Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 25, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1974
Page 12
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·'· Northwest Arkansat TIMES, Thur$., July 25, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS To Use Internal Revenue Service Dean's Testimony Tells Of Pressure On Shultz All In The Snout This Hack bear wandered into a campsite on Skyline Drive near Front Roya!, Va. recently and proceeded to grab a quick meal from a trash can. The hears a r e common in the southern Appalachians and many, like this one, wear idcnlitying park ear tags. (AP Wirepho to) Because Of Their Vote Jones' Defenders May Face Political Opposition LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Five of the 11 state senators who voted to at least temporarily save the political skin of Sen. Guy II. "Mutt" Jones of Conway may, as a result of that vote, need help before long to save their own. Their desire to keep Jones in the Senate may preclude them from serving in that body come January of 1975, and six others, including Jones, may be in trouble when their' 'four-year terms expire in 197G. Most of them, however, do not seem very worrie'd. ;' · TVelve senators voted hot to expel Jones, but Sen«, Dorothy Allen of Brinkley did' not run for re-election. The Senate voted July 10 to require 24 votes to expel Jones and two days later, the Senate voted 21-12 for explusion. ^he abstention of Sen. Paul Benham of Helena and the absence of Sen. W. D. "Bill 1 Moore Jr. of El Dorado, who was ill and unable to attend the special session, accounts for al 35 Imembers of the Senate. Ren Coon of Comvay, the Re publican gubernatorial ndmi nee, said last week at a Little Rock press conference that he personally, is trying to fine write-in candidates to r u n against the five senators vvhi voted against expulsion and an up for re-election this year. ALL FIVE UNOPPOSED All of them were unopposei in the Democratic primary thi: spring and, so far, none havi announced Republican opposi lion for the Nov. 5 general elec lion. A spokesman for Coon sai this week that Coon's efforts t find write-in candidates wer progressing very well. Th spokesman said he feels c a c 1 of ;the five senators will be op posed by Republican write-i candidates. The five senators in questio are Clarence Bell of Parkin Wax Howell of Jacksonville Bob Douglas of Texarkana John Gibson of Dermolt an Olen Ilendrix of Antoine, The six senators who vote against expulsion but ai serving only the 2nd year four-year terms are Virgil FIc cher of Benlon, John Bearde of Leachville, \V. K. Ingram ?est Memphis, Jerry Jewell of ittle Rock, George Locke of Hamburg and Jones. One of the people that Coon eportedly is encouraging to un as a write-in candidate Is Irs. Jerri Pruden of Hope. Mrs. Pruden, who lives in endrix's district, said, "I on't know that I'm particular- interested in. running now. 's possible that had I known le way Sen. Hendrix was go- to vote (on .the Jones issue) efore the filing deadline, that I ould have been interested. I m not, however, ruling out the ossibilily of my running." ^WOMEN'S FEDERATION Airs. Pruden, who is chairman of the Arkansas Republi Women's Federation, said he has not been approached by anyone from the Republican iarty asking her to run, but hat she had been asked to run jiinsl Hendrix by a Demo crat. Mrs. Pruden, who ran unsuc cessfuily for state representa ive in 1972, said, "I think it's a sad state that we liave lo be represented by a senator who votes in this manner. In m; opinion, he and the other sena tors who voted for Sen. Jone. are guilty of poor governing, don't believe they are repre senting the wishes of the peopl n their districts." "The Republicans have taken .his opportunity when there dissension in public opinion over Sen. Jones and are trying to take advantage of it. "I haven't thought mud about Republican opposition be cause I think I cast a corred vote. If I had to vote tomorro\ on the same subject, I \vouk vote the same way. ''The Republicans are mak ing themselves look ridiculpu on the point, especially in vie\ of the troubles they are havin in their own ranks. "Republicans don't bother m down here. I just try to serv everyone in my districl, whell er they are Democrat, Republ can or independent, and imagine the independents a most equal the Democrals number," Gibson said. The senator said thai out his entire district, he has re ceived only two letters "e pressing dissatisfaction wit Penny-a-pound portrait sale (frame not included) you get a 5x7 natural color portrait of your child , ...for just 1 ( for each pound he weighs! ' . No appointment necessary. Se/ 12 pound child,\ lectton of poses. Limit: one spe- . I j. 1c i i«v I cial offer per family. Second I .', i . j I child photographed individually I With this ad I at SSt. Age limit: 3 weeks to 14 Y maximum cha/Bc-ssc J years. 88(1 charge for each additional person in groups. 3 DAYS ONLY - SALE ENDS SAT., JULY 27 PORTRAITS · PASSPORTS · COPY RESTORATION Northwest Ark. Plaza Fayclteville, Ark. Phone M 2-8885 the Children's Photographer ccMraJtj tcf penniw today, Ihnt wJ bo priceless [cnxyro 1 ,'/. McCain Mall N, Little Rock, Ark. Phone 758-6102 y vote. Four or five pcop ave asked me for an anatipn, and when I e allied, they seemed to agr th me. I have had about mpliments on my vote. I i plain it to any fair-minde rson." He mentioned several facto lich he said influenced 1 te. Among them were tl ate Supreme Court's decisk ly to suspend Jones for on ar rather than disbar hirr e-sentence remarks in 19 y federal judge Oren Harr 10 presided over Jones' i me tax evasion trial' an ibson said, indicated the ere some questions still laining about the convictio nd the legal brief presented itle Rock attorney Euge 'arren, who had been hired epresent the Senate. WASHINGTON (AP) -- John . Dean III says President xoti (old him in 1972 that eoige P. Shullz was not made cretary of the Treasury "to ^ some sort of candy ass" and ould have to help gel tax au- ts on Sen. George S. cGovern's campaign contrib- ors. Former White House counsel can's testimony, released to- ay by the House Judiciary oinmillec, shows he also said ixon did not order an alleged 5,000 hush money payment, ut "the President felt it was esirablc," Dean's closed-door July 11 stimony was released along ith that of former Atty. Gen. ohn N. Mitchell. Dean testified Nixon made .e comment about Shultz wher ean reporled to the President ept. 15, 1972, that then Inter- lal Revenue Service Commissioner Jolmnie Wallers had reused Dean's request to audil u 1st of then Democratic presidential candidate McGovcrn's contributors. · 'YOU JUST TELL ME' "He (Nixon) said something to the effect, well, if Shultz .hinks he's been put over there ;o be some sort of candy ass, nc is mistaken, and if j'ou have got any problems, you just come tell me and I will get it straightened out." Dean quoted the President. Rep. Tom Railsback, R-I11.. said at the committee's opening deliberations on impeachment Wednesday nighl that Nixon|s alleged comment on Shultz is among evidence that coulc cause Railsback to vote for rec ommending impeachment. Shultz had become head -' the Treasury Department, Republicans Seem Relieved At President's Decision WASHINGTON CAP) -- De- ite President Nixon's decision turn over more Watergate apes, a House Democratic eader says only a miracle can ave Nixon from impeachment nd Republican leaders made o move to delay the impeachment proceedings. The assessment about the .eed for a miracle came from tep. Thomas P. O'Neill, D- lass.. House Democratic lead- r, who predicted the Judiciary Committee would recommend mpcachment and that the full louse would vote impeachment iy at least 60 votes. "And il could well be that a idal wave would hit the House and he'd be impeached by over 00 votes," O'Neill said. Vice President Gerald R. Ford said he/thought Nixon's compliance with the Supreme 3ourt order would help the President fight impeachmeni jy swaying his favor. However, Ford conceded the question of whether the House would vote impeachment has "become a bit narrower" since when Ford first predicted tin House would reject impeach ment. He also urged Nixon to turn over to the impeachmeni in quiry all relevant parts of lhj tapes. The Supreme Court or der requires the President to furnish tapes to the Watergate special prosecutor. Several Republicans on House Judiciary Committee spoke of the need to delay the impeachment inquiry in hope of -getting the new tapes. How ever, they made no forma move to win delay during th committee's opening eession o public debate. The initial reaction to Nixon' decision to comply was almos uniformly favorable, althoug public opinion in icre ' were reservations thai le White House would take onsiderable time . to prepare tapes, thus drawing out the Vatergate saga. Both Sen. Charles H. Percy Mil-, and Rep. Ogdcn R. Reid 5-N.Y., called for speedy prcsf entiai compliance. Percy sug ested that the White Hous urn over the tapes "recordin; y recording, conversation by onversation. just as quickly a ley have been processed fo elivery." A spokesman s a i d specia irosecutor Leon Jaworski likel vould arrange a meeting wit U.S. District Judge John J. S ica today to ask that the tape e ordered turned over within ew days. Tiie spokesman said the pros eculor thought at least 33 of Ih ranscripts to be "readily aval Archibald Cox, the. origina Watergate prosecutor who \va dismissed by Nixon, said th Supreme Court decision "rea 'irms two cornerstones of libe ty: One, that the law applies t air men equally, and two, th ,he executive is under th law." But White Mclaughlin House aide Joh said the natio would face a year-long "parac of horrors" if the House vote to impeach Nixon. Before Nixon's decision obey the court. was announce! members of the Republica p a r t y ' s conservative w i n voiced their concern about tl possibility that the Preside .vould fail to comply and abo what one senator saw as in p e a c h m e n t politics beii played by the White House. Sen. Barry Goldwater, ' Ariz., had predicted that ai refusal by Nixon to obey wou "have a very bad effect on h chances of surviving impeac ment." lich also includes IRS, thre onths earlier, June 12. Dean said that when he wen ck to IRS with Nixon's back Walters still refused to au . the McGovern contributors ean said he did not know xon told Shultz to have th idits made. Ho testified the Presidon unched a long discussio .bout the IRS and not using fectively and from there w imcdialely wenl to the fac at we were not using the en re apparatus of the govern cnt effeclively and Ihe langes that would be made tor the election." HUSH MONEY On the alleged hush money, ean teslified he did not feel 'ter the now famous March'21, 173, meeting that Nixon had ild him to arrange the $75,000 ayment--but lhat Nixon did el il was desirable to pay the loney. "I had gone in with the inlent trying to turn off the pay- ent to (Watergate conspirator . Howard) Hunt," Dean testi- :d. "I came out, having been rned around as far as the dc- rability." T h e President's lawyer, imes D. St. Clair, called a eries of witnesses including ean, to try to establish that rrangemenls for the payment Iready had started and did not omc directly from the Nixon meeting. Dean also confirmed some of ixon's supporters' theory thai he President's widely quoted Well, for Christ's sake, get it" latcment referred to getting a ignal to Hunt rather than hush money. 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