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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, January 25, 1952
Page 4
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4-- NOt.HWttT /UtKANVAS IIMtt. Jテつォmテつサr y テつサ5, IFetmtrlr ra T tlテつサtテつサUIt D.UT Dtmjerall PuMiihtd.aaUy tテつォctテつサテつサ テつキunderhr FAYETTEVILI.E DEMOCRAT PUBLISHING COMPAJT Rebtrii Fulbrighl. PrttHtM Found.d Junt 14. HM , Entered at 11.6 po.t oftlc. al MyalWville. Ark as 'Second-Clans Mall Matter^ ! '.i I , TV. 1 * the use (or rci.ubllcallon.of all new. dlfP'lchet credited to Ifor not otherwltt credited In this "ape and also the local I newt (.ubllahW herein. All rlehu of republlcttlcin ol tptclal dlt- ' patches herein arc alsft rettrvM. ~ a.adlann coun- -- テつキ ------- テつキ SUBSCRIPTION HAtk* p tr vyテつォrh . . . . テつキ'テつキ' i -Moil rテつォ'ii In 'weh"nirlmi. Binlftn. n." .ArTM .nd Adテつサlr eCHJhtjr. Ok... One ------- '.~-' .............. ' Thlrr mnnlhl Sli montl:テつォ ...................... " Ol itafl*fn ccuntlr.. othtr' thlViboVt: O T Si on Mill In ccuntlr.. o t t r an o nr nnmU- ................................ " ....... 11 E hree motilhi . ................................... Jj R ix monlhr ..................................... It'll*? n ' "" ' ' ' ' ' ' Mtrnbtf Audit テつサufテつォau al f r ~ era '''テつキ" Behold,iio'w go'ocl ami how pleasa'rtt it is for 1 dwell together in unity! I'---IPMliTm 133:1'"-".'.'テつキ.V'.:'._.,-..... ". ' ^ooBing The State Flower ' Tom \V, Campbell, In hi* nftw ''Arkansas lawyer," published in Mttle not*, deiicrlbea the mhnnfir in which the uppie-hloRBoni-war, named .the official, state '"テつキ--' rv- AiA womert'tf dlW in, Wttw flock asked rlie.''1!K)l Icgiftlnttive to adopt .the passion flower HB tho fitale emblem, ami a rcsolu- ' !" ' w *テつサ introduced In makr it so. -Ifu'K Henley. reprtRchlative frtm Scarcy CHUII- W'v'.a Rc|iiibl|t*ti, then Of fテつォfcI an. amend" rnc'nt to strikeout "passion flower" and in" テつォcrt in lieu thereof "apple . blosfcom." 'テつキ . gays Mr. Campbell, who whs I hero: "Hc-fipoke mrlinnr for hiテつォ amendment. Hcscribinjr with elfii|iionce the beauties of テつキ the Arkansas Ozarks in spriniftlmc. flecked with bloom iin: anplc orchnrds-- lanla- llziiKT tokens of the. dclirinun red apples to follow. He (|Hテつォ1テつォ1 Mat liMIテつォ -to prove テつサhテつサt Wnshlncton テつサnd Iftrtton count Its. Arkun- MS. hud each durinr the fwst 10 year* produced more apnlfs t h a n any other two counlifs in I he United States and that every one of the 7fi counties In Arkテつサni*テつォ (rrew apples. "At the conchmion of the speech he -Wテつサs given 'Hii ovation; and his amcnd- V'tncnl was ovcrVliclminjrlv adopted ; and V; unihc apnlfl blossom became the floral em- hlenr nf Arkhnsas. From then On until his death n quarter of 'a テつキ century later, Henley was kno-o im "Apple .luck.' ; "Vn ;'テつキテつキ. jnvt niio of the many anecdotes テつサf former AvkaiiKaa ilnys told in thft hook Mr.- Ca|)ipiicll haw writ I en. He recalls any jiuniber'of (rials of the pant, several of which have mndfl'history through rullnt?s of thh : Sliprpme Court. He remembers fi(r- ures of promli]oncc In the statft. Of tlift laic J.iidrre'Thomas H. Humphreys of Fay, ( ctteville he says; "f ho'mas Haddcn Humphreys had been olio of the, Ihrcn members of the House from WashiiiKton County in the, session of 18!)9; mid ho was reeloctcd to anotKer lenn in the House from that county in ' the session of 1001. He was elected speak- *rr of (he House t h a t session ; and never did the House have a heller speaker." Ho poes on to describe the late fudge, paying nigh tribute. ' . .. ' テつキ To those who arft interested in former days in Arkansas the way l"v. vテつォi "テつキテつキテつキテつキ-. ticed, and In politics, \vテつォ can recommend "Arkansas Lawyer" テつサ". Inlsvssliv テつキテつキ - THE WASHINGTON A smart man is known by the money he keeps -- putting into government bonds. _ ^ .Why do ]eople. .seek more happiness when they are usinj{ only a small part of what they have? A runny low-down on high life fs when テつキ Ral 'steps into society by stepping out. Parents Wh'u'g'fe -lucky enough to テつキtumble onto the ami of toys Junior Wants for his birthday also stumble over them. * Suggcfitlnt to women how to run a house is junt another of men's weaknesses. Merry テつキGo-Round テつキr nan KAMOM Washington--Though'' 'Prltc Administrator Mike DlSall* nit'nuekm) ill テつォ.6rt$ of discouragement In Ma bailie to hold rjown prices, he has, n^ver I6jt hlr. unquenchable humor. The other day he called up handsome, iinhiimoroiin Sen. John Brlckcr of Ohio, nepiihllcan, and the following conversation look place: "Say, I was thinking about running for your job," announced DlSalle. "I Jusl.w.nted to ask how you liked It." ' Fltbbergakteit, Brlckcr hoMiaied, finally fflld: "I .didn't like It very much at tlrsl, bill I've .tot fO t like 1 It now." "Maybe I should try to lake it away from you," joked. DiSalle, arid after a few more plcahiintrlcs, hung up, * * * Though Howテつォテつォi McCrath has lalkrd Ills way out of resigning as attorney general, the Justice Department has nol moved rccarrlinc Ihn unkiiic fact that one of Frankle Coslello's companies has hired a U.S. attorney. The U.S. attorney is Lester Luther of Kanms. svbo became resident aRcnt for the riean Oil Company, of Mussel.!, Kan., owned by Larry Knohl, Ihe tax fixer, and gambler Frankle Cos- tcllo. . Undoubtedly Luther got into the operation without knowing what Ihe score was. He was asked by Knoh), before Ihe lalter made headlines, lo nruanlieim oil company in Kansas for him. And since U.S. ntlorneys arc permitted (o Hantlli non-government matters, he did so. Furthermore, lie continued to serve, ao Kansas agent for Ihe companv even after Knohl's name iinrt plclure was headlined all over the nation as Having irled to fix the Frledus lax cane テつサnrl for having afrantfrl a J5.000 airplane commission for Lamar Caudle. ' . I,ast month, and only after the Internal rev- jsniiテつォ. collector In New York' asked'U.K. official; " in Kantas lo file tax liens acalnst Knohl. W ' l.llther fay thai hfc would reclfin immediately. * The Justice Department, when queried, wi' It knew nothing about,the mailer. It would m6m. however, that the Justice Department would nol only ask Luther tn explain the. matter, bur also examine all ntner outside connections of all oth- " *r U.S. attorneys. 'Note--Knohl and Costello mvn several o|. leases In and around Rice Counly. Kan. C'or.- lello's share in the deal nets hiiVl about $48,000 a year. ' * * * On* factor Influencing Ihe f i n a l Clnircbill- Truman decision acainst テつサ British naval commander fo I h t . A t l a n t i c Fleet .was some of (lift split-command exoerlcnces In World War II, especially the battle of tho Java Sfa. There, Admiral Tommy Hart at flrsl commanded the AJlled Fleet, but was relieved following Dutch protests that while Hart maneuvered. Ihe Japn built up their fleet. Renlaclim him, a Dutch admiral, Conrad E. L. Helfrlch, took ; command. Under Ihe .Dutchman were fie""- "Adm. Wll' Ham GlnssfOrd. U.S.N.. Hear Adm. Vrnncls Talli- srr commanding Britifch mills, and Real- Adm. Knrcl Doorman, who commanded at cea. However, Admiral Doorman, a heroic officer, was "not experienced In commanding a larsc fleet; so when the Exeter, struck In the entine room, was forced out of line. Doorman turned out of line wlt'i her. This ' was the signal for every other ship to turn put of line, after which there wds no unity of action; Dutch.. British and U.S. warships scattered, became flic prey of bands of Jan dWIrovers. It wat a Irajic defeat. After the battle. Brllsh Admiral Pulllser announced he wan withdrawing all British u n i t s Immediately. "But." remonstrated A d m i r a l Helfrlch. "your orders were to serve under me." "My Orders." replied the Brlilsh comninnder, "are to serve under^.vou until the situation becomes boneless," "And whal do you m-onose lo do. A d m i r a l ' Olafiford?" Helfrlch afkerl. "I remain at y6ur service," replied tho American. This and other wartime experiences have made the admirals extremely leery of foreign nav! commanders. How' not to make democracy work--Congressman Heller of Brooklyn refuses to let Ihe Senate know about his.cOmmlttoc's probe of the Securities tnd txchango' Commission. Heller doesn't seem:10 realize.that, the'House and Senate arc not like West Europe and/TlURsia; Hint time Is the. most precious thing- Congress has: a n d ' t h a t the "Iron'curtain" he has rung down between Hie House and the Senate over the mere exchange of Information will cost the Senate's . Fulbriciil Committee thousands of dollars iiv* time that could have been saved. ^ * * * Helping lo make-democracy live--^Col. I-'ran- rls Gabrcski and Hie Oil Clly newspapers for adopting 300 Korean orphans at Yang .loo Chai- lian . . . Colonel Gabreski, one of the Rreat air aces of World .Wai 1 11, is now commanding the BlsCFighter Interceptor Wing in Korea and has four MlGs to his credit. Not content with this, he has adopted 300 Korean orphans and appealed te hit "old home town," Oil Clly, Pa., to help out. With tho backln* of Norman Blissell, t h e Oil City Derrick and Blizzard organized "Operation Happiness," and conlributions are now rolling In lo the mayor of Oil City from servants ol brotherhood all over the country. 'Round and 'Round We Go They'll Do It Every Time テつキテつキテつォ. By Jimmy Hatlo GOT TO HMD IT TO THE HROMIC BORfWMNki rMBfiMBOR.-' テつキ AS PER FWSWNCE"テつォ HORKftJrriWHT )-Z\ w テつ」^Tl nv-aE J 'f v^_so LOJQ i Thirty Vcarfc Aro Today (Fayetlevllle Daily Democrat, January 25, 1922) lodny, the Chief of Police, In the absence of the today, the Chief of rolice. In theabscnce Of Ihe rniyor, who was oiled to Little Rock, explained the power and duties of Ihe city government and the police relative lo the clean-up campaign. The street commissioner and the sanitary policemen, who lake orders from the mayor, he. said, have charge of all these matters, nuch as keeping the streets and premises clear of refuse and debris. The chief of police can only act when complaints arc filed b.v them or some citl- and acted upon by the police judge and arrests ordered. Oil leases on between 1,000 and 2,000 acres of land in Ihe vicinity of the ,1. M. Hamilton farm two miles northeast of Faycttcvillc wテつォrc contracted for last evening at a meeting of farmers and members of the Arkansas Publicity Bureau. Twenty Years Ago Today (Fa.yctlevillc Daily Democrat. J a n u a r y 25, 1(132) A campaign lo creale jobs will be launched tomorrow by the loc;ll Disabled American Veterans. Their plan is lo present the mailer of creating jobs to every civic group. They will ask every businessman and woman to have done at home or office any repairs, building, improvement, painting, garden work, fence repair or olher jobs that could be done now instead of wailing. The week of February 1 to 6, has been designated as LIvc-at-Homc Wcdk, according lo an announcement made by the assistant director of the Extension Service of the University. This will serve to place emphasis on the live-at-home progranii which has been furthered In the slate by the agricultural extension service for more than seven years, Ten Yean Ago Today (Northwest Arkansas Times. January 25, 1942) Fayeltevllle public schools and students arc doing their part toward an American victory. Recent activities of the students include economy in school materials, the collection of waste paper and the buying of defense stamps and bonds, The St. Loulテつ」-Sテつォn Francisco railway company asked the Inter-state commerce commis-. slon today for authority to abandon 91 miles of railroad between Fayetteville and a point near Fort Gibson, Okla. Questions And Answers Q_Who invented the Diesel engine? A--Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer, invented H about 1892. Q_How many bones does the foot contain? A--Twenty-six separate bones. テつキテつキ Cj--How did the Hessian fly enter this coun- テつキtryV A--This fly, an enemy of our most vital crop, wheat, is thought to have been brought over in 1776 by Hessian troops coming from Europe. }_Why do Florida rivers and lakes sometimes disappear? A--This happens when the rivers break through their soft limestone beds and flow i n t o underground channels. These rivers usually reappear on the surface many miles away. The lakes sometimes drain dry (through boles In t h e i r limestone beds. They Usually f i l l again when dead plant life stops up the holes. Q_What is Ihe English tradition about the Dunmow Flitch? A--At Ihe church of Dunmow, in Essex Counly, .England, a flilch of bacon used lo be given to any married couple who, after a year of matrimony, would come forward and make oatli that during that lime they bad lived In perfect harmony and fidelity--never a cross word between them. Dr. Logan's f-ilh''*"- 6 -'"- Tlir. UTOUti J r テつサ i l !.テつキ,テつォテつォテつォ mrrt* fVlrr Sarllinv at テつキ pitrlj ftl ihf home テつキ! Or. テつキテつキ* Mr*. Wallrr rrllellrr. -Tfcerf the }!テつキテつキテつキ H- npkTilrltt rrtcr HwnlirM !テつキ Jra- nri t the rテつサ1lBMIIテつォM that her *vra llfテつォ, テつキテつキ テつキテつキ!* at Dr. I.OKMB, テつキ!テつキ! テつキ テつサテつォ !テつキ Ill htallfe. hテつサ hfe* alMlleH. On her war home, jeMMrt tテつォll* her hilBtMiad the will take a valvairrr r.t.f. ala Joh al Aaiirl'a hmallal. The fnllowlHF: 'ay テつサhテつォ cera ta the テつキ nuptial la apalr. aテつサ4 mrrta I'rlfr テつォha aaha her tテつォ テつサlalt al. lahnra- tarr. There ake heart ahnvt hla ,テつォorh, tthleh Mar tflarnver a trral- meiil far atAmle raillatloa. Bn- Irnttre* tit thla manic maa .he テつキ.aridealr attaa herarlf In hla arma ,a an cmnrKce. "Thai mu atテつォpW ,,r UN." ahe aara, anテつォ then ahe telln him ahe !テつキ nテつォl aaicry. hut "thal'a I h n l . I happen tn he happllr テつォテつキ'- rleil." J ENNET LOGAN worked the lingers of her right hand M Ihougb she were putting on Ud gloves, and she felt the ring and tkimmtd It off and tossed it onto the counter. "I enjoyed the tour," she tald, paテつサln( him. "Thanks very much," Peter Suririov plowed after her, grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, iwung tier around to him. "You are ungiy. And Iff not fair, i didn't think this up--and rou Know III It lust happened. M nuch to me as to you." The strident crow of a rooster incredibly rent the nir. The screech was so male, so outraged, that it parodied Peter's own aut- ourit, and Jennet, after a Mtt- sccond's p a r a I y I a. Hum out laughing. Pater glared at Mi In turtoui dlibelltf. and then nil テつォar too etughl iht caricature, and I* 5pitt at, M Mgio M lau|B ;oo, fUlM) wMMirM llrtlf lung*, jIMUciiM IMU MM*. Thar jaiplng nvMTUMni lUテつォd Ik* テつキテつサテつキ ^alow, rtcechtud ot the walU, iverflowM tni a p t * wlndowi, They itoppM IniUy, (ml eooked tt eaeh ttim MM Mw kit nrun- M MM UMI i CeapiaH lテつサ51 WII aai Cテつキ テつキテつキ. Vt* h, n nn|テつサ .ZiTrk ilテつサeMテつサi, laafxi Aaaihai MnitatW テつサI HU MIVKI, lai. ploded into laughter again, linking helplessly with It until ttni sion was dlssipaled by iheer weakness. テつキ "Chanticleer, p r o t e c t o r of wives!" shテつサ said, at last. "Whit timing!" She wl|i*d htr eyn with spatulate flngeri, took I dtテつォP breath, shaking her head. He put hli hand oo her Itm. "Look. I'm dead, 1 know, but don't avoid me like the plague when you're working here." He waited for her answer, but the gamut had been run, from operetta to tragedy to farce and aht had no more lines. She rapped his hand llghtlj. said, still giggling, "1 really bave to run. Sテつォ you." "See you," ht said. The tcrMD door ilammod behind her. a a a ' N the volunteer captain's oltct, iht was imcere and eager, pandering brightly, to the undlluttd H o It I n i o n of the mld woman with the hat from which wlips of hair drooped--* pテつォicock at molting. "OMinテつサrlly," Mid tht woman. "1 wouldn't dar* pile* テつキ new volunMtr la Ui* Admlatloni Offlct--roull bテつォ tn c o m p l t n charge ther*. my dear--but I hivt no heilution tn placing you thare. No hesitation whatiwvtrl 1 can tell iun by talking to rou that you art t penon of ununial capabilities. I can M* that rou'rt tht Mtcutlvt typa, without b*ln| ovtrbtarlng, deal you kMw. Wt havt to wiMi that lo Metal wort. New 1 hテつォpテつォ yeull kt'lalikluL Hn. Lota*. Thii 1 ! DM a*ly ktテつサjb4テつォ wlife eui vTaluMMn -' Uw y*uテつォg otrWpUM' MV* 16 テつキa** tMtMMl M UMtr DM.* Janaat I*) IM Mpiatn 1 (aan rテつォtt WIU at**)テつサtl ivowilt at テつォa. ptndabUity, and Ikty ahook warmly atfata ika kattj ta sideiable number of North K o r e a n 1 pr.soi.ers nicy nan capiureci, ano and Chinese Iroops who do not their refusal lo return so many .if vish to be returned to the Com- them on the ground l h a l these unist government!- Some of men preferred In remain in the lem have deserted lo our lines Communist world. To prevent t h a t jcause Ihey were lured by our ."Ml of IhiiiR from happening the aflels promising t h e m security. I Western powers wrote inlo the Dme of the Chinese have bce.i | Ircol.v, in Article 7, that "prisoners lunist government!- Some of men preferred In remain in Ilic hem have tleserlctl lo our lines Communist world. To prevent t h a t lee: eafle jome attooed willi a m i - U U I I I I M U I U M '" iit " ,"v "i "" -.テつサ-,,',..jif,in-i.t ilogans by other Chinese in our renounce in pan or in entirety Ihe camps We ranliol. in honor and rights secured to them hy Ilic decency force llicsc prisbi.ore of present convention" and then in var lo go buck to w h a l for many I Article 118 Ihe trcaly says テつキ テつキeans would I'ave riisapucarctl i were capl,,, u u , 0 ,, u ,.テつォ, 0 . Jul ,i ,, , , ,, , imong the Soulh Kdffian popula-1 to (lo with men we might csplurc ,,,, who did not wish lo go home, .ion. t 4 k ! * * * Instead of doing thyt we h a v e ' As soon as we began to lake , nol only detained them as prison-1 prisoners in t h e Korean war, we ers of war but we have a c t u a l l y began to have mer who would enemy were lo agree fy our pnsl-| few weeks. It has been our open Jon 'lhal no prisoner must be and avowed policy to persuade Cus was lying on the made bed dressed in flannels, watching a children's television p r o g r a m . 'I'm much better." he Slid. "Did you give Walter Pelietisr the paper?" 'I did indeed. He's such a nice man. He was very cordial." Her heart opened and closed like a ptper fan, shooting air into her throat, "that Peter Surinov was in hit office when I came. He allowed Me through the 'hot lab' --it it teemt to be celled. It was quite fttcinating--what I under- ttood of If テつキ a t US smiled. "It it a nice re- teareh tet-up, tint It?^ Suri- nov won a prize, you know, for Bis work on the use of Itotopes in tracer studies. Won the National Caldccott Science Award. He's a trail-blazer, that boy. Kind of envy him. Must be kind of gratifying to be working with new stuff instead ol trying to keep a bunch of old wrecks going with pink pills and mental therapy. Itotopes are really big stuff, and Angels Hospital Is a pioneer in the field. I'm glad Pelletler talked Surinov in(6 being sensible about tlgnlng the loyalty, bath. The boy wat rabid against it. Really bullheaded. Wouldn't think It to see hJrh lait night--seemed ai mild as milk, didn't he? But believe me when he gets up oa a platform, he't got plenty of finger. 1 think he't an attractive guy, don't you? Uaybe we'll have him over to dinner tome night when-we nave the Pelletlert. Say. Jen. while 1 think of It, you better give me the car keyi, I dont want to have io go rummaging In your purse in the morning.* Jennet open 4 her purse. The car keyi clicked against hn fln- gerntlli. She could not still the flapping of Her heart. She was lull of lit Drtaat, heaving with it, kelUed tut like t tail. Sht had to テつキM away. 'I iiun nave left them U kt'eaテつサ," tkテつォ tテつォM. "I'll get laH ran eut the treat door, *M tka*j altwtd t* a テつォalk at the ap- pmelK Uw garage Ske took t kMlktreluef from he pune and ptjtM htr upper Up. (Tt Be CaaMtillt]) We have r a p t u r e d some i:im-| detention b.v the Russians of the e number of North Korean :Prisoi.ers they had captured, and iiii\-L* uui:.i, ....テつサ,,,. ... ^ , . u,.,.. ,, ....... ,,, ,^UM\;I ft a n i l - Communist' of war may in no circumstances 'Orced lo go home,' those who do lol now choose lo so home have to realize thai their families arc narked ahd in danger. i also made It v i r t u a l l y North Koreans and Chinese to desert to us. Ho\v, then, could Ihe Stale DP- p.'ilimcnl, which ncgoliatod the Geneva conventions, have failed ' Impossible for the L'oinmunisl gov- c x n l n i i i lo Ihe amps, there would have been nn problem of prestige or pro|.iic,indテつサ . involved in Ihe h u m a n e biipijietr.; Now t h a t Hie names of all our Of cxchangine these prisoners. prisoners have been transmitted lo * * fi テつキ t h n cncniy, UIR problem is cx- On August la, 1941), a yr;,r be- t r c m c l y ' r l i l f i c u l t to solve. There _ fore the Knreim war hc^an, Till js an ingenious proposal 10 builrl Kovernmrnls signed trenlic.s deal- a large stockade on t.lie armistice IIIR with the prolcctior of Hie vie- line, to put all Ihe prisoners from t l m s of war. The t h i r d of the both sides w i t h i n it antl I hen In : " : open the gales Roing norlh and R O - テつキ ins south, l e t t i n g each man make his own choice. It would be a treaties has lo d" with prisoners, and it is Ihe existing law by which we live. It is plain that the t r e a t y namely now nol . lo r e p a i r i H i e , nnwpver. remcmuei- mtu H . H I J I K prisoners who do not wish lo go Misled all the prisoners we hold, home. It is strange that the I r e a t y j not all who would prefer to come says nothing about t h i s problem to our side have a truly free choice in view of tho horrible experience any longer. Their families arc at tho end oMnc second World War, to which the Alsop brothers have just called a l l e n l i o n . when now hostages. . A n enormous blunder has been committed by our owi officials, i t ' nearly a thousand Russians who is nol the first of their great anrl had been prisoners in G e r m a n y ; rriiical blunders In the conduet of committed suicide while Ihcy were; Ibis wiir. Before Ihe war in Korea being forcibly repatriated to Rus. The Geneva Convention of 1049 people. . ewed and enlarged, there should be an accounting to the jbo.lo.tky Dear Dorothy Uix: I would like lo know ns lo '.vhclhor or not you thin!; the m l d n i R h l Fhows arc all right for 13-year-olds, lo attend. in a t t e n d a n c e a t . a midnight show. Your fairness i n allowing y o u r daughter Ihe privileRCs she does enjdy should convince her II My 13-year-old d a u g h t e r has you aren't just trying lo deprive friends her age conslanlly c a l l i n g her of pleasure. The trouble, ol ind w a n t i n g her to so to the micl- night show. She thinks we arc old- fashioned because we do not approve of girls this age being up at that time of night, especially al a show. Early shows, ico-skal- ng and a parly now and then are all right, as we realix.o children of this ngc are restless, bul Ihe nidniglit show problem we arc Answer: You have my wholc- icarled concurrence with your at- .itudc. Thirteen-year-olds a r c uch too young to be permitted such late hours as arc involved igain^t. Mrs. B. M: course, stems from the friends whose parents are so i n d i f f e r e n t to their youngsters' welfare t h a t テつキ they exercise no control whatever over late 'dales, or too frequent outings. As a consequence, the parent who does shou concern over a child's recrealion is branded willi the epilbel of "old fashioned," than which there seems lu be no worse accusation, in modern terms. Stick lo your guns-, Mrs. R. M. You're doing a fine job striking a balance between ovcrslriclness and テつキlaxity. Try to gel more parents on your side. State Flowers Answer to Previous Puizli HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Vermont's flower, the red 7 Pennsylvania's official state . flower, the mountain' '13 Turn MNew York ' town : 15 Reviser 16 Reparation : 17 Low " 18 Gaseous elements 20 French duke 21 Gaelic '23 Anger 24 Emanation 25 Oozing 27 More painful 28 Possess 28 Defllers 30 Cutting edges 33 Table scrap 34 New York flower*' * 35 Pelagic -39 Tennessee's flower 40 Varnish ; Ingredient .41 Every テつキ42 Lair '43 Rosters .45 Driving command 40 Excuses 48 Til MUndllln SI Laundry equipment AS Beleaguer; ments ;) Jtptnete clly 1 Liqueurs 2 English calaracl 3 Indolent. 4 Cistern 5 Short jacket 6 Rules again 7 Rstbonlan district 8 Charity 0 Indian 10 Curve 11 Patient sufferer 12 East Indian sailors 19 Mineral rock 22 Lyric poems 24 Great arteries 26 Intimidates 27 Father 29 Minnesota's flower 30 Weddings 31 German siren 32 Idiotic 35 Cereal 36 Cattle disease 37 Ice dealers . 38 Good luck! (Brit.) 40 Mislays 43 Mature 44 Antitoxins n 47 Sack 49 Soak 1 11 11 17 rr~ is SO 31 yi it Ik 10 2 if" 3 1 fat ~ n n テつォv s m 'テつキ'テつキテつキテつキテつキ ' ":'テつキ '. テつォ5 6 23 '%. W n Ik % 3^ 7 11 ib % M 93 4' li H i * 2^ u 11 \ \ p it il % W 10 20 It V il ( M i H M

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