Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 25, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1952
Page 8
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Processing Plant To Be Opened In Berryville With Ceremonies February^' University Men And Women Now Eligible To Earn Navy Commissions While In School Limited Probe OfMcGrath Is Indicated noscrs-lSpcclnD-Cavrolf Coun-i InM through Iho day with a fried tr is In the poultry business In a i chicken d i n n e r serve,! at noon. llic . A. icheduled. Mayor Robert L. Vogt has been Invited. Distinguished guests elude ihe governor of Arkansas, Sid- McMalh; 11. C. Sheridan, president; n. Pa'J rcmcctis, vice ..._ . . . . . . . . . . . . . _ . . TMKUC of Rogers and Hcrryvillc, produce operator, turkey and pnullry (rrnwcr; George M. Hasorc ' "''," ' ! of Oltliihornn Clly.'aml .1. E. Hltnp- Arkmisas,, n f |, c , TJ , vi ii Ci w h o slarlcrt a " L 'TM""' wnall processing p l a n t in J u l y of rirc . , president; and P.'Cl llyVon, chairman of the Board of Executives of the Omaha, Ncli. Cold Storage Company, builders of the Ocoma Foodt Company plant in Berryville. · ' , ,,. H, Moses, prrsldenl of (lie Arkansas Power nnd Light Com-: piny;' L - '* Bnxlrr, president o( the Arkansas .Western Gas company, Fayctlcvllle; 'U. S. Con- rrcssmnn Jim Trimble, whose home.'Is In Bcrryvlllc; executives oj the U. S. Department of Agrl- euUurc, Inspecting and G r a d i n g Service from Chicago nnd W»sh- Irton, nnd poultry extension specialists Jrom the University of Ar- kasns nrc Included on the distinguished guest HE!. In conjunction with Ihe opening of Ihc Ocoma p l a n t . ' t h e Ark a n s a s - a n d Or.arks Hallway w i l l »]Bo".obscrvc ils second anniver- Mry,"M: P. Gross, of New York City, owner of Ihc r a i l w a y , and a group of executives of Ihc railway, including its manager, Mr. Halter. w i l l . b e nmonc Ihc speakers. The evctU.'will open at 10 a, in. and last year. I n . September,. the Oco- ina Foods company leased the plant and some equipment from Ihc Carroll County Products company, and bcsnn e n l a r g i n g Ihc | plant lo ils present proportions. Dlf Floor Space. The b u i l d i n g is iloslxneri for a capacity of 18.000 to 20,000 head of poultry per each (1-hour s h i f t The fioor 'splice contains 51.000 stiuarc feel. The b u i l d i n g is over 500 feet long. It Is one of the few live poultry Ihrnugli lo Ihc f i n - ished rciidy-lo-cook product. The Ocoma Foods Company has nine similar processing plants In operation In Nebraska, Iowa ami South Dakota. Its main offices and cold storage plants arc in Omaha. The operation of both Ihc railroad and llic new processing p l a n l l i e In together wllh the progress ol Northwest Arkansas and- especially Carroll cotmly, long known an an a g r i c u l t u r a l and cialry ami of the O/.nrks. For several years large lurkcy farms have been in » - r a l i o n in Carrol County, but it has only been ii ! recent years t h a t poultry has been I considered as a m a j o r project. The idea was given impetus during Ihc National Chickcn-of-To- morrow contest held last J u n e In Kayetteville. K. A. Tcaguc who operates n branch of his Hcrry- v i l l c produce business in liogcrs. has been one of Ihc prime promoters in securing the Omaha capitalists lo invest in the p l a n t in Bcrryvillc. C. K. B'yrnj, Fort Smith editor, w i l l be master of ceremonies at the dedication of the plant and t h e anniversary observance of the railway. Hob Hogcrs. president of thr Hcrryvillc Chamber of Commerce and Mayor n. P. Spurlin, chair CHARLEY DEALY BROILER CHICKS FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. Phone 1913 U.S. Approved - Pullorum Passed . As.Near As Your Telephone WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO LOSE FAT! ipting Instead of Dieting! Ik Cabm Counting! N* Diets! No Iwrcije! Sound) too Rood to he Iruc, bill It IS true. Thinks lo n group nf New York doctors you c«n now lost pound, of ugly fat every iveck without R o i n R n n ""I 1 'I*"}' diet, without cullinc out any special food), Vt'l THOU I H A \ ING A SINGLE H U N G R Y MOMENT. These New York doctors discovered a food adjunct c»lled Wale*. Wale* dors mnarl.»hlc ihincs. It mnkrs your upptlilc dr- n»nd leu l n o d - ) O U cm less-lose wciithl naturally - yet you rcscr feel hungry. Rrforc V!'»fcx was ufleml to j-nu il wn» proved clinically by the doctors on » large group ol aon-glinduUr overweight men ·nd women. Tlie doctors carefully checked results «nd here i what they frmnd: I, Welsh! lon« of t lo 20 pounds without any III ·fl«et whatsoever. t. All members o( the group mid they never fell belter and NEVE* HAD A HUNGRY MOMENT. Walcx is absolutely Nile. It is a hail adjunct, not » drug. So start today to shed those unwanted pounds and inches. You can get a full, month's supply of \Vafex for-only ?.* on ennney buck Jjunrnntcc. \nar scales must show you have lost weight, base «n improvi-d ficurc, you mini look, feel better or you get YOUR MONiiY HACK VflTI 1OUT yUKTION. The sooner you start the sooner you may have Ihe loss of weight you yrarn for. nitm of Ibu program Committee have been working to m a k e the event a succcsf. W i t h them on committees are Los Dye, manager of Ihc Ocoma Foods Company, O/.arks division; .1. E. Simpson,-of Ihc Chamber of C'»»'nicrcc, and Congressman Jim Trimble who is now In Washington, but w i l l be home at lhat time. Mayors of leading towns in Northwest Arkansas, and other business men of the area i n c l u d i n g poultry men, hatchery operators and dealers w i l l attend. Benlonville Slaying Suspect Released On $10,000 Bond Benlnnvlllc-iSpcclall- C 1 r c u 1 1 Court Judge Maupln Cummlngs of Fayctlcvllle yesterday approved a $10,000 property bond posted b Elmer '"nick" Short, 50, who is charged with first degree inurdci in the d e a t h of his wife, Haze Short, 38. Short WHS subscqucntlj released from Ihe county Jail. . He Is slalert to cornc to tria February 25, accused ol shooting hs w i f c ' o n their, second \veddint, aimivcrsay--firing f i v e shots inlr her body wilh a 22 caliber pistol On the morning set for his ar ralgnment, December 11, Jaile Sid Jackson found Short on hi bunk with bis wrists and ankl slashed. A rioi'iblc-cdgcd raw blade was found in Ihc b u n k will him. A few hours Inter he ap pcarcd at Ihc arraignment ant entered a plea of not sullly fo reason of insanity. Judge «um miiigs then ordered Short com milted to the State Hospital. H was returned immediately ade Ihc, first of llic year w h e n psy chlatrisls f o u n d him lo be ' wllh out psychosis." Rankin To Seek Sixth Term; Two Others File Utllc llock-H'.l-Slatc L a n Commissioner Claude A. K a n k i yesterday filed his corrupt praclic pledge with. Secretary of Stale C C:. Hall. Rankin will seek h sixth term. Other pledges filed ycsterda included: W. ill. Thompson of Halcsvill a. judge of the Kighlh Chanccr District; Dr. E. J. Bird of Camden . a slalc. senator from Ihe ISIh clistric Sen. Wecms Trussell of Kordyi now represents t h a t rib'tricl. Used by thousands In reducing diets--Jungc's Roman Meal bread. ··w Wafti Satiiliit Yowr Hvn|tr co'dliif m t c l c n l i H r r n l r u l n l l n r . * ] W n l r x «f«r hm the hun([rr.-»«IH(.vln(t r«narily nf t Ih. t(l pot morn or 4 rpm nr 5 sllcrs t\\ wlillfi id, J'el It c o n f j t l n i only 5 mr«il- cnlorlri. DOCTORS Wrllt (or tllnltal do Id and p r c f t t - ilonol inmrtlii rn your UlU'txcirl. x Jnc, J5() lliunUwiy New York .11, N. Y. WAFEX University fludcntfi--both rncnl and women--can now earn commissions in the N a v y while con- limtins their educations Eislith Naval District headquarters has nnnnuiicccl it has a iiuola at 305 men in the reserve officer candidate program in the elates of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma ami Texas. There is no ciuola l i m i t on women candidates. To q u a l i f y applicants must be! students i n ' R o o d standing in t h e ] freshman, sophomore or junior classes, and must be members of llic N a v a l llcscrvc -- which they can join at will. The Navy said no reservist in the Eighth N a v a l District will he called tn i n v o l u n t a r y active d u t y while applicants for the program arc being screened. N o t i f i c a t i o n of selection w i l l be marie early in the sprinc, and candidates will be lilvcn 1-0 d r a f t classifications. They may have to do two years active d u t y as ensign's on completion of t h e i r training. Men a p p l i c a n t s musl be 17 and women III, and both must complete their college education before 27. They will c o n t i n u e normal collcRC work and receive no pay or allowances. They must com- plcte Uvo six-weeks summer t r a i n - ing periods before graduation -receiving $05 a month the first summer and $112 the second. Applications must he received at headquarters in New Orleans, La., by February 24. I n f o r m a t i o n may be obtained at Fa.vetleville's aval Reserve u n i t -- U S N H Elec- cmics facility, third floor of Ihc ason B u i l d i n g , phone 21)80. or ·om Headquarters Eighth N a v a l Islrict, Room 945 Federal Build- ig, New Orleans 12, La. Last Yean Bank Deposits In itate Show Sharp Increase Press Meeting s Opened In Little Rock Little nock-lfl'i-Thc Arkansas rcss Association's - t w o - d a y win- cr meeting opened w l l h a l u n c h - nn here loday. A p p e a r i n g on the flernoon buyincss program were 1ax Thomas, publisher of the 'row-Icy, I,a.. Daily Signal. Alison imonlon of the Covington, Tenn. Deader; and Dobcrl V. Pclcrson ssocialc publisher of the Norman Okla., Transcript. A r t h u r Clcrcckc of Ihe St. Louis 'ost-Dlspatch will speak on frce- om of the press at a dinner mccl- K tonight. New officers will be cleclcrt at business session tomorrow. C. \. Vcrbcck, publisher of the For- lyce News-Advocate is president. n crease In Rates For Telegrams Is Approved L i t l l c RoL-k-l/n-The Arkansas Public Service Commission ycs- lerdiiy g r a n t e d Western Union an Increase in interstate rales. The change includes b a s i n g I h e Ihe m i n i m u m charge on 15 word* instead of 10. The new rate will coincide wilh those approved recently by Ihc national commission. Eight A r k a n s a s newspapers opposed the increase on the. ground t h a t it would cost them about 5-1,800 a year. ivrstigatinn Asked Washington- (/Pi -Representative O'llara ( R - M i n n ) loday asked the Defense Department for an im- nicdialc investigation of a report of mass prostitution near Army camps in Japan. House Committee Puts Off Final Dec sion On Issue Washington-W-S a m e Democratic sentiment was reported today for a "limited" consressiona' invcsli'iation of Attorney Genera McOratli. This word came from both Republican and Democratic sources as llic House Judiciao Committee put over u n t i l ncx' Tuesday ils f i n a l decision on i GOl'-backed resolution lo spot lichl Justice Department activities The committee has before it iroposal by Representative Keat ng ( R - N Y ) to i n q u i r e into wha ic charges arc Justice. Depart ncnt failures lo prosecute crimina ca.-cs, and into alleged instance of "influence and favoritism." Just how f a r committee Demo crals would go in backing an in vcstip.ation of President T r u m a n ' 'clean-up" director, was not clea But some Democratic members-who outnumber the Republican 1" to 1.1--indicated privately the would go along it the Republican 'mate a case" and prove it is n "fishing cx;cdilio|." Former Maid Receives Suspended Sentence New ynrk-(;V|-Tallulah B a n k bead's former maid-secretary, Mrs. Evylccn Cronin, 53, received a suspended prison sentence today for grand larceny in raising checks signed by Ihc actress. J u d g e Harold A. Stevens sentenced her to one to two years on each of three counts, suspended execution and placed licr on probation for an i n d e f i n i t e time. Little Rock-l/IVTbe Arkansas" auk-ins D e p a r l m c n t rciiorlcd to- iy lail year's deposits in 113 ate chartered banks climbed lore t h a n Ili million dollars over )50 figures. R a n k i n g Commissioner Ed. 1 . 1 IcKinlcy said yesterday new luglis ·ere readied d u r i n e the year in j cposiU, resources and capital i unds. Deposits were .VIM,07-i,000 on j iccembcr 31, J S I 5 I , eoniparccl to M7,Q7fl,000 ill 133'J. Capital funds vcre S33,101.6'I4 last year com- laretl to $20,000,000; 10 years aso. i Loans of 5103,274,000. were re.- ] ·ordcd in the.composite statement | of the 17H banks, or about 4.0 , million dollars under the all-time j iii!h registered in J u l y , 1951. M c K i n l c y said the 5303,701,000; in cash and federal bonds showed . the h a n k s were "in a very liquid : position." Savings and lime deposits were S-':4/-69,000, an increase of 2.5 m i l l i o n dollars over 1950. M c K i n ley said two banks were chartered last year. There wer no l i q u i d a - tions, mergers or consolidations d u r i n g the year. Approval Granted For Increase In Car Prices WashliiRton-Wl-T h c government yesterday authorized General Motors lo raise basic retail prices on its 3952 automobiles by ai^ounU ranging from $50 to 5222. At the same time, the Office of Price Stabilization OPS "approved boosts in basic dealer prices on I!l.i2 Hudson cars, ranging from ?!)() to 5H.1. Keep up with the times--read the TiTHKS daily. BOWL FOR PLEASURE Rcnlo" Bowling Lanes--Adv. PLAN TO BUILD 8*1 Our MiltriiL Gtl Out Pricet. Trr OUT Serrtet. DYKE LUMBER CO. 301 Si. ChtllM WHO FiXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving Yon 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP MEMORIAL HALL JOPLIN, MO. TUESDAY. JANUARY M , 1:30 P. M. Retp «p wit* the Timei Uil» l*« Umw-- re»« Jefferson Countions May Ask Liquor Vote L i t t l e Rock-l/TKIerferson Coun- f v may have a local option election on o u t l a w i n g the sale . of hccr nnd liquor as an outgrowth of an Alcoholic Control Board hearing yesterday. . The ADC turned down a request hv a group of Jefferson County residents to revoke a beer permit issued to .lohn R. Diamond. Lee Parham spokesman for Ihe complainants, s a i d h i s group m a y call a local nptlon^clcclion. Bird Company Files Incorporation Papers Little Eock-l/Tl-The E. V. Bird Construclion Company, of Fayettc- ville Ark., has filed articles of incorporation at the secretary of Hair-', office listing authored capital of $50.1100. Incorporators arc Floid T.. Larry 1., and Mis. Ruth Bird, all of Fayettcvillc. Hurst Seeks Re-Election Little Kock-W-Scn. Q. Byrum Hurst of Hot Springs filed for reelection to the General Assembly lodav. He turned in bis corrupt practices Pledge to Secretary of State C. G. Ha". 1TURBI TWO-PIANO RECITAL MAIL 0»Oe*S NOW All nr»^ rpwrrrrf. prlrrn Inrl. tJU. M.M- ,W.IM. $5.41- SI-* 1 - Kl«***« '« I" I' 1 *"!, DANCE To the Music of WESLEY RAMSEY and His Rhythm Wranglers EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 9 to 12 LEGION HUT LINCOLN, ARK. Sden/ey makes every drink taste better! , . . because it's the'best-tasting whiskey in'ages B L E N D E D W H I S K E Y 8 6 P R O O F . 6 5 % G R A I N N E U T R A L S P I R I T S . COPYRIGHT 1951, S C H E N L E Y OISTRIP.UTOSS. INC.. NEW YORK, H. Y. SMIT BUY YOUR TELEVISION at a TELEVISION SERVICE STATION We Have Ihe Lalesl Equipment Your Television, Headquarters RADIO SHOP MITIIMMUAM Friends! I wish to welcome you to. my Sinclair Service Station I have bought. 2'/i Miles South On Highway 71 Your Patronage Appreciated Special! Gas 24Vzc CompUt* lubrication Strvic* Balltry Charging T!r« - Tub«t -· Atc«»erl«i 1:05 - 3tl5 - 5:15 - 7:Z5 - 8:25 Thost Hil-'Em-Firil Htroti in Until Som's tolll«hipl-on-Londl PLUS! Thou Slap-Happy "LET'S GET TOUGH with LEO HUNTZ GORCEY HALL UARK Starting Saturday ROYAL T ° Bl " k s " LAST TIME FRIDAIf 'JUNGLE BOOK" MINN FORD MOMMKK RAWPORD Plutl Htwl k Cirloon STARTS SUNDAY AL JENNINGS OF OKLAHOMA · Added AttraetionJ "TAIll TOPPMS" "UFl ON THi THAMH' OAffY DUCK CARTOON ··rlil It Color Cirlmn

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