Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 25, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1952
Page 6
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Juvenile Drug Addiction Tapers Off As Result Of New Tougher Federal Law And Education Campaign Against Narcotics Editor's Note: Here' is the fourth and f i n a l story dealing with Amc^ca's "slave-. world of narcotics." world of narcotics that lias trapped some 50,000 addicts in the United States. But in the past two month.-:, \1. S. Narcotics Commissioner H. J. Anslingcr reports, there has been a decline in juvenile narcotics addiction. The ,numbci of young- .-rtcrs being treated as addicts also has tapered o f f : It's the brightest news t h a t has come out of the batll? against the dread habit in many months. Anslingcr gives credit to a new federal lasv--sixncd by President T r u m a n last November, increasing the penalties for violation of the narcotics and marijuana.laws. The new la 1 . 1 / fixes a m i n i m u m prison term of two years and a m a x i m u m of f i v e for the first-lime violator.--. It bars suspended scn- icnecs for those convicted a second liinc. it increases prison terms to I a possible 20 years for third of- fcnsc.-*. Confident Of Law's Effect Anslingcr has been dircctinc the narcolirs t r a f f i c for years. He is convinced thai tough federal and stale laws--strictly enforced--will do more than, anything else to 'ft HE THINTS H'ES HIDING 1 BEHIND THE SOFA THEN, WHEN YOU FINISH IN THE ATTIC. I WANT VOU TO DO THE SAME THING IN THE CELL AC ·O APE U TALK MAMA ? , ATTIC AND .I UP NICELY By DON IVIIITEIIEAD Washinglon-M'i-Thcre Is rising iopc today that a new and tough fodcraj lav/ against narcotics peddling has salted the alarming upsurge in tccn-agc addiction to drui;f. For more t h a n tv.-o years, a growing number of teen-agers have been dragged into the slave IfiM! BITT FIRST,! WANTED TD KNOCK OFF THESE TWO METERS BEFORE TME.BEAT COP COMES AROUND AGAIN. GEE. MODEL..VOU SKATE SWELL.. I THOUGHT VOU WERE GOING TO V3UR SISTER AND GET DOUGM FOR GAS BEFORE. WE START THE NIGHTS WORK /ITELLNOU \f ARE TESS.HETS GOT If VOU JU5T A GIRL. / FINDING THAT BUMP IT AGAIN. I THAT THEN PULL ·) MAKES OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams OH, I BEE MOW.' WHY, I HAP THE IMPBESSION THAT-- HOW CLEAR -lOU'VE MAD6 IT IN SO FEW WORPS.' /THAT SUV K.WOVVS / MORE ABOUT THE WHOLE THIMG THAU \ THAT BOSS DOES, N BUT HE'S PLAYIW \ TO 8E LIKED ( AN 1 SET AHEAP. SEE? 1OL) .SEE ITS veev SIMPLE Of AD! YOU PANG FOOL, WHY 1 DICN'T YOU JUST SLUa ··Im ion wimtis 10 tmcnnmuit . J,S.S«uufr ujho if confidint he can Wiittlfu (Hi klU«r." - Believe /f orA/bt/ ' Ctiurehof . Sr. AnJiTa ' ddle FUtc, Rome SWW5 . EACH ' TIME .THE . CHURCH BELLS RING GIVE A\6 BACK \VO SITS' Wcallicrfoixi Okla. .. HAS A TICKING SOOND INSIDE HIS HEAD Ttf NERVE Of THIO GUY, DCK:,3».Y1N' I s^^ouLD^ DIED A MILLION YEARS AGO OOCf W/MT,NOW WOULD YOU, BY CHANCE. BE DOCTOR WONMUQ? WB-L.THATB nN'/OH...WELL, I'M HOLUS.... I 6R..YE9.1« N.N.HOLLI6, BRONSONIAN INSTITUTION! BRINGING I UNDERSTAND... /.. HE JU5T PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK IMt'S SAFE-BUT-ft'lf* IS AM T-OUT"-" - J.ROMAHTICAl. LOOK IN) HER I TCAN'T- rUWJ'AWAV H*5M THAT SOMETHING frlghleii peddlert 1 «Rii drive tht i dope traffic from.the sidewalks of | America. ' . s The nation has been alerted to the menace and size of the narcotics slave world. Education programs are 1 bein* conducted in schools,, churches and civic centers in some .cities 16 dive teenagers .a hint of the dangers in narcotics. Ciiy, 1 slate and federal agents are making narcotics peddlers their special tarsots. The United f.'aiiuns is tryinj to R-e-t asrccmenl amons ils'members on the control of narcotics manufacture and export.. Invccligalions. have spol- lijihlcd Ihe situation. . In the long parade o f - a d d i c t s who have goric''before i n v f - l i e a - lors, Ihere is Ihe recurring theme: "If I had only known w.!ai it would do to me, I never would have started using narcolics." j The addict; iive their own j idca.i, loo, about hov/ the traffic j should be controlled. t I One 20-year-old v:oman addict said: "If they once had the idea of v.-hat they were going. to go through . . . then" I think they would detinitely not do it. If they were informed of it, Ihert would be fewer of our youn;, addicls." Danger Surround! Yontha A 19-year-old youth said: "I don't thihl; : the fact that it (narcotics, .is., dangerous will, .keep teen-agers off drugs when .they reach 18 years old,'because they arc subject to he d r a f t e d ' a n y w a y and to be sent to a forcrn coun- Iry and 'placed in c n n f l ' \ There h danger all around tliem, and the wv» «M 21 rtnti cm' wi wont I' know wh« fh' ttochtf · |«MW Mk in in evr lirwl ·Mminotiom fomorrowl" fact that it i« danj*rw» doesn't solve the problem . . . "If you 'can more or less help the addict .himiclf, a.nd not the potential addict, then you can lick the thing." j.-holhcr said: "It seems as though there should be some kind of a consultalion that a teen-ager coming up can go to and someone to refer to when lie has problems. It seems now t h a t th'e majority of fellows and girls coming up seem to be neglected, somewhat by their parents' general affection." .Still . another said. "I believe . . . the (inly way you car, ac'lually stop jr begin to stop teen-age addiction is through some sort of a revision o f , t h e Harrison Act . . . making it legal for registered addicts . . . If they can obtain their drugs through a doctor for a small amount of money, they won't go to the peddlers. It won't be profitable for Ihc peddlers to sell drugs in Ihe slreets." . Suggests Kleetric Chair A young doctor who became an addict said: "Any .peddler svho would f a k e a child .or just a kid and sell him narcotic drugs, p a r - ticularly some kid who doesn't know the effect of it or what lifetime slavery it might lead to--I ·.vould say that a man who sells narcotics to that person should have t h e ^clcctrjc chair . . . . "It would be better lo blow his (the youth's- brains out lhan !· yet him'started on narcotics. Then he loses his life. If. you give him narcotics, he will lose his soul, loo." Long, Tough War If Russia Attacks, General Says Commanders Are Warned F r a n k f u r t , Germany -(If)- An American corps commander in Germany said 'today his troops are being lauplit that a "Russian -attack would mean "a long, tough defensive war.' 1 Maj. (Jen. Withers A. Bun-ess, commanding general of the U. S. Seventh Corps, said at a Frankf u r t press club luncheon tiiat he believes the troops and the American public "should bf. told the worst along v/ith the best.:' But, Jic added, U. S. troops would give a iood account of themselves, even though forced to a dc'aying defensive fight. General Burres= J said his 4"»rd and 28th I n f a n t r y Divisions--latest to arrive In Germany--could be thrown into c'ornbat immediately. "It takes- a y e a r ' t o make an infantry"division," he said. "And I mean by this both mental »nd EVKNINU (t:00 Dinner Music , : 6:13 Starlight Time. 1:30 News «:45 Ozark Sporti Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:IS Gabriel Meatier 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on . the Air S:0n Warm-up Time 8:15-BASKETBALL Fayetteville · At Bentonville 9:45 United Evangelical Mission Service . 10:45 Platter, Party . lt;00 Platter Party '. 11:30 Sign Off SATUIDAT MQKNINQ .5:30 Rise-'N. Shi»e . - . - · 6:00 Rise N' Shine 6:30 Stock Talk .Time 6:43 Country Editor 7 00 Minutes by Mutic 7:15 Jbrdflnaires 7:30 Olasco News 7:45 Organ Reveries 8:00 After Breakfast 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:30;T1MES Morning Edition 8:45 Ozark Diary 9:00 Kiddies Hit Parade 9:30 News 9:45 U.-S.-Navy !0:nn New Record Releases 10:30 Here's To Vets 10:45 March of Dimes 11:0(1.Proudly We Hull 11:30 Churnh of Christ 11:45 News «t Noon " SATUKDAT A1TMNOON 12:00 Man on The Tarm 12:30 Symphonies for Youth 1:00 Symphonies for ' Youth 1:25 News--M 1:30 McAllister Singers 2:00 Banstand U.S.A. 2:25 News-- 2:3n Sporls Review 3:00 Saturday Swing Session 3:30'Hawaii Calls 4:011 Lane-JJan Ensemble 4:30 Bands for Bonds 4:45 Musical Interlude 5:00 Harmony Rangers 5:30 Drama Time Ti:4S Preston Sellers 5:55 Cecil Brown AUTO WORK IIT nlltkU mackwln. All wiik OUAAAHTXCD. ·ROUGHER «n4 ROII physical conditioning and trailing. Both the 43rd and the 28th are' capable nf fighting now or* omorrow morning. They and other elements of the Seventh rpi- are operational." A big problem confronting American commanders in Germany is keeping soldiers mentally and physically at. * peak over a ung period. America's 200,000 combat troops here are undergoing rugged train- ins and lessons learned by xol- diers in Korea are applied, General Burress said. Al Dorow, Michigan Slate's top-notch quarterback, established nine new Spartan records during the grid season. It's Always A Favorite 8780 14-46 "By Sue Burnett Casual shirtwaist frocks are always in style are forever the favorite with well dressed women everywhere. This one has yoke and sleeves in one, patch pockets that arc optional. Pattern No. 8780 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 14, 16, 18, 20; 40. 42, 44, 46. 'Size 16, 4 yards of 35-inch. For this pattern, send 30c in COINS, jour name, address, siu desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 1156 Ave. Americas. New York 19. N. Y. The new Spring and Summer Basic FASHION for women who sew will be ready .for you shortly. Send 25 cents now for your copy. H«t and Smartlr Stylid Hair, cula and Good Clean Sham HAIRCUTS ONLV SOc WHITE'S BARBER SHOP 40S W. DICKSOH MOORES FUNERAL CHAPEL WALT BEACH

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