Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
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i. ftondoy, jiinvury 21, 1912 NIIHIMHIIIIIIIIIHMUIIIIIIlKIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIMIItlllMMMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIinil Dionne Quints "Grow Up' · · M M ' . KATHIHN DOIIIR I I I I I H I H I I I I I I I I M l l l l M l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l i l l H i i l l l l l l I l l l l i i i N l t l l l l l M l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l t l l l l · Daily Calendar of Fvrms · Tonight . . . Hi Si Clul), CluhriKiin, 7 B. P. W. C., Civic Clubronm, *:'.m Washington Undue. One. Mmohlr l l n l l , 7;3n Council ot Ozark Artists ami Craftsmen, Ar! C"nif. ':','.» Tuesday lwnnJs Club, Washington Hnlcl. 12 Women." CU'ic Club Ten. Civk 1 Clul) rr«m*. '1. Altai Society Spaghetti Supper, SI. ,lMph's Church, :i:;)i) 'Sub Deb Club, Sug Cnlo, 7 Naval llcscne Composite U n i t , t'afnii Duilriing, 7 308lli Military Government Cin,up, 112'.i West Center, 7:3(1 F a v i l l c v i l l e Lodl!c 740, Masonlr H u l l , 7:30 Inici-natinnnl Relations C,roup of A A U W , Mis. Bruce llnlcomb, Miss Paddock Complimented At Luncheon A luncheon hujiorhiR Miss Alice J'aridock, bride-elect of Charles ThomiiS Pearson, .Jr., was given Friday by Mrs. 0. F. nrimlitiin at her home. The uiblc covered with a lace, cloth, was centered w i t h n bride doll and three. nlli-iKlantj!. .en- nrcjcd with small bowls of while flower* and white tapers. Miss Paddock received a recipe · from ctich of tbc. Wests nnd a eUt'of linen /roiir lite hostess.. Gue.nls were Mrs. Ji. (j. J'nrt- .'dock, mother of the liunorc-i, Mrs. Loyce Hiilhcock,.MrH. Bruce llol- nomlv Mips .Icaiinetle Seudder, Mr.'., Joe Bates, Mm, Davis Richardson. Mr. mid Aim. Glenn Hlckctts are in Kansas City. Mo., where he Is , unending «.pharmacy meeting nnd Mrs. n i c k e t t s l i attending n Democratic meeting. . Cub Pack Awards ; Received Friday Cub Scout Pack :fl "I lh" ¥ Uni- i vcrsit.v TraihiiiK anrl Lev- · orc.H School mcl al tbc T r a i n i n g ! . School Friday evening. A w a r d s ' were, made to Cubs by J H 1 I Kin- . karlc, pack ma.Hfer, JIK .follows; : one, Denny lltiHtc, w n l l : luvnrd, one Roltl and one silver ; in-row point; Clary Ilurkc, l i o n ' award, one mild anil four s i l v e r 1 arrow points; J i m m y Allen, w n l f . award; lloriny Meado. silver arrow point for his lion a w a r d ; ASTHMA! H E L P F R O M A R I Z O N A From Arliori* comti · muut«. of h»pe and promlx (or iithrai t u f f * r c r i . No m i l t e r how hopctcm jeu thlrili your cue m»y b«--n» mtttcr htw di§cour«eJ you may kt with rintcdici you h»v« trltrf -- K N O W THE PACTSI Complett FREE Informitien li youn far th« xkint. No rlikl No oblif«- tlonl WriUtodiyl MNtUNIIUNU!NIU,MC. Dtpl. A-ll' · 977 N. 3rd Art. NIOEHUL Eskimo Scouts Of Alaska National Guard Among America's Most Patriotic Citizens; Travel Long Distances To Attend Camp Aw lionise, Al,iska-//l')-So!nc of America's most patriotic cilix.en.s --Eskimo scouls of the Alaska : National Guard--!:jjcak nn English, iiavi? never rirkk-n in an automobile and have never :;t'OM a city : u n t i l now. | They're easy to hpot on Anchor- a«c streets. They walk along the iiidcwalk.s trapper Jashiun in single i file. I Kxport rifli'inen who can hit the ^ eye of a sral on an ice floe f i o m ' a distance of 100 yards, they comp l a i n t h a t A r m y targets arc loo hi/,'. They're disappointed if they fail to make perfect scores. j As moinburs of tlir- fir. 1 : 4 , and :;ec: and Provision Seoul Battalion of · the all-Eskimo unit of the Alaska · National G u a r d , these natives from North of the Arctic Circle nrr- t a k i n g part in their first field encampment al J'orL Richardson. t h e i r intensive t r a i n i n g runs through J a n u a r y 27. Travel Long Distances Kskimo men determined to attend the encampment walked or doR-sleddcd Ions distancs to Nome and Hcthel, in Western Alaska, to be picked up by Air Force planes fiown from Elmcndorf Field here. One Kroup walked 70 miles in a bli'/./ard to reach Bethel. Another walked 18 miles and continued 4i) more by dop-jled before reaching a take-off point. Their plane ride here was the first for many of the men. The automobile nnd three and four slory buildings here amaxecl natives who had never left their village trading camps before. Capl. Fiank Clayton, Bethel, commander of the second Scout Battalion, told of thf; Kharpshoot- ing. He said his men shoot i n consecutive bulls-eyes with no effort and prefer a one-inch target at ZOO yards to a 10-inch target. After encampment, the Guardsmen will return to their villases to instruct men unable to come to the sessions. M. Ssl. Carl Kiiwatgley and Sfcl Kdward Sallison said the weekly Guard drills are bis events in the natives' home communities. "Everyone wants to be a sold i e r " ScrKcant Kawatsiey said. ·They're all eager to learn." The pcoul? will 1)0 on 24-hour duly at their Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean homes. In event of an enemy attack, they would .provide i defense u n i t s which would save I transporting regular troops to the I area. "The Eskimo is the best soldier i in those resions," said I,t. Harvey j Samuclson of Dillingham. I "He can stay out in the cold j weather for months w i t h only a small pack of dried fish and b l a n ! kcts, wearing his wintlbreakcrs · and m u k l u k s . I "A Regular Army man is too weighed down with s t u f f y clothes and pounds of junk." The Alaska .National G u a r d has u n i t s in villages from Point Har- I row to Dillingham. It Includes the 1208111 I n f a n t r y Battalion Hesd- i quarters, Junea, the 207th I n f a n t r y i Battalion, Anchorage, and the two I scout hatlaloiiE. t Tho territory'fi Natsnnl Guard has more men enrolled percentage-wise tiian any stale in the union, Guard officials said. "Hot Flashes" Stopped or ilrikingly relieved in 63-80%* of taioi in doctorl'IMli · ir you're miserable froi:t the "hot flashes," antl aceompanyinR irntftble, restless fcclmjs of "I'lianBC ot We"-you may be suHcrlng irueccssiirllyl · tests till tfoctor»...Lydla Pinfcliam'H Compound and Tab els brouijht, relief from such functionally caused sullcring to G3''» and 8t:» ire- spccllvclyi of the women tested! Complete or striking relic// Vosl Research has proved 'ricBf medicines l«oro»5/i/i/ niniicru "' action... hiis shown you wlir-re to lovii lor relief Irom l!lor,c dlfitrrssins. nnrvoUK, · nut ot sorts" rcelln;;y of mld-lllc "chungc"! So...Brit Lydln E. Pinkhnm'a Vp;rl»ble , Cintinouml--or nr".i'. Improved Tablcti. w i t h iiildrd Ironl (H'umlrrr/ul. loo. /or lilt litaclimial flaini o/ mi" "'ml pcnodi.) li .. . -In -,.(11 « .om.n'. row point for his lion a w a i d , ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,, t Sl . ,,,,,,,, MI,,,,., a fi she and her famous Canadian o o i n t u p - i Den two, Jimmy Noyce, wolf m hM ;| mntefcncv _ T n c f , l l i n , 5 n r c in St . P a u l to l a k e ] award, one Bold and one silver a r - 1 . Carnival. Tbo other sisters are. left to rigbl: row point; Robert B u r r s , woll | ^. , ^ M[11 . |(! .,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,._ ( A | , wi ,. C| ,, Hjlo) ami bear awnrd anil Stevir Amis. :r ~ J -_: ..~i _,.. t:-^---^L^-^-^'_. -- v ~--rrr-%-----·-·-j^..:--- ----- · ·· ' wolf mitl lion, cadi w i l l two t and 1wo visitors prcscnl. Council of 7.:irk Artists and Craftsinrn wmiw point fur w o l f ; Orry Kil- | no^^Ye,- whit-h n shortbrnlne"? i {IM(J C t l ! t s m ( ' n w i M mcct tonight wnrris, two silver iirrnw points for j j m . : iii I K W ;is hrlii when plans' were | u t ?: '*° "'dock in t h n lecture room wolf: Pelt 1 1' Taylnr, hnbrwl pin. .in'sti.'ry padiflgc 1 w;is wmi by Mr.i. | Nellie Shofncr. | Ni'xL Hireling of the club w i l l ; bn Fcbrunry 2V, ;il the hnnn? of I Mrs. Mack Shnfm?r. J Michael Mitchell j Honored At Party Michael Mitchell was honored _. _ in chargo of : the program to be civen by members of the Weavers Guild. 1 meeliny was nclrt when plans were; o t ···"· "^"-^" "· ··-. .^v..».*. ........ li»:'discussed for the year. A lesson; of the University Art Center. Rob- J o n home .nnmnc. was rjvcn by i crt Barnes w i l l b ' ' Jimmy Noyce and his l a t h e r j Mrs. Teeter, being first in a series save a dcmoiihlrallnn on the r n l a - 1 to continue for three weeks. (Inn of the earth nnd moon about the sun. Slevlc. Amis reported t h a t den two studied about planets anrl constellations anrl Is m a k i n g a model of n telescope. Den one reported It has plotted constellations anrl made reprints of them. Dr. Xiiboj H H r v a l l k has offered to show 1hc moon to the itroup through a telescope, and Dr. B. 11. Cundlach · presented two sound _ films, "Our Kolnr Family" anrl i Knturrlay afii-rnoon with a part.v "Thc Moon." in observance of bis n i n t h blrlli- The next meetlnji will be the (,| ;1V| n l n, c | )0mo ,,f nr. and Mrs. annual told anrl blue d i n n e r in : February, al v.'hich the permanent PAC Group May Be Set Up In State By CIO Campaign To Back Labor's Candidates Is Considered L i t t l e Rock-MM-Thc CIU, usually a silent partner to its p o l i t i - 'eal friends in Arkansas, may undertake a b o l d ' c a m p a i g n to f u r - ther i t s program t h i s year. Dele- I cales to the annual convention of Mrs. 1'arke 1). M u i r am r l a i m h - , c ., 0 . s Ark , ms . |S I1H j lls(1 . ia l Uni lor, M a r t h a , of I ulsa OKIa are , Coum . n ,,,,.,, ,,,,,. ,,, 0 wcclscl j)vvij;ht Moore. Tim 20 guests were cntcrtainril | ;it Ihc thaler durlni* the ;tflrr- nuon, after which they went to j Iho M o n i c IMJUH- for rcfrcshmcnls; i of ico t'roinn nnd cuke. Personals ehnrter for Pack 3) will be presented. Baldwin Club Begins Series Of Lessons ! The Baldwin Home Bcmonslra- | lion Club met Wednesday at t h e . . 1 home of Mrs. Tlllio Hainn w i t h 12 M"' 1 ' M " rtl1 ". " f |1I|K ;'; t l l " l ,"'" c ! Council here over the weekend r==-^! visiting hr-r pairnls Mr. and Mrs. j volc . ( , ,,, M ,, U|J u , c [;1 ., lc . s f i r s l ] | f u l l - t i m e Political Action Cuinmil- I Set. K e n n e t h O. l l i K K s , I l l l | '^ m| , |)m , W(K {M I .South U n i v e r s i t y Street, i.-: scrv- : V [ , M | i l l M f| o()| . ,,f ,,,. | ing nn the Korean front w i l l , the j , n . (1 ,, m . eamiKiiirn Division, heroes ,,,,,..,. ,.., lldit |. lles j and "Bloody cl ,. clin ,, n c x l fi ,n. T H E BLAIRS, STATIONERS o^, S q u a r ,c A , i r s Thl Oldtil Oltlct Supply Houit In Ngrlhwxt Arkuniii IT'S VALENTINE TIME W* have lh« an« y«u want, from It la $5.00 each Fiy«il«vill«'« Lirgiil fcltcllon'.-- ttiltd br Gibion n ihe con.iij: :i door- In support Inthe Kcncnii DRESS BELTS -- BUCKLES COVERED BUTTONS Custom Flnllh.d And Rudy to W»r Ihc S«m Diy W« R«c«i»« Your Ord«r. BfcH Grt.n Sl«mp an Er.rylhlng MeKeehon'* Fabric Center ,, E etllltt W h e t h e r the CIO will publicly support ciimliclales in the stale |]nt ,ii sc .i, E0 d. | Womon's Clubs ;y|.'.lerdny in L i l l l f Hoc'.;, weir Mrs. | · Hand.ill lioln-rls, rhf-tnct clinir- I n i a n , Mi.-s Hazel Kelly and Mrs. Po.'illo Mr. Ray Joice, Stylist (Vorinerly ol Neiuntil Marcus) Shall Join My Staff Friday Feb. 1. A Lucky Lady . . . Shall Win.a $50 .Gold Wave, The Name To Be Drawn From Mr. Joice's First 20 Patrons Vor Af)()o/iitnicnt.! Call Rita's Beauty Salon, 3134 or La Rose House Of Beauty 999 , Rita Brewer, Owner A t t e n d i n g the s t a l e hoard nieci- in« of Business and Professional r~ F ' c .. lur ,,,j speaker al the livo-clay b,.|d S a t u r d a y and j p . M . k , y ||( ,.., representatives from (10 n n i r m locals was Tilforrl Iv Dudley, assistant national direc- . i tor of the PAC. Dudley clwrjjcd I.I-IOKC. president anrl ; l h ; f t M ,. hl . si ,, os ,. ., nd Confess, pnvidenl of the Fayetleville ; n]||]0| . -,,.,,, p,. csi( i,, m Truman's i H and PW Cliili. ' a d m i n l s l r a l i n n , were responsible fru- c o r r u p t i o n in the liovcrnmrnt. "What has happened is thai bis business has moved from Wall Street lo WashiiiKton," he said. "Thc ethics of the professional politician anrl I h c ethics of the bi.u businessman who is accustomed lo Riv'jvj favors in r e t u r n for con tracts have been forced on admin istralion afjcncies by the Con I.I. Hobert I.. V o u n k i n . Favetle- ville, a member of the N a v a l Air Hesorve Transport Squadron 7!)1 of the Memphis N a v a l Air Reserve T r a i n i n g U n i t , w i l l leave v.itli his squadron Monday inorninf. 1 . 1'eb- ruary 11. headed for the N'aval Air Station. N o r f o l k . Ya.. where they w i l l start tu'o \veel\s of a n n u a l t r a i n i n g d u l y . Mr. and Mis. K r v a l Adams, Mr. anil Mrs. Dlivcr Chandler, and Mr. anrl Mrs. Phinells Hamey r e t u r n e r l home Stlntlay ni^ht a f t e r a t r i p to Nashville, Tenn.. \vhcrr- they visited the Grand Ole O]iry. Master Sat. Charles K. Alley. A n t i - A i r c r a f t A r t i l l e o frorps. a n d Sfc. .lerse M. Ho^'d, Medical Crn'ps. have repotted f»'i d u t y w i t h the A r m y 1JOTC U n i t , it was announced by Col. f l o u r y Neilson. I'MST. Alley w i l l be sergeant onioi 1 of the A r m y U n i l replacing M a s t e r Sergeant T r u i t t ; Serseanl Ho;d w i l l be Mijiply scr- pr'ant rcplai'int; M a i l e r Sergeant S t a t i f f e r . Serccants T r u i l t and S t a u f f c r ;oc r t u r - for rcassifinnicn! in the iH'ar f u t u r e . Announcements I Dudley said t h a t represent i t n e s anrl senators t h r o u g h tlicu r r n trol of appropriations (or covrrn menl auencles were directly responsible for most of the dishonesty uncovered in recent invcslisa- tions. (icorcc l-.llison of Tort Smith was elected president of the state oiKanix.ation. Lewis Sanders of Bcnli'ii was elected vice president, anrl diaries M. Cation of Kort 'Smith was reelected to bis seventh term as secretary-treasurer. KAT C.r.NUINK I T A L I A N SPAG i l K T T I . handmado, meat ball.-, salad, carlie bread, dessert anrl colfer-. All you can e a t , 51.25, children' St. .loseph's Ciilli- olir Chiiri-h basement. Tuesday, .lamiarv '-'nth. S t a r t i n i ; at 5:;in K a y p d c v i l l P l.ndse 710 l''ayet!e\ ille l.od^c I'll) w i l l ha\-e ' a special nicctim; al I h e Mason!" · (CREOMULSION) Hall !,,,,i.;ht at -:M o'clock, for I BB^aJt | S a|| y 0 B Mtt wiirk In " ir 'i A -.'.' Ki " c - iMn fer »° ur ccu « h l l a h l u i n II.MTH- \ JrW'lfcO^-^. . «*- . Driiion.str.iliiin Club [ \Vhcn ^oiir cdhl pels into' vonr ihrnat i TJic l i i i l t l v / i n I j n i n c D t ' i n n i i i l r a - | H f U j c |,' cs t nntl cnuph develops, work · l i n n C l u b w i l l f;hmv coUurd sound ! fa%i. Crcomulsion relieves quickly bc- IMrliiio. 1 ^ nn "C.iiicn'" and "Tnmor- , cause it; nnv's (.'hirkrn." ;M 1 ;'·() p, i n . 1 l.Sooihc* raw lore throat and chest \\Vtlnrsi1iiy «l thr M i i l t l w i n Si-lnml. mcmbiancs. ' Tills pniKi-iini w i l l fu- open in t i n * M-Oocn and h e l p s expel g e r m y i r c n r m l n u l i l i c ' phlcRm, ' ' i I. Nlikily relaxes syMcmic lomion, · I n l r n i u l l n i i M Urlatlons 4 ' ^ )laturc R * M lhc c "" sc ot irrl " ,. . . ...... I tfttion. ( n n i i i i of A A l ' W . j Hn , , (ood | h(] ,,,, ot m i|iinn» of Thi' l i r l a l i o n s ; ,,,,,,. , t l r n u p of A A U W w i l l meet w i t h i y n ,, mn ,| ),, p| clri | or your (lru||iit · M r s . Hi urn llnlcomb (onioi i rnv ! will i f f u n r l vour money, l e v r n i n s at 7.30 o'clock. M i s . f*OC A M I I I K C I A M ! Dwiehl l - . r l v w i l l be in chaise ol ' V»HtVlTIUI.ill Vfl Ihc program. ul.mi Ciiiiln, Cktil Ctldi, Acult liinthllli PENNEYS TERRIFIC VALUES! HURRY! LIMITED QUANTITIES! FOR MEN'. , a IN THIS GROUP! NOT AILS'" 51 fAV E! SAVIi 1 QUALITY! LUNCHEON C101HS RUN! HURRY! FLY! 50 ONLY CORDUROY COATS RANGE OF COLORS! PINWALE CORDUROY! *ALL RAYON LINED! *SIZES 36 TO 46! RIDICULOUS PRICE! FOAM RUBBER PILLOWS . . . $5 GIRLS' WINTER COATS . . . . $10 Winterweight WORK SHIRTS . 1.50 MEN'S UNION SUITS 1.50 MEN'S WINTER CAPS . . . . 1.50 GARMENT BAGS (15 Garments). $2 MEN'S FUR COLLAR JACKETS . $8 ENTIRE STOCK! MEN'S BETTER ROBES CRAYON JACQUARDS! ·^GABARDINES! ·^BEACON CLOTHS! ENTIRE STOCK! MEN'S OUTING PAJAMAS ^PERFECT QUALITY! ^SANFORIZED! ALL SIZES! MEN'S RAYON GABARDINE SPORT SHIRTS *LOTS OF COLOR! ^WASHABLE! ^SIZES S-M-L! *HURRt FOR THESE!

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