Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 4
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fcuniai. Moridoy, Jununry 21, 19S2 Mem-Go Round ·'_ ^*nu ··*··(*»· "Any Idea Where We're Goi - J^f^^^"- ·f^^j^^^!^: - - · SUBSCRIPTION HATES ^ c ''H*",*,**"?-'TM"*TM- W 1 ' """"""' """' t," Art «r.d county, OKIi lie 6'nV _;;_:;;_V_V.V.""..-- «TM Tiller wnnlM '".".'· |C So Cl M.-ii"*n counllc" oil'"' """ · l """" «j oo Onr ni'T.II- ·"· "_'_'_'_'.~'^. I'". Tf.rf mnnthl *- · »* - st · Sl» 'mnnint :"""." »».TM Audit Bureau of ClreuUltoBt__ h l w a t k i n t h c m i d s U irouhlo, . revive m c t ^ h n u r t a a . . ^ ^ ^ forth thine hand itKHinfl mrnc enemies, rui f l in. v . Rave me,--Psalms i;!R:7 The Need IH Great Everybody IK goinf! I" have i. ,.ha!,ce ThurUy nM/ ft ? W v ^ tlio current March of Dimes. I l i a - -\e'" nAn armv of women will mil nl hnmoi. ': Zre hey arc invited by a lighted porcli : Jh The'liKhtcd porch will mean Uml Ihe occupantR desire tci.idve to the cum :·· w?«T i" hoped tKfit the amount, col- ·-VtoctS will be substantial, for the need is ·"·* rC On6 hundred and 50 women will call ; «t homw »Wo porch IfehU are burning from G'M to'7:30 ThurKday ovcnlhif. I h e mSnVthcy collect will be liirne over to ; volunteer'firemen who wlll-Citll foi it, and 5 '^fKitfZ* »" -eptlonnlly ^^teHSi-r ?n "chllr^-of C fhe "cninpnlIB n for f uns hi. ilolheri.' Murch will provIcle th" ly-nccdcd .money ,to see that the Pr °SeVillchaH in rocent driven failed to m»k the quolM Ml. Let 1 * end that port ;;? record on this one, and , j v e cnonrt cash to make « proud record. I h e imisc is moist worthy. General M a c A r t h u r 0.8 per cent. fluctuated only between 37 and 3.,.. per^cen. Elsenhower's strength between 411.5 and w.n t 0 "pifl strength, according to the survey, is at '^ r "^^: ( ^^^^£ r,ta, West Virginia, Wyomms and Ken- ' U C One surprising aspect of the poll was. _ihiit Tall, though t r a i l i n g - I n most Sou he n s . es ··m nil-mil! in Kentucky with a 01.4 to 33.; pe t vo over Eisenhower. This w«i Krea.e, , than In 'raft's home state, Ohio. ^ lhc L flrel"s'talc to stage a primary. a vote of 10 per cenf. ^ fVnalor Tafl no* has ringed the circle on MeCarlliylsm. Here is his complete public icc- '"' l 'on Mnrch a llir.ll. Taft admitted In the New vJk Ti cs llenikl Tribune. Baltimore Sun and ^ I P w that he had privately encoi.r- Bj When he spoke last Thursday Governor Dcwcy was certain!) not exaggerating how . serious vould be t h e consequences » South-East Asia were fn fall with- n the Communist orbit. It. would bc a catastrophe ol enormous proportions. Krom this area comes two-thirds of the world's exportable rice, and wcic . _ . , · ,, ..,,!« fniitrnl tbe ned Chinese got t« the Indo- Chinese frontier, they w«e able to Hive support lo the rebellion u n der l l o Chi Minn. But support of the kind they have been giving is not the invasion against 1 wmcn Governor Dewcy's proposed treaty is directed. [ am not sn world's exportable rice, ami were I nm no s · ^ o ,; jcdlons lo ,,,, this riec under Communist cont.ol came I i.a ^_ y as u woul her ad -. i tills rice unucr uuiii,.." the position of India and ol J a p a n would be greatly affected. Beside the rice, which is critical in ASIH. this area exports rubber. lm, ana oil H these raw materials were lost to the West European nations, their whole economic position, already precarious, would be radically weakened. . in order to prevent (his calas- trophe Governor Dcwcy proposes a Pacific Treaty, similar to Inc orth Atlantic Treaty for Europe nd. the Rio Pact in this ncrnis- herc. "1 am profoundly convm- cd," he said, "that if we form uch an alliance and issue such a ·arning"-that we will not hcsi- alc to use every weapon at our ommand--"there will be no ui- asion of South-East Asia Governor Dcwcy is unduly, m- ecd dangerously, optimistic when he supposes that holding or losing South-East Asia depends upon preventing the Chinese from ln- ·ading it. If that were the m a i n ,roblom. if to deter the Chinese army from invading Indo-Chma would solve the problem, then our whole position would be very nuch easier than in tact it is. The dan»er in this region, as in t h e rest of Southern Asia anrt Northern A fries, is not primarily or principally external, as Govci- nor Dcvcy assumed in his argument. The Chinese Communists have not invaded South-East Asia There was a bitter and costly cm in judo-China, there was ' o pact - except as it would ° v c c , pcoi'le a false sense of sc- curl, " a n d fill them with Ihe ,n,si a , c n belief that they had done w ncwev proposes, would not add ^ new' .otbosewl,ch already exist. France. Gioat Hi ' s are ,1- hnw I feel about it." . DiSalle took the hint, bad the sea ,, removed. Then tired of .he f u t i l i t y , .he insults and' tnc mnominy of t r y i n g to do a good job in Washington, he resigned. British insignia and probably pjlotcd by a ferry p l o crcled the city of Fayetteville several mcs this morning as if trying to -spot the c, V airport. Clouds were low and the plane did not land. ready CXIsL. J * iii"-»-i -- ,ul the United States arc al- allicd. They are already ^S%S8Xfi?TM ^ a ^ B ^ i n d , . nn lorse the clieck which they deposit asainst which the check « ! h p ! lr,n,H!on ^olonics lojn- Mcndly and mutually profit- misss ss:s»= nasty 1 I _ was a That ,,« ^oblem Malaya, lo sohe is o . B , ...... ,, - nastv cucrrilla war in Malaya, lo sohe is o inn, before the Red Chinese en- we looK J the lere'd Southern China. The civil war in Indo-Chma »e- The cv war n n on December 19. 1948 when nil when kldlc Enst and .Mca. There is grave trou- [,-an. in Epypt. anrt it.i Tu- nonc of these A Serious Subject r« A carloon In a ilnlly newspaper pic- 'tares the man of the house H. tin« ( al « papcr-covcred- deik shoutiiiK to hw w i f e sUiidlntt'nearby, and waving one fiM. n i h e a i r , He-is Wiying · . " . . . and next fnl intend to spend as much time f i l l l i K out my ballot as 1 spent filli'im out thin tax re- H's a (food idea. If more o f . u s spoilt more time dccidiiitf who is to sret our Vote, we would liuvc a belter country. , As we all lm\v. there are limes when we approach a ballot at a polliiiK plaTM, «nd Rlancc at the list of names and the offices. We find .several we nren t. sure about 'We'sometime* dun t. know who to vote for, because we don't even know who is runnhiK until we are faced with makniR · * ' ' W e could, w i t h o u t wasting our tinic, learn moi'e about the candidates for l i e various offjccs before we no to vole. \ \ c could profitably spend as much t i m e RtudyinK the ballot as we do spend nrepar- inR.our income tux rctiirns. alright. Even when past' your prime you cm. always prime yourself for Ihcjulure. Careless folks have no license to html e\en If they've bought one. "Police Wnr m Speeders"--headline* Crackdowns to bead off crack-tips! --* The average husband prefers a wife who is n snod mixer, acconliny lo :i writer. In the kitchcr, mainly. One of Ihe nldcsl Amorii'iin customs is shakiiiK hands--and a new one, these day.i, is shaking bcaila 1 _ ___... f hey'll Do It Every Time tea j. wm\'/ PE/ujf*5 AMOST HIT HER E^-WHITE CBLIrJS WHEN SHE FOMP OUT VrtWT THE WHTW6 JOB WOOLP COST-- S s work out to bilni! up minlher." t 21 10S1 T-ifl beunn pullinB in his ,,,,,," Me told a'portl'and, Maine. ,|»"^ ; 1 "; .."h" Ilepubllcans haven't endorsed M c C i i i t h y s char B es-exce,,t those they a«ree wah moltalta U *crr "rrtnilly r«kl«" an.l the content of his cbarRos /'bunk. On October 22, 1951, Tafl told Ihe press tha McCarlh a I ''overstated" his charges, and "The utrcnsth of Communlsts_in Rovcrn- '""iy^'mter «, IK1I, McCarthy bad beKUn ......sltirh K Tafl b, everse himself. On lhat date !"e minouiH-r-d that the Ohloan would support IhcVuli'cy'cle"anTteued his f^TM"^, Mc ' Cm-thv's chari!es had been "fully justified. * * ·* The iniblir has little Idea bow m a n y Koyern- n,ent slips are made as a result of the mediocre men around the While House. When Eric Jonnslnn resinned as bos,. ot wa»e and price stablli«.tion, lor Instance, M He Di- Salie who served as'No. I man under him. sen. word via a While House aide t h a t lie was available to replace him. H's hard to pel a Rood man lo take the back-bVeaklnS job ot wane-price administrator, and ordinarily DISalle's offer would "'ever" l |hc president's llllle helpers failed H, ^ on ibis Information ^"'^ c 'r""l he president continued to believe that DiSalle was not available lo replace Johnston. A f t e r weeks ot searching for a candidate. , e w Democratic Chairman Frank McKimjey r'lnill c me up with the name of his old friend. ',,' P i»m ex-mayor of Sprinkled, Mass As wacc-price administrator, Putnam ,s ,lo- |,,g a conscientious, unimacinative job coii- s t a n t l v wn-UiiE his time cbcekini! minute details, cenil'v. for CN.nmplc, Slabill,er Putnam learned that DiSalle's prlce-eontrol aueney bad hid out a nationwide billboard advertising ca paiBl, aimed »l educatins Ihe public abou he dancers of inflalion. Some of the proposed "U carried a small OPS seal in the lower riRbl- tand corner. Putnam picked up the phone. "'"'"vhv don't you keep me Informed of these Imuorln'iit pronrams?" be demanded. '1 don t I h i n k w " should use that OPS emblem on those billboards. Looks bad." nlSalle, busy Irvine to bold down prices, NWS unaware of the controversial seal, replied: "Do you want me to order Ihe seal removed. -No" said Putnam "I just want you 'o know Thirty Y«rs AKO Today (Kayettevillc Daily Democrat. January 28, Fire o r i g i n a t i n g in the boiler room com- pletely'destroyed the White Mill situated at the uncture of M i l l Street and the llunlsvillc: Road at I M S this morning. Only a small q u a n t i t j o the flour stored in the elevator of tbe mill was saved and this was damaged by water. Memorial services for the late Pope Benedict XV will be observed by a requiem mass a t . f a t . Joseph's Catholic Church at seven o clock Saturday morning, it was announced todnj bj Father A. Mel?., rector. Twenty Venn A»o Today (Favcttcville Dally Democrat, January 28, 1932) The Otark Tire and Battery company have leased'the retail Texaco service station in the llight building on East Mountain street and will move Into their new home on February 1, It was announced today. The Might building .s on 11 highway and is convenient to heavy r a f f l e espe- c ally through t r a f f i c . The O.ark Tire and Bat, terv company handles Tcxaeo products. Will.ud batteries, Goodyear lies and Majestic radios. Ten Years Aen Today (Northwest Arkansas Times, January 28, 1!. 21 Northwest Arkansas Times carriers have sold $224 40 worth of ten cent defense, slumps n "the last three weeks. The Times office inai.Ktir atcd the defense s t a m p delivery by the rime route boys three weeks ago as their aid to dc ' CnSC1 ' light bomber, believed lo be bearing Questions And Answers Q--May a book bc copyrighted it it is published without the copyright notice? A-The copvright is lost if the work is published without the requisite copyright notice un- o. It has been omitted by accident in some copies and every effort has been made to eom- Pll Q!!.What wltcrfall maintains the steadies. "° A-Bccausc four ot the Great Lakes serve' a. Us reservoir, Niagara Falls has the steadies! flow ot all great waterfalls. Q_How many children did George, Washington adopt^ () ^ d _^ h o( John I , !irke Cuslil ._ his two younger children, George Washington Parkc Custis and his sister Eleanor, were taken U, Mount-Vernoi. and adopted by George Wasn- llle o-What is the origin of the word rigmarole? A--This word is a corruption of ' ragman roll " which originally meant a deed with many signatures, a long list of names, hence a succession of confused or foolish statements; rambling la "cj_Whn is the author of the saying "Sin has '"'A--"sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which f i t s them all" is- from "The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table," by Oliver ^'CTd^ "°'Q--Was Robert Fiillon the first to operate a steamboat in this country? 'A--In 1786 James Tiumsay ran a stcamboa with a power pump on the Potomac River at tho rile of 4 miles an hour. However, Robert f u l t o i ' Is credited with "making the first practical steam boat trip with the Clermont. 6 when nisia. in nuni: "· »·- ·- . f UN '"-^ ··-. , rnv u c ! 5 there anv mmcdlalc throat 01 S l TMt^^^^*^ noi a°nd. U as a recent State De- them «« In d of p-J-u ^ . rte^clufcolnn^n^"!^. Thore is not the sl.htest here were the Chinese Com- ' unisls on December 19, rlL:,.= s a w y W ; ; a d e d . A s f o r d not capture Mukden in Man the; uria until November 1. l»i»- nost two years later. The Uii- cse Communists did not take dpim until January 22. 1849. C v did not take Shanghai until *-· ._. ' ,, ... j u T*M ' n k f - and ijK » 1-"- f 1 " 1 1 course bc invaorcl II unless a dozen other coun- havc already been invaded conquered and a World War CV CllQ I'liL i««*- v ° . av 25, 1(148. they did not Jake anton until October IS, 11)49. and c Nationalists did not abandon he mainland until December 8, 9411 The civil war in Indo-Chma ad been Roin* on for three years eforc the Chinese Communists ven not to the Indo-Chinese ronticr. .,, Anrt as for Malaya, guerri la varfarc started early in 1948 lonlhs before the Red Chinese ad taken Mukden. countries are military the fact that these a , u not threatened with military invasion, the Western powers arc p-avely threatened m all of them. Until we realize M (hat in the vast area which inns om Morocco to Indonesia our ,-oblems are not. Primarily and principally military, we shal not c\-cn bran to solve our problems. We shall go on losinp the cold war. bavin, concentrated our e - cr"v and our resources-and our brains-almnst exclusively on prc- Dr. Logan's Wife f- WITH aEMTV KHJ6H SHEIL B4RT FOR JUHK WTS LABELED ^^-···LlKE THE Ot ENTITLEO'SAMP 8OWL,WTOSS£0. X I I M AXWKLb COTA puckerwt his eves and mouth, and rclnxed them again. "So far you've taken a mighty Olympic view ot this whole ruckut, Dr. Ixigan, and 1 wsnt to know where you stand. The smell of Cola's cigar was beginning to make Logan's head »rhe. Outside, the palm fronds thrashed in a late afternoon wind. The imagined freshness of that waning dny made the air m the office all but unbrcathahle. And so in the last analysis, it was a cigar as much as anything else that motivated his answer. 1 guess I'd say no, Mr. Cola. I m not with you. Not on the basis of this meager little protest which s not the first nor the last of its kind.' 1 don't think It's meant to be smart aleck or llolshcv Ik. Su- rinov put up a pretty eloquent flgbt against the oath and hes just young enough to die nartl. 11 you have damaging evidence 1 against him, that's another story. But so far It's not treason to have n name Hint ends in 'V, or lo Ukc an unpopular stand on an Issue. IM »»y " "·'«". ".· ' mand would be all this tiling lapped th« f o r m - s h e e t - is W Nnt' until nr. U«an had _*"_rled hl» way V the door and n»rt ms h,nd « th. Vnob Hid he re.ll» how much »h« *"2 rln , te ,? d f?i wanW hl« wppnrt. "_.'·« JL" retraining Vouch on Mi *rm. heard the furred promise in the man's tone. "How important is it to vou, Logan, that that iHlc redhead on the fourth floor keep her job here?" Dr. Logan laughed down Into tbe corrugated face. U was not the first time he had congratulated himself on having kept the secret of his physical condition from his '""You flatter me," he said gaily. "There arc only two things that arc important to me, Mr. Cota. Mv wife and my life-m that order. That ought to answer our question:' "All right," Jennet said. "I ordered steaks. InRrid won't have lo |iut them in. We can have them tomorrow night. What did Cota want?" "Oh there was a nurse who almost gave ooe of my patients the wrong medicine, and Cota wanted her head for it. And then It seems that Peter Surinov got a little heated about signing the loyalty oath, and Cota wants his head too, and wants me to help mm ' Dear Miss Dix: I am IB ycais jlri, a junior in high school, anrt though 1 try very hard lo make friends 1 don't seem lo get very far--especially with boys. How | can 1 get boys interested in me| L ,, 1 realize that no one i.s perfect,j ln , and I am very much aware of my · two major faults. They are (1) I am not lactful, and ( 2 ) 1 talk too much. I'm tryinit to overcome these faults but it is a d i f f i c u l t hing to do. One of my troubles s that 1 won't conic in contact vith boys in school this year as · m taking a ·commercial course. Joyce W. Answer: Since you realize the mportance of the faults you enumerate, and arc trying to eor- i l reel them, you've gone a long y.a l i o n vour road to popularity. The I leaflets I have sent may Eivc you 'jsome lips on acquiring more poise j and Brace. I You certainly arc beset with the two qualities that rank tops m ic list of undesirables, especially I where impressing young men is i concerned. Tecm-agc boys arc opt M In bc more awkward than p,irls of. ' the same age group. Consequently, one of the things they appreciate most in a girl is tact. Also, they like lo do the talking, and deeply resent a girt who Insists on hogging the whole conversation. Change Vour Ways He tactful, and learn how to keep your talk centered around PONT1NUED ON PACK I-'IVE Cereal Story G US'S horn, sounding at. last, inevitably caught Jennet m the midst of musings about Peter. She jumped as it pitchforked out of her chair. She squashed out her cigarct, slipped into her jacket, picked up her purse, and hurried mrt of She building into the rosy gilded twilight. "Watch out for the car coming, Gus called to her as she rounded tbe nose of the convertible. "Sor- rv to keep you waiting, dear. Did Cola's secretary call you? "Yes," Jennet said, settling herself beside him In the front seat She patted his llu'gh by way of greeting. "What were you doing with Coin all thts lime? 1 thought you didn't like him." Ous laughed. "That's one or your more delectable non-sequiturs. 1 bad some business w In him. Listen, honey, 1 h«vc th" meeting here tonight at 7. I think we ought to eat lit the Vacuity Cliib lion't you? H will be too mud. of a rush If 1 have to go nomp »nd eome buck. Vou ear, call inirld from the club. After dinner, you c»n drive the ew home. VII «et a lift hiek from thV mutUiMj with W.lUr Pdlf tier." 1ENNET braced her hands on the -' seat. "Are you going to?" "No." Gus said mildly. "I don t think it's that serious. He did sign it but he added a postscript saying neither was he a member of the Ku Klux Shouldn t have done it, of course, but he s young and hotheaded. Anyway, he's Pellcticr's boy, and )f Pel- Ictier trusts him, that's good enough for me. Cota wound up by ofterint me a trade. Said bed «o easy on the nurse if. I backed him ,,p on Surinov. Can you imagine that little weasel suggesting that just because I defended the -nurse, 1 ^bad some special interest in her?" Jennet giggled. "What did you say?" "I told him 1 had a young and beautiful wlfe^who took up all my spare time." "H»h you did not. You were probably pleased as Punch that he thought you were such a gay dog." A f t e r a pavisc, Jennet asked, ·Is the meeting tonight about Peter Surinov?" "Well, it wasn't specially called, It's the regular monthly executive meeting. But Cota said h o i going lo bring the matter up Walter I'cllctier will give him a (luhl 1 know that. It's not going o be pleasant. .How I hate these hasslesl If It weren't lor Waller feeling about the boy, 1 d probn bly duck the meelteB altogether Jennet said, *H said, didn't strike me is Wt.lnlT [cin't M ·» «^ u1 ' ' «"*"·" t»r * HORIZONTAL 1 Cereal used in bread « Wheat-like cereal 11 Accuse 12 Supplies food ^ Bigger 5 Bloodlessness 8 Weapons 17 Lease It Males 20 Flnt woman 21 Cereals used in breakfast foods 22 Judicious 23 City in Missouri 25 Tilts 26 Oriental coin 27 Fail to remember J.fl Pacific isle SI Sea eagle 3S Ancient Troy 53 Double- pitched roof 37 Mouth parts 3(1 Specks 39 Legal profession 40 Slin of the zodiac 41 One of the "Little Women" 42 Popular Chinese cereal 43 Store for fodder 43 Omits 47 Walk unite«dilj 41 Laptli 41 Mirth friiitt KPndlcton VERTICAL 1 Flywheel 2 Injured 3 Units of energy 4 Era 5 Battlegrounds 6 Glances over 7 Gasp 8 French summer 9 Arctic rodent 10 Adriatic seaport' 11 Clothes (Scot.) 13 Soundest mentally IB Greek letter 21011 22 Caul ions 24 Lichen spore case 25 Cereals hogs ' like 27 Plumes 2« Cereal used for forage 29 Property transf errer 30 Return thrust 33 Witty remark 34 Stayer 35 Speeders 38 Attire 38 Horned ruminants 41 Lost blood , 42 Split M 44 Follower i JH (suffix) 'vT* 41 Sheltered side

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