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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 26, 1952
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tHt PUBLIC INTEREST ft THE FIRST CONCERN Of THIS NEWSPAPER , 0\ Jftntljtoetf AuociaUd Pint Leased Wir* AP, King and NEA Feature* IOCAI WMCAST-- ' . Fayetleviile and vicinity partfj cloudy and continued warm, cool- rr Lonlsht and tomorrow, temper- sliircs from 70 lo 33 degrees. Possible showers tonight and tomorrow. inch temperature yr.stcrdaj ·71; low flli; 11 a. m. today 70. Sun- risr 7:22; sunset 5:.18. VOLUME 90, NUMBER 157 FAVETTEVILIE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 2*, 1952 PRICE fIVI Split Between Egypt And Britain Expected ^^ IT _. _, ._ , I*^.T ...» ,-- t -- »u L i f * /»! . i\ j 1\A/:J« \/«^;«K, ^ l).*l n»A.t*4u {A|«( TA Milan And fAmnanv I n.l!.. fL.**!, Variofu flf Woaihor PvnbrionrorJ Hnrinn ! rlUUi III vOll U Chinese Reds Re-Take Hill From Allies Heavy Artillery And Mortar Fire Used By Enemy Seoul, Korca-l/Pl-Counlcr-at- tacking Chinese Tlcds early loday drove Allied troops off a West Korean hill captured the night before. Two Chinese companies--about 300 iron--surged back up Ihe hill wilh heavy support of artillery, mortars and machine guns. Thc hill is west of Yon;hon, a town seven miles north of parallel 38 and about 35 miles north of Seoul. Friday, n i g h t , an Allied'attack-^ ing force charged up the hciqbp nnri overcome moderalc resist-. Bncc. Later that nifiht thc Cbin- i»se Reds opened fire wilh artillery, mortars and small arms, and the upper 60s.- then struck with i n f a n t r y . : For 30 minutes, thc Allied dc-i fenders battled Ihe Keds b e f o r e ; 'Wide Variety : Reed Property SoldTolltley And Company i Police Check Variety Of Weather Experienced During Of Weather' On Bid Of $25 r 5W; Johnson Buys One Lot *-..... r......... 1951, Report Of Observer Ford Shows; Over Nation Chicago-(/P)-Thcre w;is fi wide variety of weather in the nation loday: Rain, snow and sleet; mild and cold ai'as. Rain pelted areas from thc Eastern Great Lakes Region and the Middle Ohio valley eastward lo the North Atlantic and New England states. Rain also fell along Ihc Pacific Coast from Ccn- Iral California lo Washington. Some -freezing rain and yjcct was reported in Western New York. Snow fell in Northern New England. It continued cold over the Northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley region. H was almost summer-like weather from Texas and the Gulf Slates northeastward to the Middle Atlantic States and the Eastern Great Lakes region. Contrasting temperatures today: j 9 below zero in Williston, N. D., and 72 in Fort Smith, Ark. U was 04 yesterday in Fort Worth. Texas, and Oklahoma City's 77 was a record for Ihc date. Highs in Oklahoma ranged from 80 to pulling off anrl heading back lo | base shortly after midnighi. .lets Active · In the air, U. S. Sabre jets sped deep into North Korea Saturday hut found no Red MIG's during the morning hours willing to resume sky fights. The U. S. Fifth Air Force ;in- nouncerl Saturday t h a t Red pilots failed to down a single American piano in n i r - t b - a i r combat during that, period of January 1D-2j. During thai period, 15 MIC's were downed, two more probably dc- ·tmyed and five damaged. The Fifth did disclose the loss nf three F-84 Thundcrjcls and an F-80 Shooting Star jet to Red anti-aircraft fire. The Allied Air Force, pressing "opentling strangle," cut Red rail ·upply lines in GOO places d u r i n g the period and knocked out least 720 vehicles in attacks road convoys. ' ' Area Methodist Meeting Slated; Ivey To Speak Results Of Mission Announced; Many A piece of properly belonging to Ihe Una X. Reed cslale at thc corner of Dickson and GrcgS was i'old yesterday at auction at the courthouse to Utley and Company on a bid of 525,500-- the only bid offered. The property includes nine lols-with a 200-foot frontage on Dickson and runnins 278 feet on Grcgr,. Included is thc old Reed home, one ol the landmarks of this community. Charles W. Atkinson, lav.'yer for Ihe estate, offerer! the property at auction. A Rroup of about 20 men and women were present for thc sale. I'drsonal effects are being sold separately. H. L. Utlcy said a f t e r Hie purchase t h a t he has no plans at thc present for developing the prop- ertv. A lot to the north of the property, 50 by 130 feet, was purchased by Kinlcy Johnson on a bid of S7SO. and Johnson also purchased for S100 any interest the Reed estate may have in an alley which separates the Iwo pieces of property which were sold. The Reed home, wai' built in lBc.2 and was used as a hospital for ihc soldiers during the Civil war. Fay Heed, who was present at thc auction, remembers their neighbor. Dr. Andrew S. GrcsK. telling of the times that hc wcnl lo thc home lo s c l l p l e s and sandwiches to Ihc soldiers. Col. George W. M. P.ccd bought the home in 1864 with five and one-half acres'of land. liecd had Charles Dolt a D u t c h m a n , liuild the stone wall and pale posts many years ago. The magnolia tree thai j stands in front of thc house is 56 years old. Thc Reed f a m i l y consisted of four bovs and four girls, all of whom attended Ihc University. Thc four older children. MaSEic, John, Liha and Gcnrijc all graduated wilh highest honors. Miss Una X. Reed, .who died last year, was the lasl member of t h e family In reside there. K , *» . i u\, \\\\i\j\\ vi vuji/i f i i v i u J I I U M J , Keport lemetery I Growing Season Of 192 Days Recorded Is Disturbed Grave Markers Are Found Moved And Stone Crushed Kurclta, UI,ih-'/l'l-"We l«uc nu The nulslandiiU! features of HIP ] ninnc.v, nn reserves and no equip- yesterday afternoon to weather d u r i n g the yenr. as niil-:. n enl to help ur. This Is li« worst i " r -T'; 1 1, , R '' a v c s llined by Ford, Inch-ded: The rleel blimrrt we've ever had," M^v,,r been disturbed s j o r m of F( , brui ,,.,. H ; ,, cnW Al) . M a v n n n | Cn , l)in r i l i r t ,,,, |nv .,,,,,,. Sloyngs In Tennessee Have Trenton Area In Turmoil Trenton, Tcnn.-(/i'i-A series of* IhrcateninE notes has cast a pall | of fear and resllcssncss over this ] Wer.t Tennessee town of 3.300 persons, scene of a double playing J a n u a r y 17. At least two persons have re- | reived menacing notes and a t h i r d j a "peculiar" telephone call since j the bodies of a 28-year-old prominent Trenton man and a divorced . j , , . ,, , waitress were found In a secluded Memberships Keported "lovers lane" .lanuary 18. ! Bigson County Sheriff Dock A Methodist ^vaiiRjIislic Mis- Garrison said Robert Hays Phclan sion, under way for a week, will j It ant | Mrs Kathleen Wilson Mc- conclude its prosram tomorrow · ^^ 25 wc .,.p slain. Garrison said German Aces May Be Called Plon Would Use Former Fliers a t . Chinese Blasts Yalta Decision Tells U. N. Pact Was "Disastrous" wilh -A mass meeting at the Cen- Iral Methodist Church here, Marting at 3 o'clock. A total nltcnd- ancc nf 1(3,025 in Ihc district through last night, has been announced. One thousand. 27S rcprescnta- l i vcs of the Methodist churches in the district have 2,224 visitations during the week. A number of new members have been announced as a of the campaign. They arc: Faycttcvillc Central Methodist, 92 first decisions and 113 transfers from other Methodist churches. Wicpins Memorial Methodist, H first decisions and nine irans- ' fcrs. Paris-i/P) - Nationalist China's! Springdalc Methodist churchc*, chief United Nations delegate, T.. five first decisions and 2f) Irans- F. Tsians, declared today Ihc Yal- f c rs. ta agreement was a "disastrous i Other McthdUL churches in mistake" and thc late President '· Washington County, 294 first de- Roosevelt's part in it i? "hard to cisions and 270 transfers, ·xnlain or justify." I L) r , Gcnrpe S. Ivcy, vice presi- The apreemcnl Inouchl Russia , d c n t of centenary College, will be Inlo the war ngainsl Japan in ex-: the sp cakcr for the meeting to- change for pivinjr Russia islands,; morrow afternoon, nepresenta- ports and « dominant position jni|; v c s o f a ]j Methodist churches in East Asia which she had lost i " i _ t h e district will attend. the 1J104 war with Japan. .-- -Tiie agreement was made among i ( |flst n j g h t l h a t \villiam B. K i n g of Bonn, Gnrmany-(/lV Some n( Hermann Goerins's German air aces and L u f t w a f f e planners arc trees nn lo he drawn out of their postwar j ccmctcr." Cily police wcro called to thc Oak tNVijro 1 cemetery in South Fayclcvillc yesterday afternoon tn invcsti^ale there had 1. This morninp Coroner Kdmond Watson Kchedulcd an inspection Irip lo the cemetery to make his own check of thc graves. The danifiie to thc cemetery apparently occurred yesterday, on Ihe eastern side of the cemetery. Officers yesterday found thai trees had been' uprooted either in or iiear the eastern edge of Ihc eeme- lery. A bulldozer or similar machine had peeled or leveled nn area about 100 feet lonp, in t w o parallel strips r u n n i n g from north lo south. Tread marks were visible. Apparently the m a c h i n e sliced layers of soil off the tops of at least six nr seven grave*. Two stone crave markers, a third nit stone bearing nn inscription, and four metal markers were found in the debris raised hy the 'dozer. One of Ihe stones had been crushed; some of Ihc-metal m a r k | TS were pressed into, the ground. No one was at thc scene when Fayettc\ illc's thermomolers got* a real workoul in 19"il, s i n k i n g t o : a low of minus four and rising loj » hi"h of 102 degrees as thc wca-' thcr ran thc g a m u t of ice and sleet storms lo a mid-Mimincr heal \vavc. Theso facts were revealed in thc animal weather report made by Charles Ford, observer for .the U. S. Weather Bureau. Worst Brings State Of Emergency Order HI; a cool and wet June; the heal wave of late Aupust and early September; snow storms In No- the Town Council dorUrcfl H of enicrKcucy in this snow-dogRO'i c o m m u n i t y . The hiah read nig was Ihe first police arrived yesterday afternoon,] above i n n dcRrccfi since Scptcm- aiiri tbo bulldozer was tint at i h c i her nf IfM7. scene. Earlier in the afternoon, prtrlplUtlon Ahovf Normal _., t , . . . . 7 hft tota! nrot-ipMnUon for Ihe vombnr; and a growing ^ason o f | The Council last nl?h( nppwlcri 19:? days. s tn Gov. .J. Bracken Lee (or n t n t o Tiie average nnnmt! tempera- aid.- White Micro seemed lo be nn ture for the yt'ar was SR.3 degrees, j immcdinlc rlanrcr for the tov/n's or one hclow nnrntnl. The cnlrlcsl month WPS J a n u a r y , with an average temperature of 38.1 degrees. Th* warmest month wan August w i l h an average BO.fl, T,he extremes for the year nc- cuiTcd on February 2 when thr low, of minus four was recorded, and on August .11 when t h e Htrh of 102 decrees was recorder*. Thr sub-7.cro temperature In February was the first for (his month since Ifl3fi. but marked . Ihc f i f l h consecutive yenr l h a t sub-normal temperatures have hern recorded. . , however, I I M t S reporters talked i In a man at thc cemetery whn nald I he was opening un a street-- Grcsc was 50. 1 A iiu-hcs, nr 1.7R in- Avenue-- alonR the cast cdsc of i Hies above normal. Snowfall for the National and Negro cemeteries, j the year amounted tn 1D.R inches He said he owned Ihe properly i n ; which is -nearly twier the nortnnl the neighborhood and mission of those in cemetery to had per- the I amount. Monilly rainfall 1.000 iMtir.rnf. there may br a fuel find i'ood shortage if highways and the mil rood I n t o I own nrc not opened. Schools were clo.-ed yesterday. State Group To Start Poultry Breeding Farm Association Buys Property; McClung To Conduct Research Tho Arkiin^ns Knrmcrs A^soc- thc cast side of t h e i r ' forced retirement under secret Trenton, correspondent for llic Memphis Commercial Appeal, lonnd n pciielled-scribbled note on his front porch, warning liipi ",V.ou hart better forget all this newspaper stuff. You asked too many j fi) , hlcrS| fjqhter-bombers, and i c- nuestions people Ret there fecimgE l connais5 . mcc p |., ncs _ Thp G(r . hurt easy. This is no joke. . nlil|ls W ,, H ] ( | no t l,c allowed tn p r o m i n e n t , )HV( . | ong . ranK c bombers, tliey today. Mayor Powell M. Rhna said to- plans for a new German Air Force Ot 1,500 planes. A u t h o r i t a t i v e sources said last I day. as far as he knows no per- night the plans call for the Unllert I mission has been Rranted to open States to supply the aircraft--.ict j the .street. rcmhcr to 11.35 inches in .June, The number of flays wilh f Ownership of Ihe cemetery ] temperature 1 m a x i m u m 'of nn de- property could not be determined ! crcrn or more. 00; 32 dcifrccs 01 ' lower. !fj; a m i n i m u m of n de- mbers y 0une Trenton married woman re- | ^^ · rcsu " . iiortcd cctlinif a "peculiar" call ! ' ^'^ i Thursday. The woman's name anrl , The blueprints were drawn up Ricchmarshal Major, Gunman Exchange Fire In Holdup Attempt .,,,,,,« of the CH,, wo,, no, di»- ^[^V-dS by former Co,. clo? A r l u r Eschcnaucr, under Iho ili- Nolp Receivrd rcclion of Defense Commissioner Al an Inquopt the day a f t e r the fhoorlor Blank. hndios were found, Coroner Hob- j « crt O. r.vhas fairt Mrs. Vcrnon ; Turner, who lives half a m i l e from . thc murder scene, cot a threaten- · inc note. It. too, was scrawled . - ., - r . outinpenoi i Call Out Engines Pybas said thc note rend: " I ' l l Ect you, too. like 1 did Tlobert and that woman. You know too much." "Not many people can be seen on the streets after dark." Garri! son said. "The women are particularly uneasy." At Nashville, .loe Bnyrl Williams, director of thc state Bureau j w a y 62 wcsl wh( , n of Criminal Investigation, said in- \^ r ^ e nut ^inse to ant information the double Albuquerque, N. M.-(/P|-Rich: ln» nature of the information. ! vcstiaalors had uncovered import- | , n .| 5 lwn compan i cs a ,, s wered an : alarm at 334 South Duncan. Fifteen ! minutes later one company w a s ' called to 804 Clc'ndale by a third i grass fire. murder, but declined to discloic would have been Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek was not present but President Roosevelt won his afirce- _^ [ ^_ ment. ' . n i c l M. kraimawittcr.'formcr'New! Williams said a letter from Glenn "Without t h e Yalta Wcc-. Mcxico ,,t alc sclla t,, ri s h o t ' i t out! H. MeLaufihlin, chief of thc Texas ment." Tsianjj said, "the whole viu , n n a| . |)lc(1 holdup man out-l Safety Department's Bureau of history of China and Korea in the £id( , niirht pilals in critical condition. I cH murders near Texarkana sl'-'ri Mlorncy Paul A Tac-i 194G i k e t t i V n t i f i c d Ihc Runman as! In two of Ihe Tcxarkana case: Frank L. Discna. ,10, Albuquerque. Tackelt lold this story of thc affair: Disena attempted to rob K r n n I nawitter, a prominent attorney, j when the latter left his home to I a I lend Firemen were called to three ! grass Tires this m o r n i n g hy 10:30 as warm weather and high winds dried thc moisture in dead weeds and grass. Al 0:20 a company from University station was called to Ihc Phillips fiO hulk plant on Mich- crass fire building. At Third Of Population Veterans And Families crocs or lower. .85; 0 degrees lo\v .TJic''iumiiqr"of' it»"v*"'.wlih .01 117; with t with 1- inches or ?nore r a i n f a l l , .25 inches or -m^rc, inch or more, Ifl. There were 123 clear days. I l l p a r t l y rloudy days; and 128 cloudy days. Thc "crowina season lasted from A p r i l 23 In November 1, n period nf 132 frost free days which WHS Ifl less lhan normal. higtnn mad, and has employed Dr, M. n. McClune, now head nf Ihe poultry genetics wilh Ihc Uni- vcrslly, lo develop the f a u n and j c n n d u c l poullry breeding research. W Announccincnt'of thc program was made today by Clifford U Smith. Little Rock f ··general -'manager of Waslilnglon-f/1'i - Thc Veterans Administration ficures lhat one- third of the nation's population I "«»l"l«w" "r M" n 'h consists of veterans anrl t h e i r | A breakdown by months of thc families. It estimates the f i s u r e j 1951 weather: will increase lo 40 per cent by This new .statistical compilation, based on data up lo last Novmi- her 30. showed there arc 18,ft93.- Oflfl living veterans of all U. S. .lanuary-- Temperature 38.1 de- Rioes, a departure nf .(1 above normal. R a i n f a l l 2.48 Inches, .211 less l h a n normal. Tcmoerature ex- . trcmcs: 72 on thc I f l t h . 4 on t h c ] Ihc The purpose of thc research, hc said, 'is lo-funiliih broiler growers of the stale Ihc best passible broiler chick, nnd al thc same iimc develop an'd f u r n i h h laying slock for CKK producers. Two farms were purchased by Ihc association---thft old Davis place and thc Moore f a r m , which adjoin., the Davis place. Thc farms are lo'jatcd aboul aeven miles went of Faycltcvillc, aboul .one-fourth mite south of lllshwny 1C, The Arkansas Farmers Associa- lion operates five halclici ics located at Brntonvillc. .Fayeltcville, 2l)lh. snowfall. 4.4 Inches, of which wars, not including thc Korean.! thrro fell on th? 31st. This means two mil of every five February--Temperature 43.1. men are veterans. There arc aboul 3,418,000 veterans of World War I and 15,310.(100 of World War I L . O l h c r vel- crans' records slrctch back to thc Civil War. Can Lose Freedoms By Default, Speaker Warns postwar period different and happier. ( T h e Chinese representative, made his declaration before the' «0-na1ion U. N. Political Committee. an armed holdup man o u f - i -Safety Departments Bureau 01 his home in Albuquerque last! Identification and Records, likened QrAfAry Af Dutch Mlllt t. Both were taken .to bos- [ the slayinps to a series of unsoly- ; Vivvvi j HI VHIVII i im« Robbed, Sheriff Reports L i l U r Rnck-(/Pl-"Wp. arc rin- inc our best to let ourselves and our drain silently and painlessly-while Marshal Stalin ! and laughs." j Those were the words of Ar! I h u r F. Gcrerkc degrees .above normal. Rainfall 8.-1 .. ,,'J -' 2fi inches, 4.2B inches above normal, the wettest since 11145. Snowfall totalled O inches. A slcot storm of 3.fl Inchcr, on thc Mth was thc heaviest in many years. Highest temperature. 74 decrees on thc 27; lowest, minus four, on the 2nd. March--Tcmpjjralurr 43.4. .8 decrees below normal. R a i n f a l l 1.71 inchc.s, 1.62 below normal. Snowfall 1.7 inches. Temperature extremes: hifrli. 7B on the 28lh, low, Ifl on ihe Ulh. I nusselivillc. DcQuecn nnd Batns- ' vllic, nnd turno" out some 200,- OOfl chicks each week. Dr. McClung In 1048 trained and the Arkansas poullry judging team which placed first at Seek "Revenge" Against British 11 Warships Steam For Canal Zone; Tension Runs High n.v KURD ZIISY Cairo, Eitypt-iVPi - Anery mobs rnnmed Cairo's street?! today, s«t- linit fires and shouting for "revenge" against Ihc Dritlfh. while Ihc cabinet reportedly decided .Ic hrcnKfrelations wUh Britain nnd I I British -warships Kte.amed fciz -Ihr Surz Canal. rlrHlsh naval headquarters ' al M a l l a dlfloseri il sent one air- c r a f t carrier, three cruisers, seven destroyers and a minelayer lo reinforce the hnttie torn Cana! Zone a f t e r yesterday's battle between Mrltish troops anrl EcypUan police. The Cruiser Liverpool aiW several destroyers already are there. A slate. o( emergency, was proclaimed in Cairo. Police, brandishing rifles, joined a mob of 2.00C shouting "Long live Russia,, friend of Esypl." Break Predicted Tiie pro-srovcrnmciit newspaper, . Al Mlsrl. »nkl an emergency ca.p- inel meeting last nlfht decided to lrcak rclatons w i t h Britain. There v/ns no confirming announcement (mm the government, but an official from Premier Mus- Innhn El Nahas Pasha's n[Mc« told,a mob It would hear of a ''historic decision" today or \vmmtofi. This wave nf anll-Brlllsli hatred swelled for a week and broke open nflcr Ihe battle at Ismallla yesterday, when Britiih - troops used tanks and big guns to ciilSti n police detachment and forcibly disarm il nfler six hours of bitter fighting, : r'our Britons were killed ,injl nine wounded. The Egyptians said they losi 4(1 dead and 73 wound-: ed.'thciBritijh, "after mijpplhjr'..uj, reported -lodny 41' police wcfa Wllijd and U wounded.. They said they captured 1,1$) rifles and still hold BOO lo 1,000 auxiliary .policemen whom they_ charge have joined guerilla air lackers. . . . : Al Mlsri said effectiveness ol the cabinet decision was delayed unlll Sunday lo allow lime .(or studying next niovt-n "consequent upon that - momcritous decision." HeroM, Presn S»y» '·-.:. In London, Ihc British Press m a d e , heroes 'loday' of the Egyptians for their unexpected stubborn stand.yesterday nl Ismallia and ciled'especially a younjj po-. lice captain who cmcrecd from :he beaked barracks at the heisht way nf life go down t h e ' A p r i l -- Temperature 55.1), 4 . 4 j decrees below norr.ial. the coldest I snickers ! April in m a n y years, riainfall 3.15 ! inches, 2.1)4 less than normal. the national poultry contesl in Chicago. In 101Q he trainer! and directed the Arkansas poultry judging team which placed first in the Southern poultry judging contest. I A graduate' nf West Virginia University he won a fellowship | at Ihc University of Maryland | ley A. Jull. lie obtained a master of science dcfircc in poultry brccd- iiiB ,md ccnctics, and spent thc years as nl with Ihc -West Vlr Service. He came , Traces of snow on Ihrce days. Huiitsville-Forum Road Work To Start Monday ynunc couple., were shot lo death ( A n cs i, nw tcd 200 gallon.-; of cas- j the SI. Louis Post-Dispatch, at on lonely suburban roads. In a n - l n | l n c an ,| a quantity uf merchan- '· a d i n n e r meeting nf the Arkan- nlher a farmer was slio' as he sat ; ^j^ worc j lo | cn [ rom Swains Gro! sas Press Association's mld- in his liome. All five of the deaths | ccl - v a t Dutch M i l l s sometime ! Winter convention here last were attributed to a "phantom j Thursday night or yesterday ' n i g h t , slayer." I moniinc, Sheriff Bruce Cridcr rc- , mcelin's nf an Army re-1 " ! ported loday. I serve unit. A major. Krannawitler! Appointment Approved | Thieves smashed a large plate Little Rock - (/Pi-Construction | was j n l l n i ( n r m and carried a , 38 i Madrid. Spain-MVThc Spanish ' Si--"* window with a rock lo gam will begin Monday on thc con- ! calibcr rcv olvcr. I cabinet approved loriay Ihc ap- trovcrsial stretch o f road between- 1 . . . . ,,.._.,.. , Htmtsvillc and Forum, Ark. executive of i K i l l i n g frost on Ihe 23rd. the lal- i ?st spring .frost since 1021. Tcm-| lieralurc extremes: high, flr,' om the 27th; low, ;iR on the 17th. May--Temperature H7 decrees, |n Univo| . .. ( A , ia])Ills jn lgi) . a ., rntosor | n pou iry n c t i ,,,,,, ,, a5 ' cond ,,ctcd re- tcarch in poultry breeding. In January. 1950. Dr. McClune ; w o n a fellowship a. Iowa State Thc Arkansas Highway eparl-; """ * WCc1 ment issued a work order yeslcr- ;TM r ..j ln ^ day for thc R.!l miles of grariinK,: drainage structures and rc-inforc- ed concrete bridge on Highway 23. Opponents have called the project a "political road." They say It eventually will cost about J500.000 but could be built op . a different route, using federal funds and slicing Ihc cosl lo Ihc state to S101,!W!. ·o grappled, over Ihc g i i r - j pointment of Lincoln MacVcagh nan's weapon, which went o f f ! as Ihc new U. S. Ambassador t o , ,· wounded, K r a n - j Spain, usually reliable sources re- . nawitter pulled his own revolver, ported. Generalissimo Krancisro j cunman once. i Franco* presided over the session. , entrance to the store. MI.-;.sinK were five cartons of cigarc-llcs, canned goods, canny anrl food. Thc Cerccke said the American pen-, rhcr. .t.fld pie could lose ali their freedoms. | nc Driest --including freedom of the press --hy defaull. "There is no question bul thai our free press is being infringed .3 above normal. R a i n f a l l 2.8D in- I College and got a leave of absence of the bnttle .to .plead for ambulances. '".'''. . ' ' . Editorially, Ihc papers agreed HIE bloody fray was a pity, but couldn't be helped. One d( the most influential--thc conservative Dally Telegraph -- hinted lhat other countries might find themselves mixed up in the trouble before long. The story of the Egyptian cap- lain was told by almost evejry British correspondent at IsmaiUa. "I don't* t h i n k ' a n y of us will county acri- ' tmKi th(! E K-W tli " 1 P°"« "" ic " county ogrl , w|m W11 , hcd g[i 0 , pollcc hca ,|_ quarter*, both hands red with blood', ilcman'dina ambulances (or his wounded," the Daily Mirror's David Walker wrote. "We lold him he could have ambulances i! the police surrendered. "In a voice pitched high wtih a strain, he said. 'We .would rather inches hclow normal,' ,-. ' ' University to work on his . degree. At Iowa, I c com-1 - vnur :mce 1041. remperalure; , · ircmci , t , , nr extremes: high. 02 on t h e 30th and ; |nf . lnr . s ( , pKr( ,J a||[| rclurnc( , 31st! low. 38 on the Mh. , lhn Ur . iv( , rsil) , |, st September. lo ! upon--slowly and quietly" hc Group Favors Teacher Training Changes, But Is Undecided On Ford Foundation Plan lolal loss was estimated at $125.! warned. Acheson^Ciles Purposes ;J«9hl illness Sullered Of U.S. Technical Aid By The Vice President The Weather-- Contract For Power To Be Signed Monday Washington - W) - An Interior Department spokesman has an- ncmnccd that thc power contract! for Arkansas' proposed new a l u m - i kansas education leaders, met here bo signed Mon-1 yesterday to try lo d r a f t a pro- I sram for participation in the iiro- ,, ,,,, ,, M e t a l ; posed teacher education system. ompany, Arkunsns Power a n d | On suggestion of Dr. Charles ighl Company and Southwestern | M, Clarke, director of teacher edu- Little Rock-l/TVThc ,16-mcnibcr Arkansas committee studying thc Ford Foundation's proposed leach- er training program thinks some revision is needed in thc stale's teacher cducalion system, bul it Isn't ready tn accept all the mechanics of the Ford plan. Thc committee, composed of Ar- num planl day. Officials of Hcynolds .ver Administration are lo meet . Secretary of Ihe Interior Chapin's office for the formal,slsn- eallon of thc Arkansas Kducaliffh Department, the committee put its stamp of approval nn "some «orl ol a five-year proiram ol New York-l/l'i-American technical aid to under-developed areas can help nicct the "Soviet threat" by directing revolutionary elc- ments into conslructive and pr-acc. . ,, '"' Secretary of Stale leachcr education . . ," President M. A. ilaswell of Ouachila College, recommended j · , , , · , . t h a t the committee endorse thc , ^' nn s »'" 'f n * M - , , Foundation's entire program. However. Acheson said. The committee v.-ill outline · [""" poinls il t h i n k s should be covered I " ns .Mine--Temperature "2.7, 2 dc ^rccs below normal, thc coolest «inre 191.1. R a i n f a l l 11.35, (i.25 inches above normal. Precipitation of ;un inches fell nn Ihc 2D-30 for Ihe largest Zl-hour r a i n f a l l of t h e ; vear R a i n fell on ?.1 of thc 30 davs. Temperature extremes: hljh. III on the 1st; low. 51 on the'. Huns-Sunday. 4th. ; ' '.Not Much Change In July--Temperature 7B.f, exact- 3.2(1 inches aimvc normal, thc wet-! A r / - : J a n f Victims --- Cloudy to loudy, cooler tonight and in ex, _ ' t r p m o northwest portion this af- i" I lornoon anrl in east and snulh por- die than surrender. Even in war enemy allows you nmou- 'lancw. I h a v e lived in England ami know lhat the English are scntlemcn-- but "where are Ihe gentlemen here today?" T h c B r i t i s h correspondents wrote that he was offerer! British , ! ambulances, hut he insisted on l " mly Kgyplian vehicles, which the British refused until thc group surrendered. long speech to the Missouri n a r ; t u r e extremes; bish, fl.' the '-, Association. A physician treated i 22nd; lovj, S7 nn the l.M. Four assistance program j him in his hotel room. much more e n d u r i n g and I · -; five-year pToKranTand" p're-' f u n d a m e n t a l purpose" t h a n as » j ^ cos | c$ Epidemic In senl t h a t plan to a foundalon o f f i - weapon against Communism. ; r cci here n e x t wee 1 -;. American l o n e - t r i m interests,: New TOrK t,KV he says, are "host served I f ' The foundation's plan calls for elimination of the present teaching methods. It would require prospective teacher; to lake a four-year course In general college subje.cln and then lake a year's specialized work In Ihe techniques of teaching «l a Rrad- uale or Intern* center. Jefferson Cily Mo. - f/T'l - V i r c j President Alben Harkley, 7 4 . ' 1 y normal. R a i n f a l l 2.15, 1.10 in-! test since 1!H1. Ilieh temperature planned lo fly lo K a n s a s Cily lo-; ehes below normal, the dricM ,,f on j, highest since Ifi39. Low,! iionnit-il todav renorlcd no day despite a slight Illness hc since I!)i3, Thc m a x i m u m tern-,,11 nn the ,11M. Lijhl 'TM' occu ''-; rh ^nj c i n ' l n ' c cond'illon of Mrs. suffered here last night. Thc vice peralure of 71 dc?rcej recorded , c( | ,,,, |b c Rlh. | A ,J n( ,5 Sanders, 26. Combs house- president said he "had a little I on J u l y Irl. is the lowest ever November-- T e m p e r a t u r e -1^.3, i w |j ( , wh(J w . ns cl .|t| f ally injured naii'Ca" a f t e r completing an hour-1 recorded for the month. Tempera-: fi.i degrees below normal, I h e ; Thursday when struck in the hca-l ' ' ' " ' h e ' i-fil'lcrt N o v e m b e r TM record, f t a i n - ' |,y part'of n power saw blade. fall I.H7. 1.2I) inches above nor-: Another patient, Miss Louise Temperature RO.fl, :.2 mnl. Snowfall lotallet B.4 tncher! Ilnrrison, 10. a University student, above normal, the warmest since is the greatest on record for No-! win In good condition with not 1047. R a i n f a l l 2.19. l.tfl Inches be-'. The earliest freeing rain | much c ""^'...f^davafternoon low normal. Temperature e x - ; on record occuned ,,n the HI, hokjn Ic^ 1 hundjy a^(tMnoon Irrmes; hlph, 102 on the 31»l; low,, Temoeralure extremes: 1 ' l ° h J w n c n " nr people's aspirallons for repre-1 New York-f/T'l-New York City senlalive anrl responsible govern- f Is In the midst of a mcaxlcs cpi- ments are f u l f i l l e d In a peaceful j demir, the Health Department re- and orderly fashion." i ported today, »ni1 the outlook l« high. 7J fit on the Senlcmher--Temper»lure I. .1 Ihe 12lb; low. 15 on Ihc I8lh. 70.2,1 December--Temperature 11, .2 1.1 degrees helow normal. R.iln-; hclow normal. Ilainfsll .98 Inches, f u l l 5.83 Inches. .O.'i helow normal.' LSI below normal. Snowfall. .6 Temne.ralure extremes; high. 100|mche». Temnermure extremes: The secretary spoke it thu I lhat It Is like.lj Is gel worse. Some on the 1st and 2nd; low, 43 on the j high, 77 on the 31; low, 4 nn the Roosevelt nay" Pinner sponsored 2,722 rases hm bten reported no I7lh. | 21M. The high readln? was the by the Americans for Democratic far this month, M[compared with [ Orlober--Temperature (11.S, one; hichest ever recorded lor Decem.' Action. 2(12 for Janw*fT last year. idesree below normal. R a i n f a l l 11,46,i hrr. fiosc Beauty Shop on North Col lego. She was taken Into the shop where ari .ambulance was rallcu. JAMHAIT Ml

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