizes, weie $1.95, on sale for only $1.20 5 only TEXTRON NYLON SLIPS, size 32, 1 size 46. Pink and Black. Were $5.95 now $3.50 15 only TEXTRON NYLON TRICOT HALF SLIPS, sizes 32 to 42. Colors Black and Pink. Were $3.95 now $2.90 10 only BRIGHT RED SHORTIE GOWNS, all sizes, rcqular $3.98, on sale for only $1.80 2 only NYLON TRICOT GOWNS by VAN RAALTE. Both size 32, were $14.00 $6.90 8 only NYLON CREPE SLIPS, White, size 36 ond 40. Were $3.50 now $2.50 ACCESSORIES 118 pr. Munsingwear and McCallum 51 gauge, 15 denier nylons. Sizes 9, 8 1 /:, 10, lOVj in several shades, Regular $1.65 now $1.19 28 only Pair Van Raalte, Mary Grey and Cinderella 66, 60 ond 51 gauge Nylons. Regular $1.95 now 80c 42 pair "AS YOU LIKE IT" CINDERELLA AND MARY GREY, 45 Gauge Nylons, firs! quality, broken sizes. Reg $1.50 80c 34 pair SEAMLESS AND SEAMED BACK nylons, Broken sizes, Regular $1.35 - now 50t 27 pair BETTER LEATHER GLOVES. Red, Green, Wine, Novy, Toast and Brown. Broken sizes. Reg. $4.98 $2.00 22 pair DOESKIN GLOVES by Stetson. Natural, White, Red, Green and Block. Broken sizes. Reg. $4.98 $2.20 87 prs. this -season's slock of VAN RAALTE AND BOYCE LAZARUS nylons and double woven cotton gloves. Reg. $2.98 ..." now $1.»?, 56 prs. VAN RAALTE AND BOYCE LAZARUS nylon and cotton gloves. Reg. $1.98 and $2.29 values . . . . $1.15 18 only BETTER HANDBAGS by CAROL-YN, Ronay, Burnstein. Regular $7.98, $9.98, $10.98, in Black, Navy, Brown . . $7.98 arid $4.80 8 only BETTER BAGS by Ronay Palizzio and Lewis. Were $12.98 and $14.98 now $8.50 25 or more Leather, Faille and Suede Handbags. Black, Nany, Brown, Green, Red.Jiegular $4.98. . now $2.99 | MEN'S DEPARTMENT I 1 group MEN'S WHITE BROADCLOTH SHIRTS, $3.95 regularly. Have a new collar called "Pin-Point". One of the country's best bliands, now $1,40 About 20 only MCGREGOR PULLOVER TYPE CORDUROY SHIRTS with knit bottoms. $8.95410.95 values, now . . . : . : $4.00 About 12 WOOL SHIRTS $6,95 la $10.00 values, now only $4.00 About 65 only $5.95 to $7.95 SPORT SHIRTS. Broken sizes and soiled numbers $2.90 7 only MEN'S SWEATERS at about 1/5 of iheir oclual values $2.00 4 only CALIFORNIA TYPE LEISURE JACKET, $22.50 value, now only $10.00. 1 only CLIPPER CRAFT GABARDINE TOPCOAT, size 37. $42.50 value, all wool, now only $29,00 1 only SIZE 42 ALL WOOL $55 VALUE GRIFFON TOPCOAT, for only ·..,.. $34.00 9 only MEN'S ALL WOOL SPORT COATS, sizes 38 L, 39 I, 40 L and 38 la 44 Regulars. Values to $35.00, now $19.00 2 only-SATIN TWILL, QUILTED LINED McGREGOR JACKETS, sizes 38 ond 40, $15.95 value, now only. . $8.00 12 only E W WINDPROOP JACKETS wilh zipper closure. Size 36, at least $7.95 value, now only .' $3.00 1 only MEN'S OVERNIGHT CASE, zipper closure of genuine Tolex. A big value at only $6.00 1 only WOMAN'S HAT AND SHOE BOX, Red Pennarfionc $10.00 CHILDREN'S DEPARTMENT | 8 only GIRLS' DRESSY HAT AND BAG SETS, plaid with velvet Irim. Regular $4.98 set only ........ $2.50 set 2 only HIGHCHAIR PADS, regular SI. 98, only ...... 80c 1-t only CARTER'S SIZE 1 UNDERSHIRTS, regular 85c. . 4 5 c 1 only CARTER IT. WEIGHT SLEEPER, size 2, soiled. Reg. $1.98 ............ .................. $1.00 6 PURE IRISH LINEN INFANYS' PILLOW CASES, Reg. $2.00 .......................... »0t 6 only HAND EMBROIDERED INFANT'S PILLOW CASES. Reg. $2.98 ............................. $1.00 4 only GIRLS' DENIM SLACKS, size 10 only, Reg. $2.98 ...... · ....... ................ $1.50 2 only NYLON SLIPS, lize 2 and A, soiled. Reg. $2.98 9 only GIRLS' VESTS, age 4, by Munsingweor, Were 69c 6 only TODDLERS' DRESSES, Philippine Made. Regular $3.98 ....... $1,50 25c $1.10 17 only GIRLS' DRESSES, sizes 7 to 12, by Love ond Mini. Regular $2.98 ............................ $1.10 R.gulor }3. 98-14.91 ....................... $7.40 PIECE GOODE DEPARTMENT | 1 BIG GROUP OF RAYON, originally worth up to $1.98, suitable for bcsl spring dresses, blouses, lingerie, etc. Now only 40c yd. 3 pc-.. ONLY SUPRITE SLIP FABRIC. Peach only, 69c value 2Sc yd. 1 only $35.00 PURE IRISH LINEN TABLE CLOTH h«m- slitchcd, 3" wide hem. Truly a value bul v.ry, vtry dirty. Only : $10.00 1 only 5 4 x 5 * LACE CLOTH, $2.98 value now $1,00 1 only BUTCHER LINEN 5-pc. BRIDGE SET, now 70e 2 only 5 2 x 5 2 HEMSTITCHED COLORED LUNCHEON SET, with six napkins, $9.98 value now only $3.00 4 pcs. only DENIER CREPE PRINTS SI.98 originally, now 70t yd. 1 only QUILTED CHINTZ BED SPREAD, single size, - $7.98 value $3.00 3 only BATES MARTHA WASHINGTON BED SPREADS, $16.50 regularly, fringed. 9 8 x 1 0 8 size, only . . . . $9.00 1 group FACE SIZE TURKISH TOWELS, formtrly to $1.00 and $ 1 . 1 9 . Now only J»t L MILLINERY J Special! Sale! WINTER HATS $2.00 -$3.00 -$3.99 $5.00 - $7.00 Regularly $3.95 to $18.95 FELTS -- VELOURS -- VELVETS Black -- Brown -- Navy -- Whit* and Paiteli BASEMENT DEPARTMENT 37 only LADIES' LONG COATS, tweedj and broadcloths, Regular price $22.00 and $27.50, now ........ $1f.OO 2i only LADIES' ALL WOOL SUITS, regular $35.00 ond $39,50 values. Gabardines in half and regular sizei, Now only ........................ . . . . $1»,00 6 only TEEN-AGE STORM COATS In gabardine, alpoco, lined, fur collar. Regular $17.98 ............ $»,00 3 only LADIES LINED RAYON SUITS, were $17.98, now ................... v ------- ......... $f ,00 15 only RAYON PLAID CLASSIC DRESSES, by Barbelta. Regular $12.98 values, only ............. '. . . $4,10 42 only DRESSY DRESSES in failles, crepes, ond gabardine*. Regular and half sizes. Regular price $6.50. . . . $3. SO 10 only FAILLE AND TAFFETA DRESSES, were $4.50 now ................................ , . , . $2. JO . 10 only TEEN-AGE GIRIS' ZELAN JACKETS, red and gr«n. Regular price $3.98, now only ..... ...... : . . . $1,00 B only LADIES' RAYON GABARDINE SKIRTS, all black. . Regular $3,50 value;, now only ............ $1.10 ONE TABLE OF OVER 700 ARTICYES, tooth powder, fact powder, hand lollon, etc. Regular prices lOc to ?9c. 2 for ...................................... 5, 24 only RAYON KNIT GOWNS, all sizes. Pink with Blue trim. Regular $1. 25 ....... ................. ll( 18 only NYLON CREPE GOWNS, ladjes' sizfes. Pink and Blue locb trim. Regular $2.98 now ............ $7.19 16 only BRIGHT PLAID AND CHECK MEN'S WESTERN SHIRTS . Regular $4.95 values now .......... $1,10 35 MEN'S NECK TIES seconds ................ 15t n. 1 only BOYS' SIZE 10 brown wool jacket, lined. Regular $6.98 ...... . . . . .' ............... $3.00 11 only BOYS' AND GIRLS' BOOT PANTS siz. 12 l» 16. Regular $2.98 ............................. JOt 3 only BOY'S FLANNEL SHIRTS size 6 ond 8. Regular J1.98 . . . .......................... *0c 15 only MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS gabardines and plaid*. Seconds. Regular 13.00 value, now .............. $1.10 1 only MAN'S CORDUROY COAT, size 34. Reg. $8,98 ............................. $ft.|0 60 pc. HEAVY GAUGE PLASTIC KITCHEN CURTAINS, several different patlerns. Reg. price $1.49 ......... ?9c 84 pairs GIRLS' WHITE COTTON ANKLETS, regular 29c. Sizes 8 6nd 8'.^ .......................... 0?t pr. 10 only "FRUIT-OF-THE-LOOM" jewel neck crep« blouses, sizes for ladies, While, Regular S I . 98 .......... 99c 40 only LADIES' FAILLE HANDBAGS, regular $1.98 ____ »»« 40. pairs CLOPAY CURTAINS, 44"x54", on sale f o r . .lit pr. 60 HUCK TOWELS, samples, white, colors, on sal». . 15c «a. 25 HUCK TOWELS, samples, largo size, white, only JOt «o. 18 pcs. OIL CLOTH REMNANTS, one yard per and '"' ...................... . ' . . . . 36 only OBLONG PURE SILK PRINTED SCARVES. Reg. $1.98 prict |0 1 GROUP OF REGULAR $1.98 PURE SILK MINTED SCARVES, 36" square, on sale al ........ , ...... ffc 1 GROUP OF SALtSMAN SAMPLES OF NECK SCARKES, a.ll pure silk. Regular 59c to $1,00 values. . . 2$c frld 3$C I only PLAID DHAWSTRING CLOTH PUKSES, Rig. $1.10, only ................... ;.-..;,- *'; .fOt

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