Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 26, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 26, 1952
Page 2
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2--ftt* WWII! AlKANSAt TIMIt, NytitovMt.'ArfcMiMi, S«lur|oy, Jonuery 14, lf» Church News Call To United Christian Youlh Action Will Conclude Youth Week, February 3 Episcopalians Name Members Of Council, Other Officials Little nock-WVArkansns Kplii-|Mr«. Larry McWIIManu, llol copallnn Kxccutlvc Council mem-1 SprinKK, anil Mrs. David Uarlow, hers, collnac truntoM nnd deputies} Jloltna. to the lioston general rmmvenllon i ·· · were named by the (lOlh diocesan' p. i , f\r convenllnn at its clnslnjj «wlon; I/fP5nV|6rV Ul The Call to Unllttt Christian Youth Action which will be hfld in Fayctlevlllp at the Firil Christian Church. February .1, announces n program which will be presenter! nt ":3fl p.m. in the church by the youth of Faycttc- ville. Barbara DiirrrU will lead tlm r.»ll tn worship; Muriel Carter will lead t h e Invocation, a .prayer in unison: Tommy Branisan will lead The Act of Thanksgiving, with the jwponsc by the conurCRntlnn: leader nf the scripture reailinc will be Bctsv BrldciiMinc; Dernlce Parker will give The Act of Confession: "Dear Lord and Father nt Mankind." a hymn of prayer to be sung by the congr'cftillnn; The Assurance l«l by Paula Ann Moore; "United! Committed! In Christ," and interpretation of the Call tn United Christian Youth Action, sivcn by Rosalie Bent. The youth choir, under the direction of Kenneth Osborn, will ·conclsl of young people from cnch Churches' regular series of broarl- Smith, mid the Rev. Hobcrt B. Hall, Eureka Sprin««. Lay members named were Ilrnry Hoyl calls, procrams /or The Call will | Lcsclivilli-, nnd Dr. J. J, Mon/ord, bo hoard as follows: "Columbia Church nf the Air," i n to 10:3(1 a.m., KST, over CBS, Sundav morning; "National Radio I'ulpit." 10 a.m., KST. over NHC, Sunday morning; "Call Roundup," 10:15 to 10:110 p.m., KST nv-r A13C, Tuesday evening; "Youlh Shows the Way." S;30 to 5:45 p.m.. KST, over NHC, S a t u r d a y evening; "Columblfl Church of the Air," 10 to. 10:30 a.m., KST, over CHS, Sunday morning. There are tentative plans fur cucsl appearances nil scvcrfil popular radio pioKiams. There nre t w o parts to UK; overall proKram nf The Call. the Cult , United ChrisUnn l. The is The ihc .summoning of youth,-- natlon-wJdc. The second in United Christian Youth Action which i? dependent upon the success of The Call. art- to enlist COllfilM HI yoiJllK |iv-l'|''v; 11 win u»' u · ij|ivi. n iv. f,i«in m i- n; i.imni, of the rcpfcscniflilvo churchfts, fit.] 1,000,000 young people ami their Paul's Episcopal, Fir* I nnd Centnil ' Presbyterian. Central and Wiggins . Methodist, and churches nf Baldwin. · This Sunday through February 3, in the Nnlionnl Cnunril of. Action. · Specific adult lenders for a cninrniLincnt In Christ, to nbtain a contribution of one dollar from each nnd in secure their participation in a pro- lfr»m nf United Christian Youth Mrs. .1. C. Hair, Cimselt, was mimed trustee of the All-Stales College, Vifksburg, Miss., and \V. Henry Rector of Little Hock was rcrlc'ctpfl a trustee. Clerical deputies to the Boston con vent Ion next September: The Nov. J. MnUgc Alves, L i t t l e Rock, The Hev. T. P. Devlin, Pine Bluff, The Hcv. J. nnyford Mc- Lcitn, KI Dorado, and The Very HPV. Colcsworth P. Lewis, Little At Harrison I.. ay members to the convention: W. I f . DngRult, M a r t a n n a , Peter K. Wfllzck. Crnsscit, V/nynp Upton, Little flock, nnd Babbie Rhodes, HftrriKon. Women's A u x i l i a r y officers: Mrs. Everett Tucker, Little Hock, educational secretary; Mrs. Robert Will, F.I Dorado, united hank offering treasurer, and Mrs. Joe McCalcb, Balosvllte, church periodical club secretary. Members of the auxiliary to attend a t r i - a m n i a l meeting in Boston, in con junction w i t h the convention: Mrs. Eu«ene Warren and Mrs. Kvercll Tucker, both of L i t t l e The Preseb.vtcry of Arkansas Presbyterian Church U.S.A.-met in Harrison at 3 p.m. yesterday in a Pro He Nata meeting. The meeting was attended by the Hev. William K. Gibson, PiT^hytc-rian minister to ! .students at the University, the Rev. Kdward Brubaker, pastor of the C e n t r a l Presbyterian Church, a n d . t h e Rev. Douglas Brewer, pas- .tor of the First Presbyterian Church at Springdalc. Among the action. 1 ; taken at this meeting was the election of Dr, Davis Richardson, head nf mathematics department of the University, and «:Kicr in the Central Presbyterian Church, to ho Presbytery c h a i r m a n of the Building Funds Drive of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. In this d r i v e the church expects tn raise $12.000.000 for capital funds expenditure in the erection nf new churrhcs, nnd the expanding and re-equipping of its 12 seminaries. The drive will take place over a period of 30 month. 1 ;. Doctor Richardson will have charge of raising the quota fnr the fiO churches of the Presbytery of Arkansas. At the meeting the Rev. G. W i l - liam Barnum from Litchficld. Rock, Mrs. Robert Witt, El Dorado,' Minn., and the ficv. William Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend FIRST BAPTIST WALTER l* JOHNSON. PMtof · t:3* a. m SutiOij ikhool JO!55 * · ni. Mornlnt Wonhlp ; 'Tht Sivenlh S«r «:xu p m H*ph»i Tfaminf Union 73" p tn Kventni Wonlitn "The Churrh *t rhll»rtrtpll«" t CENTRAL G' EDWARD HIIUHAKI.H. P»lor Wtlllim E. CJIbton. Minuter to »(u- J.( a. m. Church ttchool 10;50 n. ni M u r n l n i Worililp .Youni People'* Day ' Theme: ''Onllocll commlllfil! In AnWm: "How Bcaulllul art Hit Keel of Them Upon lh« M o u n t a i n ' -Mendolsohn 3;i)fl n, m. High School Westminster r«lli"vsnlp CENTRAL CHRISTIAN rHE» HUCKKl.nunV. Pmim 402 Weft ttwk y t r e e t ll):tMI *. .n Hllile School. 11:00 ft. tn Worship Sfrvtc* Co m mil n Ion Herman PH.'. p in --Youlh M c r l l n K 7:30-- f veil i iu KvuniRlittle S«rv!cr nd Communion 7:30 it. m. Wednetdfuv-- Prayci :4;00 W p, wuhlp m. U n l v r r n J i y W r M m i n n t e r ·t Weilmlniter HOUM rifltT PREIBTTCR1AM JAMES W BUTI.IK. JR., Tutor William K. OlbJOn. Mlnistar lo HU- MS · m Sunday School 1«:U Mornlnf Wrfrahlp Anthem: "He Shull Feed Hli rlnck" iSermoni "The Ixjrd Reslineth" 4:,w p. m. Junior Fellowship . 4:30 p. m. Jr.-HI r«llo«'shli (1:0(1 p.. m WMlmlnnUr Fellowship ·upper «t the SlmlcntCenler Deacons' Mretlni Tuesday «t 730 ST. FAUL'i EPISCOPAL MAK1US J UNDLOKF. Bettor third »unday i f i e r Knlthanr I li'tra a to (lory Contilittlliuil · ' 5:M a. m rurally Servlo* . 11:00 «. m. Morning ,rr«}-«ir. and - »:M 'p. m. Young Churthmcn CENTRAL METHODIST D L OYKKi. JR.. Pastor 9 M a. n«. Collect) cluoeol cones 9:30 «. m. Sunditj School 10.45 « in Morning WciMhm Anthem: "BentMuoeii"--Kv*nB--W. J. ·inotncru, soloist Solo: Mini Inn Weir Sermon: D. L, Dykes. Jr. i.vofl p, m. Dlstrlct-wldft Mass Anthem: "Lit! Un Your Heads"-- Ashfo/d--Ml.ii Id* Weir, «ololit ,vlo' nirhurd Oreer Sermon! Or. Georif S. Ivey Drnadcasl Over KSItH a:00 p in. Wesky i n u n d a t i o n No evtnlni service it 7:30 o'clock FIRST CHRISTIAN ·dur-RT Morrerr, p»mt t;4b Sunday school 10 50 Mornlnr Worshla Youlh Week ServtcB ' Bcrmonellcs: " T h e . . C a l l of My Cliurch"-JJrn Swell: "The tall of the United Church"--Boh Keclfr 6:30 P ni U h r u i m n i u u . i i r e l l o w - ihm nnd Chi nho t'ellnwlhln 7:00 p. m. Film Series: "The Life of 1'nul: The Years Apprenticeship »T. JOHN'S LUTHEMAN Arkansas and UiekMil Tel «1 or 372 KKKDEniCK UUM£. PMIor «:30 a. m. aunil.y Scllonl . in.45 *. ni. Sunday Worahlp Sermon: "Advice From'Hell on MIs- · ifrnt '--Luke 16. 27-31 Anthem: ''The Kln« of Love M Shepherd It"--Shelley. FIRST CHURCH Of-CHBI»T, SCIENTIST ·;;. ··-·-, 9:30 a. 111 Sunday School -» I!:M a m. Sunday Service «:4S p. m. KGItH Sunday Radio Wednesday, 7.« p. in., miL-llltl. fleadlns Room In church open each JaJ- except Sunday and holidays. T GREENLAND CHUhCH OF CHRIST OBIS SALVER. Mlntsltl 10.00 a m C'huirh school. 11:00 a m Sermon it 45 a m Communion Servlrt. 7.3(1 p m Sonic Service and t) Rtudy ·T. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATIlEn COWARD II MALOY Pallor Sunday Ma»^el K Ofl and 10 on a. m Thuraday, 1:30 p. m Novcna Manei. Devntions Weekday Mask, Monday through Friday, 7 Balurday Ma»». 7 Wi a an. rtril Kriflay Mam, 1:0(1 a. m. rirat Satlirda Ua*. a m. Confession*: 7:00 to 1.00 p m and before all Masses CHURCH OF CHRIST FRED McCLUNG. Minister Weil Center ana Nortn Locu§1 ;(! A. m Bible aludy. 10,» H m Morning Wnrihlp ·Vrmon; "Hi Asked Theie Q»f« tioni" 7:00 p. m. Clauea · 7-30 p m Womhip Service Strmon; "Tak« Heed, l-nt Ye Fall" 0.30 a. m, Wedneidiy. l.ndiri limit 7-34 p m Wcdneaday. P r a y e r MteUnf and Siblt Study (or all agei ·4- WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH Oamt room Student Union. 11 a. m. Sunday School )0.,10 a in. JEHOVAH'S CroM Urui H . WcdneitlHi 1 , 7:30 p in Hook Study. ervice mccllni. Theormtia Min W d l f h l o \ v r r 3rd Fluor Red CroM Urui HIt)|. i 1 , 7:30 p in Ho . Friday, 7:30 p. in. Service mccllni. , . Friday, *:*!. p. itry Sc'hoot Sunday, ,1:00 n. Study CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE J. G. connr.LL, Pastor South Locust Slrcel t:4!i a, in. Siindny School 11:00 a. in. Morning Worship 6:30 p. m. N. Y, P, S. Prayer Mrcl- Ing ! f:4S p. in. N. Y. P. S. Prnrrnin fi:45 p. in. A d u l t prayer Band 7::to p. m. Evangelistic Service Wedneaday, 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meat' Ing Thursday, 7:00 p. m.. Visitation Blpllsi Ford Community Church rirst Sunday 11:00 a. m. Rev Dean Parker Second Sunday ll'OQ a. tn, Rav. O. H. l.auikThack Third Sunday 11:00 a. m. Rev. Charles Anderaosi Fourth Sunday: 11:00 a. m Key. V. C. Erwln 10:00 «. m. Kach Sunday. Sundny School + WEDINCTON METHODIST CHURCH A L. RIGGS, I'astor 10:00 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. ni. Preaching Services on Fnurlh and KlUh Sundays CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BILL BARNES, Paslor t07 Douglas Street US a. m Sunday School. 7:00 p. m. Kvenlng Worship. -t- WEST FORK BAPTIST R. II. RKKL), Pastor »:4!i a 111. Sunday Schoul'. 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship. 1:30 p. m Hapllsl Tr.ili.ins Union 7:30 p m Evening Worship + BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH HOY W tlEEU, Pnslor 031 Mission Slrcel a:U a. m Sunday School 11:00 a. m Morning Worship. r,:30 p. m Training Union 7:30 p m. Evening Service ELK1NS COMMUNITY C H U R C H , LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH /AMF.S K - CARTER. S u p c r l n l e n d t n t 10:00 a m Sunday School SECOND BAPTIST N V DRAKE. I*aaU-r 9;4! a m .Sunday !rhoot. 10.4:i it in M o r n i n g U'unhlp. 7.00 p m Kvcnlng Wurihlp. Wedneiday. 8 p m. iTaicr fctrvice WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD U R A N H A M nnrt S'l EKLK. P n » l n r a fl:4."i a m. Sunday School 11:00 Murnlnii Worship 0:30 p. in. Christ Amhatsartur Service fi:ntl p. m. Junior C. A. 'Service 7:3!i p. ni. tc Service Wcdnc*dny nt 7:30 p. m.-- Prayer Meeting and Bible aludy BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH I'Miitra-Hcv. Olha Tackttt and Rev. Hex Morgan 10:00 a. m. Sunday Schuol Jl:00 a. m.. Sermon 7:.lO p. lii. Evening Service fi.Ofl p. m Frtclny night. Bitite t t u d y and pr»yer meeting + WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST A R N O L D SIMPSON. Pastor South Church und Third Strecta 9. 3 a. m. Church School 11:00 a. tn. Morning Worship (":.'! 0 p. m^ Youth Feltowihlp 7:30 p m t'vcninf Worship ChrlitniNa Sctnca-- Wrilw Choir of Central Methodlsl, Jack W i n v g a r l , di- rcclor ' WEST FORK CHRISTIAN J O H N ASUF.Ll,. Mn Midweek day p. in . Pray** 1 bcrvlco-- Wcdnck- 7 CENTRAL BAPTlftr JACK DEAN. Paiior I.4.S a m Sunday School 10:30 n m Morning Worship. 7:00 p m Baptist Trntnini Courie. *:0fl p m Evening Worthip 11:00 p. m Wedneaday, Prayer aer- vice. · + FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY t; IB its. P A »U: 10:00 * m Sunday Schuol. 11:00 a in PrcNchinK 7:li p m Cvniifcllalic nervtce. Wednririay, 1:30 p m Midweek Prayer Service Friday. 7:50 p m PYPA Servi-« + BLACK OAE BAPTIST tluWAtin P H I C H A K U l'«Mnr 10:00 x m SutuUy Srliool 11 W * m Preaching Service 7:00 p m Tratnlng Union « 00 p m P r e a c h i n g Service Thurtday 7:30 p m Prajer meeting ·f GOSHEN METHODIST S M. YANCEY. l»a«tor 10.00 a m Sunday Scnool, 11O» a in Morning Wonhlp 7:00" 'p . ni. livening Worship KAYETTEVILLE BIBi.E MISSION «)0 BLOCK SOUTH CULL.LUL I n t v r d e i i o i n l n n l l n n a l HOMf.R WrtUTTKT. Paalor IMi a 01 .Sunday hen DDL 11:00 a m Murnins Worihip fi.)^ n. m Young Ptoplr* Snrvlcei 7 00 p in. t v a i i R p l t s t i c Service.. J u n i o r Choir wi.I meet S a t v i i d M y at ^ P m Wfitnrsiliiy, 7.30 p m , Prayer Meeting SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST Uli' F. M O l U i A N , PAstoi A R L I r l MOSTKLLKR. A s M % t n n t Pallor 10.00 a m Siniilay School 7:30 p m E v a n R c h t t i c MtrtiaRe W f d n e i d a y prayer meeting at 7.30 p m. HIQHLAND COMMUNITY 10:34 i. m Sunday Hchool. 11:11 a. m M o r n i n g Wonhip. Wrdneida/ night, 7:3(1 p. m.. Prayer i«rvlc*a. .'onimunion Preaching Church School m. Morning Worship and every [Irit and third JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHRIST BILL K SMITH. Minister lfl:(«t n in. liibli! Study JO..M) a tn WuiKhlp Service fi:30 p. in. Young Tropic '» CUiies 7:311 p m Worship Servic JKSSE C. COLKMAN. Pastor Hl:(]t ll:(ln fi:.TO p 7:30 p. . Sunday School in. Morning Worship m. Training Union m. Evening Worship CENTRAL ASSEMBLY CHURCH ll.lll South H i l t Street BERYL E. BETH. Pastor 9:Ii a. m. Sunday School 2:00 p. m. Deliverance Messnfe and Prayer 7:30 p. rn. KvaiigHliitif! Survtrn Wednesday. Tarrying m. S a t u r d a y , Trstlmonial 7:30 p. Services 7:30 p. Service WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BHKWEn. PaMor rint Aftri TftErrf ii»n«ayi Sunday School 9:30 » m Cvening Worship 7:30 p m. »* o.if Ana 1 r«urtN ftuitdayi Morning Worship 9:30 a. m. Sunday School 10:30 n m. Evening Worahlp 7:30 p. m. -f WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 n in. Mornlnt worship Rev. John Ashell. Second Sunday GDSHEN CHURCH OF THE NA2ARENC CARL FIEDLER. Pastor 10:M n. i,. Sunday school. 11-Oft «. m Wonhip Service. 7:30 p. m Wort hip Service*. + SYCAMORE BAPTIST CHUHCH Whrrler. Am. E M TETER. Pailor 10:00 fl m. Sunday School 10:4.") a. m. Morning Worihip 7:00 p. m. Baptist Training Union p. m. Evening Worahl Wednesday 7:50 p. ·ervtce. Mitchell of Chlcka.ihn, Olili., w«« received into the membership of the Presbytery and handed the officially approved calls to become pastors of the f^urelui Springs arid Harrison Presbyterian churches respectively. Property matters o' the National Missions Committee were acted upon. The Presbytery adjourned at S p.m. for dinner, then divided into two sections with one group of ministers remaining at Harrison and the other driving to Eureka Springs officially lo install Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Uarnum as ministers of those churches. Mr. Brubaker preached the sermon at Harrison. Other ministers of the Presbytery propounded the constitutional iiuestions to ministers and congregation and gave the to the pastor and to the congregation. Lutheran Women Name Officers For The Year The f.ulhcmn Women's Missionary League of St. John's Lutheran Church met Monday nipht in the Student Center with hostesses, Mrs. -/. W. Thomas and Mrs. A. J, Peterson. Elect km of officers was held /or group two as follows; Mrs. R. L. Jcskc, prcsidertt; Mrs, A, J. Peterson, vice-president; Mrs, F. Gumz, secretary; Mrs. Frank Critic, treasurer. Officers elected by jtroup one, January R, were Mrs. Alfred Lussky, presidrnt; Mrs. R. Gnomes, vice-president; Mrs. Cecil Myers, treasurer. A committee was appointed to organize a nursery in the Studenl Center, which will be open rlurinj: the Sunday worship service. The two jrroups plan several projects one of which is a rummage sale to be held March R, i Berean Class Organized At Central Christian The Adult Bible Class of Hi* Rock Street New Testament Church (Central Christian) met at the F. A. Davis home Thursday night »nd organized under the name of the Berean Class. Officers chosen were Mrs. W. E. Mcloney, president; .1. W. Davis, vice president; Mrs. Mamie Davis, sccrelary-trc'asurer, and M r s . Grace Kecse Adkins, reporter. Sixteen members of the class were present, four guests, and Mrs. Marry Courtney, teacher. A social hour followed the business meeting, and refreshments were served. Free Will Baptists ^| Organize New Church ,, , -., . . J i Fifteen Free Will Baptist mot at K . r " U ". r :" m I" S . a -. U , n .'l!, r i a . n ChUCCh Noel Easterly's G.ri,« in Hunts- Tulxa, Okla., will pre«ch to members of th« Unitarian Fellowihip tomorrow at thfir regular -meeting In the Game Room of the Student Union. His topic will be 'Which God Do We Serve?" and he will take his text from 1 Kings. Professor Melekian was formerly teacher of speech at Tulsa university anrt preaches frequently at All Souls U n i t a r i a n church in Tul- j sa. and before members of Stillwater Unitarian Fellowship He will be atTompaWd by who \vill conduct services. The meeting will begin a t , 1 1 a. m. with church school at the same hour. Ralph C. Barnhart is prcsi- dent of the local fellowship a n d ! """" Harold D. lla'ntz heads the pro- 1 """ 13 gram committee. i. *·, r,.«« it ' in u · I T e l c c Robinson, »f group four, Mrs. Flynn O'Malley will be in hoslcMCS sn d «rv«i refresh- charge of the music. 1 he prosram b| decol ., ted w i t h ?£ h ^.r C cX d 'C'r' t^ i · -V^ntine_ motif. lesson is given there will be a pe- ! --,, . . - «- , riod of open discussion for t h e ! Llll'lStiaH LCIUlCrS To Convene At Columbus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio--The leadership that plans and directs Chris- lian education for 27,000,0110 American children in Sunday, weekday nnd vacation classes w i l l assemble here February 10-lfi /or villc last Saturday ni^ht and organized a new church. Young People To Conduct Church Service This Sunday the morning worship service at Centra) Presbyterian Church will be conducted in its entirety by the young people of the church. The service will be on the theme, "United! Committed! in Christ." The last Sunday in J a n u a r y is observed by most Presbyterian Churches USA and several other denominations j * as the day when the young people occupy the "center of the stage." Marcia Vcak will give the Call j the a n n u a l meeting of the Division of the ·Hie, Rev. Torn Day, Hinds- | ,,,"chri's't In Tno"u"s.A. e Ministers helping in the orsan-j , ion ,,, chris(i! , n Eriuc; ration were Kcv. Cecil Garrison, N a t ional Council of th Huntsvillc, Rev. Torn Day, Hinds- L, Christ j n lt]0 U S A vine and Rev. Georsc Lynch.| Somc , 500 u s anrt Canadian Reverend Garrison was called as imchcrfi ,. eliiiious education di- pastor. . , , , . , , · ! rectors, pastors, editors a n d other Deacons are Noel rjistcrlmg. i pl . ofC5siona | s , rom more than 50 BHIarrt Reeves. Eli Jones and Ku- protCEtant denominations are ex- trcne Stamps. Mrs. Hazel Kastcr- linj; was elected church clerk nnd Mrs. Pearl Garrison ns treasurer. Ground has been given for the church and plans arc being made to erect a new building. T. E. L. Class Meets At First Baptist pectcd at the week-long meeting, it was announced by Dr. Hoy G. Ross. Doctor Ross, of New York City, is associate general . secretary of the National Council and executive secretary of the division. With the theme of "The Word of Life: Know It, Live It, Share It," the gathering will emphasize the The T.F..L. Sunday School Class i teaching of the Bible Doctor Ross The next meeting will he held February M, at the home of Mrs. Gertrude Roderick. Unitarian Fellowship To Hear Prof. Melekian Professor B. K. Mclckian tn Worship, Invocation, and Benediction. Marvcylne Rise will read the Scripture, and Harold Doorcn- bos will lead the pastoral prayer. The talks will be given hy two high school seniors. Pat Ambrose and Tommy Branigan. The talks will be built on the theme of the day with Pat Ambrose taking up · the personal side of commitment j to Christ and Tommy Branigan ' speaking about the outward results of commitment. This service begins Youth Week ] throughout t h e nation which will be concluded February 3, with \ the United Christian Youth Movement mass meeting in the evening a t t h e F i r s t C h r i s t i a n ! Church. | Kenneth Osbornc will play . "Pracludin" by G u i l m a n t as fhc I prelude, and "Sinfonia" by Bach, : as the offertory. The choir will sing "How Lovely are Thy Messengers" from Mendelssohn's ora- j lorio, "St. Paul." | W.S.C.S. To Study j Book Of Acts j The W.S.C.S. Study Course nn I the Book of Acts will begin Won- | dav at 1:30 p. m., in Wesley Hail, i Mrs. R. K. Bent and Mrs. Earl : Brown will be in charge of the j of the First Baptist Church had its regular monthly business and social meeting Thursday afternoon In the Prayer Room nt the church. There were 20 members present, three visitors, and the teacher, Mrs. Homer Pr.irpon. Mrs. K. H. Clinchcris and Mrs. her 30. said, and will highlight the completion this year of the Revised Standard of the Holy Bib]p. The Now Testament was completed in J945 and published in 1946, and the Old Testament, completed'last fall, will be off the press Scptem- entire study course, which will ; continue on February 4, February ', 18, and February'25. j First session of the study is en- | titled Pentecost. Mrs. Carl Own- | o! boy will have the devotional and To any man who will open the door He promises to come in and thert abide. IT'S YOUR INVITATION-COME SUNDAY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter L. Johnion, Paitor "THE SEVENTH SEAL" Morning Wonhip Hour 10:55 (Broadcast over Station KGRH) Sunday School 9:30 "THE CHURCH AT PHILADELPHIA" Evening Worship Hour 7:30 Training Union 6:15 The Nursery is open at all services WELCOME I'onh in n.. Mid-week; Pr p. m. Me ting Wcdnrsdny *t 7:30 SON'S CHAPEL MILES CAS'UON H I G H W A Y ** ·J .10 n in Sun-Jny School Suicrtnlcmltfnl--Turner Brown. Auxiliary everj- tourtb Muiidiy 1:00 m. FAHMINGTON BAPTIST U. M KKK1S. Pimlor 1J;lilt » ni SuiuiBi Schuol a in Morning Worship fi:.1li p. ni. On pt is I Tralninc V ' n i o n 7:30 p. in. KvanRclislk 1 Service Wednesday 7:30 p. in. Prayer Mcel- FARMINGTON METHODIST A ,, IUGCS Pnslor 10:M A m Similar Sclmo; 11:00 n in. nnri 7:"D p. in. Prcachliif Srrvti'C- on Kint. Second nnd Third Sundays -+NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD SAMUKI. K B1UJCK, Pnntfir 10:00 « m Sundiy School 11:00 11 in tJcriimn 7:3*1 P m. Evnrificlimc bcrvirc. Tuciriar. Young People'i C. A Services. 7:30 p m tfndny. Prayir Service, I S p in P A R K S D A L K BAPTIST I . K N N M l IMVIi,, I'.iHitr AR1.EN MOSTKU.AR. A * i * t n n t Prt-ilor 10:00 .1 m Suiulny School. 7:.10 p rn KvanjCrllxllc Mc»m* Wednciriny. 7:80 p m Prayer Meeting I'ruta.T. 7:30 p m. Youni People i nice Una. 4- JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH K M M K i l J K . Pnslor ID.mi A in tiunUn.v Sctiooi I I . f l u M m SVorthtp Servicr* 7 (Mi p in Trflining Union 8 (V) p in KvjinKclitlK' Service* S (Ki p. m Kvriunc Service Wcdni-jfUiy 7;;«t p m.. Prayer Mcci- m»i SEVENTH DAY ADVENTUT JI SOliTH STREET S A T U R D A Y . 10.00 n ni Sithhnlh School ll;0fl n ni Church Service Tucudiiy 7.30 p in Prayer meetlnt SALEM MISSIOMARY BAPTIST W R tiHAHP. Piixior Six Mill* n n r i h w f l U 10.00 » in, Siindfiy School ll:fK) n. m. M or nine Worihip 7;.10 p m F.vrnlni Wnrihip WrdiiffSflay. 7:30 p. m., P r · y « MrelliK CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M K H FI.KTrilFn. Klrter S t u d e n t Union hint Kx»m 10:30 *. m Sunday School. CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 613 SouIh Cnllcte H. L DAYLEtiS. Hiisior 9.4J n. m Sundny School. 11 :ffli ij. m Mornlnf Worihip S:30 p. m Y n u n g People'! m^ltinf. 7:,10 p m Evangelistic Servlcs 7:30 p m. Thursday, Prayer meet- CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Maple and Weal Streets KLDKR A. D. STUCKEY. Pastor ·:4j «. n-. Sundf,y Si-hooi l l : I M l * m. M o r n i n n Worship I Sermon: Elder Clyde Leslie. Slate I Missionary of the Missionary Baptist \ Ansnrlnlion fi.30 p. m Training Service 7:30 p in Evening Worship Sermon: Elder Lenlte Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Prayer Service -*IMMANUEL BAPTIS'l CHURCH G W MORRISON. Pastor Cornrr Duncan and Slon« ?MO H. m Sunday School IR'S.S Morning Wor«nip fi'I.S Rapiijt Training Union 7:,io F.venlng Worihip Wedncartay, 8 p. m.. Pr 4- FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONAI.U W A L K E R . Pailor 9;4:\ n m Sunday School. ll.oo R m Preaching. fi:oo p m Y. P Claw. 7:30 p m. EvmgellstJc ServlcM. i:,tO p m Trlday, Bible »turiy 7:30 p m. Tuciday, C. A. wrvlc* rayer Service O A K L A N D BAPTIST (Six Miiei Normeait) I. S WHITELEY. P«lor )o:0(i «. m Sunday School. 11:00 x m Morning Wonhip. 7:^0 p m HYPTC *·. "0 p m Kvcni ng Wor i h I p Wednesday. 7:30 p. m Prayer meet- PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER -lESSKR. Pastor i H i g h w k v i| WMt) t(l:00 a m Sunday School. 11. Oil a m M n r n t n x Worihip. fi'30 p m Training Union p m Kvangelistic Service Thursany, 7:30 p m.. Prayer M c f t - G R E E N L A N D COMMUNITY ROBERT P A R K E R Paitoi !»:4.S ji m Sundny School I I . Ml a m Morning Worihip Thursday 7.70 p m., midweek *erv- ivet led by tlit Rev Jack Taylor. + APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NtxiLA MOORE. Pna'or H l R h w a y 71 South 10:00 a m Sunday .School lt:(W a m Morning Srrvir* 7: HO p m Cvungenitlc Service Wednesday, 7:, 10 p. m.. Mid week ·ervlci 4- ST. JAMES SAPT1ST (NtffTfl J W WEBB Pastor 10.10 ii m Sunday School 1l:.tft a m Moriilng Wonhip. S Ofl p m Young People · menllng k-flii p m Evangelistic .Vrvle* -t- fiT. JAMES METHODIST (Ntfrol A I. n U C H A N A N Paitor 9M\ a m Sunday School n in Morning Worship *:4.s p m Vmiih Fellowship. 7:00 p m Night BtrtlCM ; As A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule ·Arkansas Western Gas Co, tBoston Store ·Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-Bell · Foyetteville Drug Store ·Hatfteld Pontiac Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozork Grocer Co, ·J C Penney Co. ·W, 6, Shipley Baking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vicktr's, Inc. · Whiffitld Motor Ca THE METHODIST CHURCHES OF THE Fayetteville District Invite You TO ATTEND THE MASS MEETING SUNDAY, JANUARY 27th, 3:00 P.M. CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Dr. George S. Ivey Vice-President of Centenary College Shreveport, Louisiana

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