Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 26, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1952
Page 7
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NOKTHWnT AMANIM tIMB, «*Te«e»!1le, Arkemte*, WweJery, J.nuery J«, IWt Auto Insurance Cost Increase Said Held Down Worker "Shot,", j But No Arrests' Obituary Jomtl Elbcrt Parker Nasnvillc, Tcnn.-l/I'J-OirjicMlcr; _., Willard W r i g h t was shot by n hammer yesterday. WriRlit and other workfncn were driving nails into a concrete post at restaurant with a special hummer propels nails by firing a .22 caliber blank cartridge. ^^ Bur|al ^ Wright's" partner fired. The nai The average cost nf standard automobile insurance in Arkansas is only $3.00 more today t h a n it was In 1932, n depression yr-nr, H. 0. Kemper. president of the Lum- glanced off the poil nnd hit Wright hermen's Mutual Casualty Com- j n iho stomach. He fell, pany told a Dallas, Texas, mcct-i Customers heard ihc shot, im* last week. Georjrc MeKmney; thought there had been n k i l l i n g of Fayett^ville attended the. scs-j a n ( | ca n cc | police. .Police S?l. Car- sions at the Adolphus Hotel. j ncy p ; ,tterson Investigated, found Kemper pointed out that t h e : the trouble, nnd philosophically average cost of standard auto eov-1 filed the report away under false craRC for nil elapses of private! alarms. passenger cars in Arkansas was j Wright's injuries were a cut and $31.(i7 in 1932, and is now 34.73, a hrui.-e. The n n i l had struck him an increase of nine per ccrit. H e ' s i d e w a y s . He was treated at a hos~ compared this to a cost nf living j pital and released, increase of 108 per cent since ]93'2. On a national basis, the average cost of the standard policy wns $52.f)6 in 1932, and is now 555.47. Kemper cited the figures lie said were drawn from a survey based on comparative rates set by the National Bureau of Casualty Underwriters for coverage, which Funeral services J'or JamcF Kl- bert Parker, (14, Fayettcville assistant postmaster wlio d i r d Thursday in City Hospital, will br conducted " M o n d a y at 2 p. m. in j the Central Presbyterian Church by the "Rev. Edward Brubaker, be in the Fair- LOST A N D KOUNK i l f l r t S p in. age. for i n j u r y to persons or death resulting from an auto accident. ·nrl for damage to the property of others. Rightccn slates were included in the survey. Delayed Report On Air Losses Is Defended Tokyu-(/Pj-U. S. A i r Force o f f i , ccrs tnrlay defended their policy standard a u t o | n r A n n o u n c i n g air losses only once ncludcs cover- a v/eek in 9 summary. The recent- Truman May "Insist" On McDonald Appointmenl ly i n s t i t u t e d policy has led nne c o m m e n t a t o r lo assert tliat the Air Force a p p a r e n t l y preferred tn have every dny a victory except Saturday. "It is of m i l i t a r y value fo the enemy every time we tell him of a plane lo^l or damaged," an Air Force spokesman said loday. "It for (he protection of downed pilots t h a t we withhold informa- | lion until it appears in the weekly Washington-(/i')-Pro.siflrnt . T r t t - j summary. We make every e f f o r t lo man 13 reportedly .slicking to his ; rescue fliers who l a n d b e h i n d guns today in a fifiht with senators j o n c m y lines--few people realize nvcr his choice of. Harry A. ]Urto w h f ) l | cnsthjt wc R 0 /Donald to head the Reconstruction j -- . -----Finance Corporation. At the "insistence of Senator Douglas ( D - I I K who has clashed wi Hi M r. Tr u m a n before, t h e Senate B a n k i n g Committee yesterday balked at approving McDnmild for the new post pending n "fur' i Kefauver To Enter I Primary In Ohio thci' study." Members said the 1 ;ishin;toii-(/Pi-.Sr:n. E.stpp Kc- f a u v o r of Tennessee annnuiiL-ed , ,, ,, , , . m ;': V| tnday h e will enter the Ohio ·Dem- blossom m n a A . l l - f l c d c c c l i n v c s t , - 1 presidential ,jrim»rv, M a y Cation of tile Seclii'ities and E\ - - j ( , ' ' · ' ehange Commission headed by McDonald. Mr. Truman's n n m i n a t i n n, switching McDonald from chairman of the SEC lo succeed W. Stuart Symington as a d m i n i s t r a t o r of the RFC requires Senate con- view cemetery under the direction of Moore's Funeral Chapel. Active pallbearers will be Jack Carlisle. Dnrold F. F.aslerlins, Edward Hutton, Harvey G r a h a m , Lowell Chancy, and O. L. Dailey. Honorary pallbearers will be Fred nacdels, Earl Dyess. Walter Duggans, J. D. Edmiston, T. 1. Abshier, Lelaml Bryan, Ail Ilife, Jim Creer. Sieve Bates, A. D. McAllister, Sr., I v a n Maycs, W. W. llamey, Frank McCotinell. Hoy Larrabee, Marc Sliee. Dr. Fount Richardson, Tom Slccle, and A. M. Munding. Mn. Una Hudelsan Skillsrn Mrs. Lena Hudelson Shillern. 71, resident of the Fayetlevillc area since 1M4. diet! ycslcrrlny about 11 a. m. in the Mill.iap Convalescent Home on Highway 11 north. She was Ijorn October 28. i n B I . in Easlla'nd, Texas, the daughter of TO LOAN _ ""!·· i'l A " 11 o M K ~TOA r;"s I Low interest, lorn: terms j L'TLKY AND C O M P A N Y . I.NC, I'hniic 2:03 Clayton Rand Says: Those "f you v.'hu h ; i \ e followed tlic.^c piece?! \vill iTMiciv.IxT niv rhaKTin when I looked upon ihc lik(?ncfts of TrcMrcnt TruiiKui in MriilniTK: Tu.-nuiui's \v;ix wnrlr; in London. lie i;; jhir =hnhljic\it sircsv cd ficuiT in the e x h i b i t . At lonfl last my c i i m j i a i ^ n in inako ilio nnc-linu- haU'rriiisher- presentable has rericiVd London. : The j o u r n a l , Clolli and Clothintr.; observes lhal T r u m a n is "Hie: worst flre^ed i n n n in M m l ; i m o - Tupsjnid's \v;ix wm 1 !;:,." Mfiyl'f sumcthhiK w i l l IJP done now to improve the iippcanmce nf ilie rresidcnl by British tnilnr;;. . Cloth and Clothing faked some! picLuic; l r » . slio'.y hn\v T n m n m : would look when the Kn^lisli J clothiers j;ttl t h r o u g h with h i m . ] They even ur^ed him lu tonir- | over and t^ct irroumcd. They s n y ( the bow ties lie wears make h i s , net-It look too short ami t h a t I t e j drr.sses too Flamboyant. The j m i r - j nal lojijred him out .as an K n u l i - M i j ?c[uirc in sporis j a c k e t , hrfjclii'^i ..««- r,.r rc mn-c and riding hnnts. Another p i c t u r e ! OOOR-CAfS-l E1S I FOR 8AI.K-- MISdELI.ANf.Oim | FOR MI.K--URAL MTA1T LOHTrnTnck"flh»fcr fminT«rn pen~nrnr · i'lANO and "M\_nm^~PhonV«3Wi;,/c7ll - I I itxei of r|n«r «nrt window nnslnn Store. Phone Mil nr r v r n r n s * .SPINET""piano,~A r a r e lmr*«ln «!· j *i'f*i"*, p o r t a n l r jm*i mim-in ^'''"" ' Harold^'vine"" Wt'il Fork""' P " P ii»" lie t n v i n c to rr*p»i»ti)lp Cit'C O M F._ t n x xrrvlce. n n j m o m l "while pup. Cnll 2.MMV parly. M pajmrnn WrM jnplin I'lAnn O .l'M)lllt. Mo. CHAVEI." vn'ril'l'i I'lionr 3ITRJ]. 1alimr« on »rn»ll . .Hi.' Main S n t r t . I tart rtrllvYrcd." jri no. LOCAL r.r lnnc~ltsli« SrilJill ir tar«e l'i.t|« 1 or 2173(1 _K Wnnil ~ 1 ! IDEAL MATTRESS CO. mMt or btat f W» any compttition 40) WEST DICKSON f t h C u r r y . .'HI N n n n \ V i l 10VOW. hnnclna and p.iintin SMALL hnn*! 1 lo furrultirr Will nn once lii(]iilre ftt Piirktfiulr. IJKLf.'O llflhl p t lin t L O A N S $50 to $1 ; 000 . We m a k e iiitto nnd f u r ' M l i i i v loans. Let us f i n a n c e tl'e purchase of you; 1 ne\v or used i-nr. QUICK S K R V I C E STANDARD FINANCE CO. 12 North Bind; St., or our usrri j car hit. Corner Center and Church | HA'M'F'Tori's' A^iMv'sunp'iTtVsTrtnV i Streets. l l f l h l p t l n 11.1 West IIP mo vert with c r l l t c r if «itd *\ KilRorr O r o r r r y . tT" 10" g n l l f t n r n l l k L u f n j r l l c , pMont _ _ KA"l.VI!OW"~fn60T «ittV ilait.\~"Ph« Kpiintf'Uilc 3'JOl. O/Jirk Trnui t'u _ _ UJGOACTf h r l i - f c.i«fi i l r l V I M ft iiilr- I. llux 21 i. Wrrnlnw " E X C A V A T I N G " " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt. Top Soil D. M. P A T T ON Phone 249 J.W.FlQ ELECTRIC CO. Quality tnilollers · PUMPS · POWER Phprw 24, Wfji Fork " " """ ON i j ACRES Und. 4 room. how*. 1 ronre home, cm. e l f c l r l e i t y in h o u » i . I ciiv W*KT hv iht rfnor. drilled well , T f t I S wry il'rartivc Now Two BroC | room l'«me iimt Att«rh*rJ G«r*£0 rtf- I irrt m»rty exit* fixture* incJU^.nf j t t v n plrttir* wlftAnv/t »nrl jtuffil . r l o r c ) I" I t v i n f room, f n r n c r wln- ! fi/iw* nn'i rtnuhJt elnir',« w i t h illdirij rt'if'T* in r)«irofim», Mi^d b a t h *vllft 9 h u d ; - i n drcjiinf txhlc. Incited on^ ; \rvf) fnt Wxltt) *nd only JJ.3lM.iw [ n 1 1ih tc OOrt fwi rtrtu/n- "" · C ' C i M F O R T A n t . F Thr?r nTlrnom Horrt* : w t * h f u l l (ilnirts room. l*rff kitchen ! \\ i:)i nice h»lf!-ini, «rrvtr^ porc'n. f r u i i tlorAf^-, turn*? CornrT Int in L"»o'l N K tni-ilt«n find only Sfi.OM W { \uiti sj.nmj w down. WILKINS REALTY CO; J13 N O l l f f r Avf ,i, .,rrr, T« n r ^ . T WANTED TO RENT Hemilllchlng. Plcollna. Cover.d Furnished Uvo-rnum apartment nrjBuMoni, Button Holts, ToMored ' ' ·· n K O I S T K H K U COfhr phntip depicts him w i t h a derby, iwlii g!a\ f c t ; itnd nn .umbrella. In one nf Iliosc iiimislnj: menial | I'OK SALE.-AUTOMOTIVE q u i r k s peculiar tn the M r i t i s h , lhe ; . 5 ; r p a n i c i nuppics. j v n r ! : i t v . 2 . I . William A. Hudcls'in nnd A l i c e ! Inilors t h i n k Truiniin looks lilie; Stccle HuHclson. She spent her k'" in the museum hfrausc o f j enrly l i f e in Oklahoma City. She I his own biitl l:ifle, when it's t h e ; was man-iecl February 28, 1906, in | f a u l t nf t h e i r own designers. Faycttcville to John A. S k i l l e r n , ( The Knulish lr, 'OK SALE-j-AUTOMOTIVr j lih.n'il: l'i T'ransinlshlon, Iniine for q u i c k u m i v c i s l o n in net! t r u c k . I'nrcliascil l a t r O r i s l n n ! cost SI.Bfl.'i. Milcnitr IHIW I o n l v 2.1LM inilrs. Odorrd lor $1.7im. , . . . | II. W. C u n i t i h c l l . fioutc 1, S[irins- ,, ,. a l r c m t y lal:-i d)l | Pt phone .r.2n. who died in !f)o!K Mrs. Skillern | en Truinnn In the demicrs, h m v | ' 4 i pon» pnncl inic]Oir.o.oo"~Phbne was n membrr of the Methodist! could thoy expect him t r t be n n t - ' : " M . Church. I lily- t a i l o r e d ? Hut there's nn rcn-, 1 ' J ^ ll ^-^ (l(; J, clB1 J )l0fl ,, Mvf ,,, cv She is survived by one dtiujh~ ! son why the \va.\ rncideler.s yhnuld wny ' n il( ] 1M ; i, ca tt. r . hyiirnnmiic. .« hnve ironc out of their way I n ; tovt-r.^ nnd new M r r s . ^ w m noil m n k e him look shoddy and in-l "·'·'·'--"' Most U. S. Diplomats tcr, Mrs. Donald Fletcher. ff Fay- c t t e v i l l c ; three, sons, .John A. Skillern of Louisiana, Mo., V/il- t i n m Vcrnon Skillern of Carlsbad. N. M.. and .lames Rile.v Skilcrn of Faycttcville: a b r o t li e r, El?a | _. _ ... Huriclson, of H u n l i n j i t o n Park,! To I r O Y e l by Calif.; and nine grandchildren. Funeral service will bo conducted Monday at 2 p. in. in t h e Wai- son M o r t u a r y . Burial will be in Fairview cemetery. _ ; MY i v l l l l f lfo, firmation. ACCOUNTANT Excellent opportunity for young man 21-30. Accounting experience preferred. Apply h/ Person Arkansas Western Gas Company 28 EAST CENTER Foyetteville "I intend to enter Ohin w i t h n slate nf delegates in most of t h e districts nnd for most of the placcs-al-largc," KcfatiVL-r said. Kcfnuvcr, in Ohio today, announced his candidacy /or the Democratic presidential nomination last Wednesday. Bobby Bert Gage The body of Bobby Bert CJase, 23. snn of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gage of Wcslr-y who w s found dead Wednesday in a park in · Inksler, Mich., w i l l a r r i v e here i tomorrow at 5:12 R. m'. F u n e r a l i services will lie conducted Mon- ! day at 2 p. in. at Ml. Olive, near i , , Elk ins, u n d e r the direction of . / Nelson's F u n e r a l Home. i Case made li cr with his sister. Mrs. Melda Kulker. Inkstcr officials investi- Washingtnn-(/l ) )-Amr i ric;iii diplo- . mat:; poinK abroad w i l l be dointj | must of t h e i r tr;ivclin« by :iir' rather Hum by ship from now on. j State Department o f f i c i a l s said | it will be up lo the t.rnvejcr_ l o ; convince his supcrim;^ 'He :o ronu pii-knp i. si I011J between ^ .'uui t FOR SAM:--MOM!; \ K U R N I S 1 I E D BimrtiiiCnl. Ideal f o r t u n i;oinpteli'].y rciteenmled f n u i i t\r*\tf\ to d r n l n h n n r d . Ciir j j o r l . P r l v a l n «MI. t r n n r f n n d h n t h . P l r n l j - n t o m a e spncc. One hHn'k new H n l r i v n v more $17 fill n i l n t l l l t l c i f u r n i s h e d 2.'i(17. r"OnI~'i fifto ' .T"nbOM~furnKI)c7l n p a r M i i c n t r m o d e r n . K l r r l r l c re(ri(trrator pud wp»lirr. P r l v n t c r n t r a n r r . Cmiplr only. s;ir (id. h i l h puld. H i g h w a y Jfi W«i. Phone 171.11. Fnrd"~CUfiloin~~Ciub W K ' l i n v ' c room for rnV"rlderl.v tidy, hi-nter, new scnl | Phone 105«n. Hlfl Norih_ L f n t i e l l . imiicinrf! U N K U n N l f i U K D " .'i room n p n r i n i v i i l . ' ··" West Sprlnc. _Phonc 235in. H f l N I S H K O Ti bctliooin ."0? h Schnnl. fslMSli'-t room n p n V t m r n t r Bnth. K l c c t r i c r e f r l d e r n l o r . I ' r l v n l c on- I r n n r - . linrk nnd ( m u t . Connie niily. W n t r r [inttf. 22Z E««l Dlekstm.^Pllone HOUSEkBEiMNC"""rbom.""'cIo»r " i". riionc 810W. in-[Balls nnd Bucklci. Sptciol AMtnHon .flfy*/ 1 MaM Orileri. Sotitfaction ot Money Bock. SINGER SEW'NG MACHINE CO 18 S.E, St.. K.ijrcUrvtllr 55500,00 httwf fintt to the iqiliffl *nd tr.utc n-hrni Modf-rn iiltrh^n. o»!c f l f i n r ^ and ftortr furrtilr*. Smill dfl-A'n p« mf nl, $6250.00 i)fl[*n-i* l i k e r r n l N'cjift.f n f w hnm-. 1 ' innrtirn hi Pvrry r*spr?Cl ind Pftri-- v r n l c n t loc I t f i n -$15,000.00 r r h t ' i i n ^ i pinr p»n,-lfd tUrt room. h u r n i n t f f i f p t a c f , colored h 4 t h f \ x ~ ' l i t r r * . e c n l r p l hesl *rtrt ihJtrty lot, "RITTER AGENCY ~ rlnhii I ) O I K li. .wrann." Phone ' rr*, Kood. rcaMin /o dependents may ot f l y i n g , l-'amily j hy ship. _ j -- " ,\'K (torn I l k r I I lirrc" say the iTiolli"; when you ln;nl Ilicin \viili IjLTlu-.i M i , t l i 5 « n i j . Fivu y r n r Biianin- li'i-. Lewis Briis. CH . 'Int. .'/MiMriHT n r w ' Iliilc-n-httl In.irln" by Altcniillliy. 2\ Kii^l Srfnnd Slrfr'l. ) U K w.-ilnnl hpd. Ilc:isonnb!c. I j' V Fl I G I DA I'M i-:. ^Hiudln ~ rinHjiil pu^'th: ExcovaMng - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds - Roods - Clearing H. H. JONES Contractor 212 V i r K i n i n Avc., hox I'H II Sla. Plioiic MUfi, 1-flyciinvHlc LANDSCAPING" M u l r r l a h mil! _ C. B. _ GAUOF.NS SATUUDAY nr..l Hu iniitn. Ford llllrr j»jtrr 7 p. in. ncrvlce i'4U:rJ _ BROKF: nilujs. S.I On nilnl- uicd. Cnll lawfi roOTINHS-- w n t B r. pn* dllclim. septic l *nk ha' nrui h»ck /Illlni Call FOR SALE " .RKAL ESTATE 336 Hal- NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES! C L A S S I F I E D A D S nnt) rnlhi Nell M:II: r t l r M. 1). Ho Three ts pe rd d. M i n i m u m nrder 42c the tlie death reported he died Tuesday of gunshot wounds. Outcome of the investigation wns not learned here. Child Killed In Fall Out Of Bus Searcy - (/Pi - J u d i t h McAllister, eight, daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. ' Ray McAllister of G r i f f i l h s v i l l e , | · ... ... . | was killed yesterday in a f a l l from : Mr »- Motildo Jan» McClaskey l a school bus. The driver said t h e ! Mrs. Matilt.-a .Jane McClnskcy, I child fell out when the front door | 1)3, resident of Faycllcville for the I jarred open. A coroner's inquest | past Hf) years, died yesterday eve-; l was ordered. , , , , l a k r n . h o m e m I n h s t - I D e a d l i n e Inr classified k. in daily. 9:::0 a. ni. ..Siil Corrections n n d r e r u n mndc a f t e r f f r * l In^ CLOSE OUT SALE No ·rrHilly 1 o r r c c - i L-run made n i t e r ad hns expired. NOTE: A t l v r r l i s i t i C rnjiy fyr o l h n r pases Is due at U imnn t h e Oiiy pn- cccdini! publication; 1U noun Sntunl;ij lor p u b l i c a t i o n on M i i n d a y NOTICE Bogarts To Be Parents Again In August Hr)lly\vood-(/iyThc Huniplircy Eoif.-irls ;irc c.xpcctiny ;iy;iin. Mrs. Bopart, Lauren Bocall, hns informed her studio that her second child will be born in Au- Bust. Their first child, a son, Stephen, was born in lf)-JO. El Dorado Resident Dies In Car Crash t | El Dnrncln. Ark.-l^'J-JHck H H I H ' inonds. 23, of El Dnnido. was k i l l . eri wl~«i the car he wns drivinp ! overturned 4 miles north of here : on i!i?hway Ifi7 late Thursday , night. State Trooper Rill Bullock NOTICE vmi liavc l u r n i l u r o lo .tell, cou- MINETTO STRIPE SHADES rog. 1.80 nov/ 1.35 rcg 32x6 32x7 36x6 reg. 36x7 rcg. 40x7 rcg. lor. Phone I0r. FRONT hPdi-ooni, privnlc f i i l r n n c e . 21R KorUi (;hn_n:h. Phntift PJiVW. NiCK~corn'r rno"iit"for"(wo* " rtpiiis. men. Cmnc to nee. «lon. phone 1073. _ _ '·"RKDHOOM modern li»ntwf)nd flnnr*. \ f n r l i n n ItllniU. N o r l h w c M R p r l l n n . nlnin*t new. Phonfl M. no'oM~in"r"3 hny*. snm) cm-h. room for 2 hoy. ii.SO «Hch. I room f n r one hoy. S'l'iO. Aim. W. J. McCny, ;;» South Hill. n j n M I S H K I ) C H M r e ' i t p n t t n i c n U . M » r - ric ( l_i*niiplca_only. Cnll 274LM. NICK" hrriroom. i*riv«lt rnlr*ncc. 201 F.nut Sphnc._T*honr H~ ROOM f n r n l n h f i f t Sonlli WBJit_Slrpel. mnlK, r e f r i R f r A - fjy ownrr, hew two Ivdronm hoittr nrnr U n i v e r s i t y . Ihinlwnod floor*. h r n t i l K u l L-nlilnctn. h n n i r i l l n l r pOA.iei nlrm SI,000 r l n w n Phnnc 2^^711. "NEAR WASHINGTON " AVENUE SIX Inrce room* (on nrjf f l t m r p -- K J o o r - fi\ u p i n i r » ~ 0 n f t hie room liithtieii Nipfr Kronl Porrii--OlR'tscil-ih irrv* left iinrch, ton. ItnnrmciK u-ltli ft*- f l r c n furnr.ct* nntl w n l n hen Kir. I j A r K c b u i l t ffinni--rcco«l'*(I liih. Clrn- croui kltclicn--rtttiiridrtiit cMhlnt'll, rait) p a v c n i m i t -- l o t fio fl. Irnnt plm f l r l v o w a y "HlcHl." Convrillcnt to f h u r n h c f f fintl town. W m h l i l f f t o n , School nnd J u n i o r Illfli. An abun- _ r l n n l h n r n e thni'n nlld c o m f u r i 2.00 1.95 2.15 2.70 now 1.50 now 1,45 now 1.70 now 2.00 LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. _ w f . fiirnl»hrrl"" Hilh pii id. _ n p u r t t n e n t . f ..... ""Vodprorii(l K « » i unit ' - pasi ;i;) ycavs, men ycsicrtiay c v u - ; j r ninfc in a local convalescent home, j s j f i n (t ,, Shcvwns horn .lanunry IR, IRfif), in J cadi" Saturday v.-hrre yft'i arc as- rusi'i)"iMniii Kllcnbourjch, W. Vn., the d a u K h t c r j Slim , top prices. We hnvc- a yood j ^"- t T»ji l fur j^ond f u i r i t - -c nt .'ill I r u c k i n n of Henry and Hoskiah R n l l i n ? . -She is survived hy niio d a u c h - i (j r n c s tcr, Mrs. W. H. Dunlcvlc, nf Kny- c |)Hrf;c. N. cttcvillc; two sons, Roy MeClas-, t u r c can key of Borgcr, Texas, and A r t h u r i thc v . cok McClaskey of Musknjjee, O k - l n . : j , n n r n i n g, nine grandchildren nnd J2 ( T r e n t - , /vuclinir'llou grandcliildrcn. | phone 1770. Funeral ;irnnificmcnl5, in chnrcr of Monrc's Funeral Chapel, a m i INSTRUCTION incomplete. \K rouiu .sol. Inr^n i )]v ,ind six clinlrs, % nrt.*. Co.. Inc. iid""iiiitdr»ir"llicTiiririi '. Lewis limn. Co. Itiu n»un«inirii. K p r i n f i . __ ___ , _____ ... lirnnoOM. flhnve AVftrnnp. rinse In. men only. 7flit.t. _ UNr'UhMfillBO" moTiern" Iioiiw-.'nfiWly _tlrL-onile.d. ___ ____ _ Six - roiirn"~trnfi]rnljilicd modrrn fiouw. N c n r bun l i n e nnrt Krncl« nchonl. Plioiw Km orJlHW. __ U N F U R N I S H E n i t p n r l n i r n t . ^Call IB)-'!. __ 3 HO6M~rurnis1ictl n'tMflm'rnl. 1m th. rite t r i e rcfrijtcrntor. pnld. Phone IMH.I. For FULLER BRUSHES i n in. l l i l l i n i Rros. Hi«lr,vjiy 71 iVttr.h, ne 154H I T $ Jill 00 ' HKin . I.1011 1 Today's Market- Kansa. Ciiy Liv.siock Kansas C i t y-f/pt-USDA-Cnltlc: compnrr-fl with Inst week's close fed steers 25 to mostly bO hi^hrr; cxtl - cmcs 7=, U p: hrifr-rs s'trniiK to 1 2 5 hlghor: cows 50-1.00 liiRhcr; COMPLETE your hik'h st-hool nl huinr in spnrc lime TexK i i r r n l x h r r i IH- plonia. Nt) rliissts. Send lor 47 ptiKR })ooklc.t nnd sniuplc Icssun Ircf A n i c r i c f i n School. PO Box J8S. i TRANsrqriTATiON \VA\Ti:r» Kov/ Otlctins or pan You Don't Need a Gas Mask 1 1 said tlic a u t n m o h i l r I r f t the hifih- I bulls steady to weak; vcalcrs and j way, and rolled 372 feet, overturning twice. Lincoln If You Hove o Cpl. Gene Barlnn of Canip C h a f f c c is spcndins a 10-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. n. B. Barton of Lincoln, and with j his brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barton of Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnon Brock announce the birth of a d a u g h t e r . Mrs. Curtis Barton has returned home after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Rullrr of Mal- |vcrn. MUFFLER Abshier-Bryan "Your Friendly Ford Dtaltr Since 1913" Friends! I wish to welcome you to my Sinclair Service Station I have bought. n Miles South On Highway 71 Your Patronage Appreciated Special! Gas 24V2C Complett Lubrication Servlct Batttry Charging Tires -- Tubti -- Acctueriti Hrmlor. Jfisrt. OFFEHEI) U'c s\in-k r r E ii 1 n r di Bi.yd Mills._;,::(! i.iiulrll. I . n W l H EHOS UMM! Si»7ri tj(l d i p h w a INnl (.-ml: rln.'inrr Usctl IjVmhx i l r v r r Dscrl Mn«ic Clirl r n n t i r UKKI) " l I v h i K ' r o n m "inhIr~uTri MIMIII. Lrxvis Bros. Co.. inc. POHTABLK inildor rlulhcs dryrr I cwiii nnts Co.. Jnc. ^ iMfACTfCALLV "n.-w £» "cin'ulaior hi-nlrr. 411.00(1 HTU. n r l l i-hnap. Plume 3J23W. PYHKX slock now complete.* Lewis IJros. Co, inc. K I C K " l i v l n f j ro-mi rhnlr, J7 r.O. 1.1-wli Urns. Co., Inc. A c l u l l i . niitNlSHKI} n p n r l m e n t , 4 room* »tnl hnlh, XfidOO. U l l l l l l m . K i i r n A r c lictt- Across campus. AtlulLt only. Phono SIT. _ _ _ A V A I L A B L B rthrunry firil". * rmtm r u r n l B l i r d a p a r l n i c n t or .'I room KITI n n i h h r i l nc«r U n i v e r s i t y . Cull 23JJ7W. LAH'CK "hrlch""hoiisc.*"lcie*il"fnr'"ronm- lilK houpp. M i t d l n . c a t n c r , f r a t e r n i t y proup, o f f k - c room* ftr 1 fn ml licit. IJnfurnUtiL'ri. C c n t r A I I y located. ONI.V $12,500 BATES REALTY irtcrt RfAltff'--Tel. IH Ret. IB! WE NEED NOW USTINCiS nf l«r«c ni'ri-. II M. Block -- TO in ==J Sacrificing Apartment House 'AN l? u*rd (or hnnif »nrl Inroin* or i n v r t t m c n t . W i l l rAy fnr I1»*H tn 7 in 11 yr*r« f\ unlu, .1 room urid h H i h . c f t r h . noorl loontlon .nrj»r UTI!v p r n i i v . Very'good liailc conttrucll^n h u t ' hCL-di · finhlilnf; u-ttrk Wouk .-out' r n r r \Ofi.mi3nn in tmild. Sci; ( f i n wn-k Slrt.MW IM),* Mtut hnvf · 'i mill. Plume A14ZW2. Kincaid Co.! · Automotive . ·Fire · Health and Accident · Polio . ·Liability · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION · Plate Glass ·Burglary I N S U R A N C E Aulomobilt - liability ' Fir* - Exttndld Coverage .; Polio - riot* Glait , WADE riNCHIR · ·' . Artod * !l!!!l-- yhn « to * AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Bclilr P.lM* to Bur . ' _ M « f ) j phone f i ! 7 . _ ^ _ n -TM.|KlinN!.SHhl)i.p.rlme,i!,.ammii.... 11.1 Wr*!e. I'lioni i ROOMSMi'ifurnltih^d n o n r no KHiool. I'hnmj 31M. h n h . 02:. w. Hi«h L K A V l N t ; lor Ancclcs. C a l l l o r n l a . Fchruary 2. In I n t o innilol CJm Inkc. 2 nr .1 rMiTs. I'llnnp. J7 l)c- twppn fi a. in. nml Irr.ll p. in.' M(in. ^11^11.^,111:11 TKRSONAI, killins calves steady; slockcrs find fpcdor.i stcncly to strong, insfant'c. 1 ; Sfl higher; scattered shipments liifih choice and prime fcrl steers 34.75-.1(i.nO; hich choice 1054 Ibs .vcarliiiKS 35.25; cood and thoirc (coder steers ROD Ihs up larscly 30.nn-33.25: good and choice s-tecr calves 32.00-38.50; heifer calvrs 36.00 down. Hogs compared w i t h last Friday lights nnd butdiors all weights around 2f; lower; closing top 17.75; on choice No. 1 and Nn. 2's scHlinti 190-225 Ibs: choice 190-250 I b s : i n c l u d i n g / u l l w i d t h of Erarie ill J7.25-75. _ I Sheep compared with last Fri- | day: Slaughter lambs 25-50 higher: I HELP WANTKU--+JJMAI.F yearlings strong: ewes steady; top ' rail shipped and truck in l a m b s ! 29.00. I lo . 4R hours. 7Iic. 117 | about, our tfii.'iniiiu-rd col ft pi'i-vcn- - tlon. N o r i h Side Drue, 9«3 N'H'th j -£°J^' Rc xCi i r^S v d^li: ^ 1 HELP WANTED--MALE __ I MOV iff" wrrlt. WANTKP. ~n""* mcclinnlirnl "" c n x i i i R r r ItioroiiRhly f f t n i i i i a r willi C I I K I I U T I mtt 'Dicrniodyiuiiiiics us Id iiuikc u n r k - IliR d n i w i N K N fcr n palcnl t t i r l i i n r rmiinr. D.ivld 13. HoiiGhlon. Leslie. FOR SALE OR TRADF ·i IvOOM liuuric. 2 acrr.i of I d r i d , fa"rm in K'K'fl Inuilion. I'hoiio 3o:i. · i n " A C : n n " l H U ! i . new IIUUKP n n d ' h n r n . v.rll nn h r i r r n e i l In Hack pnrcli. ·* nnlM i-ast of W t n - i l n w . fnr IIIIIIM- iniilci'. liny Cl CMKVnOI.KT Dickilp fell or slork. Phone 108(1.11. FOR SALIC Oil L K A H K HtCHV/AY "c.-ifr'Nrw'cipnini i KOUn room .ipurlment 1 ' j blocks o f f j iiqiinrr. Sulinhle for offH-c mltc. very ! coofl for totflc?. fliid honir for ilnajl ! Inmity. · THUKE room modern ap.trlmc'it In | ttnrk liniioc nt 2?4 N o r t h C h u r c h . T H R E E room morlcrti a p n r h n e n i , uiill- lirii pnid. S40 mlly. 1 llHtummid R c n l t y Cf.itipnny Plmnif 7*1 U N K i m N I S I I E D " 4 ~ room ~ n p a r t m * n L . Phone .'i57-!M. ___ _ APAnfiMENT. nicely furnlfthcrf. close . rk. Ill-.-nlwno'd. J U N l V K R S t T Y rnrtr. (or ; ^ ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ NTcE""qulcl n p n r t m c n t , iimplo clofiels. Oarage. Ph APArtTMKNTS. f t n t brdrunm unfurnliricd $i7.50. (utn- l.ihed $72.5(1, two bedroom u n f u r n - liiHtJ $7:1.50. hllli paM B^ndU Iai;r-Ty available Ptiuna 2B8QR PAUICVlKXV APARTMTNTS nne beri- ·-nnm undirnishtd jriOOO f u r n i i h c d SK.' on; two hcdrcrtm u n f u r n t i h e r t sr.j.oo itcndlx Icundry nviiUble FOR SALF- .MIRCFI.LAXF.OHS c;it1'- K;incier.~7 "iiVeh WALT BEACH CuaranlMd Watch Repairing IS I. ctnln llml FAYITTIVILLt, ARK. Out 0«r l l c f l i n's Cnfc. H(K^th ."school Strrrl. WA'NTKD": Snloliiily.'" M u l l " lie ik- pcittlabte. P r r f r r xnnir l y p l n f i ' \- prrirncr. O a r d r n h l r r ' s J c w c 1 I" y Store. FOR SALE Who's Who For Service WA1TKKSS ^1 or over Ifir morn _nlil_n_ n c L u x n _ K n l .Shop KAhN"~niiinoy "iirhonip. Tnlf cr p: linn: . W r i t e RDX K - l . -,'1'linrs. ; SAI.I-:SMI-:N WANTEP A BUSINESS "OF YOUR OWN NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED Semi-Truck Loads Quality Consult YOU : classified ' : Service Directory MOHR . . - , n*c« for i p r l n a d c l l v f r y . We ..... ... . CONTACT w i t h in»ny pOMlbli- buy- r r i (!r*lrlnK h; l o r n t O io fl. W. Ar. k n n n n i . Wr w n t i t p r o p r r t l r i Hint h*vr Homr i n l r t rtpptsl »itd Appmrnnc^. nnd nrc r cutty to produce. We IT- l l r v r \vc rnn "fill such tyjir properly wpir for cn»li. Hii( we, fjihnof. ncilhcr tin wr clnlin H* L'ycn : -('ryfnj( lo *cll properly nlnivo 111 Mrllj." tT(titill)' nt tiiiich on it ftktifflrrl h u V ' cr n* well AX iirllrr. It *rtno l i m i t ' fd uprint! p r r p n r n t l o n would h l n d f - r your fllvlnft pmnr.iiilon BOOH, wt r n n ' t h^ip you much nt jrr»cnf. We win I property i h n l we cnn deliver NOW, NEIL SAWREY, BROKER SIANDARD REALTY CO. 2t f.nn Moun'Hln T'hone 9*0--17G5-J GcnrKc M. ivrr.v~.Ior 11 IJrinr 931 Highland Avenue WK 1IAVK Jii«I rccplvi-d n (taricrftux prlcr rrdiM'tton on (hit nptcndld properly, Comnnrc 'hl» w i t h other p r o p e r t y in Ilkr price ranpc. Five rncitn colnnlHl t y p e liununlow. Wnod Imrnlrni [Ircnlitrp--rult pnrrh nrro-n m*l front--Sfrftp.nftrt kttrhcii notch -- Inriji- hfi'onifiil--Biir»j|p. All Hin M i n u t e d on tine corner tot with h c o l t h y liiwii iinil h p n i i t i f u l r e d Ir.ftfcd ninplr ihnrtr irpei. We repent ihr nrlrirRW-9ni H i R h l n n d . Onff nf our very f i n e s t rcfttdntttlM n e l R h - borhoodi. U n i v e r s i t y Hciohts HUSTIC rrch «nd f r a m e cottnce. Jo- Cfllrrl mi f o u r u l l y )ol% Hcntxr in at baclt of tot n w a y from t r a f f i c a n d H f f n M I n K Inritr f r o n t ynrd. Gr;*n. f.hrubbery, roien »n'l ·hmie. A R t l l f work niui .1,1 tn« ciin a d v a n t o t h i » p r o p t r t v i n i o - o n f i of 'be »h"w plncr* of F n y u u v t l l e . Only Jfl^OT for Quirk C»nb ncal. 1^1 u» fcliiiw you PhiiiK- 7M HAMMOND RFAITY CO. Bve Phor." H H M a n u n n n d 1372 J A .i»rvls_1.WOW fHRKE"beriroom"hoVnft w j i h full" b«f* ntcnt. Nnw forced «ir ht;i!lnij s\5- tern. Clone in. Very comfort able home w i t h rnmmcrriiil poicnlifll. WHEELER REALTY CO. O/jrk Theater Bid^. Phono IOK DEALER Ph. ,133 A A A l nriti CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont Colltcl 21S3 FirttteTillt, Arkinm Joplin Rendering Co. DISSTON Chain SAWS 4-9-12 H.P. MERCURY MOTORS PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. . trihiilor over ;i.'i lor t e r r i t o r y shilna of lUionr. Carroll. HeiU Newton, M.idlKon. W H s t i l i i H l o n . Pn| John-ion. K r a n k l i n . Cr.iwiord. Yt- LoRiin. Seb.-tsti.ui e n m i t i e s In A i k . i nm. t-A-cry i n n n t i l n r l i i r e r . I t i n l l l u l And huiliu'N^ b u i l d i n g i« n prii)i- Nn hou^e to-luuiti:: f H n v j i active accounts. F u l l cre orders. Liheriil cnmniiss«(in htiiiusos up to SlI.iiW y c n r l v , dny K v r n i i i K I'dM, N n l l o n i i l MnR:7iiK nnd D l t e c t M : i l l A tlslnj; prod i ir c n i n n y Inqinrics r r s u l t In l i i i t n c d l i i l e lin liu-^i inc hy f l r l d i n n i i i i f t r r Cur rrd Pll'inf M. A. Ccrl nl M o u n t a i n p'nyetifvllie on J a n t i n r v i-'Ktll. rir HOth for .tn InW r v i r w , ^ Treated Dried Corn -\ est to Natural Field, r ,f Dried Corn. LOOVGS oil and pro' r ^. Icins in the corn. Loading t r u c k s ^' until midnight. M- Phone 75 or 503 Dayi, Night-. Phono 96 or 793-L-V/. ONAWA MULING CO. ONAWA, IOWA AI.ICK'S BKAIITV SHOP Nnw up mwn. 7 ' j K M o u n l n m SL A h r r iinrl M a n h B Phone 6:H COLVAnD-S BEAUTY SHOP 201 W Meadow--Phono CW2 Mach tn.30-Ud Cold WAVII 5 up ·M w Dlchann _ 1"S BKAtri'Y SHOP rr.LIABLI WORK H A I M . I N O i n r - WANT iiKht A dlil A l l l f l prc WE PAY CASH FOR DEAD OR CRIPPLED ANIMALS Phon. Cellict 1111 Foytttcvillt Rtndtring Co. SITUATION IVAN'TKI) i r r i f f r i - i l I'hni, WANTKII TO BUY ONK ~lo 1'ncrri. "innll him- hr brtrcAlii. WrMc Hrix K-.'i. Tori TO i:'i ii'diinil iccrii-r if: . . . I :.:.h I /I'll G A L L O N "prdpjinc- I n i i h , W) I'xis BUI. iff mile* Kftit Sprlii H i K h W R V f,H M. A SniMh. H O P K R r i i i i f i c r ' t x c c M e n l cnnil S^riiiri ?l r;t*i Rriclt Sireel DRY SLAB WOOD · Mi i.-. l · Tiini- 1R V . I t . (;i'cnn nay I373J. 1ID.MK SHIIVI1T. INSULATION--W DI-;c:OI:ATINCi--WAL.L.PAPKII V / I N n O W C M i ^ M l N O F u l l y Insured CA|| nr W r l l p I l O t i K K T M. SMITH nrt.lVKHF.n Ir; e t n i l p i n ' - n t . I · » , \ r l l r v i YOU w i l l " tift"" rrl"' 1* .'· "li'itv dr' t 1,1.'W. p. _ W'ANtr.D't otphnn l.i low. A r k . K I T U K R it V l t l r K r n N o r t h \ \ r t t A r k u n . tton *o Qltnn, . I rt Mnrk (ilW I r i v e (o X K C heMrr. niun. H r r you hflvp Irml nf our PHItltiiry f r f l hrollrlt In. r l i v i r t i i r i l l y |).1'ltMI 111 n l A l l l r llflK^ ST'irr. C r n l r r «nfl (.rt-Kd , STOP l i v ' l h p 4-X KrM Slore~«l»l ««'l I *inf nf \\ntff Irmlpr. iilnnip Ptll». t u n y f f r l broiler*. .'.1i- pfmnd, p i l l u p ] in i n r h v M i M l p l H K l I c li.if tlfititv I Inr j i . n r U,rl»r nr l«lil£ I ' h n n r tn , nil inWr»', IIDnr I 1 f.ntl Second filrtft. I ROAD AND DHIVIWAY ORAVEl. - AISO TOP SOIL Phone IT'MJ And 305J ·*%«rvw» MKKVIOK8 SKilVK:l"ft'"r«nfl*re(1 orT'umdl npnTf* Anfi. John Hhnrtfi Appliiince Co, ninrk. Phone "Don t W R I N I 1 YfiHr Hm«t -- tING 24« for WANT ADI." "INSURANCE" SERVICE" Hcillh'bfid Accident ; Wortmoni Compeniotien : Plate' Gloit -Burglary Automobile Polio --_ Poultry Flr« -: Liability Trip-' UTLEY and Company, Inc. Giorgt F. Caudle v t f t Pre»!tl«nl l ln»ur«nc« H. L. Utky J. J. Pmldcnl ' ttcautl Tcliphonr 2203 BENDIX M I R A C U A G I T A T O R W A S H F R - tfB 5 ''I C ASH Nice To Kry( ^ ~" Wonderful - i i l l f l f n e K»iif , u n r n ^ r . I'.trt ir;itlr r-un property or nniiill ( a i m J-^ft. ^'Tlmci __ n "housr a biilhs, rJ'oBfi'.'t SOiHh Collrgf.- p a v e m e n t - xcv/cr p n l f l . 2 room «p^rtnitrill; i com? W S M pvr m o n t h ". irctif KKTKKP iin/l .ihrd room (»nnt\ 'Me tion l»t MxlfiO A rcnuonHhlc pric Addington Real Estate i [[V/IS BROS. CO., IdC. l'h..ilB IOM PI" 1 "' MMW · .. - -.-- ·-** ··s r, c o r. o n r, t · A'* Ihf mv, \h" h-i" )"' rompltlrrt · 1»"« ·" d he «,ii mi MH -Kvr.BY HAY IN Evr.nv WAY BUILDING COST.1 iO H l l i H E R A N D HICIICR' ' 1 I A V K A LOOK! Si I, [rniltlt^r I h h I t r t Invfily licdrooiu, : ~ n i i t l f i . k n c h r n v v i t h i i r , r / i K « - i count I n i n u l y 14 j n n.itcd nn \VM1. i u ri Iftrar. Nil pi . i l h linl-'.r 111 I · llif v.ri'il« inn'y Slt'l- rifftl. mil oilier . |. nrc uniler - f o n t r n l . ' COPPER lor wir- IM «»nut the I I I U I I I?!! lleltlili* "n level well located lot-- KXI \ » H h I.JM .0.. II «f LIVING COMfOBTj ." hviin room xv.'h dlnlnl nmct fcrtJolnlM "J h». «n.1 k n c l i r n nd t*r«l I3M.I1. It, c l a f K r r l - l i i breclcvay. Now let U you R*n :,, I.IH IT. I.IVMII nihiee ln( I' T. n . . ; mi're t i i r k y - viiliorl/cd lo .fll Jil .. . . . . .. C O N V E N T I O N A L OH O. 1. LOAN ·Sr.r. lir.OIU.T. M r K I N N K Y AQCl KEALTOHS I'l-n. :· . . . . »«*«l ....--i--

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